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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 12, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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. hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. you are watching cnn. thank you for being with me. a storm of a lifetime, those words coming from the national weather service, which just moments ago updated its projections on hurricane florence. here's what we have, the course has shifted from 24 hours ago. right now, it's expected to pause right at north carolina's coast, shift south and pose even greater danger. so florence now could batter coastal areas with 24 hours of hurricane force winds, bring catastrophic flooding with more than 3 feet of rain and churn up life-threatening storm surges up to 13 feet. more than ample people have been on the move, emptying out those carolina beaches. you see all those gas station pumps all wrapped up, but some
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say they're riding it out, staying put, increaseing the urgency from local and state officials, they say the window to get out of town is shrinking fast. >> we strongly urge those that can make the decision now an over the next 24 hours, if you have the ability to move inward to the state of georgia and florida, we would recommend that you do that. >> the time to prepare is almost over. the morning's forecast shows the storm is only hours awha-- away. >> this is not financial to be a glancing blow. this will be a mike tyson punch to the china coast. what can i say today which is the last day to evacuate? we really want to push that page. >> we are covering this hurricane. cnn crews are all up and down the east coast.
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let's start with jennifer in the cnn weather center. this thing has shifted. tell me where it's headed now. >> it is different, where it intersects the u.s. is pretty much the same. what it does has changed. this has been downgraded to a category 3 just in the last five minutes. this is a 125 mile per hour storm. don't let that fool you. this is still a major hurricane. it could still strengthen before it pakistani landfall. it has gusts of 150, moving to the northwest at 16 miles per hour. it's expected to make landfall, 120 pile per hour winds friday morning and meander to the south. what the means, the difference in this is basically that more of the coastline is going to be impacted. some of the modems take thls ta
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offshore to the south. if it stays offshore, it could stay a little stronger than-on-onshore, regardless, this is bad news for north carolina coast and south carolina coast and all the points inland. we talked about inland flooding risks. >> that is still evident for today with the latest forecast. so we're calling for 20 to 30 inches of rain, same areas we talked about yesterday. around wilmington, eastern portions of north carolina. >> that flooding you see allothing coast as this slowly moves to the south, charleston, savannah could get 10 to 20 inches of rain ap these areas inland. we are talking eastern portions of georgia getting anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of rain in savannah, we're talking six-to-ten inches across eastern georgia. so look at this storm, passive, passive storm. 125 pile per hour wind. it's calming for these storms to
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fluctuate with their intensity. they get a little weaker a little stronger. they can't maintain that massive status for while. they take a breath and inhale. that's what the tomorrow is doing, going through an eyewall replacement cycle. it will be flujuateing -- fluctuating in intensity the hurricane force winds tropical storm force winds that extend 300 miles across. so by tomorrow, some of these coastal areas will be getting the tropical storm force winds. you could be getting hurricane force winds for at least 24 hours. also, the storm surge, 9-to-13 feet. >> that has also been higher since we talked yesterday this water pushing inland. we're talking about this occurring during multi-ple high tide cycles. >> that is extremely important. the storm surge will be higher during a high tide.
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the fact that this will be sitting there, it will be devastating, brooke. >> a category 3. you are keeping a close eye, jennifer grey, thank you. as we said, we have reporters up and down, more towards that southern trajectory, more of south south carolina at risk. nick valencia is in the town of conway. i know you have been seeing signs that people have been heeding those evacuation warnings. is that correct? >> reporter: yeah, we're standing in the middle of 501, the main artery out of myrtle beach if conway, south carolina as you mentioned. the traffic is very light right now. it has been picking up steadily throughout the day the local police say that's a really good sign. they think people are paying attention to this warning. i want to introduce you to the fire manager, thank you for taking the time with brooke baldwin and cnn. what is going on today? what preparations have you been doing? >> the city has been working on it and we are making sure
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everyone is flowing out of conway to get to a safe location. >> this has been call the storm of a lifetime. do you believe that to be true, if so, why? >> it seems to be, we went through hurricane matthew two years ago. we set records with flooding, rainfall totals, just a category 1 hurricane. they're showing possibly a category 2 or 3 when it makes landfall. this is something we haven't experienced in probably 20 years. >> i know you guys in conway are not in specifically an evacuation zone. you are taking the brunt of getting hit really hard watch are you telling those people that decided to stick it out? we talked to a lot that are. >> my skies if you have a kaens to esack wait or statement i would choose evacuate. there are a lot of undetermine fa nants. -- some show pretty horrific scenarios. >> reporter: any last-minute pleas to those sticking it up?
