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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 8, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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dj fluffernutter, hit it! ♪ dj fluffernutter simple. easy. awesome. ask how to get $300 back when you sign up for xfinity mobile, and purchase a new samsung phone. visit your local xfinity store today. the investigation as president trump punt for the writer of that anonymous "new york times" op ed. plus new pen pals, new letter from kim jung eun as north korea gets ready to mark celebrations we are following. also ahead this hour. >> well, be every the rally, they told us you have to be enthusiastic. you have to be cheering for
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donald trump. >> they interviewed the so-called played shirt guy. what is it like for being booted out for making faces? >> they're asking people to act the bit. live from cnn, world headquarters in atlanta. welcome to our viewers here and around the world. i'm george howell. >> i'm natalie allen. "newsroom" starts right now. at 5:01 on the u.s. east coast the federal probe has led to a prison sentence for someone associated with the trump campaign. we're talking about the former aide, george papadopoulos. he will spent the next two weeks behind bars. the president claims he doesn't know papadopoulos and the issue is a distraction. >> the level of animosity, it's hard to believe. so if i was going to say there
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is any one problem in this country, it is definitely have you two sides and there is great division and there shouldn't be that division. but it seems no matter what you do, no matter how wages are going up, such a good thing the numbers are great the stockmarket is at an all time high, there is more people working in the united states today than ever before. the only thing that troubles me is when you see an economy doing so well, a country doing so well, yet, there is this level of division and hatred and that's a shame. maybe we can do something about it. >> meantime, cnn has learned the white house has ha short list of possible authors of the that damaging opinion piece in the "new york times". a source says the president has become obsessed with finding out who wrote it. here's more from cnn's jeff zeleny. >> reporter: president trump asking attorney general jeff session tonight to investigate and unmask the author of the
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anonymous essay in the "new york times" that blasted him as unfit for office. speaking to report, aboard air force one today the president calling eight matter of national security. not simply outraged over a public official saying he's ill informed, and impetuous inside the white house. >> i would think jeff should be investigating who the author of that piece was. i believe it's national security. >> reporter: on a two-day campaign swing to montana and the.coms t the dakotas. >> on a deep state operative owho defied the voters to push their own secret agendas are truly a threat to democracy, itself. i think it's backfired. seriously. >> reporter: yet the president made clear he is seething. >> the latest active resistance is the op ed published in the
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failing "new york times" by an anonymous. really an anonymous, gutless coward. >> reporter: struggling to say anonymous, but adding today the search is still on for the person responsible for the op ed. >> we're going to take a look at what he had, what he gave, what he is talking about. also, where he is right now. eventually the name of this sick person will come out. >> reporter: asked how criticize his presidency poses a danger to national security. he explained. >> suppose i have a high level national security and he has got a clearance and he goes into a high level meeting concerning china or russia or north korea or something and this guy goes in. i don't want him in those meetings. >> reporter: two months before the mid-term election, president obama stepped back on the political stage today with his own message to the anonymous trump official. >> are you not doing us a service by actively promoteling
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90% of the crazy stuff that's coming out of this white house, then saying, don't worry, we're preventing the other ten percent that's not how things are supposed to work. this is not normal. these are extraordinary times and they're dangerous times. >> reporter: obama has largely remained publicly silent about his successor until today n. a speech in illinois, where he called on republicans to take notice how trump treats the rule of law. >> this should not be a partisan issue to say we do not pressure the attorney general or the fbi to use the criminal justice system to punish our political opponents. >> reporter: trump who has not spoken to obama since his inauguration 2017, responded to obama's hour-long speech like this. >> i watched it. i fell asleep. it's very good for sleeping. >> reporter: but trump made clear he's also worried about
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democrats in the mid-term election, plangt early seeds of the argument, we will impeach him. we will impeach him. he didn't do anything wrong. it doesn't matter, we will impeach. but i say how do you impeach somebody that's doing a great job that hasn't done anything wrong. if it does happen, it's your fault, because you did go out and vote. >> the president is stewing about the identity of the white house author, white house aides say they are narrowing down the leads of possible suspects. it is just that, unclear if the person will ever be fully identified. jeff zeleny. cnn, the white house. well, while the hunt for the op ed author consumed parts of the white house, kellyanne conway says she believes this mystery writer is not inside the white house but rather a member of the national security team. >> conway says she denies it has made them more paranoid.
