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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 1, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. what has become of me could happen only in america. more possible troubles for the president's legal team as a lobbyist pleads guilty in handling foreign funds and contradicting confessions emerge. bipartisan leaders stand together as the u.s. capitol honors the late senator john mccain. also ahead this hour -- >> i'm going to take you aretha to church. >> family, friends, the former
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u.s. president come together remembering the queen of soul, live from cnn, world headquarters in atlanta. we want to welcome our viewers here and around the world. i'm george howell. cnn "newsroom" starts right now. at 5:00 a.m. here on the u.s. east coast for the first time the u.s. justice department has publicly charged someone with helping a foreigner funnel money to a trump political event the focus on washington lobbyist samuel patton, the man you see here. he pleaded guilty on friday from steering money from a russian-backed oligarch. he pleaded ghlt to acting as an unregistered foreign act and lying to congress. trump's attorney rudy guiliani called the event irrelevant. >> what does this have to do with president trump? not a single thing. it has nothing to do with collusion. some guy who donated to the
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inauguration. my goodness, there are about 500,000 that donated to president trump. and there are still more contradictions. george papadopoulos contradi tickets and pushed back on the suggestion that mr. trump meet with vladimir putin during the 2016 campaign. but according to court filing, quote, while some in the room rebuff george's offer, mr. trump nodded with approval and deferred to mr. sessions who appeared to like the idea and stated the campaign should look into it. george's giddiness over mr. trump's recognition was prominent during the days that followed. he requested probation instead of jail time for lying to investigators about his contacts with russians. this comes as the trump legal
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team is already preparing to rebut the mueller report, even though no one knows when the special counsel's office will wrap up that report or what will be in that report. we are also learning the man behind the steele dossier said russian officials thought they had donald trump over a barrel. our sarah murray explains. >> reporter: with little sign the russia probe is backing up, rudy guiliani is hatching a back-up plan, the president's lawyer telling dana bash the legal team is halfway through preparing a report to rebut a number of findings from special counsel robert mueller. it's slated to include everything from collusion with russia in the 2016 election to fired national security adviser michael flynn to obstruction of justice the report of rudy guiliani's strategy to dull the blow of whatever mueller makes public. >> i'll be here with my version of the report.
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they'll have tear version of the report. the american people will essentially decide it. >> reporter: mueller must wrap up his investigation by the mid-terms. >> if it's not over by september, we have a serious violation of the rules, you shouldn't be conducting one of these in a 66-day period. >> reporter: guiliani now admitting to cnn he has no idea what mueller's time line is. it's customary for prosecutors to go quiet 60 days before an election. it's up to the u.s. attorneys to not take over steps that could impact an election. as the investigation stretches on, trump begins to rail against the justice department. >> people are angry, people are angry. >> reporter: especially one of his favorite new targets. >> i think bruce orr is a disgrace. >> reporter: he's the justice department official who met with christopher steele or testifying
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to a congressional hearing this week steele told him at a july 2016 breakfast they believed they had candidate trump over a barrel a claim that's in line with allegations feel e stestees in his dossier. it's been accepted as fact by the u.s. intelligence community. when it comes to that report the president's team has been working so dill gently on. rudy guiliani acknowledged to cnn on friday afternoon, it may never see the light of day, but he wants to be prepared no matter what mueller is up to. sarah murray, cnn, walk. let's talk more about this now with political analyst, peter matthews, a professor at cypress college joining us in los angeles. great to have you on the show. i'd first like to get your thoughts around the report apparently created by the president's legal team, rudy guiliani says it will touch on
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everything in the mueller investigation, keeping in mind that investigation is still under way. no one's seen it yet. is this a flip of the phrase a good defense is an even better offense? >> it's lyme like hopefully pre emive strike the way he's thinking. it won't work. he will say mueller wasn't appointed legitimately. which he was, the court's upheld the reports by roden stein. he's trying to discredit any report ahead of time. >> this russian ol gashing, fig funneling money, patton now cooperating with investigators. should that worry team trump if your mind? >> i think it should worry them. these investigations can lead to other threads that follow. then you find there is something
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to do with the trump side. i think guiliani will say there is nothing to do with him. you never know where this will lead. patton was pedaling influence. you go out and use a straw donor to buy ticket for this oligarch. that's a lot of money, $107 million raised by the trump campaign for the inaugural. that's really dollar democracy in my view the time of my book is dollar democracy with liberty and justice for some. it's exactly what they're doing at that inaugural. i think pattop was a part of that. >> it seems to play right into your book. i want to talk about this name na seems out of the blue for many people, bruce orr. what do you continue to make from the president within the justice delaware though, he's not a part of the investigative team on the mueller probe, steame allegedly telling orr russian intelligence claim to have mr. trump over a barrel. >> look at the explosive nature
