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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 14, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. covering two major storm systems on opposite sides of the globe. welcome back to viewers here in the united states and around the world with our breaking news coverage. i'm george howell live in wilmington, north carolina where tropical storm florence has proven deadly. >> and i'm anna coren in hong kong, and we're also tracking a fiphonowhich is bringing misery to the philippines and it's not done yet.
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>> following the storm here we're feeling the effects right now in wilmington, north carolina. the winds, the rain they pick up. we're certainly in the middle of it. we know at least five people have died from tropical storm florence. this slow moving system has been hitting the carolina coast very hard with heavy rain over the past 24 hours, and there is much more rain -- much more wind to come. again, this is deadly storm, a mother and an infant killed when a large tree fell on their home. firefighters paused to pray for the victims. we also know that a man died, a victim died when connecting a power cord. deadly storm and it is continuing to push forward. there's also a problem with down power lines across the region. millions of customers without electricity. a gas station canopy was knocked over by high winds. first responders have identified hundreds of people who need rescues from these rising flood
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waters. following this story right now our karen maginnis is live in the cnn atlanta center. we're feeling it for sure. what are you seeing? >> and i think coming up in the next several hours, george, you will feel it even more as we start to see this shift just a little bit, but you see these heavier bands of precipitation pulling in off the atlantic. and these are very dynamic. meaning the atmosphere is really throwing that moisture back onshore. this is the most dynamic portion of now this tropical system. and there is in fact a tornado watch out for coastal section of north carolina, and a tornado warning. and they're saying that radar is indicating a possible tornado in oslo county, right around where this is, and you don't usually see tornados moving to the northwest and that's because of
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these feeder bands feeding what is now tropical storm florence. as we mentioned it's not the wind. it's at 60 miles an hour. this is the water event, the flooding event, the super saturated moisture in the ground that is toppling over the trees. and yes, the wind contributes to that. but we will just kind of dot all along that southern north carolina coast, all the way down to myrtle beach, it doesn't take very much for charleston to flood. i know i lived there. and a little bit of precipitation, and now we're looking at some of those bands that are expected maybe in the next few hours to push on in towards charleston. all right, how much in the way of rainfall inwe saw new port, north carolina over 20 inches of rain. and guess what, the computer models were saying 20, 30 inches of rainfall. but some of those rain gauges were really being jostled around. i think we're going to see kind of a tweaking of some of these
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rainfall reports just because it was so violent and so heavy at the time. all right, we've got this moisture moving onshore. we could see some high surfs that are between 7 and 10 feet. yes, it's still possible. and as that area of low pressure, which is now tropical storm florence just kind of swirls around in that vicinity of myrtle beach, once it starts moving to the west-northwest, you'll start to see some of those rain bands, george, affect your area more. so you may not be blowing around right now, but i think in the next several hours you'll really see a more dramatic increase as far as moisture goes and as far as the wind is concerned. and, you know, all those rivers across north carolina that saw the 10, 20 inches or more of precipitation, where is that water going? it's going out and feeding into those tributaries.
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it can't go out into the ocean because they're just so saturated. they're spread out. and this is going to take maybe about 5 or 10 days for this to complete. we'll keep you updated. >> karen maginnis live for us in the cnn weather center. karen was showing us the effects on the coastline. certainly north myrtle beach, that is a tourist area, very important tourist area where people are feeling the effects of this storm. our nick watt was there and filed this report for us. >> reporter: we are on what is known as the grand strand of 60 miles stretch of beach in the carolinas that is normally sun kissed and welcomes 14 million visitors a year. hurricane florence has changed all that now. we are stilled a little ways away from high tide here, and the water is already coming up and up this beach. the fear here is that onshore winds is going to be a deadly combination of onshore wind,
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high tide in the middle of the night and a storm surge. this town has flooded before. hurricane hugo back in '89 destroyed all of the homes along the beachfront here, is that is fear. listen, this house has been rebuilt-up on stilts, but there are houses behind not on stilts. and since 1989 a lot more people have moved to this area. and over 400,000 people have been evacuated from the coast of south carolina expecting florence to come. here in north myrtle beach 85% of people left. maybe 2,000 or so hunkered down hoping for the best. they told us that -- one guy told me when it was downgraded from a 3 to a 2 i decided to stay. but listen, the winds may be not as strong as feared, but this storm is still carrying so much water and moving so slowly and dumping all that fresh-water inland, and then as i mentioned we have the threat of the ocean.
