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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 21, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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rediscussed and maybe that will happen. >> extraordinary if that is what the pope said. >> more will come. >> to your point, the haven't won't comment yet. father beck, thank you so much. so nice to see you. >> thank you. >> i'm brooke baldwin thank you for starting your week here on cnn. to washington and "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good afternoon and welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. breaking news, the president just wrapped up his meeting with the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and the fbi director christopher wray. with whom the president has been engaging in open political warfare over the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. the three men were set to discuss is a mong other topics an fbi source who met with at least three trump campaign staffers in 2016. deputy attorney general rosenstein and wray were concerned that providing the house intelligence committee with information about this
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source would put the source anonymity and safety at risk. but over the weekend, the president took the unusual step of siding against his own administration, tweeting, quote, if the fbi or doj wassin fill fi -- was infiltrating the campaign for the benefit of another campaign that is a big deal. and the senate judiciary is asking for and can give the conclusive answers. drain the swamp. the president responding to a conspiracy they're thoo-- theorn individual implanted on his campaign to spy into his campaign. and officials tell cnn that is not the case. we learned the president aggressive move is part of a new strategy being pushed by a form of advisers outside of the white house and including steve bannon and cory lewandowski and david bossie and president of the
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trump hispanic advisory counsel and cnn commentator, steve courtes and part of a push to paint the president as the victim of a deep state conspiracy and convincing trump-friendly media and president to make a more adversarial position toward rosenstein and the fbi. one member of the group told me, quote, outside supporters don't believe that white house cleave of staff john kelly or done mcgahn are being aggressive enough in defending the president, unquote. over the weekend, it appears the group won the battle against the white house insiders advising otherwise when the justice department told the house intelligence committee that it couldn't risk placing the specific individual in danger but releasing his identifying character isk characteristics to the house and that was reached after consultation of the office of the director of national intelligence, appointed by trump and the fbi appointed by trump and the white house. but president trump eager to
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discredit the russia investigation as a deep state plot to undermine him asserted a different position over the weekend with the help of loyal former aides bannon, lewandowski, bosse and more. and trump law enforcement and sources tell cnn what is at issue here is the attempt by the russians to interfere in the 2016 election and that any law enforcement investigation into that interference was done to protect the interest of the united states. they see the moves being done to protect the president politically with those other consideration being disregarded. let's get to cnn jeff zeleny at the white house. jeff, it has been speculated that rosenstein and wray might resign than reveal the identity of this confidential source. >> it has. and that is underscoring the severity of all of this. just a few moments ago, we did see them as they left the white house here just a few moments after meeting for an hour or so here at the white house and they
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are smiling and laughing and we don't know what happened in the meeting but we know this is the first confrontation of this kind really in about a year or so. and of course, if they would resign, a big if now, the question is what would that mean for the russia investigation? >> reporter: president trump waging war again with his justice department. he's ordered an investigation into the russia investigation. and unprecedented move that could spark a constitutional showdown. at white house, the president meeting privately with fbi director christopher wray and rod rosenstein. who is overseeing the special counsel probe. it is a day after the president took to twitter saying he demands that the department of justice look into whether or not the fbi, doj infiltrated or surveilled the trump campaign for political purposes and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the obama administration. he's railed against his justice department before, but this goes well beyond where previous presidents have gone. by threatening to apply political pressure on the
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justice department. >> i think that's -- it is actually very disturbing assault on the department of justice and i think when the president -- this president or any president tries to use the department of justice as kind of a private investigation body, that is not good for the country. >> reporter: it is far more of a political fight than a legal one. trying to discredit the russia probe by suggesting the fbi infiltrated or surveilled his campaign. the president at odds with the u.s. intelligence committee over russia interference in the 2016 election making a rare visit to the cia headquarters today, where gina haspel was sworn in as the new director. >> our enemies will take note, gina is tough, she is strong, and when it comes to defending america, gina will never, ever back down. >> reporter: the president giving a glowing shout out to devin nunes, republican chairman of the house intelligence committee who once recuse
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himself from the russia investigation in congress. >> and a very courageous man, it is courageous, congressman devin nunes. >> reporter: he's now leading the fight with the justice department over reveelti -- rev the identity of the confidential source and the inspector general is looking into whether that source was politically motivated. a critical crisis is looming. >> and should bob mueller follow the money and get to close to what the president thinks and it could compromise him. could you see him firing mueller or rod rosenstein so we may be on that slow-moving path to a saturday night massacre. >> reporter: and that certainly is something that is being discussed very much in washington today. is there going to be a firing this week. is something else going to happen? we do know again this is more of a political fight. just a few moments ago as well, the trump re-election campaign sending out word of all of this. they're calling it the greatest political scandal in all time. and they're looking for supporters to sign a petition. so clearly a sign that the trump
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re-election campaign also involved in this as this outside advisers that you reported have been. jake. >> jeff zeleny at the white house. my panel is with me. phil mudd, you worked for the fbi. what is your take when you hear that there was a confidential source inside the fbi, he met and reportedly with three different trump advisers, president trump said a spy was implanted. what is your take? >> yawn. if your going to conduct an investigation, there are two ways you conduct an investigation before it goes public. once it goes public, you could subpoena witness and get documents but before the investigation goes public, you don't want to inform the people in your investigation -- we called it sources and wires. you put an informant in the investigation or you listen to somebody's phone and tap e-mails and the difference in this case is the presidential campaign. i think the problem with what the president is safing is he's suggesting there is a spy in the campaign. the way i view this is, this is bread and butter investigating.
