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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and thank you so much for joining us. don't forget you can watch "outfront" any time any where. go to cnn go. anderson cooper 360 begins right now. thanks for joining us, we begin with breaking news. stunning from new york, kim jong-un says the regime no longer needs nuclear tests. joining me now is jim sciutto. what more can you tell us about it? potential a huge development. a lot of questions remain concern. plenty of reason to be cautious and skeptical. >> reporter: these words to the korean people and dramatic words to hear from kim jong-un who has
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been be-lilligerent words. issuing this statement, under the proven condition of complete nuclear weapons we know longer need any nuclear tests, mid range and intercontinental ballistic rocket tests and that the nuclear test site in northern area ha also completed its mission. what a remarkable distance we have come. that speech to the un general assembly where he referred to kim as rocket man on a suicide mission, really a remarkable change. >> what is the president saying about the announcement? >> different words from rocket man, but a tweet that shortly followed this north korean
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statement, he said the following welcoming it. north korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear test and close-up a major test site. this is very good news for north korea and the world. strong words there. and we have a summit coming up. i heard from the man who was going to be the president's -- freeze for freeze, north korea has offered this freeze that the u.s. might offer a freeze of those military exercises. they think it is intended to take them down in effect. and you still have a very long way to go here. danger with summits like this is the danger of unrealistic expectations. do they go to that table with loftier goals and ambitions that they can deliver on.
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that is a question. so a lot of pressure that they can sit down. and very situation. >> i want to bring in former cnn military analyst. dr. cherry, how significant do you think this announcement is? >> it is significant, but you know, whether north korea is truly serious remains to be seen. after 90 missile tests and nuclear tests and a hydrogen bomb test, as my colleague says, they might be looking for freeze for freeze deals. they are looking for sanctions relief. so what are we going to give for this freezing of tests. so we have to see when trump sits down with kim jong-un. north koreans never give out anything for free. they are looking for something from us. >> do you believe new efforts?
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>> it is phenomenal that this is taking place, but hugely skeptical. nothing out of this regime has ever had any semblance to truth. we have followed this regime forever and our insights from a distance but a good depth and knowledge on how he operates. we are seeing the pain of the economic sanctions has begun to start chip away at the inner circle. if he himself is feeling the pain, and his elites are feeling the pain, he are going it pay attention and now the second thing, everything has come as a rule of his quick visit with xi jinping. look, you got to back up and stop doing certain things.
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i got your back. you're going to be okay. but your regime is going to be obliterated if you continue along this path. you have to stop. denuclearization is probably not a possibility, but what is, is this freeze. good start. few more conditions have to be set before the summit. >> president trump came under a lot of criticism with the rhetoric he was using. he has got to feel good about this. >> it is marked progress both in rhetoric and in steps. because, you had a feverish pace of north korean tests. and that has stopped now. that is a good thing. no question. of course, it will come down to the delivery going forward and
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we haven't heard what the u.s. concession is. public pronouncement from the north koreans on this freeze. although they define it differently than we do. we haven't heard from president trump, and what is he willing to get here. and will north korea consider that a sufficient concession. >> dr. terry, does this show confidence in their missile capabilities. >> i think about 90%-95% done with their nuclear program. so i think what they are doing is they are looking for sanctions relief and they have been watching washington and everything coming out of washington closely, so spooked by this talk of military strike against north korea and i think
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they are truly waiting out the trump administration. but we will see what they will be putting on the table. looking for concessions. >> if the strike in syria also has been on their radar. >> we hope so. certainly students of what is happening currently with the united states and as this administration continues to assert itself in a number of different ways. i think what also is significant is the proclamation that the regime up north is okay with the continued forces in the south. that was another potential quid pro quo. the united states would never abandon the south and it would be a very, tough discussion and discounted immediately were that to be a precondition. economic sanctions is what we
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are looking at here. and he is looking at what is taking place with iran and going it tr to try to make a similar consideration. >> on that point, may 12, the president has the opportunity to decertify the iran deal. a lot of signals that he is going to do that. signaling the u.s. departure. for a president to do that, which has some of the ingredients that you might offer in a deal, to pull out of that deal in advance of a summit where you are discussing a nuclear freeze agreement would be interesting timing to say that the least. >> jim, we are talking about a phra freeze for freeze, stopping joint exercising the last joint exercise there was criticism or no criticism from the regime
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which is unusual. >> shorter. there was signaling there in advance and listen, you know, if the u.s. were to give that up, you might say those were just exercises. and keep in mind, very important exercises to our partner, our allies which stands face to face with north korea. in range of its missiles and its artillery, they face the greatest risk here. so you have to be conscious who is closer and japan as well as the president noted with abe. >> it is all about readiness and that is the place on the globe where you have to fight tonight. and exercises are a matter of routine. that is the life blood of this coalition that exists on the
