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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 16, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. this is cnn breaking news. good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. there is a lot of breaking news this morning. let's begin with the never-before-seen details of the donald trump jr. meeting with the russian lawyer who now admits to be a russian informant. he took that meeting on the promise of getting dirt on hillary clinton from the russian government and don't forget then-campaign chairman paul manafort was in that meeting and so was the president's son-in-law jared kushner. >> the senate committee published hundreds of pages of
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these interviews with this exchange that was put out after the trump tower meeting by the white house at the time, quote, the washington post has reported that your father was involved in drafting the july 8th statement. is that correct? >> the response of donald trump jr. was, i don't know. i never spoke to my father about it, but if you look at the exchange even further it notes he may have commented. his father was involved in the drafting of that statement. let's bring in shimon prokupecz in washington with what you are seeing there, shimon. >> that's right, john. certainly in reading what don junior has testified to, you know, it's pretty lengthy in terms of the sheer number of pages of transcripts here, and it's clear that don junior was sort of tricked here by the russians in some way. this meeting, he thought, was going to be about perhaps some dirt on hillary clinton and then
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quickly evolved into something about adoptions and the magnitsky act, and it seems, at least he's trying to distance himself concerning matters whether or not he knew that this was going to come up. and then as you said, john, concerning the statements that eventually did, that were eventually issued by the white house and others concerning the nature of this meet, an issue that is now before the special council and something that is under investigation. don junior had this to say when asked about whether or not he knew what kind of detail the president he may have provided and edits he made to the statement. he said that essentially he wasn't sure, but to the best of his knowledge that whole picks, he may have commented and that is the president may have commented through hope hicks, john. >> what else are you learning as you go through the testimony in these transcripts about what
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donald junior thought he might get with hillary clinton? >> i think it is very clear in reading through this transcript that he thought this meeting was about some information, perhaps damaging to hillary clinton, to her campaign, but it's clear that about 20 to 30 minutes into the meeting the meeting lasted 20 to 30 minutes he got frustrated because he realized that perhaps it wasn't what he thought this was going to be about and then he's asked this question by one of the committee members what he thought this was about, and they asked him information on hillary clinton and don junior says yes and then the question then goes on to say, information on the hillary clinton, on that came potentially from russian government and his answer is again, i had no way of assessing where it came from, but i was willing to listen. the committee members have made an issue of whether or not he knew who this lawyer was, whether or not he knew whether
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she was working there and whether she was there on behalf of the russian government, but don junior there clearly saying he had no idea and as we've been reporting this meeting was set up by someone he knew, rob goldstone, so he thought he was generally taking a meeting with someone who knew someone who had information on hillary clinton. >> stay with us. let's bring in our legal experts. we have shannon wu with us, our legal analyst and national security steve holman. i want to not read the full part of the transcript, but tell you something else we learned from it, in this under oath the president's son donald trump jr. says that he walked in on a meeting at trump tower between then-russian ambassador sergey kislyak and the financial adviser at trump tower after the election. the significance here is that the president's son, donald
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trump jr. had not previously acknowledged witnessing this event and not acknowledging walking in. he said he doesn't remember if he had a conversation or exchange much or spoke to the then russian ambassador, but that he may have shaken his hand. the significance of that to you? >> think the significance of all of this, poppy, is we're continuing to see these lines that lead from the trump team back to russia, and i think these transcripts give us a little bit more texture and a little bit more context in all of that, and you know, from the russian angle as i have written and i think several of my former colleagues have written and virtually impossible that the very mildest is extremely unlikely that the team that was led by veselnitskaya after the trump meetings or the kislyak meetings that vladimir putin hadn't used these as part of a
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larger attempt to get into the trump campaign. it's just not feasible, even if you believe the transcripts when they say that, you know, the primary reason for the meeting at least according to the russian side were these adoptions and it turned into an issue about the magnitsky case and the magnitsky act. even if you believe that, there's no way that these guys were freelancing and that veselnitskaya and the team said hey, let's go do this. there had to have been knowledge from the kremlin on this. >> that donald trump jr. walked in on a meeting at trump tower where the russian ambassador kiss li kislyak and meetings like this from the ambassador and the transition team wouldn't necessarily be unusual assuming that the administration knew about it. usually this is coordinated through the state department and the like, but the more you learn this new information about hey, this meeting happened and this
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person was there and oh, we had this conversation and i forgot about that conversation, it does, you know, show the various threads at play here. >> it certainly does, and in some sense, an analogy of what steve was saying is that it's hard to believe within the trump team that there wasn't communication with the ongoing meetings with the russians and they're attempting to deny that they happened or they were unaware of it or they were compartmentalized. it really doesn't hold up. for example, going back to the transcript was don junior where he said he takes this meeting and he lets jared and paul manafort know about it, but his recollection and he doesn't tell them anything about the substance of the meeting and i think it's rather unlikely and they'll not come up with the value of the meeting and what the substance is and there has to be more communication between them and if there is, then it's very likely that that communication specifically was talking about these russian meetings.