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>> i would say you make preparations for seven days. >> reporter: hospitals will be opened. you told me off camera you will not be assisting if somebody is injured? >> we're on our own, we're ready to take care of our other than pen them and citizens. >> reporter: as this ambulance goes by, it's a thrill to be standing here in the middle of 501, what do you think? >> we've run a lot of vehicle accidents if my career. i have never been through this here. >> reporter: these are the preparation, these lanes here, they're not like this traffic has been reversed. they want people to get out as quickly as it's happening. >> make sure you have preparations if you do say for seven days. to north carolina now, we know one sheller already at full capacity, remember, forth carolina could get up to 40
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inches of rain, cnn correspondent brian todd is in north carolina. what do you see there? >> reporter: well, brook, this was a scene of one of the last and most urgent attempts to get off forth carolina's barrier islands. this is a ferry terminal in nor carolina, swan quarter. this one docked here, people were streaming off, several cars, dozens of cars, several people came off. then a couple hours ago, the ferry was really the last open for people. the one docked shortly afternoon eastern time. again, dozens of cars got off this ferry. i talked to people tarp coming, they were coming from ocracoke island. it is maybe the most isolated island in the barrier islands in the outer banks of north carolina. the only way in and out is by boat. that's under formal sessions. this was the last boat out of
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there. may are mooreing this boat down, you see this worker behind me, there are two ferries already moored down over on the distance there to my right. over my shoulder there that got to get those boats secured to ride out the storm. they don't know when they will be able to send them back to ocracoke island. we are told 900 permanent residents live on that island, including visitors. we are told 200 people got off. there are 900 permanent resident i spoke to the commissioner. he lives on ocracoke island. he is staying. he estimates maybe 200 or less are staying on ocracoke island. we are told by him, by some other officials, brooke, that they are if danger of being stranded and trapped on thstrap island. there will be no emergency service, they are telling people not to call fire and rescue during the storm. they cannot get to them. we saw an ambulance taken off sometime ago. they are pulling some emergency
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service vehicles off that i'm. we are told at least 100 people are on that island. they could be stranded, brooke, for days. >> what does that tell you when the ambulance is leaving ahead of the storm. brian todd, thank you so much. we'll stay if contact. we're on the ground, in the sky, covering this hurricane. paul flaherty, a hurricane hunter flying near hurricane florence. he is with me on the phone, so, palm, i know you flew over, around the storm the last couple of days. tell me what you are seeing right now. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're just approaching the storm at this time. we are on the southwest side, again, we did a couple circles just on the outside of the eyewall of hurricane florence, so i don't have a lot of information of what we will get out of this mission. we know it will be critical for the forecast as the national hurricane center and emergency managers started to look at
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those last minute evacuations. >> what kind of information are you trying to getting paul? >> reporter: well, what we're doing is we're collecting a lot of data that will go into the water models. over the ocean, this is a lot of weather data the models need to start with data in order to make forecast. so. as you can image within no data, they need to interpret late the information. we are auto her to give them real information 360 degrees and u.s. 130s on the inside of the storm to give the forecast a great pick of what the tomorrow is and should do and hopefully give some good news over the next couple of days. so far, there hasn't been a lot of good news. >> well what is your biggest concern based upon what you have been seeing? >> we >>. >> reporter: well, we have a lot of concerns. a lot of people say we're crazy, i say the people on the ground that don't get out of the way
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are a lot crazier than we are. i take it up here in a heart beat over that. that's the message. we want this group to listen, we're not out here for fun, believe me well want e want to the best information. the last thing we want people to know why they didn't evacuate. we put all thissest into them getting out of the way. >> it's extraordinary you are flying around the storm as we are talking live on cnn. tell me, paul, you does this storm compare to others that you've flown in? >> reporter: so the one i living this to is the late ev with irma, where we were trying to maybe hopefully find information that would give you a different track that might look better. it seems that every time we flew and got a little more information, it seemed to never get better. it seemed to stay the same or worse. right now i don't see any good
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outcomes. even if southern virginia, definitely north carolina and south carolina, they have to take the storm just as serious as we did in florida with irma. we can't tell exactly who will be affected. we know a large mound of the population will be. we'd rather get a little more you know people out of the way. we want to push people inland. that's what we want to do. we don't want anyone to be theri never met anyone that esaid i lived through the hurricane, can't wait to do it again. >> thank you, stay safe. still ahead, more than a million people are under a hurricane evacuation. not everyone is choosing to lead e leave. i will show a woman with seven rescue dogs, her home directly in the path. another high profile executive leaving cbs amid inappropriate conduct. the second in less than a week.
