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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  September 2, 2018 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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my father was a great man, he was a great warrior, he was a great american. >> this is gnu day weekend with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> we're always so grateful to have you here. thank you for being with us. senator john mccain is laid to rest in indianapolis. this is going to be a private funeral, very private farewell for the man who lived so much his life in the public eye. >> on saturday, more than a thousand mourners crowded into the cathedral for the memorial service. the funeral seemingly built to show a unified plool political message but excluding the current leader of the country. here's cnn's jeff zeleny. >> reporter: washington paid tribute and bid farewell to john mccain, an american patriot and politician. at the washington national
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cathedral, a living tableau of history air who's who of leaders from all stripes assembling to say good-bye to a war hero and veteran. his daughter spoke passionately about her father with a poignant and pointed message. >> we gather here to mourn the passing of american greatness. the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly. nor the privilege.
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>> at various points throughout his long career he had policies and practices that he believed were unworthy of his country. to the fafs those in authority, john mccain would insist we are better than this. america is better than this. >> but the personal tributes came with a sharp critique of today's tribal politics. >> trafficking and insult and phony controversies and it's the politics that pretends to be brave and tough but, in fact, is born fear. john called on us to be bigger than that.
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he called us on to be better than that. >> while president trump's name was never spoken his absence was an unmistakable under current. mccain made it clear he didn't want him there. it goes back to 2016 campaign when mccain insulted the military service saying real american heroes aren't shot down but the president's advisers were on hand. >> our thanks to jeff zell knee f the funeral, the president spent the day at his golf course in virginia and he was also tweeting. >> sarah westwood is with us now from washington. some of what we saw these failed swipes during mccain's funeral, the president noticed them. >> that's right, but the white house is so far not answering
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whether president trump watched the funeral and whether last night when he tweeted the simple line make america great again he was respond to go that veiled criticism from many leaders that we saw at senator john mccain's funeral. there was a poignant moment during meghan mccain saying america doesn't need to be made great again because america that always been great again. this has been a difficult week for the white house. given president trump's past criticism of mccain we have learned sources telling cnn that there was a statement drafted for trump to release on the eve of mccain's death that trump decided to opt for a brief and sort of perfunctory tweet on the night of mccain's death. a dustup and confusion whether the flag should be flying at half-staff throughout the week. the white house brought it down when trump failed to make a proclamation and raised it
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during criticism. despite much of the fact that washington was gathered in senator mccain's memory. yesterday, at the golf course, that was trump's 192nd day at a trump property and his 153rd day on the golf course of his 495-day-old pressy. he spent a third of his presidency on the golf course and he chose to golf on the day of mccain's funeral and yet to see if trump will respond to the rest of the criticism and we know trump is not usually one who takes criticism without hitting back. >> sarah westwood, thank you. let's pick up where sarah left off with cnn political analyst, julian zeleny and siraj hasmi. good morning to both of you. does the president let this go? we know the president keeps
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grudges. we saw how the president treated senator mccain after the announcement that he would not continue with treatment, then after his death. we saw some tweeting on the day of his funeral. does the president continue this feud posthumously? >> victor, i can't say with utmost certainty -- >> would it benefit him or his supporters? >> that's tough to say right now, because i don't know if this is the hill, so to speak, he should die on. i think going after mccain po posthumously will do him any favors. president trump, who is known for his -- he just happens to have a way of going after people that punching down in a way that he doesn't really need to go after. the guy is so unpredictable that i can't see him not let it go but, at the same time, i can't see him risk such a bold move of going after the mccain's.