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>> a factor that's important to the testimony that don junior gave and he was asked by one of the members of the committee, when you saw kislyak and flynn and kushner meeting in your office in trump tower in december at 2017 after the election, 2016, rather, no, i did not. he said why not? because i didn't know what it was about and i was sweaty from the gym, but he thought he may have shaken hands and months later in march of 2017 as you read in the beginning of the show. did i meet with people that are russian, i'm sure. i'm sure i did, and none was set up that i can think about at the moment and it's his answers about meeting with russians and seeing meetings going on between russians and the team, et cetera. >> the most benign interpretation of this is that yeah, you have busy people, but you know, by the same token when you have donald trump jr. saying look, the reason i took the
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meeting and my entire motivation for taking the meeting is that there might have been dirt on hillary clinton. if you're looking at a benign implication, and neophytes would say you don't know who to talk to, rugs ssians or an adverse al power and you're right, the meetings with kislyak, kislyak, i don't believe he was a spymaster and he was certainly the eyes and ears of putin on the ground and the ambassador. not entirely out and completely in left field that he would have met after the elections with the transition team, but again, in light of all of the denials on the part of the trump team it stands in stark release to what we're now seeing actually happen. >> shimon, our manu raju hearing from democrats and one of the things they're focused on is a phone call to the blocked number. donald trump jr. pressed on a phone call to a blocked number,
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a phone call he met with a russian agalarov, and he can't remember who that phone call was with this blocked number. you don't know if whether or not this might have been your father, donald trump jr.'s answer is i don't know. i don't know there. this idea of the blocked number is something we first saw before about the democrats resurfacing today. >> yeah, it is, and this has come up before obviously, john, but here's who would know that, the fbi and those investigators because they can simply pull those phone records and see if, in fact, who if he was talking to, donald trump, his father or who he was talking to. there is this time gap here that is interesting, and that seems to have been a focus of some of the members of the committee and certainly a lot of questions have been asked about that and how is it that he doesn't recall, but you know, this is something that we know the
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special counsel and the fbi has been looking into. they've been looking into this meeting and they've been looking into what the white house's response was to the meeting, why it changed and like i said, i think certainly these kinds of phone records and e-mail records and communications records would be something that the special counsel would have in their possession. >> all right, guys. stay with us. we have a lot more ahead including don junior's questioning about whether or not he told his father about this meeting at trump tower. much more of the breaking news ahead. i'm a fighter. always have been. when i found out i had age-related macular degeneration,
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what we've done so far in a lot of cases has been posed and the public has a right to know and the public can go through these 2,000 pages and make up
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their own mind and draw their own conclusion. they don't have to have it deciphered by members of congress. >> senate judiciary chair chuck grassley explaining why he released the transcripts of the testimony about the trump tower meeting where donald trump jr. was promised dirt from the russians on hillary clinton. back to the panel to discuss. we just received another little blurb from this testimony and this is one of the first time that we heard directly from one of the interpreters and i want to read you this the exchange because it's very interesting. question, turning to the meeting on june 9th, did anyone state that the russian government state that they supported the donald trump campaign? answer, no. did anyone oppose hillary clinton's campaign? answer, no. did anyone at the meeting offer to aid hacked e-mails to aid the campai campaign? answer, no. on and on like that. steve hall, this is from someone and i'll mangle the name,
