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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  April 1, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello and to tell you, did you see roseanne's ratings? i said, mark, how big were they? they were unbelievable. over 18 million people, and it was about us. >> reporter: for roseanne on screen and off the feelings for the president are mutual. >> trump offended half americans, she offended the other half. so that's great for sitcoms. we're lucky to have him as a president. >> reporter: conservatives around the country riding the wave of the actress' popularity. fox host sean hannity begging for an interview with barr even offering for her to host his show. cnn, new york. hello on this easter sunday. you are in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. right now south of the u.s. border in mexico a mass of people is on the move, more than 1,000 strong, heading towards the united states.
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now these are people mostly from central and south america. what they are doing is part of a pilgrimage and part political protest because many of them say when they get to the u.s. border they are going to try and cross it and stay in the united states. this so-called caravan prompted a tweet from the president this morning. his words, mexico is doing very little, if not nothing, at stopping people from flowing into mexico through their southern border and then into the u.s. they laugh at our dumb immigration laws. and he ends with, need wall. president trump commented further as he and the first lady went in to church in south florida. >> mexico has got to help us at the border. they blow right through mexico. they send them into the united states. can't happen that way anymore. >> also today the man leading the race to be mexico's next leader has a message for president trump.
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>> translator: mexico and its people will not be the pinata of any foreign government. >> white house correspondent boris sanchez is in south florida. this candidate for the mexican presidency, the front-runner, he says mexico is not a pinata. >> right, ana. he is the front-runner in the elections that will be in july. and i have to say right before he made that say he said something that is also noteworthy. he said, look, we will respect the united states but we also demand respect in return. there's been a lot of talk about the u.s./mexico relationship but after president trump's tweets there's been even more talk. i want to show you a tweet from the foreign minister of mexico,
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the official mexican response. he says every day mexico and the u.s. work together on migration throughout the region, facts clearly reflect this. an inaccurate news report should not serve to question this strong cooperation. upholding human dignity and rights is not at odds with the rule of law. he adds happy easter. much of this comes from a report of, quote, caravans, mygrant carav caravans, that refer to these marches, religious marches, a pilgrimage, if you will, during holy week that are symbolic and many use as a way to make a statement. there is one really big one with more than 1,000 people that started at mexico's southern border making its way north we've seen photos and videos of them sort of gathered and making these statements about immigration rights and also many
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of them from central america making comments and statements about their conditions from central america. so they are making their way north. some of them plan to seek asylum. others just making a statement, ana. >> okay, leyla. let me turn to boris. thank you and stand by. so, boris, the president tweeting a lot on this this morning also saying this. no deal on daca, big capital letters. he has said that before only to reverse himself. i'm wondering how u.s. lawmakers are reacting. >> hey there, ana, many of them pointing out the incongruity of this message from the president on easter, not the most merciful tone from the president. democrat of california actually tweeted out a bible verse. he wrighttes you must not mistr foreigners. he writes further, happy easter,
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mr. president. a member of president trump's only party from here in south florida actually wrote, such a strong message of love and new beginnings from the president on easter sunday. and then a little bit of emoji humor there. and, further, the congressional hispanic caucus putting out another message pointing out the fact that it is easter and the president is sending this message. they write, quote, on easter it is important to remember jesus, mary as immigrants and refugees sought a place to live and work, hoping for a compassionate, human response. we do have to note, ana, the president's tweets and his statement before entering easter service this morning came on the heels of a report on a cable news network about this caravan of immigrants moving through central america into mexico. so the president obviously was angry at what he saw. that's the root of where these statements come from. we should note it's unclear if this is a policy shift or simply
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the president, as he often does, venting through social media. ana? >> the president appearing in public but has largely been kind of in the background or in the backdrop as he's spent the holiday weekend down there in florida, boris, and his cabinet has shrunk again with the departure of the va secretary. who was there with him this weekend at mar-a-lago? >> yeah, we actually saw some of the regulars here that come down with the president to mar-a-lago skip this easter weekend. the chief of staff, we did have senior adviser to the president steven miller spending the weekend with the president. we also know a couple nights ago he had dinner with cable news host sean hannity and don king as well. unclear exactly what their conversation was. but they were here on hand. the president usually has a wide cast of characters at mar-a-lago