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>> let me come to you, julian, here, with the question of his supporters and some of the things that we saw from them online yesterday. let's go to -- this is a cnn legal and political commentator who tweeted this during the funeral about meghan mccain eulogizing of her father and he tweeted here. how does this motivate the party or the part of the party that they want to get rift out? >> i don't think it motivates a lot of the party they need revved up. if you're really looking at politic and suburban voters who are thinking who to vote for in november, having the president and his most ardent supporters tweet this during a memorial service, it's hard to believe this has any benefit. this is not sal u torey to our
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democracy and our party. maybe his most loyal supporters see even a memorial service and a funeral as a fight but there is limits to the appeal of that. >> julian, let me stay with you and you wrote this new op-ed for we will put a portion up on the screen. for younger americans whose first memory of the white house is president donald trump the remarks of two former presidents offered an important moment that allows us to imagine the kind of decorum and ethos that is possible when the commander in chief -- talk about the commentaries on president trump. >> they both gave moving speeches both about senator mccain and the kind of politics that he represented, not conservative or liberal, but a respect for government institutions and a love of both
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the presidency and congress. and it was fair for both of these former presidents to say something because that was how you commemorate what senator mccain stood for. so i think there was -- those were the appropriate comments and the way in which they package them represented what presidents can do in moments of grief. it was about remembering him and about remembering what is valuable and great of our institutions. >> let's listen to a portion of the eulogy from president obama. >> so much of our politics, our public life, our public discourse, can seem small and mean and petty. trafficking and bombast and insult and phony controversies and manufactured outrage.
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it's the politics that pretends to be brave and tough but, in fact, is born fear. >> we are about 64 days out now from the midterms. siraj, sort of endorsing a group of democratic candidates, we haven't really seen the playbook for president obama. would this or is there any evidence that based on what we know about the would be an effective strategy for the former president? >> victor, i think there is a way for president obama to be flujs influential in the 2018 elections without showing his face. i think democratic socialists running under the bernie sanders wing to reinvigorate them to get no poll position to win a lot of these races. i know andrew gillum in florida has a good chance of beating ron de santos for the governorship
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and he is doing it truly by doing a lot of the things that barack obama did and that is reinvigorating a lot of those young people and dropping in on communities, town halls no matter how big. but i just want to say one thing about this mccain funeral. i think there is a way for trump to spin this in a way that works out in his favor and that is really with respect to the washington elite. because we looked at who the power players that were at the funeral, trump was not there. there was a way for him -- i think a way for him to not go after the mccain's but, at the sme time make a subtle swipe saying since he is not part of the washington establishment, you know, this is a way to reinvigorate his base by saying, look, they still don't accept us as being a part of the society, as part of this washington culture and i think there is way that he can, you know, get his baseboard, at the same time make it about himself. i do want to just say one more thing. >> quickly. >> i know john mccain is a
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defined human being. i respect his honor and decentsy, but, you know, i would have like to have seen the president there and have everyone say that to his face. >> hum. all right. siraj hasmi, julian zeleny, thank you. >> thank you. >> "state of the union" with jake tapper today at 9:00 a.m. eastern and will be joined by senators lipe s lindsey graham lieberman. according to "the new york times" between 2014 and 2016 they worked to a russian businessman. others were involved in that effort. the times report that investigators were hoping for information from him from organized crime and dough lucoln the campaign but they said their theories were preposterous.
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>> pope francis may not be telling the truth about his whole meeting with a clerk who signed same sex security. policy say stabbing suspect had terrorist motivate. we will tell you what we learned this morning. we talk about the ground breaking role played by ruth ginsburg. it bays tomorrow night monday at 9:00 p.m. on cnn. >> in trying times we may be, but think how it was in those days. the judges didn't think sex discrimination existed. >> ruth knew what she was doing in laying the foundation. >> to put her with men on the same plane as men. >> the goal was equality and civil rights. >> ruth bader ginsburg quite
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the suspect in a knife attack on two u.s. citizens as an amsterdam train station is expected to appear in court tuesday. authorities in netherlands said the man had a terrorist motive but it doesn't appear the victims were allegedly targeted. they were seriously injured but not in critical condition. police say the 19-year-old man, they shot him after the attack. he is still in the hospital.
