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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 14, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it's for the individual states, unless congress is going to outright ban. >> it won't affect the recreational gamble that has a bookie. they've been doing this for a long time. now they can make their bad decisions legal. >> a major decision of the u.s. supreme court guys. the white house press briefing set to begin any minute now. stay with us, our live coverage continues. the white house press briefing is scheduled to start at any moment. as the trump administration marks a bill milestone in u.s. diplomacy. the embassy officially onned in jerusalem. jared kushner says the opening is proof that the president keeps his promises. >> today also demonstrates american lead irship. by moving our embassy to jerusalem, we have shown the
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world once again that the united states can be trusted. we stand with our friends and o allies, and we have shown that the united states of america will do what's right and so we have. >> as jared kushner hails the white house standing by its word, the president is getting hammered for appearing to back down on u.s. sanctions. president trump tweeted he wants to help zte, it is on the sanctions list for doing business with iran as well as north korea. what about the white house aide who insulted john mccain. she told mccain's daughter she would publicly apologizapologiz. well, in the end, that is something that has not happened, and the white house has been more upset about leaks rather than what was said in that meeting. there's much to discuss, as we wait for the briefing to begin. i have with me now, dana bash.
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dana bash and chris is a liz saturday. we're going to hear the briefing soon. let's start with the focus on jerusalem, we've seen the treasury secretary, ivanka trump, jared kushner who spoke at the opening of the embassy in jerusalem. which used to be in tel aviv. he's talking about this being a path forward nor peace. you see something correcting that in gaza, where there have been dozens of deaths from protesters, some protests have turned violent. you've seen israeli border guards uses live fire. according to the palestinians, some children, some minors are among those -- the dozens who are dead. >> this is an image that rasha is going to be confronted with. how does he deal with it. >> it's as predictable as can you imagine. that protests and violence would break out as a result of what happened.
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>> we were talking before coming on, the question is how is it managed? i think if you look at this big picture right now, it doesn't at least amir to be managed very well both from the israeli point of view, and maybe more importantly, from the american point of view, because the reason why we have been on the campaign trail with candidate africandy date africandy date democrat and republican vowing to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, once they became president it didn't happen. the reason is, it's great campaign rhetoric, at the end of the day, the people in the middle east who are trying to get to a peace process see it one way and that is, that the united states putting their thumbs on the scale of the israelis. >> that's exactly right. it's a good issue to dana's point. it's a good issue to campaign on, it's a tough issue to make happen as president. because it's seen not as --
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trump is saying, this is the first step in the peace process, let's get this out of the way, and we can talk about the other things. traditionally, he's not traditional, but traditionally it's been seen as a final peace of a middle east peace process. because it is -- >> to other parts? >> because it is so contentious. there's -- it is predictable at the same time. donald trump, i believe -- at least the people around him understood what this would mean, and they view if as a way to shake up a process that needs shaking up. >> and that's -- >> whether it works or not. >> that's the other point, the flip side so this, which we should talk about here, for decades and decades in both parties, american presidents have been trying to lead the way in this process, and have
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failed. all the parties have failed. i'm not saying this is going to work. >> hey, i did it. >> it's something different. the trump administration argues that this takes the jerusalem issue off the table. of course, other people who disagree with this move say it takes it off the table and it takes the whole peace process off the table along with it, but you never know. this president compromised to do things differently, and he's doing it. >> as we await the briefing, rasha is going to be confronted by questions raised, concerns raised. criticism raised by u.s. allies, you know, france is saying, this violates international law. this violates u.n. security council resolutions, what is he -- how does he confront that? >> well, maybe he'll point to the two countries in south america. >> who are supportive. >> largely evangelical populations, the only two who have already done what the u.s. has done. >> international law, you can
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get to the end of the day on that, and there will be debates for many, many months and maybe even longer on that, at the end of the day, the united states decided to move its own embassy, and it has a lot of support domestically among the president's supporters and domestically among the israeli leadership. >> kelly sadler, this aide who dismissed john mccain's criticism of donald trump's cia pick. saying, he's dying anyway. told meghan mccain in this phone call, meghan mccain requested a public apology, and kelly sadler said she would do that, and now she hasn't, which makes you -- it's sort of the easy cognitive leap is, it's not her decision about making that public apology. it comes down to what the white house thinks. what do you think about why she has not done this? >> i don't know. >> it seems like apologizing is the easiest thing to do.