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and often we see the conversations that he has with these visitors influence his response to the news of the day and often that bleeds into twitter, ana. >> boris sanchez, leyla santiago, thank you. let's bring in our panel, senior political correspondent for the washington examiner, david drucker and cnn political analyst, a historian and professor. i'm curious what you make of who is spending time with the president this weekend and who is not. >> well, it's fascinating to me because somebody like don king who i remember interviewing both at the republican national convention where donald trump was being nominated and at the democratic convention is out for a lot of different causes but the main cause is don king himself. that's an interesting one to me. as far as the president being overly influenced by the likes of sean hannity and the producers at fox news, no
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disrespect to television personalities or to tv producers. but it's probably not the right filter through which the leader of the free world should be getting facts. his immediate reactions, which are understandable on a human level but not the basis for the policies of a great nation. >> julian, do you think who he's been talking to explains his tweets this morning? >> a little bit. that trifecta captures the world president trump pace attention to. the conservative media, the conservative base with corey lewandowski, and finally entertainment. i think he's hearing voices similar to his own. he saw that story on fox news and this is president trump at his essence. he loves to go after immigrant groups, to put this issue front and center. that all makes sense. >> david, it seems what he is tweeting may be red meat but the
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approval rating is on the rise. why go there today? >> i don't know if the president's approval ratings are on the rise but it's in the low to mid-40s where it's always been. >> it hasn't always been. it's been below 40. >> if you look at the averages it's been from 42% to 44%. i think this is where the president is most comfortable ultimately, railing against the system, saying that the problem is the system and it all needs to be torn down. it doesn't really matter what the subject matter is. the other part of the tweets this morning were about senate rules and how the senate should get rid of the filibuster that is still in place for legislation. the 60 vote filibuster. use the nuclear option, break the rules to change the rules so they could pass whatever immigration legislation without the democrats being able to
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filibuster. you wouldn't have the votes because i don't think you could muster 51 for the kind of legislation the president wants. it's always the system's problem and he's never shown or rarely shown, i should say, a comfort level working within the system to deliver what he's campaigned on. >> it's easter, though, errol. we heard some of the reactions on both sides of the political spectrum. how is this resonating with them? >> the evangelical base is showing a remarkable ability to overlook some of the most flagrant violations we've heard were very important to them around personal conduct, around personal decency, avoiding obscenity, falsehoods, adultery. you can run down the list of the seven deadly sins.
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president trump seems to major in all of them. yet they seem to be able to swallow a lot of that in part, because just as julian suggested, there's a part of the president's core makeup that involves doing whatever he can to advance certain social conservative agenda items, the appointment of judges and that's giving at least some degree of comfort mostly in an international context to anti-abortion legislation and policy and doing some other things that they like and to the extent that people might be accused of hypocrisy to a certain extent that will be between them and the almighty, whether or not they lived up to the ideals we've heard shouted from the pulpits for so many years. >> david, one portion of the tweet that is getting a lot of attention is no more dac an deal, kind of a gut punch to immigrants and particularly the dreamers. but is this trump finally owning the end of daca? he's been blaming dems all
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along. >> it's hard to tell. if you want to look it i in a more basic, conventional level, this is how trump negotiates. he makes broad declarations to big fanfare and his way of sparking a deal or trying to encourage the other side to come around to his thinking. in some way this could be him trying to push things along. on the other hand you could look at this and say his base has never wanted the daca deal. it was always curious the president was threaten to go veto the omnibus bill because he didn't get the daca deal when one of the things his base would hate the most is the daca deal because it's an amnesty of sorts according to the current rules. i don't know if this is the president using this or trying to scare democrats or spur democrats into negotiating with him at a level that makes him happier. >> julian, the president's tweets this morning did coincide with this segment on fox news about this pilgrimage leyla was
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talking about. their coverage of what was happening in mexico, though, was inaccurate. is this an example of the president blindly tweeting? tweet.l, it's a bit of a blind he did see the story and reacted to the story without any kind of advice, i'm sure, and just going on instinct. the message is consistent. he is going to something he has been saying for a long time, and i think he sees facts and he sees stories and he sees nonfacts and he puts it together to get out a pretty consistent message on immigration. and this tweet will matter. some tweets don't matter. this is the kind of tweet that will stir up opponents of this program. and that is going to make it much harder to reach some kind of compromise in congress if for some reason he actually turned around and said i'm willing to make a deal. so it is inaccurate, but the message is very consistent. >> errol, is this tweet good or bad politically for democrats?