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a catholic arch bishop who accuses pope francis of covering up sexual misconduct. joining me now is cnn senior vatican analyst john allen. john, i think what is of interest of people is the clerk court they are referring to is kim davis. this meeting back in 2015 she had with the pope she is the kentucky clerk who refused to sign same-sex marriage certificate. walk us through what this means. >> reporter: well, happy sunday to you, christi. you're right. this italian arch bishop who is the pope's ambassador in the united states from 2011 to 2016, one week ago, accused the pope of ignoring warnings about sexual misconduct against former cardinal theodore mccarrick. now he is saying the pope and his aides light lied about what
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happened and held a private meal meeting with kim davis, the kentucky county clerk. that meeting was not made public until francis was back in rome and once it was that came from davis and her lawyer. there was a scramble on in the american press to figure out how that happened. basically, the pope's aides suggested there was his doing and they didn't know who this was. viagno is saying he supplied the pope with a one page memo who davis was and why he should meet with her and gave the same briefing to two of the pope's top aides. his point is they were fully informed. i suspect when and if the vatican ever comments about this what they are likely to saying, it may be true that vigano passed on a memo to the pope but they were relying on him to provide the context how was this
3:22 am
going to be seen in the united states and probably suggest he dropped the ball on that a bit. >> real quickly. vinago, any chance he wants retribution with there? there is back and forth between he and the vatican. >> yeah. listen. there are a lot of people here who are suggesting that vigano is acting out of sour grapes. apparently, there was some suggestion that he wanted to become a cardinal after his service in the united states and that never happened. also, he may be settling scores with old rivals within the vatican. now, of course, what that does not do is subtle the factual question at the heart of his original assertion, which was that pope francis was aware of the concerns about mccarrick in 2013 and ignored them. the american bishops in a matter of days will be here in rome to present a plan for getting to the bottom of who knew what, when, about mccarrick and i'm
3:23 am
sure that that question is still going to figure in that probe. >> john allen, always appreciate having you here. happy sunday to you as well, sir. thank you. she became the second female supreme court justice but in a new cnn film, you'll see why ruth bader ginsburg was the first to champion gender equality and how that has inspired other women. >> i wish we had nine justices like ruth bader ginsburg who is such a shero to all of us.
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(grunting) today is your day. crush it. angie's boom chicka pop whole grain popcorn. boom! rgb, a film about the life and work of justice ruth bader ginsburg and premieres tomorrow night on cnn. during this ground breaking legal career, i spoke to victims rights attorney gloria allred about ginsburg's impact on the fight for jirngender equality. listen. >> reporter:. >> i think she is the most important justice on the supreme court we have ever and she only the second woman to ever be a justice of the united states supreme court but she is so important because she has been a consistent voice for gender equality, for saying that laws passed by states that discriminate against women
3:29 am
solely on account of their gender and sex violates the united states constitution. she says she is not asking for special favors for women. what she is asking for is simply equal protection and equal treatment and fairness for women under the law. >> do you feel at all that strangulation that she referred to when she said, "take your feet off our necks"? >> absolutely. and what she is saying is to the other justices -- and she is also suggested to congress and to the people -- that laws which restrict women, for example, in the abortion case, she decided from texas, laws which restrict abortion services to women, unduly burden a woman's right to choose abortion, and, yes, that is something that is meaning the
3:30 am
government is putting its foot on our neck, on our shoulders, holding us down, subordinating us, denying us fairness and equal rights under the law. so i don't think anyone could have said it better than she did. >> i know that you've got as many, many, people do, this concern regarding potential overturning of roe versus wade. >> yes. >> help us understand why that is so personal for you. >> it is very personal for me and i am concerned about the upcoming hearings by the senate judiciary committee where they are going to seek to confirm judge kavanaugh as the next justice of the united states supreme court. i, myself, am a person who, prior to the 1973 united states supreme court decision, roe v wade, which struck down state laws that criminalized abortion, i had to have an abortion when
3:31 am
it was illegal for a doctor to provide it, although it was not illegal for a woman to have it. and what that meant was i, like millions of women, had to go to someone who did a back alley abortion, who was not a licensed health care provider, and that meant that i had to have an abortion. i was left hemorrhaging in a bathtub. i had 106-degree fever. hi to go to the hospital in an ambulance and i had to be packed in ice and i almost died. and this is why it's so important that we have legal and safe affordable available abortions and not illegal unsafe abortions, because those who would say we are against the right to choose abortion are not going to be able to ban abortion. they are just going to force young women, poor women, rural women to go to back alley
