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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  September 23, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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top of the hour. i'm ana cabrera in new york. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." thanks for being with us. right now we have more details about this week's open hearing when the woman who says supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted her will tell her story on the hill. christine blasey ford will go first and kavanaugh will give a chance to respond. it's scheduled to happen on thursday starting at 10:00 in the morning before the senate judiciary committee. as for who will be steering the conversation works will ask the questions, that and a few other things are still up in the air. cnn's jessica snider is following developments in washington, an boris sanchez is outside trump tower here in new york where the president is staying the night. jessica, tell us more about what is going to happen on thursday. what still has to be worked out? >> reporter: yeah, ana, the broad parameters of all of this is set. thursday at 10:00 a.m., but really there are several sticking points for blasey
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ford's attorneys, and on those requests the committee really isn't budging here. blasey ford's team wants wednesdaying and right now the committee is only expected to hear from blasey ford herself and kavanaugh. blasey ford's attorneys wanted trauma experts to testify as well as other people who were supposedly at this party, but to that end the committee's chairman chuck grassley issued a lengthy update today. he said that the committee has been investigating for the past week or so and that committee, the majority, has talked to all four people who were at the party, and all of them reiterate, including judge kavanaugh, that they have no recollection or knowledge of this alleged party where blasey ford says that this sexual assault took place. in addition today, chuck grassley said that the committee has tried to interview blasey ford with no success. in fact, the committee issued this statement in part today saying the committee has asked dr. ford to participate in a confidential interview with republican and democratic
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committee staff the day after learning her identity. we know that was september 17th after "the washington post" article and then continued to said committee has reiterate that had request over the last week. so no response yet on that front from blasey ford's attorneys, but they have been in these ongoing negotiations for several days. finally this morning, they agreed to the testimony on thursday. so here's what they said about their client coming to capitol hill on thursday. they said despite actual threats to her safety and her life, dr. ford believes it is important for senators to hear directly from her about the sexual assault committed against her. so really the stage is set here for thursday when blasey ford is scheduled to testify. she will go first after which judge kavanaugh will go before the committee. all of this commencing at 10:00 a.m. this will be an open hearing, open to the public, and christine blasey ford will also have dedicated security along with two of her attorneys who will sit at the counsel table
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while she's questioned. ana, a lot at stake here just a few days away. in the meantime, democrats have renewed their call for the fbi to do an investigation here. you know, they point to the anita hill allegations back in 1991. they say then han investigation happened, and they say, ana, it only took three days so they say there's plenty of time and no response now from the white house about that call for the fbi to investigate. ana? >> all right. jessica, stand by. boris, president trump there in new york ahead of the u.n. general assembly. he hasn't mention the the kavanaugh situation since that tweet storm on friday. is he listening to senior republicans who want him to keep quiet about it? >> reporter: it appears that so far he is, ana. president trump not weighing in on the ongoing negotiations between christine blasey ford, her attorneys and the senate judiciary committee over her testimony on thursday nor the announcement that she would be
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testifying. a distinct change from friday where as you mentioned the president accused angry leftist radicals of trying to destroy brett kavanaugh's confirmation and further questioned why it took so long for ford to come ford with these accusations against brett kavanaugh, the president's pick to replace justice anthony kennedy on the supreme court, so the president so far has remained quiet. we should point out that there's reporting in "the washington post" that brett kavanaugh has been going to the white house for the past several days, and for several hours he's been staging these sort of mock confirmation hearings where white house aides specifically ask him questions play acting as senators related to christine blasey ford's accusations, to his time at georgetown prep, et cetera. according to that recording in "the post" kavanaugh had become uncomfortable at certain points and did not want to answer certain questions. again, so far the president has remained quietch the white house h has responded to calls for the
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senate democrats asking for calls for the fbi to investigate the claims. we'll see if the president weighs in. >> thank you both. let's dig with cnn political analyst paul cowan and kelly james. what question, paul, as a prosecutor would you have if you were to have the opportunity to talk to both ford and kavanaugh? >> well, as both a prosecuteored and defense attorney, you know, the field has changed radically about how you question someone who claims sexual abuse or sexual assault. back in the bad old days when anita hill was being questioned, lawyers were very aggressive in going after the witness, in trying to show that the witness was a liar. i anticipate a much gentler approach with dr. ford. i think you'll see questions about her recollection, suggesting possibly that her recollection is not particularly reliable, and i think the one thing i would see people
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emphasizing is that, you know, normally when a traumatic event occurs, you have a distinct recollection of what happened. a lot of people know where they when when john f. kennedy was shot or when 9/11 occurred. people think this is here first really brutal sexual assault and she has no recollection as to where the assault took place or she's not firm on the time either. she says i think 1982, but it was in the 1980s. those are two items that i think suggest that maybe her recollection is not so good, and i think you'll see questions about that. >> and it's so interesting because her lawyers want to be able to call other witnesses, including trauma experts, and so far they are saying that republicans have been pushing back on this. we're having some technical difficulties, guys. i think we need to take a quick break. we'll be right back and continue this conversation. where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico.
