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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 22, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. good evening. after a weekend long standoff republicans and democrats have approved a deal end the partial government shutdown. it is over. president trump should be signing it any moment now. this should get the government back open for business but only for two weeks up to february
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8th. keeping them honest, all they're really doing is kicking the government funding can down the road for another likely heated showdown next month. mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer struck a deal to reopen the government without resolving any issues that sparked the shutdown, mainly immigration reform, namely for daca, and democrats want to stop any deportation efforts against the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. mcconnell indicated he'd be open to consideration of and votes on legislation regarding daca and border security at a later date. that was enough for most democrats to back today's short-term funding bill. they decided to reopen the government based on that promise. they were also able to get funding for the children's health insurance program, chip, for six years. senator schumer is facing criticism from those in his own
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party for backing the short-term spending bill. he went as far as calling it a good short-term solution. >> now, there is a real pathway to get a bill on the way and to the senate. it is a good solution, ask i will vote for it. president trump's unwillingness to compromise caused a trump shutdown and brought us to this moment. the facts are well-known. >> meanwhile, there are plenty of questions around the extent of it president's participation in the negotiations. the white house discounts any criticism and is taking a victory lap. >> look, what the president did clearly worked. the vote just came in 21-18. i would say those numbers are much more in the president's favor than senator schumer's favor. >> politics aside all sides blaming the other and also claiming victory. another showdown in just 17 days. despite the spin, who are the
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actual winners and losers in all this? >> well, anderson, there's a reason 16 democrats in the senate, 104 democrats in the house voted against this proposal. some senate democrats saying nothing should have been moved forward without a clear promise house republicans would take up, without a clear promise the president wouldn't be too involved or involved enough to set things aside at one point or another. you're hearing it from the activist, the base and a lot of democrats, that this wasn't a good deal. anderson, you also look at what this deal brings to the table. it brings to the table at least floor consideration for the senate. ask that is something you noted chuck schumer says is in the grand scheme of things. they didn't necessarily make any promises they didn't think they could actually keep.
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and they reopen the government with essentially the same bill they put on the table friday night. in the end i think everybody can agree this isn't exactly a dplorious moment in the history of the institution. to democrats right now who are questioning strategy and whether or not this is good idea, do they actually end up better in the long run? those questions obviously not going to get answers to for a couple of weeks. >> and is there going to be another shutdown or facing another shutdown? >> yeah, i think the reality here as you look at the sheer scope of the issues still on the plate, and that's why democrats are saying, look, you still have a lot of leverage here. there's a two year budget agreement that raises spending caps on defense that republicans are very interested in getting that democrats have made clear they're not going to sign-on to until there's a daca resolution.
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they haven't been able to do anything quickly in this chamber or chambers for a long period of time. it question they can do that now, it is an open one at that. you look at the winners, losers, there's nuances to it. a bipartisan group, 25 senators in the last three or four days really kind of made some tides or bonds to push to a resolution. can they serve as a baseline for the institutions moving in a better direction, a less partisan direction at some point over the next couple of weeks? they're hopeful that might actually be the case. we've seen groups toorlgt and fall flat on their faces in the past. will this year be any different particularly in an election year, we'll see. but in the last three days where nobody's been particularly proud of themselves, maybe that can serve as a baseline moving forward.
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>> want to go now to the white house. cnn's jim acosta is there. how much of a role did the president play in this deal. >> reporter: there was a wall for daca deal that was put on the table. the white house later rejected it. the white house chief of staff apparently told aides on capitol hill it was too liberal. and ever since that moment the president basically stayed behind doors. did not speak with chuck schumer. so he was no longer wheeling and dealing the democrats. that was essentially left to the senate leaders up on capitol hill. schumer and the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. now from what we understand, some of this was by design. all weekend long we never saw the president. he was sort of invisible. it was the art of conseal, and that was by design we're told by sources at the white house.