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nick watt, cnn, north myrtle beach, south carolina. >> nick watt, thank you for that report. again, florence is making its way through the state of south carolina this hour. and now on the line with me to talk more about that tim harper, tim the county administrator for marion county, south carolina. thank you for being with us. your state certainly in the middle of this thing right now. what are you seeing, what are you experiencing? >> we're experiencing some of the rain right now, and a lot of wind. we still got a little bit of wind to go but we're expecting probably another 10 to 20 inches of additional rain on us in the coming days. >> tim, are you concerned about the need for the work of these rescue crews that are in position? are you concerned that there are people who will certainly need that help and assistance? >> we are concerned. we experienced a lot of flooding
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in 2016 with hurricane matthew. but we're seeing more people are taking heed and are responding to the mercy notifications that we're putting out to seek higher ground and to find shelter. so we have three shelters open now. we have over 350 people in our shelters right now. >> tim, i want to ask you -- we're hearing right now that there is a tornado watch where we are right now. is there a concern that the weather we're hearing, that we're seeing is going to get worse for you in the coming hours? >> we expect it probably will in the coming hours. we expect to have more wind coming in on us. the storm passes through our county and then especially the flooding that's going to come out, and so we're expecting to have some more serious problems
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coming up soon. >> tim, you know, over the next several hours what would you tell people? there are going to be people who are certainly going to be affected by this as the week progresses. people will, you know, obviously have to delay some plans. how important is it just to wait, to give it a beat for this storm to pass through and give your crews time to be prepared? >> we hope that people will take notice that if they live in a flood prone area and there's any possibility that there are floods, especially after the flooding of hurricane matthew, they need to seek shelter or get inland or, you know, get to higher ground because this storm is a dangerous storm. they need to take -- be aware of that and make changes what changes they need to be prepared. >> tim harper on the phone with us, the administrator of marion county, south carolina. thank you again, tim, for your time. our derek van dam is also live
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following this story with us this hour. derek in carolina beach, north carolina. and derek, i understand one resident telling cnn this day was worse for him than the other day. talk to us about what you're seeing and experiencing there. >> well, 36 hours of hell basically, george. we've got brutal conditions at the moment. i'm protected by a reinforced concrete wall just to my right. but if i step back 10 feet we would be in the thick of very strong tropical storm force winds. every little while we'll get a little spin up in the winds and it'll knock me off my feet. we continue to brace ourselves. we know this is long duration event. we've been talking about that so, so long and how this is moving at a snail's pace. and carolinas beach and the
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coastal areas north carolina to south carolina are really going to be in the thick of it at least another day to a day and a half. and we don't expect tropical storm force winds to drop off until saturday evening for this particular location. in terms of the damage that has happened here, we've had roofs that have blown off buildings, fences that have collapsed. some fallen trees that have fallen down, but minimal damage so far. but you've got to remember that because this is long duration event the ground is becoming very, very saturated with the extremely heavy rain that is pounding the region. so it won't take long to topple more trees especially when we have wind gusts in excess of 100 kilometers per hour still continuing right into the early mornings of saturday. emergency personnels are telling people to only reach out to them here in the carolina beach area, the region i'm located, only if they have an extreme emergency. all communication has been lost here. we're working off satellite
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phones at the moment. no electricity similar to what george was dealing with in wilmington. and of course that causes all kinds of problems for people because they're riding this storm out, the people that decided not to leave, in the pitch-black. there is no option for light here with the exceptions of the few generators that happen to be on the island. remember we're cut off from the mainland via a bridge that has now been closed until further notice. there's flooding on either side of the bridge, and there is also strong winds across it. so we are stuck here for the foreseeable future until the weather conditions improve. george, you went through the eyewall earlier yesterday about at the same time we did, and it was incredible to see the calmness in the atmosphere. but it almost gave a false sense of security, a false sense of calm to the people as they stepped outside into the eye of hurricane florence because the winds pick said up and now we're
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getting battered from the other direction. >> you know, derek, that was really interesting to step outside and see it was so calm and seemingly peaceful but to know and look at the radar to know we're only halfway through this thing, if even that. and i want to ask you about that. you put on your reporter hat and now your meteorologist hat. i want to ask about you that north eastern quadrant of the storm. look at that. we're in the middle right now of this tornado watch. that part of the storm capable of producing tornados. how dangerous, derek -- how rough is this part of the storm? >> well, the momentum, the majority of the energy within hurricane florence, well what is now tropical storm is contained within that north right quadrant, the north eastern quadrant. we as meteorologists talk about that quadrant so often because that is where you get the spin up of tornados, the interaction between the ocean and land and
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you get those little vortices that cause strong but short winds in the region. and it's responsible for pulling in all the moisture. if you think on the other side of the storm, the western side of the storm you're drawing moisture or whatever it is off of the land. so you don't have the contents of the water to supply you with that fuel like you do on the northeast quadrant. anywhere that's east of the eyewall at the moment, they're just getting hammered with heavy rain. and that's why the flash flood threat where i'm standing all the way to the cape lookout region continues. george? >> and that's why that information so-so important, derek. i've been talking about this. who are we talking to tonight? we're talking to people who left and they're hoping their properties are okay. when can they come back, they're asking. we're talking to people who are hunkered down, riding the storm out. and those first responders who
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are waiting and have a lot of work certainly ahead. we want to make sure all the information very clear, this storm still in play right now. and right now in this part of north carolina there is a tornado watch. so still a lot to keep a track on. derek van dam live for us in carolina beach, north carolina. again, cnn covering two major storms on opposite sides of the globe. we'll go live to the philippines for an update on the typhoon that's bringing high winds and very strong, a lot of rain. stay with us.