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of that claim. if it's true, this is dangerous for trump and/orrer is an attack target for him because of. that trump will try to stamp anyone out anyway he can that he thinks might have credible, charging him with very egregious offenses. so i think that's what's going on here, it's a strike before they hit you. trump is doing with you guiliani is here, at a higher level at this stake. >> all of this is coming into focus with new poll number, given how americans feel about the investigation, about mr. trump, let's take a look at this abc news/washington poll shows 63% of people support the mueller probe. 29% oppose it. peter,als, let's take a look at this, the president's job approval numbers. 66% in this snapshot disapprove. 36% approve. given what we are seeing here, your thoughts headed into the november mid-terms? >> well, it's pretty much expected after what we saw what
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happened with the indictment of or the guilty plea of cohen and the conviction of manafort, that has boosted mueller's prestige in the american's public eye and credibility while the president lost prestige, he's been caught in so many lies. those numbers are staggering. 60% disapproval is the highest in presidential history and it's a dangerous sign for anyone running in november. it's a good chance the democrats can sweep the house. will the senate -- go democratic ends? we're not sure about. that that will increase the impeachment charges if the democrats take charge, it's a real possibly and finally you will have a trial to remove trump. we are a long ways the senate has to vote by two-thirds of a majority to do that. but this doesn't look very good
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for president trump with these poll numbers actually proving that point. >> peter matthews with perspective for us out of los angeles, thank you. >> my pleasure, george. canada says progress is being made with the united states on a deal to replace the north american free trade agreement nafta, as it's better known. but the country won't sign on just yet the comments from the foreign affairs minister came friday in washington, d.c. where tensions are filled and these talks broke off until wednesday. christia freeland was asked about comments that any deem with the northern neighbor would be quote totally on u.s. terms. here's how she reacted. let's listen. >> so, let me be clear, yet again, because it's important and the importance of reiterating this is underscored by a question. canada will only sign a deal
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which is a good deal for canada. we are very, very clear about that. the prime minister has said that on a number of occasion, including this week, that we want a good deal, not just any deal and a good deal is one which is good for canada and good for canadians. a good deal is one which reflects the canadian national interests and if which canadian values are defended. >> mr. trump had given trump until friday to sign on to a deal. when that deadline came and went, he informed congress he'd sign a deal with mexico in 90 days, he says with or without canada. in the meantime, the u.s. president is planning a trip to texas to help a fellow republican running for re-election. ted cruz is in a battle for his candidate date. you may recall when mr. trump and cruz were battling for the 2016 republican tom nation the
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two viciously attacked each other. but all is well, according to this tweet from the president. mr. trump writes, he's quote picking the biggest stadium in texas to hold the rally and adds, cruz has his complete and total endorsement. president trump will head to ireland in november. in a tweet on friday the irish deputy prime minister saying, quote, our two countries have such strong historic economic cultural and family ties, maintaining those connections is always a top priority, end quote. mr. trump is chance a canceling. u.s. politicians remember the late senator john mccain. >> john mccain deserves to be remembered as he wished to be
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remembered. a patriot who served his country. a man, gentleman, of the senate, but also a man of the house. a navy man. a family man. a man who made an enormous difference in the lives of countless people. a man of conviction. a man of state. >> in just a few hours time, another memorial service is set in his honor. plus, singers, politicians, friends and family of aretha franklin come toke to celebrate the queen of soul's life and legacy. a look at this memorial when cnn "newsroom" returns. [ music playing ] david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. that's it?
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wetsuit at this spa retreat? or sliding into this ski lodge with my mini horse kevin? because lets me do me, right? sorry, the cold makes him a little horse. you do you and get rewarded. you're wearing a hat. that's funny. half a world away weaker our nation's uniform, john mccain stood up for every value that this capitol building represents. then he brought that same patriotism inside its walls to advocate for our service members, our veterans and our moral leadership and the world. so it is only right that today near the end of his long journey, john lies here in this
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great hall under this mighty dome like other american heroes before him here as a restless wave approaches the shores of eternity we thank god for giving this country john mccain. >> the u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell on friday talking about his late colleague john mccain. mccain was honored in the u.s. capitol build figure a special ceremony, his body lying in state there. it is an honor for government officials and military officers. our ryan nobles reports. >> reporter: members of congress bidding farewell to one of their own. >> on behalf of the senate and the entire nation, thank you. thank you for lending him to us longer than we had a right.
