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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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on to his wife's clothes. >> didn't anyone have melania's back? jeanne moos, cnn. >> president trump was going through his closet, where the hem is my coat? >> thanks for joining us. anderson is next. >> good evening, thanks for joining us, an important day for the feature of the supreme court and the united states. an announcement that will have a profound effect on boths for decades to come. justice kennedy was a republican appointment named by ronald reagan. he upheld roe v wade.
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crucial issues will be decided. among them, abortion, affirmative action, death penalty, presidential somebody. lawmakers saying there shouldn't be a vote until after the midterm which some are called mitch mcconnell rule. we will have more on the reaction from congress in a moment. senator bernie sanders will join us as well. a lot of details. and what the future may hold. i want to get the president's reaction. he is speaking in a rally in north dakota. was the president aware that this was going to happen today or come as a surprise. >> it was a complete surprise to president trump. he will be arriving here in north dakota shortly. he had no idea this was
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happening and in fact justice kennedy was inside the white house before president trump knew that he indeed had a meeting with the retiring justice. the justice been on the bench 30 years on the supreme court and he brought over his retirement letter directly to the president to have that one-on-one conversation the and president trump thanked him for his service but also asked him for suggestions for who should fill his seat. that was certainly an interesting conversation. >> do we know, the president's pick to replace him come from the list of 25 candidates that released during the campaign. >> reporter: president trump said he is going to pick from the 25 members, people on the list. when the president was running for office, he put out a list of 20 potential supreme court justices. he was trying to ease
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conservatives, who had questions about if he should, you know, deeply conservative enough, the president added five more names to that list just last november. and they released that list. a variety of judges. kind of a tried and true conservatives you would expect. but going to be one person from that list. >> and jeff, certainly another campaign promise fulfilled by the president, he would want to take a victory lap on that even tonight. >> reporter: i do expect the president to take a victory lap. just landed here in fargo. this is a deep red state. he won by 36 percentage points. it is also represented by a democrat in the senate, heidi high camp. one thing is clear the sure fire
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way to fire up conservatives and get skeptical republicans on president trump's side is by appointing conservative jurists to the bench. and this is a monumentous decision he is going to make. this is music to his team's ears particularly in the midterm election. this will fire up conservatives unlike anything else has. >> thanks very much. phil mattingly joins us from capitol hill. mitch mcconnell says there will be a confirmation vote this fall. >> reporter: bear knuckled brawl. o one driven by sharp bitterness over what happened in 2016, nominee not even getting a hearing let alone a vote. and a clear recognition of
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seismic shift. saying there should be no vote all citing 2016. this is what chuck schumer had to say. >> our republican colleagues in the senate should follow in the rule they set in 2016. senator mcconnell would tell anyone who listened, that the senate had the right to advise and content and that was every bit as important as the president's right to nominate millions of people are just months away from determining the senators who should confirm the president's nominee and their voices should be heard now. anything but that would be the absolute height of hypocrisy.
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>> reporter: republicans have countered 2016 was a presidential year. this is a midterm year and that is the apples to apples comparison regardless of the rules or the precedence, the chamber will continue and will vote by this fall. for mcconnell, just the judicial in general, the most important issue for him personally. one that he talks about constantly, the republican machinery here, million was dollars from outside groups, urging senators to support this nomination is soon to be kicked into gear. republicans are clearly moving forward on this. >> so is there anything democrats might do to delay or block the confirmation. >> if every single republican votes for whoever trump nominates, there will be
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confirmed. it will only take 51 and republicans have the number of senators to move that on your own. that is why you are hearing a couple of things from democrats. one, they want their own grass roots push. going to put millions of dollars putting pressure on senators to flip. they have a lot of red state senators that they need to mind as well. three of whom voted for gorsuch. a lot of talk of what this means for roe v. wade. the precedent is one that they want to stand. who ever president trump picks and how that individual answers questions on roe v. wade.
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>> quite a battle, thanks. i spoke with senator bernie sanders. >> senator blumenthal calls the -- is this potentially the end of roe v. wade? >> overwhelmingly sporting roe v wade. i hope very much that the next nominee to the supreme court does not hold that position. but the bottom line is this is obviously an enormously important issue. everything to do with women's right, having to do with guy rights and having to do with solidifying the pro corporate anti worker wing of the supreme court.
