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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 6, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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thousands of people are displaced after an earthquake hits tourists islands. >> totally legal. president trump shares thoughts about the 2016 meeting with russian officials, a meeting he says he knew nothing about. >> you're a fan of the president? think he's doing a good job? >> he's doing better than obama did. >> cnn heads to the largest motorcycle rally in the heart of trump country. hello to our viewers from here
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in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." rescue crews in indonesia are working nonstop after a deadly 6.9 magnitude earthquake rocked the popular island resort of lombok. when the rattling first started, people were blind sided. take a look. >> this is the second time in a week a strong earthquake has hit. this one was deadlier, killing 91 people and injurie ining hun of others. thousands of homes were damaged, many of them completely flattened. the hardest-hit area was lombok.
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our will ripley is following the story. he joins us from hong kong. what are you learning about the impact of this deadly earthquake? >> this was a terrifying experience, even for people in indonesia, who are used to earthquakes. they just had an earthquake last week. but this one was even stronger. a deafening sound around the inner time hours. aftershocks, more than 100 of them. in addition to the 91 dead and reports of 209 people injured, you have some 20,000 people who wrr displaced from their homes right now. they are tourists who are trying to evacuate at this moment, three small islands off of
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lombok. there were people crowding a beach, trying to get off of these boats. people just don't feel secure. the massive tsunami to killed 220 people people. there was an alert scare, people were sprinting to get to higher grount. some are fearful. listen the one pourns who describes what they're getting experience. >> that is a restaurant with a nice view of the vie. then, i went to the toilet. when i was there, it was like a truck passing by. the noise was crazy. i thought, this is bad. this is an earthquake.
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i started seasoning in the direct. they were also speeting about third and out somewhere safe. >> somewhere i know you will not be the risk of natural disasters. whoever it takes, really. there's going to be hundreds of red cross teams on the ground. they have an urgent need, for all of the people who have been anywhered, complicating the situation, widespread power outages, and cell phone outages, as well. >> will lipry, bifing us the station to meteorologists. she's keeping an eye on this situation. we want to know about the
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weather. look for survivors. and also, the fear of these aftershocks. i talked to gina about these structures are indirect. the picture explains a couple of things. we thought that 6.4 boog tuesday, it was kind of the preliminary. this earthquake was a 6.9. we're looking at people finding shelter into the streets because they're building if they're buildings are going to collapse or uninhabitable. and people are fearible about how to get food, how they're going to find other shelter across the area. this is one of the reachers that you notice. this island is yourself the
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evening to get bali. now that they put in a new airport,lets of peel going scuba diving. you know, a week ago, they had to evacuate earthquake, i think we should get unserving. very disquieting. and i showed you the people are in the streets, we never indicated they are 4.0 and we're looking at:00 showers for each a very close eye on this. the white house may be quieter this week. donald trump is spending the week at his park of jersey. his mormer back.
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e yan. some use sanctions on sails of i iran january are set to use mp. i can't know you came home with the infamous trump power meeting. in a twit, if i sets up between his son, drnpro, was when he wa facing off, but interesting he knew did not know the legal. >> and collusion is something that is gone all of publics in
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sanch sanchez. >> president trump, missing recent recourting by cnn and other outlets. the russia should enjeer something wrong junior. juniors to told cnn that it has gone impact on the adirective atacts, and direct attacks. in that tweet, the president made clear the exact nature of the june 37th, and other muches. from the president and sons, this weaning was intended to speak hillary clinton. we've seen a twiswift move. saying that no one he knows has
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nothing do use with russia. we'll send her one of other meetings. >> he says the meetings is done all of the politics in hallow n halloween. this is when to gent your hillary clinton. how would that be legal? >> the would it constitute a va ligs the oze. >> the critics are there's a lot of things going on, including witch hunt as the president calls it, to moving robert end. >> and one of the key a keen or
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tars for vladimir putin. for more than a year, robert mueller has been working to secure an interview withing a hair rez, there that people interviews is still unclear. the information justice gathers would be starving problem for his new jersey. let's get some perspective, at "titanic." >> good to be with us. >> he admits to when trump jr. and was designed to get information on his political rival, hk hk. he says it's all he'll.
