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tv   New Day  CNN  April 4, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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including soy beans, airplanes and cars. it is sending stock futures plunging. dow tpaoufpls down 500 points right now. >> also this morning, "washington post" reports that special counsel robert mueller told president trump's legal team that the president is a subject but not a target of the russia investigation. the post also reports that mueller is preparing a report on the president's actions while in office and potential obstruction of justice. we want to get with ivan watson live in beijing with breaking news. >> reporter: good morning, david. china made clear if the u.s. wants a trade war, it is willing to fight back. so hours after the trump administration proposed 25% tariffs on $15 billion worth 06 of chinese goods, beijing responded in kind imposing --
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announcing plans to impose 25% tariffs on $50 billion worth of u.s. goods and singling out some of the following goods. u.s. soy beans, aircraft, cars, and chemicals. soy beans in 2016 were a $14 billion u.s. export to china. so were planes. now, again, this comes after the trump administration proposed planes to impose 25% tariffs. some included aerospace, manufactured items, medical supplies. flame throwers and fire extinguishers. chinese officials made clear that the tariffs have not yet been imposed. a top official saying now is the time to negotiate and to cooperate. the trump administration says its proposed tariffs are in response to intellectual property theft on the part of china. a top chinese official at a
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press conference today was asked about that. he responded saying he would use a term that the trump administration is familiar with. he denies china steals intellectual property and calls those accusations fake news. alisyn. >> well, he's at least stealing the term. thank you very much, ivan, for all of that. the "washington post" is reporting that special counsel robert mueller told president trump's legal team that the president is a subject but not a target of his russia investigation. will the president agree to an interview? cnn's abby phillip is live with more action, abby. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. we are learning about the potential scrutiny he could be under. the "washington post" is reporting that the president may not be a criminal target of this investigation but he is certainly not out of the woods yet. during negotiations last month
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between special counsel robert mueller and lawyers president trump, the "washington post" reports that he was looking at the president as a subject of his investigation but does not consider him a criminal target at this point. mueller also relaying to mr. trump's team that investigators are compiling a report about the president's actions and possible obstruction of justice, stressing that he needs to interview mr. trump, according to the "post". president trump ramping up tough talks on immigration, surprising pentagon officials by announcing he wants to send the military to guard the southern border. >> until we can have a wall and proper security, we will be guarding the wall with our military. that's a big step. we haven't done that before, or certainly not very much before. >> reporter: the white house later saying the president had been briefed about a strategy including mobilizing the national guard, a step both predecessors took. details remain unclear. a source tells cnn that the president has been working on the number of troops he's considering.
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president trump also taking credit for pressuring mexico to block a group of asylum seekers from reaching the united states. >> i just heard the caravan coming up from honduras is broken up and mexico did that. and they did it frankly because i said you have to do it. >> reporter: mexico responded that the plan was made solely due to its members and not external pressure. president trump reiterating his pulling troops out of syria. >> i want to get out. you want to bring our troops back home and start rebuilding our nation. >> reporter: cnn learned that the military is working on plans to send dozens of troops into syria. the special envoy to the mission said this. >> we are to fight isis. that is our mission. the mission isn't over. we're going to complete that mission. >> reporter: the president's
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public statement in stark contrast to this earlier credit is similar. >> i don't want to tell the enemy how i am thinking. does that make sense? >> surprise. remember they used to call it the element of surprise. >> we must as a nation be more unpredictable. >> i don't talk about military spots. >> reporter: mr. trump also touting the military's actions against russia. >> nobody has been tougher on on russia, but getting along with russia would be a good thing, not a bad thing. and just about everybody agrees to that, except very stupid people >> reporter: outgoing security adviser h.r. mcmaster later contradicting the president's assessment. >> russia brazenly denies its actions. and we have failed to impose sufficient costs. >> reporter: this new reporting on robert mueller's investigation comes just after the first jail sentence was passed down in this case. a former lawyer for former trump
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campaign aide will serve 30 days in prison, pay a fine as well. really highlighting the risks for the people involved in this probe. meanwhile, today the president is going to have a quiet day at the white house before heading out to west virginia for a private fund-raiser in anticipation of a tough fight in 2018 and 2020. alisyn and david. >> thank you, abby, for all of your reporting from the white house. let's bring in jonathan martin and josh green. let's start with the china's retaliatory move. >> what's striking is this is an attack on the trump coalition. if you look at the states most adversely affected by this, these are red states. this is the farm belt of america. you're talking about soy beans. that's the midwest.