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>> do you have confidence that president trump would appoint somebody to your liking. he did publish a list during the campaign of potential nominees, gorsuch was on the list and indicated that this next one will come from that list. >> i have no hope that he will appoint anything resembling a moderate justice who will take both sides into consideration. what we are look for is the nomination of a right wing extremist. i would say this, you may recall that when merrick garland's nomination was brought forth, president obama said let the american people decide. you obstructed it and refused to allow a vote to take place. i would say to mitch mcconnell remember what you said when obama was president.
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let the american people have a vote. whether or not they want to overturn roe v. wade or allow discrimination against the gay and lesbian community. whether or not they want votes to remain harder. the second point that i would make is that we have some, few, very few but we have some republicans here in the senate who believe that it should be a woman who controls her own body and not the state or federal government. and i hope that they will work with those of us who hold that position in opposition to any nominee who wants to take away that basic right that women should have. >> about mitch mcconnell, your democratic colleagues have accusing mcconnell hypocrisy, if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn't democrats also push to
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get a new nominee through? >> you need consistency here. president obama nominated an individual to the supreme court, and by the way, a moderate guy and the republican leadership said no, we are not going to let you vote on him, we should have an election first. i would hope that mitch mcconnell remembers what he said when obama was president. >> if it does not go the way you would like it to go and roe v wade is overturned and made illegal in 22 states, how big a drive do you think that will be for the left, for all people who are supportive of the right to have an abortion. >> i think it would be an important factor in bringing
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people out to the polls. you know, there are differences of opinion in this country about abortion, when abortion should be legal or not. i am strongly pro-choice. the vast majority of the people believe that roe v. wade is the law of the land and should remain the law of the land. if trump nominates somebody who wants to undue that constitutional right that women have, you are going to see a massive uprising on the part of people all over the country, not just women, but men who think that decision should be left to women and not the government. >> and i want to ask you about alexandria ocasio-cortez's win. is this just one choice in 1st district? is it larger than that? how do you see it? >> i think it is larger than
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that. in maryland, taking on much of the democratic establishment. raising the minimum wage, legalizing marijuana, making public colleges and universities tuition free. what you are seeing both in new york with alexandria, and maryland with ben, are strong candidates running grass root campaigns on a progressive agenda. when you have that gacombinatio you are going to see more and more victories. >> i appreciate your time, thank you. >> looking at the legacy justice kennedy as he retires. more about what happens next including the battle of roe v wade. what the white house said about when it is going to take place and a guest who has
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serious warnings about it ahead.
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proven to protect street skaters and freestylers. stops up to 97% uv. lasts through heat. through sweat. coppertone. proven to protect. za . with the announcement that justice anthony kennedy is retiring, loosing a crucial swing vote. we are talking about how the make up of the court is going to change. quick look at justice kennedy's legacy.
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>> the object of the judiciary is to ensure stability. >> reporter: time for change has come. we as a people are bound together. >> reporter: kennedy now 81-years old. his former clerk was sworn in. president trump replaced one conservative with another. now the opportunity to move to the right. >> the cases swing, i don't. >> reporter: kennedy has never liked that swing vote label but for years it has been his vote that decided the outcome of cases. >> thank you for coming to witness this historic occasion. >> reporter: kennedy, a ronald reagan appointee was sworn in,
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in 1988. he sided with conservative colleagues on issues such as gun control and voting rights. striking down election spending limits for corporations. >> congratulations. >> reporter: in bush v. gore, he helped clear the way for george bush's presidency. his most lasting legacy will be likely in the area of gay rights. kennedy penned a landmark opinion clearing the way. >> anthony kennedy grew up in a conservative catholic family in sacramento california. but something that offended him from the beginning of gay people. his principle legacy will be the