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>> reporter: senator john mccain returned one last time to a place he loved so much. his arrival marked by a flash rainstorm centered over the capitol, where he was honored by colleagues that reflekd on his contribution, his service and his singular ability to communicate. >> i, myself, from time to time found myself on the receiving end of john's distinct brand of candor. senator mccain, himself, meticulously planned each stage of his final good-bye to his fellow americans. he made sure to include symbols of themes important to him. today, bipartisanship was on display as leaders from both parties of both chambers laid wreaths near his coffin. while president trump has been kept at a distance, today, president pence was in attendance. >> the president asked me to be here. >> he had a warm relationship with mccain and spoke mccain's
2:19 am
resilience as a prisoner of war. >> then as now, americans marvelled at the iron will of john mccain but captivity did not diminish john's sense of calling. >> reporter: mccain became the 31st person to lie if state in the capitol rotunda, his 106 mother there to see the outpouring of services and love. services continuing tomorrow. the people who beatth him will eulogize him, then a private burial at the u.s. naval academy next to his classmate and best friend chuck larsen, his wife saying his husband has his wing man back now. and cnn's coverage of saturday's memorial starts at 8:00 in the morning in washington, that's
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1:00 in the afternoon in london. the service begins at 10:00 in the morning, 3:00 in london and a private memorial service also planned for sunday at the u.s. naval academy chapel in annapolis, maryland, that is where john mccain will be laid to rest. from the late senator mccain to aretha franklin, america lost two of its greatest icons. the queen of soul was remembered in her hometown of detroit, michigan, friends, families, admirers came toke to celebrate her life legacy. of course, the music. her funeral was one of laughter, soulful littlehymns, tears, of , remembering this star. our ryan young has more on the
2:21 am
celebrati celebration. >> reporter: the gasket of the queen of soul aretha franklin planned to celebrate her incredible life. [ music playing ] >> reporter: music industry icons include shaka khan, civil rights leaders, politicians, all turning out to pay their respects. >> so i started off as a groupie. i hope god will forgive me, but i was so glad when i got here and i hope you will forgive me, when the casket was still opened because i said, i wonder what my friend's got on today. >> celebrate aretha. >> and the city of detroit turning out to pay their respects, too, hundreds waited overnight for a chance to get
2:22 am
into the funeral, inside the temple a star-studded celebration of her music ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> reporter: her family remembering the woman they lost. >> nothing sounded better to me than the way my grandma sings. her voice made you feel something. >> reporter: former president bill clinton sharing a moment from her last public performance when she was ill. >> she's sitting there, obviously, desperately ill, gaunt, she stood right up and said, how are you doing, baby? i said, well, i'm doing better now. and she said, she said, well, look at me. i finally got thin again. >> that took a lot of guts to say that. >> reporter: others hitting the
2:23 am
high notes in her honor, jennifer hudson. ♪ grace >> reporter: and civil rights leaders recalling her commitment to the movement. >> she was a friendliness before feminism was popular. she was a civil rights activist when it wasn't popular. >> reporter: the celebration of aretha franklin's life thinly played out by another soul icon stevie vonder. ♪ i have been loving you forever." >> aretha franklin laid to rest. following a super typhoon, already the strongest storm of the year, it may shortly strengthen. >> the storm strengthened by 100 miles per hour. that's the maximum sustained winds in 48 hours. it did what is called rapid
2:24 am
intensification. it is incredible to see this image that we are about to show you. because this is coming from the japan meteorological agency. look how krystal clear it is. fortunately, it's churning across the open waters of the western pacific right now. it's not impact anyone on land, now. that's about to change. by the way that eyewall is about 20 miles in diameter, if you were standing still in the mild of this storm and that eyewall passed over you, you would get the strongest of winds coming from one direction. then you would have complete calm in the middle of this storm as the eyewall passed over. then you'd have winds racing from the other direction once the back side of the storm comes. a little tidbit of information. 105 miles per hour. that has dropped since the last available update to cnn. good news, it's equivalent to a
2:25 am
strong category 4 atlantic hurricane right now. a super intense typhoon. there are signs it is showing a little less organized and starting to weaken. that's good news for japan. nonetheless, this is a concern because they've had six typhoons hit the mainlan in the last two months. it has been extremely busy. if you recall, they had several fatalities from the extreme flooding a few weeks back from south central sections of japan. this is the time frame, late monday night, into tuesday, winds will pick up, rain becomes its heaviest the strongest of waves to the south and west, that's where we're looking at. tokyo, you will feel the effects. i believe the strongest winds will be to your west. that's good for that populated point of the world. i want to take you quickly to the united states, take a look
2:26 am
at the flooding, if lancaster county, mount joy saw over 10.5 inches of rain as a slow moving thunderstorm meandered across southeastern pennsylvania. here it is, there's lancaster. let me show you what it looked like to people on the ground in this particular area. unbelievable footage to see this water rushing past these businesses. that's what you get when you get ten-and-a-half inches of rain in three hours. flash flooding took over the rain has ended. it did, unfortunately, raise some buildings and mobile home parks off their foundations. >> people shouldn't drive. >> no, that is the stock standard rules. turn around, don't drive. >> good at vidvice. still ahead, cloud, questions, hovering over the white house, the latest on a guilty plea. this one links with foreign
2:27 am
money and the rump political committee. we'll explain. plus a late night court file tag contradicts something the attorney general of the u.s. said under oath. we'll explain it as "newsroom" pushes ahead.