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that story coming up. after months of criticism that he has been too soft on russia, president trump is now taking steps to punish those who interfered in the 2016 elections. you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin.
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he plays football, huh? yeah. believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! we will get you back to our hurricane coverage here in just a moment. breaking news, we will learning jeff fager is leaving amid inappropriate conduct. they include unwanted touching, first reported in the new yorker by roman pharaoh. he denied these allegations, brian, i've read testify fager's
11:20 am
statement, he says his departure has nothing to do with ro fan f farrow's "new yorker" piece. >> reporter: i find that hard. i will show you his statement. first i want to flashback six weeks ago when ronan farrow's story came out. it came out that on less mon vesey -- les moonves, he said he made unwanted advances and touching and things like that. he said fager enabled the culture of harassment. this is sad for the women involved. sad for the program. after all "60 presidents" is the best known, best watched news magazine in america. but this was a problem inside the news magazine him all throughout august.
11:21 am
fager was vowing to stay on, two days of moonves left, fager is leaving as well. >> do you know how the staff were made aware of this? >> reporter: i think some were worried about who will come take over? a memo went out to staff, saying it was effective immediately. take a look at fager's side of the story. he was saying it was not about affair allegation and the "new yorker" they sterm nated by contract early because i sen at text message demanding she be fair in covering the story. so read this, see if you believe this. he says my language was harsh, despite the fact that journalists receive harsh demands for fairness all the time. cbs did not like it. one such note should not result in termination after 36 years, but it did. i am surprised by the reaction.
11:22 am
>> that is fager's side of the story. there is this ongoing investigation by two different law firms into allegations against fager, against moonves so this is very much an ongoing problem for cbs. think about where we are, one year ago, les moonves was the bar. charlie rose the star, fager the producer, now all three men have left cbs. >> that's the headline. let's switch gears, because you are in couperty that, california, for the huge apple event. what was the big ep vent? >> reporter: i have to think i thought the fager announcement would be later in the week. this is iphone, the event is going on. we heard of several new, iphones, one is the xs, it's leak tennis the max. it will have a bigger screen that the current iphone 10.
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it will probably cost a little more money, it's of course, as with everything apple, they always promise, more, more, more, more space for your photos, a better camera, a better processor. i'm most impressed by the apple watch announcement. i have the old one on the new one will be a little bigger and it will monitor your heart in brand few ways that have been approved by the fda. so now apple will be checking your heart rhythm. seeing if have you atrial rhythms. and if these devices stress us out so much, to go wild the least they can do is check our health. >> oh my goodness, brian stem cells stelzer, thank you. hurrica huchls hurricane florence is making a bee line for the coast.
