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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 1, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and stock market plunging on some where. and is gearing up for 2018 president's plan for massive elections. >> warnings from u.s. firoffici tariffs. trump security team, members of his own party, all angry. kerage. are very serious. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer in "the uhhh and i was wondering if your brokerage offers situation room." some sort of guarantee? erin burnett outfront starts right now. guarantee? outfront next, breaking where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. news, ivanka trump under fbi so can you offer me what schwab is offering? investigation tonight. what was the first daughter's what's with all the questions? involvement? the financing for a key trump ask your broker if they're offering $4.95 online hotel? and more breaking news, dow equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee. plunging 420 points after trump if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. def defies top advisers, did he cost auto workers their jobs. >> plus cnn learning u.s. is closer to war with north korea. has kim jong-un crossed don't we need that cable box to watch tv? president trump's red line. let's go outfront. good evening i'm erin nope. don't we need to run? burnett. nope. outfront tonight white house in it just explodes in a high pitched crisis. two major stories unfoldingty 'yeahhh.'
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hour. yeahhh! try directv now for $10 a month for 3 months. first, president trump's daughter ivanka trump is under fbi scrutiny tonight. no satellite needed. sources telling cnn counter ( ♪ ) intelligence officials are looking into financing trump stop dancing around the pain that's keeping you awake. tower in vancouver. advil pm gives tossing and turning a rest execute knee from the fbi could stand in the way of daughter and silences aches and pains. fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer getting full security clearance. with advil pm. fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer at holiday inn express, we can't guarantee skyscraper in question has that you'll be able to contain yourself at our breakfast bar. morning, egg white omelet. trademark ivanka trump spa. sup lady bacon! and ivanka trump was the key in fruit, there it is! the development of that building. meeting with the developer in but we can guarantee that you'll get the best price the same board room featured in when you book with us. the apprentice. and in 2014, here she is talking holiday inn express. be the readiest. about her vision for the $360 million venture. >> wanted the hotel to be very modern. very cool but in a time less way that's appropriate for our brand. >> tonight's news coming just after ivanka trump husband jared kushner saw his security clearance stripped, downgraded, essentially barring him from
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seeing intelligence at the highest levels of sec rest say required for much of his job. also breaking tonight president's relationship with attorney general. the white house today refusing to go on the record to confirm that the president actually is confidence jeff sessions. >> the president want to get rid of attorney general? >> not that i know of. >> not that i know of. sarah sanders is not afraid to come out and say no. she wouldn't do it. not endorsement to say the very least. we are told the president is furious that sessions father back after he attacked sessions and just his justice department. we have so much to get to. outfront live in washington, pam proun is at the white house. i want to start with you cara on ethat's the height ofs mount everest. the ivanka trump that you are because each day she chooses to take the stairs. breaking. this deal the trump at work, at home international hotel tower in even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, vancouver, now the subject of a so now she does it fbi scrutiny investigation. with dr. scholl's orthotics, clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, what can you tell us? >> well, erin, we know the fbi knee or lower back pain by reducing the shock and stress counter intelligence division that travel up her body with every step she takes. has been looking at this deal,
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so keep on climbing, sarah, you're killing it. the contacts and financing around it. we know ivanka trump was point dr. scholl's. born to move. person on the deal. she worked very closely with the developer who is the son of one of the wealthiest families in bundle and save big, malaysia. and when you are going through a but now it's time to find my dream abode. security clearance, and background checks to work in the -right away, i could tell his priorities were a little unorthodox. white house, any foreign -keep going. stop. contacts are going to be of a little bit down. interest and especially when you stop. back up again. have a business that is as is this adequate sunlight for a komodo dragon? complicated as the trump organization. so that's one of the issues. -yeah. -sure, i want that discount on car insurance and that may be a hurdle for just for owning a home, but i'm not compromising. ivanka trump and gaining her full security clearance. -you're taking a shower? now her lawyer is pushing back -water pressure's crucial, scott! strongly against our story. it's like they say -- location, location, koi pond. and let me read you the statement that he has given us. -they don't say that. he says cnn is wrong, that any hurdle, obstacle, concern, red flag or problem has been raised with respect to miss trump or clearance application. nothing in the new white house policy has changed. mrs. trump to do the same work since she joined the . breaking news, we are administration. so erin you can see they are learning that mcmaster is likely pushing back pretty hard on this. but we now fbi counter to leave the white house at the intelligence is looking into this. >> so obviously that's the end of the month. tensions between the president