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and, you know, talking about, you know, making airplane parts in plates like kansas. this is the challenge for the republicans is that lawmakers from the states will be deeply concerned about the retaliation and economies. but their voters still like trump. it will create political pressure going into the midterms on governors and senators and house members from the states who are almost overwhelmingly on the gop side. they are very much loyal to trump. they are looking at the economic impact of this action by china. that's putting them in a really tough spot. >> it's a political story because it is an economic story first. look at the dow futures. before the markets are opening, after so much volatility this week, let alone the past month, dow futures down over 400 --
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over 500 points. just under 500 points. about 2%, josh. president trump keeps saying watch the markets. a sign of real wealth. it's all me. but he doesn't want to own the down side that is a result of tariffs that the business community thinks are awful. and the unpreability of some of these decisions. >> speaking of people on wall street the last couple of days. it is unanimous he is responsible for the market. at least the slump we have seen because this is a direct result of tariffs he is imposing. this will have a big effect in the midterm elections. if you look at, for instance, the biggest states u.s. produces of soy beans, eight are states trump won. they include states like ohio, missouri, iowa, minnesota where
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you have very critical senate or house races. they will have to answer for the effect of trump's tariffs. this is really going to hurt u.s. farmers. >> jonathan, is there any way to tell what is next in this game with china and the u.s.? >> i think it is hard to predict. we don't really have a great sense for how serious the president is about pursuing some of his actions. it is often more important to watch the actions than it is the words coming from twitter or off-the-cuff remarks like those that you just showed. i was talking to a lawmaker yesterday who said to me bluntly, i don't even pay attention to the tweets anymore or any stories because to me it doesn't reflect government policy. that's really the the question, alisyn. are we going to go through with these tariffs, or is this a president who has long held a
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view that free trade is not a good thing and it is indulging that view. but it is not going to make his government pursue tariffs. we don't know what is the the case yet. it will hinge whether trump is blowing off steam. >> is there room for negotiation? there are proponents of this toughening trade yes. that we can withstand the shocks on a daily basis to the market. maybe there is a negotiation with the chinese that ends up getting more favorable terms for the u.s. maybe trump comes out with a win. >> well, we'll see. i think one predicate we should keep in mind are steel and aluminum tariffs trump announced a couple of weeks ago. very broad. spooked the markets. almost immediately the u.s.
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began carving out kpeplgdzs. it's possible these tariffs, which at this stage are proposals still on both sides, they have 60 days to make comment. then the government will decide what goes into effect. it is entirely possible not all will go into effect and there will be ratcheting back. that will depend to a large degree whether trump goes through with these or whether he walks them back with the way he did steel and aluminum. >> one of the other big stories of the morning is the "washington post" has learned that robert mueller's team shared with donald trump's legal team that the president is a subject, not a target, of mueller's investigation. what's the significance? >> well, it's possible good news for trump that is not a target of the investigation. that's the big takeaway. obviously it's got to be politically, if not legally
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disconcerting to the trump folks that he is even the subject of an investigation and that mueller has the reports. it is looking at the possibility of bringing forward reports about obstruction efforts. if you are on the ballot this year in 2018 and you're hearing about the possibility of a prosecutor bringing forward obstruction of justice, that has to be a daunting thing to hear. >> there's a lot of talk before the president will be indicted. if he were to be interviewed, he would invoked the fifth which our own jeff toobin thinks he can do. if mueller writes a tough report, maybe it coincides that the book is coming out. it will launch a campaign against him and all the things he did, this is something congress has to take in and milwaukee ehle decision about.
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>> there are a few ways in which this could go badly for trump. the subject of an investigation can quickly turn into the the target of an investigation if, for instance, if trump testifies under oath and mueller gets material for an indictment. the other, as mueller indicated, he could write a public report that could come out, present trump in a bad light. we don't know what his timing will be. this could be on the eve of the midterm elections. it could be after the midterm elections. if democrats win back the house or the senate, could lead to impeachment proceedings. there are all sorts of ways in which this could go badly for trump. >> the president has been is silent on twitter. his legal team has been so thin. he doesn't listen to lawyers. he's not going to get any really good lawyers, criminal lawyers. so he's kind of alone and increasingly vulnerable as they make negotiations on whether he will do an interview.