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he's done all the time in politics? >> i think it's not all times of a fornl country, to get that opposition material, it is night. you don't get information on your rivals, with agents of a born country. in the uni2016 meeting, in trump tour. >> what are the politic and lyleal running the application, changing their diversion of what was discussed at this strump chaur hitting. what did he know, as when did you know it. it's a question put to people about presidents of if cast. it might stretch a beautiful u
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people, also, if he says it was totally legal, then kwhi would it matter if he didn't know about it or not? so, there's something after an assistcy, that i think surprised a lot of people that it came out of nowhere. >> he said he was concerned about the impact this has on his family. he insists he knew something about the meting. what is the significance of all of that? >> if he knew about the meeting going in, it would give the impression that -- now, we seem to know from exchange changed by a accomplish publicist. they have thele was going to be
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bummed. if he did know about this, it was going to be success. and central to the legal case. >> on another tommic, junior ken lil anne conway and the media is not a listen to the people. >> i think some journalists are the enemy of the relate vens and the mousse you can use. why wouldn't more reporters coffer the suspect receiving the remains of our hallen in north korea? >> now, ivanka trump did the
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same thing. what's the significance of countrier on that issue. >> he's identified le tle the m to get them fired up and passionate. that's what you've been seeing, the power ramps up to his base what. on a lot of the things, trump will go one direction and his administration will try and go the other way. you saw him representing onjohn bolden, the investigation. and he was talking about the fact that russia had semplered in the election. often, the administration would give context of what the president's reer to kl closes.
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this video appears to show the drone that exploded mere maduro, in what he calls an assassination attempt. cnn has not been able to verify the authenticity of the vehicle. maduro could put down parche inchez wan could have made up
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the incident. real or not, i would use it to drum up srt pop. a second summit between president trump and kim jong-un may be in the works. it could happen later this year. however, behind the scenes, u.s. and north korean officials continue to get thanks as rail and south. >> now, this will be the first similar since 2015, now, on either side of the border, will be able to' each other.
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paula hancocks us law than emotionally challenged. what were you were learning about the imminent ill lesions. it's been 65 years since the end of the korean war. in of these families have herrod nothing, since then. in rare cases, they have been able to communicate. if the reasons start off, on august 27th people who were under situation by the south korean authorities. they lottery healthy to be able to pravl, as well, as they had to go to the ruflt.
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and they have had to go to the north korean and make the travel. at the end of that, there's just 93 people from south korea will who will be meeting the north korean relatives. and then, there will be a second round of reunions, and 88 members of north korea will be enter spiels of south korea. chances of being micked for this are similar. >> you talk about those numbers, 15 l 5. that is devastating. >> haula, bringing us if latest from soul or many norhottest by. >> the. the heat is sparking fire
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fires, covering of ian, walk to us ant how the relationship is dealing with them. >> the fires are still blazing. if they have hundreds of firefighters thousands of them. it can't having that much of effect continue to burn. from client signtousous, or refer decade. i would imagine this is where i get fireworks like this. a wall of flame, fuelled by
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drought and hot air from africa. struggled relatives keep the watch as the inferno moves closer. we have anything ready to be night or exercise. >> peeking to revents a dozens of an extreme heat wave. stoking by wildfires from grease to setten. >> some places only to 363 prb of 1944. the beach peefrs they have gallo 43 complete deaf skating.
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i'll try toll avoid that center. i can't imagine what it is like to give beachgoers a forecast. the temperatures will drop by wednesday. >> authorities are advicing people no are out in this to make sure they're not in the sun too long. and drink plenty of water. the next phase of the u.s. brau from the iran yuck feel coming up. 14 plus, they were being held by heavy oorm ld then. in a remote new mexico.
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how police found them, that's next.
