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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  September 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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if confirmed the highest court of the land could be conservative well into the 2040s. you can expect a lot of questions on abortion. you will likely hear democrats grill kavanagh on other issues like does robert mueller have the power to subpoena president trump in the russia probe. and can a sitting president be indicted. let's bring in boris sanchez at the white house. this hearing starts tuesday. there is already a fight over kavanagh's records. what is going on? >> an attorney charged with determining how to process more than 660,000 pages worth of documents from brett kavanagh's time as a staff secretary for president george w. bush determined that about 100,000 pages worth of documents should not be released to the general public. he cited constitutional privilege. there is another 148,000 pages that lawmakers can see but the general public cannot.
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lawmakers can't describe the contents of the pages to the people of the united states. we should point out democrats are not happy about this. senate minority leader chuck schumer calling this letter from the attorney that determined what to do with the papers to senate jiudiciary calling it a friday night document massacre. the white house is pushing back against what democrats are saying. i did want to point out two polls that indicate where public support for brett kavanagh stands. here is the first question whether they support the appointment of kavanagh to the supreme court. you can see in this poll the majority of people are actually not in favor of his nomination to the supreme court. 22% have no opinion. 37% do favor his nomination. this is a cnn poll. this second poll, a bit more enlightening on where he stands compared to other potential
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supreme court picks. only one nominee lower than kavanagh. 58 of 100 senators voted against bork's confirmation. he had a stated preference to roll back some civil rights landmark decisions made. another that may hurt democrats is garland's name is on there. likely republicans are happy to see that considering that when he was nominated by president obama republicans in congress refused to take up his nomination. ultimately it was neil gorsuch who took the seat of antonin scalia who passed away. they changed the way judges were confirmed, republicans likely
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relishing that, as well. >> boris sanchez at the white house, thank you. >> let's dig into the poll numbers with our guests, former u.s. attorney and former deputy attorney general harry litman and kelly jane torrance. guys, the polls for neil gorsuch showed he had 29%. why do you think kavanagh's support at just 37% is so low? >> i think it actually reflects the overall support for the president which is low and falling. of course, they haven't heard from kavanagh yet. it is, of course, exquisitely close in the senate, as well, but if 51 republicans who overall, by the way, represent only about 40% of the population wind up voting for him as seems to be the indication for now,
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that will be enough. i think not having met him basically reflects more about trump and the administration than kavanagh himself. >> what is your take? >> i hope it does. look at the numbers. you have harriet miers higher than brett kavanagh. when george w. bush nominated miers were up in arms because they thought she wasn't qualified. i'm surprised to see brett kavanagh's number below. you have democrats who actually said that any nominee that donald trump put forward they would oppose that nominee because they don't think that donald trump should be able to nominate someone for the supreme court while this special counsel investigation is going on. that doesn't speak to brett kavanagh's qualifications, thoughtfulness, any of that. that is simply about the president. >> what do you think will be the
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most contentious issue? >> there will be a couple. row v wade is always a big issue. in this one you will hear a lot about executive privilege and power. this is something they will have to ask brett kavanagh about. we are not sure what he thinks because he has changed his mind a few times. at one point he made comments that he thought that the nixon decision that forced nixon to hand over some white house tapes might have been decided wrongly. years later he wrote a law review article saying he changed his mind. he was working with ken star when he was special counsel investigating bill clinton and had pretty tough things to say about bill clinton and then wrote a law review article saying he thinks it is a distraction from the work the president has to do to face civil suits and criminal investigations. he has a mixed record. it is interesting because people sort of assume that once someone says something that is what they
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believe for decades to come. i think they will have to really ask probing questions and find out where he stands on these issues. because of the robert mueller investigation everyone wants to know what he thinks about this. >> i want to put up some of his own words over the years on the issue of presidential subpoena as well as indictments. both of these issues will come up. in 1995 he argued that a president would have to testify before a grand jury if subpoenaed quoting the president is not above the law. the issue of indictment, in 1998 he said an indictment should not be pursued when the president is in office. in 2009 he wrote in an article for the minnesota law review that the indictment and trial of a sitting president would cripple the federal government. harry, do you think he needs to clarify where he stands on those issues? >> they will try to ask him to clarify and everything said.