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gentlemen, thank you very much. first years ago, civil rights icon dr. martin luther king jr. was assassinated outside his hotel room in memphis, tennessee. his life being honored. you're looking at the martin luther king jr. memorial. wow. well, what a day. you know, when you listen to his his prophetic speech the night before, it is eerie, gives you goosebumps. he seemed to know something was going to happen and seemed to be comforting the country and all of his support issers that it would be okay and he feared nothing. >> and they would have to go on without him. he was invoking moses not going to the promised land. that was his vision that others would have to carry out.
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that legacy lives on in a beautiful moment. and he's here now. coming up in our next hour, we will talk to dr. king's son about his father's legacy and how they are trying to still realize that dream. meanwhile, an investigation under way after police say a woman opened fire at youtube headquarters in california injuring at least four people. the shooter is believed to have killed herself. cnn's kyung lah is live with more. what's the latest, kyung? >> reporter: well, alisyn, we are awaiting a news conference. what would have led a woman in who lives in san diego, to get in her car, drive all the way to the youtube campus where she turned this into an all too familiar shooting scene in america? >> we have a report of subject with a gun.
4:16 am
this would be the youtube building. >> a woman shot three people before taking her own life. >> she shot that person up really bad. no remorse. no nothing. it was death row. >> reporter: authorities identifying the shooter at 39-year-old nasim adhdam. law enforcement is looking at this website as part of their investigation. on the site, adhdam repeatedly criticizing youtube, accusing the website of filtering her channels to keep her videos from getting views, something she blames on new close-minded youtube employees. >> the videos hardly get views. and my old videos stopped getting views. >> reporter: adhdam's brother, who did not want to be on camera telling kgtv his sister used youtube to advocate against
4:17 am
animal cruelty, one of her passions. >> she was a nice person. >> reporter: the san diego union tribune posting this picture from 2009 of adhdam protesting with peta. her brother tells kgtv that his family reported her missing this weekend after she stopped answering her phone. they then located her car in a city near youtube's headquarters. >> she had a problem with youtube. we called again and told them that she might visit. and she went all the way from san diego to there. >> reporter: authorities say adhdam opened fire on a group of youtube employees she did not know shortly before 1:00 p.m. tuesday. >> all of a sudden we heard two silence. then we saw some people quickly running on out of the building. >> reporter: two minutes after the first call, police arrived as employees fled the scene before locating adhdam's body and ushering the injured to safety.
4:18 am
the we are told by local hospital that three people were shot. they range from fair to critical. one other person was injured but that was an ankle injury. we are hoping law enforcement this morning will be able to clarify conflicting information we have. two law enforcement sources tell cnn the shooter knew one person here at this campus. but law especialnforcement said don't believe she knew anyone. david? when we come back, he spent four days tweeting about immigration. now president trump wants to send the military to guard the southern border. who is behind this renewed focus on the issue? we will ask a trump supporter coming up next. at fidelity, our online planning tools are clear and straightforward so you can plan for retirement while saving for the things
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military. that's a big step. >> he said our border walls are very weak while those in mexico and canada are very strong. congress must change these obama era laws. the democrats stand in our way. they want people to pour into our country unchecked. crime. we will be taking strong action today. matt, good to see you. good morning. >> good to be with you, david. >> the background of the past few days, the president wants to strengthen our stand on the border. what is driving this now? >> i think what is generally not understood. we use all the terms like daca and dreamers. who is not understood is every day at the southern border, there are kids that because of
4:24 am
what judges have ruled that when they come to the border, we have to accept them and send them families, relatives, or to institutions to take care of those kids. there's no vetting of them. sometimes it is not just the minors. the did department of health and human as far ass pointed out 3,000 people were taken into america over the course of the last year, it's -- or during this year, almost 20,000 people. we are creating a whole new group of folks who are allowed to come to this country who are not going through the legal process. we are tries to accept people in desperate circumstances. we are creating whole new populations that come into is this country. then, okay, they're here. do you give them permanent legal status, make them a citizen?
