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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 23, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. hi there, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. the president of the united states has just elevated the conspiracy theory to a government plot with zero evidence, not a single witness, but a new nickname, spygate. you see it here in this tweet and here he was today. >> so but a lot of bad things
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have happened. we now call it spygate. you're calling it spygate. a lot of bad things have happened. >> we're not calling it spygate. the, quote, spy is the confidential source the fbi used to make contact with these trump campaign members prior to the election. the aim was to look into russia's meddling in the election. but the president as seized on this to call it a fact of investigators with him, which he denied this afternoon. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> all you have to do is look at the basics and you'll see. it looks like a very serious event. we'll find out. when they look at the documents, i think people are going to see a lot of bad things happen. i hope it's not so because if it is, there's never been anything like it in the history of our country. we're not undercutting. we're cleaning everything up.
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this was a terrible situation. what we're doing is cleaning everything up. it's so important. what i'm doing is a service to this country. >> he may say they're cleaning everything up but the tweet shows how he's coming down on the fbi. "look how things have turned around on the criminal deep state. they go after phony collusion with russia, a made-up scam and end up getting caught in a major spy scandal the likes of what this country may have never seen before. what goes around comes around." the president keeps saying spy. the fbi calls the person a confidential source. let's go to josh campbell who left the fbi in protest earlier this year so he could speak out against political attacks on the bureau. josh, i want you to fact check the president for me. just lay out everything that he has gotten wrong. >> well, so, brooke, the president is certainly an aficionado when it comes to
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branding. you think of the trump hotel, "the apprentice", these are things that are catchy and they catch on and become part of our vernacular. the problem here is that spygate probably isn't going to fall into that category. in order to have a spygate, you have to have a spy. in this situation we're dealing with a confidential human informant within the fbi. there is a major difference. when you think about a spy, you think about someone skulking in the shadows, whose motives may be questionable. we're talking about an individual assisting law enforcement with working and investigating a lawfully predicated case looking into counterintelligence threats. there's a big difference. i think when the president talks about a spy versus an inform waninformant it comes back to branding. as we look at the meeting that will take place with officials within the department of justice and congress and congress
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members, let's talk about the president's authority. the president is the chief executive of the executive branch of government. he has the power to declassify whatever he wants. if he wanted to, he could do that today and send that information to whoever he wants. we're facing a situation where you have an intelligence committee for important method and sources used by the intelligence community and the intelligence community saying we don't want that information in the public. the question now is fast forwarding to tomorrow, what will be the ground rules for this meeting once it takes place? you'll have chairman nunez, trey gowdy, officials from the department of justice of justice but what will be discussed? as we go in, they have to focus, first of all, on who will be there. there's been a debate whether democrats have been part of that meeting. folks i've been talking to in the business of intelligence saying this is the situation where you want nonpartisanship.
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you want the public to have confidence. if one party is left in the dark, you're going to have questions. one wh y when you set the ground rules, d.o.j. should be bringing both side together. and then the last thing i'll say is what will be on the table as far as fair game for discussion? we talk about sources and methods. will they get into the specific details of the source or keep it more broad? i think it's yet to be seen but a lot of questions that have to be answered now as we go into this potential showdown tomorrow. >> josh campbell, thank you so much. of course we'll be covering that meeting tomorrow when it happens. to our legal minds now. jeffrey toobin is our chief legal analyst and former federal prosecutor. jennifer taub is professor and expert on white collar crime. you have this conspiracy theory president who has launched this
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mega, mega p.r. blitz based on total rumor. who's helping him? who's behind this? >> well, i think this is a part -- it's an effort by the president and his allies in congress, mostly in the house of representatives to discredit the mueller investigation and discredit the fbi's role in it. you know, frankly it's hard to follow the details of what's going on here. those of us -- i do it for a living, you do it for a living, but if you -- and the president has biggest microphone of them all. if he says this is a scandal, if he says this is spygate, a lot of people will believe him. we have a situation where 40% of the public supports him. we're in a very polarized moment. i don't think he's going to convince a lot of people who aren't already favorably disposed to him but by branding this accusation, a lot of people will buy it. >> we'll get to how successful this is working depending what section of the country you're
