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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  April 30, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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they saw it with my wife on saturday and felt bad i didn't see it, so came and saw it with me again on sunday. so it is now a high grossing film. i will be tweeting spoilers for the rest of the day. >> i haven't seen a movie since the baby was born. can you baby sit? >> avengers is right up your alley, i think. >> thank you for joining us. >> at this hour with kate bolduan starts right now. hello, everyone i'm kate bolduan. showdown at the u.s./mexico border. a major test today, and the world is watching. right now, dozens of asylum seekers who say they're hoping to escape crime and poverty in their native central america are defiantly camped out right along the u.s. border. they are vowing to stay there until the u.s. allows them into a processing center to formally apply for asylum. president trump said just on saturday night that they will not be allowed into the country.
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>> are you watching that mess that is going on right now with the caravan coming up? are you watching this? and our laws are so weak, so pathetic, given to us by democrats, they're so pathetic, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. our laws are so corrupt, i call them the dumbest immigration laws anywhere on earth. >> laila santiago has been following the caravan's long trip north and she's in tijuana now joining us from there. what is going on? what is going on behind you? what is going on with the attempt to get into the processing center as we speak? >> reporter: right, let me walk you through what is going on behind me. we have been with this group all night as they have waited here in the cold in the dark. i've watched as shivering children are covered with blankets and tarps by their parents. they have actually just received some food, someone brought some
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over to -- so they could eat something. i'm not sure if that's going to be the only meal they get today, kate. but they're waking up, they're moving around, a lot of children, a lot of women, a lot of families and so this is the large group outside. organizers tell me about 100 people here, then inside, at the door, where a u.s. immigration official is, there is another, a smaller group, about 20 to 30 mostly women and children, who went all the way there, only to be told stop -- when i spoke to u.s. immigration officials, theyle they le tell me that's because they don't have the ability to process asylum claims. they said we wait, we'll stay here and we will wait until we can go through the doors just simply say those words, to say i want to seek asylum.
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many of the mothers telling me they're concerned about possibly being separated from their children. immigration officials telling me they will only separate children if they feel the child is in danger or not with a legal guardian. that is the talk after such a journey, where we have watched them get on trains, get on buses, sleep on floors, beg for money, beg for food, to make it to the united states to seek asylum, the legal way, by the way, under u.s. federal law, many saying they are fleeing violence. i've been following a woman, a pregnant mother of two, who says she left honduras when gangs threatened to kill her 12 -- excuse me, her 6-year-old son. so she wants to do this a legal way, to go to a port of entry and tell her story and find a way to find a better life the legal way in the united states of america. >> are you getting any indication, i'm not even sure
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where it would come from, when this kind of waiting game will change? waiting for opening hours? what are they waiting for? >> reporter: they're waiting to get in. and that uncertainty is something that they're dealing with. i'm going to pull sarah in really quick. sarah -- this is sarah from honduras. she's dealing with some of that uncertainty. hold on one second. we have one of the kids here i've gotten to know pretty well next to me. sarah -- [ speaking foreign language ] i'm asking her what she's feeling [ speaking foreign language ] she's saying she's waiting for immigration officials to open the door. [ speaking foreign language ] she's got three children she's coming with. [ speaking foreign language ]
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she says that she is trusting that god will get her through this. hoping that president trump will open his heart, as she says. they want to go there and work. they don't want to be a burden on anyone. [ speaking foreign language ] that is one story, one of many similar stories that we have heard here, but as you said, kate, now they wait. >> they wait. you're right there with them, laila, thanks so much, following it all along. let's see what happens. i'm interested to see if what gives at some point maybe today. let's get over to the white house, though, and get the view from there. kaitlan collins is there for us. we heard what the president had to say about all of that this weekend. what are you hearing from the white house today about how it will handle the caravan? >> reporter: the president has been silent about this caravan