4:25 am
>> you have a lot of people who are fleeing abusive situations and the countries from which they came. >> that's right. >> you're right. this is a tough issue. but the notion of just pouring military on the border solves what exactly? >> i don't believe anybody should come into this country unless they go through the same process everyone else has to go through. it should be a process whether or not you're coming to work temporarily or getting temporary protected status or to be on the path to citizenship. even if they are fleeing
4:26 am
circumstances or not, they will eventually be able to reside in our country and subvert the normal process. the country can't keep doing that. it creates great political havoc as people wore can make the political case i should get amnesty by congressional action. this is why the president says it's not just about daca. it is about solving the problems that create daca 2, daca 3. it is happening every day. >> i want to pick up on one point, that democrats stand in the way of the wall. it is a fact that democrats were willing to do something that seemed really unforeseen, that is fund the border wall, fund his signature promise. that was part of the deal he could have had and he walked away. don't you have to own that as a supporter of the president? >> i do. you covered the appropriations process forever, you didn't go back this far and i didn't either. when ronald regan got his deal
4:27 am
for tax cuts with spending cuts, you can't bind future congresses, david. the idea that they were giving money the next several years to fund a border wall, any future congress could change that financial arrangement. that is a tough thing to do. he has to get the money at the current congress. otherwise, a future congress can take it away. >> the president on record with china with all of this on a trade war. he writes we are not in a trade war with china. that war was lost many years ago by the foolish or in competent people who represented the u.s. now we have a trade deficit of of $500 billion a year with intellectual property theft of another $300 billion. we cannot let this continue.
4:28 am
conservatives, republicans in the business community and elsewhere are staunchly opposed to the idea of tariffs. you see the potential impact on american farmers, a key part of the trump co liz, and you see the impact on the markets moving forward. is this a bad course the president is on? >> look, tariffs over the long haul that turn into retaliation from the opposing country are bad for the u.s. consumer. that's the the person we should focus on. does the consumer have options and choices in the marketplace that would have to pay more for the options and choices. the question about the trade war, the president is right. the trillions of dollars they have already stolen from american entrepreneurs, we turned a blind eye to it. the president says we are not going to do that any more.
4:29 am
i hope china is driven to the table. i think their statement with the announcement of retaliatory tariffs is they haven't imposed the tariffs. which is their way of saying if we could all get around the table and resolve this, it would be better for everybody. it starts with no more theft of american intellectual property. >> is the president responsible for the market tumble? >> david, there's all kinds of factors into the market tumble. what's true about wall street, they don't like the idea of in stability. no question is a u.s. president sweeping tariffs on china is a concern in the marketplace. here's a real question. what happens over the course of the year? does the chinese government realize the american government is serious about this theft from american entrepreneurs and in is
4:30 am
venters. >> i want to ask you about russia in the broadest sense. russia seeking to manipulate the 2016 election. the president's national security adviser general mcmaster, who is on his way out, as we know, was critical of the russians and the response. listen to this. >> russia brazenly and implausibly denies its actions, and we have failed to impose sufficient costs. we are acting, but we must recognize the need for all of us to do more to respond to and deter russian aggression. >> that's pretty tough language. we have failed to impose sufficient costs. that's criticism of the president, is it not? >> it's criticism over the fact that russia has been involved in
4:31 am
our elections as mike pompeo, not just in 2016 but in previous elections. there's a lot of blame to go towards the obama administration too. they knew that it was happening as well. there is a lot of blame to go along. in the last weeks or months they have taken aggressive months. more than president obama ever thought about. i think the key here is the president views ultimate adversary as china. and the focus on the president is to make sure that we don't lose track of our number one menace. that doesn't mean russia isn't also amenace. >> matt, thank you, as always is. stormy daniels's lawyer is back. what he wants now, he is here to tell us next. of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra.
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stormy daniels's lawyer is asking the treasury department to release financial records
4:36 am
that details suspicious activity surrounding the hush money paid to the adult film star by michael cohen, the president's long-time attorney. joining us is michael avenatti. great to see you. >> good morning. >> why do you want to see this suspicious activity report from the bank? >> we think it is going to show the flow of the money, alisyn. it is going to show exactly what happened in connection with this $130,000 payment. >> don't we already know the flow of money. michael cohen paid stormy daniels the $130,000. what more is there to say? >> we think it may show where the money came from, whether it came from the home equity loan or whether the loan was repaid by the president or someone associated with the president. this suspicious activity report is not a common occurrence in american banking. what happened was first republic bank, mr. cohen's bank, conducted an investigation into this transaction long before this lawsuit was filed.