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here's what christiane amanpour had to say. >> i'm not interested in an investigation against those investigating, great. i really hope they find the person. i think the person will suss him or herself out. that's usually what happens, people brack to the wrong person. they brag they did this or did that because they ai seoul part of this, isn't the goal here not with the op ed potential here, isn't the goal here to sew chaos and get us all suspicious of each other. >> isn't that's what's happening in. >> no, it isn't happening. >> let's talk to the head of the chatham house a frequent visitor to our program. she joins us live from london. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, natalie. >> regarding this anonymous op ed, the president wants to find the justice department to find out who wrote it.
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it doesn't seem to be a violation, maybe an ethical one. he claims this is a national security issue. is it? >> well, it's undoubtedly an extraordinarily unusual situation. it's causing tremendous distraction. and it's not clear what it's doing that's actually useful. it's certainly confirming some of the things that we have assumed to be true from the various stories that have come out of the white house and the executive branch. but, you know, whether it's certainly threatening to a president and it would be threatening to any president, certainly to this particular president who puts loyalty right at the top of his concerns, when it comes to who he wants to work with or for him and so to have somebody publish an anonymous op ed in the "new york times" making the kind of allegations is certainly a threat to the president. whether it's a national security threat, it's a very different kind of claim. >> absolutely. i want to ask what you the op ed
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address is toward the end of the article. the person writes, here we go, the biggest concern is not what mr. trump has done to the presidency, rather what we as a nation have allowed him to the to us. we have suffering low with him and allowed our discourse to be stripped of civility s. that an issue, leslie, that the u.s. will suffer from regardless of who takes control of congress, say, at the mid-terms or who is in the oval office in the next term? >> reporter: i think it would be very hard to deny the reality that the level of civility that's coming out of the white house and out of washington looks incredibly low, certainly when you look at it from europe from london where i sit. it's undeniable. to whether that merits writing an anonymous op ed and continuing to serve this president as opposed to resigning and putting your name on an op ed and making a much stronger stance. what's happening now, of course, is by remaining in the government. by publishing anonymously, we
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have a tremendous distraction. in a cup can him days the woodward volume will be pun lished that's added to this. it's already highlighted certain sections at a time where there is tremendous issues of dploeshl global notification, that the president should be focused on. if you look back to president obama's speech, he's saying it's time to recognize the zax, the lack of civility and get out and vote. >> let's talk about the former president barack obama. he is back giving a speech and he was critical of president trump. certainly we saw portions of it. let's listen to one thing he had to say. >> you are undermineing our alliances, cozying up to russia. what happened to the republican party? its central organizing principles in foreign policy was
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the fight against communism. now they're cozying up to the former head of the kgb. actively blocking legislation that would defend our elections from russian attack. what happened? >> well, does mr. obama make good point there? i guess he does. but the question is, too, it's unusual that a former president would be that critical of the current president. >> well, i think that president obama has decided now is the moment. we're heading up to the mid-term elections. he wants to highlight what many have highlighted, even the division. even president trump recognizes the division that is palpable akrots the american society sight now and to call people to get out and vote. remember, there are many republicans that feel alienated by what happened in the republican party right now. it's something that is as common amongst american society to have this reaction.