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peninsula for over 60 years. extremely important. and if you recall with advance of the olympics, call of backing off of that one exercise taking place. this coalition is completely integrated. and that exists throughout the organization as a matter of routine, those folks change out and you have to maintain those exercises. >> thanks very much. new information tonight about james comey memos and how he handled them and who saw them and whether classified information was shared. also breaking news from the "washington post." attorney general jeff sessions told the white house. if the president fires rod rosenstein, sessions might have to leave as well. okay, people, that's a reset. let's take it back from "surpri--" (avo) get $300 off
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we have new reporting coming in tonight on the memos former fbi director james comey. the justice department of watchdog is investigating whether any improper information was shared. >> reporter: according to multiple sources, the inspector general at the justice department has interviewed several individuals who saw copies of the memos detailing
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conversations with president trump. when comey was still at the fbi and he has said many times that he shared memos with top officials at the fbi as well as his friend columbia law school professor. we now learn additional have seen the memos outside the fbi. questioning them about which memos they have seen. >> the classification is the key. >> reporter: exactly. how these memos were classified. we know that there are seven documents in total. a combination of both notes and e-mails but don't know exactly which ones these people, outside of the fbi have seen and during jake tapper's interview with comey last night, comey said he couldn't recall exactly how many memos in total were classified.
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but the memos we obtained last night showed redaction on at least four of the memos we have seen. >> do we know when to expect a report from the office. >> that has been a moving target. a comprehensive report on how the fbi handled politically sensitive investigation on both trump and rival hillary clinton and comey has expected to figure prominently announcing the re-opening of the clinton e-mail investigation just before the presidential election in 2016. this issue with the memos adds dimension. thank you very much. this from the "washington post," attorney general jeff sessions told the white house if the president fires rod rosenstein he might have to leave as well. this was in a phone call. with me now is gloria borjer,
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jeffrey toobin. this is fascinating. >> it is. and it shows you that jeff sessions is defending somebody who works for him whom he appointed and who then appointed mueller and what it says is, that it is a shot across the bow to the president. you lose him, you lose me. now maybe the president would think this is good news. he doesn't actually like either one of them. but what it seems to say, if you fired him, this would cascade. as we know, the president met are rosenstein last friday and during which rosenstein apparently assured him that he want in any jeopardy with the
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cohen case. >> political consequences and potential domino effect for the president. a potential saturday night massacre. >> the president has been wanting to get rid of jeff sessions for months. done nothing but diminish him and embarrass him. this threat might be to the president, break my heart. he might be good. don't let the door hit you on the way out. yes, it may be a drama. but does donald trump think about drama? he wants this attorney general out of there. so i am not sure, this threat, the president will see as much as a threat. >> josh, what message does it send top the fbi, the doj when they are being criticized. >> i am with jeff on this one. no love lost.
5:19 pm
i was communicating with former colleagues currently still in the fbi. here you have an attorney general who is now going out saying he is going to protect someone that works for him. it is a new step. you haven't seen him protect the men and women in the fbi. given him points for stepping up and doing what a leader should do. >> going to the new cnn reporting on the comey memo. the fact that the inspector general is looking at how he handled the memo. >> it is perfectly legitimate. if there is classified information in memos that comey said and shared it inappropriately, and we know from the memos that we were talking about last night, the president and comey had a specific conversation about leaking and classified information and comey made it clear that he was not in favor of that. we know when he gave these memo
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to his friend at columbia university he did it with a reason. he wanted a special counsel appointed. we know he leaked those on purpose but we don't know what else was in them and who else he shared them with. it is reasonable. >> and can we talk about karma for a second. remember, comey have been saying these memos weren't marked classified and this is what hillary clinton said about her e-mails. just because something isn't marked classified, the classification authorities who are wildly overzealous can mark things as classified and in fact based on what was released yesterday, it appears that some of the comey memos do contain classified information. so he could wind up getting in trouble for precisely the kind of thing that hillary clinton was tortured about which might well give satisfaction to
5:21 pm
hillary's people long after the fact. >> i was looking at my watch trying to figure out how long there would be to a hillary reference. and i know it is irresis tababl make the comparison. the inspector general should be fired if he didn't look into this. and here we are a year after. this is obviously something they were made aware of early on based on comey coming out and saying he provided the information. they are doing their job which is what they are supposed to do. the president, in kindling this suspicion, you wonder if they are trying to get out in front of what this report is going to say. >> you know, they are also looking at andrew mccabe. they are looking at, it seems the leadership.