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welcome back to our breaking news coverage. two powerful storms hitting at the same time. one here in the united states, the other on the other side of the globe in asia. starting here in the united states here in the carolinas we are under a tornado watch here in wilmington, north carolina as florence has weakened from a full-blown hurricane and now is a tropical storm. the storm also we know has proven to be a deadly storm. at least five people have been killed across the region. and the damage along the coast across the carolinas is expensive. the recovery will be long, slow and no doubt expensive. more than a million customers are presently without power and electricity including us in our hotel except for a generator that's keeping us warm for sure.
11:20 pm
we also know rescues are under way. many people will be in need of rescue as these flood waters continue to rise. we're also following this other major storm that is affecting the philippines right now. our anna coren following that story this hour with an update on typhoon mangkhut. >> the typhoon is now headed to china, but the typhoon will continue to hammer the philippines. it'll likely gain strength as it crosses the south china sea with its sight set on hong kong. as of yet there's been no report of casualties. what can we expect this typhoon
11:21 pm
to fully pass over the philippines? >> it looks like it's going to be at least another six hours or so. there's still lots of energy on that western or on that eastern edge. that's where we see the most dynamic activity when we see these hurricanes or typhoons or tropical systems. in this particular case, i can't remember the last time that i have seen a typhoon that was as monstrous as this one. it may not have been the strongest, that was in 2013. but this one was incredible. right now the winds supporting it are at 130 miles per hour, just about 215 kilometers per hour. as we go back in time here is the eye of what used to be super typho typhoon mangkhut.
11:22 pm
you know you have a storm that has the potential for quite a bit of destruction. it only made landfall during the early morning hours local time. when it made landfall the winds were at 270 kilometers per hour. it was a beast that say lying in wait to move across. but not just there. it enhanced the moisture into manila as well, so they saw some heavy precipitation. and moved out into the south china sea, and then it will set its sights on the area near hong kong. and should it make its way in that vicinity, it will be the strongest that we have seen in just about 60 years. so hold on, this is going to be rapidly evolving situation, but we'll keep you updated. >> thank you, karen. we're not fooled by the blue skies behind me, although some clouds are beginning to come in.
11:23 pm
let's go to philippines where alexandria field is standing by. alex, when we spoke in the last hour you said authorities claimed there were no fatalities that they could report of. what's the latest information? >> right, at that point they hadn't given us any update at any fatalities at all or any injuries. we are expecting to hear from officials again within the next hour, and that should give us the big picture view of what they were seeing on the ground. of course they have to coordinate with all the provinces that have been hit of what was a super typhoon when it made landfall right here in the philippines. it was stunning a few hours into daylight official wurz abs were say they haven't had any reports of casualties. of course you just heard there are still high winds, heavy rains, still the risk of storm surges and also the threat of
11:24 pm
land slides. you've got down power lines, you've got debris that's in the roads. and that makes any search or rescue efforts particularly complicated. but really the fundamental issue we're struggling with right now according to officials is the lack of communication. that's why information has been slow to trickle out. they are doing the best they can to get teams on the ground to assess the damage. but that was the optimistic note they were able to sound a few moments ago. there have not been any reported fatalities. again, we're waiting for an update that could come within the next hour. there were more than 4 million people who were expect today be in the path of that storm, so a lot of information to gather, and a difficult means of getting that information this morning. >> well, great to know we're getting an update from authorities within the next hour. but alex, tell us about this area that has been hit, that really took the brunt of this storm, the people living there, the communities.