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anatoli, and said it wasn't overtly discussed in that meeting, surprising? >> no, not entirely surprising from somebody who was an interpreter. my assessment is that on the russian side it was one of two reasons and they're not mutually exclusive. there could have several of these reasons, but when you start looking at veselnitskaya's comments, the lawyer, basically what she's saying is it's all about bill browder, the american behind the magnitsky act and that entire a fir affair and th translator was saying none of that stuff with russian government complicit and all of this, but again, i find it extremely difficult to believe that somebody in that room, one of the russians in that room did not have the responsibility that
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at the very least report back to the russian government and more likely was briefed beforehand. it probably wasn't the translator. the translator was more than likely simply the translator, but there were others in that room who probably had a much better idea as to what the kremlin hoped to accomplish about the meeting. it's an american citizen, a former state department employee who does a lot of this work now as a private contractor. that's what we know. shimon to you, it is don junior admitting very clearly in this q and a, one of the clearer things from him, not an i don't know or i can't remember, but yes, he went into this meeting fully intending to get dirt on hillary clinton, completely opposing and an admission that the intent was clear all along and despite in the e-mails he released himself.
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>> absolutely. when you are reading through these transcript, certainly his testimony as i have for the most part, you see that he grows sort of agitated through the course of the testimony explaining the meeting and he was there expecting to get some information on the hillary clinton campaign and all of a sudden it shifted into this issue about adoption about the magnitsky act and things that he clearly did not think he was there to discuss. i think they were surprised that some of this came up and other people were agitated and the key point and this goes to what some of the others on the panel are saying that the lawyer, the russian lawyer veselnitskaya was really leading this meeting. she seemed to be the only one talking in this meeting. she had an agenda, it was clear, and i think it's exactly right that she was there probably on
7:20 am
behalf of the russian government and she was probably sent there and she has much admitted that she was working for the russian government at one point and certainly officials we have talked to afterwards, have always said there was always a concern that she was there to offer some kind of compromising information under false pretenses and this is part of what the fbi has been looking into. >> we are just seeing right now. sorry, i'm just going to read this real time as i'm getting it. goldstone, rob goldstone who directly set up this meeting between donald trump jr. and the russians apparently said that the russian lawyer veselnitskaya's representation seemed to infuriate kushner here. i think it wasn't providing what kushner thought it was providing in getting dirt from hillary clinton and the actual meeting itself did turn out perhaps more than jared kushner wanted to be
7:21 am
about the magnitsky act and perhaps he wanted more. jared cush pkushner who was sit next to me appeared somewhat agitated and said i really have no idea what you're talking about, shimon. >> he does say that. i'm reading through that, too, here, john. it says that he was agitated and seemed to infuriate jared kushner, though veselnitskaya to don junior, i hope you will look out for the magnitsky act and it did infuriate others. jared kushner from reading the transcripts was there and left to take a phone call. he said so much that he had his assistant call in so he could leave the room. he did leave the room. i really do think it's important in reading this that it's part of what we have seen with the transition team, with folks in the campaign that they were taking meetings that they had no business taking. >> shimon, this is the thing i want to point out here. the fact that jared kushner was
7:22 am
angry that he wasn't getting apparently dirt on hillary clinton is something that democrats are picking up on right now. i want to read you dianne feinstein who is the ranking member of the judiciary committee. they reveal a top campaign official and they were frustrated and angry that the meeting did not produce enough damaging information on their opponent and if you read that one exchange with jared kushner where rob goldstone, kushner got mad in the middle of it and he appear appeared frustrated and agitated and said i have no idea what you were talking about there, this isn't the dirt we were promised on hillary clinton. does this matter? >> i think it matters a lot ask it undercuts this whole attempt by don junior to walk back saying he hadn't told jared or manafort about the purpose of the meeting. why would kushner be upset or frustrated unless he had a pretty strong sense of what the meeting was for?