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breaking florence's new path, posing a greater danger than originally thought. it is expected to come more to the south in the danger zone. you have myrtle beach, where tropical force winds could last more than two days. that's where we find our
11:29 am
correspondent there with a woman with her seven rescue dogs. christine is with me now nice to see you. love the rescue dogs. i'm a dog owner, mile a dog lover. but you have to tell me, why are you staying? >> hi, brooke. you know, it's not like i'm trying to be stubborn and stay here. it's more out of necessity as far as you know i don't have the resources to evacuate and you know to keep these dogs, i took them on for life and to keep them safe and protect them and right now, i don't have a vehicle dependable enough to get out and i just feel like we'll be better off here in their own surrounding where i can keep them calmer and you know, they're in their own environment. so i really honestly, i feel like i'm doing the right thing by staying in. >> everyone watching only wants what's best for you and your dogs. i understand you got a car with
11:30 am
only so many more miles on the tank, do you not have friends who could take you guys in? the idea of having you and these six dogs through this rattling storm just i worry about that. >> i do. i have had several offers, my cousin offered to come get me the problem is, you got to remember, that es are rescue dogs. every one of them have their own little problems, their own little querks. i have one that she was a starvation abuse case and this boar guy, he's terrified of men. i live alone with them. and the only man he is used to is my nephew will overland that will be coming out here to stay with us during the storm. i'm doing the best i can with what i got. i feel it would be putting them more in danger by taking them out of their environment. >> tell me how you are huchghun
11:31 am
down now? >> i have been preparing. every year before hurricane time, i stock up ahead of time. i have plenty of candles, batteries, water, 5 gallon buckets full of water for the dogs. i have gallons of water. i have bottles of water. i've stocked up on dog food, on people food. i have everything that i need, tools, everything that we will need, you know, if case things go bad. >> and, christine, you know what bad looks like, right? you have been through this before? >> i do. >> you have been through hurricane matthew and all the flooding and everything that comes with the flood waters afterwards. what was that like? >> that's actually where i not two of my dog, they were hurricane dogs left out in the water, they were drowning. they got pulled into the life boats. i, mile, was out with some rescuers. i've seen first hand you know the dangers and what's happening. and i just feel that, you know, we're going to do okay. i have enough, you know, i do
11:32 am
drills with my dogs all year long. i have harnesss and leashs. i double leash and double harness every dog. i feel prepared. i'm scared, yes, but i do feel that i am prepared enough that ki take care of i can take care of it, with my nephew here,ly hand him with the dogs. >> we will check in with you and your rescue dogs, you have a heart of gold. we wish you the best. >> thank you. >> time is running out to get out of the carolinas, though, before this hurricane hits. fema is describing this a mike tyson punch to the carolina coast. local officials say those who choose to stay will essentially be on their own. we are standing by here from the south carolina governor next.
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we will get you back to this hurricane coverage in a second. but i want to take you to the white house, where president trump has signed an executive order aimed at punishing russians and other foreign actors that interfere in the u.s. election. the white house is hoping to dispel the idea that this president has been too soft on russia. to caitlin collins we go. to the white house. caitlin, what exactly does the order allow? >> reporter: the bottom line, brooke this is mane to the punish people who interfere in the elections. it directs the national intelligence director dan coats to identify in a sense people meddling in the election and apply sanctions to them, recommending those to the treasury department. it directs them to conduct these assessments regularly up until the mid-terms to determine who could be interfering in an election to provide reports to the department of justice and homeland security and make the sanctions recommendations going
11:38 am
from there. now, it's not just countries specific. they made sure to tell reporters that. it's not just about russia. it can be russia, china, any other country. it's not just about countries either. it applies to individuals, companies, anyone trying to interfere in election systems to spread this information to sway some votes. all of those people would be concluded here. but really the bottom line here is they want to send a page that they will not let election meddling go unpunished. the national security adviser, john bolton was asked if this is in response to harsh criticism that the white house and president trump specifically have received after that press conference with the russian president vladimir putin in helsinki. he said, no, he had in ug to do with this. there certainly was an effort we are seeing from the trump administration, to make sure they are sending this message, a week out of mid-terms, they will not let it go unpunished. >> what has it been from the
11:39 am