4:37 am
they determined there was something suspicious or illegal about this money transfer. >> bank records are notoriously hard to get. even police have a hard time getting financial records from banks. what crime are you telling them you think was committed? >> we don't know. the bank determined there was something suspicious or illegal about this. that's why they caused the report to be filed with the treasury department, alisyn. >> the last time i interviewed you, you said you would be presenting new evidence. >> yes. . >> where is your evidence? this payment that donald trump
4:38 am
knew about this $130,000 payment or even that they had an affair? >> alisyn, it was friday that you had me on the show. >> and the clock is ticking. >> it is now tuesday. >> i think it's wednesday. >> it is wednesday. >> you make my point. it's wednesday. >> look, let me be clear about something. kwroepbg there is any question in america right now that people believe my client had this relationship with the president. >> but there is question that he knew about the payment. michael cohen said he did not. >> i don't think there's any question to that either. it makes no sense. the story that we continue to be told, the lie that continues to be wove is implausible. it makes no sense. >> i get it. the criminal justice is not based on sense. it is evidence. where is your evidence. >> we are going to roll it out in due time. >> what are you going to show us? >> we have shown you quite a bit. this is not a question of us
4:39 am
having to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt. we are not prosecuting a crime. that's not our job. we want the facts known to the american people. we want the financial records released. we want the truth to come out about this agreement, what the president knew and when we knew and what he did about it. >> they want this to be handled in arbitration, privately. >> quietly. secretly. >> that's what the contract stipulates. if they win, then will you and your client stormy daniels be quiet? >> i don't know that we will be quiet quite frankly. my client and me are committed to an open process, a process whereby the american people will judge what happened here. the american people deserve this information. they deserve the truth. they deserve openness. they don't deserve some secret
4:40 am
hidden arbitration behind closed doors designed to protect people. >> look, we can have a debate about arbitration, but she did sign that contract. >> she signed the contract with the expectation that everyone was going to sign the contract and that was going to be the deal. that turned out not to be the deal. >> she had a different lawyer at that time, as you know, who said he would like to tell what his version of these events are. will she grant him that permission to do so? >> that is an unusual waiver. what i will say is this. if the president and mr. cohen will waive their attorney/client privilege, my client will waive it immediately. >> thank you very much. we will check back with you when you have something new to present. teachers taking their message to lawmakers. what their demands are we will find out after we come back after break. so, that goal you've been saving for,
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>> schools are closed again in oklahoma as a teacher strike continues. teachers plan to rally at the state capitol for a third day. nick valencia live with more. nick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. we're here inside the state capitol in oklahoma, one of several states, red is states across the country are where teachers are commanding more education funding. it was vibrant scene inside the capitol yesterday with hundreds of teachers swarming outside the senate and house chambers to demand just that. at some point during the middle of the day the house representatives sent their staff and aides home early because they said there were safety concerns. from our vantage point we saw peaceful albeit loud demonstrations. one group is coming under scrutiny and that is republican kevin mcdougall. he called the teachers ungrateful. saying they are at risk of isolating republican support.
4:46 am
it was also yesterday that we saw governor fallon sign the legislative bills passed last week that gave teachers a raise. the teachers we spoke to said it's not just about a raise. it is getting better textbooks and trying to prepare students for a 21st century classroom. they said they will keep coming back to the capitol until they get what they want. alisyn? >> nick, thank you very much. department of homeland security has detected evidence of mobile snooping devices in the d.c. area. the devices could be the the work of foreign governments or entities. but their origins have not been narrowed down. they essentially act like fake cell phone towers and as mobile gadgets connect to them are able to snoop on the traffic that goes through. law enforcement in the u.s. use the same techniques but courts have been scrutinizing that practice. paging big brother. when are we not being watched?
4:47 am
>> you have to assume. it is like 19d 84. alisyn camerota, turn your telestrator back on. >> i feel like we are being watched right now. >> if people only knew. all right. we'll switch gears when we come back. another shooting. this time four people injured after a woman opened fire at youtube headquarters. we talk to president obama's former senior adviser, renewing her push for gun control. that's up next. whoooo. going somewhere?
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4:52 am
says this should not be a partisan issue. but if our elected officials do not fight for our safety, we will vote them out of office. valerie jarrett joins me now. >> how are you? >> i'm going well. great to see you. obviously is this a tough topic and one that you had to deal with head-on of course when you were in the obama administration. the sandy hook elementary school shooting was one of the most awful chapters. >> worst day in eight years. >> and in our history, that stands out. >> and i was reflecting this morning on all the people who have picked up the baton to perfect our union and the young people in parkland have excited something across our country that i think creates this
4:53 am
tipping point and i'm convinced that we will see change. and in fact we already have. states like florida and vermont who have a decisionly hatraditi laws have stepping up, the governors are signed bills that tighten our gun laws. and we know already that two-thirds of americans say we want stricter gun law, we want background checks, we want to keep guns out of the hands ever people who are either a danger to themselves or someone else. >> i want to read what i think is the procevocative part of your p op-ed. you say that those twhoos lives have been scarred by gun violence all have one thing in common, they are living in an area where most deem are more precious than people's lives.