7:23 am
and i think those kinds of issues do potentially set up don junior for some legal exposure here. he's got 1,001 liability with that and it is clear that he is intentionally misdirecting or not answering truthfully in the no recollections. >> in this testimony, don junior did testify he told manafort and kushner about the meeting and he forwarded the e-mails describing it was dirt on hillary clinton. stay with us. we have more to go through here and other breaking news on north korea as north korea threatens to pull out of the planned meeting with president trump in just a few weeks. the white house is responding this morning saying it fully expected a threat like this. much more of that ahead.
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>> new this morning north korea announces kim jong-un may back out of the planned summit with president trump next month saying it will not be cornered, north korea will not be cornered into giving up its nuclear weapons and north korea has cited what happened in libya and iraq as examples why that country should be allowed to keep their nuclear capability. ivan watson, cnn national correspondent live in south korea. things have changed over the last 24 hours. >> this is almost like whiplash after a charm offensive that went on for months, suddenly a series of staples from north korean state media harshly critical of both the u.s. and south korea criticizing them for joint military exercises, annual exercises under way right now for comments made by the white
7:29 am
house's national security adviser john bolton singling him out as a target of criticism and going on to warn washington to think twice if it's going to continue along this path that the summit next month between president trump and kim jong-un might just not happen. here's an excerpt. quote, if they try to push us into the corner and force only unilateral nuclear abandonment we may no longer be interested in that kind of talks and we'll have to reconsider whether we will accept the upcoming north korea-u.s. summit. the comment is more surprising given that tuesday north korea was inviting south korean journalists to attend a ceremony next week, it says, which will demonstrate the dismantling of a nuclear testing facility and analysts there are wondering is this brinksmanship? is this a negotiating tactic or are they serious?
7:30 am
could they pull out of what could be an historic meeting -- the first ever between a u.s. president and a north korean leader. john and poppy? >> ivan watson for us in seoul. thank you for the reporting and this morning the white house is reporting, white house press secretary sarah sanders saying the white house fully expected a threat like this from north korea. listen to what she said to reporters. >> your reaction to the latest threat from north korea saying they will not be boxed in to be denuclearized. >> look, this is something that we fully expected. the president is very read i for tough negotiations and if they want to meet we'll be ready and if they don't, that's okay, too. this was fully expected. did you believe that they would sort of pull back at some point or -- we know that this is kind of the standard function that can often happen and you know, we're not surprised by it, but we will continue moving forward. >> all right. >> as north korea threatens to back out of next month's summit,
7:31 am
what should the next step then be for the white house? what should the president say, and not just the spokesperson? >> we talked to joni ernst a little while ago and a member of the committee. >> i think they should reach out to north korea and express how important it is to make this meeting happen. i think we're on a great pathway to denuclearizing the peninsula, but also joining north and south korea again in peace which is the ultimate goal. >> one of the things the president has said about kim jong-un during the initial discussions was that he has acted very honorably. do you believe this is the latest maneuver, is acting honorably? >> well, i would say that i don't fully trust the north koreans. i don't know that any of us do, but we still have to go through the efforts of making sure that we're fostering discussions with north korea, with south korea and trying to find a pathway
7:32 am
forward. i think that again, is the ultimate goal. we want peace in that region. we want security in that region, and of course, trust is earned and we'll have to see how this goes. >> you say you don't fully trust the north koreans through this and most parties do not, but do you think -- that kem jong-un had treated the american detainees in an excellent manner when they were able to return to the united states and is he clear-eyed enough? >> i think he wants to be complimentary of the north koreans trying to foster those discussion, but again, we can't trust them fully if we're wanot allowed to fully understand their government and what goes on behind that closed border, but again, i think that we are
