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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 7, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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rehab, and, you know, i try to stay positive every single day. i'm just trying to do everything i can to get back. >> good luck to ryan and his battle to get back to playing once again. >> indeed. andy scholes, thank you so much. i'm brianna keilar. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. pulling back the curtain at the justice department today. cnn is learning new details about the highly anticipated report from the department's internal watchdog. the inspector general's report that is not yet released is expected to cite a number of mistakes in the government's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. and sources say that the ig is finding misconduct coming from the very top of the department. we're talking about former attorney general loretta lynch, fired fbi director james comey, specifically his handling of the investigation at key moments, you can probably guess what those are, we're also learning the justice department is giving into congressional demands.
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it will now allow a bipartisan group of top lawmakers to review more classified material about the fbi's use of a confidential source around the trump campaign, just as more republican leaders are breaking from the president and his unproven claim the fbi planted a spy in his campaign for political purposes. let's get to all of it? laura jarrett has more details on this. this ig report, what more are you learning about what the ig's concluding? >> at its core we expect this report will squarely focus on the failure of top officials to follow long-standing traditions and norms at the justice department. and we expect that the inspector general will specifically zero in on a series of consequential events, namely the july 2016 time period where comey went out without justice department approval, without telling them what he would say, and he announced that he would not recommend charges against hillary clinton in the e-mail
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probe, while also criticizing her, calling her extremely careless. we also remember back leading up to the election in november of 2016, he sent that letter to lawmakers, just days before election day, essentially reopening the clinton e-mail probe after justice department officials had warned him that to do so would violate a long-standing tradition of not making any public announcements about such a consequential move, so publicly close to the election. but comey will not be the only one under criticism. we also expect the report to take aim at former attorney general loretta lynch and former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe. >> so, laura, the justice department is also now moving to provide more information to top lawmakers about the fbi's confidential source. do you know why they didn't lay it out in the first big meeting? what is happening here? >> well, this is actually interesting. so initially the justice department had said all along they were resistant to turning over the documents on this
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confidential source because they were worried about protecting the source's life. we now learn that they actually had a whole stack of documents prepared for the gang of eight at that meeting, we all remember the two duelling briefings and all the drama surround the invitation list. but they provided the documents at that gang of eight briefing and now will do so again including more documents and are prepared to answer more questions early next week, kate. >> what has changed? let's see. laura, thanks so much. appreciate it. joining me now, mark preston, and jennifer rogers, a lecturer at columbia law school. about this ig report, what does this inspector general's report do? >> the inspector general is a nonpartisan appointee, this particular ig was appointed in the obama administration, but also served in several republican administrations. he's a neutral voice here and his job is to look at fraud,
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waste and abuse in the department of justice and including the fbi and then report that when necessary to the attorney general but also -- >> the little that we know, there will be much more, what we're learning will come out, there is criticism from -- to the very top on how the clinton e-mail investigation was handled. what will that do? >> it depends what they find. they look at the fbi rules and regulations and see if anyone violated them in any way and if there is potential criminal activity, they'll mack a referral to the appropriate prosecutors office. or they'll just take internal action and recommend to the fbi internal personnel action. not in the case of jim comey, of course, he's gone, but in the case of someone still in the agency that could be fired or disciplined or so on. they'll write a report, make whatever referrals are appropriate and be up to congress and other oversight entities to take it from there. >> the political punishment might be what's real here, mark.
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the president and republicans have been teasing to this report for quite a while now. as if it will be a major reveal of corruption abound at the justice department, is this looking to be the goods that they were hoping for? >> i think they'll be able to use it as a jumping off point to call into the credibility issues of jim comey. and they'll use that as a talking point and have used it as a talking point up to this point. but a couple of things that i think we should point out, it won't be conservatives who were looking for this, i'm sure there are a lot of hillary clinton supporters who are saying absolutely what he did was wrong, what he did was wrong, but what we can't do and what we can't allow president trump and his allies to do is to connect what happened with the clinton e-mail issue to this on going probe into russian collusion. he's done a very effective job of creating a lot of white noise as acting as if these are two investigates that are intertwined and they're not. >> that's an important point.
