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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 23, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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of uncertainty stemming from his part in the role -- also with us, bradley moss. evan perez, tell me what you know. >> that's right, brooke. gloria borger and i have learned that jared kushner's security clearance was restored today officially. it was suspended during the rob porter scandal, where rob porter was allowed to remain on staff despite allegations of spousal abuse. john kelly suspended the clearance of everybody whose clearance was pending, that included jared kushner of course. we have heard now from abby lowell, who is kushner's attorney and he says this is a process a long time in coming. he said it was delayed in part
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due to the fact that kushner's application was very complicated and the fact that there was a back log that begins for every new administration. the second piece of news that we have from gloria borger and myself is that jared kushner went in for a second interview with the special counsel robert mueller. this happened in mid april. he sat for seven hours, answered questions, a number of questions on different topics, a lot of it having to do with his role in the campaign, his role in the presidential transition, as well as some questions after president trump took office and that includes questions about his role, what role, if any, he played in the president's decision to fire james comey, the former fbi director. this is obviously something that had been anticipated that he would do. he had previously sat for an initial interview, brooke, back in november. this happened right before mike flynn, the former national security adviser pleaded guilty to false statement charges. so that interview was focused on
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mike flynn. we're told this was a much more obviously broad set of questions being asked of him in this seven-hour interview. abby lowell gave us a statement. he says "a year ago jared was one of the first to voluntarily cooperate with any investigation into the 2016 campaign and related topics. since then he has continued his complete cooperation providing a large up in of documents and sitting for hours with interviews on congressional committees and sitting for two interviews with the office of special counsel." in the view of jared, he thinks he's done with these investigations. obviously we'll hear the final word when robert mueller finishes his investigation. >> let me come back to you on a follow up with robert mueller that you have. the security piece of evidence reporting is jermaine fgermane
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you do. what does it mean the security clearance, his ability to do his job? >> he's good to go now. he's got now a top secret security clearance with access to eligibility to sensitive c e compartmented information. he's supposed to be running middle east peace and negotiating deals overseas. he now has access to all of this information. as we go forward with this, did the fbi conduct an interview with mr. kushner or did they rely upon what mr. mueller did. that is key to finding out just how serious this vetting truly was. >> on the notion i think you said seven house is the second moment where kushner sitting down with mueller, we're hearing a lot at the same time about these trump team negotiations with mule are on will theeller n
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interview, how narrow should the questioning be? where do we stand on that? >> that's a negotiation that we're seeing live going through the process sensely. you see the trump legal team using the press eessentially to negotiate with the special counsel. here's what we've been told so far. they've been pushing to limit the scope of the interview. they say they don't want any questions having to do with things after the president took office. russia related has to be before he took office. and they say that they're willing for sim down under a narrow scope and for eye digsal questions to be put toward the president in writing. now, i call that the take home test. remember being in college and being able to take home the test and then you provide the answers. so we don't know whether that will work or not. special counsel robert mueller we're told according to sources has indicated he's not willing or inclined to do any kind of written question and answer.
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he wants a fulsome interview. we'll see whether these negotiations go forward. we're told that they're making progress. someone called it progress as being inching forward to so speak. but look, i mean, i think everybody knows they're trying to get this done before the beginning of the -- before the summer really because we're looking at the mid-term elections coming up and i think the special counsel wants to make sure he doesn't do anything that influences the election. >> evan perez, thank you so much, as always. now to the president and his peddling of a multiple of conspiracy theories, specifically the one that the fbi spied on his campaign. he completed the roomor again tod -- rumor again today. he offered no proof. he did give a name to it, calling it spygate. >> a lot of bad things have happened. we're calling it spygate. you're calling it spygate.