hill in. >> reporter: we got a statement from senator van holland and senator marco rubio, they said this executive order recognizes the threat but doesn't go far enough to address it. they said the u.s. can and must do more, mandatory sanctions on anyone that attacks our electoral systems are the best deterrent for this. so far that's reaction from capitol hill. it's note worthy it is coming from republicans, too. >> caitlin, thank you so much. let's go back, take you to south carolina the governor here, mcmaster, speaking on hurricane florence. >> with this hurricane, we know that. this is something that is unusual about this hurricane. this hurricane is bringing some rain and water that we have not seen before in hurricanes. we've seen high winds, notably with hugo. these winds pay be that high as well, but this will likely be
11:40 am
more rain than we saw with hugo or other hurricanes. and that is because as has been explained, when this hurricane gets to land, it is liable to stop there, to continue its flow of rain on us, but to move very slowly and may even come down the south carolina coast. so we will have water coming down the rivers if north carolina. the heavy rain there as well as in our south carolina rivers and streams. so be aware if you are in a low lying area, be away, we will be on the lookout for major flooding. so with that. general. >> thank you, governor. take carolina continues to support the evacuation efforts of our citizens. we are poised and continuing to shift assets. the governor's orders allows us to shift assets throughout state to be prepared after the storm for search and rescue, further
11:41 am
evacuation, security and clearing, of routes. we have coordinated with our neighbors to the south to get further assets into south carolina, if needed and we are card fated with north carolina and virginia to have coordinated responses to the storm. . we have federal military assets available. the fact is, we'll actually have a helicopter carrier and a shift after the storm that's available to help us, so assets are there and we'll be prepared to deploy them to support the citizens of south carolina. >> one question, general, is this the first time we've had those ships offshore? >> yes, sir. this is the first time we had those ships offshore. it's a great asset. we appreciate the president providing that. and we have tight coordination so that when those assets are used, they will be properly used and effectively used.
11:42 am
>> thank you. secretary hall. >> all right. there is a governor in south carolina, speaking about all that flood water and what has been, we can adjust to it, adjust, it has been weakened to a category 3 storm here as it barrels to the coastline. it seems people in south carolina and georgia will be affected. we will talk live with people across the carolina coastline who are choosing to stay, some defying mandatory evacuation orders. we will also take you live to the waffle house storm center. yes. >> that is a real thing. a center that fema actually monitors. plus, pope francis taking unprecedented measures to address rising reports of sexual abuse by priests in the catholic church as his popularity plummets in our new cnn poll. we'll be right back.
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you know you look at the skies along the carolina coastline, gorgeous blue skies. do not be fooled, this is hovering out at sea, it is going to deliver, i'm quoting this official from fema, a mike tyson punch to the carolina coast they're ordering people to get out while they still can. while many are taking their families and pets and getting out of dodge, these wild forces are staying behind, there are roughly 100 gorgeous creatures. they have lived along this
11:48 am
coastline for more than 500 years. i know it's been a while. a lot of you pay remember the video shortly after irene hit. this was 2011. some voice concern for them this time around. they're worried if 245i be okay. the herd manager for the wild horse fund, mech, thank you so much for being with me and i know there are these wild horses, there are rescue horses, protecting human life, human life the number one priority. we are also concerned about animals, tell me how you are protecting them. >> reporter: absolutely. like you said, there are hundreds of horses living in the wild, a colonial spanish mustangs, they are a threatened breed. if situations leak this these horses have incredible instinct. they're so resourceful and they have an incredibly strong will
11:49 am
to live. we are seeing them go into the cover of the live oak trees that protect them and go to the highest ground and instinctually they know where to go. so we know they are safer riding out the storm on their own in their natural habitat. >> that would be very dangerous for them. >> you talk about their instincts. are you already, you mentioned these wild horses, are they heading towards the area can you sense a change in their behavior? >> exactly. they tend to be territorial. during times like this, they do group together that will all go to the staim same spot. they all kind of get along in situations leak this. because they have to. nay go to high ground and share that space with each other they are already doing that. >> despite their inc. stipths of where to go. are you concerned? >> yeah, absolutely. we're going to get some pretty
11:50 am
bad weather. so there is always a concern, always a risk. but these horses have been here for centuries and they are probably better equipped to handle this than anybody else in the outer banks right now. while we are concerned. believe me, i haven't slept in days. worrying making sure we have all of our bases covered. we know we have done everything. we have people that are not evacuating, staying up on the beat, but who we're in constant contact with. there are people on the horses, we have people at the western site as well, we will be staying with those as well from you got people staying behind, riding the storm out, making sewer they're okay. mech, please, you know stay safe. everyone, a part of the corolla wild horse fund stay safe.
