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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 22, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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hows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. thrchlts woman the woman accusing supreme court nominee with sexual assault is given an extension. plus u.s. deputy attorn a egeneral issuing two statements of denial following reports he wanted to use the constitution to remove the u.s. president from office. and it's been one year. >> it has bun one year, wow. we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and
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all around the world. i'm george howal. >> and i'm natalie allen. cnn newsroom starts right now. at 5:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast, we start with the latest on the woman accusing u.s. supreme court kavanaugh of sexual assault. there's a new deadline calling on her to testify. chuck grassley says christine blasey fords has until saturday to decide whether she's going to testify before his kmuty. they said if she didn't let them know by wednesday they would vote on monday to confirm brett kavanaugh to the high court. >> and ford's attorney called that deadline arbitrary and asking for another day to decide. committee chairman tweeted judge
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kavanaugh, i just granted another extension to ford. she should decide so we can move on. i want to hear her. i hope you understand. rut it's not my normal proach to be indecisive. >> president trump made very clear where he stands on the subject. listen. >> brett kavanaugh, fantastic man, she just announced she won't vote for him, can you believe that. you talk about central casting. they were saying 10 years ago about him. he was born for the u.s. supreme court. he was born for it and it's going to happen. we have to fight for him. not worry about the other side. and by the way women are for that more than anybody would understand. >> and that comes after the president made comments very
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clear about kavanaugh's accuser, katelyn collins has moron that. >> reporter: president trump unleashing breaking after days of restraint and lashing out at the woman who's accused his supreme court nominee of sexual assault and tweeting if the alleged attack was as bad as she says it was, christine blasey ford would have filed charges. president trump demanding to know the date, time. algaugzs he has vigorously denied. white house officials were caught off guard by the president's initially mgserred response until he cast doubt on ford's allegations, asking why didn't someone call the fbi 36 years aego? in an interview earlier this week ford recalled thinking i'm not ever telling anyone this. moments before trump attacked
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ford, kelly ann conway said >> i hope this woman is not being used by the democrats. >> and the president criticizing democrats who have called for an fbi investigation saying facts don't matter to them. from's remarks kmung as ford 's attorneys continue with the judiciary committee over her possible testimony, including a request that she never be in the same room as kavanaugh. trump tweeting let her testify or not and take the vote. as he continues to tout his nominee's credentials. >> a great intellect. a great gentleman and impeccable reputation. went to yale, top student, went to yale law school, top student. >> reporter: as trump continues to sew dout about the accusations.
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>> why didn't somebody call the fbi 36 years ago? now with that being said, let her have her say and let's see how it all works out. sfwlr >> reporter: senator susan collins said she was appalled by the president's tweets. >> we know that allegations of sexual assault are one of the most unrecorded crimes that exist. so i thought that the president's tweet was completely inappropriate and wrong. >> reporter: now president trump addressed the cavanaugh at the rally. that he's not worried about what democrats are doing and that women are for that more than anyone would understand but he didn't mention the specific allegations made nor did he mention the name of his accuser, even though he repeatedly
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attacked her on twitter earlier. cnn, traveling with the president in missouri. and now stunning allegations about the second in command at the u.s. justice department. they say the former deputy director of the fbi show this man, rod rosenstein discussed wearing a wire to record conversations with president trump and recruiting cabinet members to remove hum from office. rosenstein denies it all. >> president trump was urged not to make any decision right now. at rally the president didn't publicly criticize rosenstein or the report but did have harsh words for the justice department and the fbi. >> just look at what is now being exposed in our department of justice and the fbi. look at what's going on.
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and wherei want to tell you. we have great people in the department of justice. we have great people -- these are people -- i really believe you take a pole. i got to be at 95%. but you got some real bad ones. they're all gone. they're all gone. they're all gone. but there's a lingering sterch and we're going to get rid of that too. >> so the question, what happens of the political fire storm around rosenstein. we have this report ahead. >> reporter: deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein floated the idea of secretly wearing a wire to record president trump last year. the second most powerful person also reportedly discussed with
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doj officials are kruting cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office for being unfit. rosenstein vehemently denying this saying the new york times story is factually incorrect. i will not further comment on a stora based on anonymous source whose are obviously bias against the department and advancing their own personal agenda. let me be clear about this, based on my own personal dealings with the president there is no basis to instlovoke twoivth amendment. others told the new yorktumeses that rosenstein was serious and rauzed the idea of others wearing a wire. mccabe, whose memoses have been handed over to special counsel
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robert mueller's team was fired following an onslaught of twitter attacks from the president. suggesting mccabe has credibility issues and wanted to to what he could to lay the ground work off a special counsel after comey was fewered. but another source believes mccabe had no incentive to lie. today mccabe denied how the times got their hands. saying he gave all of his memos, classified and unclassified to the special counsel's office. a set of those remoned at the fbi that time of his departure. he has no knowledge of how any member of the media obtained those memos. rosenstein took charge of the russia investigation after attorney general jeff sessions recused himself.