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and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. a very warm welcome back to our viewers in the united states, and of course, all around the world. i'll rosemary church. we want to update you on the mine sto earthquake. this is the second-strong quake to hit the resort of robbak. thousands of homes were damaged. >> the national sushg center, lecter, will control into the
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category 4 storm. hawaii's ability its are alert, with maximum winds of 226 kilometers per hour. 27 mbs were in post on went the other claimed him. after prodeses erupted, following the emtry win. he calls his mother's 2026 in a tweet. he is twoired that taught up tweet in the investigate get information about him.
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iranian responsibility will respond to you lakely, he will work on the issues. this comes as the u.s. wont to avaluable we're going a great 90 days to. the sanctions cover iran's purchase in u.s. drrs and automobiles in november, thanks on iran's boil with now can't do it yet. it comes as oent yft fooiflt-straight day. demonstrators aren't vol with the value of the currency of the
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kincaid. >> a number of international deals are with the table. >> reporter: in cities across an doesn't, have turned into double anti-government sal bragss. justi wee peer keying in foreclosed homes is going to be pulling back. >> the united states will withdraw from the iran/nuclear deal. >> when the jump administration powelled out, it was ningss, will almost lead impact of a dozen foreign companies have already stoppedburg win.
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>> reporter: with europe leading the charge, a number of global companies were 2056. aerospace united states strike yenl and electricals. according to companies, volkswagen it would be selling cars in iran for 17 years. now, another only in will american economies will restricted, so does matty who has business interests in the national. >> we will not be able to arises feel their combinations are not
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skankses. >> they can't wroor leaving him with fewer reasons to continue within you. >> you guy grait. the ye row, is for -- show the fun what the scream leader shows a period when a lot of goods from the rest of the world were not available to iran. so, they're left to figure out. how are we going to fill these needs? they can talk all they want is that prothose products ship bags. there's a larger real foods are up to the rest of the world has come to expect.
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iranian knows what living under sanctions and was thrown in fail for iranian es uh spiping time again thp iran would be more financially isolated. and those in the continue to carry, poo weaver seen a lot of suffer going to do this. >> linda din cade, cnn. we're joined by our panel. welcome, gentlemen.
12:36 am
rooming, who he applied the sanctions out. for feesht, i cannot it will lead to that. i okay, okay. i understand in a the pull out economy not soaring. >> and we enchosen power of i n irani iranians. 100%ian reduced to the six months ago, or before? >> put out. i can say, it's being dell general, i can say that, they
12:37 am
can only stop the retaliation against the hard guarantee. the con klummer and po seusser kauds. we cannot expect reservice. that's for sure. the central bank can do es star the lynnuation. all right. john, let's go to you. what kind of approach is this by the jump administration and how damaging are the bald enand stick approach. the caribbean angled for the talks with tie ran was rejected of legal tweep day won and dog,
12:38 am
these dies. this is going to limit if clor train reunion. it has pressure medals like gold and copper. cop per are keeling out of my sector. this is going to or tet goes two revails. i'm now, we have to warp the european companies. the lead-in, the major european companies had vsersersers i'm watching tons like china, india, russia, they all have strikes hit hard in early november, by these u.s. sanctions.
12:39 am
many talk about aren't written a barrel lifted at the fankss. >> i president would go the high youth on employment, the influeni inflins, pressure from the trump administration, and on the administration, and in particular, president in jerusalem. what's been the response in israel? >> there hasn't been a response, oo fully yet. we know the bapgss golt was giving the president baulz said he wants a better bell.
12:40 am
what he wanted was stronger sanctions if iran rucrushly it s the actions. i was pushing for him. he is said and believes this is what can lead to regime woodward. there's angsts in the israeli. and has been very critical of europe rn junes ycpoc opinion nuclear has dealt with thanks as a prue move. >> many thanks to orn lieberman, thank you. trump's president has within a wildz ride about it. le than likers. we'll have that, still to come.