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all you have to do is look at the basics and you'll see it looks like a very serious event. but we'll find out. when they look at the documents, i think people are going to see a lot of bad things happen. i hope it's not so because if it is, there's never been anything like it in the history of our country. if you look at clapper, he sort of admitted they had spies in the campaign yesterday inadvertently. >> here's what james clapper actually said. >> so i ask you, was the fbi spying on trump's campaign? >> no, they were not. they were spying on -- a term i don't particularly like -- but on what the russians were doing. trying to understand were the russians infiltrating? >> so doesn't he like that? he should be happy. >> well, he should be. >> let's go to our cnn political
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commentator, michael smerconish and has a new book coming out called "clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right." i love that song! he has launched this mega p.r. campaign, trying to delegitimize the law enforcement community. we're calling it spygate and you're calling it spygate and, p.s., no we're not calling it spygate. >> who is aiding him? >> i think he's pretty effective thus far. it's hard not to see it as an attempt at inoculation. he lays out that moniker, spygate. it spreads among their base that if and when there's a report issued by robert mueller that goes to rosen stestein that we
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get to see that builds a case against the president, they'll be prepared to believe that it was all a witch hunt, it was all by virtue of spygate and a setup. it prays upon the attention span of the american people. this is a very complicated story and it requires a lot of read-in to come to terms on what transpired. i think i have a handle on it but here's one area of agreement with the president. i want to see all the documents. i want transparency. i want to know what transpired here. >> what about, though, the people who are enabling the president, right, the members of the media. specifically house republicans, certain channels, certain conservative hosts like this. >> in the center of maybe the greatest scandal in modern political history, the fbi spying on the 2016 trump campaign for maybe two years.
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the dutiful lackies in the press deny it ever happened. now we know it did happen. >> we will lose the country. we will destroy the rule of law. we will shred our constitution completely. >> now, i'm with you on transparency, i'm with you on that but when you look at this last line from james comey's tweet. he said how will republicans explain this to their grandchildren? how will they? >> if i only watched that news outlet and i only heard talking point from that side of the political spectrum, i'd be mad as hell and not prepared to take it much longer. i mean, people need to investigate this using evidentiary thinking. by the way, i think i can do it relatively straight forward, which is to say that a london based professor reports to a trump campaign affiliate,
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papadopoulos, that the russians are sitting on a treasure trove of hillary dirt e-mails. papadopoulos in some booze-fuelled sitdown with the australian ambassador tells him what he knows. the australian ambassador reports that to the american authorities and an investigation is launched. so i say stop the frame right there and ask yourself, what would you want our government to do? the only answer is to say, my god, an enemy of the united states because that's what vladimir putin is, we want that examined. now, is the net effect of that embedding a, quote, spy in the trump campaign? i don't think that's what this story is all about. it all about going back to the professor and others and finding out where did you get your information? and of course against this backdrop, brooke, comes the wikileak dump, which takes this to a def con 5.
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you'd want this vetteinvestigat. i'd credit the patriotism of anyone who wouldn't want it looked at as it was going down. >> on the transparency note and again that's what the president says he wants, right? but on that how do you explain this meeting tomorrow that the white house isn't inviting democrats to this classified meeting where they're demanding this transparency? >> it's so sad because our partisan differences and political divide used to always stop at the water's edge and we would unite against a common foe. thus is the extent of the partisan difference among elected officials because in that book you referenced, i don't think it exists among the american people. now those partisan differences embassy tend globally, into foreign policy and into national security and i think leaves us vulnerable. >> michael smerconish, thank you so much. quick programming note.
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we played the clip of james clapper. james clapper will be on "the lead" at the top of the hour. >> and the nfl commissioner making a new rule requiring that the players stand for the national anthem and what the penalty will be if they do not. >> and and two parents are suing their 30-year-old son who wouldn't move out of the house saying, dude, it time to go. and the judge agreed. their son tells me his side of the story. er college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story.