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today, no statement from him, no statement from the white house yet either though. we asked what their thought is on this now that this caravan of migrants from central america has arrived near that border crossing. but the president certainly has not been silent about this in past weeks. he's been quite aggrieved by this caravan, using it, justifying it, saying it justifies his calls for a border wall on the u.s./mexico border where he says those -- that border security is especially lax there, during that rally in michigan on saturday night, he was speaking about this caravan when he said that he might threaten to shut down the government in september over a need for border security, which means money for building his border wall. president long has been aggrieved by this. we have not heard from him yet on this, but he will hold a press conference here in a few hours with the president of nigeria where he will likely be asked about this caravan and he surely won't stay silent on this much longer as he continues to see the cable news coverage of this arrival, those pictures
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that laila just showed us there, certainly something that always grabs the president's attention typically, kate. >> right. that's one thing we know. also news about the white house doctor. what are you hearing about his job now? is he seeing patients at the white house? >> reporter: there are a lot of questions about his future here at the white house. we did report on friday he returned to the white house medical unit, but no longer a physician in the medical unit that is tending to the president. and the white house actually had to issue a statement of all these questions of whether or not he's going to retire. they did so earlier today, rod shaw, the deputy press secretary, saying he's on active duty, assigned to the white house, but they said despite published reports there are no personnel announcements at this time. of course, the white house has continued to defend dr. ronny jackson after this allegations up ended his nomination. they said they have documents that exonerate him, that he wasn't any kind of vehicle --
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government vehicle when he wrecked, that he didn't improperly distribute pills and they're continuing to stand by him and calling on the democratic senator who released those allegations to resign as the president did saturday night, kate. >> kaitlan, let's see what happens today. great to see you. joining me, mark preston, nia malika henderson. great to see both of you. the president again offering a strong defense of ronny jackson, calling them vicious rumors. what should people make of that? >> well, i think it is pretty clear that ronny jackson has been demoted. as much as the white house wants to say there are no personnel announcements, and that ronny jackson is innocent of all of the allegations and accusations have been made, it seems like
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some choice to demote him has been made. and we don't know why that has been made, if it has something to do with the accusations. and john tester released -- the democrats came up with based on interviews with about 23 folks, some of whom used to work with dr. jackson, so yes, something is going on here. what is also clear here is that ronny jackson doesn't have many defenders. it is mainly the president. not many other people out here. as much as you hear the white house saying this is a democratic sort of witch-hunt, there are not many republican defenders, not many -- i can't think of any republican senators who are out there defending ronny jackson and said that somehow he's been wronged and should in fact be the va secretary. so, yeah, i mean, this is a mystery. we have more questions about what his status is right now and going forward. >> that's why this is complicated. republicans not defending him.
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you have democratic former president who had written a good review of ronny jackson, president obama, and you have democrats who have said, worked at the white house saying i had nothing but a good experience with him. so that -- this is a complicated issue. maybe this is the most expected thing you can get is that the president blames john tester. he said over the weekend he has dirt on tester that would sink his re-election. is there any word that the president actually has dirt on a democratic senator and that he isn't -- that he isn't putting out there. why hold the fire? >> that's outrageous. look, if he had any information on john tester, that would make him unworthy to serve because of something he may have done illegally, or that he knows something in his past that he has skeletons and donald trump would have handed that over to republican operatives and taken out john tester right now because there is so much concern about the united states senate slipping out of republican hands, and going into democratic hands. this is important because if you
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just go back a year ago, kate, and as a lot of our viewers know, the united states senate was supposed to be very safe, republicans were supposed to do very well in november, well, because of the unpopularity of donald trump, which has also increased the excitement among liberals now, not only is the house of representatives likely to go to the democrats, there is a small possibility that the united states senate can. that's why donald trump is not telling the truth. >> real dirt or not, this is now becoming a real thing that john tester has to deal with though in his re-election because you guys know he's won one of the few democrats up for re-election in a state that trump won. let's talk about the caravan. it made its way to the u.s. border. just talking to both laila and kaitlan about where things stand. i'm starting to wonder if this becomes a rorschach test where ds and rs can claim victory. trump can blame democrats as he is for what he calls weak immigration laws that led to this, even though it is a legal process, but democrats can show