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they are putting somebody in to say we have valid reason for concern about whether you have contact with russians and we'll put an informant in to ask about it. that is what we call political corruption and the fbi investigates that every single day. >> david you are an, the president is suggesting that there is this big deep state conspiracy, and people looking to undermine him. >> look, phil, you call this not a spy or call informant. walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. listen, the fbi and i.g. did a report and came out with serious allegations against andrew mccabe and there will be an i.g. turning over other rocks and there are tweeting and sending e-mails that are zur-disturbing i think the president and the american people should know what is going on. it does speak to the integrity of what is going on in this investigation. and director mueller, and people say we should get to the bottom of it -- >> and andrew mccabe was invested by the i.g. and
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reprimanded for leakering information that was actually damaging to hillary clinton. >> but i'm saying this entire campaign, there is this drip, drip, drip of things that went wrong or awry. one way the left or the right doesn't like. this is another point that deserved some sunlight. >> what do you think? >> i don't think that the fbi is above criticism. so i think it is fair to say that there are things that people have been upset with the fbi about. certainly democrats are upset with how he handled the hillary clinton -- how they handled the hillary clinton investigation. but think this is going beyond just criticism or concern. and to really distorting what happened here. and so there is no spy. nobody infiltrated the trump campaign and so for donald trump to insinuate and suggest that, it is not what happened. it walks like a duck, what are you talking about. >> i'm taurk being somebody -- >> no it is not, it is not somebody embedded in the -- in the campaign. it is somebody who had a couple meetings with people who work on the campaign. that doesn't make you a spy. >> so somebody who is working
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for the federal bureau of investigation going into a u.s. election, pretty serious -- >> time out -- we have some clarity here. let me take you inside of this spy business. let me take you inside of the spy business. two elements here. number one if you have an individual investigating the trump campaign like what is your campaign strategy against hillary clinton that is a national security problem and a bigger problem for the democracy. number two, you have an individual, an american citizen who spoke to an australian diplomat will inappropriate contacts with russians and you ask an informant can you determine whether that inappropriate connection was illegal or what evidence you find. we're talking about spy like there is no difference between investigating your campaign strategy and investigating -- >> phil -- >> explain the -- >> i'm not going to explain it -- you are are a spy and i wasn't. i'm not going to be so bold. but this is -- this is could be
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the tip of something. we don't know what is there. let's vieft it a let's -- let's investigate it and have a full -- >> the president called for an investigation into what happened. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein folded that all in and in a statement into the inspector general report and there is another investigation going on. the democratic chair, the democratic ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee, adam schiff, he didn't care for that. take a listen to what he had to say about the call for an investigation and rosenstein's response. >> they know that's nonsense and i hate to see them say anything to give it credence. >> there is not concern within the white house about this, there is a sense of opportunity. let's exploit any doubt we could create, this is a defense strategy. put the government on trial. >> what do you think? does schiff have a point or do you disagree. >> absolutely. the whole point is to raise questions about whether you could trust the fbi and whether or not this investigation has a pli -- a political bias and so rod
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rosenstein is go ago long with this but he doesn't believe this and there is a question of going on with rosenstein. he didn't give the president what he asked for but the idea that this merits an investigation -- there is nothing happening. it is not -- even this idea that trump supporters say, there is no problem and just things are happening and drip, drip, drip and have an investigation. no, that is not how it works. you don't have an investigation because the president goes out and giuliani goes out and distorts -- >> i want to get your reaction to christopher wray saying a few days ago when asked about the push to release this information as to who this confidential source was. >> and the day that we can't protect human sources is the day that the american people start becoming less safe. >> your response? >> it is better to ask phil. he's a trade craft guy. i think that is obviously problem some. that gentleman's name is in the media. that gentleman's name is in the