7:33 am
moving in the right direction and i think it is very important that we have these discussions. i think trust, it is a two-way street. i don't know that the north koreans fully trust us either, but the ultimate goal is to find peace and security in that region of the world, and i think we have an opportunity to do that and we should find a way forward. >> senator, if i can ask you about the republican senator lunch that you had yesterday with president trump. so many of you went into that meeting very upset about the fact that the white house staffer had said something offensive about john mccain and made a joke that wasn't funny and was hurtful and many of you had asked for the white house to apologize for that. yet, when you had the president in the room yesterday none of you brought it up with him. why? >> well, it didn't come up. the president was going through a number of other issues talking about trade, about nafta, about north korea, a lot of other very important things. these are topics that i think
7:34 am
can be addressed one-on-one, and i have made myself very clear that i believe that john mccain is a war hero. i admire him very, very much, and understanding that the white house will have one position and we can certainly push in another direction, but again, my stance is clear. i admire john mccain, and i think he's a wonderful american and i wish him and his family all the best. >> it matters to megan mccain, his daughter, that the white house publicly apologize. he was promised that by our jake tapper by a white house aide and no public apology has been issued and you said the white house has to afford mccain the respect that he observed to call on the white house to do this and to at least ask the president about it when he's sitting with you for an hour? >> well, again, he wasn't really sitting with us. he came in and gave a presentation and he left.
7:35 am
so a lot of the topics again were centered on things like north korea, about trade. a lot of things that are very important to our state. this is another matter entirely. it is one that has been made quite public, and i have been quite public about my stance on john mccain and the fact that he should be afforded, absolutely, the respect that he deserves and has earned through the years, but again, this is a matter that we've called the white house out on, and of course, while we have the president we did want to focus on things that were very important to national security, that are important to our states. >> on that front, on the national security issue, again, no senator brought up the issue of the chinese tech giant zte which congress has found to be a national security risk. the president saying he wants to help save that company and save chinese jobs from marco rubio on down the line, senators were concerned about that and yet no
7:36 am
one brought it up to the president in the lunch yesterday. why? >> what the president was doing was providing a very broad overview of the topics that are important to all of us and we have those conversations with the president privately and one-on-one. i know that whenever i do call about those types of issues and believe me, i have talked to the president about china and about tariffs. he was always very, very responsive and i feel that i get a better discussion when i'm talking to him one-on-one and able to make the points that are important to iowans, for example. i know many others have the president's ear, as well. >> we have to let you go. >> you haven't brought up with him one-on-one, zte or john mccain have you? >> not one-on-one. we will continue to work the trade issues and the zte, obviously, will fall within the space, and i do anticipate that when i'm able to speak with him next about the trade issue, and of course, the iowa,
7:37 am
agricultural goods, manufacturing and very important that we will have the opportunity to talk about zte because honestly, chinese workers, i'm not concerned about them. >> senator joni ernst, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> we have much more on our breaking news. we're going through the do you means and the transcripts and the testimony just released by the senate judiciary committee and this is all about the 2016 meeting at trump tower where donald trump jr. was promised dirt by the russians on hillary clinton. stay with us. at t-mobile, we don't just see uniforms. we see the people behind them. so we're committed to helping veterans through job training when their service ends... and to hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses to be part of our workforce in the next 5 years. because no matter where you serve...