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reporting and it's under and three star general has been scrutiny. now, ivanka trump has been escalating. most recently ripped him involved in a lot of business deals and a lot of them could be relevant to her security regarding russian meddling in clearance y is this one the election. specifically drawing interest mcmaster saying it happened. fwr fbi velgt ors pan could president throwing mud in that. other deals as well? president will make the final >> well, we don't know exactly what is triggering interest in decision. if mcmaster leaves it will leave this particular deal. but we do know that the fbi is the administration third adviser since the president took office. jim sciutto is outfront. concerned about contacts that the chinese have had with jared look, this is pretty stunning, kushner, her husband, we reported last week that they not the track record of this were looking into conversations administration, but talking he had with prominent chinese three national security advisers in over a year. what are you learning about investors concerning one of his mcmaster's likely exit? properties. >> erin, my colleague barbara "the washington post" also reported that counter star and i are told mcmaster intelligence had warned jared kushner and ivanka trump about could leave his position in the contacts they had had with other end of the month or near future. chinese officials. multiple sources telling cnn in that might be why this one deal addition it is becoming more is on their radar. and it's possible that other likely that the mcmaster will deals could be sun der scrutiny not return to the military and as well. trump organization is very possible four star there, but complicated. they do deals licensing with a retire as three star general. lot of international investors. among the names is sa fa cash, and a lot of their properties have luxury condos which ceo of oracle, former member of
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involves a lot of foreign money coming in through that also. the trump transition team, bolt, >> right. thank you very much, cara, former ambassador to the u.n. brought to mind remind everyone steven beghana vice president at take a look at that new yorker if you want to get a sense for the ford company, and bush trump international deals and her role in them. administration considered, although ford is telling us that pamela brown outfront at the white house. and pamela today the other big he has not spoken to the white house about his position. story, president ignoring questions about attorney general. but the reporting from you, he nsc spokesman michael anton has is clearly, clearly not happy dismissed these reports saying with jeff sessions tonight. the favorite phrase of the white >> yeah, that's right. house, fake news. we reached out to pentagon the public spat between the toe men reached to this boiling mattis office and they are point with the president's tweet yesterday calling the attorney referring all questions back to general disgraceful for having the white house. i should add that at least one his inspector general rather senior military officer than doj lawyers investigate currently serving has been alleged fisa abuses. informally approached about whether he would be interested and for the first time the attorney general shot back with in the job. the strongly worded statement he has said no because of this saying as long as he's the attorney general, that he will officers belie officers belief fill a political do his job with integrity under job while serving in uniform, the law and the constitution. that's according to a source familiar with the situation. now we are told from sources i should add this caution, and that the president privately fumd in the oval office about this is perhaps a smart one in the current goings on in the the attorney general's statement yesterday h he has talked about white house, trump will make the
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wanting to replace him, but the final decision here. and these decisions can always president realizes that the reality is much tougher to get change. >> also of course he wants to another attorney general call it fake news, these are the confirmed. and so this public spat has been going on for months, ever since games he plays. the attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from jim sciutto. the russia probe, the president thanks very much. has been unhappy about that and outfront, we have our panel. really held this grudge against david. hip. but today, erin two men were in thanks to all. general marks, obviously this is the same room at the opioid a big development when you think about just the departures we've event and president acknowledged jeff sessions saying they were working together to bring had. lawsuits against drug makers, you look at hope hicks those that make opioids. announcement last night. that mcmaster could be gone by and just last night in the wake of all this, the attorney the end of the month. general went out in washington what's the significance of this? to dinner with two other top doj third national security adviser we are talking about in about a year. officials in what was widely >> well, let's be frank, seen as a showing of solidarity, organizations like this have turmoil in terms of personnel as showing of unity. and today though you saw there a matter of routine. the challenge that we have with this is the context. at the press briefing sarah and that is look what's happened sanders the press secretary far over the course of last several from certain in terms of jeff months. look events has occurred pt last couple of days. now you have the discussion that session ss future, answered not that i know of. hr mcmaster may be departing.