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talking about. but to your point on enablers and republicans in the house, you have to call them out, right? it's members of congress, also certain members of the media who are enabling the president and peddling these james comey twe was republicans explain this to their grandchildren?" fair point? >> i think it's a fair point. i don't know how anyone can explain this right now or in the future. i mean, the thing about donald trump spitting out these unfounded conspiracy theories, it's out of desperation. because reality is not on his side. and he's a long-time con artist. you mentioned enablers. i think con artists need two people to keep the con going, they need the enablers who know what's going on but are benefiting from the con and they also need people they target, their marks. and then there's the rest of us. it's really disappointing for those members of congress who
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are whispering among themselves, and i'm speaking about the republicans, that they don't trust these guys, that this is outrageous, he's undermining the rule of law, he's trying to target bob mueller but they don't speak out about it publicly. or if they do, it's those who are not running for office again. >> so you call it a con. when you look at how effective he is, there are recent cnn polls that show that republicans have indeed soured on bob mueller and what he's trying to do in this whole investigation. the other piece of it is you have this one side of the story, which is trump pushing these theories. you don't have bob mueller because he can't talk right now until the investigation is wrapped. >> you know, the fact that most republicans believe him is indicative of where our politics are generally. >> this is not normal. >> it's not normal. but all of the -- you know, there was this brief moment where there was bipartisan embrace of mueller, that mueller was perceived of someone who was outside politics, above politics
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but what trump and his allies have succeeded in doing is making mueller and his investigation into another political player. and i don't think it's an accurate perception of what mule s -- mule seller is doing but in absence of his voice and the absence of atore tahorative -- authoritative respond, that's what we have. >> based on all of this from the president, then what? >> people will respond to exactly the polarized way they respond to the way everything is, 45 will approve and 55% won't approve. coming up, a former campaign
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adviser who pleaded guilty and who trump allies have dismissed as "the coffee boy." is george papadopoulos about to learn his punishment for lie together fbi? and did the nfl just side with president trump? the commissioner requiring players to stand for the national anthem and outlining what the penalty will be if they do not. we'll get reaction and discuss what this means for the season ahead. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. ( ♪ ) it's the details that make the difference.
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there as well. what's going on with jared kushner? >> at this hour we're finding the white house mass now restored jared kushner's security clearance. if you remember, it was suspended back in february when the white house was doing an overhaul of security clearances after the rob porter scandal. he was still employed at the white house despite the allegations of spousal abuse. so the security clearances of jared kushner and other top officials who had been pending was suspended at the time. we're told that the word now from the white house is that it is now officially restored. this is something that people close to jared kushner say was done through the normal process. there was no pressure put on the fbi that did the review for the security clearances. no pressure was put on from the president or anybody else. obviously we know that there's been months of a cloud over jared kushner about the security
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clearance. in his first submission, if you recall, back in 2017 there was a number of -- dozens of foreign contacts left off the application. those omissions were later corrected in later submissions but now officially jared kushner can say he has a full permanent security clearance cleared by the fbi at this point. >> security clearance restored. gloria, jump in on how he met with team mueller another time. >> he did in april we know meet with the special counsel team for a seven-hour interview. and our source familiar is telling us that he was not asked about his business dealings but rather other issues that we would have expected him to be asked about. you'll recall in november we broke the news that jared had
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been interviewed by the special counsel for 90 minutes to two hours but it was largely limited to questions about general flynn. this time clearly the interview was more substantive and involved, you know, jared kushner himself. what we don't know is whether that interview is related to the fact that jared kushner has now gotten his security clearance. but it would seem to me and evan knows more about this that if the special counsel had a lot of lingering questions, that the security clearance would not have been approved. >> we know among of things he was asked about was obviously his role in the campaign, his role in the cam beneficitransit. he met with ambassador kislyak and that is something we know special counsel robert mueller has been vettiinvestigating. we also know that post
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inauguration one of the things the special counsel did cover was the issue of the firing of james comey. you remember that people close to jared kushner have been saying he played no role whatsoever in the president's decision to fire james comey. that is obviously something, though, we know that he was in new jersey at the president's golf club what that decision was made. this was brought up in this interview with robert mueller's team. >> right, because people who are not close to jared kushner made the point to us as we were reporting the story of the firing of comey that he drove the decision as opposed to be just a bystander in the decision and approving of it after the president made the decision to do it. so clearly that's an important topic of conversation because when you think about the question of obstruction and the president of the united states, firing of james comey looms very large in that.