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father of constitutional protections for gay rights and marriage equality in the united states. >> reporter: kennedy this term tried to strike balance between gay rights and religious freedoms. siding with a colorado baker. acknowledging the baker's sincere religious belief. but warned against the broad use. writing any decision of the baker would have to be sufficiently constrained. in 2009 kennedy offered a rare glimpse on what it is like to be behind the scenes on close cases. >> there is a moment of quiet, and moment of respect. we realize that one of us is going to have to ride out a
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decision which teaches and gives reasons for what we do. >> reporter: as time proves him to be one of the unpredictable justices, personal dignity and liberty were always themes and anthony kennedy's jurisprudence. >> joining me now is jeffrey toobin, and gloria borger. i heard you say earlier that within 18 months abortion could be illegal in as many as 20 states. >> i said abortion will be illegal. this is a conservative project since it came out in 1973. if you look at who was behind the judicial selection process in the trump administration, the federalist society, the heritage
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society, they have been moving towards this movement. every single one of them is well to the right of anthony kennedy. states read the newspapers, they know in texas, in mississippi, in south dakota that the supreme court is changed so they are going to pass laws prohibiting abortion and dare the supreme court to strike them down and it is not going to happen and we are going to be a different country sooner rather than later. >> professor turley, do you share jeff's opinion on that. and what other major issues could be altered. >> i never encountered jeff's inner eye, and he is able to see such things, that is particularly apocalyptic. it could come about and could not. you have institutionalist on the court that make it a sticker
5:23 pm
shock. where i do think jeff is right is in the very least, we are going to see chipping away at doctrines like roe v wade, it can be undone with a thousand paper cuts. it is probably more likely. but very hard to tell. i think what you have to be most concerned about for libertarians and civil libertarians is much of kennedy's legacy is a 5-4 beat. that makes his legacy the most vulnerable on the supreme court. it is immense but also fragile. >> gloria, based on what mitch mcconnell had done refusing the vote on president obama's selection. do you see that, i mean it is hard to see a scenario where that plays out in the democrat
5:24 pm
favor. >> look, the democrat is going to wage a fight and fight really hard because this is important to them and important to their base, but they know they don't have any leverage here. they have lost the filibuster as phil mattingly pointed out earlier. and they will talk a lot of row v wade because this is important to them, and important to women who are the backbone now of the democratic party. and what they are trying to do is corral all 49 democrats and get them to stick together. and that's going to be tough because there are a lot of red state democrats who might vote for a republican nominee. and then they have to hope that the nominee is so objectionable that someone like susan collins
5:25 pm
or lisa -- they have an up hill battle here but don't mean they are no tt going to fight. >> i want to get everybody's take on something else, the vice president is speaking out. your reactions in a minute. directv gives you more for your thing. if you've been waiting for a sign to quit cable, then here's some signs. it came from the toaster. now you can quit cable. switch to directv and now get a $100 reward card.
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. now on our breaking news supreme court justice anthony kennedy retiring giving president trump another chance to reshape the highest court in the land. he was known for being a swing vote.
5:29 pm
defender of equal rights for gay and lesbians. thank you to justice -- trump will nominate a strong conservative. constitution of the united states. back now with the panel. gloria w the tweet from the vice president. >> absolutely. it was like thanks kennedy, we liked scalia better and what we are going to do now is nominate somebody who wouldn't approve gay marriage or access to abortion or affirmative action and made it cluer that the president president is going to nominate somebody to the right. this is important to his base
5:30 pm
particularly evangelicals and going to be a large part of his legacy. >> the president says he has a list of 25 names. who do you think are the front runners right now? >> bret cavenaugh who is a judge on the d.c. circuit. he wrote the dirt parts of the star report. amy barret a former professor. raymond kethledge. who was a clerk. and amul thapar who was a frpro jay from mitch mcconnell. there was not a hint of
5:31 pm
moderation in any of their records, stone cold conservative which is a grand tradition in american law. but it is definitely not anthony kennedy's tradition and it is a tradition that will allow for an expansion of second amendment rights so you can have a bazooka as well as a hand gun. end affirmative action for african american students. if you are a religious person, you can band gay people from your store, restaurants. these are the issues that are going to come up. and that is why these people, as mike pence pointed out. >> another name pointed out is from utah.