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the new rule requires all team personnel to stand and show respect for the flag when the anthem is played. dissenters can hang back in the locker room but the league can impose fines on teams if anybody breaks the new rule. here is nfl commissioner roger goodell. >> if anything is on the field and is disrespectful to the anthem or the flag, there would be a fine from the league against the team. the team will have its own work rules that will be consistent with the overall policy and make their own decisions about how to manage that. all 32 clubs want to make sure that during the moment of the the anthem and the flag that that is a very important moment to all of us as a league, as clubs personally and to our country. and that's a moment that we want to make sure is done in a very respectful fashion. >> new reaction coming in from team owners. new york jets ceo tweeting i
12:18 pm
will support our players wherever we land as a team. our focus is not on imposing any rules. let's rewind the clock and remember this whole thing started back in 2016, former quarterback colin kaepernick to took a knee to protest police killing people of color in this country. let me bring in retired nfl player efram salamme. what do you think? >> i think they missed the mark here. i think a group of billionaires got into a room and came up with rules to benefit themselves and not the actual players and to also make it more divisive than it was before. if a player decides to protest
12:19 pm
and decide to stay in the locker room and he comes out, what's going to happen? of course the boos. when i played, sometimes i had to get extra treatment before the game starts. so if i'm not on the field during the anthem -- >> like physical therapy? >> like physical therapy so i can get myself ready to play. now reporters and everybody else are going to be looking for the players that are missing. >> hathey're going to be focusi on who is hanging back in the locker room. >> which makes it a more divisive situation. they actually sided with donald trump in terms of we're going to impose these rules that affected our bottom line. it's not really about us and the players coming together. it's more so about us and protecting our brand. i think it's a great miscarriage of justice. ben, how do you see it? >> one, if you're getting
12:20 pm
treatment before the gramm, you c -- game, you can say i was getting treatment before the game, it not about the national anthem. and if the players are hell bent on doing this, then just pay the fines. you are being paid millions of dollars because of a successful league and people that watch the games and come to the games and purchase things, which has allowed for the massive salaries that you're getting now in the nfl. if you don't protect that, these billionaires don't protect the lo league and the fans and people that are watching, those salaries will no longer expand at the massive growth that they've. for the players that are mad, go ahead and do what you want to do, get ready to pay the fine. people keep saying the rights of the players are being infringed upon here. no, they're not. you still have the right of freedom of speech and
12:21 pm
expression. you're having to adhere to the rules that you can and cannot do at work, certain things you cannot wear at work. all of these players can protest during the summer months. no one's rights have been hurt here or abused. you still have the freedom of speech and expression but when you go to work there's a protocols and these players are being held to these protocols while making hundreds of millions of dollars. >> what we're not talking about is the narrative that was changed. the narrative was changed about bringing awareness to police brutality in minority communities -- >> you can still do that. >> wait a minute. hold on. when this all started 16 months ago with colin kaepernick and nate boyer, who was a former nfl player and a military veteran
12:22 pm
came to colin kaepernick when he was sitting down and said, hey, that's a sign of disrespect. if you want to get your point across and still be respectful to the country and the flag, take a knee. that is a sign of respect of the flag. so now the narrative has shifted from that to him being disrespectful for taking a knee. nowhere in the flag code does it state that taking a knee at the national anthem is disrespectful to the country or the flag. what it does mention is if you wear the american flag, if you eat off the american flag, if you do a myriad of other things, that is being disrespectful to the american flag. and you're unpatriotic. so my problem is the narrative -- >> hang on, ben. >> wait a second, ben. i got you. my problem is the narrative being shifted off what the current issue now to pacify those who think it's unpatriotic when it is not.
12:23 pm
>> ben, go. >> two different things. up said that the narrative's been changed. the narrative got changed when colin kaepernick started wearing socks that depict police officers as pigs and shirts that had dictators on it. you lost the narrative completely when your biggest day of protest was not because of police brutality, it was because of donald trump's comments about honoring the flag and standing and that's the day that you lost this country. when the nfl players stayed in the locker room and there was the biggest day joined together of players that protested, it was because of comments by donald trump. and it hurt the nfl and it hurt viewership and it hurt sponsorship and everything else. that's why the owners have said we're not going to continue to go done this road. now, i will say this to the players. >> last thought. >> if you firmly believe so much in what you're saying about police brutality, continue to protest and pay the fines. put your money where your mouth is. but your rights have not been
12:24 pm
taken away from you there. >> ephraim, we have to leave it and we have to get to this 30-year-old gentleman. stick around for just a second for me. hang tight because coming up next as well, stormy daniels is about to get a key to the city. we're going to tell you which city and why they're honoring the porn star who is suing the president? and have you heard about kushner's harvard classmates who are slamming him? that coming up.