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the stats that vast majority of these people who apply, they're not -- they won't get in and show people waiting at the border to go through a legal process. >> it is always a real educational process for everybody watching this. this is something that has happened for a number of years. it happens around this time. they go through this legal process, they turn themselves over to american authorities and they judge whether or not they should have asylum this is something that not many people know about and we're seeing the pictures there of these folks. and the president, of course, elevating it in a way that we haven't seen other presidents do. because this was so central to his identity, to his candidacy, build the wall, being hawkish on immigration, and talking about wanting america to remain a sovereign state, and there is no country without borders. and now, of course, threatening government shutdown over the wall and all sorts of immigration laws. i think you'll see that and come
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november, we'll see if this is still something that either the parties are talking about. >> amazing that the president is threatening a government shutdown. so wild how it is all flipped. today, mark, i want to ask you, the president is meeting with the president of nigeria. this is the first to visit the president. another press conference, he can be asked anything and will be asked anything that comes up. has the president put that blank hole countries comment behind him? >> i don't think so. he going to get a pass on it, he'll get a pass on it for this reason alone. i bet you he brushes it off, calls it fake news, talks about how great the relationship is and the african countries need the united states, they really need our help and our money. so you're not going to hear anything negative out of them from the nigerian president today and i think donald trump will try to brush this under the rug as he has done with any other controversial topic.
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don't invade us and we'll dismantle our nukes and journalists can come watch. that's apparently the deal that kim jong-un has reportedly offered the united states ahead of the historic face to face in the works between kim and president trump. meantime, president trump is tweeting about that meeting. at least the location of it. with this. numerous countries are being considered for the meeting, but would peace house freedom house on the border of north and south korea be a more representative and important and lasting site than a third party country? just asking. trump said he expects the meeting to happen in three or four weeks and his new national security adviser had this to say about the location and any potential deal just yesterday. >> there is nobody starry eyed around here and we have all been
8:19 am
called a number of things, naive is not usually one of them. i think the president sees the potential here for historic agreement. a breakthrough that nobody could have imagined even a few months ago. that potential is there. but as he says repeatedly, the potential for no deal at all is also there. and we're not going to know until we actually have the meeting and see what kim jong-un is prepared to do. >> joining me now is a former white house adviser and veteran of negotiations with north korea in the clinton and obama administrations. thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure, kate. >> i've seen some reporting that the location in top contention for this meeting is singapore. you have president trump ask, and since he is asking about the peace house and the demilitarized zone, what do you think and does location matter so much? >> i don't think it matters at all. i can understand why the president is interested in peace
8:20 am
house because the pictures from last week's meeting between president moon and north korean leader kim were very impressive. and obviously the facility has been refurbished and it is in very good shape for the kind of photo-opes that you would expect from that kind of a summit. i don't think it really matters where the meeting is held. >> would it be a concession to kim at all if it was held there? >> i don't think so holding the meeting at all, no matter where it is held, would be a concession. where it is held wouldn't matter. >> i think it is fair to say, you have a healthy dose of skepticism with anything regarding kim jong-un. but that kim -- that kim is ready to give up anything of substance here especially. after hearing from john bolton there and also mike pompeo saying that they go in with their eyes wide open, does that make you any more comfortable or confident how things play out? >> well, i think the administration is right to open the talks with a very tough position, demanding that north
8:21 am
korea give up all of its nuclear weapons before it receives any political or economic benefits. the so-called libya model. but if that doesn't turn out to be achievable, the administration will have to make a decision. whether they want to end the negotiations or whether they're prepared to accept incremental steps with reciprocal actions by both sides. but i think that's still months away. the important thing is to begin the diplomatic process, starting with the summit. and then presumably both trump and kim will appoint chief negotiators, put up teams, and will start to really tough process of negotiating the details of nuclear disarmament. >> let me ask you about the libya model if you will. john bolton talked about it a couple of times yesterday. they're looking at libya as the model for denuclearization. do you think that is a good example that was -- that is going to keep kim at the table? >> well, it is a great example if we could achieve it. i don't think it is achievable.