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fthere's flonase sensimist.f up around pets. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. it seemed like an awfully unusual meeting that was clearly set up with the russians for the purpose of gathering information to help the trump campaign and to hurt hillary clinton which is at the roots of all of the investigation. >> that's democratic senator dick durbin of illinois responding to the thousands of pages of testimony before the senate judiciary committee that was just released this morning of great focus is the testimony
7:42 am
that the president's son donald trump jr. gave to members of the committee. let's bring in former republican chair of the house intel committee mike rogers. thank you for being here. there's part of it that really struck both john and myself. this is testimony that comes from rob goldstone, and he is basically the manager of this famous russian musician that facilitated this meeting between don junior and then-campaign chairman paul manafort, jared kushner. here's part of what he testified. a few minutes after this labored presentation by the russian lawyer in the meeting, jared kushner who is sitting next to me appears somewhat agitated by this and said i really have no idea what you're talking about and that's what some democrats this morning are clinging on saying, look, jared kushner knew that this was a promise of dirt on hillary clinton and he was angry, agitated, infuriated when that is not what he was getting
7:43 am
from this russian lawyer and this russian informant. how do you see it? >> you know, i think it's a little bit much to try to speculate the people's motive for showing up to the meeting. i mean, clearly, you can get some of that through the testimony, and i think the biggest piece missing here, poppy and john is what happened next? you have two individuals in the meeting and one who admitted to be an informant for the russian government and another used to be a soviet-era counterintelligence agent and those folks don't drift away from the russian intelligence services so you had two individuals there. so the meeting, we can go through and parse what some person said. you'd have to try to apply what their intent was with those statements and i'm sure that's what the investigation will try to do, but more importantly, what contact happened after this meeting? were -- was the russian inform apartme
7:44 am
ant, was it trying to assess people that the intelligence services can then come back to to make a run at them and other things and if i was the investigators in that, that's what i would target. what calls happened next? what meetings happened next? >> you know from your experience and we know from steve hall who worked as a station chief what likely happened is that the russians in the meeting reported back about what they saw. this was an intelligence gathering mission right there and there's very little question that they went in there and reported back who they sat with and it's interesting to me that one of the things is that jared kushner, the president's son-in-law was pissed. he was upset that they didn't deliver more goods on hillary clinton and that's clearly what he thought what he was getting and donald trump jr. getting that. so it's interesting, and from an intelligence gathering standpoint what happened might be more important from the legal investigation and what was going on in the heads of the campaign people was also very important and again, as a former politician, as someone who ran
7:45 am
for office, you're not struck at all by the mind set that donald trump jr. clearly went into the meeting with and jared kushner clearly went into the meeting with? >> clearly. it was incredibly naive to take the meeting in the first place, and i think it was more naive than conspiracy minded, that's the problem. and so if you're an investigator as a former fbi guy in me, that's a pretty tall order to get to that you'd have to try to prove this point that they purposely went in and then took action on the information in the meeting to get information under the computer fraud and abuse act, they would have to cause the information to be stolen and cause the information to be released without the knowledge of the folks that it was stolen from. that's the problem, i think on the investigative side. do i think it speaks to intent? clearly they went into the meeting hoping or at least some of them hoping that they would get some information that they could use in the campaign. that in and of itself isn't a
7:46 am
crime, but what was interesting to me, if you're going to try to investigate what the russians were up to in all of this, two individuals, those informants, it wasn't 38 seconds later that they're trying to report back to somebody about what happened and by the way, what people they think they could follow up on. that's what i meant by the next series of meetings that are important and did they have another meeting with don junior later on or someone else to say hey, we think we can help you on what you were thinking about. those are the kinds of things that the investigation is going to look at. >> all right, mike rogers, great to have you with us. thank you very, very much. the president with new statements this morning saying that nothing has happened with the chinese technology company zte, and says that china has much to give in trade negotiations. if this is what you think a mercedes-benz for under $34,000 looks like...