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since he launched his campaign, president trump has said that the free press is, quote unquote, the enemy of the american people. but journalist lesley stahl is revealing he once told her why he attacks the media. >> at one point he started to attack the press and it just me and my boss and him, he has a huge office, he's attacking the press. there are no cameras and i said you know, that is getting tired. why are you doing this? you've done it over and over and it's boring and you've won the nomination. why do you keep hammering at this? he said you know why i do it? i do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you right negative stories about me, no one will believe you.
12:30 pm
>> but this administration doesn't appear to just discredit the media, they're also blocking the media's access to information. for the second day in a row, the epa blocked cnn and other news organizations from a news summit focused on water come tntaminan. jumping back what lesley stahl said, it's stunning trump's response to her but maybe not so shocki shocking. >> he was articulating to her what is painfully obvious pretty much every day that we cover and that we watch president trump and before that candidate trump, that when he says fake news, a term i can't stand -- >> i can't stand it either. >> i know. when he says it, it is for one reason and one reason only, it is because he wants to take stories that he doesn't think
12:31 pm
are positive for him, those that don't put him in a positive light and make them look wrong. and, look, it was one thing when he did it as a candidate, it was not acceptable, but i still remember the very first time that he did it after he was inaugurated at a rally. and went after the press and did his whole sort of shtick about it. and it was different and it's dangerous because what we have seen since hooves national gue forget about us and the united states where we have constitutional backstops for the first amendment, but in other countries where they don't. and there are leaders who are copying the president, who are emulating him and it is very dangerous because those countries don't have the kind of core of freedom of the press,
12:32 pm
the first amendment in their government institutions, and that is what makes it so incredibly -- it's a slippery slope. never mind the people who he's trying to affect in the united states but really it is a position that he's taking as a world leader that, you know, is very short sigsighted. >> hot topic number two, alumni of harvard, jared kushner won't be there. some are ridiculing him by publishing these notes. apparently it's a tradition. "mostly i feel low grade, constant horror as i watch attacks on refugees, minorities, my most at-risk patriots, women's right and the environment and new threats of nuclear war.
12:33 pm
shame on you, jared kushner. >> so i don't think it should surprise any of us at a place like harvard, which is known as by and large a liberal institution, would take offense at somebody like jared kushner. now i do think to be fair it not just that jared kushner is working for a republican president, it is this republican president that his former classmates are ridiculing him for joining, for espousing the things that you just read about him there and, you know, i don't think that from talking to people who are harvard alums that he was always the most kind of charming and out there and social guy. maybe that was more his brother, but in terms of people not liking the ideals and policies that jared kushner is espousing
12:34 pm
of his father-in-law at harvard. are you surprised? >> no, it's a progressive campus. no, i'm not surprised. >> happy stormy daniels day. in hollywood, they said they were doing this because she did this by speaking truth to power in the face of intimidation. i only laugh because of the fact that it's only just a day. >> she got the key to the city, too, right? >> apparently so. >> west hollywood is the perfect place for this to happen, a stormy daniels day. i don't think it would happen pretty much anywhere else in the country. but you know what? they're saying that she's speaking out, it's not because of other things. and you know what, she has been speaking out. we'll see to what end. >> dana, thank you so much.
12:35 pm
speaking of speaking out, a judge has ordered this 30-year-old man to leave his parents' house after they took him to court to evict him. you'll hear my conversation with the son about how it came to this after eight years of living rent free.