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>> look, it's terrible for the country. let's be clear about this. daca itself is a compromise. daca itself was a compromise. you have childhood arrivals who congress could not figure out a way to legally fine a valid, humanitarian status for them. and so daca was pushed off to the side and not make them a target. the president inherited this compromise and now acts as if he can do away with it. if he wants to suffer those consequences based on inaccurate information and instead of sending a message to his own national security apparatus or his political staff, he tweets it out to tens of millions of people. if he had gotten some clarity, some facts, maybe put a little thought into it and maybe even ran it through his political filter he might have been able to find some way to both advance his political objectives and not harm a lot of kids in the process, not harm himself politically. the democrats will feast on
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this. they're going to leap on top of it and say this is an example of a white house that does not know how to lead. >> errol lewis, good to see you and happy easter. i appreciate you being with me. still ahead, schools will be closed tomorrow as teachers announce they are walking off the job even though lawmakers are offering to give them a pay raise in one state. why they say this isn't just about the money next. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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greeting. and then he turned his attention to immigration. venting his frustration at democrats and mexico and declaring that the daca deal is dead. live pictures from joint base andrew now. oklahoma teachers, meantime, are walking out of their classrooms and into the state house. they say they need more money. already state lawmakers passed a $6,100 pay raise but the state's teachers union says that raise doesn't go nearly far enough. she calls a chair a cheek pincher as an example why she's in the walkout. many teachers say they have to work numerous jobs and take handouts just to make ends meet. what are you hearing from teachers who are planning to take to the capital tomorrow?
3:21 pm
>> reporter: they just don't see a future here as educators in the state of oklahoma. it's a pay increase, it's about classroom funding. you bring up that statistic, the average teacher salary here near the bottom of the list, about $31,000 for a first-year teacher. pupil funding is very low, that ranks near the bottom. according to teachers organizations here of the 500 school districts in the state some of them have even gone to four-day work weeks so teachers can pick up second or third jobs. in the most extreme circumstances they say there are teachers that even commute to nearby school districts in texas and arkansas just to pay the bills. >> they actually got what they wanted there. how does the situation there in oklahoma compare? >> reporter: it took about nine days for teachers in west virginia to get what they wanted. we're seeing this momentum and movement across the country in
3:22 pm
places like arizona, kentucky, west virginia and here in oklahoma. it was earlier that i spoke to the spokesperson of the national education association and asked them that, why now if it's been ten years since teachers have gotten a raise here in the state of oklahoma? why are we seeing this movement and momentum? he said part of that is attributed to secretary of education, betsy devos. a lot that are mad about that appointment. they want that value on the education system in the state of oklahoma, and we're seeing that teachers are finally now standing up. they are expected to line up here behind me. the teachers tell me they simply can't afford to miss a day of work. >> thank you. still ahead, a rare appearance of kim jong-un with his wife at
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that grow with your business. at&t, not so much. we give you 75 mbps for $59.95. that's more speed than at&t's comparable bundle, for less. call today. happening now the u.s. and south korea are holding joint military drills on the korean peninsula and what appears to be a growing cultural thaw. kim jong-un and his wife took in k-pop stars performing in pyongyang. now the concert marked the very first time in over a decade south korean musicians have traveled to north korea to perform.