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i know it's difficult, but you can -- it's not that hard to say, i'm sorry for this, it was meant as a joke, i should have never joked about it, i'm sorry, the end. >> they've now turned it into a thing with this defense over the weekend, you first heard it from sarah sanders friday, you heard it from mick mulvaney, which is it essentially, the real problem here is not the sentiment that kelly sadler -- it's that it liked. we have a problem with leaking. it's a -- it's bad enough that she felt she -- kelly sadler felt comfortable making a joke like this, okay? that says something about the culture in the white house that donald trump sets from the top. the fact that this is now being turned into, we're leaking and we should -- that's not what this is about. it just isn't, and by doing that, you now turn it into a political football. we know donald trump doesn't like to apologize, right? he never has. >> that's it. >> if he says, if we do this, it
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makes us look weak now, we're not going to do it. 12k3w4r no, the president doesn't apologize. just a quick anecdote. i covered the mccain 2008 presidential race in ohio. there was a mccain rally, there was a very popular conservative radio host, who is warming up the crowd, who referred to obama as barack hussein obama multiple times. that's all he did. what did john mccain do? he denounced it, he repudiated it, he takes responsibility for it, and it will never happen again. you know what happened? mccain got a lot of guff for that from conservatives regr regretting that he was their nominee. he said he was doing it, because he thought that was right. it shows you the sort of juxtaposition of these two situations. >> it is really a difference. we're going to take a quick break, you guys are going to steak around with me, as we await the white house press briefing. it's going to begin any moment
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margot kidder has died. she had been a staple in movies and television since 1968. she's best known for playing lois lane in all four of the christopher reeve superman movies. >> did you have plans this evening? >> oh. oh. this old thing, no. >> it's no trouble if i come back later. >> don't move. or -- sure, can you move. just don't fly away, okay? >> she passed away quietly at her home in montana.
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margot kidder was 69 years old. michael, most people know her from the superman fill. s, that was an iconic scene we just played. talk about margot kidder's legacy, what is it? >> she really was best known as lois lane in four superman movies in the 1970s and '80s, and she brought a fierce intelligence and charisma to that role. her legacy was being a survivor. she was in a car accident in 1990, she was bankrupt. she was later diagnosed as bipolar, she disappeared for a few days, she kept on going, and i met her a few years ago at an autograph convention, she was every bit as fiercely intelligent and charismatic as i mentioned in her screen roles. >> michael at this point we do not know the cause of death, as we understand it, but her family says she did pass away quietly at her home.
11:15 am
>> yes, that's apparently the case, she will be missed, her legacy as lois lane will live forever, because those movies were classic superhero transformations of comic book material to the screen, which continues with avenger and all the marvel stuff. she was ahead of the curve. margot was the greatest lois lane, i'm thrilled to have met her. she was a terrific movie star, and someone who survived a lot of personal tragedy. >> she was a survivor, as we say good-bye to margot kidder, we're going to take a quick break. as we await the white house briefing. i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster.
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mr. shaw saved lives when he wrestled a gun from an active shooter who opened fire. last week we saw another another terrorist attack in central paris. pledge any assistance needed. with that, i'll take your questions. john zm. >> a couple if i could, at the same time, there was the celebratory air in jerusalem as the u.s. was moving its embassy, in the south of israel. along with gaza. there was a lot of violence that resulted in more than 41 people losing their lives. is the president concerned about
11:21 am
the demonstrations there and israel's response to people trying to climb over the fence? >> we're aware of the reports of continued violence in gaza today. the responsibility for these tragic deaths rest squarely with hamas. hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response. israel has the right to defend itself. >> what's the president's thinking on zte. they violated rules. they were sanged for 5.12 billion dollars. you have the heads of six intelligenceations telling congress they wouldn't use zte devices because of counter espionage concerns. they also wouldn't recommend americans use zte devices.