5:22 pm
the leadership of the justice -- of the fbi. they are looking at andrew mccabe and comey. this is a problem for them. >> it is interesting, jeff, in one of the memos comey recounts his conversation with president trump in which he is attacking leakers and criticizing them. you know, he is then leaking documents and leaking information. i mean, all be it once he left the fbi. >> i mean, i thought, you know, when comey testified before congress last year, when he talked about giving these memos to richman, he is a private citizen. why is he giving these extremely sensitive, you know, doing it as a kind of protection. but who is he to do that. i think comey has a problem
5:23 pm
here. >> maybe they can say he is his attorney. >> when you look at the term leak, is leaking sharing information about a personal observation you had in a meeting or leaking once determined later that information is classified. what constitutes a leak? >> giving a document in order -- >> is that considered a leak. we all recount conversations with people we have every day, is that considered a leak? >> the documents we saw last night, the department of justice redacted substantial amounts. >> but we don't know those are the documents that he shared with his friend. >> i think we do know some of these documents were shared with his friends because that is the ones end up in the "new york
5:24 pm
times." >> the dirty secret is what is classified is a moving target. hard to know in advance what is classified and what is not. >> the classification authorities may disagree. this is what happened to hillary clinton. she said well none of it was classified. >> the same thing that you are saying, maybe classified -- >> it is a big problem. >> let's leave it there. appreciate it. new reporting in t"the new york times." fascinating details ahead. once there was an organism so small
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new reporting in the new york times saying the president's lawyers have resigned themselves that michael cohen might end up flipping. cohen tried to apologize to first lady melania trump for the pain he caused her paying off stormy daniels. joining me now maggie haberman who wrote the article. this is a fascinating article.
5:29 pm
it has interesting details about the tortured relationship michael cohen has had with donald trump for years. >> donald trump is very good at being responsive to people when he needs something from them. you saw that when he called to check in with michael cohen. >> and invited him down to ma mar-a-lago. >> and michael cohen has over the years done all kinds of things at the president's urging. he came to -- but cohen was basically trying to do right by his boss and was seeking his boss' approval. and trump, time after time --
5:30 pm
you know, trump is fond of using the phrase like a dog. >> and seemed to know he could get away with it. nobody treats somebody like that if they are not confident this person, a, that they think pathetically about this person and this person is going to continue to come and try to eat out of his hand. >> everything about trump is dominance and we have seen this over and o'ver in the white house. he entered this test of wills with john kelly. he wanted subordinates to feel like subordinates. one of the interesting things about robert stone is stone always maintained on the outside. watching how comparatively well he treated corey lewandowski who
5:31 pm
was ultimately fired. that was another instance where went to trump and saying he believed corey had planted a negative story. and trump sort of didn't listen to it saying you are acting out of jealousy. >> and it isn't just behind closed doors. it was in front of people. >> it was a continuous threat. cohen was not given the job on the campaign first because he clashed with lewandowski. and then later manafort. cohen did raise a fair amount of money for the president. he found ways. he formed this diversity
5:32 pm
coalition. it got ridicule at the time and in reality ended up putting a lot of people in television, who softened some of the edges when the president was under fire. >> the leverage michael cohen now has potentially over this president. the tables have turned. >> every person i spoke to, i mean, sam nunberg who was a former trump aide who also has been called by mueller said to me the irony now is the relationship is switch and it is michael who has the leverage in the relationship. whether he would use it is a different question, but he does have it. >> you have been reporting michael cohen approaching melania trump. do you know how that went? >> my understanding was that was
5:33 pm
brief conversation. i think that it is an uncomfortable conversation and brief. >> again, a fascinating article. thanks very much. i appreciate it. up next, mr. comey says president trump told him twice that he never spent the night in moscow, keeping them honest there is evidence that he did. discover card. hey, i'm curious about your social security alerts. oh! we'll alert you if we find your social security number on any one of thousands of risky sites, so you'll be in the know. ewww! being in the know is very good.