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before any of that comes to the floor you just mentioned two really important memos he wrote in the '90s. you are going to see a major storm starting on tuesday, democrats complaining that to date they have gotten less than ten percent of the memos that he produced during that time and zero from when he was staff secretary which he called the most important influential time for him. they are going to protest bitterly that they can't go forward without him. not clear what they will be able to do about it. that will be the immediate sort of storm cloud that will fall over the hearings come tuesday. >> i want to talk more about the special counsel investigation. while the nation was mourning the passing of senator john mccain this weekend the president was airing grievanceps on twitter about the d.o.j. and fbi as new polling shows support
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for mueller's investigation has climbed to 63%. does that indicate the president's attempts to discredit his probe aren't working? >> that is a good question. it is interesting that polling has moved so much both up and down. the it is interesting how the shifts can happen so quickly. part of the reason we saw the public not liking it was when rudy giuliani was front and center and going on his pr tour and doing the best he could to discredit the credibility of robert mueller and his team. i wonder if rudy giuliani has been a little quieter if that is something to do with it. you have the fact that paul manafort was found guilty and michael cohen pleaded guilty. that sort of makes it look like he has some wins now. we can see that his investigation has actually resulted in wins.
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of course, president said it has nothing to do with his campaign. robert mueller, his brief, he was told to investigate anything having to do with the trump campaign in russia. >> there were four federal judges who have confirmed the legitimacy of robert mueller's appointment and his powers that he has. rudy giuliani had given mueller an unofficial timeline. he said mueller needed to file his report, come to his conclusions by labor day, tomorrow, in order to not interfere with d.o.j. policy. does it look like mueller is ready to wrap things up? >> yeah. he had done that. i agree with kelly that rudy giuliani has not been a very effective advocate for trump. he had proffered this deadline. he is totally wrong. that is not the d.o.j. policy at all and not even a guideline. i think it doesn't look as
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though he will wrap it up. i think it back fires because it means over the next couple of months that the cries of wrap it up will be much harder for giuliani and trump to make. when that period is over, of course, the house either will or will have not flipped. that will really effect the probe in one way or another. the main point, giuliani's claim it was all wet from the start and was just his attempt to try to influence the public. >> thank you both for being with us. >> thanks. have a great night. legal limbo on the texas/mexico border. the stuping report thnning repo growing number of american citizens are being denied pass ports and being thrown into detention centers.
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anchlths c reports that a growing number of hispanic americans in texas are being denied pass ports, held in detention centers and could face deportation. that is despite the fact that they have birth certificates showing they were born in the united states. >> reporter: this is no doubt stunning but also it is something that evidently is not all that new. according to the "washington post" it is happening more frequently with the crack down being on those who were delivered by midwest between 1950s sand 1990s. the impact is on hundreds if not thousands of americans. american citizens are being denied u.s. pass ports and their nationality is being questioned. the "washington post" reports those denied are often latino
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living heerg along the bord-- h border. according to the post, the trump administration is accusing hundreds and possibly thousands of hispanics along the border of using fraudulent birth certificates since they were babies and is undertaking a widespread crack down. scrutiny began during the george w. bush administration and continued through the early days of barack obama's presidency. the state department is not providing current data of the denials so cnn cannot independently verify they have surged under president trump. several immigration attorneys in south texas paint the picture that it has. one attorney told us he has dozens of such cases in court now. carlos garcia says he has noticed a particular pattern under the trump administration. >> there is no doubt that the latino community is under attack and the tactics that the
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government is using throughout their different agencies are a direct attack on members of our community. >> reporter: the government says that their suspicion stems from people born with the help of mid wives. some allegedly provided u.s. birth certificates to babies born in mexico outside of paperwork heavy hospitals. mid wives are a common option for families unable to afford the labor ward. >> it is really difficult to try to prove. i'm american. i have my papers. i have voted. >> arthur who requested anonymity told cnn he has had his passport renewal request denied twice, once during the obama administration and again this year. he said he was asked more specific questions this time around. >> they don't trust that you are a citizen.