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media and if you google it, could you read it online. i can't say. phil probably knows better as to safety. i'm sure it is not a great thing to have happen. and who authorized this. this has to be authorized at a high level and those are the questions and why was it authorized? was the house and senate and the intelligence committee briefed on this. this is a presidential election. high fluting stuff and phil knows -- >> phil will answer those questions. we'll take a quick break. and phil will answer when we come back. (vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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welcome back. let's continue the conversation with my panel. phil mudd, before the break david was asking in order to have somebody go in as a confidential source and talk to different trump campaign advisers who intelligence were picking up had maybe talked to people with relationships with russia, so this confidential source was sussing it out, does that need to go up to the director of the fbi to get
1:18 pm
somebody to go into a presidential campaign and talk to advisers? >> in this case, i bet on that. look, let's do reality. if your in the fbi, confidential sources are run out of local offices, this is not a local office operation. you can look at this operation and say, look, the local office will have used headquarters in consultation with the director will say we understand this is a little bit high level, it is a presidential campaign. that said, there are suggestions that the obama administration, including the white house, would have directed the insertion -- >> and who was the director of the fbi. >> it was jpgs. >> it was james comey. >> and the white house does not direct how to run an informant. >> i'm not suggesting the obama administration did it. i'm not suggesting it. comey who has invested interest in this. >> andker stin, what president
1:19 pm
trump -- trump is alleging that president obama -- and he said in one of his tweets, obama did this and sent somebody in there to do this. and i don't understand about the conspiracy theory is what this did obama plant do to destroy trump's campaign? held it as a secret? for through the election. >> yeah. >> and told the new york times that there was nothing to any of the investigations? >> right. it doesn't make sense. and even though -- again, if you have to say that somebody infiltrated a campaign and they had meetings with people -- that is not an infiltration by any measure of the word -- >> that is surreptitously. >> it is false pretenses. >> he's a confidential source. >> and this is how the fbi does business. is there something wrong with that? are they not supposed to -- >> on a president campaign. >> talk about the timing of this. >> this is the missing story here. so we look at this and now in may going into june, july, and august, and the fbi and the special counsel will not run this operation into mid-term
1:20 pm
elections. my guess if i'm betting in vegas is that they will close this out before mid-term elections. the i.g., the inspector general will take several months to investigate what happened here. my point is if the special counsel comes out with results of the investigation and including potential indictments or nonindictments by june, july or august, this will get blown out of the water. this will become irrelevant. so if you are deputy attorney general and by the time the i.g. looks at this, we'll know what the special counsel is doing. >> and manafort goes on trial in july. >> the paul manafort case is done previous to that presumably and for folks who are watching this, i would suspect that paul manafort will plead to something -- >> you think he'll plead. >> facing an extremely long jail term and he will look at things and as you know, the government always has more money than you do and could carry this case on for ever and for ever and bleed him out. so i think they'll make him an
1:21 pm
inform and at the day of trial i think he pleads guilty. >> what do you think? >> oh, heck. this is like looking at an s.e.c. football team that scheduled a patsy in round one and they're going to win. and manafort is trying to figure out what is the best deal i could get and i completely agree with david and say i did my best here otherwise he goes in and the government will crush him. >> you know -- you know something, i think this campaign of the president against mueller and the investigation is working beyond just his base. i'm hearing from relatives who live beyond the beltway saying, time to wrap it up. time to wrap it up. the repetition and the arguments are working. >> i don't know if it is that or we talk about it all of the time and people are tired of hearing about. i don't think we shouldn't talk about it. it is important. but i heard that from my mother and she's a die-hard democrat
1:22 pm
and she said enough with the russia. >> glad to hear that. >> she's not buying into donald trump's argument. he's getting tired of it. that doesn't mean in the end that it is not going to matter. and do think in terms of the timing, i just disagree with this. i think it depends on what happens. if donald jr. gets indicted, that is a matter of when they do that -- >> that is right, colin in is the southern district of new york and those are being pushed outside of director mueller's scope. he's thorough if you look back at the investigation for the nfl, it was meticulous and thorough. he's doing the same thing here. he won't be rushed. he'll turn over every rock and the american people have every right to believe in what he produces and he won't go willy-nilly and do something crazy. he will turn his report over to the deputy attorney general and then go from there. >> stick around. it turns out that donald trump jr. had another campaign meeting, one that is being examined by robert mueller and with foreign nationals. stay with us.