11:22 am
what is the president's thinking. >> this involves economic issues, national security issues. it's an issue of high concern for china, that's been raised with the u.s. government and our administration at various levels. the president has asked secretary ross to look into it. consistent with applicable laws and regulations. >> i guess someone does fall on that. does the president give secretary ross any specific instructions on how he wanted that case to go? and when you say it was raised, i assume you mean in the context of the ongoing trade discussions between the u.s. and china? is there a sort of direct linkage there where china can make a concession on retaliatory tariffs, we can see from the u.s. kind of easing back on zte? >> well, he's asked secretary ross to look into the matter, consistent with applicable laws and regulations. and it's been brought up on a
11:23 am
number of levels. i wouldn't restrict it to the talks you're referencing. >> didn't the commerce department make an independent judgment when they decided to issue the sanctions. against zte? can you talk about the significance of bringing it up again now how much does it have to do with the impends north korea summit. critics will say the president wants china's support, nieds china's support, that is why he's now backing off on this sanction against zte? >> it's part of the u.s. relationship with china, which is complex. it has economic factors, national security factors. this is one of many factors, the president is asking the secretary of commerce to look into the matter consistent with laws and regulation. >> senator lindsey graham said,
11:24 am
i wish someone from the white house would tell the cun the that what kelly sadler said was inappropriate. why not just apologize so america doesn't think that is an acceptable way of speaking inside this white house? >> well, i understand the focus on this issue, but it's going to be dealt with and has been dealt with internally. you know -- >> how? >> i was told kel when i sadler called the mccain family late last week and did apologize. beyond that i don't have further comment. >> she -- kelly sadler told meghan mccain she would apologize publicly, that has not yet happened. why has that not happened? >> i was not on the call. i was told she made it prior to the story being published. >> are there any concerns that this white house seems more concerned about the fact that there was a leak than the content of what was said? >> well, i think we're concerned
11:25 am
about all sorts of matters, but this is an internal matter, it's being addressed internally, and i don't have anything further to add. >> has she been reprimanded? >> obviously, if i explain all that, it won't remain internal. she's still an employee here at the white house, she came to work today. >> why hasn't she publicly apologized as she told meghan mccain she would? >> she has addressed it directly with the family, and i don't have anything further. >> on zte, how does the president trump statement that too many chinese jobs are at risk square with his campaign promise that china is stealing american jobs. >> i don't think this has i? bearing on the president's campaign promises. let's look at the overall the economic record, the president has overseen an economy in which we have the lowest unemployment rate since 2000, it's at 3.9%. over 2 million jobs have been created since this president took office.
11:26 am
he's been tough, let's put this into context, this president has taken china to task for its unfair trade practices. he's introduced and proposed over -- rather up to $150 billion of tariffs on china for intellectual property theft. dumping in a range of chinese economic actions, he's been tough, and he's confronted them, on this issue specifically, he's asked the secretary of commerce to take a look at it. >> the death toll is over 50 in gaza. >> we believe that hamas is responsible for these tragic deaths, they are rather cynical exploitation of the situation, is what's leading to these deaths and we want them stopped. >> there's no burden on israel to do something to reign it in?
11:27 am
>> we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that hamas bears responsibility for the dire situation. >> how does this -- the united states has been wanting to put out a peace plan. how does today's situation hurt that? >> i don't think it hurts the peace plan. the peace plan will be introduced at the appropriate time, but what today is about is following through on what the president promised and believes. and it's also recognition of reality. i think we -- for decades walked on egg shells pretending jerusalem isn't the capital of israel when it obviously is. >> there seems to be some confusion given the messages on sunday news shows. from secretary pompeo, and national security adviser bolton about what exactly the u.s. is asking of north korea. is the administration's position that the u.s. expects the complete verifiable --
11:28 am
>> our policy has been the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. that's going to be the purpose of the meeting. >> if you can address, the criticism of the president's tonetator of north korea, saying he treated the detainees excellently. the president's rhetoric has certainly shifted on kim jong-un, and i'm wondering if you can explain why. and whether he thinks that he's going too far, and sort of praising kim jong-un. >> i think the president's rhetoric has reflected kim jong-un's actions, i think kim jong-un has stepped forward and made pledges to halt nuclear
11:29 am
tests, halt icbm tests. and has released these prisoners, those are signs of good faith, we hope to build on that. >> if i can very quickly, about what's taking place in gaza, he urged israeli authorities to exercise direction and restraint. does he not agree with the u.s. >> we believe that hamas is responsible for what's going on. >> there's no responsibility beyond that -- kill at will? >> we believe that hamas as an organization has engauged in cynical action leading to these deaths. >> let me follow up on kelly sadler today. >> matt schlapp portrayed kelly sadler as a little bit of a victim here. do you agree? >> again, the matter is going to be addressed -- has been addressed internally, what i will say, is that when you work in any work environment, you with your colleagues at nbc, or
11:30 am