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because you hear investigation and we kind of -- everyone combines it all. the president and his supporters, mark was getting to it, you have hillary clinton supporters who were very interested in seeing what this -- what comes out of this report, but the president and his reporters -- his supporters saying the reason behind all of this is political bias. that's what they're looking to. but do you think the inspector general will address that? >> i don't think he'll address kind of what was in jim comey's head about who he was trying to help or not help, he'll be looking at whether the rules and norms were violated. and you'll have to draw your conclusions from there. that's not really his job. i think, you know, there will be a lot for both sides to say about, you know what was de properly and what wasn't and the arguments have already been made, this will beind of underlying support for those. >> and, mark, you have the justice officials now promising more information to lawmakers on the confidential fbi informant and the unfounded accusation by the president, you have trey gowdy, then paul ryan, richard
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burr, and now tom rooney telling politico this, what is the point of saying there was a spy in the campaign when there was none? it is like -- let's create this thing to tweet about knowing that it is not true. maybe it is just to create more chaos, but it doesn't really help the case. that's pretty straightforward. that's pretty candid. there is no sign that trump will give this up, regardless of what these folks are saying, right? >> right, yeah. no doubt. it goes to the whole idea of how he is triedary clinton e-mail investigation case and this idea of russian collusion that we're seeing the special counsel look into. president trump creates a lot of chaos, a lot of white noise, puts on a lot of misleading statements, lies, just flat out lies, creates this atmosphere where things are very confusing, but what you hit on at the top is extremely important.
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what tom rooney is, what paul ryan is, what trey gowdy is, richard burr, they're all republicans, they're not democrats. this is not a partisan attack against president trump. it is just them telling the truth. >> yeah. but it never stopped anybody before in politics, mark. let's not be polly anna. please come back to reality. but it still is an important point, it is such a stark break, at least right now, between top republican leaders and the president on what they're going to say about this. one more thing about the ig report, jennifer, there is a separate report about andrew mccabe. and from that there is now -- referred to the u.s. attorney, an investigation, into that. do you envision that happening to others? with this ig report? >> i have no idea. it is a huge report, 500 pages or so, we'll ahave to see. but the main topics they're talking about, the july statements and what happened before the election, there hasn't been any hint so far of any criminal activity there.
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it is more just were the proper judgments made, were the norms followed, these aren't laws saying you can't, you know, impact an election and so on, these are policies. so i wouldn't anticipate that, but we'll all have to read through. >> great to see you, thank you, jennifer. thank you, mark, as always. coming up, soon, house speaker paul ryan will hold a news conference, new tension within the party. new tension within his party over trade, immigration, and his comments about the president's unproven claim this was a spy in his campaign. we'll bring that to you live. rudy giuliani taking on stormy daniels, saying this, if you're going to sell your body for money, you just don't have a reputation. and that's not all details ahead.
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on his attack on stormy daniels, telling cnn's dana bash this, if you're a feminist and you support the porn industry, you should turn in your credentials. here's what he's defending. >> when you look at stormy daniels, i know donald trump and look at his three wives, right? beautiful women. classy women. women of great substance. stormy daniels? explain to me how she could be damaged? she has no reputation. if you're going to sell your body for money, you just don't have a reputation. >> stormy daniels' attorney michael avenatti, not one to stay quiet, hitting back, calling giuliani a pig over his remarks. joining me now, m.j. lee for more on this. he's representing, rudy giuliani, is representing the president with regard to the russia investigation. this isn't the first time that he's gone on attack against stormy daniels. what is he saying? >> that's right. this has a lot of people worked
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up. the fact that he's saying she lacks credibility because of the profession she's in, a lot of people are not taking that very well. and in addition to saying that feminists should not defend the porn industry, he basically stood by the comments that have people so angered. this is a little more of what he told dana bash this morning. if you're involved in a sort of slimy business, that says something about you, says something about how far you'll go to make money, our real point about her is that she's not just generally uncredible, she's uncredible from the point of view of wanting to get money, she is a con artist. so what we're seeing now, kate, is the strategy from both sides being we are going to tear down the other person's character. you're seeing, of course, stormy daniels doing that, with michael cohen. and keith davidson and now the trump -- president trump's lawyer appears to be using the same strategy, basically saying stormy daniels doesn't have a case because she's not a credible person. >> really quite a moment we're in. what about this new lawsuit,