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the president's attorney rudy giuliani saying if robert mueller wants president trump to sit for an interview, the justice department had better provide access to information about the confidential fbi source who met with three trump advisers during the 2016 campaign. giuliani also told cnn that mueller could -- could wrap up the investigation into possible obstruction of justice defenses by the president by september. this as we are learning mueller may also be investigating another meeting at trump tower involving donald trump jr. and foreign powers offering assistance to the trump campaign during the height of the presidential race. not with the russians but a different one. jim sciutto has more. >> reporter: the president's lawyers have predicted the end of the special counsel
1:28 pm
investigation before and then repeatedly wrong and now mr. trump's newest attorney rudy giuliani said that robert mueller told him the obstruction of justice piece of the probe could be done by september, before the mid-term elections. and even giuliani hedged saying it sounded more like the investigation could wrap up if the president agreed to an interview with mueller. giuliani said he's strongly advising against an interview. arguing that the special counsel is simply hoping to catch the president in a so-called perjury trap. >> a perjury trap is when you get somebody to lie about what you're telling the truth. which is the president would testify tomorrow if it was about the truth. the truth is he had nothing to do with russia. i was on that campaign. he didn't talk to russians, he had nothing to do with russia. >> reporter: and now coming to light, the president's son, donald trump jr. met with representatives of two own foreign governments during the campaign. governments offering to help his father's election. the new york times is reporting that erik prince set up a meeting at trump tower between
1:29 pm
trump jr. and george nader, an emissary for two gulf princes and joel zamal, all three months before election day. accord together new york times, nader told trump jr., quote, the princes who led saudi arabia and the unite add arab emir ates were eager to help his father win election as president. in a statement to cnn, an attorney for trump jr. denied any wrong doing. saying, quote, prior to the 2016 election, donald trump jr. recalls a meeting with erik prince, george nader and another individual who may be joel zamal and they pitched him on a social media platform or marketing strategy. he was not interested and that was the end of. it the ranking democrats and house and intelligence committee called news of the meeting disturbing. >> if the "times" story is true, we have a second and maybe a third nation that was trying to lean in to this campaign and i don't understand what the
1:30 pm
president doesn't get about the law that says if you have a foreign nation interfere in an american election, that is illegal. >> you also have to be concerned, why are so many foreign powers during the campaign and perhaps thereafter that the trump family is willing to play ball. >> reporter: paul manafort lost a battle in his legal proceedings, attempted to have one of the charges for failure to report a foreign bank account dropped and the statue of limitations had gone and robert mueller thinking of that. he had gone through some core proceedings to extend that statue because cypress banks have not reported all of the information. on the bigger issue of the trial going forward, the d.c. court judge involved in this case last week said that this case, the manafort case falled very much under her interpretation of the special counsel investigation. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. how much trouble might death penalty jr.'s second meeting with foreign nationals offering to help the campaign get him into with the special counsel. stay with us. we'll talk about it with the
1:31 pm
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back with the panel talking about the trump tower meeting and it said in 2016 george nader met with trump jr. and pitched help from saudi arabia and the arab emirates. take a listen to senator mark warner, the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee and here is how he reacted on sunday morning when i asked him about the reporting. >> i don't understand what the president doesn't get about the law that says if you have a foreign nation interfere in an american election, that is illegal. >> we don't know if there was any follow-through, donald trump jr. said no. there was an israeli at this meeting who talked about using social media to help the president. who knows what the reality is. we've been lied to by this cast before. but it is weird that they keep meeting with people from other countries -- or they kept meeting with people from other countries saying we want to help your campaign. that is not aloud.