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good morning, coast to coast across the united states and to our viewers around the world, you are watching cnn "newsroom." i'm george howell with the headlines for you this hour. they are tracking down two indonesian woman in the kim john nam murder trial. they allegedly wiped a nerve
2:31 am
agent on his face. trade talks expected to resume on wednesday between the united states and canada. the two countries and mexico are trying to hammer out a deal to replace nafta. canada's more than affairs minister says her country is not ready to sign just yet. president trump said he will sign a deal with or without canada. a foreign lobbyist stealing money, samuel patton allegedly funneled money from a rush oligarch and failed to register as a foreign agent and lying to congress. former trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos is critiquing the attorney general of the united states. papadopoulos says jeff sessions did support his proposal that mr. trump meet with vladimir putin during the campaign under oath before congress. sessions said that he pushed back on that idea.
2:32 am
president trump blasting the russia probe, nothing new to that, he is stepping up his attacks to a new level as a new poll number suggests his words may not be working. our jeff zell my explains. >> reporter: president trump flashing a thumbs up but giving no answer today on why he's offering his favorite punching bag attorney general jeff sessions a bit of a reprieve, consumed with anger over the russia investigation the president berated, badgered and all but black listed the tomorrow. in an interview with bloomberg news he says session's job is safe, at least to the mid-term elections. after that, he wouldn't say. >> i'd like to have jeff sessions do his job. if he did, i'd be very happy. but the job entails two sides, not one side. >> reporter: yet that didn't stop the president from railing against the justice department last night in indiana of what he
2:33 am
perceives as unfair treatment. >> our justice department and our fbi have to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it now! because people are angry. people are angry. >> reporter: once again, he suggested he could intervene in an investigation, which would be highly unorthodoxed and politically explosive for a sitting president. >> i wanted to stay out, but at some point if it doesn't straighten out properly, i want them to do their job. i'm get involved and i'll get in there, if i have to. >> reporter: it's unclear whether he's blowing off steam. >> disgraceful. >> reporter: or seriously threatening to stop the russia probe hanging over the white house. he told bloomberg, i viet as an illegal investigation. yet, that's not how a majority of americans see it. a new washington post-abc poll shows 63% support and 29% oppose
2:34 am
it. beyond his loyal base of supporters the president's stand secretary taking a hit. 60% saying they disapprove of the job he's doing. 36% say they approve. the country is far more split on the question of impeachment. 49% saying proceedings should begin. 46% saying that i should not. it's one of the reasons the president and republicans are bracing for the mid-term elections. >> it's a close vote. people say we have the pa majority. by how much? by almost nothing. somebody has a cold, we no longer have the majority. >> reporter: all this as the president is searching for a replacement for top white house lawyer don mcgahn who is soon to leave the west wing the president has been in talks with washington lawyer pat tripolonicnn learned a veteran of the george h.w. bush administration, who is currently advising team trump on the mueller probe. the team is looking for a new white house counsel the fall, there is so much, the president
2:35 am
left the door topped removing jeff sessions after the mid-term elections, pressing that bloomberg news interview if he would stay on after november? the president said, i don't want to get into it. jeff zeleny, cnn, the white house. >> jeff, thank you. . now to syria, where government troops appear poised on an attack on idlib and idlib province, last remaining strong hold of rebels and terrorist fighters. there is great concern about the millions of innocent people who could be caught up in the cross fire here. u.s. officials say they are ready for a military strike, this if syria uses chemical weapons, they tell cnn a list of targets has been prepared. syria's allie russia appears to be getting ready as well the kremlin announced large scale naval drills in the m mediterrane mediterranean. at least one official says the trips could use radar to track and intercept u.s. missiles. a key physical in the you kra indian conflict is reportedly
2:36 am