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they did not want the president to think when they were watching this shutdown unfold, and that's why the president stayed under wraps. >> moving forward, do you know if the president will work on a deal going forward to avoid a shutdown in february? >> he did meet with senator joe mansion of west virginia and doug jones, the new senator from alabama, the new democratic senator from alabama. they met behind closed doors. it was sort of a meet and greet session for jones can and the president. however, it is an indication the president is willing to at least meet with centers from both parties moving forward. but the question, anderson, is whether the white house is simply asking too much from democrats. i talked to various sources in the administration today who said a wall is simply not enough to get a deal to protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers from deportation. there has to be a wall plus other items like ending family immigration or chain migration. and so that is going to be up
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for democrats to decide whether they can expect something like this. i talked to one senior administration official who said, quote, a wall does not equal border security, end quote. that is an indication how much the position over here at the white house is hardening on immigration at this point. and the president is essentially listening to his aides. people like stephen miller and the white house chief of staff john kelly cautioning about the president taking deals with the democrats he was according last friday. so the question is at this point can they get to a point where they can both agree to protect these d.r.e.a.m.ers. it is going to be a wait and see process for the next 17 days. >> angus king voted yes for the short-term bill joins us now. can you explain what hachanged in your view from friday night to today? >> what changed in my mind was
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we got a firm commitment on the floor before the entire country on the majority leader to bring the daca bill to the floor in a neutral format. i think the term he used was a level playing field. that's a major development. there have been sort of talks about it, yeah, we will do it sometime and by the way, on a date certain, february 8th. so that is, you know, this is only the second time an immigration bill has been to the floor of the united states senate in something like 10 or 12 years. the last time was five years ago. so getting that commitment i think was important. now, the question now is, will the majority leader honor that commitment. i think he's under a lot of pressure to do so, in part because i think phil mattingly mentioned there's a bipartisan group i met with all weekend, we did a lot of shuttle diplomacy but there's a group of republicans there who are committed to making something work here, and i think that's additional pressure on mitch mcconnell. >> because republicans say look, there was always going to be a
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daca vote in the near future, the shutdown was a blunder by democrats. you are saying the public nature of what mcconnell said, that's what turned the tide for you? >> i think that commitment was important. last night i wasn't satisfied, he said sort of vague it was my intention. today he was much more explicit, he talked about the vehicle that would be a level playing field vehicle, there would be an opportunity to bring all the issues forward. it was a much more explicit commitment and that's what i think made the difference. this is not a small deal. people are saying i heard one of your reporters saying we can't guarantee what the house is going to do. that's just not the way this place works. there isn't anything -- the best thing we can do here in terms of the house is to get a bill that passes by 60 or 70 votes. then i think we have the president's attention and the house's attention and that's exactly what we are trying to do. less than an hour after the vote, i was in a bipartisan meeting with about a dozen
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senators from both sides trying to -- starting to work on the border security issue. by the way, there's a quote from the white house i agree with. the wall does not equal border security. i have been saying that all along. we are trying to find what the formula is for true border security rather than simply talking about a wall. >> it sounds like what the white house is saying is it's not just talking about a wall, talking about chain migration, talking about other issues like that. >> well, i think one of the things, we talked about this this afternoon, this is not comprehensive immigration reform. this is daca and border security. i think that's where we need to focus. if they try to broaden the discussion, then it really is going to become very unwieldy and it's going to be almost impossible to put a coalition together. i see the immigration issue as a two-phase project. one is deal with daca and border security, then start talking about all these other issues. but if they start loading it up, then it's basically going to become impossible. the president said he wants a solution to daca. he wants it to be bipartisan. that's what we are going to do
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everything we can in the next three weeks to deliver. >> does it concern you, because in that very public meeting where cameras were allowed, bipartisan meeting, i guess it was two weeks ago, the president seemed to agree with senator feinstein about doing daca, then doing what he termed comprehensive immigration reform. not clear he understood the meaning or how that phrase is commonly used, but then when republican kevin mccarthy jumped in and said actually, mr. president, i think what you really mean, he seemed to side with the republicans. then he seemed to go back to the democratic position. >> well, i think if what you are suggesting is the president should try to narrow his position and make it more clear, mitch mcconnell on the floor this past week said i can't vote on anything or bring anything to the floor until i determine what the president is for. that was another big deal today. basically, mitch mcconnell separated himself from the president and said we are not waiting anymore for the white house to settle on a position. on february 8th, if we haven't been able to resolve it through internal discussions, which is certainly what we are trying to
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do, as i say, starting two hours ago, if we are not, we are going to bring a bill on the floor. >> senator king, appreciate your time. thank you very much. up next, much different take on today's deal. we hear from a congressman who voted no and has a lot of concerns. also later, how the porn star who allegedly had an affair with the president when he was a citizen is trying to cash in on all the publicity. new year, new phones for the family. join t-mobile, and when you buy one of the latest samsung phones get a samsung galaxy s8 free. plus, unlimited family plans come with netflix included. so, you can watch all your netflix favorites on your new samsung phones. join the un-carrier and get a samsung galaxy s8 free. all on america's best unlimited network.