elsewhere, if you aren't in internal meetings to speak your mind without feeling like your colleagues will betray you, that's a difficult work environment. >> is there any environment where that would be viewed as appropriate? >> i'm not going so address it any further. >> you said it was dealt with. has it been dealt with since last week? >> she called the mccain family, i'm not going to address it any more. >> it's been reported you were leading the meeting where kelly sadler said what she said. how did it strike you, did you find it to be inappropriate? and how did -- what was the reaction of -- >> this is not about my opinion or anyone else's opinion. it's an internal matter, and we've addressed it internally. >> two questions. first, the white house is
11:31 am
hosting some kind of meeting on wednesday with, california officials. on sanctuary cities. can you tell us what that's about, will the president attend and what's the point -- >> i can't obviously get ahead of the meeting, but the department of justice is engaged in certainly gas station regarding sanctuary cities in california, we believe that california should help us and all municipalities and states, should help the federal government in enforcing federal law, in helping to deport when appropriate criminal illegal immigrants and help stem the tide of illegal immigration in the united states. it's actually on the rise now, it's a point of frustration for the president, for the administration, so that will be part of what's discussed. >> no negotiation. this is just to solidify your point? >> i'm saying i'm not going to get ahead of the meeting. >> the president is going to
11:32 am
capitol hill tomorrow to meet with senate republicans. can you tell us about that meeting and the topic of the conversation, do you think he will not get asked by senators about the kelly sadler issue? >> well, obviously, you have to ask senators what they'll ask him. but -- >> i think he will be discussing the administration's agenda, i think a focus of that will be on appointees and getting the president's team in place. particularly gina haspel, who we believe should be confirmed as the next cia director. this is an individual who's had over three decades of exemplary service and experience with the cia. we hope the senate takes it upon themselves to confirm her. >> is there another issue? >> it's to talk about the administration's agenda. >> raj? >> yes, you said -- >> the trump organization -- >> thank you.
11:33 am
>> the trump organization is involved in a project in indonesia, building hotels, golf course residences. it's getting up to $500 million in backing from the chinese government. can you tell or explain the administration's perspective on how this wouldn't violate the emoluments clause, and how it wouldn't violate the president's own promise that his private organization would not be getting involved in new foreign deals while he was president. >> i'll have to refer you to the trump organization. >> the trump organization can't speak on behalf of the president. >> you're asking about a private organization's dealings that may have to deal with a foreign government. it's not something i can speak to. >> a couple things. i need some information -- we all need more information about the conversation the president had by phone -- why wasn't it
11:34 am
here at the white house. and also, what about prison reform, if you can give us a little more about prison reform, we understand it's working its way, and there's a push from the white house 37 and also on sadler. where is decency and morality come in to play in the workplace about whatever personal feelings are, he was broken and bruised for this country. to say those things? >> that's an internal matter and has been addressed internally. yes. we're pleased to see the house markup with a broad bipartisan vote. prison legislation that the white house is supportive of that particularly jared kushner has been very involved with, you know, we believe that that legislation can help reduce
11:35 am
costs in prisons and improve quality. we hope to see it looked at at the house floor. and eventually pass the senate. and with respect to james shaw, it was a conversation that the president asked to have, and -- >> why not -- >> he's saluting? >> i don't know if he was invited. i just honestly don't have more for you. >> thank you, i wanted to ask you about the embassy today -- >> yes. >> the person who delivered the indication. robert jeffries, he's made some statements in the past that he believes that muslims are going to help, jews are going to hell, hindus are going to hell. >> can you say he's one of the right people to speak at the opening of the embassy in israel. and can you give us information on how that came to be? >> i don't know how that came to
11:36 am
be, and i know that -- i think it's -- i think it's pastor jeffries has had a strong relationship with many people in the faith community. as well as folks in the administration, and republicans on the hill and others. i believe democrats as well. i believe he has a longstanding relationship with public officials. beyond that, i don't have a lot to add. >> do you think it's appropriate for a person who said jews are going to hell to speak at the opening of our embassy in israel. >> i haven't seen those remarks, but those aren't the remarks of the president. >> two questions for you, first on zte. did the chinese government give any specific concession for the president of the united states to tweet in support of a chinese company? >> no, the president has asked secretary ross to look into the matter. >> why did he do that? >> the issue has been raised at many levels by the chinese
11:37 am
government with various levels of our administration. >> raising the issue was enough to spawn a presidential -- >> it's a significant issue of concern of the chinese government, you know, and in our bilateral relationship, there's a give and take, and we discuss these issues. >> and another -- on the president's tweet on paris, he said america needs to change its thought processes. what did he mean by that? what was he hinting at? >> i think that, you know, i think that the president wants the united states to be tough on terrorists. once our government to be tough on terrorists. i haven't asked him about that specific tweet, i think his thoughts on how to address terrorism are clear. look through the legal system, through our foreign affairs policy. so understanding the existential threat that terrorists pose to american citizens and addressing it accordingly. >> raj. >> yes.