dead, russia state media report was killed in an explosion at a cafe in donetsk. he was a leader of the russian backed donetsk people's republic. russian president vladimir putin calls eight vial murder meant to destabilize the region. palestinian refugees are facing a few crisis. the trump administration has hay nouc -- it is ending any agencies supporting it, calling it irredeemably flawed. it provides health care for 5 million of the refugees in jordan, syria, west bank and gaza. washington is expected to calm for refugee status stripped for millions of palestinian, in an attempt to radically requalify who qualifies as a refugee. they announced this week
2:37 am
palestinians are ungrateful for the assistance they received from washington. >> when you look at it, there are a couple issues there. first of all you are looking at, yes, there is an endless number of refugees that continue to get assistance, but more importantly the palestinians continue to bash america. >> the u.s. donated more than $350 million to the agency back in 2017. in the meantime in the west bank, israeli forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at palestinian protesters. hundreds were protesting isra israel's seizure of land for settlements. about a dozen people were injured. israeli officials had no comment on the unrest. the former president of brazil will not run as a candidate in october's presidential election brazil's top electoral court ruled luis
2:38 am
da silva is not el jible to run. lulu is serving a sentence for money laundering and served between 2003 and 2011. still ahead, honoring the life of a revered american politician with a rare tradition reserved for the highest members of state and military, but as the u.s. vice president says, john mccain deserved it. >> we mourn with those who mourn. we grieve with those who grieve but we do not grieve like those who have no hope. because john mccain, like millions of americans, held firm to that hope from an old hymn that became the title of a book he wrote some 20 years ago. "faith of our fathers." the full stanza of that hymn
2:39 am
reads, faith of our fathers living still, in spite of dungeon, fire and sword. oh, how our hearts be high with joy, when 'er we hear that glorious word. john mccain held firm to that faith. the faith of his fathers. through dungeon, fire and sword. and he held fast to his faith in america, through six decades of service. another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and wrinkles. one week? that definitely works! rapid wrinkle repair®. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair.
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the rain coming down, an honor guard carrying senator john mccain's casket into the capitol. it is a rare honor revered for one of america's revered servants. watch here a solemn moment the late republican senator john mccain, the 31st person to lie in state in the u.s. capitol, it's a tradition reserved for presidents and top officials and military officer, fellow lawmakers, friends and family came together to attend the ceremony, visitors paying their respects as they remembered this self-described maverick. john mccain is being remembered in vietnam, where the late u.s. senator spent five years as a prisoner of war. our ivan watson has more on the tributes coming from there. >> reporter: on a rainy morning
2:44 am
in the vietnamese capital, it's hard to imagine anything disturbing the serenity of the lake. this is where leiutenant commander john mccain splashed down terribly wounded after a surface-to-air missile hit his plane during a bombing run in 1967. the vietnamese erected a monument to celebrate his capture. look how people responded to senator mccain's passing, they took this trophy celebrating the day he was shot down and turned it into a make-shift shrine with flowers honoring a former enemy who became this country's friend. the day he first saw pittsburgh cane, he says he wanted to kill him. >> translator: i wanted to stab him with a knife. people nearby held "stop." i thought this was an invadeer trying to destroy our city. >> reporter: 51 years after he helped capture mccain, he laments the death of the u.s.
2:45 am
pilot. >> translator: i'm sad, i never got to meet him again. >> reporter: mccain came back to vietnam and did good things here. after his capture, mccain was brought here to prison, better known by the nickname hanoi hilton. it's a museum now. but during the war, mccain spent much of his five-and-a-half year experience as a prisoner within this building's walls, enduring torture, which he describes in his memoirs. >> one guard would hold me, while the othersed away. ocasually when i'd fall to the floor, they'd kick me in the head. they cracked self of my ribs and broke a couple teeth. >> reporter: the former warden of the prison first met mccain in 1967. he was. >> translator: he was a tough and strong man. he was loyal to his ideology. >> reporter: he denies u.s. prisoners were tortured here.