3:28 pm
this comes 26 days before a historic summit between north korea's kim jong-un and south korean's president. alexandra, so we're seeing a bit of a breakthrough with this concert? >> reporter: yeah, it's really amazing these are the images projected from the peninsula this weekend. in the audience seeing some of the most legendary and famous groups giving his approval, clapping along with the audience in a packed house in pyongyang. this was one of two performances that is scheduled to take place, the second will happen on tuesday. it's all very reminiscent of what we saw when north korean performances shared the stage with south koreans as part of the festivities.
3:29 pm
they were moved by a movement reaching really a fever pitch. we are looking at these images instead of images of war games because on sun dday they kicked off military exercises that enraged pyongyang every year. the u.s. and south korea say these drills are critical but pyongyang sees these drills as a threat and they register with provocation. this year kim jong-un said he understood the exercises would go on and none of that seems to have derailed the diplomatic breakthroughs we have seen coming fast and furiously the last few weeks or months. these drills should be wrapping up around the time kim jong-un sits down with a face-to-face summit in more than a decade. they would also be wrapping up before a potentially historic
3:30 pm
meeting could take place between president trump and kim jong-un which could happen as soon as may, ana. for its part the u.s. and south korea do seem to be taking a few steps to ease the tensions that these drills typically contribute to. they haven't yet invited the media to film these drills. they also delayed the start of the drills so they wouldn't coincide with the olympics and they are happening over a shorter period of time. they'll take a month this year instead of the two months they took last year. >> thank you for that report. now she mention this had is all happening ahead of president trump's face-to-face meeting with kim jong-un some time in the next month or so. so how do people view those upcoming historic talks? my next guest has a unique perspective. she taught english undercould have as a journalist for six months in 2011 and joins us now.
3:31 pm
without you, there is no us. the sons of north korea's elite. thank you for being here. you were undercover in north korea. what is the one thing that stands out to you from your time there? >> starting in 2002, i've gone in there multiple times. i think i was shocked at the level of control they live under. the people that i lived with were young men aged 20 and were the creme de la creme, the top line, future leadership. and every hour of the day it was just controlled, and their knowledge was very minimal. what that suggests for the rest of the country if they knew so little about the outside world and they had zero freedom. i think that control was shocking because i never imagined even after ten years of research anything to that
3:32 pm
degree. >> because you were telling me that going in in more of an undercover setting where you didn't say up front you were a journalist there to write a book, you were treated very differently as a teacher versus when you had gone in as a reporter previously and had been transparent about that. >> right. any foreigners going in is a sanctioned visit. the people had been selected by the government. also, it's a system where everything is controlled. people who are doing things are not doing them voluntarily. so once i was actually living amongst them in the school day-to-day in a locked compound for six months, even if the control is there and censorship is there, slowly little things slipped. i think in that setting i was shocked at the level of absolutely nothing being allowed in that country and their knowledge almost zero about the outside world.
3:33 pm
>> they are only privy to what they hear then from their leaders. that being said, how do you think people living in north korea are looking at the upcoming meeting between president trump and kim jong-un? >> everything functions there for the great leader. it all serves the image of the great leader. right now the fact kim jong-un is having a meeting with both the south korean president coming up at the end of april and then possibly donald trump would be considered a victory for the great leader whom the world is begging to meet really. that's how it will be packaged. and the larger context of what politically this means, you need facts to make sense of what's going on. if you're not getting any information about the world and you've only been educated on the great leader and this news would really be packaged to embolden the great leader stat us in that country, which is basically a
3:34 pm
god and father figure. >> this issue of denuclearization is is he heart of this upcoming meeting. it's at the heart of the conflict with north korea and the rest of the world. do you think north korea really is open to denuclearization? >> this is deja vu. we've seen this before. denuclearizati denuclearization, something they would put as a condition for aid and sitting down with the world leaders. so this time the reason -- the north korean leader and the u.s. president have never met one-on-one. it's the first time supposedly it will happen. the only reason the u.s. president would consider meeting north korea is because it's a big threat, nuclear threat. so if the reason what they wanted which is a sitdown meeting with the u.s. president, why give that up? they've achieved what they wanted to get, the world actually paying attention to