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breaking news tonight, it partial government shutdown is ending after democrats and republicans voted to keep the government running until february 8th. president trump still has not signed the bill. that should happen any moment. congressman, thanks so much for being with us. can you just explain why you were a no vote tonight? >> once again, anderson, the d.r.e.a.m.ers were left behind. this is the third consecutive time i've voted against a continuing resolution. i think this is dysfunctioning way to run government. it's like paying your rent every week as opposed to theened of the month. this is dysfunctional way to running government. and it's far broader than the d.r.e.a.m. act, it's about not only giving chip, insurance to young churn but funding and teaching hospitals and about disaster relief.
9:18 pm
none of these issues were at risk, and obviously the d.r.e.a.m.ers were left out one more time, and felt compelled to vote no again. >> do you think the democrats have given up a certain amount of leverage by going along with this and believing that daca is down the road? >> and they'll try to score some cheap political points and try to make their way towards the mid-terms. so i'm really concerned about that. but the issues of the d.r.e.a.m.ers are meritorious on their own. and the rank and file members of both the senate and house of representatives on both sides of the aisle have worked very hard to bring forward proposals that it president has not taken up. and it's as simple as that. and so we're very concerned that the president is not invested in this. and he'll come before us next tuesday on the state of the union without having to addressed the critical issues
9:19 pm
that affect the american people and of course leaving 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers out in the cold. >> your colleague reportedly said that senate democrats were quote, getting their butts kicked. would you agree with that term? >> well, the pendulum may have swung a different way today, but we'll live to fight another day. and we're just concerned that the promises that were made by the leader in the senate are true promises. this is my first year, but i've learned quickly that many promises here are not kept. and stow i'm concerned that on the 8th we'll face another crisis that will lead to a public assault against d.r.e.a.m.ers. some folks here on the floor of the house of representatives were equating immigrants and d.r.e.a.m.ers to violent criminals. how vile is that, to resort to fanning the flames of racism across america? i'm here to fight for the d.r.e.a.m.ers.
9:20 pm
that's one of the reasons i got elected to congress, and we'll be waiting until the 8th to see what happens the then. >> senator king was on the program saying he believes because mitch mcconnell made this pledge publicly and sort of his language was not as divisive rhetoric, that he felt more confident that now mitch mcconnell is on record pushing for some sort of deal, at least dealing with this. >> well, these debates about whether you will or you shall are really sterile and very poor. they are debates that show no commitment to resolving the critical needs. i met with a group of d.r.e.a.m.ers last time. if you see them, anderson, if you look in their young faces and see what they stand for, their aspirations, energy and their love for this country, you really can't say no to them. that's why 80% of americans are supporting them. but they got caught up in this debate whether the government will be shutdown.