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yes, it's unusual and obama has been very quiet for a very long time. he's clearly defined it at the moment when it's incredibly important to stand up and say if you have a reaction to the current state of american politics, you must get out and you must vote. >> two months to the mid-term elections. we'll wait and see if this anonymous op ed stays anonymous. we always appreciate your insights. thank you, leslie. >> thank you. a former trump campaign aide has been sentenced to two weeks in prison, this for lying to investigators about contacts with russians. >> gorge papadopoulos -- george papadopoulos, you may remember seeing him with mr. trump and now attorney general jeff sessions at a campaign meeting in 2016. papadopoulos says sessions was enthusiastic about his offer to
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set up a meeting between mr. trump and vladimir putin. >> on friday, mr. trump says he doesn't know mr. papadopoulos. he says he has hindered the russian investigation more than his client ever did. let's listen. >> the problem i have with the fake news twitters that go out or tweets that go out is that he was tweeting seven days before george was interviewed that he's the president of the united states that based on all of his information, i would assume the information that he had that this was a witch hunt and that it was fake news that russia had meddled in the election. well, i think we're all somewhat satisfied at this point in time at least that we know russia meddled with the election. there is no doubt about it. >> papadopoulos had plenty more to say. >> like this when our colleague jake tapper asked him, who he told in the campaign about
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supposed russian dirt on hillary clinton. >> there are going to be people out there who think there is no way george papadopoulos didn't tell anyone on the campaign. did you tell anyone on the campaign? >> as far as i remember i absolutely did not. >> you didn't tell corey lewandowski? >> as far as i remember, i absolutely did not share this information with anyone on the campaign. >> not sam clovis? >> any1. >> dearborn? any1. >> wally fer is. >> i might have. i have no recollection of doing. so all i can say is my memory is telling me i never shared wit anyone on the campaign. >> you can watch more of that interview at 11:00 a.m. in london, also at 8:00 p.m. on the eastern u.s. that's on a cnn special report. the mysterious tape of george papadopoulos. we don't know what's in it. we know the letter is on its way. kim jong-un writing to president trump. we'll go live to north korea when we come back here.
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plus powerful storms lined up like planes on a runway the question, how long will these storms be? and where will they go? stay with us.
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a new personal letter from north korean leader kim jong-un is on its way to the white house. >> this is true, president trump says it was handed over at the korean demilitarized zone. secretary of state mike pompeo is now brick it to washington, d.c. him we don't know what's in
2:18 am
the letter, what it says, but mr. trump has told reporters on air force one he believes it is a quote positive letter. >> all of this coming as north korea prepares for a huge celebration like this one back here in 2013. the country is marking its 70th anniversary this weekend. korea watchers are curious if the vents are bigger than before, or more toned down, possible clues to what his top aides are thinking. this hour, will ripley reports from pyongyang. a lot has changed in the past year. >> reporter: at the height of u.s.-north korea tensions last year, when fire and fury rhetoric was at a fever pitch, anti-american rhetoric was everywhere, from missiles blowing up the u.s. capital to a personal attract on president trump. they say they are motivated by
2:19 am
their burning hatred of the united states. they say list tear apart the mentally deranged president donald trump. what a difference a year makes, this is my first time back since the historic summit with president kim jong-un, almost three months since the meeting the nuclear program is here. what's not here is images like this. a year ago you couldn't turn a corner without seeing much more american propaganda. now it's about this, the missile imagery itself is in the background government guides show us what the state wants us to see. this time it's all about the economy. >> nice to see you again. >> reporter: i visit the same pyongyang silk factory and same worker i first met two years ago. a lot of people used to describe to me emotions like burning
2:20 am
patriot when they talk about america. do people still feel that way now or do they change here? our burning hatred won't go away overnight the americans are approaching us diplomatically, they're not very sincere, workers like kim used to be surrounded by anti-u.s. slogans. not anymore. >> this one here says compete with the world, challenge the world, overtake the world. a lot different than nuclear annilation. what happened to all those science? those posters were everywhere, she says, they may be gone now the hatred is still deep in our hearts. we don't have any illusions about the americans. we can't let down our guard. here in north korea, taking down posters is much easier than building up trust. will ripley, cnn, pyongyang. >> will will be covering that humongous can we say celebration you will see over there, all
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right, derrick van dam is here now. he has humongous storms he is following in both the atlantic and the pacific. >> we are crossing the climate logical -- climb to lod-- we ha tropical depression helen, tropical depression 9 and norman. try to get to it all. tropical storm florence, this is the latest 5:00 a.m. update. still a tropical storm. we are noticing it's starting to get a little more organized. this is inline with what we anticipate to take place over the next 48, 72 hours and gone. look at the cone, you don't need to be a meteorologist to see what's coming here. we have all clear indication that this storm will not only strengthen but continue its west, northwesterly path.