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now as for president trump's call to declassify so many othose messages, he now appears to boo ebacking off from that. he put out a tweet saying he would leave it up to the department of justice's inspectorgeneral. rosenstein and kavanaugh, much to discuss in washington d.c. he said this report boy the white house is false. if it's true, what does it say about president trump? and here we have already had an anonymous oped, alleging they're going to quietly try to stifle him. >> as you say this is unsubstantiated reports.
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we dent know what the sources are. we have to bear that unmind. it create as lot more kind of fuel for the fire which surrounds the white house and its entire style, its governing, the kind of chaos which runs within it and the kind of schisms which exist about the credibility of the president. so, yes, it doesn't do president trump very much good but that moment we don't fully know what the sources are either. >> the question is what will the fallout be? we certainly know what the president thinks about the justice department. it all goes back to the mueller investigation. you think he'll touch that? >> very difficult to answer. but it seems to me the particular timing is the most significant thing. i think it basically does a lot to -- as we head towards the
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midterm elections in november t does a lot to further sthak credibility of the administration and therefore the prau prospects for the house in particular. it's very difficult to speculate on how this is going to play out. but whereby think it creates an image and the image is this is an administration unable to be coherent, well governed, organized and so on. i think to lead to this kind of position, it suggestests there's a credibility problem for trump within the party, party leadership but i think it also plauinize to the democratic party's hands for the election asual. >> let's talk about the other pressing issue. supreme court bid. republicans want him on the court and they want it for the midterm elections. if they don't appear to take the allegation by this professor, this female professor ford
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seriously enough and we heard mcconnell say we're going to plow through it. that doesn't sound like sensitivity. or will that embolden republicans regardless? >> this is a very risky strategy, probably that the president and his team have embarked upon. i think it's reignited, if you like the #me too movement and politics around predatory dags sexual predators. and again it seems politically timed for these particular lectio elections and times to strengthen the flow of white women voters from the republican party towards the democrats for november. so if kavanaugh is to be confirmed before the midterms,
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and remember thus is an allegation and not a proven fact, it is going to possibly damage the midterms. but in the longer run having an ultraconservative on the supreme court is a massive victory and that's going to flilive for man decades. even if it hurts them in the midterm elections. >> democrats keep emphasizing that in this back and forth with kavanaugh and his accuser of this is for life and this will change this court for many, many years to come. do you think we'll hear anything more from kavanaugh here? he's been at the white house every day working on this, hunkering down with them there. he's not asking for an investigation and why not clear his name so if he gets on the court he wouldn't be like
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clarence thomas and tainted. >> it's a very delicate situation and what i read is mr. kavanaugh has appointed a female attorn a. he t tuzant want to come over as strong man -- i think he's trying to handle it as delicately as possible and get his conformation through. both rosenstein and this issue, i think, are connected. they're both politically times for the midterm elections. i always go back to 2016. i think 2016 was a very unusual year and uncovered major rifts and divides along class and economic lines. we're kind of back to a sort of
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politics of the normal that is palace intrigue, internal politics, identity politics, whereas 2016 came to the for with economic equality and so on. i think this is suppressing some of the deep divisions in the society and i think those divisions are going to carry on. but i think this is a kind of maujer shift to the right unamerican politics. >> always appreciate your insight. thank you. hurricane florence causing trouble for the carolinas. >> officials warn a possible environmental issues as well. we'll have that plus. >> within seconds a woman came out of nowhere and just hugged me. she had no idea who i was. but i was the first outsider she had seen in days. >> one year after one of the deadliest natural disasters in
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breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyelid and eyebrow drooping and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. leave your mark on the world. minimize its mark on you. get started at have a look here in north carolina. people facing new concerns after the wrath of hurricane florence. they're worried about contamination from flood waters. possibly causing coal ashing to flow into the nearby are river. >> duke energy is making repairs and monitoring that sit waugz. but the entire state of north
2:20 am
carolina is still swamp would with water one week after the storm made land fall and officials warn more flooding could be on the waw. >> flooding continues unparts of our state and 12 of our river are measuring at major flood stage. some locations won't see rivers crest until late in the weekend and flooding will continue well into next week. this means that lives are still at risk and people need to stay alert for lockal evacuation orders. >> pretty much the same in south carolina too. the flooding has turned streets into rivers. >> authorities say 23 out of the states' 46 counties could be impacted by flooding. all of this as the death toll continueses to rise, at least 44 people have now died.