3:35 pm
north korea because they're a nuclear nation. logically speaking it would make zero sense for them to willingly give that up. another thing they fear regime change. without nuclear weapon, the first thing they would lose is that regime. right now america has already said that what they want is actually the end of the north korean regime. if that's what they fear, the last thing they would do is actually give up nuclear weapons. >> some members including the upcoming john bolton, the upcoming and incoming secretary of state if he is confirmed through the process he has mentioned an end of the regime there -- excuse me, the national security adviser position. do you think the u.s. has any leverage then? >> i think that what we are seeing, and i think there is something positive about all of this -- the k-pop stars performing in pyongyang, i don't see what that is really except
3:36 pm
distraction, but the south korean president meeting, the u.s. possibly meeting with north korea, i think the positive thing is actually we are at least showing engagement as a way forward even if all of it is for the show, still something could happen out of that. and i think that possibly the fact all of this leadership is at the beginning stage. they are all in the beginning stage of their leadership at the moment. and i think because they would want some legacy whatever they're pursuing won't really get disrupted. i think that's actually an interesting factor. also, i think, the narcissism of the leaders, currently we have donald trump, we have kim jong-un, and i think the fact that they are quite possibly meeting for this historical summit and i think that feeding
3:37 pm
into that narcissism possibly something could happen that could potentially help the people. >> the conclusion there's something substantial. thank you so much suki kim for your insight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. a closer look at the company cambridge analytica and how one former employees says president trump's former chief strategist steve bannon use it had to wage a culture war. -looks great, honey. -right?
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if you shop at saks fifth avenue or lord & taylor your personal financial information may have been compromised. hudson bay says hackers stole 5 million credit and debit cards records from the store. how can shoppers find out if their information has been stolen? >> reporter: customers are being told to monitor and reviewer their account statements. customer care representatives are at the ready to answer any questions. otherwise it really appears too early to tell. hudson's bay, the parent company of these retail stores, confirm the attack today and released a statement saying, quote, once the company has more clarity around the facts it will notify customers quickly and will offer those impacted free identity protection including credit and web monitoring. they also say customers should be assured they will not be liable for any fraudulent
3:43 pm
charges to their accounts during this time. now with more than 5 million cards and their data compromised here this is being referred to as one of the biggest and most damaging attacks of its kind on retail stores. that's how the cyber security firm gemini advisory is describing this attack. they were the ones who identified it. a preliminary analysis conducted by that firm says that data was stolen from sales in these stores going back to may of 2017. it's likely that more than 130 saks 5th avenue and lord & taylor stores were impacted. the majority of this information, though, coming from stores, ana, in new york and new jersey, and you should be assured it was only in-store purchases not any online purchases that were affected but, ana, this investigation will continue. hudsons bako operating with law enforcement through it. >> kaylee, thank you. now long before the 2016 election gop strategist steve
3:44 pm
bannon had been pushing his conservative message through breitbart news. bannon worked to move american voters to the right. in 2014 he helped launch the u.s. arm of cambridge analytica with the express purpose of using technology to push voters to his vision. cnn correspondent drew griffin helps us understand how he did it. >> reporter: he had produced propaganda-inspired films, run breitbart news. but in 2014, he was looking for yet another tool in his arsenal. and he found it by creating cambridge analytica. >> this was steve bannon can's baby. >> reporter: former cambridge analytica employee christopher wiley says it was his goal not to push a single campaign or
3:45 pm
candidate but to fundamentally change america. >> he sees this as warfare so he will use as aggressive techniques as he can get away with. >> you're talking about warfare on the american citizenry. >> this is steve bannon can and robert mercer using a foreign military contractor to use some of the same techniques that the military's used to fight isis on the american electorate. that's what they wanted. and that's what they got. >> reporter: cambridge analytica is a subsidiary and has worked with british and american governments helping battle crime, drugs, terrorists by changing the opinions of foreign poll lagss. >> the sales pitch essentially was we go into foreign countries and we use our tools, you're profiling to manipulate public opinion. ultimately that's what bannon
3:46 pm