5:18 pm
>> reporter: the state department tells cnn there has been no change in policy adding the border region is an area of the country where there has been a significant incident of fraud. the department provided no concrete evidence to support this claim. >> i have had people walk into my office wear ing a military uniform basically in tears telling me that a superior has indicated that perhaps they aren't united states citizens. it is definitely present. >> now many who bear the burden of proving their birth place are in limbo. >> some of those who are in legal limbo include americans who have lived in this country their entire life. in some instances it is those who served in the u.s. military. the "washington post" talks about a person was a border
5:19 pm
patrol agent. one caveat is that this is at a time where the president is lobbying for stricter voting rights laws. >> thank you. i want to continue this conversation now with michael wild. he is an immigration attorney and author of this book. so good to have you with us. i'm glad to get your expertise and perspective on all things immigrati immigration. there is a lot going on. what we heard is that the passport denials have happened under past administrations. it is complicated. it's nuanced. is what is happening illegal? >> from 1960 to 2008 there were 75 mid wives that were found to have committed fraud. in 2009 the aclu settled a lawsuit because they began to do
5:20 pm
this under prior administrations. is it illegal for the government to ferret out fraud? no. it has a policy interest in making sure that if there is fraud that they mark it down. but there is certainly an escalation now at the border on those that are more vulnerable. this is an unprecedented power grip compounded with the building of the wall, the muslim ban, the children being stopped at the border, clients of ours being arrested in green card interviews and the denaturalization unit that the president is putting forward. all of these are all legal, but they're murky areas where they are intimidating citizens. here they are citizens. they are officers that are coming back and forth. mid wives now have to be corroborated with family bibles, prenatal records and neonatal or
5:21 pm
medical records if you want to g get -- now they are refusing to give them again. i think it is an unnecessary prosecution. if it is going to be prosecuted it has to be done criminally. they cannot put individuals like this in detention centers which has been reported. these are citizens. >> the d.o.j. in their statement when we reached out tathem about what was going on, they say the u.s./mexico border region happens to be an area of the country where there has been significant incidents of citizen fraud. they pointed out applicants with a u.s. birth certificate and a mexican birth certificate. they say it is on the applicant to prove where they were born. >> if you live at the border you have reason often to travel to mexico and the united states. the united states is never
5:22 pm
offended with a dual national. you have to prove something that you have absolutely no memory of. you have to now substantiate something that people could take for granted. look, with technology at the foot, i ask you when it came to the children who were being stopped at the border seeking safe haven and now this debate, why aren't we using technology? it's so easy to put in positions in technology to make sure you can corroborate this. every iphone has a date stamp on the photo. you can make this something that you take in your stride. it's the intimidation in this new normal where immigration is a ping-pong that is just
5:23 pm
unconscionable and unacceptable. these are american citizens whose facilitation should not be inhibited. imagine a gentleman wear ag uniform being told he is not an american citizen. >> it's good to have you with us. thank you for being here. the enemy of the people. that is what the president likes to call the media. now a man who echoed those very same words is charged with threatening to kill staffers at a major newspaper. a closer look at this case when we come back live in the cnn newsroom. do you feel about thi? ♪ surprise! 3...2...1... blastoff! ♪ buy a new queen size sealy mattress with posturepedic technology, and we'll throw in a free adjustable base. we'll take it! with up to 60% off top mattress brands and knowledgeable, hassle-free mattress professionals,
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our biggest obstacle and their greatest ally actually is the media. you can believe it. we have stories that are so big and the media doesn't pick them up. we have stories if it wasn't about a republican or conservative it would be front page of every newspaper. we have them and they don't want to write them. it is a dishonest group of people. i will tell you that. >> so that was president trump thursday night. yet just hours earlier authorities arrested a california man accused of calling the "boston globe" newspaper and threatening to kill everyone on staff. the suspect allegedly made at least 14 threatening calls often using the phrase enemy of the people. here he is after his court appearance. watch. >> there is no free press of america. america was saved when donald trump was elected president.
5:29 pm
had hillary clinton, the criminal hillary clinton, who by the way whose e-mails were just hacked by the chinese -- >> joining us now oliver darcy cnn senior media reporter. it is becoming obvious that president trump's words matter. >> a lot of people think that the audience is in on the game. they know that secretly or behind the scenes the president is very friendly to journalists. he gets in touch with them. there are a lot of people who when they hear the president these are the enemies of the peemt th people that they take it seriously. you hear it where he threatens to kill everyone on staff or when a person called "new york times" reporter and said that he was going to kill him. other journalists. i know you and me and others get threats all the time where people are saying you are the enemy of the people. wait until you are gone. karma is going to come for you.