2:22 am
it's steered by a strong pressure to the north. how strong does it come? that is a deciding factor whether it will curve away from the u.s. coast. there is time it could miss the u.s. unfortunately appearing it will not do that and intensify with warm waters ranging from the middle to upper '80s, which is just jet fuel for these tropical systems to develop. all of the computer models, we call this a spaghetti plot. it plots out the various computer modems. it's honing in on the east coast. specifically the carolinas. there is florence. never mind a ten percent development in advance of that. that is forecast to eventually impact the caribbean and antilles. we are on the peak the pacific is also extremely active. just off the coast of mexico,
2:23 am
norman, you are not a major player any longer, you are moving north of half. it's olivia, just quickly, i want to talk about what's happening across guam. this is a territory in the occupation, tropical storm mangkhut could bring strong winds, beyond that, it will reach taiwan the second half of next week as a super typhoon. so, wow, lo itself to talk about, keeping us on our toes. we will follow these storms very closely. >> it could be a very busy couple of weeks. >> it will undoubtedly be. >> all right. thank you. british airways apologizing through its customers whose credit card information was stolen in a cyber attack. >> they call eight worst attack it's launching two decades ago. anna stewart explains what happened and who was affected.
2:24 am
>> reporter: another technical issue for british airway this time a credit attack. the customers had flights on the 25th of august and 5th of september. today the ava came out with a full apology, apologizing in many newspapers the ceo spoke to cnn. this is what he had to say. >> has been running for more than 20 years. we never had a data breach of this type. we know we have teams working toke with our national crime agency and a great, very large team of forensic experts going through trying to understand exactly what happened. our focus remains with our passengers. we want to make sure all their concerns are being addressed. if any of them have suffered any financial loss as a consequence of this event, we will contact them. >> reporter: ba says they've
2:25 am
contacted all passengers, social media has reports, customers think they have had their data breach. they haven't received any contact from ba yet f. you think you are a very unfortunate people, you must act fast the advice is to change it on the ba website. you may need to can sell your credit card. check out your bank account. make sure no fraudulent activity has happened. you heard from the ceo there, any financial losses as a result of this breach will be compensated by them. it's also worth knowing, you should be extra vigilant because your personal credentials could be out there. be extra mind. of spam or letters. it'stomily safe the breach is over. once the investigation gets going, hopefully, they have a better idea of what happened and how they can prevent it from happening again. anna stewart, cnn, london. the united states says it's taking military action to send a
2:26 am
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good morning, coast to coast across the united states and to our viewers around the world this hour you are watching cnn "newsroom." . another letter from north korean leader kim jong-un is on the way to the wrous the state department says it has been given to secretary of state mike
2:30 am
pompeo. no word yet on what's in it. president trump said he believes it is a positive letter. iraq's prime minister is ordering an investigation. this after protesters set fire to an iranian consulate in basra. you see the video here, the probe will focus on which security units were responsible for protecting the consulate and other key sites. violent protests rocked basra over the past week. a former trump campaign aide has been sentenced to prison for lying to the fbi with contact with reason. george papadopoulos has been working with the investigation. president trump says he hindered it more than his client ever did. >> cnn learned the white house has narrowed down the list of anonymous but damaging piece in the "new york times." on friday mr. trump says the u.s. department should go after the unknown senior official who
2:31 am
wrote mr. trump is unfit for office of the president of the united states. >> former u.s. presidents typically refrain from criticism who occupies the oval office after them, that changed on friday. >> it changed when we heard from former president barack obama warning democracy is in peril. he blamed the current president. cnn athena jones reports. >> the politics and paranoia unfortunately found a people e home in the republican party. >> reporter: president obama making his first foray into the political season, calling him out by name. >> it did not start with donald trump. he is a symptom, not the cause. he's just capitalizing on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years. >> reporter: the former president, who has not spoken with the current president since inauguration day, warning the