3:32 am
abortionists and risk their lives and perhaps be maimed or die like millions of women did before roe v wade in 123973. the notorious rbg that is portrayed in this documentary film, she deserves her reputation for being a voice for women, for being strong, for being consistent, for being this advocate. the take no prisoner, she will say exactly what she thinks and she is going to stand up for women. after all, we are the majority of the american people. aur daughters deserve equal pay, deserve equal rights, and deserve not to be denied our rights under the united states constitution and ruth is a hero to us because justice ginsburg will always be consistent and stand up for us. >> watch "rbg," a cnn film
3:33 am
tomorrow a 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. a couple of days before judge brett kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation hearings are scheduled to start. they are holding back 100,000 pages of documents related to his time as a lawyer in the george w. bush administration. senate minority leader chuck schumer had this tweet. let's bring in cnn legal analyst joey jackson now. joey, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> also in that tweet from the senate minority leader leader, he says that this is unprecedented and he says that this is, you know, trying to potentially hide something. so from your perspective, is this unprecedented? and does the white house, does the justice department have a legitimate claim for privilege over these documents? >> well, in answer to that question, victor, there is really two ways to answer it. one is politically and the other
3:34 am
is legally. from a political perspective, let's start there first. we, right? deserve transparency. who is we? the america people. the fact if someone is sitting or looking to be seated on the supreme court, that makes so many decisions, the last interview, you know, regarding abortion, that is a huge issue. so many other issues concerning immigrations and voting rights. you name it. that is supreme court that decides it. from a political imperative should not the american people through the questioning of the senate know everything that there is to know about the nominee who could potentially be seated on that court? and when you're hiding, you could make argument that a hundred,000 pages would than argued hiding. in my business of law when information is not produced it min means you are not producing it because there is something to hide and if there is something amiss, it's problematic so that is the political response. now to the legal response. there are privileges that do
3:35 am
protect documents. i think the issue here is not only with the legal question of whether thor not these document are privileged but process. we are talking about his time, the nominee's time, kavanaugh, in the white house, right? his time as the white house counsel. serm the certainly attorney general clients privileges or executive privilege. there is deliberation and deliver of process. we could talk about privileges all day and all night. the reason you have these privileges is to protect the sensitivity of the information but also the candidness of the advice that the attorney provides to you. in essence and in summary, these privileges are legitimate privileges. the issue is whether they are applicable to the 100,000 pages. when you have the white house making that decision in scheduletation with the justice department it controls, it smacks of something being hidden from the american people and that is the problem with the
3:36 am
process. >> of course, the democrats say this is following along party lines because even the most moderate republicans are saying we heard from susan collins that she says there is no need to see all of those documents if the democrats have any recourse. we don't have time to answer that now. but, joey, stay with us. we want to reserve some time for other legal questions of the say so stay with us. >> absolutely. also, college football. it's back! we saw plenty of drama on the first big saturday. andy scholes? >> we certainly did. it was a great first saturday of college football. coming up, i'll show you some of the best moments, including maryland paying tribute to their fallen teammate. ♪ let your perfect drive come together
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college football is back, people. you know what this is? it's fall. i don't care if it doesn't happen for another 20 some days. it is fall! >> i'm so excited about fall. not so much about college football. andy scholes is though. >> september 1st, my wife starts decorating for halloween. >> when? >> the 1st. she is like you. she is all in. >> great to have college football back, guys. maryland's football team has been through a lot the last few months. the team under investigation after offensive lineman mcnair died after a practice during the summer. mcnair's teammates doing what they could to honor him during their opener against texas. they carried a flag with his number on it and his jersey on the field for the game. first play of the game the offense went out on wenel tonlyn and left a shot where mcnair would be. they got a penalty and texas denied. they were two touchdown
3:42 am
underdogs and able to pull off the upset a big upset beating texas 34-29. afterwards, the interim coach dedicated that win to mcnair. we almost saw a massive upset. 11 years ago, appalachian state beat michigan. arguably the biggest upset in college football history. penn state gets the lead in overtime over appalachian state. appalachian state would have a chance to tie it but they would end up throwing an interception, so penn state escapes that game with a win 45-38. u.s. open action yesterday. called the final shot of roger federer's career. he somehow gets to this ball and wraps it around the post! watch his face after that. it is priceless. he couldn't believe that federer got to that ball and did you know? the ball doesn't have to go over the net for it to count. >> really? >> you can wrap it around the