5:30 pm
this rhetoric the president displays really does have an effect throughout america and particularly among supporters. >> the president starting a war of sorts with google alleging political bias with google. bring us up to speed. >> he is taking the exact same branding if you will that he has done with the media. he is saying that google and other technology giants like facebook and youtube and twitter are biassed against conservatives and they don't like conservatives and are trying to silence them. in the case of google he said that they didn't promote his state of the union address which is not true. they did in 2018. the president went on this twitter feed and said they didn't. i think a large amount of supporters probably think that they didn't promote his state of the union address. so there is a lot of problems here particularly the
5:31 pm
president's rhetoric. there is a conversation about technology giants and privacy and a whole assortment of stuff. i think that will be happening on the hill this week. the conversation that he had is of that. it's not these like -- they are not tethered to reality. >> they are a complete mess. >> and not true. the president is trying to direct the conversation that direction. i think it is alarming. >> you spent a lot of time recently holding twitter accountable in trying to get to the bottom of how they are holding people who are posting on that platform accountable. we spent the last week covering memorial services for senator john mccain, powerful and emotional images have been shared for a lot of those events. there was a violent photo shop image of megan mccain with a gun pointing to her head circulating on twitter. it drew heavy criticism because it took so long for twitter to remove it. what is your take here?
5:32 pm
>> i think twitter has a problem that they aren't good at policing. whether it be alex jones who was clearly violating the terms of service and said it wasn't until reporting by cnn that they were -- in these cases there are people who violate the terms of service and use it to report that this is a violation. this is threatening and harassment. twitter will come back and say that did not violate our terms of service. in this case megan mccain's husband was able to tweet it out. i think twitter took action after that. for the people who don't have that audience there is a problem. it's unclear why. they report it to twitter and twitter says they don't. it is unclear what is going on there. i think we need more answers. >> thank you so much. good to have you. an undocumented immigrant allegedly killed his daughter but the father of mollie
5:33 pm
tibbetts has a message. don't use my daughter's death to promote a racist agenda. how he is fighting back.
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the father of murdered iowa college student is telling lawmakers to stop making her death political. antiimmigrant sentiments in iowa went from bad to worse once an undocumented man from mexico was charged with tibbetts murder. now a grieving dad is joining others in a fight against the rising anti-immigrant rhetoric. he is cnn's palo sandoval.
5:39 pm
>> her father broke his silence with a message to politicians. >> you saw what happened to that incredible, beautiful young woman. it should have never happened. illegally in our country. >> reporter: when come someta somepoliticians have refused to listen he said he had to ask again. an op-ed, he renewed his plea to have his pumurdered daughter le out of the immigration debates. the statement comes as nervousness and fear grow throughout the small farming region that was mollie's home because of the suspected
5:40 pm
killer's undocumented status some members of the latino community feel threatened. this graffiti was found. a what supremacist group has been calling iowans with a message spewing hate, calling for a white america in the name of mollie tibbetts. another side of nerves in the latino community, two local festivals were postponed. one group cited tibbetts murder as the reason for the cancellation. a local latino leader is worried about the troubling climate in this part of the country. >> latinos are being threatened in social media and neighborhoods. >> a person came in from mexico illegally and killed her. we need the wall. we need our immigration laws changed. >> reporter: some conservatives remain firm in blaming current immigration laws for the fate of
5:41 pm
this promising 20 year old. her father insists mollie was nobody's victim. do not appropriate her soul in advancing views she found profoundly racist nor is she a pawn in others debate. many folks told cnn they support immigrants and recognize that they form a very crucial part in their farming economy. they do, however, support making e-verify a requirement throughout the state of iowa. you recall that is that federal system that allows employers to check out a person's eligibility for working in the united states. the investigation was revealed was not screened through e-verify. >> this just in. a republican official has apologized and resigned after she reportedly made shocking
5:42 pm
statements about kneeling nfl players including calling them baboons. we'll bring that to you next in the cnn newsroom. surprise! 3...2...1... blastoff! ♪ buy a new queen size sealy mattress with posturepedic technology, and we'll throw in a free adjustable base. we'll take it! with up to 60% off top mattress brands and knowledgeable, hassle-free mattress professionals, sears helps your family on the way to a good night's sleep. the sears labor day event. going on now!