2:21 am
and nick valencia has been follow thing aftermath of the hurricane and has more from conwau. >> the water here in conway, it's slowly seeping back to the very same communities that were already hard hit. in fact the same community president trump visited earlier in the week is under water agon. and they said the water was rising at boet three inches per hour. what they're very concerned about is the river that'sall retdy set a record during hurricane matthew. the biggest concern is a coal ash pond. they brought in an inflatable dam to make sure no contaminants get in the water.
2:22 am
cnn, conway, south carolina. so many people effected by this. our meteorologist is here and karen, just a mess daws after the storm. >> it's not just isolated here and there, but central kaur lune aa all the why the coast has been dev stait station. each day we see theuptick in the number of fatalities assocuate would it. it has been dev stating for the economy, thousands of people still in shelters. the areas that expand all the way from the pb river basin up towards the cape fear ruv. they're still going to expect rise over the next several days. let's talk about what's happened in canada. typically we don't think of tornadoian.
2:23 am
and you can their. debris was flying around. people without power, buildings damaged or destroyed. there were at least 15 sent to hospitals. about three of them reported serious and another area in canada, thus is brit gsz columbia. firefighters in the vicinity of vander hoof. this is a firenado. with with fires hot enough that you would see. the fire tornado grabbed their hose, sucked it to the atmosphere and melt it. i'm not sure clats rr a great idea. nonetheless thaw were injured in this particular situation. but you can imagine just how the terrifying that is.
2:24 am
almost like scorched earth when you take a look at how fascinating mother nature is. and your were asked about picking up other items and this is the it season that was really terrible across california, montana, oregon, washington. >> thank you. one year ago this week hurricane maria becoming one of the worst national disasters in history. >> devastated the island and plungering its residents into a year-long nightmare. 2,975 is the toll. >> our layla santiago and weir give me ea response and what really happened in puerto rico
2:25 am
o. >> as soon as i got off the chopper, a gentleman came towards me and he said hey, who are you and i said i'm cnn. >> my colleague has been providing relentless, award winning coverage since day one. >> and he was so angry. i mean he was mad. >> because you weren't fema? >> because i didn't have any help with with me. i had questions and within seconds a woman came out of nowhere and just hugged me. she had no idea who i was. but i was the first outsider she had seen in days. >> couldn't you use national guardsman in two-week rotations to come in? are you begging your bosses for more men? >> no. >> reporter: one nunmonth aftere
2:26 am
storm said he had 17,000 people. two weeks after the haiti week the u.s. had 22,000 troops on the ground in a foreign country. thus is such a mass v disaster, so much humanitarian need. shouldn't there be all hands on deck? >> we ehave all hands on deck at this time. >> reporter: an internal report would show over half were untrained, unqualified and didn't speak spanish. if you could go back in time, what would you do differently? >> i would look at the plans. it i would come in and talk to the common welt of puerto rico and realize the plans. >> this is a cnn special report you won't want to miss. >> "storm of controversy" is
2:27 am
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2:31 am
chuck grassley granted her an extension after friday's deadline had passed. sources say memos of of the former director of fbi show rodrosenstein considered wearing a wire and recruiting cabinet members to remove him from office. >> the media and iran reportedly 10 people were killed when gunman opened fooish fire nire the border with iraq. they were discussed as revolutionary guards. two were arrested, two were killed during the assault. former president barack obama said this year's midterm elections is one of the most controversial
2:32 am
controversial. >> folks taking credit for this economic miracle. it's like hold up. hold up. they act like you get started. please. >> mr. obama carried that state twice, donald trump won in 2016 and democrats see that has as a possible bell weather. some pennsylvania political watchers believe the democrats may indeed have the win at their backs. >> six weeks until the midterm electioness in the united states. political races are heating up and especially in texas. this republican strong hold, the
2:33 am
senate races has become strongly competitive. >> the two faced off opcontentious debate friday. they highlighted their differences on several tongs including immigration, guns and standing for the national anthem and of course u.s. president donald trump. >> i've got a response lkt which is to fight for aev person here and in this state. and so i have worked hand on hand of substance with the president. >> if the president aic tas you personally, your wife, your father, that's your business. but when he allow as foreign power to evade our democracy, we need someone who will stand up to this president. >> google says the email