8:16 am
though, coming from stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels is suing michael cohen yet again. this time she's also suing her former lawyer keith davidson and in this new lawsuit she says basically that the two men colluded, and worked against her, even though her old lawyer obviously should have been representing her interests. now the basis of this lawsuit are text messages exchanged between keith davidson and michael cohen between january and march of this year, basically the lawsuit says that the two men found out that there was an "in touch" magazine interview coming where stormy daniels was going to discuss her alleged affair with donald trump. i just want to read a couple of the text messages you see michael cohen saying to keith davidson, can you call me, please? please call me. anything? keith davidson says still trying. michael cohen says, this is no good, we need her as by doing tomorrow you just create another news cycle instead of putting an end to this one. all of this, the context here is that they wanted her to go on sean hannity's show to deny the affair. and then later in the day, take
8:17 am
a look at these texts, michael cohen seems to change his mind. he says to keith davidson, keith, the wise men all believe the story is dying and don't think it is smart for her to do any interviews. let her do her thing, but no interviews at all with anyone. keith davidson seems to agree. he says 100%. michael cohen writes back, thanks, pal. >> that's fascinating. >> it is. and both of the lawyers have now spoken for keith davidson and michael cohen saying this is frivolous, this doesn't amount to anything, this is michael avenatti, stormy daniels' current lawyer, trying to get more attention. michael avenatti, of course, says this all goes to show that there is collusion, that the two men were up to something nefarious, and by the way, he also says there are more text messages he's trying to get his hands on. >> i want to know who the wise men are. >> the lawsuit says trump is one of the wise men, by the way. >> there we go. m.j. lee, every question i have has an answer. what is my middle name? just kidding. joining me now jesse mcintosh.
8:18 am
rudy giuliani, what is going on with rudy giuliani? >> i'll say it is the unfiltered title before. he's being a little unfiltered. the clip you ran was of an event in israel where he was asked about every topic going on. >> you can say, ask sarah sanders. you can say i'm not going to answer this. >> rudy giuliani is doing his job. his job is -- >> you think this is -- >> his job is to not be popular himself, his job is to protect the president from a perjury trap. the belief it should end is growing and most people, the majority of americans think that robert mueller is not finding evidence of collusion. >> but what rudy giuliani is saying about stormy daniels, do you think it is accurate? >> this would be first time we ever tout the porn star as a model of virtue, that aside, right now she's suing michael cohen and you see the text messages. she hired this person, specifically, to engage with michael cohen to settle an
8:19 am
agreement that she now wants to get out of. michael cohen and her lawyer were doing exactly what she hired the guy to do and now she's suing over that. >> this is literally one of the oldest sexist tropes in the book, we denigrate women for participating in on one end of the spectrum, the porn industry, playboy, on the other and on the same spectrum but another end beauty pageants but we celebrate the men who patronize these. rudy giuliani is performing something every woman has heard over and over again. donald trump, i might remind you, appeared in a soft core playboy movie as a host. >> actually, thanks to our very good friends at cnn's k file, he appeared in three playboy videos. one in 1994, one in 2000, and one in 2002. why on earth should his attorney be trashing someone making a living in this same industry? >> i think there is a clear difference between being in the background of something and being one of the people who are participating in the acts we all
8:20 am
are familiar with, in the biblical sense. >> but really? really want to play there? >> donald trump's critics would rather sit here and argue about stormy daniels, the war of 1812, the lyrics to god bless america, rather than talk about the way that donald trump is making america pretty darn great. >> we would be happy to an intellectual argument about the policies that donald trump is trying it put in place about what's doing to immigrants -- >> let's talk about the va mission act right now. >> but when his own lawyer is standing up every single day, and giving such unhinged interviews that he's offending police, the fbi, offending women, he's being questioned about whether or not he's drunk on cable television, it is really hard not to see that as part of their strategy to distract from just about anything else going on substantively. >> i'll make a blanket statement, when you come on and trash the segment, it is not winning. >> i'm not trashing the segment.