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more now on the newly released comey memos, on two of the memos trump pushes back. according to comey's notes, the topic came up during a private white house dinner. comey writes that the president's claim by steel was a fabr fabrication. and they reminded him that they didn't stay overnight for russia for that. saying he arrived in the morning. returned only to get his things because they departed for new
5:38 pm
york overnight. comey writes he then explained as it did over dinner that he didn't stay in russia. keeping them honest there is evidence that he stayed overnight. testimony in capital from mr. trump's body guard. according it a book written by a book about trump's dealings in russia. here is a facebook posting from that day. posing are russia pop star the son of the pageant's host. the very next day mr. trump went on twitter and wrote i am in moscow. picking a winner tonight is very hard. less than an hour later he added
5:39 pm
i was just given a great tour of moscow. that same day he was back with the pop star starring in a cameo role for one of his videos. take a look. >> what's wrong with you? emmen let's get with it. i am really tired of you. you're fired. >> later that day, came the big event. here is the video he took part in, the after party that is him with the newly crowned ms. universe. the next night, mr. trump whe tweeted, i just got back from russia. learned lots and lots. according to republican and democratic sources with direct knowledge of the testimony to
5:40 pm
lawmakers about guarding trump's hotel room before turning in for the night. and that he and mr. tourump laughed about it while walking back to his hotel room. not meant to hide anything. but the claim it is clear itself is false. lots to discuss with chief legal analyst jeffrey toobin. and steve hall. fort president to claim that he didn't stay the night in moscow, it seems obvious he did. it doesn't necessarily mean he is trying to hide something. >> if you lie about one thing, you might be lying about somethi something. and it is all relevant to the question. i wrote a piece about the 2013
5:41 pm
universe pageant. and it is 2340 doubt that the president, he wasn't president then, but donald trump definitely spent the night at the ritz carlton hotel in moscow. unclear when he left. whether he went back to the hotel and spent the next night there. it doesn't mean that this, you know, notorious incident with the prostitute didn't take place. >> trump's personal body guard testified to congress that the russias offered to send to hotel room. >> it is not just a matter of whether it is prostitutes or
5:42 pm
frankly donald trump or somebody else. that thing goes on with high ranking businessmen. when you have a target like trump and i think it is probably undeniable at this point that donald trump would have been a target. not necessarily because he was an up and coming politician but because the russians would have considered him to be an american oligarch. and you never know when you are going to need that kind of information on somebody like donald trump. and it turns out that appears to be true. so pretty much standard operating procedure in russia for that thing to happen. >> jeff, as you said before, we don't know what mueller's team knows and much more in the steel dossier besides the salacious allegation some of which has been confirmed. >> steel, for a brief investigation seems to have done enormously competent work. another episode that remains
5:43 pm
under investigation is whether michael cohen met in prague with russian officials. he has denied that up and down. but report from mcclachy the other day that suggested he did go to prague and meet with russian officials. steel's record is good. it is true that this salacious accusation about the prostitutes is unproven at this point. but the fact that steel made it, he is not some flake or irresponsible person. he has done very good work and you know, just because it hasn't been confirmed, doesn't mean it is not true. >> jeff, in fairness to the president, he does bring up to comey in these memos that he is well aware of these surveillance in russia. he couldn't have been compromised because he was aware of their m.o.
5:44 pm
>> absolutely, and that may be the end of the story that you know, he wouldn't have done it, he didn't do it. and certainly not in moscow where he knew he was under surveillance. the fact that he lied to comey about not having spent a night there does raise suspicions. >> especially when he was a candidate was all over the place about his relationship with s d vladimir putin. things a things are taped separately. the president claimed putin bragged to him how great the prostituted in russia, but the kremlin denies the conversation took place. >> one of the things that struck me when i was reading the comey memos, is comey's description of
5:45 pm
the president being jigsaw puzzle like. you set a piece down and you forget where it is when you go back to it. that seems to be the way the president is formulating foreign policy. you see him congratulating putin on what is clearly not an -- from the united states along with our western allies and then trump comes back and says wait a minute, i am upset about the numbers. so you do get this idea that it is all sort of happenstance on what springs into his mind and what his perception in reality it. a hard thing to follow. >> that is one possibility that it is happenstance, and be the other possibility which comey also mentioned is that russia, putin has something on trump. and that is why he has been so
5:46 pm
sal listous of putin. why he hired paul manafort who was close to putin. the enormous sympathy that trump has shown towards putin over the campaign and this year, the explanation could be that he has something on him. coming up next, john baron, will we hear, told the reporter to get on the forbes list of richest people. that's a reset. let's take it back from "surpri--" (avo) get $300 off the samsung galaxy s9+. because unlimited is only as good as the network it's on.
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there is a new report that president trump may have lied his way on the foshs annual magazine of most rich. the former reporter shared the fap of who was then john barron.