11:25 pm
what sort of infrastructure are we dealing with? >> yeah, we were expecting that the storm would hit hardest specifically in two provinces. we're hearing isabella province, this was where they believed that the storm would unleash its impact. and certainly it does appear from the images these are the provinces that have been hit hard. specifically the focus is on the north, where the storm seems to have done the worst job, seems to have really unleashed its full force there, and that's where communication is so limited. we've heard from people who were there earlier in the overnight hours as that storm was starting to bear down. they still had communication. they were descriptions at that time of structural damage, windows were coming out. that the they were having to hunker down, wait it out, ride it out. evacuations were done where it was deemed to be necessary. this is very much a rural area.
11:26 pm
this is an agricultural area, so the impact of this storm on the land is important but not as important as the human toll when you talk about a storm like this. that's why we're focused on finding out whether there are injuries and whether that are casualties. >> thank you for that update. we are back live in north carolina. after the break, flooding from tropical storm florence could swamp parts of the north eastern part of the carolinas for days. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth...
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11:31 pm
china. >> anna, a major storm we will continue to follow with you. we start here in the united states on the east coast with this storm you see it right there over the state of north carolina, the big concern right now is this major system is moving at a snails pace. it's capable of dropping a great deal of water, causing severe flooding throughout, and for the next several days rescuers will be working around the clock to help people in need. >> in a matter of seconds my house was flood up to the waist and now it's up to the chest, and we're stuck in the attic. there's four of us. >> reporter: trapped and waiting for help as waters continue to rise, tropical storm florence is becoming more life threatening. >> people are yelling for help and we tried to go outside to help, but then the water got up like above his chest and then he had to come back inside, and it's the worst feeling in the
11:32 pm
world to hear people yelling help and you can't do anything. >> reporter: emergency crews across the carolinas are working to rescue as many people as they can from catastrophic flooding worsening by the hour. >> the rain and that flooding equals danger, and that means we're going to have to have patience. >> reporter: in the meantime flying debris, downed power lines and up rooted trees show the force of florence battering the carolina coast for more than 24 hours. here in wilmington, north carolina, a family of three was trapped when a tree crushed their home. crews worked to save them, some firefighters even prayed outside, but the storm claimed the lives of a mother and her infant. >> this loss of life is devastating. >> reporter: the tragedy adds to the death toll officials warn may worsen. >> this is going to be a very trying period. this is something we haven't had before. >> reporter: powerful, slow and relentless, the deadlystorm st
11:33 pm
inching further inland promising days of flooding. we're in the thick of it. this is something at will be a multi-day event. you get a sense of the problem and and now that's a problem rescuers will have to face. massive rescue efforts across the state. my colleague chris cuomo spoke to governor about it. >> we have great first responders out in the water right now rescuing people. we have had loss of life, and we mourn that. i'll tell you this storm is relentless and excruciating and very slow. moving at 3 miles an hour, and with every inch of rain that falls in our rivers it's that much closer to significant inland flooding. we've already experienced the ocean surge that you're about to experience in south carolina, and now we're deeply concerned
11:34 pm
about massive flooding inland. and we're still evacuating areas all along the rivers in north carolina. there's probably not a county or a person that won't be affected in some way by this very massive and violent storm. but we in north carolina, we're pulling together and we're going to get through it, and we're going to recover as well. >> and you know, i think that you're going to wind up finding out that you have friends that you never knew about. not just in this state or in the neighboring states but all across the country. people are watching the storm. we come together in moments like this. it's one of the signature traits of us as a people, and god willing it'll be there again in a moment of need as we start to recover from this event. you say there's been loss of life. we've been reporting it at 5. is there any update on that, governor. >> well, there are three confirmed deaths, but we are
11:35 pm
investigating other deaths that have occurred to see if they are related to the storm. you mentioned the help that we have gotten. we received personnel and equipment from 23 states across this country. i've talked to numerous governors who have sent help here. first responders who are putting their lives at risk. we're all americans when something like this happens, and i am very grateful for our local, state and federal partners and the volunteers, the faith based groups and particularly people who have come from as far away as california to help us out here in north carolina. >> governor, what are your emergency experts and officials telling you about the biggest concerns with the duration of this? i've stood in worse, you've lived through worse. you know, different times here in north carolina. i'm in south carolina.