9:21 pm
it's unfair to them and to their families. want to talk the politics of all this with our bipartisan panel. robby mook, rick santorum and anna navarro. did this shutdown accomplish anything in your view? >> i think it brought the dreamer issue to the forefront. i think it highlighted the urgency of the issue. it has for the last week, the last ten days, shown us the faces and the stories of d.r.e.a.m.ers. we have seen the stories of people that are getting deported, how they are getting separated from their children, what it's doing to american families and to the american way of life. i think it's highlighted what is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed. it has also shown the horrible dysfunction that is washington, that is our government. they keep kicking the cans down the road without really solving the national crisis. it showed that chuck schumer could take a position and it showed that chuck schumer could hold it for two days. he couldn't hold the position. so you know, i think it's shown us a lot of things but we don't know what the end game is going to be yet. >> was it a mistake for
9:22 pm
democrats to go along with this? >> look, i'm as frustrated as anybody out there. i think it's lunacy what's going on that we can't fund the government, it's lunacy we are leaving the dreamers in limbo and this hasn't been passed when clearly the votes are there. all that said, understanding we are in a lunatic situation, the democrats used their leverage to get a vote on these dreamers. that is progress. if what we really care about here is getting policy passed, we took a step in the right direction. a few days ago, we weren't getting this vote. hopefully now there's going to be a vote, it will pass and there will be the political pressure to force the president to sign. so this is not an ideal situation. i'm unhappy like everybody else but i think as democrats we have to step back, recognize the incredibly complex and difficult situation that senator schumer was in, and recognize and frankly, applaud these senators for holding the line and moving the ball down the field. that's how this stuff works. >> senator santorum, is that
9:23 pm
what democrats did? >> i don't see it that way at all. the reality is that what this showed the american public and it's the reason the democrats backed down, was that democrats are more interested in illegal immigrants than they were about working men and women and the people in our military and keeping the government funded and taking an issue that had nothing to do with continuing funding and tried to inject that into a spending debate. the republicans have done this in the past and republicans got their head handed to them. every time, ted cruz did a couple years ago. before that, we had other things, where we tried to put extraneous things in these spending bills and the public said no, don't do that. if you got a problem with immigration or with obamacare, deal with it, but don't mess up, don't shut down the government, don't get to this brinksmanship. be adults. i think the democrats did not learn that lesson. they thought the media was going to be on their side, the folks
9:24 pm
you just heard earlier were going to go out and tell them how heroic they were. what they found out is the american public said no, we actually don't agree with what you are doing here. that's why they backed down. >> actually, i think it's a little more complicated than that. you know, rick says that democrats were putting illegal immigrants ahead of the working men and women and ahead of the men and women in the armed forces. actually, dreamers are the working men and women in america. actually, there are 900 dreamers who are serving in the armed forces today. that's the type of people for whom we need to find a solution. look, you know, people may not like the shutdown, but the irony of this, the juxtaposition what made it really complicated is that they really approve of the dream act. most people see dream act kids, the dream act youth, as a special category within immigrants, within undocumented immigrants, because we realize that they came here through no fault of their own. it was not their own actions. it was not their own decisions. now they are americans in every way but one, and does this country have the heart, do republicans have what it takes to see families separated and
9:25 pm
then lecture us about family values, to see employers left without employees and then lecture us about business, to see schools empty of students and then lecture us about education? so that's the question republicans have to ask themselves. >> you are missing one very important point. the bottom line is people who are here illegally are here illegally. we break up families all the time. when people commit illegal acts. it happens all the time. families get broken up. people lose their employment when they commit illegal acts. >> senator santorum -- >> hold it. let him finish. >> you are talking about 700,000 dreamers and you said 900 are in the military. of course, those have an opportunity to gain their citizenship under the current law. so the reality is, there are pathways for people going forward. what republicans are asking for, what donald trump is asking for, is something very, very reasonable and so far, the democrats have been unwilling to move forward. they want four things. four things the democrats have
9:26 pm
voted for time and time again. border security, they want the end of the visa lottery, they want chain migration to be limited, and they want to deal with this daca issue. put a bill together that does those four things, not 20 other things, which is what the quote, compromise did, and i bet you would be surprised -- >> you haven't moved on this. you have seen people on -- >> i'm sorry, i will talk over you because i have to take a break. when we continue this conversation, did president trump help or hurt negotiations? did he even play a part in brokering a deal to get the government back open? we'll be right back. 30,000 precision parts. cn or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't.
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breaking news, the shutdown ending. congress has approved a deal to keep the government funded for 17 days. back with the panel. robby, haven't heard from you. want you to be able to respond to what senator santorum was saying. >> well, i think what senator santorum was pushing was this argument the gop has been pushing all day which is the democrats only care about immigration. the whole reason that this daca vote is so important is because president trump ended the program. if the president cared so much about infrastructure, health care and all these other issues, he could have left this daca program in place which by the way, almost everybody supports, and we wouldn't be having this fight right now. so i just, you know, these shallow arguments, frankly on both sides, just need to stop.