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his unique voice and perspective changed the way millions of people around the globe view food, travel and each other. tonight you can join anthony bourdain for one more ride around the world as cnn brings you the final season of anthony bourdain, parts unknown. the journey begins in africa where bourdain introduces his special travel xannon w. kamal bell to the sites, sounds and tastes of kenya. watch. ♪ >> nairobi means cool water. it's the capital of kenya with 6.5 million people living in the metro area. it grew up around a british railroad depot during the colonial era. halfway between other british interests and uganda and the coastal port of mombassa. ♪ ♪
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there's a sense here of been there, done that. not a good luck for me but there's a mischievous curiosity in a part of my brain to see how kamal comes out to seat heat, the crowds, the rush and the whole new rush of an overwhelming world because that's what is it the first time. this ain't berkeley. >> here with us now w. kamal bell, cnn's host of "unit shades of america" so in this episode the two of you are to go. i know you have said that anthony bourdain is somebody who is very special to you. you wore a shirt his image on it to the emmys, and you give him a lot of credit for your own success. >> yeah. i was following his career far before i ever imagined that i could have a show before i followed his on cnn. you know, it was rarified air that i knew i was in there as we were there filming, yeah.
5:13 pm
>> how did this come to be? >> the first time we met was at the emmys, the first we were nominated for an emmy for "united shades" and i saw him from across the room at the governor's ball after party and i saw him and was hoping he would know who i am. >> fans of each other. >> and he's like i like your show and we should do something together and every time we saw each other at cnn events and he finally said where haven't you ben? and i said i haven't been to kenya and it all came together. >> what was it like going through that experience with him in a country that has a personal connection to you as well? >> i mean, i was sort of watching myself go through the experience. it's like i was having the whole like i'm here. i'm -- i'm already imagining myself on tv watching this. i'm also watching how they produce the show because i have a show that's similar to his, and i'm going to learn stuff.
5:14 pm
it was like "parts unknown" fantasy camp where rich guys go play with the mets for a day and i was sort of on the team for wheel, and it was really quite special and quite eye-opening. >> what was the big takeaways? >> so many takeaways. i was worried about going to africa, that it wouldn't feel like i was a part that have in some way. >> why is that? >> african-americans have a relationship with africa that is strained because we all don't know where we came from and we don't have family there in the same way you think of family. when i went, and i know i don't come from kenya, so i don't know how it's all going to feel but they were all very welcome home. >> but kamal is kenyan. >> my middle name is kenyan and kenyans all of my lives would say why did you get that name and saying my mom and dad gave me that name so i would be connected to africa and so i always knew i needed to go to
5:15 pm
kenya. >> let's watch a clip. >> the other thing i'm aware of, too, on this trip is still that thing about not wanting to feel like i have come home, you know. >> mm-hmm. >> and yet there is a sense that there is this dies spraic feeling even though i didn't come from kenya. it's nice to have that connection. >> even the frame that it was built through was colonialist even though that's not, you know, it's the good part of colonial. it brings people together. >> should kind of be compulsory viewing. >> if you ever run for president, this should be compulsive viewing. >> at the very least i do think that a lot of perspectives will be opened up and minds changed. you know, this is on a very personal note like the idea that i'm signature here with you doing this now, knowing where my life and career have come is pretty cool.
5:16 pm
>> i love you both just watching that. it's such an impactful moment. tell us more about that conversation and its significance for you. >> the thing about that conversation, especially that part at the end, that was after we had gotten to the meat of the conversation about kenya and what he thought and then we pulled the cameras back to do what we called wide shots and what i said to him, they are not going to use it for the episode. >> you serious? >> this is a wide shot. i know how that works. this is for edit points, and he knew, that too, so then later i read after that, he talks about how lucky he feels in his life when i think when you watch it it's hard to get through. >> a tearjerker. >> we were just two guys talking at that point. it wasn't about tv. not about africa, just two people who had a life path that had brought them together. >> the thing about anthony bure day, and we've heard from so many people who know him, he's just so personable and so engaged and so curious, is he's toe talk to?
