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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 19, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> will ripley reporting for us. thank you very much. we'll stay on top of the story for sure. that's it for me. thank you very much for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for our international viewers, a amanpour is next. for our north american viewers, book baldwin starts now. -- brooke baldwin. >> hi there. thank you very much for being with me on this monday. i'm brooke baldwin. on this presidents' day we are seeing signs of what the president may or may not do about gun violence in this country six days after the florida school shooting that killed 17 people. the white house says, quote, the president is supportive of efforts to improve the federal background check system. as student-led protests continue all around the country today, a source tells cnn that the president has seen the pleas
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from the survivors of the parkland shooting and he wants to do something. we don't know what "something" will look like. on background checks, authorities tell cnn the 19-year-old had obtained at least ten firearms, all in the past year, all of them some type of rifle. as funerals and memorial services for the victims continue at places of worship across broward county today, the president, a mere 50 miles away at trump international golf club. avoiding the links all weekend president trump visited first responders in local hospitals. he also went and spent the weekend airing grievances on twitter. a barrage of tweets, everything targeting hillary clinton to the fbi to oprah. let's start from nearby mar-a-lago. dan, just looking ahead now, we know the president has a listening session with students
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and teachers from the florida high school this upcoming wednesday. who exactly will he be listening to? how is he preparing for that? >> hey, brooke. it seems this statement where it expresses the president's openness with strengthening the background checks in the united states is really the first step and something you'll hear a lot about during the listening sessions. it gives him something to back in the sessions. i want to read what was said this morning. the president spoke to senator cornant about the bipartisan bill. he and senator murphy introduced to improve federal compliance with criminal background check legislation. the president is supportive of efforts to improve the federal background check system. you were right though. we don't know what it looks like. president trump has been all over the map on guns for the better part of two decades. in a book in the early 2000s he backed the ban on assault weapons. he supported a 72-hour waiting period for guns.
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he disavowed the comments during his 2016 campaign. the nra then backed republican candidates with $30 million during the 2016 campaign. it is also important to note, however, that president trump has been receiving a lot of incoming on the topic for his three days in florida. not only from the students who have eloquently spoken their minds, not only from members of congress on capitol hill but from people inside mar-a-lago. we are told, according to sources with knowledge of the situation that president trump has been talking to people in the club about guns and about gun control and has expressed an openness to doing something on background checks and possibly on mental illness. he had dinner with his sons and geraldo rivera at mar-a-lago on saturday. we are told rivera pushed the president to possibly support raising the age that people would be allowed to buy assault weapons from 18 to 21. all of this leads to the listening session you talked
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about at the white house on wednesday. all of this gives president trump something to talk to the students and education officials about. >> the president may have been all over the map on guns for the last two decades. having spoken to the students, i have a feeling they'll try to pin him down. dan, thank you so much. let me show you pictures. appears in a red jumpsuit with his wrists shackled to his waist we saw the shooter's first appearance in a courtroom. looking down there. his only words were to answer the public defender's questions. all the red flags missed by the fbi are not only warning signs now. getting another look in the aftermath of the shooting. we are also now hearing from the family that provided a home for the shooter after his mother passed away a few months ago from the flu. they were stunned when they learned they were living under the same roof as -- they
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referred to him as a monster. here they were this morning on "good morning, america." >> everything everybody seems to know, we didn't know. we had rules. he followed every rule to the t. >> before he moved into your home how well did you know him? >> i met him a couple times before. he was polite. he seemed normal. >> when did you realize what he had done? >> after the s.w.a.t. team called me and asked if i knew where my son nicholas was. i said he's not my son but i don't know where he's at. i got in touch with my son who was fleeing the scene at that point. a description came out. we put two and two together, me and my son. we figured out what was happening. >> you were aware he had weapons when he moved into your home? >> absolutely. >> where were they kept? >> before he moved in one of the stipulations is he needed a gun safe. we got a gun safe on the way
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from moving his stuff to our house. >> he didn't have free access to the safe? >> i thought i had the only key. >> after this happened at one point you got a chance to see nicholas. what did you say to him? did he speak back to you? did he say anything back? >> it was at the police station when they were going past us. i basically -- i went after him. i wanted to strangle him more than anything. everything i wanted to say -- i tried to reserve myself. really, nick? really? he mumbled something. he said he was sorry. >> he said he was sorry. >> i didn't hear that. i was furious and heartbroken. just heartbroken. devastated. i still can't process it -- what he's done. this wasn't the person that we knew. >> the survivors of the parkland school shooting didn't hold back. they sat down with cnn with a message to elected leaders --
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you are either with us or you are against us. >> this is about us begging for our lives. this isn't about the gop, the democrats. this is about us creating a badge of shame for any politicians accepting money from the nra and using us as collateral. >> we have sat around for too long being inactive in our political climate. as a result, children have died. it is time for us to stand up, take action and hold our elected officials responsible. if our elected officials aren't willing to stand up and say, i'm not going to continue to take money from the nra because children are dying, they shouldn't be in office and they won't be. this is a midterm year. this is the change we need. >> we'll be facing this with trepidation and determination. we have an incredible support system around us. we are going to be the difference. >> how about that? here he is. richard martinez's son christopher was one of six killed in 2014 near the campus of u.c. santa barbara.