2:46 am
>> translator: mccain told a lie in his book. >> reporter: i think it's absolutely clear and indisputable the torture many of our veterans suffered. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to vietnam opened the embassy to the public allowing well wishers to sign a book of condolences. >> a great patriot a great warrior who fought and suffered here for years, then bams senator a statesman, i would argue a peace maker. he was one of the leaders in the united states again who brought our countries back together. >> reporter: in the decades after he was released, mccain visited vietnam 20 times. >> oh, i put the vietnam war behind me a long time ago. i harbor no anger nor rancor. i'm a better man for my experience and i'm grateful for having an opportunity to serve him. >> reporter: in another hanoi lake lies the wreckage of a downed u.s. b-52 bomber.
2:47 am
it's a testament to the extraordinary legacy of john mccain, that the vietnamese now admire and mourn a man who was once sent to bomb their cities. ivan watson, cnn, hanoi. >> ivan, thaufk. and the loss of another great, the queen of soul, aretha franklin was remembered friday in a celebration that remembered her friends and family, foley e fellow performers and even a u.s. president. >> okay. so i've figured out, i think that the secret of her greatness was she took this massive talent and perfect culture that raised her and decided to be the composer of her own life song. >> remembering the life the legacy, that voice that powerful voice that can never be replaced. stay with us. new listerine® sensitivity
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2:52 am
electronics. you can see it took store employees by surprise there. police say the robbery is similar to other thefts. no comment from the apple. it says it can't comment on matters related to security. but the video certainly tells a story there. scientists studying jupiter may have found one of the building blocks of life as we know it. they have been using special telescopes to peer into clouds, specifically into that whirling storms called the great red spot on jupiter. they found an abundance of hydrogen and water molecules, meaning water could exist there. jupiter is the biggest planet, but how the gas giant formed is largely a mystery. it is a funeral fit for a queen, family, friends, admirers of the late aretha franklin came together in her hometown in detroit friday. celebrating the life the legacy, of course the music the hour's long funeral included tributes,
2:53 am
songs, remembrances from political leaders and celebrities. cnn's randi kaye has a look back at the life of this music legends. >> aretha franklin. ♪ ♪ don't play that song for me >> reporter: long before she became the queen of soul, shelves born aretha louise franklin in memphis, tennessee. her mother was a gospel singer and pianist. her father a pastor. he raised aretha in detroit after her parents split up. ♪ hey, baby >> reporter: aretha franklin demanded respect from an early age. she taught herself to play piano
2:54 am
before age 10. her first performances were at her father's church. >> my dad encouraged me to sing. i really didn't want to sing in front of a lot of people. he kept pushing me out there, examine, i want you to sing now, c'mon. and, okay, all right, dad. and they would put a box leak this box right here, small box behind the pulpit and i would stand on that box and sing. >> reporter: by age 12, she was touring with her father whose sermons reportedly earned him a reputation as a man with the golden voice a trait he seems to have passed on to hells daughter. ♪ and here i am ♪ my rare old child >> reporter: in 1964, aretha made one of her first television appearan appearances on the steve allen show. still a new is comer, she performed the song "it won't be long." it was her song "respect,"
2:55 am
though an otis song that catapulted her into stardom ♪ re-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪ >> reporter: its surged to number one and earned her best solo r & b performance. for women it became an anthem. it changed history when the civil rights movement adopted it as their mantra ♪ change, change, change >> reporter: aretha was barely in her 20s when the world recognized her as the queen of soul. shelves just getting started. her recording career would go half a century and far beyond soul music. her roots were in gospel.
2:56 am
but aretha filled audiences with jazz, opera and r & b ♪ you're no good >> reporter: her songs were personal, with not so hidden messages about pain and loss. also, senseuality and sexuality ♪ yeah >> reporter: her song "think" written near the end of her first major, was a rallying cry for women fed up with lousy men. ♪ ever in my heart ♪ oh >> reporter: aretha won 18 grammy awards, including best female r & b performance for eight years in a row. at the peak of her career in the '60s and '70s, she had more than two dozen top 40 hits. in 1987, aretha was the first woman inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame ♪ i feel like a natural woman
2:57 am
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♪ we gather here today to honor an american patriot, served a cause greater than himself. >> this is one of the bravest souls our nation has ever produced. >> john mccain, i think, really represented the best in our country. >> didn't always agree with him politically, but i respect the man. there was nobody who was as heroic as he was. >> hwo


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