8:21 am
>> really? >> a pivot. >> a pivot. i'm going to unpivot you is my job right now. you asked about 1812, you'll get 1812. the president in a tense conversation with the prime minister phone call last week, talking about the issues they have with regard to trade, another issue i talked about and will continue to talk about including this, when the president said to him, didn't you burn down the white house referring to the war of 1812, of course, that's not the case, this is not the first time, though that the president seems to not know a lot about american history. just watch this. >> frederick douglas is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job, being recognized more and more i notice. african-americans vote for democrats, for the most part. vast majority. they have been doing it for over 100 years. abraham lincoln, most people don't even know he was a republican, right? does anyone know? a lot of people don't know that. people don't realize, you know,
8:22 am
civil war -- >> yeah. >> think about it, why? people don't ask that question. why was there the civil war? why could that one not have been worked out? we had leaders like susan b. anthony, have you heard of susan b. anthony? >> what do you think? why does the president not seem curious about american history or why doesn't he think he needs to know? >> the war of 1812 was fought over canadian, meaning british at the time, incursions into america, but that's neither here nor there. >> it is definitely -- >> the president was making a joke. i think it was a funny joke. and i think the fact that we're in the all treating it like a little quip to the canadian prime minister -- >> i think had the president ever shown an interest in understanding american history or being able to contextualize his own presidency we would be able to understand a joke when we heard it b . but the president doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humor and much of a sense of history.
8:23 am
that's what we're seeing in that clip. >> he's got to have a sense of humor. >> yes, there you go. one round won by you. but, jesse, on this very point, i'm out. i'm officially out. the poll numbers, i want you to look at the poll numbers now. he's at 44% approval, that's up 4% from -- that's up four points from april. among republicans he's at 84%. that's about as high as i think about as high as he's had since -- in the entirety of his tenure. what are people pointing to? the economy. whatever he does or doesn't know about history, whatever he is or isn't doing, look -- >> he does an excellent job of playing to his own base. it is what he did with the entire nfl conversation and what he did around the eagles event, it is what giuliani is doing when he denigrates women and anybody else who gets in trump's way. he's very good at playing to his base. i think the numbers have gone up recently, one, because the economy is still about the
8:24 am
economy and he's doing pretty good. >> but, jesse, every president gets to declare the economy once they're in office. >> and trump is hammy to claim that even when talking to gold star families. the second thing is north korea. everybody wants to see some sort of resolution there, and the fact there is a thing happening even if it is really haphazard and the more you look at it, the more terrified you are it is going to go terribly, terribly wrong, i could see that contributing to it. mostly it this tactic of making sure that his base is consistently fed with r meat. and that often happens on the backs of black americans and women. >> i'm glad you brought up black americans and women. those are two of the groups raising in poll numbers for donald trump and -- in may and april. the samples are wrong. not the fact that people that are black and women happen to answer poll questions that said donald trump is more favorable than he was previously. and as you pointed out, yes, he is the most popular president in his own party, at this time, as any president has ever been since eisenhower. that's something normally you
8:25 am
would tout and i bet if hillary clinton was the president and you were a communications director, you would be sitting in this chair and not that one touting the same thing. >> i would probably be excited about her numbers. >> and also the push/pull of the polls and we're five months out from the midterms. there is a battle when it comes to congress, there is a push/pull in all of it. let's believe polls. coming up, we have breaking news this morning, president trump unveiling a deal to safe jobs in china. issuing a lifeline to sanction tech company zte and it comes as president trump reportedly is complaining about having to attend another summit with u.s. allies. that's next.