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>> do you think on the fact that kushner did talk again for the mueller team for i think gloria said seven hours, not related to business dealings but a lot of other territory covered. a, what do you make of that and, b, do you think those other issues they discussed would be things that perhaps trump doesn't want to talk about with mueller? >> it hard 's hard to know and news for jared kushner that his security clearance had been restored. that was an embarrassment to both of them given how close he is to the president. and the fact that he did give another voluntary interview to mueller's office is i suppose good news because it shows he was cooperating with the investigation. but what he said and what he was questioned about, it's really -- it's very hard to know. obviously there is this investigation of obstruction of justice. was there -- did the president
11:17 am
improperly fire robert mueller -- fire james comey and that legal question and that fact you'll question is something that, you know, that mueller is obviously vetting. the other issue is what was the contact between russiacampaign, how much mueller knows, we don't know. >> we have more news on the investigation coming up. and straight from roger goodell himself, what the nfl has just decided what the players are allowed to do in the national anthem and how the players union is now responding. somehow we always leave packing to the last minute.
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more breaking news this afternoon about someone who has already pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his contacts with russians, talking about george papadopoulos, the former foreign policy advisor on president trump's 2016 campaign. he's about to face sentencing. let's go to shimon prokupecz. what are you hearing? >> clearly a key move here by the special counsel. it signals now perhaps they are done with george papadopoulos and his cooperation. he's been providing them information for months now, cooperating with them. just within the last hour the special counsel's office pilefia status report, that they are ready for him to be sentenced,
11:23 am
that they are ready in about 30 days or so. this indicates, as i said, his cooperation is for the most part complete and whatever information he has been providing to the special counsel has likely come to an end. at the sentencing i think what will happening is that we'll learn exactly just how he's been cooperating, perhaps the prosecutors will put out a letter saying just what kind of information he's been providing, which will ultimately affect the type of sentence that he receives from the judge. you know, brooke, this is just another sign. we have the kushner news today and now this today that is seems that the special counsel is moving through some of these issues in their investigation and perhaps coming closer to an end, at least in terms of some of the parts of this investigation. >> shimon, thank you for the news. jeffrey toobin, he said it. i think what he was saying is that it seems like it's nearing an end perhaps or an end to the
11:24 am
russian infiltration part of the investigation? >> the reason this is significant is because when someone pleads guilty, prosecutors like to hold out sentencing at leverage, as in you better be honest with us because we're going to talk to t the judge and whether you were cooperating fully. leaving sentencing open is a major point of leverage over someone pleading guilty. the fact that mueller's off is saying they're ready to proceed to sentencing, they got what they wanted from him, they don't need the leverage over him anymore. >> okay. jeffrey toobin, just to sticking around. ahead to the nfl we go. did the nfl just side with the president of the united states? commissioner roger goodell with a new rule requiring players to stand for the national ant thing
11:25 am
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the nfl just announced it's banning players from kneeling on the field during the national anthem. it requires all team personnel to stand and show respect to the flag when the national anthem is played. dissenter are allowed to stay back in the locker room. >> if anyone is on the field and disrespectful to the anthem and the flag, there would be a fine from the league against the team. the team will have its own work rules that will be consistent with the overall policy and make their own decision about how to manage that. all 32 clubs want to make sure that during the moment of the anthem and the flag that that is a very important moment to all of us as a league, as clubs
11:30 am