1:36 pm
>> and it is also weird that other countries wanted to meet with them. this isn't something that happens on presidential campaigns. why did the countries think they would be open to meeting with them. it is not clear. because it is -- it is illegal to coordinate with another country, regardless if it is presented to you by any american or anybody if they were legit and came to you and said i'm working for saudi arabia and i want to influence the election. and that would be illegal. and so donald jr. said tl nothing to see her and he said that with the other meeting -- >> with the russia meeting. >> and it was about adoption and it wasn't about adoption so you can't believe anything they say. >> and you are working the campaign and you're in pennsylvania and i don't doubt that you knew nothing about the meetings and there was nobody in saudi arabia telling you how to win pittsburgh. but doesn't it concern you -- >> listen, so we're assuming george nader -- if the saudis or
1:37 pm
the -- the folks from the uae wanted to talk to somebody, they talk to them directly. george nadder wanted to meet with trump jr. -- and we're taking somebody's word that wants to be important to a campaign and trying to puff up his own credentials. you know how many people call and help and i can offer this. i'm not -- i'm not saying -- i don't have the context or the e-mail that said let's have this meeting, but george nader represent the it and be careful that the saudis or anybody from the uae wanted to interfere in this election. that is a bridge too far. >> let's make sure we understand and be sol om onity and divide the baby. >> please do. >> it is a judgment call and i think an inappropriate judgment call and ethical question about the son of the president meeting someone from overseas in a potential conversation like the conversation with the russian lawyer about accepting information from overseas. that is not what happened here. i think what happened here was a
1:38 pm
questionable ju questionable -- a judgment call but mueller would ask what of value did the campaign receive. there could be allegations including from senator warner and i think he is incorrect about whether something illegal happened. meeting with somebody in an ethically questionable meeting is not legal. we don't do ethics, we do law. >> it is one person's representation, george nader and puffing it up and there is nothing there. >> how concerned are you that the midterms or the election of 2020 will be interfered with one way or another for one side or another? it doesn't seem as though there are the safe guards put up that need to be put up. the russians clearly tried to interfere. we know that. and the u.s. intelligence committee said that. whether or not there was collusion, conspiracy, that is yet to be determined. but it doesn't seem as though the u.s. government or even congress is focused on making sure it doesn't happen again. >> they are not. everybody should be concerned. they haven't -- the president hasn't made this a priority and
1:39 pm
the doj hasn't made this a priority and because the president hasn't made it a priority and so there is no reason to think it didn't happen again. it worked out great before. and can i say one more thing and we talk about the fact they met with erik prince who had to rename -- >> former ceo of black water, which had to be renamed three times. because it is so controversial. so it is just -- why do they meet with erik prince. >> he is a big supporter of the president. >> it is not illegal to meet with erik prince. >> and i think he's involved in this may sit extra sketchy. i think again why does he have to rename his company two times. >> i can't answer that. but let me push back on the narrative that the intelligence community has done nothing to prevent this. phil knows and probably speak to it more than anybody at this table, but i'm concern that the folks at cia and the counter-terrorism and this government is doing anything to preclude meddling in the next election. >> i hope you're right. we have breaking news right now i want to get your reaction.
1:40 pm
we're learning more about the president's meeting with christopher wray and rod rosenstein and they were set to discuss the president's concerns about this fbi source who met with at least three trump campaign staffers during the investigation in 2016. sarah sanders just released a statement, quote, based on the meeting with the president, the department of justice has asked the inspector general to expand the investigation to include any irregularities with the fbi or the department of justice tactics concerning the trump campaign. it was also agreed that white house chief of staff kelly will immediately set up a meeting with the fbi, doj and dni, that is the office of director of national intelligence with congressional leaders to review highly classified and other information they have requested. phil, your reaction? >> it is a opportunity. you could be -- if you are the deputy attorney general or the attorney general or he's recused himself, you could go frontal with the president and say no.
1:41 pm
or you could say, i think -- and i would agree with what he did here, look, we'll have people who are experts and inside -- and the inspector general is not viewed as soft, they are a hammer. we'll have the inspector general review this and then other people look at the request of whether we owe more documents to the congress. this is a punt by people who could not go full frontal with the president and say no. >> so you are saying rod rosenstein and christopher wray couldn't say to president trump, i can't help you, we're refusing so they came up with this to save face with the president. >> if you look at the inspector general, it is to determine wheth whether internal operations are done appropriately and you don't have another official say why don't you investigate yourself. they won't have a twitter war with the president over whether they spied on the campaign and say, okay, what the heck. the inspector general will look at it and if he finds nothing, he finds nothing. >> isn't that inappropriate and they should look at it and turn over the rocks.