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struck a deal to save jobs. jobs in china. yes, you heard that right. this morning, the trump administration is announcing it reached a deal, an agreement with chinese telecom giant zte, the same company the fbi, cia and nsa warned about earlier this year. top national security leaders warning zte cell phones are not safe and that the company can't be trusted. this controversial deal with china comes amid reports of trump, president trump has little interest now in meeting with u.s. allies. the president leaving for the g-7 summit tomorrow and washington post is reporting that the president has been privately griping about the trip and sees the meeting as a distraction ahead of his summit with north korea. cnn's white house correspondent kaitlan collins is live at the white house. first to christine romans, she's here to break this down. what is this deal? >> in this deal, this is a deal to keep the chinese government controlled zte in business, reached hours ago between china and the u.s. with a big fine in
8:31 am
american supervigs. the company has a new board of director, new management within 30 days, american chosen compliance team embedded in this chinese company. the commerce secretary hailing this as the first time a major foreign company will have on the ground oversight to make sure it stays in compliance with u.s. export control rules and doesn't cheat. why does it need a baby-sitter? because zte violated u.s. sanctions, selling its products to iran and north korea, caught, fined, then the company lied about punishing those violators. on top of that, security experts have warned that zte phones are a national security threat. zte's majority shareholder is the chinese state run company. in april, the pentagon, remember, banned sales of zte phones on u.s. military bases to protect against spying. this deal reverses a commerce department ban that would have essentially put it out of business, the president, remember, he tweeted he was concerned about chinese jobs
8:32 am
being lost. this is -- it is clear, the zte is an important piece of ongoing trade negotiations with china. this clears the way for more discussions of china buying more american products to shrink the huge trade deficit, the trade deficit the president hates. but it raises the question, kate, has the white house exchanged a trade win on zte for a national security risk. >> fascinating. this is not something that many republicans on capitol hill have been happy about. thank you so much. kaitlan, to kaitlan collins at the white house now. this deal comes just before, as we mentioned, the president is heading to canada for the g-7 summit and all this reporting that the president is not so happy about going. is this -- it makes me wonder if this announcement is going to help. >> reporter: well, it certainly may not. the president is going to the summit after he made a decision that has enraged some leaders going to be there. that decision to impose those steel and aluminum tariffs on some of the united states allies. the president is going here and he feels confident in these decisions, he has not backed off of them despite the criticism
8:33 am
he's received. this is a president who famously does not like to conflict when he's face to face and sitting down with someone and that's what is going to happen to him when he shows up in canada. he's going to be sitting there with the prime minister, justin trudeau, especially scorned by the tariffs. very testy phone calls with him and the french president emmanuel macron over the tariffs, over the recent trade moves, among other things, these being the most recent they disagreed on. and this comes as the president is preparing for that summit in north korea, something he thinks he should be more focused on than going to a summit like this, which we reported on, that he doesn't enjoy attending these summits with other world leaders. so he's got that to deal with there, he's going to be addressing that, his economic adviser larry kudlow said that this is simply a family quarrel and the president is sticking by his guns here. he's not just getting pushback on the trade moves from here at home, from republicans on
8:34 am
capitol hill, but he's also going to experience it when he heads to canada. >> could be a tough meet and greet. christine, thank you so much. kaitlan, thank you, as alys joining me is former public policy director for mitt romney, lonny chen and rana fararar. >> if the deal is as tough as advertised, i think it is a good thing. let's not be naive about this, zte is a state-owned entity, a national security threat to the united states, when the intelligence chiefs were asked about this several months ago, they all said, you know, none of us would carry a phone by zte or huawei technologies. i would recommend you never buy a phone from zte, not a good idea. we'll see what happens here. but this is all part of a larger discussion around trade. if this is something that helps to ameliorate the trade discussion going forward, that's one thing. but we talk about national
8:35 am
security threats and using the national security provisions in u.s. law as part of these discussions, they are properly applied to china, they are not properly applied to canada, and mexico, our neighbors to the north and the south and our long time ally. i would caution policymakers to be using these national security provisions in the right way. >> let's remind folks what national security leaders have said about zte, rana. this isn't lawmakers or critics of the president, this is real national security concerns from real national security leaders. listen to this. >> we're deeply concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity that is beholden to foreign governments that don't share our values to gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks. >> you need to look long and hard at companies like this. >> will you please raise your hand, if you use products or
8:36 am
services from huawei or zte, none of you would. raise your hand if you would recommend that private american citizens use huawei or zte products or services? none of you are raising your hand. that's n >> that's not like ten years ago. with this deal, is the danger past or as christine romans put it did the trump administration trade national security for a trade deal? >> i think this is the first shot in what is going to be a very long battle, possibly a war with china over the high tech industries of the future. the trump administration flip-flopped as you know on zte, back and forth, and that sent a disturbing message to many in the u.s. and certainly some in china. i think that these state-owned companies do pose a legitimate concern that something i heard from a lot of business leaders. what is interesting and what is tricky for the u.s. is that they are now very much a part of our supply chain. many u.s. companies, many
8:37 am
european companies do business with zte. in some cases, some countries, you have to do business and have to use their equipment because there is no other choice. so the chise have been very savvy at building up industries d i think now the big question is how is the u.s. going to approach this longer strategic battle around who is going to set the standards in these important industries of the future and this is just the first step. i suspect there will be a lot more to come. >> that sounds like an issue that we will not be able to conclude today, to reach a conclusion on. that seems quite weighty. donald trump is griping quietly he doesn't want to go to the summit. complaining that the meeting distracts him from the north korean summit next week. should this gathering of world leaders be a second tier issue? >> i think this is also very important. these are some of our closer allies around the world, economic trading partners, it is not a composition of the -- of the size and the scale that it may have been, let's say, ten or 15 years ago.