personally and to our country and that's a moment that we want to make sure is done in a very respectful fashion. >> here's what the nfl player union is saying. "the nfl chose to not consult the union in the development of this new policy. our union will review the new policy and challenge any aspect that is inconsistent with the collecting bargaining agreement. president trump weighed in last year slamming the league and protesting players. >> let's go to our guests. fellas, welcome. keith, how about to you first. what do you make of this decision? >> it's almost hard to know where to start. first the nfl seems to have a desire to just keep this in front of people when they did not need to do this. if it wanted to really do
11:31 am
something going into another season to address the issue of players kneeling it, could have done several other things besides confront players directly in this sort of way. it's almost worded in a way in such that it challenges directly the players' resolve on something like this. i have not heard fans, i have not heard observers of the league talking about kneeling or anthem protests in months, certainly since before the super bowl. for the nfl to come out and do this, just about a day or so after they announced a $90 million contribution to social justice playeissues regarding players, this is something to be watched about and talked for guys like me and mike to be talking about as we lead up to opening weekend. it feels like a forced error. >> to that exact point, mike, i
11:32 am
sat there wondering is this going to become a thing in the sense that everyone is going to be watching to see which team shows up on the field, which team hangs out in the locker room, does that detract from the game or is that a turning factor and bring more buzz to the football season? >> i think unfortunately for the players this, brooke, does in fact almost eliminate the bad optics of half the teams standing and half the teams kneeling, unless those players are interested in possibly having their teams fined and losing their jobs. the nfl is imposing upon its workers that essentially takes away their first amendment rights. i don't get it. essentially donald trump if he didn't win, he certainly convinced enough americans, including nfl owners, that these kneeling mostly black millionaires are becoming a proxy for patriotism and i think
11:33 am
it's sad, it's wrong. i think they can do what they want, but this is where we are. >> i don't think we've seen a trump tweet on this yet, gentlemen. >> oh, you will! >> it's coming. it's coming. >> there's been a pence tweet. guys throw it up on the screen. the vice president has reacted, #winning. do you think, keyith, that the president, that the administration won this one? >> what do you consider winning, right? and this is wading into politics, so you're winning if winning to you is the nave tiff -- narrative of the day if what nfl players are going to do when the season rolls around, i guess you won. where is this administration going to be by the time we get from may to september with some of the news you just talked about coming out of the russia investigation. i really think they have bigger things to think about right now. so whether or not -- he may have
11:34 am
won his battle but there are certainly bigger political wars for the president and vice presidenting to worri-- vice president to be worried about. again, this is not something for people to be talking about. maybe people covering the league meetings and talking to owners every day this was on their minds but to fans, this is just not something that people were talking about unless you were probably a member of far right wing twitter and were using this as a talking point to go right along with mike pence. nobody was thinking about this and now everybody's talking about it. >> mike, close us out. >> i remember, brooke, when taking a knee in sports, having played at very low levels myself was the most sacred thing you could do. a coach spoke to you, a player was hurt, a game was over, you prayed with your team. this has become the most polarizing act in sports.
11:35 am
colin kaepernick brought it to america's attention for good reasons in my opinion. i just don't get it. i still don't get it. >> mike and keith, thank you guys so much. moments ago president trump offering clarity about whether his high stakes meeting with kim jong un next month will happen at all. this as reports are surfacing that north korea's dictator may be fearing a military coup when he leaves. mother...nature! sure smells amazing... even in accounts receivable. gain botanicals laundry detergent. bring the smell of nature wherever you are. we always came through for our customers. from day one, it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it.