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rich martinez, thank you very much for coming on. it means so much. >> brooke, i work as on associate with every town for gun safety. >> yes, you do. >> we are a bipartisan organization committed to reducing gun violence in america. when i see -- i saw emma gonzales and the speech she gave at parkland. >> yep. >> i'm inspired and hopeful from what i'm hearing from the students. i also know what they are going to face. people are going to tell them that there is no problem with guns in america. they are going to tell them that even if there is a problem with guns in america that more guns is the solution to gun violence. >> you have handed out thousands of "never again" postcards. you have been in tallahassee, to the offices of the governor and senators. they are taking buses, rich,
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this week to talk to lawmakers in the state capitol. let me just say having covered a number of the shootings i thought it was stunning and incredible to see these young people use their voices in a way i hadn't seen. that said, what would you say to them, having lost your son and having seen only so much change? >> i would say to them that when they meet with these legislators that they should tell these legislators that they know more about mass shooting drills than the legislators they are talking to. these kids are the first generation, maybe the first generation in america who have had mass shooting drills since they were in kindergarten. you know? the legislators they will be talking to in tallahassee -- when i was growing up we didn't have mass shooter drills in school. when i was growing up, no little
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kid in america thought about being shot and killed in school. today, little kids are doing mass shooting drills. they know why. they know other little kids have been shot and killed in our country. last week on your program you had little ava olsson. i believe she was 7. she had written a letter to president trump asking him what he was going to do about gun safety. the reason she wrote the letter is because one of her classmates, jacob, had been shot and killed in their school. >> who was 6. >> it is outrageous. it is absolutely outrageous. the gun lobby will tell us that the solution to gun violence is more guns. it's ridiculous. we are americans in the 21st century of the united states of america. we can do better than that. more guns is not the answer to gun violence. i'll tell those kids in california after my son was killed in 2014, the state
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legislature in california introduced new gun legislation which allowed immediate family members or law enforcement to get an order from a court after due process to remove guns from the person who posed a substantial threat to themselves or others. that bill was introduced after the shootings in isla vista. >> thanks to you. >> and it was signed into law -- well, a lot of people worked on that, brooke. it was signed in to law in september of 2014. in a matter of months, legislators who were concerned about the problem and were willing to work were able to put something -- enact a new law within a matter of months. when these kids go tot to tallahassee tell them to look at california and washington. in the situation in parkland, there were red flags. these kids knew -- >> your point being, as you
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wrote about, and as i know we have talked about. these red flag laws and had this happen with the gunman who killed your son or with the red flags in parkland. then perhaps someone could have called the authorities and could have taken away this man's guns. i want to actually go back to two points you made a second ago. we have sound. in case people didn't hear, this is how we started the week last week listening to this 7-year-old. i want to talk to you about what the president is proposing. here is ava olsson. >> i lived through the school shooting that happened. my little brother cameron also lived through it. i heard and saw it all happen and i was very scared. my best friend jacob was shot and died. that made me very sad. i loved him and was going to marry him one day. i hate guns. the president wrote you back.