2:32 am
country is the at a critical moment with america's democracy at stake and urging ordinary people to get involved. >> you need to vote because our democracy depends on it. a glance at recent headlines should tell you that this moment really is different. the stakes really are higher. the consequences of any of us sitting on the side lines are more dire. >> reporter: he slammed republicans in congress for failing toing a as a check in balance on trump. >> republicans who know better in congress and they're there, they're quoted saying, yeah, we know this is kind of crazy, a still bending over backwards to shield this person from scrutiny or consequence. >> reporter: the former president referenced the "new york times" op ed written by an anonymous author who said there
2:33 am
are people inside working to thwart trump's worse impillss. >> that's a check. that's not how our democracy is supposed to work. these people aren't elected. they're not accountable. they're not dock us a service by actively promoting 90% of the crazy stuff that's coming out of this white house and then saying don't worry about the other 10%. >> reporter: a reference to hurricane's toll on puerto rico should not be a partisan issue and neither should progressing freedom of the press or denouncing hate a reference to trump's much pand both sides are to blame response to last year's violent protests in charlottesville, virginia. >> we're sure as heck to stand up clearly to nazi sympathizers. how hard can that be?
2:34 am
saying that nazis are bad? ? >> he talked about the importance of showing up, not only on the campaign trail, but also showing up at the polls. >> these are extraordinary times. and they're dangerous times. but here's the good news, in two months, we have the chance, not the certainty, but the chance to restore some semblance of sanity to our politics. what's going to fix our democracy is you. >> reporter: athena jones, cnn, urban is that, illinois. u.s. troops are putting on a show of force in syria, this after what one u.s. official says were threats from russia. >> more than 100 troops are moving into the southern border of iraq and jordan. they are expected to come in by helicopter and conduct live drills this is in response to
2:35 am
russia after it said it would attack. the u.s. government has forces in before. tensions are ramping up ahead of a likely government assault on idlib. >> more airstrikes hit on friday. the united nations' special envoy is warning of a humanitarian crisis. here is a message for security councilmembers that came on friday. >> we see warnings and counterwarnings about the danger of a major assault on idlib. we've seen intensive fight of military persons in the region. i've laid out to you, madam president, all the ingredients for a perfect storm the dangers are found that any battle for idlib could be, would be a horrific and bloody battle, civilians are its potential victims and they are ever present dangers in the case of a
2:36 am
full scale assault of incidents or rapid escalations involving regional and international failures. and away from the united nations the leaders of russia, iran and turkey are discussing idlib. they met for a summit friday in tehran by failed to reach a cease-fire deem. cnn's fred polite depend has more on the talks now from damascus. >> reporter: very high level talks about the future of syria, both at the united nations in new york and also the iranian capital of tehran. it certainly seems as though for the future of syria, the talks in iran seem to have been the more important ones. now, with the leaders of turkey, iran and russia, we're talking about the future of idlib province, right now it appears as an offensive on that place might be imminent. if you look at what the leaders said, it seems they came down on opposite sides of the equation. on the one hand, have you
2:37 am
president erdogan of they, he says an assault could be catastrophic and harm a lot of civilians. on the other hand, you had the russians and iranians saying, yes, civilians needed protected. on the other hand, they also feel they need to fight what they call terrorism. which is, of course the many rebels who are still in that area. many of them a part of a very hard line islamic groups, including some that used to be affiliated with al qaeda. on the same time, of course, you also have a reality on the ground here in syria. >> that reality is that idlib province has been surrounded by the syrian army, with some of the most battle hardened troops the russians have the biggest fleet they've ever had here. accepts they started their engagement on the mediterranean sea, they are capable of firing cruz michelle i missiles.