8:22 am
the situation between libya and north korea are so completely different. libya had a very small underdeveloped nuclear program, it was completely isolated in the region under tremendous pressure. north korea has a very advanced nuclear program, with probably several dozen nuclear weapons and missiles, and it is not isolated in the region. it is now developed better relations with south korea, restored relations to some extent with china, so our bargaining leverage with north korea is simply not strong enough, i believe, to be able to compel them to accept the libya model. but nonetheless, i think it is a good opening position and we'll see where it takes us. >> the new secretary of state was asked if kim's watching, whether or not the trump -- whether or not president trump is going to pull the united states out of the iran deal is something of an indicator for their coming talks. pompeo said that in his view he
8:23 am
does not think that kim is watching everything that is going on with the iran deal and is not concerned about it. what do you think? >> i think it would be stupid for the u.s. to walk away from the iran deal and cause a rift with our european allies. i'm not sure it matters very much for north korea, mainly because whether we say in the iran deal or not, i don't think kim jong-un is prepared to give up his nuclear weapons. >> regardless, for you, it comes back to regardless he won't get the point that donald trump is hoping he gets to. do you think that donald trump deserves a nobel peace prize for his work? the south korean president told his cabinet he thinks so. >> let's wait and see what actually comes from these negotiations. it is true that i don't think north korea would eliminate its nuclear weapons. i do think we can achieve limits. i think even a continuation of the test moratorium is important technically. and that it is possible that
8:24 am
north korea will agree not to produce any more nuclear weapons, or limit its production of long range missiles, so those are all very important achievements in the absence of complete elimination. and if president trump is able to achieve those, then i think you certainly merit consideration for a nobel peace prize. >> gary samore, thank you for coming in, appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up next, president trump accuses vladimir putin of intervening in american politics, not in the way you might think. we'll be right back. ople confus. but they're different. it's nice to remove artificial ingredients. kind never had to. we choose real ingredients like almonds, peanuts and a drizzle of dark chocolate. find your favorite and give kind® a try. -i think it'll look really: good without the stripes. whatever your home may hand you, behr through it, in one coat. behr marquee, #1 rated interior paint. find it exclusively at the home depot.
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8:29 am
going to give it to donald trump's son on hillary clinton. and also who just admitted that she is an informant for the kremlin. watch this. >> for a year, a woman, she was, like, oh, i know nothing. all of a sudden, she's supposedly involved with government. you know why? if she did that, because putin and the group said, you know, this trump is killing us. why don't you say that you're involved with government so that we can go and make their life in the united states even more chaotic. look at what has happened. look at how the politicians have fallen for this junk. russian collusion. give me a break. >> all right, here with me now, democratic congressman kim jeffries of new york. he thinks putin put her up to it and told her to lie to create chaos over here. you think with this admission is
8:30 am
felony conspiracy. make your case. >> i think if you look at the overall picture, we understand russian interfered with our elections, we know that at the same time that russia was interfering with our democracy, high level members of the trump campaign including paul manafort and michael flynn and the son, the son-in-law, the personal attorney to foreign policy adviser, the long time good friend roger stone -- >> you're not keeping track, don't worry about it. >> it goes on and on and on. all the president's men were having regular communication with russian spies. and as bob mueller's job to figure out what was going on, but this mounting evidence that there was a conspiracy working with russian spies to sell out on democracy underminded the preszi presidential election. >> you don't have proof this is felony conspiracy. >> i disagree with that. i think, one, you have mounting evidence, for instance the
8:31 am
meeting that took place at trump tower in june of 2016, clearly a russian spy who is now acknowledged that on the record promising in advance of the meeting dirt on hillary clinton. this is a hostile foreign power saying to a presidential campaign we have something that you can use to undermine the election. that, to me, sounds like a conspiracy. now, listen, at the end of the day, bob mueller has to figure it out. >> another allegation of president trump called out this weekend at the rally was against democratic senator john tester. listen to this. >> tester started throwing out things that he's heard. well, i know things about tester that i could say too. and if i said them, he would never be elected again. >> this is about the white house
8:32 am
dr. ronny jackson. but nothing to do with jackson in the sense that if the president has dirt on john tester that could cripple him, does he have an obligation to the american people to say what he has. >> i think he's bluffing. john tester has been a great public servant, served his state well, i think he'll continue to serve his state well. at the end of the day, listen, the senate has a job to do. it is called advice and consent. it is in the constitution. all of my friends on the other side of the aisle who talk about the original intent of the constitution, i would think, would support the notion that the senate should aggressively vet as part of its constitutional responsibilities nominees that are being put forward and john tester and his team appear to do that in this case. >> this is not a partisan statement, but a strange instance where they were very few republicans who are coming to the defense of ronny jackson, saying we need to slow down, vet what you're saying. this needs to be vetted before anything continues.