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did it answer the questions you have for the president? >> no. >> no? what questions did you still have for him? >> how he can help keep kids safe. >> let's talk about that, rich. here's what we have so far from the president who as you know has been in florida, not even 40 miles from where the school shooting happened. we have heard that according to the white house he's supportive of efforts to improve the federal background check for gun purchases. it is my understanding it doesn't necessarily expand background checks but it w0uoul fix the current system. it might make it harder for younger or metropolitanly ill people to on -- mentally ill people to obtain firearms. and his friend geraldo was talking to him about raising the age of military-style rifles like the ar-15 from 18 to 21
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which could have prevented 17 lives lost this week. what's your response to the president? >> i will believe it when i see it. track record is not good on this issue. although, you know, i have been working in states across the country. the momentum is with gun safety. there was an election for governor in florida in january of this year. the home state of the nra's headquarters in virginia. the gun sense champion candidate for governor in that state jeremy northam won. across the country -- there's a consensus. americans want something done about gun violence in our country. >> yeah. >> it's easy to talk about -- i think -- my understanding
11:15 am
currently is about the measure that trump -- president trump is referring to. it's a really limited measure and doesn't address the more comprehensive changes that we need to the background check system in order to make it effective across the country. >> is it a step in the right direction? >> it's in the right direction. what i have learned from my experience in working on this issue and what these kids need to know is doing nothing doesn't work. that's all we have seen from congress and this president. i mean, we had the largest mass shooting in the history of this country. >> las vegas. >> in las vegas. what did they do? prayers and condolences. now prayers and condolences are important. when that's all you do, it's a
11:16 am
disgrace. >> rich martinez, you know this is personal for you. i really appreciate you taking the time. we are going to talk to some of these young people next hour. i will relay some of your thoughts to them. i promise you that. thank you so much. >> thank you, brooke. the president unleashing against everyone over the russia investigation except for russia. the ones who attacked american elections. we'll get into that. and one of the president's former advisers set to testify against the campaign's former chairman. what will rick gates give to robert mueller? we had long deployments in iraq. i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because
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welcome back to cnn. when the president travels to mar-a-lago the press expects more tweeting. but president trump sent out a barrage of especially inflammatory tweets, even by his standards. in one tweet the president blames the fbi for missing tips about the shooter suggesting they were focusing too much attention on the russia investigation. we are going to start there. cnn political commentator peter binart is here, contributing editor to the atlantic. amy parnes from the hill. my first question, amy, is does the president not understand how the fbi works? >> apparently not. >> the whole miami field office and russia -- two separate -- >> also how a presidency works. you are still supposed to be the
11:22 am
consoler in chief, not pit yourself against a federal agency again. >> thinking about yourself. >> and making it about yourself. you need to talk about what happened there. he did an okay job of that this week. but people expect more. there is an outcry for him to do more and across the country. doing that again, making the mistakes he tends to make, i don't think, was helpful. republicans will concede that as well. >> on the bombshell news from friday, all the different indictments from bob muller, the big news for election meddling and in the wake of that not once after learning the facts from this special counsel office did he talk about retribution, punishment, acknowledgment of any of that. he seems to con flat the collusion with becoming president, another investigation.