5:32 pm
>> i don't think it would really succeed in that at all. i think the politics here are baked in on both sides. i was a great fan of justice kennedy and will continue to be so. he has a strong libertarian aspect that i enjoyed. the fact is, that the one thing you can't say about president trump is that he failed to deliver on his promises more than any president in my lifetime, he has made good on his promises. and the biggest promise he made over and over again like a mantra was that he was going to move this court to the right and he was talking about kennedy's seat. and i have no doubt that he will deliver on that. and i agree with jeff, everyone on this list is to the right of him. you can move slightly to the right and produce cascading
5:33 pm
effects. could produce sweeping changes across half a dozen areas of law. professor turley, thank you, jeff toobin as well, and gloria borger. latest details on where the meeting might take place and what is going to be on the agenda. in your own backyard... or get pumped up for your grand entrance. only t-mobile lets you watch your favorite movies and shows in more places, without paying more. get an unlimited family plan with netflix on us. and right now at t-mobile, buy one samsung galaxy s9 and get one free. i do. check out the new united explorer card. saving on this! saving on this! saving in here. rewarded! learn more at
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administration officials are laying the groundwork for a meeting with president trump and vladimir putin. the final announcement is set for tomorrow. bolton says a face to face meeting will benefit the world. colonel peters joins me tonight. someone who has been critical, i am wondering what your reaction is to the idea of this up coming summit. >> summits may be normal in general, but with these specific characters, vladimir putin and donald trump is cause for alarm. as we know before trump -- if john bolton can do one service for his country is to do all he
5:38 pm
can to prevent a one-on-one putin meeting behind closed doors. he knows how to work trump and he studies him and our president is impulsive and undisciplined. and we don't know what he might blurt out. we don't know what he might agree to behind closed doors. we are unfortunately, anderson, we have a president we cannot trust >> it's interesting because past presidents have said, i think it was george w. bushed, he sa, he looked into the eyes of vladimir putin and reflected what he saw. vladimir putin is a, you know, is an intelligence operative who studies president trump closely. >> yes indeed. and also, of course president obama was caught on a hot mic,
5:39 pm
he could do more for vladimir. they could somehow work to our benefit and the world's benefit. and putin has devoured each one of them. devouring trump. there are four lines from a houseman that can express the relationship. is that the russian bear is huge and wild. it has been eaten by the bear. and president trump is that infant child. >> earlier today president trump said it is good for the world, it is good for us. what message does it send to allies, to germany, to france, to canada, the idea of this meeting, whatever may come out of it given russia's stance in
5:40 pm
crimea and elsewhere >> they are terrified and they should be terrified because our president is so unpredictable. he doesn't do his homework. he doesn't seem to understand the context of why those sanctions are in place. vladimir putin invaded a neighboring country twice. he assassinates journalist. untold atrocities in syria. worked to undermine our election, undermine european elections with success. it is a very, very tough job. this is going to be a test for john bolton as to his integrity and ethics. for as long as i have known him, he has been tough on russia, tough on putin. >> publicly he said negotiate with russia at your peril in the
5:41 pm
past. his involvement is interesting. >> yeah, it is astonishing how quickly people in washington change their tune. and they sell out for trinkets. we will see if they put patriotism above power. >> good to talk to you again. thank you. >> let's check in with chris seeing what he is working on. >> big story is what we just heard from justice anthony kennedy. what does it mean? we are going to go through a fact analysis of what will happen. where are the votes? what are the options for democrats. and then we will get into the big debate of what this might mean for the country. the chair of the dnc on to talk about the way forward for democrats. they just got dealt a big situation. people are saying a blow, but i
5:42 pm
don't know. i don't know what it means for the party. i want to see what tom perez says. taking that on tonight. more breaking news, the former copresident of fox news who resigned, has now accepted a senior position in the trump administration. more on that ahead. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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more breaking news, the president hired another former employee of fox news. bill shine has accepted a senior position. shine was the co-president of fox news that resigned last year.
5:47 pm
he himself was never accused of misconduct. the president himself has been accused of sexual misconduct. shine is not the first tv the president has hired. john bolton is a former u.n. adviser, and mess sed des -- mercedes schlapp. >> if you are goo it go talk about there are allegations, different people in different lawsuits who said bill shine knew what was going on with
5:48 pm
rog roger ailes, the president doesn't care about that. he doesn't believe the women, he doesn't think they are telling the truth, that is a nonissue for him. in terms of what this hire means, it just means you basically have fox news running out of the white house. bill shine was forced out in the midst of what was happening in terms of accusations of women. second to that, he is beloved at fox news. suzanne scott now head of fox news was his second. senior executives, senior producers, all worked for bill shine. >> and what was his purpose there? >> he was in charge of the entertainment division and then there was another person who was a senior vice president.
5:49 pm
sean hannity is his best friend in the world. all of the entertainment division. that said, he was roger's number two. he effectively was everybody's boss. fox news is? step with the white house, but now you have somebody who helped build fox news who knows how it is done. knows how to craft stories for the base, for the people who voted for donald trump and most of the people at fox news adore him and it will be a perfect pipeline going back and forth basically. >> it is interesting though, it has been said the president believes he is his own communication's director. obviously the president has a lot of experience with that. shine is not expected to be hired not as a communication director but as deputy chief of
5:50 pm
staff in charge of communications. it may seem like a rhetorical difference but well, there is a difference because a communications director would work on crafting messages for the immediate yames to the media. he would be helping craft a broader message and packaging and putting things -- helping the president understand -- not that he needs that much help. he's really in a mindmeld with the fox news viewers, but he could say this is what resonates with the fox audience. bill knows that. the other thing that will help him there is he knows how to be the number two guy. he was somebody who was a company man. he did the work. he was well liked. he's not somebody who -- he will never do what anthony scaramucci did. you will never see bill shine trying to get press for himself or mouthing off. >> he won't grab a headline for himself. >> absolutely not.