3:43 am
post. it rarely happens. federer said after the win it was one of the most unique shots of his career. iowa is continuing to be usa tradition in all of college football. after the first quarter, everyone in the stands, players, everyone turn and wave to the kids watching from the university of iowa. the children's hospital overlooks the stadium. the hospital opened last year and a special section on the top floor where all of the patients that are staying there can go and watch the game with their families and it's so touching how everyone takes time after the first quarter and acknowledges those kids that are up there watching. >> fantastic! >> pretty darn incredible. >> oh, wow. >> thank you for wrapping that up. awesome. >> have a great day. there a new nfl season that begins this week. next, as owners threaten to face off against players over the national anthem protest, a look at how colin kaepernick's league against the case could play out as this season continues. pods th gronk.
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47 minutes after the hour now. as the nfl regular season starts this week, former quarterback colin kaepernick will not be on the field but he is not going away either. his legal battle against the nfl continues along with the kneeling protest that he sparked. and now he is getting praise from tennis champ serena williams and greeted hem at the u.s. open this week and here is what she said after ming with former player eric reed. >> i think every athlete, every human, and definitely every african-american, should be completely grateful for and honored how colin and eric are doing so much for the greater good, so to say. >> joining me now from washington is cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney joey jackson. it looks like you're in new york. that is columbus circle around
3:49 am
you, isn't it? >> it is. >> you're in new york. let's talk about the big headline from the kaepernick story and what that means for us moving forward. there was this decision not to dismiss the case as the nfl wanted. does that simply mean that there is enough here to say that the allegation is not privilege list -- frivolous or is there more to move it on from this hearing? >> i think, first, say a huge win for kaepernick. why? because what the nfl tried to do is dismiss the claim and to your point, you know, use an indication of, hey, this frivol and has no merit all and no issue to discuss and get it out of the way and dismiss it. the arbitrator said there is a fact to be issued and that is issue was there collusion between the nfl or any nfl teams to exclude him from the league and that moves the matter to trial and i guess we will get at the heart of the matter to answer that question as to
3:50 am
whether there is merit to that or not. so to be clear, the arbitrator did not answer the question of collusion, just answered the underlying fact that there could be and there is enough evidence at this point to have a trial to make that determination. >> what is the hurdle to prove collusion? >> i think what happens is what you need to do is you have to establish that either the nfl, right, as an entity and at least one team or not the nfl but the teams absent the nfl decided let's keep him out. he is bad for revenue. the president has weighed in on whether or not this is un-american. the nfl players are saying, are you kidding me some what is more american than expressing your freedoms which is what people fought and die for. so if you can establish, right, that just the nfl or one team or absent the nfl one or more teams or two teams did this, then i think you have at least a claim to say you know what? he is now not based on his athletic ability but based on the fact he is protesting and really going against the grain in terms of saying you know what? stop shooting and killing
3:51 am
african-americans. this is about, you know, the fact that there is too much discrimination and too many things happening to people of color. so we will see moving forward whether or not his hearing actually he prevails. >> joey, give me is a seconds if you can if it behooves either side to settle this before it get to the hearing? >> get to the heart of the matter. i think that could happen because what happens in a hearing, a lot of stuff would come out and that is, you know, people testifying and when they testify, issues leak and a number of other things leak and it could very well be bad for the nfl. so they want to get this thing resolved. >> joey jackson, always good to have your insight. >> thanks very much, victor. angel is just 15 and she just swam more than 20 miles across lake tahoe. 15 hours and she is not finished. a deliberate intention here and we will talk about it next. stay close. of the year' on thew sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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i want to introduce you to this woman right here. 15-year-old angel more who swam across lake tahoe more than 20 miles and finished after midnight after 15 hours of swimming. it may have been surprising for those who know her well. this is someone who climbed kilimanjaro. she was 10 when she did that! and she is with us now because she is taking on yet another challenge. the youngest person by the way, to clench what is called the california triple crown of marathon swimming. 21 miles lake tahoe and 12 miles across santa barbara channel and across another channel. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you are an hour and a half away from jumping in the water again? >> yeah. i'm going to aquatic park in frond of ghiladarri square.