8:38 am
it is still a very important gathering, particularly as we are in the middle of a dispute with our neighbors to the north and the south. it is clear that not as much progress has been made on the renegotiation of nafta as any side would like, and now the notion that will do these bilateral trade deals with both sides seems to me to be a little bit sort of suboptimal, might be the word for it. not the way that i think we should be doing these deals. this is a very important meeting at a very important time and the trump/kim sit-down is very important next week. we should be focusing on this issue because this is much more proximate in terms of the impact in my mind on u.s. jobs and the u.s. economy. so this is a meeting i hope the president is focused on in addition to what is going to happen in singapore next week. >> rana, it sure seems like the president is playing nice with china, kicking dirt in the eyes of allies. is there another way to look at it? >> there sure is, kate. if you're going to go into a trade war, it is a good idea to fight the folks that you have
8:39 am
legitimate disputes with. the idea of canada as a national security risk, i'll quote the tr trade minister who said yesterday, seriously. this is the time when the administration could be coming together with canada and european allies and saying let's really take on china, let's take on, you know, the legitimate concerns out there about trading for actions about an unequal playing field in a world in which you got the chinese, now a major part of the global economy, with a totally different system of state run capitalism. i see a lot of low hanging fruit just being left and just really bad timing. and i think it is very, very confusing. i'm sitting here in london, people are not happy and they feel the transatlantic alliance is very frayed right now. >> i'm fascinated to see since the criticism and worry about zte and moves there, kind of cross party lines, i'm interested to see if congress -- what congress does to try to act to counter, reverse or tamp down the president's move here with zte.
8:40 am
great to see you, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> coming up for us, destructive propaganda, that's what a former fox news military analyst is calling his former network's primetime host and he's not stopping there. wait until you hear what he has to say about president trump and vladimir putin.
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this guy, right? (laughs) yes. ellen. that's my robe. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. talk about flipping the script. a man once drew a paycheck from fox news as an on hair milita a analyst, he said the network has become a propaganda machine. >> i think they're doing a great deal of damage still.