2:38 am
idlib is is still in rainn. it's not clear whether it will kick off. it certainly appears it could do so at any time, fred pleitgen, cnn, damascus. >> a u.s. official called syria the worst man made disaster since world war ii. it's also created more than five.5 million refugees kicking off a mike grant crisis in europe and neighboring countries. inside syria, more than 6.5 million people are intern ally displaced. in all that is more than 12 million people percented from their homes, almost half of syria's pre-war population. >> the international rescue committee among aid groups calling for an attack on idlib the senior middle east officer paul donaho joins us now from beirut, lebanon, it's good to have you with us, paul.
2:39 am
>> hi. >> i want to get a sense of your concern level here. we are talking 3 million people, plus or minus. a lot of people could go caught in the cross fire should fighting break out. do you think risk matters in the minds of the syrian governments, russian backers as they discuss this very possibility? >> well, this is our real concern. now, at the moment the talks are focused on what needs to be done from a military consideration. and they're overlooking the fears that they have for the 3 million civilians in idlib. this is a very worrying situation with potentially facing the worst catastrophe syria faced over more than seven years of war. >> the bicker question here, we're talking an exodus of millions of people. where do they go? and what are the plans to tack care of such large crowds for an
2:40 am
unknown amount of time? >> yeah, are you right the u.n. has warned as many as 800,000 will leave homes if there are assaults on idlib. and there is no other idlib for these people to go to. of that 3 million in the province around half the people have been displaced by previous rounds of fighting. after any assault comes to idlib. unfortunately, what we are more likely to see is people flee towards the border with turkey. >> that might mean we see a repeat of the worrying scenes in the south of syria over the summer where hundreds of thousands of people were living without shelter, without clean water and without toilets, basic facilities leak toilets. if that does happen, we can only call on turkey to once again open our borders and allow people safety within tear territory, but still, there is
2:41 am
time for a diplomatic solution, a political solution, which means we don't have to see such a catastrophe happen, which would clearly have massive consequences for all those people in idlib and lead to a great loss of life. >> paul, you have been following this closely. are you optimistic? >> well, we are very worried, obviously, for the 3 million in idlib. already life in idlib is very difficult. children often don't go to school. they can't afford the materials needed to attend classes or they're forced to work because their parents were just bringing in enough major money to pay for basics like food. it's a very difficult situation. around 300,000 people already live in very poor tented settlements, lacking clean water and toilets in many cases. humanitarian organizations like the international rescue community are already stretched to full capacity the population of idlib is double because more
2:42 am
people have arrived. so we are already at a crisis point which could lead to 800,000 people to flee their homes would be an absolute catastrophe all around. >> this is something that is certainly unsettling to see which way things will go here. paul donaho, again, thank you for your time and perspective. we will continue to watch the story. >> thank you very much. a family in dallas, texas is mourning therapy son after police say one of their own made a fatal mistake. we'll have that story coming up here. enefits all in one bottle. without costing $100, $200 or $400. enriched with vitamin b3 complex, for beautiful skin. olay.