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eight years of free room and board is long enough. that is the feeling of an upstate new york couple who has been trying to kick their 30-year-old son, michael rotundo out of their house. they gave him money to get started and sent him several letters to vacation but he said he was not given enough notice. michael has a young son who he lost custody of the last year and now the parents have gone to the courts and the verdict is that the judge evicted him. i had a chance to speak with michael moments ago. here is our conversation.
12:40 pm
michael, welcome. >> hi. >> hi. let me start with that you're 30. the simplest question. do you not want to find your own place? >> no. >> why not? >> i don't want to live there anymore. >> you don't want to live with your parents? >> no. it's very tense, it's very awkward. we have to, you know, we have to share space, which may be the case where i would find myself afterwards, but i'd prefer to get out. >> okay. so on the preferring to get out, let's rewind for a second. it's my understanding you've lived at your parents' house rent free for eight years. i know you do your own laundry, you buy your own food but they asked you five times please move out. why couldn't you guys resolve this without the court? >> i would consider much of what
12:41 pm
they were doing to try to get me out as attacks, and what i was just, you know, trying to preserve -- well, trying to do what's best for me, which is trying to be a little more reasonable, i'll leave, i don't like living here but i need reasonable time. and as an example of this, the first notice, the february 2nd notice, you have basically 14 days before you're outside in the winter weather. the first thing i did when i got that is i tried -- i made sure that wasn't going to happen. i contacted the police department, i said is this something that this could happen? and they're like no. you just call us. they can't do that. i was like all right. >> michael, i'm listening to you, i really am. let me just understand because i hear you on your parents giving you notices, the fact that you
12:42 pm
are on national television talking about moving out of your parents' house, you tell me you want to move out of your parents' house. why don't you just move out of your parents' house like tomorrow? >> i don't have the means to do that tomorrow. >> okay. do you have a job? >> no. >> are you trying to get a job? i read one of the things that parents asked of you, there are jobs available for people like you even with a poor work history, get to work. are you working on that? >> i have plans to be able to provide myself with the income i need to support myself but it's not something that's going to come together tomorrow. so i'm trying to do what's best for me and, you know, i do want to leave and i want to leave as soon as possible but it's not tomorrow. i don't think it should have to
12:43 pm
be tomorrow. >> you want it to be tomorrow. it just isn't tomorrow because you don't have the means yet to make it tomorrow. >> right. >> here's the next thing. a lot of us have lived with our parents, maybe a little bit longer than we wish we could. please take a sip of your water. do you not want privacy, michael? do you not want relationships, boyfriend, girl friend, friendship, space, not shared walls with mom and dad? >> i do want those things. >> so your parents took you to court to force you out of their homes. you argued you should have more time, you wanted the six months and i heard you say ironically mabb maybe by the time you leave, it will be that six months. the court didn't find in your
12:44 pm
favor. will you fight the court and fight your parents on this? >> i'm going to send a letter to my parents' attorney that says if you send an order to the court, a proposed order that is for three months, and there's a possibility the court won't accept that, although i don't think that makes any not a law. i guess the court can deny any proposed order. i'm saying to the attorney if you put a proposed order for three months in, i won't fight anymore for the case. and the ironic thing is that if they had sent me the six-month in t notice to quit in february, it would have cost them zero dollars in legal expenses. >> so, okay. legal expenses aside, time spent in court, i'm sure you're irked
12:45 pm
and your parents are irked, you only have one mom and dad. don't you want to reconcile with them? >> no. no, i don't. i mean, are you aware of the component regarding my son and about how i lost my visitation -- >> i am. >> so right after that they're like, well, we want you to start doing -- don't worry about your case, which was -- that's a full-time job doing a -- setting up an appeal for an order like that for custody and visitation. what you need to do right now is get a full-time job and get health insurance or we're going to throw you out. and it was devastating to lose my son and i -- i was just -- >> it's okay. >> i was done with them after that. i was done with them after that point. >> my heart goes out to you on
12:46 pm
the custody issue. >> sure, sure. >> the last piece of this, michael, and this is really my last question, there are a lot of people who have read about your story and the thought bubble is what is up with this millennial generation, that you guys seem so entitled. what would you say to those critics? >> i would say that i'm really not a member of that demographic that they're speaking to, of that group. i'm a very conservative person. the millennials that they're speaking to are very liberal in their ideology. >> but you're 30 so technically i think you are part of the millennial generation. i don't think there's a delineation between -- >> you're right. but when people speak to the millennials and the -- their general nature as a millennial, they speak to more liberal leanings. in my opinion. do you disagree?