8:45 am
we won't know how bad for years to come when we see the ultimate results. but with the rise of donald trump, fox did become a destructive propaganda machine. and i don't do propaganda for anyone. i saw in my view fox particularly the primetime hosts attacking our constitutional order, the rule of law, the justice department, the fbi, robert mueller, and, oh, by the way, the intelligence agencies, and they're doing it for ratings and profit. i am convinced that vladimir putin has a grip on president trump. when i first learned of the steele dossier, it just rang true to me. that's how the russians do things. before he became a candidate for president, donald trump was the perfect target for russian intelligence. >> a lot there. brian stelter is here, cnn media correspondent. these are strong words from
8:46 am
colonel peters. what really is he saying here? the fact he's also speaking out after the fact, even is amazing. >> never seen anything like this. coming out essentially as a whistle-blower attacking his former network for hurting america. that's exactly what he's doing here. this is not some liberal analyst. he was a staunch conservative on fox news. he was very critical of president obama. but ao critical of trump during the campaign and after trump was elected, peters felt there wasn't a place for him there anymore. he became convinced the network had become a propaganda machine. that's telling. that's where the term fox's most aggressive critics use to describe fox. peters is going after hannity and others who toe the trump line and try to tear down the mueller probe, peters says the mueller probe is more important than watergate, most important investigation of his lifetime. he wants to know the truth about what russia did and he feels that fox is getting in the way. >> what is fox saying about him? >> fox back in march when he left said that he's using his opinions as a weapon to get
8:47 am
attention. fox is standing by that statement from two months ago. but it is notable that peters is out talk about this, and trying to draw attention to what he says is damage fox is doing. >> this also just came in, kind of talking about in the break, colin kaepernick, former nfl quarterback, he's an existing lawsuit against the nfl, he's now -- his legal team is expected to seek a subpoena for president trump, vice president pence and other campaign officials relating to the quarterback's collusion case against the nfl. >> this is a result of the administration wading into the debate about the kneeling protests that kaepernick began. remember, after he started doing those protests, on the sidelines, he left the 49ers, became a free agent, no team signed him since, he's had this on going lawsuit claiming collusion by the nfl, what is new now is he says he wants to subpoena trump, pence and other administration officials to find out if they were involved somehow, if government officials
8:48 am
were involved. the reason why he might have an opportunity here, according to yahoo! when broke this news, is that they want to look into the administration's political involvement with the nfl, that's not necessarily an outlandish thought. we know several team owners talked directly with trump. about these protests. there were phone calls between trump and a number of nfl owners. so that raises a question of whether trump also weighed in on kaepernick. this might seem far fetched, but this is not the only case we see someone trying to subpoena the president, this is really interesting because kaepernick has been essentially shut out of the nfl. he wants to know why. he wants to make this -- this has become a political matter because the president has used the kneeling protest to his advantage so he's going after it. >> see where this goes. thank you. coming up for us, a disturbing medical mystery moves to china. some u.s. diplomats there now heading home for health screenings after concerns of reports of mysterious incidents similar to the cuba sonic
8:49 am
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with citi, we see a bright future for our farmers and their families. ♪ first cuba, now china. the state department says there are a growing number of officials, employees, undergoing medical screenings after incidents or sonic attacks.ic a number of them that have been taken out of china are now back in the united states receiving those screenings. if this sounds familiar, it should. these incidents strangely close to the accounts coming from state department officials of
8:54 am
similar sonic attacks in cuba last year. senior diplomatic correspondent michelle krasinski is back. what is it with these strange attacks? >> i know. as long as the fbi has been investigating this, nobody has been able to pinpoint a cause of either the phenomenon these people experience or the symptoms. so last month the state department announced that one more person, this time in china, had experienced what the people in havana had experienced in 2016 and 2017. so when you look at the original cases, they've spernexperienced things like weird, high-pitched noises, vibrations or ringing in their ears. then they start getting things like headaches, mild hearing loss. there have been symptoms consistent with a mild brain injury, like a concussion. so that one person in china
8:55 am
experienced similar. now the state department is saying a number -- they're not saying exactly how many -- have also felt they've experienced something similar. so they've been taken out and flown back to the u.s. for more screening. so the state department has gotten a team of doctors to go over there and try to investigate this. again, there's been no explanation. for a while the state department was insistent that these were attacks. they were calling them acoustic attacks down in cuba. but for the last two months or so, it seems like they've started referring to them as incidents instead of attacks, mainly because nobody has been able to figure out what's causing this. things like ultrasound have been looked at, but some seem to be in the audible range of sound. there's one theory by doctors that maybe it's some kind of interference or malfunctioning with listening devices, kate. >> huh. well, the mystery still
8:56 am
continues. and still the mystery from cuba. it's still amazing. michelle, thank you. we're going to give you a live look at the white house. any moment the president will be greeting japanese prime minister shinzo abe. plenty of things to discuss, plenty of questions to ask. we'll cover it all for you. we'll be back after a quick break. ahh. where are mom and dad? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz.
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