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we're back. i'm brooke baldwin. president trump sitting down with north korea's leader was a history-making gamble and now it
11:40 am
may not happen. trump made a sharp turn of dreaming of nobel peace prizing to a strong chance that meeting may not happen after all. kim jong un is reportedly fearing a military coup. but secretary mike pompeo appears confident that the meet will go go ahead as scheduled and went as far to assure kim that the united states will offer a security assurance to his regime with a caveat. >> our demands have been unam b big -- unambiguous. when i spoke with him, the scope was that there would have to be real denuclearization. he made clear it was important to him, when that time came,
11:41 am
when those objectives were achieved he in return would receive economic help. >> with me now, white house reporter for "the washington post," and jamie, who has travel extensively in new york. jamie, i want to begin with you. for trump the notion of this summit, the risk is international embarrassment. for kim it's this existential fear. we know kim was spooked by the libya method. are his fears of a coup actually that unreasonable? >> it interesting. donald trump addressed this yesterday in his remarks in the oval office in that kim is taking a risk here as well and it's not something he's had a lot of experience with. he's gotten some good marks for going to beijing and across the
11:42 am
border to south korea, coming to terms with modernizing their sort of view of the world but i think there's a real risk that he feels that if he's going to go all the way to singapore, what does that mean back home? the white house had a planning meeting with north korea last week and the north koreans didn't show up. now a team from the white house is headed back to singapore to try to meet with the north koreans and nail down these details, which include things like security for kim jong un and as well as even ensuring his plane has fuel to get to the summit and get back home. >> there are risks, the security issues, jamie. you have the secretary of state offering protection to kim. you saw the president yesterday reiterating, quote, we will guarantee his safety. he will be safe, he will be happy. you and i were just talking during the commercial about all these innocent people being tortured and murdered in prison
11:43 am
camps in the hills of north korea where you've been through this country. is that something that this administration should be guaranteeing? >> well, we shouldn't guarantee the security of the regime and we can't. when president trump says you will be rich and you will be secure, from the perspective of kim jong un, to be secure means most everybody else
11:44 am
>> he knows the file. he doesn't use notes. we have real conversations through a translator obviously. he's from a different generation and at a different time. and it's my hope that when he and president trump get a chance to be together that we can get the north koreans to make this strategic shift about how best to serve the country, that the nuclear weapons program isn't the thing that keeps the regime in power but the thing that prevents the regime from being in a place it wants to be. >> david, what do you make of his impressions? >> this is sort of a warning to donald trump that he needs to prepare as well. people talk about kim jong un really understanding sort of the details of their nuclear program. the question is how much donald trump is preparing. we understand that he's obviously interested in sort of
11:45 am
the theatrics and the symbolism of the summit but is he really understanding what it takes? the president was asked yesterday whether he would insist that the north turn over their nuclear weapons entirely very quickly, which is something that john bolton seems to be laying down a marker for but the president said he didn't want to commit to that necessarily. he already seems to be suggesting he could shift and this could be a longer process than he sort of laid out for the american public. i mean, the president's talked about this being sort of a quick victory, something he can get done in singapore but most experts say this is going to take a long time, going to real serious and
11:46 am
>> were you the only people there? >> that's the exact same agreement. the north koreans have committed to denuclearization. if that's the negotiation, if begot a deal that was half as good as the iran deal that we've just thrown out, that would be a victory beyond anybody's expectations. so the north koreans have no intention of giving up their
11:47 am
nuclear weapons. if we are telling ourselves a different story, that's just delusional. >> thank you, gentlemen, so very much. thank you. just in here, steve bannon, the former white house chief strategist has just said that martin luther king jr., quoting him now, would be proud of donald trump. how he justifies that statement? let's get van jones to react. and our breaking news involving the president's son-in-law. cnn learning that jared kushner has met with the special counsel's team for a second time, answering questions for several hours. what we're learning about that meeting next. but speaking to pnc to help handle all your investments was a very important million and one. pnc. make today the day.
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congress is finally making progress on its plan to fix america's correctional system. the house judiciary committee passed a bipartisan bill that will help inmates transition out of prison and teach them life skills that could land them proper housing and a job. just last week van jones moderated a prison reform summit at the white house. people on both side of the debate, including former inmates and president trump shared ideas about how to move forward. >> i also want to thank van jones, primarily because he constantly says such nice things about me. he did. he did. every once in a while, right? every once in a while, he did. hey, he actually has on occasion. not too often. but i'll tell you what, though, it does feel good. when we talk about our national program to hire america, this must include helping millions of former inmates get back into the
11:53 am