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so we'll vl to wait and see how the saga plays out. the concern that i have >> thank you very much. primarily is the continuity of i want to go outfront to deck what has really been, in my mind senator coons on the h one of the solid aspects, one of the solid policies that this appropriations committee. administration has been able to vice chair of ethics committee. thank you very much, senator. strans, and that is globally i always appreciate your tiechlt i want to talk about jeff trying to reassert american sessions and the news there in a influence in a way that i think moment. first the breaking news ivanka it's fair to say had withered trump and fbi execute knee. over the course of the past few security clearance still under years. vup in part because the fbi now did we have some bumps in the road? absolutely we did. but have we been able to reach a point where we are now on the looking at trump hotel in peninsula where many korean vancouver. do you have any sense why this peninsula where many would say particular bill or ivanka trump look we are on the verge of are under execuscrutiny? potentially having a war, but at the same time we have north >> erin, i don't know why this korean raising hands we want deal might have attracted talks. so i think there are advances how do we make the transition execute knee. it is remarkable that the family smoothly. that's the request he. >> david, to the question about smoothly, three national security advisers in the year. president who has been feuding like the trumps that have sub with national security adviser. jetted this em to repeated cnn reported he was on the brink scrutiny. and where president trump has of letting mcmaster go last fall. failed to be transparent with and decided not to do it only the american people, to release because he thought he would look
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taxes to make it impossible to bad doing it within the first understand the business dealings technical year of his term. that he and his immediate family members have been involved in. he's had disdain for mcmaster and i'm not surprised this is just in february when mastercard blamed russians for hacking among many of the complex foreign transactions being looked at in the course of a election, trump took to twitter number of investigations. >> right. and of course obviously you have to humiliate him, not changed by wealthy foreign buyers buying into those hotels, whether doing the elections, and only so implicitly or explicitly to curry favor, these are real collusion was by dems. that was part of the tweet. questions and very important david, with this context, what ones. jared kushner of course has been do you make of the fact that the stripped of top security president could be at this point right now? clearance. "the washington post" is reporting officials from four >> general is right, it is countries, mexico, israel, uae routine to have people coming has talked about ways to use him and going including the national security post. but what is unprecedented is unraveling we seem to be to manipulate him. watching coming from this white should jared kushner and ivanka house and from this trump be granted top level administration. just, you know, within hours security clearances at this after hope hicks announced her point when it's been a year and haven't been able to clear them? resignation, we have the >> well, i think general kelly possibility, we just reported on did the right thing in jeff sessions may be leaving, now we have understanding that downgrading jared kushner's mcmaster may be leaving. security clearance given the wide range of unresolved issues there are rumors swirling that and the repeated problems jared kelly could follow him out the
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has had with being fully door. there are rumors about gary transparent in the background check process that he's been cohen leaving. going through in order to get and if you look at all that, i his clearance. he either for got to disclose or don't know of any administration which has ever had that much misrepresented a number of meetings that he had with turmoil and that much falling of foreign officials. and recent reporting that the pillars of the government, suggests that jared kushner got you know, in question. now, to be sure, i think as jim $2,500 million in loans for a sciutto said, this could change. critical business deal that he was trying to advance after the president, you know, some folks attended a white house weeks ago we all thought secretary of state tillerson meeting with him raises even would be gone by now. he seems to be more solidly in more concerns about potential conflicts of interest. place than he was before. it's important that we have in so it could change. the presidency and in the white but i think we are seeing house and senior officials something that's very fundamental to governance and that is an unraveling. intimately involved in crafting the president's foreign policy, it includes the president's folks who are not just avoiding daughter ivanka trump and now conflicts of interest, but who aren't creating constant jared. i don't think -- i think jared has no place in the white house appearances of conflict of interest. reporting you just referenced erin suggests that some of our if he can't have top secret foreign allies adversaries have clearance. and he would be better off himself if he stepped back from taken note of this potential it and go and worked with his weakness. >> so should jared kushner even be in this job? companies and get them back on better footing. because by the standard you are there is a lot here that goes to raising he is raising questions? the fundamental capacity of this