4:54 am
the nra spokespeople talk to that august ll of the leaders o nra have children. and what they believe is that more guns are best to fight the bad guy, not less. what do you say? >> what i say is that the facts don't bear that out. we've seen a 17% increase in gun violence in the last decade. states that have taken steps to tighten their gun law, such as connecticut, new york, california, rhode island, we're seeing a wrreduction in gun vie laens. states with lax laws, all of them have an increase. and so we know that the laws work. and what we'd like to see is the cdc, centers no disease control, have funding to look at gun violence. study the impacts of gun violence. let's figure out what are the right tools that we need to have to reduce it and let's do it on
4:55 am
a nonpartisan basis. and the reason why i'm critical of the nra, they are funded by the gun manufacturer. so they want to see gun sales go up and that has happened dramatically with the torqued up rhetoric. >> i know you've spent a lot of time with the spark land studpa. can they have keep up the momentum? >> absolutely. they looked at the incredible rallies around the country as just the beginning. they are gearing up. they made it clear that they will be one issue voters and they will encourage other people to be one issue voters, determined to make sure that the people who represent us reflect our values. and our values should be that we shouldn't have our children going into school and having active shooter drills. you should be able to go to work without worrying about whether or not you can come home. and i think that the momentum that they have triggered really builds on a lot of the hard work that we saw over the years. the sandy hook promise, every
4:56 am
town, the work of gaby gi give gifford. and if you talk to the parkland kid, they have no attention of stopping. and adults think that they will run out of steam. not this time. >> and while i have you, i do want to ask you what it is like for you to sort of sit by and watch what is happening with the trump administration attempting to dismantle a lot of the things from the obama administration just this morning there is a new tweet about -- from the president, i'll read it to you, about the border, about connected to daca. the laws of our country do not easily allow us to send those crossing our southern border back where they came from. a whole big wasted procedure must take place. mexico and can gha haada have t
4:57 am
laws which is our is a joke. and he also tweeted recently that gak is dedaca is dead. obama worked hard on that. what is it like from where you sit? >> first of all, president obama pushed for comprehensive imgrapi immigration reform. a component was border securities. so he was strong on that recognizing we needed to reform the entire system. so daca, i would say this, the vast majority of people from both parties support daca and that is to let's these incredible young people, many who i've had the privilege of meeting, stay in our country. they want to be school teachers, they want to start businesses. our country is their home. and so if the vast majority of people believe in that, why don't they pass a bill to give them that relief? why are these young people having toen in agony wondering
4:58 am
whether or not them be deported? why don't they just pass a bill today and alleviate the problem? the reason why is that they want to use is as a bargaining chip in order to get a border wall which i thought mexico was supposed to pay for. why wouldn't just be true to our values and pass a bill, give them relief and allow them to stay? >> what do you think is behind the attacks on president obama from president trump? >> i can't keep up with his tweets. i have no insight into that. all i can do is try to work hard to being a force for good. that is why i'm supporting the young people in parkland, why i am committed to the dark youca people that i've met. this is what i dedicate my life to and i can't focus on the
4:59 am
other stuff. >> valerie jarrett, we appreciate you coming on. thanks so much. >> thank you. and we're following a lot of news. so let's get right to it. good morning. welcome to your "new day." it is wednesday, april 4. %-p. xwrats to ha great to have you. there are new fears of a twrad w trade war. and it plummeting. set for a 500 point drop. this after the trump administration detailed new tariffs on chinese imports. president trump insisting that the u.s. is not in a twrad wrad with china. and the "washington post"
5:00 am
reporting that robert mueller has told president trump's legal team that the president is a subject but not a target, an important deposit tinkistinctio husband investigation. and that 3450u8ler is reporting on the president's actions while in office and potential obstruction of justice. let's begin with ivan watson in beijing with the breaking news this morning. >> reporter: good morning. beijing has made it clear that if the trump administration wants a trade war, it is ready to fights back announcing that it is prepared to slap 25% tariffs on $50 billion worth of u.s. goods including soybeans and airplanes. which were two of the uts' biggest exports to china, 14 billion each in 2016. china says this is retaliation for the trump administration


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