workforce as gainfully employed citizens. >> van is with me now. van, i know you, i know how much of this is your life's work, how much you have poured into this. i just want to first ask for people who aren't familiar, tell me about the bill and you've even had to make your own concessions. what do you think doesn't go far enough? >> well, first of all, last night in a landslide vote, the first step act,, landslide, bipartisan, trump supported the bill, nancy pelosi supported the bill, jared kushner and hakeem jeffries sported the bill. once in this entire dysfunction there was a breakthrough to help
11:54 am
those behind bars. and liberals have said, van jones, what are you doing? because i've been so tough on trump. i said there's 200,000 federal prisoners in the palm of their hand. i don't think they would appreciate us refusing to go and sit down and talk about how to make their lives better. the first step act will let them make their act better. it will stop women prisoners from being shackled when they're having babies. there's a lot of horrific stuff going on that this bill will eliminate. i just can't tell you, the entire democratic leadership in the house, including nancy pelosi, voted on this bill and for this bill that donald trump and jared kushner are for. it was a bipartisan break through, not to give out tax breaks to rich people but help the least of these have better lives and people should be excited about that. >> you have other critics, other big-name democrats who are
11:55 am
saying, quoting them the core of the bill could worsen the situation in our federal prisons, the likes of cory booker -- >> i've known cory booker for 20 years. this thing divided republicans and democrats. democrats say it didn't go far enough. i agree it didn't go far enough. the problem is if you hold out for everything, sometimes you get nothing. under the obama administration, we held out for everything and we got nothing. the first step is just that, the first step. there's a lot of misinformation the bill but hakeem jeffries worked to get this bill from bad to good to great when it comes to prison reform and the think the senate should take it up. listen, i think you're seeing a new moment, brook, where at least for the people who are suffering the most, the addicted, the convicted, people
11:56 am
are beginning to be willing to put some things aside to get something done and that's a good thing. no bill is perfect. but this bill is a bill that will do a lot of good. can. >> let me just ask, what has it been like working with jared kushner? >> i'll put it this way. i'll quote my friend jay-z. we got 99 conflicts but prison ain't one. i disagree with kushner and trump on so many things but here's the deal. if i disagree with you on 99 issues important to me, trans'rights, immigrant rights, the whole deal, on 99 things but on one this eveningng i disagre you, should i do nothing and not do one thing to try to help people who don't have voices? and i said i've got to at least try. i think at the end of the day
11:57 am
what we'll learn about this country, where we disagree, we're supposed to fight and fight hard but where we agree, we're supposed to work together and work hard, especially for people who don't have a voice. >> you have heard what steve bannon has just said to the bbc and donald trump and dr. king. hang on before you jump in, in case people haven't seen it, roll the tape. >> i said donald trump has the lowest black unemployment in history. donald trump has the lowest hispanic unemployment in 25 years. if you look at the policies of donald trump, okay, anybody, martin luther king would be proud of him of what he's done for the black and hispanic community for jobs. >> you think martin luther king would be proud of the president? >> it's the lowest unemployment in history? look at the unemployment we had in the black community five years ago. you don't think martin luther king would sit there and go you're putting young black men and women to work? and wages are starting to rise among the working class and you
11:58 am
finally stop the illegal alien labor force coming in and competing with them every day and destroying the school and destroying the health care? absolutely. >> you think he'd be proud? >> oh, my god. and i was having such a good day. let me try to call this thing fair. his numbers are correct but what he doesn't seem to understand is that from 2011 until now there's been a linear straight line down for unemployment for the black community, which means that the process that we're talking about got started under president obama. and to donald trump's credit, he didn't come in and screw it up but he also didn't come in and accelerate it. it's literally the exact same line. he's been a good custodian of the trends and trajectories that president obama started. i suppose we could say we've had
11:59 am
two presidents that have been moving this line down. the idea that things were terrible under obama and then trump came in and fixed something is just a lie. it's just not true. the numbers speak for themselves. i am glad the numbers continue to go down. they have not sped up, they haven't gotten worse or better under van jones. >> thank you very. van mentioned the support he has with nancy pelosi. she takes your questions live. chris cuomo hosts is special town hall tonight at 9:00 only here on cnn. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> you're watching cnn. i'm brooke bald went. we begin with breaking news on the president's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner. the news is this -- his security clearance has been restored. this is according to a person briefed on the matter.
12:00 pm
this is after months and months of uncertainty stemming from his part in the role -- also with us, bradley moss. evan perez, tell me what you know. >> that's right, brooke. gloria borger and i have learned that jared kushner's security clearance was restored today officially. it was suspended during the rob porter scandal, where rob porter was allowed to remain on staff despite allegations of spousal abuse. john kelly suspended the clearance of everybody whose clearance was pending, that included jared kushner of course. we have heard now from abby lowell, who is kushner's attorney and he says this is a process a long time in