8:33 am
about midterms, though, let's forget the senate for a second. in the house, if democrats do not win back the majority in the house, should nancy pelosi step aside? >> she's been a tremendous leader. that's a hypothetical question. i don't think she should step aside. >> we're talking hypothetically about a lot of things. you're guying to answ ing tgoin >> that will be a caucus decision to make. i don't think we have to confront that particular hypothetical because i think we'll win the house of representatives. >> you don't think -- she is a fund-raising juggernaut. she fund-raises like no one -- no democratic lead hears er has past. >> i think that generational change is going to come and caucus will have to figure out when that happens. beyond her being a fund raising juggernaut, she's a tremendous legislative leader. we don't control the house, the senate or the white house, we passed a spending bill where we increased funding for affordable housing, for public housing, for head start, increased funding
8:34 am
for community based hospitals, and then let them cut a dime from social security and medica medicare. how did that happen? the caucus was unified under her leadership. >> real quick. you were there. i saw you there. across the room. saturday night, the correspondents' dinner. there has been a lot of reaction, of course, including from the president, he called it big boy bust and the dinner is dead and called the comedian filthy. where do you land on this? >> well, you know, i think, one, you know, the comedian was very funny and brilliant at times and rough at times. but for this president or for his allies to lecture us about decency is just the height of hypocrisy. it is so outrageous. this is the president who went after, for instance, african nations and called them s-hole countries, he called black athletes sobs, he made fun of disabled reporters. you have some nerve.
8:35 am
so i dismiss everything he has to say. moving forward, we can all figure out how to come together as a nation to get things done on behalf of the american people and that's what i think we should do certainly in congress. >> thank you for coming in. appreciate it. coming up for us, fight like hell, that's the message from president trump to the republicans six months out from the midterms. a new report says the president may not be fully grasping or understanding just what is at stake for the party. we'll be right back. as you get older.our bras but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey! oh, that's my robe. is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance. and still get great coverage for you and your family. call
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it's hard to get all the daily that's why i love fiber choice. it has the fiber found in many fruits and vegetables, all in a tasty, chewable tablet. fiber choice... the smart choice. historically, when you win the presidency, the person that wins the party that wins does poorly in what they call the midterms. and the reason is, i guess, you take it easy a little bit, right? we got to go out, we got to go
8:40 am
out, and we got to fight like hell and we got to win the house and win the senate and i think we're going to do great in the senate and i think we're going to do great in the house because the economy is so good. >> going to do great. that's president trump over the weekending his rosy prediction on the midterm election. new york times is reporting now that the president may be ignoring warnings from top republicans about the bruising they fear is coming. so now six months out what do republicans do? does the president help or hurt? was saturday night a preview of the president's midterm pitch. if so, how did he do? for the purposes of this segment, we're going to be referred to as mr. burns and mr. conan as alex says in new york times style. mr. burns, what are republicans
8:41 am
telling us? what are republicans telling you about how the president is responding to these warn frgz top republicans? >> look, they're really sort of two pieces of news here. first, the reality that the president's senior most advisers, senior folks on the hill told him directly he should expect to lose control of the house of representatives and that the senate also is vulnerable -- >> that's already news. >> the fact they're talking about the senate being vulnerable, they were not saying that four or five months ago. that's a major shift in the playing field. the second piece of news here is that the president is sort of brushing off these warnings, that he's worried in the sense that he's sort of fixated on the midterms, asks people what he thinks is going to happen what he thinks is going to happen. when people tell him to his face, we're going to lose the house or we're almost certain to lose the house, he just says that's not going to happen. and for republicans in washington, that's deeply unnerving because their feeling is if the president doesn't commit to a strategy for the midterms and --