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racist comments on facebook revealed prompting the resignation of a woman who was working for the republican party in beaver county, pennsylvania. according to the beaver county times karla malone called nfl players who kneeled during the national anthem baboons. steelers are just as mad as the rest of the overpaid baboons. you respect your flag, country
5:47 pm
and our national anthem. how many men and women have lost limbs or died to protect this country and you baboons want respect. if you want respect you need to earn it. stop watching and paying for overpriced food, water and tickets. let's see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries. joining us now mark lamont hill. joining us by phone former nfl player walter doneson. it's difficult for me to read that. i'm so offended. does any of this surprise you? what is your reaction? >> none of it surprises me. we had this conversation almost a year ago as it pertains to the president. the president has made people feel like it's okay to not only voice their opinion about this but as we see now to write their opinion in a public area. we are talking about public
5:48 pm
officials that as players we are just taken aback about all of this. our goal isn't to be disruptive by any means or anything like that. we just want to make sure that everybody understands that we are standing against police brutality. that is what it is all about. >> she was not only a g.o.p. official. she came on cnn identifying herself as a trump supporter. and i just wonder. is this what you were worried about? is this what you have been speaking about in terms of the trump administration insigcitin racial division? >> it's two things. on the one hand it is as a matter of fact what the trump administration has produced. they have normalized a culture
5:49 pm
where you can question their humanity and make nfl owners seem like they don't own teams but that they own people. the second part of it is that for many people this feels like the explicit articulation of what trump says in his tweets and in his remarks when he calls them s.o.b.s and how lucky they are to be in the nfl. all of these sort of things feel like trump unplugged. that's my speculation. the subtext of what he says and the context resonates strongly with what this woman said clearly. that is why many of us have anxiety with what the trump moment in the trump administration has produced. >> tired of these over paid ignorant blacks telling me what i should believe in, she says, and that is our flag and national anthem and america.
5:50 pm
you don't like it go to africa. see how you like it there. we are all americans. she only resigned after these posts went public. >> that is what i understand. disrespectful. disrespectful to who walked into the office and disrespectful to us as african americans and us ent period. whether black, white, whatever, that's not what we're here to do. the protests from the players' standpoint is only about police brutality. we're trying to bring the light situation turned to better and not only locally but nationally, as well. >> in her resignation letter, mark, while it does not change the fact that the words were mine and mine alone, the fact these posts were made public
5:51 pm
were the result of an on going family dispute. does that give you any empathy for her? >> no, that's someone that doesn't like her. whether they like her out of the post, that's her business. i have no empathy a racist gets outed as a racist because the person that did it might be a jerk. i'm krconcerned had a family member not outed this person, we would have somebody in office that believes and feels these things and there are numerous people whether private citizens or public officials who carry these believes that will never know have an influence in public policy and discourse and who will shape and reflect thoughts, political thoughts that go to the white house. that scares me, not that she got outed. >> mark, as the nfl season kicks off where you are in philadelphia, i wouldn't be
5:52 pm
surprised if you're there. what do you expect this season in terms of anthem protest and president trump? >> you should be surprised if i'm there. i'm boycotting the nfl this year as last year, although i didn't watch the super bowl. the eagles won the super bowl, the cowboys did not. i want to make that clear. i don't watch the nfl until colin kaepernick has a job and reid has a job, i will not watch the nfl. what i do expect and hope to read and windchill atch on cnn players protested and if they have the coverage i pray they have, all of them will be on one knee when the season starts because until kaepernick has a job and racial justice is addressed by the nfl, properly addressed, nobody should be standing up. >> marc lamont hill and walter dunson, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> appreciate the discussion.
5:53 pm
coming up, a final good-bye to an american hero. coming up, today's stunning tributes to senator john mccain as he was laid to rest after an incredible 8 1-year journey. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ but i am a simple farmer.bas! my life is here... [telephone ring] ahoy-hoy. alexander graham bell here... no, no, my number is one, you must want two! two, i say!! like my father before...
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closed captioning brought to you by a final farewell to senator john mccain, his family and close friends held a private burial service for the late senator this afternoon ending a week of public mourning and celebration of his life. his final resting place is at the u.s. naval academy in an
5:58 pm
na naval accused me near chuck larson. chuck larson's wife telling cnn chuck has his wingman back now and as mccain's family closes this chapter and the nation moves forward, let's stop for just a moment and remember his daughter meghan mccain's powerful words. >> my father is gone, my father is gone and my sorrow is immense but i know his life and i know it was great because it was good and as much as i hate to see him go, i do know how it ended. i know on the afternoon of august 25th in front of oak creek in cornville, arizona surrounded by the family he loved so much, an old man shook off the scars of battle one last time and arousse a new man to
5:59 pm
pilot one last flight up and up and up busting clouds left and right, straight on through to the kingdom of heaven and he slipped the earthly bonds put out his hand and touched the face of god. i love you, dad. >> that does it for me tonight. i'm anna cabrera. up next, it's back to back episodes of "anthony bourdain parts unknown." i want to leave you with photos of senator mccain's funeral today as he was laid to rest. ♪ ♪
6:00 pm
♪ ♪ owe oh >> robie: this place was a boomin'. you couldn't get through this town down there. but it's dead now. about eight or ten coal mines shut down at one time. >> coach: let's go! it's the same halftime speech every single week.


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