3:57 am
>> you do these swimming at night many times and you're swimming through shark infested waters. what is the motivation for these night swims? >> well, my swims generally get a lot of attention and so i wanted to move the attention to something more important, which was children in poverty. so children international is the perfect platform for giving children around the world the chance to escape poverty. and so because of that, i always get motivated to go and go swim because i know that i'm helping a cause bigger than myself. >> right. she is talking about children international. this is personal for you because your family supports some of these kids as well, right? >> yeah. so we currently sponsor six children across the world and we actually met two of them from guatemala and when i met them, it was such an emotional experience because i see how
3:58 am
much children international gives them so that they can do what they dream to do. >> i think some people are wondering, as we look at some of these pictures, you know, the night pictures. what are you putting on your skin that we see the white on your skin? >> right. that is destine. it's baby diaper rash cream and it's super thick and stays on really well in the water and it protects me from the sun and also protects me from the water itself, if the water is not good so that way my skin can stay normal. >> lake tahoe is freezing, is it not? what was that like for 15 hours? >> well, yeah. lake tahoe is a lot warmer than san francisco bay. and because of that, i didn't get cold throughout the whole swim, which is very nice because typically i do get cold at some points but lake tahoe was a great experience and i had a great time. >> now the swim you're making this morning, i understand it, you have to cross shipping
3:59 am
channels. you have to go against currents and i read that there are times that you're swimming for hours in a current just trying to get out of it. help us understand your mindset and how do you push through that? >> yeah. so that is definitely really hard. for example, in catalina, i was against the current for two hours and i could see the shore. so it's really hard because you know you're not getting anywhere even though you're putting so much effort, but what i do, i just think to myself that i know that i can do it and i know that after a few hours, that i will be past the current and just remembering that i've trained for this swim and i know -- knowing that i can do it, i'm able to push through it. >> what is the difference, say, between, you know, of course the difference in hours, but when you're talking about a 15-hour swim to a 20-plus hour swim? well, i've never swam over 20 hours. once get past eight hours, i never really remember the time past eight hours.
4:00 am
it's kind of just a mix for me. but i know that the difference between five hours and 15 hour swim is that by the 15th hour, i'm -- i feel like i'm a fish and that when i get out of the water, a lot of my family says i look like a seal. so i think once i'm at the 15 hour, i just become a water animal. >> angel, congratulations. we are pulling for you again this morning. you're doing some pretty incredible things for children international. thank you for tag the time. >> thank you. >> take good care. we gather here today to honor an american patriot and served a cause greater than himself. >> this is one of the bravest souls our nation has ever produced. >> john mccain, i think, really represented the best for our country. >> didn't always agree with him politically but i respect the man. there was nobody as heroic as he was. >> he would fight tooth and nail for his vision of the common
4:01 am


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