8:42 am
>> didn't take it seriously -- >> they don't think he'll stay on message, they think he can stick to some broad plan for how he can be helpful. >> let's talk about staying on message. here is a semicomplete list of the topics that the president touched on in this campaign rally saturday night. standing for the national anthem, immigration, north korea, the white house doctor and senator john tester, calling james comey a liar, trade with china, moving the embassy to jerusalem, the caravan at the southern border, obamacare, his approval ratings and the white house correspondents' dinner. if this is a preview of his campaign pitch for republicans up for re-election, would you tell your candidate to bring him in? >> depends where my candidate was running. i agree with mr. burns' report, a lot are concerned about the midterms. president trump's support has not proven transferrable. the only reason that the senate is at all at risk is because of what happened in alabama where the candidate -- the president
8:43 am
trump supported lost in alabama, which should not happen. the same thing happened in the rural district in pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago. if president trump's political support is not transferrable in the midterms, we're going to continue to see republicans under perform and that is very troubling. i like the rally on saturday night. i didn't like everything he necessarily said in it. but he is trying to get his base fired up. that is what he has to do if we're going to hold on to the senate, let alone the house. >> good point. mr. burns, you're also reporting that team trump is debating now whether or not to focus on house races or try to defend the republican majority in the senate. what are they weighing? >> a number of factors on both fronts. for folks who think that the house is looking very, very ugly, that it looks like it is very unlikely that republicans will keep control, the question is how much time do they put into trying to hold down republican losses in the house so that it is not a blowout and so that the president has a whole bunch of friends in the house on the republican side,
8:44 am
people who are grateful to him for showing up, even in the face of defeat, so that even under democratic control, democratic investigations, democratic push for impeachment, he has friends in that chamber. on the other hand, you know, if democrats do take control of the house, the only thing the president is going to be able to count on being able to do in the back end of his term is appointments and if the democrats take the senate too, that gets dicey as well. >> when it comes down to it, mr. cone, trump doesn't have a great track record and when it comes to where he's really thrown his weight behind a candidate, you know, roy moore and rick saccone, where do the republicans think they can -- that he's going to be most had helpful. where can he turn an election in the gop's favor? >> he can be helpful in two ways. one is fund-raising. i was encouraged in alex's report this weekend that the president is not going to be doing weekly fund-raisers.
8:45 am
that's critical. so far democrats have been out raising republicans. that's a problem. and second, the president can do what he did to senator tester this weekend. he can sustain -- if he can do -- sustained -- >> something he's got dirt when clearly there is no way he has dirt on tester. >> if he can attack democratic senators, democratic members of the house, every single day between now and the midterms, put pressure on them, especially the ones that represented red districts, red states, that is extremely helpful for us. i think tester woke up this morning a lot more worried about his re-election than he was last week. why? president trump is popular in montana. if trump makes tester an issue, tester will have a tough re-election. he needs to stay on the attack. i think there has been far too many times when president trump has been critical of congress, critical of republican leaders in congress, he needs to recognize they're his friends and spend every moment between now and the midterms attacking democrats, and raising money for his republican friends. >> i fear he's never going to really think they are all friends when it comes to republican leaders.