1:42 pm
>> i don't think the president should have asked. >> they should do it on their own? >> no. >> we'll talk more about sarah sanders statement coming up. stay with us. we'll take a quick break. introducing walkabout wednesdays. it's a great day for a great deal! tender, center-cut sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries, a draft beer or a coke, all for just $9.99. only for a limited time. so don't walk, run to outback. ♪ i'm 85 years old in a job where. i have to wear a giant hot dog suit. what? where's that coming from? i don't know. i started my 401k early, i diversified... i'm not a big spender. sounds like you're doing a lot. but i still feel like i'm not gonna have enough for retirement. like there's something else i should be doing. with the right conversation,
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welcome back. this just in. vice president pence is applauding the decision made by the inspector general saying the president is grateful the department of justice will have the inspector general look into the allegation that there was a confidential source implanted in the trump campaign in 2016. and pence continued, determine and ensure there was no
1:47 pm
surveillance done for political purpose for the campaign. and the president trump having a meeting with rod rosenstein and the director of the fbi christopher wray. after the meeting sarah sanders released a statement about this meeting. saying, quote, based on the meeting with the president, the department of justice is asked the inspector general to expand the investigation to include any irregularities with the fbi and the -- or the justice department tactics concerning the trump campaign. it was also agreed that the white house chief of staff kelly will immediately set up a meeting with the fbi, department of justice and office of the director of the national intelligence together with congressional leaders to review highly classified and other information they have requested. before the break, phil said the president shouldn't requestfu a of this and it is inappropriate for him to tell the department of justice or the fbi to do anything. >> it is totally inappropriate. i think it was interested that you said -- it is okay for them to be punting it. do you think it is okay? because i feel like everybody is
1:48 pm
buying into this craziness. that he is saying that someone infiltrated his campaign and nobody infiltrated his campaign and even if they are just kick the can, and they are trying to investigate something that didn't happen. >> i think it speaks to the credibility -- everybody is talking about credibility of elections an the american people would like to look at it and if there is nothing there, no harm no foul. >> and why look at it -- it is an official investigation at doj. it is not like -- >> exactly. it is a presidential election. >> and the president putted the pressure on the doj to do something, a., inappropriate and, b., didn't happen. >> what b. didn't happen. >> nobody infiltrated his campaign. >> saying you -- >> no saying the world. >> the reporting said there was a confidential source, somebody who does work for the fbi who met with three people who work for the trump campaign,
1:49 pm
presumably to -- >> you explain. >> if you are running an investigation and you have, as we spoke about before, predicated information that says somebody says something inappropriate to an australian diplomat and we know about wikileaks, you you'll investigate that and the way you investigate is it is do i have anybody that knows the people who are talking about. yes, we call that an informant. this is a presidential campaign and if it weren't -- let me tell you something, jake, this is dime a dozen. >> i agree. >> if it wasn't a presidential campaign dish -- >> but it is not the same thing as -- >> infiltrated is the point -- >> infiltrated -- >> inside of the campaign, right? >> i don't -- the least of language here is significant. for example, the president said spying on the campaign. that tells me you're trying to look at their electoral strategy. what they're trying to look for is once george papadapoulos spoke to the australian diplomat, is there information that suggest that's there is fire behind that smoke. he's -- that informant is not
1:50 pm
there saying, what is your strategy against hillary clinton or spying on the campaign, trying to determine whether the investigation is appropriate. >> and also this idea that -- if the trump campaign was doing something that was probab-- problematic and the fbi is not allowed to investigate that. and could we back up before we go further and decide what infilt race means. because my understanding would be somebody that is actually posing as a campaign worker inside -- >> they were posing as a -- >> and getting information. >> right. that is what happened. so they were posing at someone -- >> we don't know this person was on the staff. they many meetings -- >> had meetings. >> but he was an informant for the federal bureau of investigation. the u.s. government and he was an informant for the government and posing as something he wasn't. somebody who wanted to help -- >> here is a question, david, if any -- take trump out of this for one second. if any campaign has somebody who has meetings with individuals with contacts with the kremlin and it comes to american intelligence that they're claiming that they have contacts with the russians, shouldn't the