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>> he raises real concerns i white house to govern. >> juliet, on this point, the think. i think general kelly has made trump administration has lost it clear that he has concerns about whether jared should be in about 34% of quote unquote a the middle of some of the most team according to brookings in important national secrets. year one. and i don't see how it's possible for jared to continue that's 1 in 3. to carry forward the mission the just so everyone can understand, president has given him to craft when david marks used unprecedented this is why and to unveil a new middle east perhaps. obama in year one 9%. peace plan if he doesn't have george bush was 6%. access to top secret reagan one close at 17. information. >> sarah sanders you heard just 34%. juliet, the question is can the refuse to confirm that the president afford to lose president of the united states mcmaster? light of the reporting jim was is confidence in his attorney just sharing that perhaps some general, not that i know of, no plans she's aware of to get rid of the effort to reach out to possible replacement has been of him, but as far she would go. you and i know she's willing to rebuffed? go much father. >> in my mind, there is no she obviously has a reason to not being willing to commit to question, mcmaster is going to be gone. because we have seen this story that. do you think the president is before where there starts to be the rumors, then they deny it, trying to get rid of jeff sessions? the striking think about the then someone is gone. i think the reason isn't just simply that he's gone head to department of justice, president trump seems to never understood head with president trump. this is not his personal legal it's what he's gone head to head team. the department of justice swears about. and that's about russia. this is the area that donald allegiance to the constitution
4:11 pm
and represents the people of the trump will not take -- will not united states in court and advocates for the nation's allow others to lead the talking interest not merely for the points which mcmaster clearly president's interests. and he has repeatedly picked did when he spoke about russians fights with the attorney clear influence in the election. general, deputy attorney, so in my mind this is, you know, special counsel. attorney general jeff sessions we have done this dance before. is correct the right thing to do mcmaster is going to be gone, was to refer the matter that the somewhere else will come in. then from the perspective of two president raised about different parties, this means a lot, no thes just the white surveillance to the in spec tr general. house, the other agencies and and the president is wrong to be criticizing the attorney general civil servants who work with publicly and privately this way. these agencies, this is very and i am concerned ta it could hard to get around. this is chaos at the top level. lead not only to the firing of and it's plicae os. attorney general sessions but to that's the difference. under mining of special counsel robert mueller. we in the senate should be taking stronger steps to protect plicae os. other is international the special counsel. >> which of course hasn't community, not just enemies h happened. but before we go, quickly, if north koreans, i think about you were jeff sessions, would you take the abuse that your canadians and great britain all boss deals out regularly calling the time. they are looking at this and thinking nothing is holding. weak, mr. magoo, very weak. we are unraveling. that's a reflection of the united states. not a reflection simply of is sessions right to stay or should he quit? donald trump's governance standards.
4:12 pm
>> it's unprecedented having a >> and david, you said you mentioned you don't think jared president so publicly abusing attorney general. kushner could serve in the white i can only guess what attorney house without security sessions is doing to staying so clearance. what do you think of the stand up for the department of reporting from tonight that justice and i respect him doing ivanka trump is under fbi so if that's what's motivating. >> senator coons, thank you i appreciate your time tonight. scrutiny and her security >> thank you. next breaking news white clearance has gont through. what do you make of that? house another major depaurt >> larger lesson is you cannot tour. turn the white house into a family business. and we have never seen that telling us security adviser before either. and a lot of people warned mcmaster could be gone by the? against it, tons of people warned against it before it rt staed and said they'll have inevitable conflicts of interest. and here we are. and both individuals i'm sure they are angry. i'm sure they feel put upon that people are out to get them. but you cannot take a very complex business relationship with you into the white house and not begin to find conflicts of interest. especially when you are trying to help are your companies or you are having private conversations with key people and suddenly there is money coming in the door.
4:13 pm
that creates suspicions. >> all right. thank you all very much. companies has your name on it, doesn't matter whether you are technically running it, people will try to bail you out to curry favor. that's the way it is. thanks all of you. next the stock market plunging today. and president with massive tar rifs and own party is angry. and optics, terrible for jared kushner, we have new reporting tonight on exactly what he's doing with his family business, and possible benefits from his day job at the white house. ou he plaque psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain.
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new tonight the do you plunging more than 400 points after president trump announced massive tariffs on steel and aluminum in hastily arranged meeting at the white house. >> [ inaudible question ] >> unlimited period. it will be 25 percent for steel. it will be 10% for aluminum. it will be for a long period of time. >> very clear. now the market plunging because 25% surgeon steel as an example tariff there according to economic analysis and what's happened in the past would mean steel prices would go up for things like cars in america. and of course other countries are likely retaliate which would help american exports. the bottom line usually means job losses which is terrible combination. that is why the president is standing very lonely on this issue. his secretary of state, rhett, secretary of defense, jim
4:18 pm
mathis, and mcmaster, and cohen are against them. house speaker paul ryan is against them. coming out orrin hatch saying, quote i don't believe in tariffs. they don't work well. tariff wars. and i could go on and on. and don't need to go to democrats. stick with people who support this president, they hate it. outfront next, joan walsh. thanks. they say white house officials were caught off-guard. the white house denies it. says it is not at all the case. here is sarah sanders. >> this is something, again, that the president has been talking about for a long time. it not a surprise. and we are going to continue doing what we can to protect american workers. >> not a surprise.