8:46 am
but your point is a good one. if you move tester to defense rather than being on offense, that's already something of a win when the republicans try to take him on. great to see you. thank you. they'll be coming to a theater near you. coming up, does michael cohen have proof of alien life on mars. he's made the cover of the national enquire now. why he's there and what it has to do with president trump. that's next. (vo) lately, i've been selective about what i eat. this new beneful select 10, has 10 amazing ingredients! (avo) with real beef, plus accents of
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from solacious supermarket headlines to the white house,
8:51 am
question mark? president trump is not feeling the love these days. he's now turning on the journalists. some see the tabloids an abrupt about-face as a sign the president himself is trying to distance himself from cohen, including the lawyer representing porn star stormy daniels in her lawsuit against mr. cohen. >> mr. trump and the administration have concluded what i've been saying for weeks, that michael cohen is in a lot of trouble and he's going to flip on the president. this is their first effort on their part to undermine mr. cohen's credibility so they can claim when he does flip that he's a liar, he has no credibility, et cetera. mr. trump realizes he's in a lot of trouble and he's in panic mode. >> here with me now, host of "reliable sources" brian stelter
8:52 am
is here. brian, what do you think? yes, i find it amazing we're talking about the national enquirer, but what do you think? what is the national enquirer saying and do you think they speak on behalf of the president now? >> it sure looks and smells that way. it feels that way. it's very hard to prove this direct connection. what we do know for sure is the president is close friends with david peculiker who is the ownef the national enquirer. there does seem to be a two-way street where the enqiurer support the president and the president supports the enquirer. when you're at the supermarket these days and you see the enquirer, it's worth looking to see what the president is thinking about, what the message
8:53 am
of the president's world is, and it often gives you a clue of what happened. when michael flynn was going down, the enquirer said that the president was being turned on. it doesn't seem like an accident. >> do they deny claims of coordination? >> they sometimes deny specific claims of coordination, they don't deny the tabloid, that the president supports them and their agenda. don't forget, they almost printed the story about karen mcdougal. president trump is going to be welcoming the president of nigeria to the white house. we're taking a live look at the white house there. a beautiful day in washington. it will be the first time the president hosts an african leader since taking office.
8:54 am
will tpresident trump denying te two countries in africa ba backtrack on him now? help us do our jobs better. with domo we can run this place together. well that's that's your job i guess. ♪
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it's closing arguments today in the department of justice. the justice department is trying to block at&t from buying time warner. t-mobile and sprint are planning a $26 billion partnership. where are things heading here? jessica schneider is outside the courthouse in d.c. where everything happens. jessica, what do we expect from closing arguments today? >> a big six-week trial with media implications for the business world and the media world. i was inside the courtroom as the government began their
8:59 am
90-minute closing arguments. they're trying to put a point on all the arguments they're making throughout this month and a half long trial. there are two big arguments the government is stress to go the judge right now. basically they're saying if this proposed merger goes through between at&t and time werner, this will increase prices for consumers. the government also arguing this will stifle the competition in those emerging entities like sling tv or dish tv, the direct competitors to the cable tv model that's been out there for decades. the government has had an uphill battle throughout this entire trial. many of the court watchers and also the business watchers who have been inside this trial say that the government really hasn't been effective in making its case to the judge. they argue that at&t has had a more forceful and effective presentation here. in fact, early on in the trial, the government's own witness, a comcast executive, sort of undercut some of the government's arguments here, saying any merger here would not really affect the carriage negotiations or really have any
9:00 am
huge implications on consumers here. so that's what the government is fighting back on, reminding the judge of the implications that they say this merger will have. what's interesting here, kate, is that after at&t wraps their closing a little bit later this afternoon, the judge will then sit down to write what he kp expects to be a 200-page opinion here, and we expect any decision will come before the june 21st deadline that is looming for at&t and time werner. kate? >> definitely a must read. thank you so much. thank you all also for joining me. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. thank you, kate, and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. president trump's team says they're not starry-eyed about the prospect of north korea giving up its nukes. south korea's leaders


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