12:47 pm
>> i don't think it's for me to disagree. i think a millennial is a millennial is a millennial based upon the year that you were born but i think it's totally your opinion to say that doesn't apply to me. but with that, michael rotondo, i appreciate you coming on and i truly wish you the best of luck. >> i am a millennial. >> yes, michael. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> so that was one. most real interviews we've taken part of here in the last little while, but i genuinely wish him and his parents luck. let's move on. next, hawaii. no end in sight for people who have been dealing with dangerous volcanic eruptions for three weeks now. you will hear from a man who was hit by a lava bomb and lived to tell about it. >> i just wanted to live. i didn't care if they cut my leg off down there or not.
12:48 pm
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♪ activity in the kilauea sum sit still bubbling over. more incredible pictures and a live look at the lava gushing thousands of feet into the air. and now a new danger on the roads. you'll see blue -- blue burning flames. like the ones you see on your stove popping up on the streets. there are methane gas exploding in between cracks in the ground and this home is close to brg swallowed by cracks in the front and backyard. we talked to a homeowner injured by one of the hot lava bombs.
12:53 pm
>> it came right through there somehow and at an angle and just crashed into my leg about right here and snapped it in half at the ankle and foot to where my leg was basically broken in half. it was like a hinge point, ankle, foot, leg, so then i got caught on fire. fell on floor and grabbed my foot and leg and held them together. >> i mean, unreal. james webster is with me, a geologist with the american museum of natural history here in new york. jim, i don't even know what to say. i went to kilauea as a kid and seeing a guy in a hospital because of a lava bomb. what is that? >> so a lava bomb is actually -- it was molten material that was blown out of a fissure or a small cone in the ground. and it is cooling as it moves through the air but still very
12:54 pm
high temperature. i'm not quite sure what temperature it was -- that hit the gentleman, but i guess it was just a massive amount of energy when it hit the leg and broke the bones from the ankle down. >> how does it burst up and -- and how is it propelled through the air. >> it is expanding gases. just like i used a car with expanding gases to get here, steam expands and you have lava at 2,000 degrees farenheit and just add water and that is what happens. >> and can you put the pictures back up with the blue flames and the methane. this is the first i've seen of those pictures. here you go. can you just walk us through what we're look at? >> so what is happening, you could see the trees are damaged. the tremendous heat from the lava, if it slowly moves and heats the vegetation, like the grass and such, in the air it will burn the ground. but if it moves over it quickly enough and covers it, will t
12:55 pm
will cook it and make methane gas which is extremely flammable. so once that ignites you get the blue flames. >> i mean just crazy what is happening and the fact this guy gets injured over a lova bomb in his house. jim webster, i have a feeling we'll be talking again. and i should mention cnn has a live lova cam 24 hours a day showing the pictures. all you have to do is click on to watch it. breaking news in washington. a source tells cnn that jared kushner just had his security clearance restored. what that means for his role moving forward in the white house. nt more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement
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quick programming note before we go, flans sits down with cnn for a live town hall this evening. do not miss it. it airs at 9:00 eastern here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. go washington and "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. from a minor rumor to a full blown conspiracy theory in five days. that must be some kind of record. "the lead" starts now. quote, we now call it spy-gate, unquote. the president trump is pushing a counter narrative and conspiracy theory attacking the fbi. just how far is he willing to go to defend himself? one of the president's targets, former intelligence director james clapper. he will join me for his response and how exactly the fbi was involved in the 2016 campaign. and a new danger for residents in