11:23 am
what is that about? >> the problem is this unbelievable narcissism. donald trump can only see this as a reflection of himself. he can't respond as president of the united states defending the country. look at the tweets. one after another he says, maybe they meddled or something, but i'm innocent. i won legitimately. it's not about him. he's the president of the united states. he's supposed to defend the country from an ongoing attack. the irony is what was russia trying to do in 2016? divide americans and you see it's -- trump is the gift that keeps on giving. each of the tweets whether talking to the fbi or hillary clinton is furthering the division at a time when americans should be able to at least unify around the idea that we should choose our own presidents. >> one of the tweets he wrote i never said russia did not meddle in the election. well, yes, he did. roll the tape. >> but i notice any time anything wrong happens they like
11:24 am
to say the russians, he doesn't know if it's the russians doing the hacking. maybe there is no hacking. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else. >> i said he believes that. that's important for somebody to believe. i believe he feels he and russia didn't meddle in the election. >> there are tweets as well as recently as november. he said he believes putin on this. will anyone ever convince him that the meddling and the collusion or allegations of collusion are two entirely separate things. >> right. that's the difference here. that's why there is such an outcry now. they are saying -- a lot of people are saying how could he say this? actually defending the russian president and defending russia and not really wanting to, as peter said, play the role of the president and not the campaigner in chief right now and say this is what we need to do. the midterm elections are coming up. a lot of people are scared. a lot of states are turning to paper ballots now because of the
11:25 am
fear that russians are going to -- >> we are currently under attack if you listen to the intel chiefs. it wasn't just them. it's now. which makes what he said or has not said sort of appalling. >> right. >> knowing he's in mar-a-lago over the weekend and apparently he was fired up -- he's not golfing this weekend. there was a shooting 40 miles down the road. he's getting riled up reportedly by his sons. his son geraldo is giving him advice on what he should do in this country. what do you make of it? >> this is just a man who is so temperamentally unfit for the job that the higher the stakes become when we have some kind of really serious national tragedy or some really serious foreign policy attack, the gap between this man's emotional, mental capacities, moral capacities, and what we need from a
11:26 am
president just becomes put into such stark relief. it's just horrifying for the kids and their families that at a moment like this they don't have a president who can rise to meet the challenge. at this point, are any of us really surprised? >> it's stunning. you know, the beacon of hope from being down in florida was these young people and the fact they say they are getting in buses tot tallahassee. they are speaking up, calling out congress. we are going to follow them. thank you for that. ahead, former trump aide rick gates reportedly close to cutting a deal with robert mueller to plead guilty and testify against trump's former campaign chairman. what might he have to say to robert mueller? we'll be right back. alright,
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yet another major development in the russia investigation. this time a former senior trump campaign aide is preparing to plead guilty and cooperate with special counsel robert mueller's investigation. the "new york times" is reporting rick gates will plead guilty to fraud related charges unrelated to the election. they say within the next few days. it appears gates will testify against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort who pleaded not guilty to mueller's enindictment and is preparing for trial unrelated to the campaign. with me now the senior counsel to ken starr in the whitewater investigation. paul, thank you so much for being with me. how does this apparent rick gates plea intensify pressure around paul manafort?
11:32 am
>> quite substantially. gates, by all accounts was manafort's deputy. manafort was his mentor. he probably had pretty full insight into the scope of manafort's activities. and so the idea that manafort will be able to with stand the charges against him successfully is substantially diminished at this point. it's far more likely gates testifying against manafort means manafort is going to wind up either having to take a plea or be convicted after trial. >> you wrote this piece in the atlantic basically saying special counsel was sending a potent message to the public with regard to the russian indictments. what are you saying? what's the message mueller is sending? >> well, as i said in the article and as i'm sure your viewers realize, none of the russians who are indicted are going to see the inside of an american courtroom. russia doesn't extradite citizens to the united states.
11:33 am
generally. they certainly wouldn't in this case. so the indictment from mueller has to be seen as much as a public message about the nature and scope of russian interference in the american electoral system as it is also a i haven't indication of the criminal law. it is in the sense a pretty decent summary of a lot of what he learned through social media to influence the election. it's a warning call, if you will, to americans and the body politic that it may recur if we aren't careful in 2018. >> meantime, you have the president who has been clinging to this unwitting part. you say that's unlikely that the russians, you know, initiated this activity and acted for their own benefit. i want you to explain what you mean by that. >> it's certainly true that the indictment identifies a few unwitting people from within the trump campaign as recipients of information from russia.
11:34 am
as far as we know so far there's been no allegation of collusion. but saying so far is the key statement. it doesn't mean there is no proof of further coordination of activity and that there won't be forthcoming. indeed, it is pretty unlikely that there will be no coordination whatsoever. we have seen indications of it. the trump tower meeting with donald trump, jr., for example. carter page's trips to moscow. there are straws in the wind, if you will, that suggest some form of, if not coordination, at least cross pollination of information between some people in the trump campaign and the russian activity. the russian activity was so well targeted it has to have had guidance from inside america, i think. >> that's the question. did they have the guidance and who did they have the guidance from? paul, thank you so much, sir. we'll speak again. as a report surfaces of another alleged pay-off to another
11:35 am
alleged lover we are getting an inside look at the catch and kill operation that really helped then private citizen donald trump. ahead, lebron james fires back at a fox news host who tells him to, quote, shut up and dribble after he expresses views on president trump. let's discuss it coming up. almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey! oh, that's my robe. is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance.