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. following this story in dallas, texas, where a family is mourning the loss of their son killed in a police shooting on friday and the commune is the rallying behind them, demanding answers, demanding justice. ? here's what we know, investigators say the 26-year-old man was killed in his apartment by a police officer who liss in the same building. that officer apparently felt the victim was in her apartment. >> please, we have come gathered together because pressed upon our hearts is a definition man. >> reporter: at a candlelight vigil the crowd called to rest. >> we have this person be treated like any other murder suspect. >> the pop, you know it's been ringing in my ear all day. >> reporter: lloyd harvey and
2:47 am
his girlfriend heard the gunshot that killed their next girl neighbor. >> i'm shocked. this is insane that it happened to someone so nice and kind. >> reporter: dallas police say the yet to be named officer who fired the shot was coming home from work and still in uniform within she mistook his apartment for her own. she lived one floor down. >> right if front of his house a bright red floor mat. how do you think that's your apartment? >> based on what we know right now that warn is the for manslaughter. >> reporter: dallas police chief says due to the circumstance, she personally requested a warrant be obtained and call on them to conduct their own independent investigation. >> we have ceased handling it under our normally officer-involved protocol. >> reporter: with hours ticking away, activists have grown eager to see some kind of justice for
2:48 am
him. >> he wasn't doing anything wrong but sit in his home trying to relax getting ready for the next tape at work. >> again that was reporter and rhea lucia from dallas, texas. certainly a story we will continue to follow there from the metroplex. >> absolutely. u.s. rapper and music producer mac miller died at the age of 26 the calls of death have not been released. they say he was found unresponsive inside his home friday. >> tributes are pouring in. the rapper tweeted this in plart, i don't know what to say, mac miller took me on my second tour ever. but beyond helping me launch my career, he was one of the sweetest men.
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2:52 am
some animated facial expressions, not the ones perhaps that president trump's support team got kicked out of a
2:53 am
rally because of it. >> not long after clips went viral, you see him there behind president trump, giving him the nickname the played shirt guy. he spoke to cnn earlier about it. let's listen. there tyler, were you deliberately making faces or was that a natural reaction in. >> all of those reactions were my actual reaction. i would have made those faces if anyone were to say that to me. i was not trying to protest. those were just my actual honest reactions. yeah. >> so what was it like, because we know the president often says things that are not true but the people there are eating it up. doopg they know it's not true? you did. you said at one point not true. then you said what? i think you said, have you, when he said he's gained more supporters? >> yeah, i said have you, yeah.
2:54 am
each time i see one of his rallies, you know, i see people behind donald trump clapping, sharing, being enthusiastic. i've always wondered myself, are those people being genuine. so when i got back there, i knew i was going to be genuine him i was going to give my actual reaction so when i disagreed, you could tell i disagreed. when i agreed with him i clapped as well. >> at some point they realized, i guess they weren't happy with what you were dock, they sent someone in to relieve you, then they also replaced your two friends, even though they weren't i weren't making the same facial expresses that you were. why were you and what did they tell you? >> well, i think they didn't really tell me anything. but i mean i think i know why they removed me, it's because, well, before the rally, they told us that you know you have to be enthusiastic.
2:55 am
you have to be clapping, cheering for donald trump. i wasn't doing that i wasn't enthusiasti enthusiastic. i they told us we had to be enthusiastic. they tried to make me and my friends wear the maga hats to make america great again hats. i was not wearing one as you saw. yeah. so the woman, she came in she just said, i'm going to replace you. i just walked off. i knew i was getting kicked out for not being enthusiastic enough. so i decided no to the fight it. secret service guys escorted me into this pack room area. they sat me down for ten minutes, looked at my i.d., told me to leave. very respectfully told me to leave and not come back. >> a very interesting interview there, it seems like stage seting is important during these events. >> played shirt guy. >> yeah.
2:56 am
so lovers of belligian beer, th consider at this time best. even divine you must say. >> every year they (at check of it to a cathedral in brussels to be blessed. yes, blessing the beer. they were said to have blessed a brewery preventing people from the playing. >> beer is big business and important for belgium's culture, even the prime minister was there as they kicked off a three of day party, belgium beer weekend. that is what it is called. >> the blessing of a beer. >> that is a first we have seen on our program. probably the last. thanks for watching cnn "newsroom." >> for viewers here in the occupation, "new day" is next. viewers around the world, stay tuned to a cnn special report in the mysterious case of george
2:57 am
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for the sake of our national security, "the new york times" should publish his name at once. >> the president just today said he believes it's somebody in national security. >> what they've done is virtually, you know, it's treason. >> this comes as trump is now demanding his attorney general launch an investigation to uncover the identity of the person. >> we do not pressure the attorney general or the fbi to use the criminal justice system as a cudgel to


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