4:19 pm
you boouy it? >> of course not. but the meeting not on the agenda. we would have known about the meeting on the agenda of the he took everyone by surprise. took his own administration by surprise, as you showed, and i think he's taking the world by surprise. and maybe himself. because he's been crusading against chinese steel, but number one importer is canada, a great trading partner, they are outraged. chinese don't rank in the top five in this country. so cockamamie shoot first, aim later. i thought it was meant to distract from the other crazy headlines, but i don't know that he has the presence of mind to actually plan to do that. but it's nutty. >> going against all of his experts on this issue. and his allies in congress. >> well, i wouldn't say all. but by the way i think this is important. >> peter navarro obviously on
4:20 pm
his side. >> i'm on his side. >> here's the thing, when the president spoke, by the way consumer confidence just hit 17 year high. that's not unrelated to what president trump is doing in terms of tax it is, in terms of trade, and regulation. part of what he described when he ran for president, part of what he described in his inauguration, he was mocked for this was american carnage, and talked about the carnage that globalism did to the american worker and vowed to protect the american worker against unfair trade deals. china has been taking us to the cleaners for decades. >> but this doesn't hurt china, steve. >> and president said enough, our trade deals are going to be fair. we demand reciprocity and fairness. and by the way, stop steel tg our intellectual property. on these terms, here's the thing, even if this specific deal is isn't china centered, the point is president trump is telling the world america will no longer be the willing victim
4:21 pm
in terrible trade deals because the american worker has suffered terribly. >> we also need to notice that donald trump used a lot of chinese steel in his own buildings. so the time to stand up for the chinese might have been when he was still in the building business. right now he's sending a big tough message to some of our greatest allies. and i think it's so interesting, you are such a loyal guy, you are great. but you come in here and want to talk about all the leading economic indicators. we are never here talking about them because the president is constantly stepping on his own message. >> i want to talk about gary cohn very much against these tariffs. he lost, okay, and lost big on this, steve, no question about it. you were with him today. goldm goldman sachs, politico is reporting this could be the final straw. so now you have hope hicks. have you the report mcmaster
4:22 pm
could be gone soon. >> he wants jeff sessions gone. >> gary cohn could be leaving. how important is gary cohn? >> listen, i think least important. b think he's important. >> but i saw in your last segment unraveling used five or six times. you know what is not unraveling is american committee. consumer confidence. you know what is unraveling, isis. in terms of the administration, is it in chaos, i don't think so. i was in the west wing yesterday and today, there is incredible confidence, like the american people have confidence, in what we are doing for this country, in cutting taxes and regulation, and growth, and optimism. >> let me play for you then, because anthony scaramucci spent time there too. >> he came on. >> a bit of time. >> okay. he is saying the opposite whaf you are saying. here's what he said this morning. >> moral is terrible. reason why it's terrible is the
4:23 pm
rule by fear and intimidation does not work in a civilian environment. >> slam on john kelly. but you are saying there is confidence. >> everyone is reporting that morale is low. >> so one of you guys is totally out of the loop. >> one of us is nuts. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills. >> and trony is a friend of mine. he's dead wrong. general kelly is amazing leader. he's had an amazing career. doing an incredible job in the white house right now. here's the thing, in new york newsroom, and the corridor between new york and washington, there is much consternation. out in america, get away from washington, get to wichita, out there in america, confidence is growing. people are getting more money intake home checks. small business optimism is at all-time high. >> so who do you believe steve
4:24 pm
or scaramucci. >> it's hard to believe either. steve is sitting here. i guess i believe the moosh. obviously he has a conflict of interest. he hates kelly. knows he's gone because of kelly. so that does impeach him. >> correct. >> we can see what's going on with jeff sessions. we haven't mentioned the names jared and ivanka in this segment with ivanka new investigation into her vancouver deal and jared having raised $500 million from countries and companies that came to visit him when he had this job. these people don't belong in the white house either. >> all right. thank you very much. you mention that. we are going to be talking about that in a moment important story tonight. did jared kushner company land mega loan after key meetings at the white house. if so itsds a stunning story of co corruption just ahead. and knocking on doors about
4:25 pm
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist ask your rheumatologist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought
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we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. this is cnn. the most trusted name in news. breaking news, the fbi investigating one of ivanka trump's business deals. sources telling cnn counter intelligence officials at the fbi are scrutinizing the negotiations and financing surround something the trump ipt national hotel and tower in vancouver. fbi probe cob a hurdle to ivanka trump getting full security clearance which she is working in the white house without. this is the white house defending her husband, jared kushner, after it was revealed his family businesses scored half a billion dollars, hold on, half a billion dollars in loans,
4:29 pm
after jared kushner sat down with company heads for white house meetings. almost like you have to stop and think for a second about the huge significance of that statement. christina outfront with the report. >> reporter: this chicago ska scraper is majority owned by jared kushner and his family. mortgage documents show a link to private powerhouse apollo global management provided them with $184 million mortgage for the building. apollo was founded by josh harris, months earlier that same executive was in talks with the white house about an advisory role, according to a source with knowledge of the discussions. jared stepped down as ceo of his family's business kushner companies sinsz going to washington. but questions of conflicts still persist. also at the white house, jared met with city bank michael corbett last year, around the same time city bank made $325
4:30 pm
lone to kushner companies and partners. spokes people for both apollo and city bank said executives were not involved in granting those. >> don't have to worry about whether he has an incentive to use his official power to use the power of the white house to help people that he has business relations with. >> kushner company spokesperson said there was nothing inappropriate and stories like these attempt to make insinuating things that exist to disparage the company's involved. just last week cnn reported special counsel robert mueller is inquiring about kushner approaching foreign investors during the transition, including a chinese insurance company, and an investor for the family's biggest bet, 666, 6th avenue. the building hasn't generated in you have to cover debts. >> $1.8 billion.
4:31 pm
highly leveraged deal. so it was a deal that a lot of people say was doomed from the start. >> reporter: about $1.2 billion in debt on the tower comes due next year. but sources say that negotiations with lenders and new sources of capital need to start soon. kushner companies confirmed it's in talks to buyout partner in the project but the question remains how will they pay for it. when asked by cnn, they declined to comment. >> they are always looking for loans and construction loans, and development loans and acquisition loans. so i would say it's an active business consider curvener companies also needs to find investors for a development in jersey city. the company skut eld scuttled a plan after his sister presentation in chine. another deal that kushner kpd received $30 million from israel
4:32 pm
national financial institutions just before jared first diplomatic trip to the country. last week "the washington post" reported officials from at least four countries, mexico, israel, china and the united arab emirates discussed ways they could manipulate because of his family's finances. any real estate firm casts a cloud over jared's white house role, because like his father-in-law he has refused to divest from his holdings. bottom line they had complex holdings all throughout the united states. and i remember sources telling me early in the transition that jared kushner and his advisers were essentially trying to reassure u.s. government ethics watch dogs and agencies that these deals would not be a problem because they are static deals, long-term, and boring, and these examples show anything
4:33 pm
but. and this leaves him to vulnerabilities so long he's in the white house and possibly beyond that. >> thank you very much christina. that report just pretty incredible when you think about it. "washington post" kathryn is with me now. when christine is laying that out half billion dollars in loans after meeting with people at the white house. hard to wrap your mind around that how that could happen. how bad is this? >> it's terrible. and what's especially terrible is we don't know the terms of those loans. you know it's easy to hide things in complicated arrangement like this. what is the right interest rate that should have been charged on the loans? >> if the prevailing rate is 4%, they charged 2%, that's $100 million loan, that's a $2 million bribe, right. we don't know kwha these terms are. what's the right rate given this company might be willing about to default as well? so there is a lot of ways that
4:34 pm
you could have hidden a bribe in these kinds of arrangements which is exactly why, a, we should know the terms. but, b, more importantly he should have divested to begin with. >> he didn't divest. and if you don't, and you know the company is raising money, how can you, as a person of integrity and strong business person, as jared kushner apparently is, how could you take the meeting? >> look, on the one hand we are told that jared is some wonder kid who was wise behind his years and deserves to all these incredibly challenge things like peace in israel, and china, and on the other hand he is happen le less guy who doesn't know anything about politics. >> innocent. >> you can't have it both ways. either he's sophisticated and should have known better or completely happenless and he shouldn't have. so neither one looks good for him. >> no, neither one looks good.