2:34 am
accounts has been targeted by hackers. >> the threat is so real and thus isn't the first time. our bryan todd has moron thus cyber alert from washington d.c. members of the u.s. senate are on alert their personal email accounts has target said. they warn their personal g mail accounts were targeted. sam widen is sounding the alarm with senate leadership. >> for dangerous foreign harkz, this is just a no brainer. pursesinal accounts are low hanging fruit. what you saw is the personal account, particularly of people like podesta and colon powell were the ones they went after
2:35 am
firs. >> cnn has learned the targeting of senator's emalls occurred in recent months. sources say attempts were made at both democratic and -- staff. they're also not saying whether eany of the attempted hacks have been successful. how vulnerable are their personal email accounts. >> certainly it depends on whether they've done things like their best security practices. which foreign government is trying to hack senators? multiple nations are targeting people with associate would leaders and their staff. and fancy bear, targeting the dj party in 2018 and this fake
2:36 am
email from prugsz intellgens afrss tricked them on to entering his password. thereside the be a drev drove. >> one thing you can do easily is some up with their social net wrrkwork. documents you shouldabout have in your personal email accounts. >> one thing they could do is find things that can be used for blackmail. just last muonth microsoft announced it thwarted part of a russian military intelligence operation targeting some ink tacks. >> so far he has with withdrawn the twroous from the obama
2:37 am
hereof here auz deal and reimposed sanctions on iranian oil exporters. he told the yearing choud, his pall ass all working. before i took oerchal said ray iran will take kafr of the middle east. i hope we get along with them great but it's not easy for them and frank ely, it's not easy for others until we get treated with the respect that we deserve. >> well, this all may come to a head next week during the un genroom assembly. president trump is expecteded to criticism the country for showing instability throughout the middle east.
2:38 am
meanwhile, microsoft will fail >> and spoke with the u.s.sic reitary of state about the instability going on. >> we have told the islamic republic of iran will not permit us from respondsing. a direct threat against iran. after a pair of rocket athakz allegedly by airanian to attack an amare kng interest. iran will be held accountable. if they're responsible for arming and training of these militias, we're going to that source. >> he dufbled down unhis attacks against john kerry.
2:39 am
president trump pulled out of the nuclear deal in iran. >> no american and in particular no former secretary of state should be actively seeking to undermine the foreign policy of the united states of america. that's sec areitary kaer a's problem. >> and pompeo sesz heel wrr finishes deal later this week. is the president allowing kim jong-un to set the base knowing he made those commitments and he'll trust it decision ultimately? >> we knew the pace would be uneven but the progress each and every day was impoortant. the world sanctions. the u it n security counsel res
2:40 am
lougzs demand ehe make this decision and the enforcement will continue in just time that it occurs. >> he details measured they've curved what he knew as trump's changeerous episode. a cabinet is move upg thens aruined to stay in the count cannery. have you seen that? and do you do that in? >> i find that absolutely lewd skrs. there aren't many a i will spend as much time with him the. i see and hear him every day. this is a president fully informed. ask said hard questions and leaning towards solving so many of the problems. but it was left
2:41 am
to us we'll get it right. and iran will be a major focus next kweek with speeches by pompeo and national security advisor on the threat posed by iran. he'll also be meeting with 34e78bers of the obsition. as an effort to rally the world. and the british prime minister facing another brexit setback. >> and a live report from london. i can't believe it. that everything sticks to stefon diggs's hands? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. cool, huh? yeah. he plays football, huh?
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welcome back. the eu is offering an olive
2:45 am
branch after a testy summit on brexit. the president off the european counsel says compromise is still possible. >> this after european leaders rejected her latest brexit proposal in u.s.a. are eau. she says if the eu keeps are fusing her ideas t needs to come up with some of its own. >> as i told eu leaders neither sides should demand the unacceptable of another. we can't have anything that threatens the integ are ety of the union. we cannot accept anything that does not respect the result of the referendum, just as they cannot accept anything in the interest of their citizens. throughout this process i have treated the eu with nothing but respect.