11:36 pm
but i've never seen anything be so consistent for so long. what are they telling you about their concerns on that level? >> the problem is the combination of the ocean surge that we're getting, the storm surge from the sea on top of the relentless rain that we're having. there's really nowhere for the river water to go. it usually discharges into the ocean. the surge is backing it up. the rain on top of that is causing massive flooding, and the flooding is going to occur for several days because the rivers are going to continue to rise. water is our main problem right now, and we know that flood waters kill, and we're urging north carolinans to stay in place unless you're told to evacuate. and if you are go, get out of there, get to higher ground.
11:37 pm
>> and the governor of north carolina speaking to my colleague chris cuomo and, you know, making the point this storm as it came in it was a category 4, dropped to 3, dropped to 2 and dropped to 1, and now as a tropical storm, a reminder of people not to get too caught up in the category of these storms. because when they hit inland they cause major damage. this storm widespread across the south eastern part of the united states. really affecting now and moving into south carolina. the folks there will feel the impact in the hours to come. and where we are in wilmington, under a tornado watch. and keep in mind we're on the dirty side of the storm, the north eastern quadrant. that's the side that is capable of producing tornados. these are the things people have to watch out for as these storms sit over land, and crews do the
11:38 pm
best they can to make sure people are rescued and to give time so that the people who left can return safely. another storm is hitting hard on the other side of the globe. the force of typhoon mangkhut is being felt across it philippines. we'll look at the recovery efforts there, i should say, as cnn's breaking news coverage continues live. stay with us. (avo) help control cravings and lose weight with contrave. it's fda-approved to help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... i'm so hungry. (avo) and your reward system... ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults in the first few months. serious side effects are mood changes like depression and mania, seizures, increased blood pressure or heart rate, liver damage, glaucoma, allergic reactions, and hypoglycemia. not for patients with uncontrolled blood pressure, seizure history, anorexia, bulimia, drug or alcohol
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to find the kidde solution that's right for you. (beeping) huh. welcome back. we're covering two major storms this hour. one affecting asia, the other here in the united states. we take a look here at tropical storm florence. it's weakened from a full-blown mur cane, but the strong rain and the winds have seen at least five people lose their lives across the region. first responders have identified at least 500 people in need of rescue from the rising waters here. and we know there's 20,000 people sleeping in shelters this hour in north carolina alone. there is expensive damage throughout the region. recovery is going to be a slow, a long and expensive process. about a million customers are without electricity including us
11:43 pm
here where we're covering the storm save for a couple of generators that are keeping us going. also this major storm on the other side of the globe affecting the philippines. let's go now live to my colleague anna coren, following this story. >> typhoon mangkhut right now is moving offshore after cutting a path through the northern philippines. the storm's next landfall forecasted to be here in southern china. it'll likely strengthen as it moves across the south china sea. it lost its super typhoon status but it's still a powerful typhoon system. let's go back now to it philippines where our alexandria field is standing by in santiago city. i know you're expecting to hear from authorities within the next hour, which will give you a clearer picture as to situation. but so far they're saying no
11:44 pm
fatalities, which is extraordinary. compare that to the -- typhoon, what do you expect the lessons are learned. >> the memory of hyan is a storm that will simply not go away. there are a combination of factors that combined to leave a tragic disaster, you can't help but learn the lessons from that. hyan was a more powerful super typhoon that hit back in 2013 in the southern part of the country. you're talking about a more densely populated area, and there simpy wasn't the kind of warning about the typhoon making landfall that you did in this case. in this case you had a super typhoon making its way toward
11:45 pm
the northern part of the philippines and there was a lot of warning. there was wasn't a last minute change in paths so people were able to prepare. and over the last two days you had some 2,000 personnel deployed and going to the regions they thought would be most heavily affected and we're told they had some 3,500 families mostly in those coastal areas move more inland. they setup thousands of shelters in the country so people had a place to go. and it's worth pointing out this a part of the country prepared and used to typhoons. there was a typhoon that hit back in 2016 damaging tens of thousands of buildings. of course the emphasis is on protecting humanlife, and you did have from a national level, a level of preparedness here. you have the deployment of the
11:46 pm
military personnel, and also had relief supplies prepositioned including food and clean water, that of course key in the aftermath events. and also additional resources. and we heard earlier this morning there were two cargo planes packed with food and supplies ready to go, and also ten helicopters ready to go that could be sent in once weather cleared in order to conduct more rescue operations in the mountainous region, that was the more heavily hit region in this storm. >> some of these areas we know that they're remote, we know they're cut off. how difficult is it going to be to access these parts of the country that we know there will be expensive damage? >> yeah, when you talk about a super typhoon, when you talk about the kind of wind speeds and wind gusts that were experienced here overnight, you have to imagine that there is devastation. certainly that does affect