4:35 pm
and again just to emphasize, this comes as his security clearance is in question. stripped at the top level. thank you. and welcome as con trtributor. >> thank you. california, one of the biggest economies in the world has decided to do things its own way. wait until you see what they are doing to seize guns. and the president sees comparison between jeff sessions and the bumbling mr. magoo. really? get to spend more time together get more from your spring break getaway with exclusive hilton offers. book yours, only at we're drowning in information. where, in all of this, is the stuff that matters? the stakes are so high, your finances, your future. how do you solve this?
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knee or lower back pain by reducing the shock and stress that travel up her body with every step she takes. so keep on climbing, sarah, you're killing it. dr. scholl's. born to move. breaking news. the white house delaying the rollout of president trump's gun and safety proposals, following yesterday's chaotic meeting with lawmakers. it turned everything upside down because the president took positions different than those his aides had planned to roll out. but some states aren't waiting for trump. stephanie eland is out front. >> reporter: more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition, three semi-automatic weapons, a shotgun and pistol. >> one of the assault weapons was fixed with a bump stock. >> reporter: bump stocks like what the vegas shooter icused we
4:40 pm
banned in california in 1990. he was previously accused of having a prohibitive weapon. how do you feel now? >> stupid. >> reporter: this bust coming at the end of the day, who door knocked targeted homes in search of weapons in the wrong hands. >> only in california do we have a law that permits us to seize these weapons. >> reporter: it's the only system of its kind in the nation. the armed prohibitive person system or apps. people who were later determined
4:41 pm
to not able to have the weapons. >> you imagine these guns if got in the wrong hands through a burglary. >> reporter: they have recovered 18,000 firearms since the program began. the more than 10,000 people are on the list statewide. some point out that apps would not have caught the shooter in of isle la vista, california. >> the program would not have stopped that. what do you say to that? >> i say it's impossible for us to measure the success of this operation, because nobody knows whether or not one of the guns we seized would have been the next mass shooting. >> reporter: another concern for second amendment advocates, how well the database is kept up to date. >> the people who are prohibited
4:42 pm
are given ample opportunity to get rid of the firearms and ammunition so they're not in further violation of the law. >> reporter: but after a night like this, these officers believe apps is a good place to start and that other states should follow california's lead. and erin, this was not their only success of the night, on the second stop they discovered a hand gun under the mattress on a man under probation. after this piece, officers were circling back to arrest him. and next, jeanne moos on attorney general jeff sessions, the man the president reportedly calls mr. magoo in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you. want us to do about what woulthis president?fathers i'm tom steyer, and when those patriots
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it's throwback thursday, and a beloved decades-old cartoon skas character is making a come back because of president trump. >> reporter: the president once said he was proud to call jeff sessions attorney general now calls him mr. magoo? according to the "washington post," president trump privately refers to sessions as the bumbling cartoon character so nearsighted he m nearsighted he mistakes a moose for a man. someone imagining mr. magoo
4:46 pm
saying turn on the tweeter. someone declared magoo declare i will not be compared to that him in come pop. millennials are saying magoo who? the original magoo was created by left-winging animators, ripping on conservatism in the era of hollywood black listing. president trump is catching flak for using the childish nickname. our cartoon president, read one comment. from comedians, yes, i would laugh. from a president, well, that's not leadership. comedians like steven colbert. >> attorney general jeff sessions. >> reporter: and a resemblance to the keebler elf. >> to the quick, to the quick i
4:47 pm
say! to my delicious fudgy center. >> reporter: and snl's kate mckinnon plays him like a possum like creature. >> oh, no,ive dropped my loofah. >> reporter: sure, mitch mcconnell has been compared to a turtle for years. >> you carry your house around on your back. >> reporter: at least he doesn't have the president on his back, calling him names. jeanne moos, cnn. >> i'm not elf on the shelf. i'm jeff sessions. >> reporter: new york. >> and thanks for joining us. we'll see you back tomorrow night. "ac 360" with aprinderson begin right now. word of a possible big departure from the west wing, another one. that's just after the other one. this time it's the president's national security adviser, lieutenant h.r. mcmaster who had
4:48 pm
replace t replaced michael flynn. it comes with a side order of cnn exclusive reporting on the adviser closer to the president than anyone else on earth, his daughter ivanka and a deal of hers that could be holding up her permanent security clearance. once again, a very busy
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