9:31 pm
there's so much that these senators have in common. we saw them starting to work together today. gosh, let's just push forward and pass the things everybody agrees on and stop all these silly games. i don't care who won this shutdown fight. i'm just happy we will have the votes we need to have, we might actually get the policy the country needs and wants. >> but wasn't it a court that declared that what president obama had done was not constitutional? >> yeah, but the president, i'm sure president trump could have done something to save this. he is totally having this both ways by doing everything he can to kill it on the one hand and then on the other hand saying well, i will do something if congress can. and changing his tune every day. let's remember, too, the senators came to the president with a bipartisan agreement on this and he was the one who blew it up because he couldn't control his mouth and made some racist statements. he is the real problem here. i actually think we should be proud that a bunch of our senators stood up and we got an agreement moving today. that's a big deal. >> senator santorum, is it clear to you how much president trump
9:32 pm
was actually involved in ending this shutdown? because you hear the white house claiming credit, but was this more white house victory or mcconnell victory? >> i think the president, you know, when you have a winning hand you sit there and hold your hand. there was no reason for the president to go out there and negotiate with himself. the reality is the democrats were going to cave because the public was moving against them for all the reasons that i talked about earlier, and there was no reason for the president to go out and do anything other than stand his ground and say we will deal with this issue separately, we are not going to include this in the spending package, and look, i agree that something needs to be done on this issue. i also want to point out as you did, anderson, the president was following the law unlike president obama who didn't follow the law when it came to these dreamers. the reality is i think the house needs to move. if you would -- my suggestion is paul ryan and the house get a bill, do the four things president obama has said he wants to do, put those four things in a package and send them over to the house, show the american public the house is willing and republicans are willing to pass a bill that provides some relief for
9:33 pm
dreamers as well as meet the other four conditions, get it to the senate and let them deal with it. >> anna, do you think to senator santorum's point, the democrats would have been blamed for this shutdown if it went on longer? >> look, i'm not sure if it was a mistake or if it was the right thing to do but i do know that but for this, there would be no promise from mitch mcconnell right now for there to be a vote before february 8th on the daca issue. and it is an issue for which the clock keeps counting down. if you are a daca kid right now, you realize you have only got six weeks left. they have had six months to deal with this since donald trump ended the executive order. so there is this sense of urgency. whether it was a mistake or not, i think we will know the answer to that on february 9th, february 10th, whenever we know the answer of whether this in fact leads to legislation, to a law being passed and people whose lives are in limbo, whose future is in limbo right now,
9:34 pm
having some certainty and being able to achieve the american dream, or whether we don't. ask me then if it was a mistake. >> robby, i talked to independent senator angus king earlier who said the fact mitch mcconnell made a public pledge and used sort of not very divisive language, that is what made him decide to vote for this continuing resolution. >> the senators obviously know him better than i would. i don't trust him that much but i do trust the senators on both sides that are saying that they believe that he will keep his word. i think anna had this exactly right. i think we will know in early february if this was a good deal to make. i think given all the information today, this was the right choice for schumer, the right choice for the democrats, and americans should hold the majority leader's feet to the fire to follow through on this. what's remarkable about this is everybody agrees on this.
9:35 pm
we should be able to pass this no problem and holding his word shouldn't be a problem. >> want to thank everybody on the panel. ahead, the gop in-fighting over immigration. one republican senator points the blame at the white house adviser stephen miller who is an outspoken confidant of the senators. what we know about him, next. with advil's fast relief, you'll ask, "what pulled muscle?" "what headache?" nothing works faster to make pain a distant memory. advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain?
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rmens have democrats passing a bill on capitol hill to keep the government running until february 8th. question is, can they reach a deal to avert another showdown in 17 days. this was the first shutdown ever when one party is in control of both congress and the white house. as you might have noticed, there's some gop in-fighting. over the weekend, republican senator lindsey graham wasn't shy at blaming -- at laying some of the blame on the trump white house, singling out white house adviser stephen miller. here's what he said. >> the reason we yanked these things back is because mr. miller, i have known him for a long time, i know he's passionate, i know he's an early supporter of the president but i will just tell you his view of immigration has never been in the mainstream of the senate and i think we are never going to get there as long as we embrace concepts that cannot possibly get 60 votes. >> white house press secretary sarah sanders is pushing back on that telling cnn quote, stephen's not here to push his agenda, he's here to push the president's agenda like everybody else in this building. we are doing our best to carry out what the president has laid
9:40 pm
out and to implement and communicate his principles and stephen's no different on that front than anyone else. that's how the white house sees it. but no one is going to dispute that miller is not shy about speaking his opinion and he's no stranger to politics. randi kaye tonight looks back. >> reporter: he's donald trump's youngest policy adviser, the man at the center of the immigration battle who seems like he's always ready for a fight. >> that is one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant and foolish things you have ever said. >> reporter: the senate aide turned white house adviser stephen miller has found the ultimate national platform for the conservative views he first embraced as early as high school. after the 9/11 attacks when he was just 16, he penned an editorial for the santa monica lookout arguing his high school wasn't patriotic enough. osama bin laden would feel very welcome at santa monica high school, he wrote. in that same article, miller complained about rampant political correctness, spanish language announcements and his classmates who lacked basic english skills.