5:51 pm
it's never who he was, not who he is and he's very good at dealing with huge personalities. roger ales was a big personality. bill o'reilly. >> yeah. >> so he's used to that. i think actually this is a hire that makes sense for them. >> kirsten, appreciate it. just had a late night order by a judge threatens undocumented immigrant families at the border. details ahead. come here, babe. ok. nasty nighttime heartburn? try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is! when buying a new home.erest rates can increase your anxiety that's why quicken loans created our new, exclusive rateshield approval. first, we lock your interest rate for up to 90 days while you find your new home. then, if rates have gone up, your rate stays locked.
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soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at the department of defense announced it received a request from homeland security to house and care for an alien population family of up to 12,000 people. there is no word of a specific timeline but one will be developed. that follows a judge last night throwing a wrench into the reunification process already marked by confusion. the jung orddge ordered the govt to reunify children under 5 with parents within two weeks and those over 5 within 30 days. it is not clear if more kids are entering the system each day because hhs which is responsible for the kids hasn't given clear answers. listen to the conference call
5:56 pm
health & human services had yesterday. spoiler alert, it didn't go well. >> i'm wondering if you're still receiving children who are coming into your care because of parental detention? we know there is an implementation phase on the executive order. >> as i said earlier we can get you that information as soon as possible. we appreciate your patience. >> no, actually it's important. excuse me. are you still receiving children who are there because of the parental separation policy? >> i believe we have answered -- you have had -- you have had three questions. we responded to your question and i ask that you send that to media at hhs. >> i'm sorry. i didn't hear an answer. >> final question? >> yeah. not really an answer. joining me who uncovered this yesterday and stayed on it
5:57 pm
today. i understand the inspector general initiated a review of the condition of the facilities. what more do we know? >> this is a move that comes as the agency is certainly under the microscope now. a lot of scrutiny in how they are handling separations, how the children are being treated and how the families will possibly will reunified. today this is essentially big news from the watchdog of the hhs, the inspector general saying they are launching a nationwide review of the facilities that house the children. they say they will be looking at the employee background screenings, skills and training and response to incidents of harm and the security at these facilities. i found this part, anderson, particularly interesting. the watchdog says they will be looking at the safety and health of the kids placed in the facilities and this is a quote, especially when the program experiences a sudden increase in the number of children. we know based on the numbers from hhs yesterday that they are currently on the whole about
5:58 pm
11,800 children. 80% of those arrived at the border unaccompanied. as we were talking about last night 2,047 of those are children who were separated from parents. >> we heard from the call yesterday -- i mean, have you gotten answers about questions from hhs about are they getting in new kids now that are being separated still? >> no. we have not. cnn had specific questions for hhs after that call that went unanswered. today, they still do remain unanswered. we have asked pointed questions. questions like, are you still receiving children who are being separated from their parents? what is the full accounting for the number of children who have been separated and reunified with either a parent or a guardian? we know there have been at least six children reunified with a guardian over the last six days, but are there more? something as simple as what are the ages of the children being held? no response today. an hhs official acknowledged the
5:59 pm
team's question but all we got back was a very generic statement saying that reunification is the ultimate goal and they are working towards that for the children. again, no answer to our questions which are, of course, essential and an important metric for understanding the full scope of what's going on now. we'll of course continue to press them on this. as we said at the top new information tonight did just come in. the department of defense saying they received a request from the dhs, department of homeland security, to house and care for, in their words, alien family population up to 12,000 people. >> i guess it's good they acknowledged our question. but the fact they didn't answer the questions. to not even say how old the range of kids is, what the youngest child and oldest child is. it's just incredible. appreciate it. i know you'll stay on it. an official said there is no update on whether the 6-year-old girl whose voice was heard on
6:00 pm
the audio recording crying will be reunited with her mother. alison jiminez is in arizona. her mom is in texas. one of thousands uncertain about the status of their loved ones tonight. that's it for us. time to hand it to chris cuomo. primetime starts now. >> i am chris cuomo. welcome to "primetime." elections have consequences. president trump may not be remembered for anything he says or policies he gets through, but the impact of cementing a conservative majority on the supreme court during his tenure will make him a relevant figure in history. we have tonight key players on the left and right who may decide if the president's nominee gets a vote. republican senator john kennedy is here to tell you about what he calls the most important vote he may ever cast. the stakes in the midterms now higher. the democrats facing an identity crisis of what we just saw in the congressional