11:47 pm
infrastructure in most cases. it leaves an obstacle in the roadways and also talking about a mountainous region and a place where coastal regions are prone to storm surge. and aftermath in term of these kinds of events and navigating, getting to where you need to go, ven if you're going by helicopter to conduct these rescue operations you have to wait for the weather to clear to make those operations operable. the difficulty of conducting search and rescue operations, you've got the difficulty in this case there's just been limited communication. that means it's taken officials longer to understand where they might have to be. they did have this optimistic announce want earlier this morning there had been no reported casualties or fatalities at that point. but we will get the next assessment within the next hour. obviously hoping that picture is staying very much the same even as we see images of some debris
11:48 pm
and damage to buildings. >> we hope and pray everyone is safe. thank you for your reporting. our coverage of our monster storms continue. after the break we're back in north carolina after tropical storms pound the area. ild attene for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ and got them back on track. ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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tropical storm florence, it is here, moving inland slowly at a snail's pace, causing widespread flooding and heavy rains associated with these bands that are throughout the southeastern part of the u.s. officials fear the impact of all the water could be catastrophic before it's finally over. remember, florence was once a category 4 hurricane. so it's bringing on shore major storm surge in addition to major rains, leaving behind a great deal of debris on the roads. we know of at least five deaths from this storm. hundred s of people who didn't follow the warnings to evacuate or were unable to leave had to be rescued from the rapidly rising waters here. more than 900,000 customers presently without power. earlier, i spoke with a person who rode the storm out, crystal webb in myrtle beach, south
11:53 pm
carolina. crystal close to ride the storm out from her home, and now she is on a mission to help the animals that were left behind there. take a look. >> one of the main reasons i stayed behind, when i stayed behind with matthew, i became aware of just how many people when they evacuate, they just leave their animals to fend for themselves. and these animals needed rescue. so, you know, i took that chance just to put my faith in and i'm going to be okay, i'm going to be here, and before the storm, i was out looking. you know, i was getting messages from people all around saying hey, we've heard there is a dog at this address or there is a couple of dogs at this address, or, you know. and people have left their dogs in pens or chained up. these dogs don't have a chance, especially when the water starts to rise. they'll drown. if we can't get to them, they're, you know, nobody is
11:54 pm
going to help them if we don't. >> you know, crystal, a moment ago we were just talking about risks, the risks that people take associated with these storms, certainly a risk to stay and hunker down through a storm. but also, you know, because you care, right? because you care to make sure that these animals are protected given these strong storms that come through. >> well, it is a risk. and it's something that you take, you know. i do rescues throughout the year, and any rescue is going to be a risk. i have been injured doing rescues before. but, you know, it's worth it. when you save that dog and you know that that dog shows you that love, you bond with that dog because he is showing you appreciation for saving him. because animals know when they've been rescued, and they're going to show you that love, that appreciation, and they never forget you. i have seen dogs a year or two
11:55 pm
after i've rescued them, and they act like, you know, i was their long lost friend. and just happy to see me. but they never forget. and it's worth it. it really is. you know, i put my heart and soul into it. and as soon as this storm will let up or when curfew lets up, if the weather permits, i'll be back out there. and, you know, just doing what i can. if i can only help one, to me it's worth it. >> and our coverage continues following the effects of tropical storm florence here in the southeast u.s. i'm george howell live in wilmington, north carolina. >> and i'm anna coren. we'll have more on hurricane florence and the devastation from typhoon mangkhut up next. thank you. you're watching cnn. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes.
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12:00 am
of the globe. i'm george howell in wilmington, north carolina. in the middle of tropical storm florence, and we're still feeling the effects of what has proven to be a deadly storm. >> and don, anna coren in hong kong where a powerful typhoon is threatening four million people in the northern philippines. >> anna, much more of course from hong kong throughout the hour here. but first let's start in the united states here in north carolina tropical storm florence and what a mess it is right now. here in wilmington we are certainly in the middle of this storm, and the dirty side of this storm as we're feeling the effects. we know this has proven to be a deadly storm. we know that this storm ended up claiming the lives of a mother and infant, killed in their home when a tree fell down. rescuers tried to rescue them but were unable to do so. we also know that a man died when trying to connect a cord due to electricity. this proven to be a deadly


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