5:51 pm
360 of an randi kaye has the tape. >> what's your first name. >> john. john barron. >> does that voice sound familiar? that was donald trump posing over the phone as a executive from the trump oppression. he called himself john barron. >> most of the assets have been consolidated to mr. trump. >> the call was recorded by foshs magazine reporter jonathan green berg who now shares it first with the "washington post". green berg says the fictitious executive john barron was trying to convince him that donald trump was rich enough to earn a higher spot on the foshs 400, a list ranking america's richest people. >> are you saying that the ownership has been transferred to donald trump. >> correct. that's correct. >> okay and when you say you know in excess of the 90% of the ownership. >> i'd say in excess- well it's closer to even the ultimate. but it's in excess of 90% yes. >> he figured out the what he
5:52 pm
had to do in order to deceive me and get onto that list. and he did it very well. >> in the end foshs estimated strufrp's 1984 net worth to be about $400 million, earning him a higher spot on the list. >> he lied about his father that he owned all of his father's assets. he didn't own any of them until 1999. >> green berg said trump posing at barron spoke with a slightly stronger new york accent and switched up the rhythm of his voice. >> cnn reached out to the white house for comment about this rording but so far no response. trump meanwhile has been hiding behind fake names for decades. back in 1980 trump apparently also acting as john barron gave "the new york times" this quote after trump the developer had smashed two sculpt urs at a demolition site in new york instead of giving them to a museum. notice the source is john
5:53 pm
barron. it turns out the in a 1990 lawsuit trump himself reportedly admitted under oath that on occasion he has used that name. in the heat of the 2016 campaign another alter ego resurfaced. the "washington post" published an old interview with trump posing as a publicist as john miller a name he appeared to use for media calls like this one with a people magazine reporter asking about trump's break upwith marilla maples. >> he gets called for everybody. he gets called by everybody in the book in terms of women. >> trump later told people magazine it was just a joke. but then on nbc this. >> it was not me on the phone. it doesn't sound like me on the phone. >> an audio forensic expert disputed that. >> i'm confident it's jump trump. >> john miller, barron, whatever the name seems they lead back to donald trump.
5:54 pm
randi kaye, cnn, palm beach, florida. >> joining me now is trump biograver. this is bizarre. it shows the extent to which he wanted to be seen as being incredibly rich and getting his name in the paper and bragging about women he had been with. the blatant lying from citizen trump to where some of the buildings were located goes beyond embellishment to outright fabrications. >> i guess this is how we get to a president who now told 2,000 lies during his time in office. you know, listening to that, you wonder if john barron and john miller were separated at birth, because they sure do sound like the same guy. and he'll present this -- people will present him with the audio recordings. and he will deny that it's him. even after he admitted it's him.
5:55 pm
it's really impossible to follow and kind of crazy making. >> it's interesting, though, because a lot of the lies he told in the past and even nowadays, they require you to be an idiot. they're sort of based on the idea that the person listening is just dumb and doesn't put the pieces together. i mean, they are so sort of obvious at times that, you know saying he wasn't making fun of a disabled person when he was -- you could see with your own eyes what he was doing. >> um-hum. well, and he was determined to convince james comey that he wasn't making fun of the reporter. it's -- it is him almost demanding you believe something so fantastic and so ludicrous that i think the listener winds up thinking with well am i crazy to be thinking about this? did he really just stay that his father gave all of his wealth to him and now instead of being
5:56 pm
worth 5 million he is worth 400 million? you got to give the guy credit for audacity. he has incredible amounts of hupts and he is not even jewish. >> as long as you're profiling him, has he always been like this. >> oh, yes, this is donald really going back to his school days when he was a boy. he insisted to others that he had hit home runs he had never hit in ball games. he left the new york military academy declaring himself the greatest baseball player in new york state. and it went on and on and on. he was named the ladies man at a school that had no young women at it. you tell me, he has been doing this forever. >> right. that's impressive. michael, thank you very much. up next the breaking news out of north korea state run tv
5:57 pm
reporting kim joung jong un said the degree no longer needs missile or nuclear tests. ahead of the summit with president trump. we'll talk about that. some skepticism and caution. it is a stunning development. all the latest on it when we continue. not quite. it takes a ground-breaking company like dell technologies. a family of seven technology leaders working behind the scenes to make the impossible... reality. for instance, we're helping to give cars the power to read your mind from anywhere. ♪ we're helping up to 40% of the nation's donated blood supply... to be redirected to the areas and people that need it most. and we're even developing technology to create a whole new vision for the blind. so while you might not see what we're doing...
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5:59 pm
i'm all-business when i, travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro.
6:00 pm
which is why i use armor tall ultra shine wash wipes.y. they effectively remove dirt, dust and grime with no water. that car is in tip top shape! we are both in tip top shape! armor all, it's easy to look good.