11:38 am
>> on the issue of peace between the white house and palestinians, when is the last time the white house reached out to the palestinians. given the massive casualties, will the white house be reaching out? >> i don't have an answer for you opinion. >> jared kushner in his speech, pointed a finger at the palestinians, saying they were responsible for provoking violence. it's only palestinians that are being killed. should israel not shoulder some of the blame? >> as i said earlier, we believe hamas bears the responsibility. this is a propaganda attempt. i think the israeli government has spent weeks trying to handle this without violence. and we find it very unfortunate -- >> throwing rocks 50 meters from the wall and facing sniper attack. is the white house -- >> we believe that hamas is responsible for this.
11:39 am
>> let me ask you, on zte, people should not be using zte products because of security concerns. does the president himself believe there's a security concern? >> i haven't asked him about that, but again, he's asked the commerce department to look into this matter, consistent with applicable laws and regulations. >> it wouldn't surprise me if they bring up zte. it would be an enforcement action separate from trade. is that the position from the white house, whatever may or may not happen with zte, that has nothing to do with trade negotiations or does it? >> i think secretary ross speaks nor the u.s. government on this matter. the president has asked him to look into, i haven't seen those remarks and i'm sure there will be follow-up conversations.
11:40 am
>> does the white house have any opinion on the decision? >> i don't have a reaction for you just yet. >> on israel, the white house and the united states are hoping to release their peace plan in the next few months. going back to that split screen. i understand you're blaming these on hamas, does the white house feel the position is undermined now that happened the last time the count was at 52? >> no, we don't. the peace plan will be brought forward at the appropriate time, it can be evaluated on its merits, the actions today, both the opening of the embassy in jerusalem and these tragedies in southern israel. we don't think it will impact the peace plan. >> on a different form. the president isn't going to the royal wedding this weekend. we saw him deliver a video address at the embassy opening.
11:41 am
will he deliver an address of some sort by video. is he sending a gift? is there anything you can tell us about that? >> i don't have anything for you. >> last month, sarah said that -- >> say that again. >> last month, sarah said the allegations against the governor of missouri were concerning, the governor now is on trial this week. does the president believe he should resigned. he's campaigned with him, met him, been out with him several times. she he resign irrespective of the verdict? >> i'll have to get back to you on that, i don't have anything. >> thank you, raj. later this week, thursday and friday, chinese officials are supposed to be here in d.c. to have continued frayed meetings. can you tell us which u.s. officials and chinese officials are going to be involved in those. what the president hopes to come out of those continued talks. and has the administration
11:42 am
provided -- the u.s. was -- the administration was considering providing a list out of what they would like to see. >> some of those details, the participants have yet to be determined, and we'll provide that information when it's ready, but look, the u.s. china relationship, again is a complex one. we believe that china has engaged in decades of unfair trade practices, forced technology transfers, and the like. that was part of the discussion that went on when the u.s. delegation, or u.s. group of administration officials went to china, that's going to be continued later this week. >> last week. >> thank you, raj. you said before that you hadn't heard pastor jeffries remarks. he said mormonism, judaism, they lead people to an eternity of separation from god in hell.