11:51 am
of course these beautiful, beautiful horses, thank you for calling in. florence is coming in on the east coast. we will take you live to the waffle house storm center. >> that is an actual place what they are doing for preparation for florence and a romance novelist who once wrote about ways to murder your husband has been arrested in connection with murdering her husband. that's next. are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec®. it's starts working hard at hour one. and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. since joining ninehahi, ubmonths ago,o. my priority has been to listen to you... to cities and communities, and to my own employees. i've seen a lot of good. we've changed the way people get around. we've provided new opportunities. but moving forward, it's time to move in a new direction. and i want you to know just how excited i am,
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[ music playing ]
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. >> how about this one today a romance novelist who once wrote an esay on how to murder your husband is now under arrest if
11:56 am
connection with murdering her husband. nancy, now sits in a portland, oregon jail charged with murder and unlawful use of a weapon him police believe she followed some of her own a vice, shooting and killing her husband in his workplace at the oregon culinary institute on the morning of june 2nd, now, hours later, she took to facebook telling friends and family of his passing, saying this, she says, i'm struggling to make sense of everything right now. for now, police have yet to release a motive. a cnn poll has been released today revealing pope francis' favorability among american catholics have plummeted in the weak of stunning new sexual allegations abuse against priests. 48% of americans express a favorable view of the pope, that is down from 66%, who indicated the same if january of 2017. even more concerning among
11:57 am
catholics here in the u.s., these ratings have fallen from 83% favorabili ability last yea that coming as an unprecedented move from the vatican. pope francis is summoning top catholic officials around the world to discuss the escalating sexual abuse scandal around the world. delia. >> pope francis is convening top bishops from around the world to come to the vatican if february to discuss sex abuse. it is the first time that bishops from around the world will be coming to the vatican to discuss the topic. some would say it's coming a bit late considering they have been dealing with this since 2002, nonetheless, it's important many companies have not begun to look into their past with regard to cleric am sex abuse. there is a report out just today from germany, the german bishops
11:58 am
have conducted an investigation, their findings will be released officially september 25th. some has been leaked already to the german press, it says there were 3766 cases of clerical abuse against minors from the period of 1946 to 2014. that's only germany, of course. clearly an international meeting at the vatican to discuss this is going to be important going forward. one test case for what might happen is going to be seen with washington, d.c. archbishop cardinal donald wuerl works on tuesday announced he will be returning to the vatican to speak to pope francis about possible allegations, he has been at the center from the grand jury report and the letter from 'pope's exambassador to the united states claiming that cardinal wuerl also knew about sexual abuse on the former part against sell farons and did nothing about it. those are allegations he denied.
11:59 am
however, he clearly feels it may be time to move on. we don't know when that meeting is going to happen. what happens to cardinal wuerl, what kind of a res ig nation, as indeed the meeting with cardinal dinardo and gomez, the top officials of the conference of catholic bishops. cardinal owe ma'malley, boston, be there. what comes out of these meetings will determine whether or not the catholic church and the vatican are able finally get a grip on how to hand him these allegations and handle bishops who didn't handle them properly to justice. >> delia, thank you. [ music playing ] you are watching cnn on this wednesday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. here's what you need to know about hurricane florence. it is shaping up to deliver disaster for days to the carolina coast. and its latest projected path is
12:00 pm
now forcing a four state to declare a state of emergency, georgia now joining north carolina and virginia, florence is now expected to pause right at north carolina's coast, shift south and pose even greater danger. so florence could now batter coastal areas within 24 hours of hurricane force winds, bring catastrophic flooding with more than 3 feet of rain and churn up life-threatening storm surges of up to 13 feet. we have a full team of reporters all along the southeast coast, covering hurricane florence, i want to start with jennifer grey, our meteorologist for the most up to date information on where florence is going to go, you were talking it is inhaling, exhaleing no into a category 3. it could strengthen coast to coast. >> you are exactly right. you focus on the one,


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