9:41 pm
>> i will say and i will do things that no one else in their right mind would say or do. >> reporter: all of this, it seems, just a dress rehearsal for his next stop, duke university. writing for the duke chronicle, miller sounded the alarm about immigration. we oppose common sense security measures. we give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. at duke, miller also made a name for himself in the national media by speaking out in support of the duke lacrosse players in a racially charged rape case. >> nothing seems to be changing. as a student, i can tell you, we are really, really mad. >> reporter: the lacrosse players were eventually exonerated. after graduating, miller moved to washington, d.c., lending a press secretary job for then congresswoman michelle bachmann despite having no experience. later in 2013, as an aide to then senator jeff sessions, miller helped sessions derail an immigration deal by distributing a handbook packed with talking points to help kill the bipartisan effort. in washington, miller also
9:42 pm
connected with steve bannon, who gave him entry into donald trump's orbit and campaign 2016. miller on the world stage, crafting trump's speech accepting the republican nomination. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination -- >> reporter: miller also co-authored the president's travel ban. after a federal judge struck it down, miller suggested the judge had no right to question the president's authority. >> our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned. >> reporter: late today, white house spokeswoman sarah sanders was asked if miller has veto power on immigration. >> the only person i'm aware of with veto power in this country is the president. >> reporter: for his part, the president seems to like what miller represents. especially his combativeness.
9:43 pm
>> no, no. you can be condescending. >> reporter: i'm trying to get to the point -- >> reporter: all in a day's work for the kid from santa monica. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> powerful white house adviser. now to chris cuomo with a look at what's coming up on the top of the hour. >> tonight we will do it a little different. we have the big shot of the white house's kellyanne conway. tonight we ask her to do something on tv she's never done before. >> what is that? >> that is the tease. that is the tease. i have to figure out what that is now. i only have 17 minutes. >> get working on that. up next, will they or won't they? a lot of buzz around a classified republican memo and alleged fbi surveillance abuses. house republicans want it released. democrats say the whole thing is a political stunt. i talk with a member of the house intelligence committee next.
9:44 pm
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over the weekend as the senate wrestled with the government shutdown the chairman of the house intelligence committee was meeting with key allies in the house discussing the prospect of releasing a classified memo prepared only by republicans about alleged fbi abuses in the nation's surveillance laws. those abuses, republicans say, revolve around the so-called steele dossier and its impact on the overall russia investigation. chairman devin nunes wants some of the research behind the memo to be declassified. i will remind he he stepped aside from his own committee's russia probe last year after coming under investigation after reports he may have made unauthorized disclosures of classified information. earlier i spoke with democrat jim himes of connecticut who serves on the intelligence committee. you have seen this memo. i know there's only so much you can say because it's classified but generally, how would you characterize it?