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birds eye voila! so veggie good. now to protecting trump from troublesome stories like the alleged extramarital affair with playboy's play mate of the year karen macdougall. catch and kill is now the national enquirer tabloid shielding trump from stories that could damage him. the investigative reporter working on the story with the times is with me now. pleasure to have you on. thank you so much. just reading the piece this morning and we were talking
11:40 am
commercial. you referred to it as the machinery. that's what it was. i want you to explain to the people how around the time trump was running for president how there were stories of previous alleged sexual -- what's the word i'm looking for -- indiscretions where he was alleged to have been involved and they wanted to have it end. >> right. >> explain. >> in the last several weeks there's been attention paid to trump's personal attorney michael cohen. >> yes. >> finally admitted he facilitated a payment to a playboy play mate to basically keep her silence. to prevent her from telling her story. >> that was the porn star. >> excuse me. >> not the playmate. >> stormy daniels, the porn star. >> right. >> what we have realized in the course of the investigation is that basically the efforts to cover up and silence potentially damaging stories about trump
11:41 am
went well beyond the payment to stormy daniels. that there were a variety of ways in which michael cohen worked using intimidation tactics, hush money. >> how would it work? >> right. >> for example, you guyed had an example of the hedge fund manager. got his hands on a photo of then private citizen donald trump autographing a woman's breasts. what happens after they find that? >> that's in 2015. this is right when trump entered the race. there is a former hedge fund manager turned digital entrepreneur who gets his hands on several photos in which it appears trump is signing the bare breasts of a blonde. he takes them to cohen who blows up and threatens him. says i'll destroy you if you publish those. the attention turns to the -- the conversation turns to a company that runs tabloids including "national enquirer." that's where the conversation calmed down. they agreed he would take the
11:42 am
photos to american media which ultimately never published them. it's just one example of the way -- >> to pay for them. just not publish them. >> in that case there were a variety of business talks that got under way. >> right. >> that this guy wanted to do business. there would be an interview with trump and all the giant projects between american media and the digital entrepreneur who had his hands on the photos. there was an executive. an american media executive at the time who said it was basically the media company's efforts to help trump cover up what could be damaging photos. at this time, almost from out of the gate there are questions during his presidential campaign about his treatment and relationships with women. those multiplied. those continued. those spiralled as the campaign went on. >> what is michael cohen saying? how is he saying this is legal? >> there are questions about this. it goes beyond. the photos are one example of
11:43 am
several we were able to identify. you know, in the case of -- obviously he has admitted to making a direct payment to the former porn star who said she had a sexual relationship with trump in 2006. we learned karen macdougall, the playboy playmate. when she was basically getting ready to go public with her story in about october of -- excuse me, in the summer of 2016 that she actually ended up striking a deal with american media in which she received a payment to not go public with her story. michael cohen was collecting the details of that settlement through american media and through her attorney. that's just another example in which we see all of the ways in which there did seem to be a machinery to keep quiet what could be potentially damaging stories. >> as i read your piece and all five of you on this mega by line i thought back to the different
11:44 am
press briefings, white house press briefings where sarah sanders would be saying, mr. trump denied all of this, america voted for him, case closed. should there be concerns any of the practices have been brought to the administration? >> i think that there is a variety of reasons to care about the story. from a legal standpoint, we are looking at was it illegal? did michael cohen himself violate campaign finance laws when he basically has now confessed to paying $130,000 to silence a woman who had a damaging story to tell about his client, the presidential candidate, now president. there are other questions with regards to president trump came under not just -- there weren't allegations of consensual affairs. there have been serious allegations about sexual misconduct, groping and other misconduct. i think why it's so important to
11:45 am
figure out why the machinery of cover-up worked is it raises serious questions about whether or not there were more serious allegations that have basically remained out of view because of all of the different mechanisms that were at play to keep things hush-hush. >> which was the practice then, dot, dot, dot. keep digging, megan twohey with the "new york times." >> we will. >> an apology from orin hatch to the wives of rob porter for how he initially defended his former staffer. porter recently resigned amid allegations he abused two women. neither of the wives is releasing the content of the letter. porter's second wife tells cnn it was a sincere apology for pain he may have caused us. when allegations first surfaced about porter senator hatch released a statement that vigorously defended the former staffer saying, quote, it is
11:46 am
discouraging to see such a vile attack on such a decent man. a day later, senator hatch's office issued a second statement saying he was heartbroken by the allegations and condemning domestic violent as abhorrent and unacceptable. porter's first wife said she also appreciates senator hatch's apology. fox news relies on a random variety of celebrities for their political opinions but one of the hosts ripping lebron james for offering his. laura ingram is accused now of being racist or racism for telling the nba player to shut up and dribble. the new war of words next. when you've got no plans but with your comfy pants, grab a marie callender's roasted turkey & stuffing. with mashed potatoes and made from scratch gravy.