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police in chicago blame illegal guns for a particularly violent weekend in the city. on saturday night, introsundint sunday, in just 14 hours, 14 people were shot in random and targeted incidents. the youngest person who was bounded is just 11 years old. and the oldest, 62. in one incident, showers shooted into a street. now, a disturbing discovery area here in the united states. police were looking for a lot per who had been abducted.
12:45 am
they thought he was in this compound in new mexico. they were living in filthy conditions, no shoes, water and woo. so more questions than answers, as we rern more to see him. the other, a man by the name of li lucas morton. we're talking about 60-go-round. they make this in a come point, a travel trailer buried under
12:46 am
ground. and. >> reporter: the three men are and children. the two men, still mrg police without custody because of the parent of the abduction of his son. they were brought in for questioning. they have bins season released. money of the information regarding the status of this missing 3-year-old. the 11 children are in the care of child protective services. it's one thing to hear the first hasn't account of authorities who responded to the scene. the sheriffs saying it was the worst living conditions he had before made again. folks in one down say it's already great. >> we have a tattoo parlor up here. good, eat sa.
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. welcome back, everyone. it has been nearly two years since donald trump's victory in the u.s. presidential election. and we wanted to know if voters were still behind mr. trump, in the states that carried him in 2013. bill weir went to the world's largest motorcycle rally in the center of tramp county to find out. >> they rumble in for one points of the corpus. for one week each womber, you can go hours without seeing a person of color. in sturgis, a it's a kwoth guy on a foreign bike.
12:52 am
there's no doubt who is the leader of this pack. what's your opinion of the president. >> he did better than obama did. like so many i talked to, he sees proof of trump's terrill yans is looking at the sky. rod woodruff is a w0% are ohm owners malt. motorcycle. we have a cat tszyu we have a tattoo parlor in here. >> you have a jail? >> we don't need one. >> reporter: violence and
12:53 am
arrests are rare for a crowd of at toiz. mostly because those share their values. those that don't, keep it themselves. >> i get the feeling that don't believe in what's going on is right, and become very quiet. >> there's a lot of hypocrisy during on in the one. they want freedom and rights, but disappear, you head your and at you. >> a couple of months ago, they aimed the fok tear in hundreds oaf thth thth city, because of the tariffs, they would have to question is this the ultimate loyal loyalty test for these folks loej to the president. >> i'm going to make what's going to mike american biles.
12:54 am
>> dit bias the president's disdain for my profession, they would not be nicer. >> we're glad to have you here. >> it's honest to no amount of ernest reporter, ruler is -- there's a lot of red flags and dark clouds. >> you're walking on because he's out at the outside. how come the clintons with do anything they can. >> i remember when the base loved harley davidson and it's russia. >> i don't see a why when he tries to clon them vladimir putin. >> even a dick khaddictator. >> fake news. >> touch me.
12:55 am
i'm real. >> back downstoun, our presence sparks a debate between fox news fans from texas, and bonnie from nebraska. >> they don't know what they're talking about. >> come on. >> now we do. >> you're un-american. >> i watched both. >> see? >> i go either way. >> that proves we lie in a media wage that can choose her facts. >> i have a friend who watches tax and she has her opinion. >> that's true. as long as they don't start shooting. then, the heckling is interrupted by a hero falling from the sky. sergeant diana bowman, an irm golden night, and just for a moment, it feels like we are, all in this together.
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will will charting there. sun seize circles has tested an air force. shock eaves, generated by its own flight, with ire to glide at high speeds. it can carry nuclear war sheds but its speed and unpredictable projectry to be cheery news to end with. i'm rosemary church. connect with me anytime on twitter. love to hear from you. "early start" is next for your viewer in early start. everyone else, make yourself good for hannah jones, have a great day. ♪
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president trump admitting the 2016 trump tower meeting was to get dirt on hillary clinton. sources tell cnn he is concerned that his son don junior may be caught up in the mueller investigation. the white house ready to put sanctions back on iran. breaking overnight. a second meeting between north korea us kim jong-un and president trump could take place some time later this year. we have reports from tehran and


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