wanted to do in the united states, manipulate public opinion. >> reporter: so bannon created scl's american arm, cambridge analytica, with $15 million from conservative donor robert mercer and his daughter, rebecca. wylie says using data gathered from a facebook app, cambridge analytica targeted specific groups of people to try to influence them and push them to the right. >> it wouldn't always look like a campaign ad or wouldn't always say i'm candidate so and so and i approve this message. you're not necessarily aware what you're seeing is content created and targeted at to you make you perceive an issue differently. >> reporter: the company worked on the 2014 midterms, but amidst all the data analytics the questionable use of psychoanalysis, the micro targeting that the technology allowed, bannon's real goal was always much bigger than that according to wylie. >> he wanted to change people's
3:47 pm
perceptions of what was happening in america to make them more open to an alt-right vision. >> reporter: part of that included developing and testing messages that would resonate with voters, imagery of walls, increasing paranoia about government spying, and this -- >> we have tested drain the swamp -- >> in 2014. >> in 2014. >> reporter: bannon worked for two years when the perfect candidate came along to blast those messages to american voters. >> it's crazy. drain the swamp. >> a lot of the narratives of the trump campaign were what we were testing in 2014. >> reporter: cambridge analytica is now downplaying its work for the donald trump campaign insisting it did not use controversial facebook data on it and saying elections are won and lost by candidates not data science. as for steve bannon, he wouldn't respond to cnn but recently told a business forum his techniques
3:48 pm
were used in the past by democrats and said no one complained until a conservative did what progressives have been doing for years. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. coming up, late night not being tightlipped about john bolton's upper lip. jeanne moos and the relentless bash of his stash next. rk forwa. we're the number one dairy and apple producers in the eastern united states supported by innovative packaging that extends the shelf life of foods and infrastructure upgrades that help us share our produce with the world. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit
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finally this hour, a key question. can trump get past the mustache? here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: the man president trump wants as his national security adviser must be pretty
3:53 pm
secure to step on the world stage knowing the first thing people will meet is his mustache. >> this is john bolton, by the way. mustaches don't always tell you everything you need to know about a person, but this one does. >> reporter: he must be resigned to being portrayed heading to the white house for his first briefing as yosemite sam. he's not just depicted as a loose cannon but one with a mustac mustache. already the president's hair has been aif i canned to bolton's upper lip. >> it may be because he's been on the captain crunch box over 40 years. >> reporter: if you believe the reporting in "fire and fury" one of president trump's issues initially was -- >> his mustache. >> reporter: steve bannon is quoted as saying bolton's mustache is a problem. trump doesn't think he looks the part. more than a year later the president got over it and comedians can't get enough of it. >> ambassador bolton --
3:54 pm
>> reporter: when dana carvey joined stephen colbert he gave it a name. >> that's the name of my mustache. >> reporter: he kept making weird noises, and his mustache kept growing. >> easy, fellow. no, boy, stephen's small, little feminine man. >> reporter: carvey called his mustache a little engorged. but don't expect bolton to capitulate. back in 2016 he tweeted i appreciate the grooming advice from the totally unbiased mainstream media, but i will not be shaving my mustache. of course that was before he was portrayed breast-feeding a puppy. that's enough to make your facial hair stand on end. >> come on, sugar buns. here we go. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york.
3:55 pm
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what about a dedicated service team of trading specialists? did you say yes? good, then it's time for power e*trade. the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade. the original place to invest online. from main street to wall street, will the market continue its wild streak? this week's before the bell. >> reporter: wall street's second quarter kicks off this week and the first three months of 2018 were wild featuring two separate thousand point plunges, huge rallies and a growing list
4:00 pm
of investor fears. so can investors expect more big swings ahead? this week spotify makes its market debut. the streaming music service is going public tuesday but it's not like other ipos. spotify plans a direct listing meaning it will sell shares directly to investors. that saves it hundreds of millions in fees but could also mean a volatile start. on friday the government releases the march jobs report and all eyes will be on wage growth. in january wages grew at the fastest pace since 2009 sparking a huge sell-off. last month growth was modest prompting a 150-point jump for the dow. investors worry strong growth could signal inflation leading to faster interest rate hikes. we'll have to see if friday's report triggers more selling or another market boost. in new york, i'll allisisyn kos.


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