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carnival, the fun ships or that's what the ads say so you probably don't expect this, seen onboard this ten-day carnival cruise, police in new south wales investigating a massive fight that broke out between the passengers in the ship's nightclub and it was all captured on cell phone. >> horrifying, like people screaming, running around. >> they were on the ground in handcuffs begging for them to stop and the security kept punching them. >> they were looking to pick on any aussie they could find. >> the ship had to dock early in australia to remove a large family of 23 people. a carnival statement reads we have a zero tolerance approach to excessive behavior that affects other guests. in line with this policy, we cooperated fully with local authorities in australia to remove a large family group who had been involved in disruptive
11:52 am
acts on board carnival legend. passengers will be offered a 25% future cruise credit as a good will gesture. drivers, start your engines! >> nascar's biggest race, daytona 500, with a result that has been a long time coming. that is darrell "bubba" wallace jr., the first black driver to take part in the iconic race since 1969. he may have finished second, but he stole the hearts of a lot of nascar fans out there and just watch the pure joy as he hugs his mom. >> you've waited so long, baby! >> you act like we just won the race. >> we did! we did. >> i'm just so emotional over where my family has been the last two years. i don't talk about it, but it's just so hard and so having them here to support me is -- pull it
11:53 am
together, bud. pull it together. you just finished second. it's awesome. >> and awesome it was. wallace squeaked in second place just by an inch. austin dillon won the race. ahead for us here, the gunman who murdered 17 people in that tragic school shooting appears before a judge today. this as the family who took him in as a child is telling cnn what it was like when he lived with them. you will hear directly from this mother and father, next. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long.
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11:58 am
lebron james is firing back after fox news anchor laura ingraham told him to shut up and dribble. this is all stemming from comments lebron james made on a podcast accusing president trump of not carriaing for the people >> this is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to leave the nba, and it's always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball. oh, and lebron and kevin, you're great players, but no one voted for you. millions elected trump to be their coach. so keep the political commentary to yourself or, as someone once said, shut up and dribble. >> by the way, actually he did finish high school and he fired back with this post. i am more than an athlete. #we will not shut up and dribble. another nba star adding that her comments are racist.
11:59 am
ingraham doubling down denying any racial intent. she said it's the same content of her book, shut up and sing where she criticized other celebrities to trashing president george w. bush. let me bring in benjamin watson. my friend, it is good to have you back on. i hope you are well. let me just begin with saying ingraham doesn't think lebron james should be talking politics. but let me just remind our viewers who fox does deem credible to talk politics. look at this list. all of these, quote unquote, pundits. why are they allowed but not lebron james, benjamin? do you think race is involved in this from her? >> well, i don't know quite why they aren't allowed other than the fact they have an opposing view. what we've seen so much right now, especially in the climate we're in, is if you have an opposing view from someone, whether they be a tv personality or somebody that you're working with, you want to shut them down. so as we see, there are plenty
12:00 pm
of people allowed to speak with politics or whatever as long as they agree with whatever narrative a person host or hostess wants to push. when it comes to race, i do think that there are racial undertones. i watch laura ingraham and watched her response and watched how she tried to show the different people she said shut up to. there were only one or two. but when you say those sorts of things, especially because of our history as a country, we can't say those things in a vacuum. >> i don't know if you saw, benjamin, but i was reading how this group of fans were removed from this hockey game after yelling at this one blackhawk hy player and they were yell basketball, basketball at them. the washington capitals coach responded saying there is absolutely no place in the game of hockey or in our country for racism an i think it's disgusting. nba star dwyane wade over the weekend tweeted, benjamin, they use to try and hide it. now the president has given everyone the