2:46 am
the uk expects the same. a good relationship at the end of this process depends on it. >> and now live, our ana stewart is on this the british prime minister speaking following a tough time in austria. some say she showed backbone, saved face domestically, but given this impasse, given so much leverage, where do things go at this point? >> that's a very good question and i guesses it's who is going to compromise first? and we've had comments from the uk foreign secretary who has come out and supported teresa may and said eu's position is inherently unreasonable. and posed a photo of himself with a caption sorry no cherries.
2:47 am
subtle hint that they've bun trying to chaury pick its brexit deal. tr the big question is will she have support from the rest of her cabinet. and a meeting monday set to be something of a show down unless teresa may can come up with an alternative. of course bhfore the summit she said it was her deal. so to climb down from that would be tricky. >> clearly a little shade thrown there. teresa may has made it clear there's no reconsidering brexit. but given how there is the vision on this issue of brexit, is there a sense of leadership change, and especially as the deadline next year approaches. >> you know it's anyone ever talked about.
2:48 am
any donor i have people want to know about brexit. it's more and more speculation for teresa may her sl. it was more positive noises prps if the show down ends -- they probably we've already have a vote in the party. the big question remains whether they would get 158 votes that would be needed to actually are move her a as leader. >> september 22nd, 2018. the question will we be talking about this the same time next year? >> i hope not. >> thank you so much. pope francis is in lithuania. he just arrived last hour. he's set to visit the world war ii jewish ghetto in the capitol
2:49 am
and where catholic priests were interrogated, tortured and killered. >> he'll also visit lat via and astonia. u.s. supreme court nominee has detractors and supporters. after this break. >> this guy's an alter boy a scout. because one woman made an allegation, i'm sorry i don't buy it. >> there was no intercourse, there was maybe a touch. can we really? 36 years later she's still stuck on that? sometimes bipolar i disorder can really get you going. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground.
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rewards me basically so why am i sliding into this ski lodge with my mini horse? because lets me do me. sorry, the cold makes him a little horse. you do you and get rewarded. the sexual assault allegation against supreme court justice kavanaugh is dividing people across the united states. >> randy cay went to talk to republican women to get their thoughts on the topic. >> a show of hands how men a of you believe judge kavanaugh when he says this didn't happen? >> i believe him. >> i believe him.
2:54 am
>> how can we believe the word of a woman for something that happened 36 years ago? when this guy has an impeccable reputation. this guy's an alter boy a scout. because one woman made an allegation, saur a i don't buy it. >> in the grand scheme of things, my goodness, there was no intercourse, there was maybe a touch. 36 yoors later we're still talking about that. >> we're talking about a 15 year old boy which i respect and a 17 year old boy. tell me what boy hasn't done this in high school, i would want to know. >> she's gone undercover, gotten death threats. so if she's lying, why come forward? >> she's also destroying his
2:55 am
life, his wife's lives, his children's lives. why didn't she come out sooner if she's tell thing truth? >> why didn't she -- he's been a federal judge for over a decade. >> why not have a thorough investigation instead of just the two of them he said, she said? >> because it does not matter what everyone else has to say. >> reporter: the fbi investigated, it took three days, done. why not now? >> this is not the same. this is a high school kid. >> reporter: something that allegedly happened 30 plus years ago happen today? >> we can't judge a character of a man based on what he did at 17. >> and i would hate to think 30 years later someone is going to destroy your life -- it's not right but maybe you touched somebody the way you're not supposed to. >> as women, do you have some
2:56 am
sympathy for what she's going for? >> no sympathy. and maybe he didn't pay atengsz to her afterwards. and she got bitter or whatever it situation is. they're kids. >> reporter: if it is true, would it be okay with you if he became justice on the supreme court? >> as long as that's an isolated incident, yes. he was 17. he was not even an adult and we've all made mistakes at 17. i believe in a second chance. >> i'd be more than okay with with him being supreme court judge. >> if they've moved on and are a good human being, whom are we to ask? >> depends on who you ask. >> "new day" is next. for viewers around the world, i'll be back with you. stay with us.
2:57 am
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this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein floated the idea of wearing a wire to secretly record president trump last year. >> just look at what is now being exposed in our department of justice and the fbi. there's a lingering stench, and we're going to get rid of that, too. >> rod rosenstein had a shocked reaction to something we all know to be true. that is that the white house is a circus. >> james comey needs to fire rod rosenstein. if he doesn't, donald trump needs to fire both of them. >> brett kavanaugh is a fantastic man. he was born for the u.s. cour


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