11:43 am
another pastor said hitler was an instrument of god. separate from that on sunday, jared kushner and ivanka trump met with the chief rabbi in israel. he once referred to black people as monkeys. do you have any information how these people were brought into the ceremonies. and do you think it's regrettable these people were involved with the american government. >> i don't have any read out on how they became involved with these events. those specific reviews you outlined wouldn't be embraced by this white house about beyond that i don't have anything else. >> thanks a lot, folks. >> whether or not that guy is worthy -- >> a lot of still unanswered questions coming to us from the white house press briefing, bringing back chris cillizza and dana bash. i want to start with this china
11:44 am
corporation, that's getting special treatment from the u.s. in the face of sanctions. let's talk about these comments by a white house aide about jong mccain. she said she would apologize publicly, she has not. and what we heard over and over from raj shaw, this is being dealt with internally. >> who cares. it's not about internal, it's external. that's the whole point. the point is, to make clear to the public that a conversation you're having in and around the trump white house, where this kind of remark is made, which she clearly regrets, given the fact that she called meghan mccain, make it public. and at the end of the day, i think we have a pretty good sense of why it's not public. because donald trump doesn't apologize, and let's just say she did apologize publicly.
11:45 am
then you made this observation while we were watching. every single time, something of this ilk happens. the question at the briefing will be, will kelly sadler apologize? why shouldn't the president? that is not an excuse, just an explanation. >> and that's a reality, i mean, if she were to apologize, and then you have president trump saying anything like that, of course, that's going to be the measure, so what's not acceptable for a lower level aide is somehow acceptable for the president? he doesn't lead by example? the answer to that question is, no, he doesn't. >> especially now, i think that's possible that when the story broke, which is thursday, thursdayish, if kelly sadler put out a statement that said, i made a terribly insensitive attempt at a joke, i regret it. >> wouldn't have been a great story for them, but it would have been over. i don't know that we would be
11:46 am
having this conversation about what it means for donald trump's inability or unwillingness to apologize. but now, this -- it's an internal matter defense is ridiculous, and peter alexander, who asked a question in there, that's the right one, is there any situation in which expressing views like the one that kelly sadler -- >> no one denies she expressed. >> raj shaw's point was, you should be able to have a conversation at work, and know that it's not going to become public. that's when he said what you're explaining? >> right, so the reporter says, is it ever appropriate to talk in these terms. it's an internal matter i'm not going to get into it. >> that's like saying you can express racist views, as long as they're expressed internally. it's not accurate. this is the president of the united states, this is a staffer for the president of the united states who theoretically works
11:47 am
for the people of this country. so when you do things like this you don't get to hide behind -- it's an internal matter, it's not how it does work, and it's definitely not how it should work. >> john mccain has a sense of humor and he's said some off chore things. maybe not like this, but he said things he later had to apologize for. he and his family would understand it, this should not be something we are talking about, they are prolonging and they are making -- prolonging this issue, and making it even bigger unnecessarily so. >> she will also -- this is what she will carry forever. this is sort of the scandal that will be around -- just around her for some time, it's -- >> and it's not just -- i think people have a tendency when these things crop up, you media, you just want to make them apologize. i would remind people that lindsey graham, lots of other republican senators, republican elected officials haveappalling
11:48 am
we should not go. this is not the three of us saying you should apologize. this is a broad spectrum, and the reason why not, always comes back, it starts at the top, donald trump sets the tone by which a joke in air quotes is acceptable. and he makes it so that you can't just say, sorry, i said a dumb thing, like we've all said at varying levels of dumb things in our lives, i shouldn't have said it. because the president doesn't ever say sorry, it's very hard then to justify a staffer saying i'm sorry. >> talking about the unveiling of the american embassy in jerusalem that had previously been in tel aviv. this is something a lot of presidents have campaigned on, but haven't actually did, the president did it, and the way they were describing it in the briefing room, you had this
11:49 am
split screen, that's what we saw as this was happening, jared kushner speaking. you're seeing protests around, not far at all from where this was going on. specifically in gaza where it got very violent. and you're looking at dozens of deaths. raj shaw saying, this is hamas, they cynically and intentionally provoked this response. someone followed up a little later with, these were rocks met with gunfire, and again he goes, hamas. >> true. >> this is again. how many times have we unfortunately tragically heard those questions? and that kind of answer. from american administrations, and i think at the end of the day, the reason is, because this is to borrow a term from raj shaw, extremely complex, he was talking about china, but i'll apply it here, they're both, they're all right. >> hamas is instigating this, and at the same time, they might