1:51 pm
fbi investigate it? >> i don't say they shouldn't. i think we need to understand the parameters. who asked for it, what are they looking for and who ordered it and when it stopped and began. that isn't reasonable. >> there is a context here. we go into an election where the president coming out of the -- 3-million people voted and should we investigate that and the wiretap of trump tower -- i don't think so. >> everyone stick around. what does john mccain want the country to know? his message, next. e takes time. ♪ one picky customer shouldn't take all your time. ♪ that's where office depot can help. our business advisors will set you up with the products and services your business needs. like custom signs, posters, and banners. find us online, on our app or at one of our 1,400 stores nationwide. get your coupon for 20% off services, technology and more at office depot and
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in our politics lead, it is
1:56 pm
frankly difficult to comprehend how president trump and the white house are allowing what could be the last days of senator john mccain's life to be marred by the cruel and sick joke by white house aide kelly sadler about his battle with brain cancer. with a notable lack of public apology. but in many ways, perhaps it is symbolic of the world we're now in, a world where meanness is seen as stronger than empathy where blind loyalty is greater value than honor. tomorrow john mccain latest and likely last book will be published. dana bash sat down with the co-author. >> john mccain wanted to give this speech about senate dysfunction before his brain cancer diagnosis last summer. and then long time aide and speech writer and friend mark salter got a call with a sudden urgency. >> and you come out here and what is the story and i said here is what i want to say and you said have you gotten the results back? what is it.
1:57 pm
he said it is not good. >> reporter: salter rushed to arizona and they finished the speech on the flight back to d.c. >> what with v we to lose by trying to work together. >> they all stayed in their chairs for the speech. that will never happen in his career and it meant a great deal to him. >> reporter: john mccain and salter were already work on the seventh book together which took a reflective turn. >> he wanted to be more personal. and to convey just how fortunate he believed he was from being able to serve his country for 60 years. >> reporter: the result, "the restless wave". >> i want to talk to my fellow americans a little more if i may. my fellow americans, no association ever mattered more to me -- >> reporter: this book allows john mccain to tie up some loose ends. publicly admitting for the first time that during his 2008 presidential run, joe lieberman was his first choice for the running mate. >> we all knew it, covering him. but him saying it is a whole different thing. >> his aides among them and
1:58 pm
myself had persuaded him that it wouldn't be possible. >> reporter: they told john mccain putting a democrat turned independent on a republican presidential ticket would spark a convention revolt. >> he wanted the pick -- to pick joe lieberman but never expressed regret, not privately or publicly about picking governor palin. >> reporter: john mccain also explains being approached in 2016 with the now famous dossier about donald trump. >> he went over to see the fbi director and at his earliest convenience and said i assume you will vet this. >> reporter: i discharged that obligation and i would do it again, anyone who doesn't like it can go to hell. >> i wrote that but he said it just that way. >> reporter: for over 30 years, salter has helped john mccain convey his essence. >> you've written a lost words for and with john mccain. what do you think the most important are? >> we were born to love and we're born to have the courage
1:59 pm
for it. so be brave. the rest is easy. i thought that was the most mccain-esque thing he ever said. >> or maybe this in the final chapter. >> we need each other. we need friends in the world and they need us. the bell tolls for us, my friends. >> that is a reference to for whom the bell tolls by earnest hemingway, his favorite book. the fictional protag annist robert jordan is a larger than life romantic war hero and jake, in the last full page of the book, after talking about how lucky he is been to live with great passions, to fight a war, to make peace, he said the following -- quote, from hemingway robert jordan, he said, the world is a fine place and worth fighting for, and i hate very much to leave it. >> dana bash, thank you so much. appreciate it. make sure you pick up a copy
2:00 pm
of my book "the hellfire club" and follow me on facebook and twitter and tweet the show at "the lead." and that is it for "the lead." i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news. showdown with justice. the president meets with the fbi chief and deputy attorney general who oversees the russia probe after demanding an investigation into claims the justice department spied on his 20 # 16 presidential campaign. did they give into his demands? political petition. the president 2020 campaign, yes he never stopped campaigning, sends out an e-mail in his name asking for signatures to back his call for an investigation. is the president turning his legal battle into a political fight? another secret meeting. a new report revealed donald trump jr.