9:49 pm
>> well, the memorandum, anderson, i will tell you, harkens me back to benghazi where there was an effort to come up with all of these conspiracy theories about how there had been a stand-down order and how people had deliberately acted poorly. that's what this is. this is the latest installment in chairman nunes' sort of one-man operation to try to damage, throw mud on the fbi and doj all in service of calling into question bob mueller's investigation and of course, trying to provide some, any substantiation to the crazy charge the obama administration was wiretapping the trump campaign. >> when you hear colleagues as describing the contents jaw-dropping, saying americans will be surprised how bad it is, what do you say to that? >> i would say that it is partisanship at its worst, that many people years from now will look back on the damage that they did to the fbi and to the doj based on no evidence and the reason i say no evidence is
9:50 pm
because the memo is based on highly, highly classified things, so highly classified that most members of the intelligence committee have not seen them, but that certainly your average member of congress has not seen. so in as much as members of congress are out there making which does or does not suppose the talking points the allegations that compromise this memorandum. >> they don't know what they're talking about? >> they have not seen the evidence which under lies the talking points the allegation in this memorandum. they have no basis to know other than nunz personal opinion. that there is any truth to the charges. they have not seen the under lying classified information. >> some are calling for full
9:51 pm
transparent si. what's the harm in releasing a redakted version? >> i would support that. i'm not fan of putting out republican talking points where there isn't an ability for people to look a the under lying crassfied information. but if it's anything lib the four page memorandum. which a quick reading that the thing just kind of reeks of poor work, of bad logic. i imagine they'll clean it up. if you can see the memorandum in the first line there's something said that's obviously untrue. so it's important -- i'm always fan of transparency. it's porpt this get out there. it's important for the fbi whose reputation is damaged. fbi who keep us safe whose lives on the line. they with being youzed as a political tool. to try to damage mueller's investigation. it's important to find a way to
9:52 pm
rebut what i think is our fundamentally rebuttable charges. >> -- >> it's interesting you say that. that should tell you something. if you make an accusation against somebody and say you can't see the accusation. that should tell you something. there's a yn in court you put accuser in front of defendants. so you can have it out. the fact a they won't let. fbi see the memorandum. it's flimsy and pathetic. the fbi has to get over classification challenges. they would make quick work of saying this is flat out wrong. their not making it available should tell you something. >> appreciate your time. thanks. up ahead a public appearance at a not so surprising republican e
9:53 pm
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america's small business owners. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes, who use their expertise to keep those businesses covered. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes behind the heroes, who brought us delicious gyros. actually, the gyro hero owns vero's gyros, so he should have been with those first heroes. ha ha! that's better. so, to recap -- small business owners are heroes, and our heroes help heroes be heroes when they're not eating gyros delivered by -- ah, you know what i mean. it may come as no surprise the the woman at the center of the an alleged affair with trump is cashing in on the publicity. her appearance in south carolina coming as a liberal watchdog group filed two complaints
9:57 pm
today. a cash payment to her violated finance laws. we report on stormy daniels first public appearance since the storm began. >> reporter: tonight stormy daniels is capitalizing on her alleged affair with trump. but not revealing details about it. daniels appeared at the strip club in south carolina. over the weekend. the owner won't tell how much he paid her or how much he made. he booked her as soon as he saw public reports on the affair. cnn told daniels could be booked at other adult clubs around the country in the come lg months. she made a quick get away after her performance and wouldn't talk about her alleged sexual encounter with trump. baa she was quoted saying her life since the story broke has
9:58 pm
been stressful and amusing. daniels had a long career as a porn star. >> i want to show you out. >> reporter: and a potential senate candidate. >> politics can't be any dirtier than the one i'm in. >> reporter: shortly before the 2016 election she was paid $130,000 by trump lawyer to stay silent about a sexual encounter with trump in 2006. he never denied making the payment. there's new information about reported attempt to cover up the claim of an affair. in 2011. cohen threatened to sue a magazine if it published an interview with her. according to to magazine employees who spoke to the associated pretsz. in touch never published the allegations. until now. before the associated press story broke, cnn asked in touch new editor why it was held for
9:59 pm
seven years. >> why wasn't it published before. i can't speak yo u. i don't have the answer. >> reporter: one trump biographer isn't surprised his lawyer reportedly threatened to sue the magazine. >> he has a pattern of going after people legally. whether they criticize him or embarrassing information about him. he uses threat, lawyer letters. actual lawsuits to control the message. >> reporter: michael cohen didn't get back to us that he threatened to sue in touch magazine. the representative told us they wouldn't comment on that report. but cohen previously denied the affair took place. and vice president pence has just told the associated press that the reports about the alleged affair are baseless. >> all right. thanks. thanks for watching. time to hand it over to chris chro cuomo for "prime time." >> who won?
10:00 pm
a ban aid that ensures with do this again in three week sns the democrats, what did they get? a promise of good intentions? is that helping dreamers sleep better tonight. kellyanne conway says democrats made the right deal. let's see if she can prove it. it's time to get after it. i'm chris cuomo. welcome to "prime time." breaking news tonight. shut down delayed. both sides approved a spending plan to keep the government running. just for three weeks. i guess that buys democrats and republicans more time to strike a deal on immigration. as i said we'll go one on one with kellyanne conway. counsellor to president trump. let's begin where we do. with the special series facts first. right now, democrats and republicans are both saying they made a great deal. u yo keep hearing the