11:50 am
be using rocks versus guns. it doesn't make it right. there is no easy answer, which is why the critics of the trump administration of making this decision -- of moving the embassy say you are making it harder to make a very, very  difficult situation that's been going on for generations even more difficult. >> so much of this is tied into donald trump's belief that politicians of the past, democrats and republicans have promised things on the campaign trail and refused to do them because they're politically difficult. so much of this is promise made, promise kept. that's what he operates under. he also operates under orthodoxy. this is unorthodoxed. i would say, if we were sitting here talking about six months ago, i would not have said, i bet this will lead to a historic summit in singapore between kim
11:51 am
jong-un and donald trump. it's worth noting that unorthodoxy does sometimes yield results. >> this is orthodoxcy on the whole issue of the middle east. donald trump and people who are representing him in israel and the united states. cannot stand the idea of what they call a moral equivalency. how can you blame israel for doing what they're doing, when they believe that hamas is 10 times worse, because they do terrorist acts and use kids as human shields. and those are the people who believe that, who helped get donald trump elected. especially with the money -- >> dana bash, chris cillizza. next, we're going to go live to the region, a historic moment met with deadly clashes as the u.s. and israel celebrate the opening of the embassy in jerusalem. hear what the president's son in law said at the ceremony.
11:52 am
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11:56 am
donald trump's campaign promise has just become a reality. the historic opening of a new u.s. embassy. and the recognition of jerusalem as the capitol. israel basking in glory. while simultaneously fighting battles. thousands rally at the border between gaza and israel. at least 55 people have been killed making this the deadliest day since the 2014 war. this scene playing out near where the president's daughter and son in law stood. >> once in office, this president delivered. because when president trump makes a promise, he keeps it. >> a video message from the president, playing at the ceremony.
11:57 am
>> israel is it a sovereign nation with the right like every other sovereign nation to determine its own capital. yet for many years we failed to acknowledge the obvious, the plain reality that israel less capital is jerusalem. >> joining me now, daniel shapiro. do you think this is a trump doctrine, go it alone foreign policy -- >> i don't think i want to give the credit for a doctrine that governs all of his foreign policy which is happen hazard and not well staffed. i do support the move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, because it's israel's capital and has been since israel's founding. the embassy is located in west
11:58 am
jerusalem. the idea of establishing our embassy there is reasonable, plausible and should have been accompanied by some additional clarity that the two state solution that the president would want to achieve for the ultimate deal, would give palestinians the opportunity to establish their capital in east jerusalem. >> he hasn't done that he could have done it before, he still could do it now. >> while you support this move, you feel like this should have been part of a larger comprehensive approach, really part of a series of actions moving toward peace in the region? >> indeed, it's reasonable to bust the myths that sometimes there's traffic on the palestinian side that there's no historic jewish or israeli connection to jerusalem, that's the positive about establishing the embassy in west jerusalem, however, there's another myth that there's such a thing to the end of this conflict without a
11:59 am
palestinian state being acknowledged. the strategic objective is to end this conflict. >> we're seeing these vines play out on the israel gaza border. violent scenes as protesters there heading for a fence that separates gaza from israel have been met with gunfire, we know at this point more than 50 people have died. when you see this scene does this tell you anything about the long term prospects for peace under this administration. is this a sign that there's no hope? >> well, in fairness to the administration, they inherited a difficult situation, in which both the israeli and palestinian
12:00 pm
leadership are simply not equ equipped to have negotiations. the israeli leadership prime minister net had you, a right wing government. many people who oppose a two state solution. and corruption in investigations which limits his flexibility. and hamas continues to control gaza. >> i wouldn't expect negotiations to achieve, even with the most well equipped administration. these disturbances in gaza are extremely upsetting to watch, i think it's fair to put the lion's share of the blame on hamas that has tried to use rockets to attack israel and israel has countered that with missiles. what it has left to use is its own people, what's happening at the border is a combination of violent events by terrorists and other civilians mixed into that crowd. as the military