7:47 am
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president trump taking to twitter and saying that he is in no way giving in to china's demands on these trade negotiations. >> you can see what the president wrote. he also said about who is he, what demands have been made on whom and what, but what he says may not coincide with reality. washington post columnist josh rogan is all over this story. what's going on here? the president seems to be denying that the u.s. side has received a list of demand from the chinese side on a range of things that they want the u.s. to do as part of their ongoing negotiations. i am here to tell you that they
7:52 am
have seen the list of demands and i have seen the list of demands as confirmed with multiple trump administration officials that the u.s. has received these and the delegation. i don't know if trump has seen them, but a lot of his officials who are involved in this have definitely seen them so, you know, facts are stubborn things or apples not bananas, right, in the cnn parlance. this is a straightforward thing. in the tweets, trump said a lot of interesting things that we can get into about what's going on in the trade negotiations. he said he's not going to give china a bad deal. he didn't do anything on zte which is kind of true. he didn't actually give zte, he just ordered the commerce department to get them back in business, to save chinese jobs and the reason we knew that is because he tweeted about that. so there are some things in here that seem true and some things that are not true and some things that are unclear. >> a lot of the analysis out of
7:53 am
the negotiations between u.s. trade officials and chinese trade officials in beijing is that the u.s. left with nothing. so now this week from two a day on up until the weekend, chinese trade officials are here in washington having these negotiations again. obviously, this is part of the president's calculation here, but you note in your piece that the demands from the chinese side range from the reasonable to the ridiculous. >> right. right. >> this is actually the third round right now and we went there and they came here and both sides have these extreme positions, right? negotiating stances and there could be a compromise and there could be a short-term deal where they buy some soybeans and we let them off the hook for zte and that's what they're kind of discussing and we'll see what comes out and if you look at the chinese list of demands and their tough negotiating position, it's got all kinds of crazy stuff. they want to release the tiananmen square sanctions and the sanctions we imposed after
7:54 am
the chinese massacred pro-democracy activists. it is contradicted by all of the evidence that exists, right? they want the u.s. to let go of the trade investigations and intellectual property investigations and all of the stuff that the trump administration has been doing over the past year to confront china's economic aggression and to protect our national security from companies like zte who are trying to not only dominate the industries of the future and plant themselves in the united states for intelligence-gathering purposes. this is real national security stuff. we can't do that, right? even trump doesn't think we can do all of that stuff. the question is where is the overlap? my point in the article is if you look at the list of demands it shows that the chinese have not yet taken seriously that the trump administration is con fronting them on this stuff and they're trying to cut a small deal on this and it might work.
7:55 am
>> josh rogin, thank you very much. the senate judiciary committee releasing transcripts of the testimony that had to do with the 2016 meeting in trump tower where donald trump jr. was promised dirt on hillary clinton. there are new details revealed in these transcripts. much more coming up.
7:56 am
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happening now. you are looking at live pictures of scott pruitt. he's on capitol hill facing tough questions on ethical issues from senators and administrator pruitt says that some of the criticism he has faced has been unfounded and exaggerated and he had much more to say as well. listen. >> there have been decisions over the last 16 or so months that as i look back on those decisions i would not make the same decisions again, and i'm sure we'll talk about some of those, but some of the areas of criticism are frankly areas where processes at the agency were not properly instituted to prevent some of the things from happening. >> the request for 24/7 security that has cost millions and millions of dollars and whether when he testified about that previously was actually
8:00 am
accurate. that is the latest and we'll continue following this hearing this morning. thanks for being with us. a lot of breaking news. i'm poppy harlow. >> and much more coming up at this hour with kate bolduan. see you after the break. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. we begin this hour with breaking news. nearly 2,000 pages and that's what the senate judiciary committee just released offering the most comprehensive view yet ahead of the infamous trump tower meeting with the campaign. the senate now publishing the transcripts from the closed door interviews a interviews from statements from the trump tower meeting including the president's son, don junior promising dirt on hillary clinton coming from the russian government. the meeting has been a key focus as you well know of the special counsel's


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