5:17 pm
>> yeah. from the first moment i met him i definitely got the feeling from anthony that he didn't suffer feels gladly and if he didn't want to talk to you he wouldn't talk to you. there were times when people would approach him and he would let people know i'm done with my interview sap and i can't do anymore. but for mow it was very much being a member of the justice league, he's superman and i'm robin. we all worked in the same building. we talked and had breakfast and hung out after the show and talked in the car on the way to things. it was great. >> he introduced to goat's head soup. this show is about food as much as it is about culture. what was that like? >> i thought it was going to be a bowl of soup with some goat head pieces in it, but really it was like -- a cup of broth and they both a whole goat head to the table and stewed and butchered quickly and it was a pile of flesh and everybody pulled to the pile of flesh and put salt on it. somehow i got an eyeball. >> oh, my gosh. >> and i sort of chewed the
5:18 pm
eyeball and i felt like it was time to swallow it, and i thought i acted pretty well and it's like clearly i'm a little fear factor in there, yeah. >> in retrospect, what was it like? was it more of the fear of what you were eating or you didn't real like the taste of it? >> i'm a texture person, so it was -- it was chewy in a way that if it ended up in my mouth and i didn't know it was, but there it's like i want to honor the experience so i will eat this eyeball and enjoy it. >> oh, my. i look forward to seeing more that have in the episode. let's end on a serious note. what do you see as anthony bourdain's legacy? >> do you to the enth degree whether you're in tv journalism, you're a fine artist, whatever it is, pursue your art into legacy. when we talked about the show and how he made, it it wasn't about tv production, it was about how he was turning it into
5:19 pm
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e right now sports writers around the world are writing a three-word headline many thought we'd never see again, tiger woods wins. the 42-year-old golf legend won his first pga tournament in five years, taking the tour championship by two strokes. cnn's sports correspondent patrick snell is joining us from the east lake golf club, and we've rarely seen tiger get
5:24 pm
emotional after wing, and this time was different, and i understand you just talked to him. tell us about that. >> absolutely, he really was. public displays of emotion when your name is tiger woods, ana, exceedingly rare. this was truly an historic day, at historic east lake. thousands out on the course witnessing a very special, very special moment indeed. we had the surreal, surreal image of thousands out on the 18th green when they all just converged to get the best possible vantage point to see what tiger woods was doing and tiger woods emerging from that very, very throng. it was truly certainly one of the greatest sporting moments i have ever witnessed, and then when you reflect on all he's been through, you know, he's had 14 major victories and won all over the world, but he's been through a whole litany of injuries, the back surgeries, the knee injuries. at one point he didn't even know if he was ever going to play the
5:25 pm
game again, let alone win. i put all that to him, and here's how he reflected upon it. >> it's been unbelievable to get to this level again. i didn't know if that would ever happen again and lo and behold here we are. we've worked through the unknown, and that was the hardest part. it wasn't unknown. i didn't know if -- if i would be able to do this again or at what level, to what degree, and here we are with 80 wins. it's a pretty cool number. >> reporter: there are many who will describe this as the greatest sporting comeback of all time. you yourself earlier this year at augusta, you described yourself as a walking miracle. what do you call yourself now? >> well, i'm just blessed. i'm lucky. i am lucky, because it worked out for me. you know, my back was in a pretty bad spot for me, and to
5:26 pm
be able to have a back that is not like what it used to be and still be able to somehow have figured this out, to figure out a golf swing and a game built on, you know, a fixed point in my back, it's been pretty interesting. it hasn't been easy, but i've -- i've been very lucky to have had a great team around me, and they have worked so hard to give me a chance and also the support i've had from them means all the world to me. >> rarely quite extraordinary, ana. he had spinal fusion surgery on that back last year. he's made a huge statement. he's won again, and now he has the ryder cup to look forward to as he heads to the french capital paris to take on team europe. >> good for tiger woods. patrick snell, thanks for that reporting. we're back in just a moment.
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tripadvisor. visit residents can do nothing but wait as the floodwaters continue to rise in south carolina. entire neighborhoods are still under water. after more than a week since hurricane florence made landfall, and the flooding is expected to move to different communities as the rivers crest early next week. cnn's nick valencia got a bird's eye view of the still rising waters above conway, north carolina. nick? >> reporter: more than a week after hurricane florence made landfall, a small community here in south carolina still dealing with major flooding. we're high above the skies of conway, south carolina, and we wanted to give you a bird's eye perspective of what residents are still dealing with here and just take a look for yourself. this subdivision here is near the river, but now most of it is under water. earlier we were in this community and saw residents as they were desperately trying to
5:32 pm
sandbag their homes, residents that didn't think that they were going to get any water, and now that water is starting to creep into their homes. at its height, we're told by the local emergency management that the walkccamaw river is rising o feet. the river has sort of stabilized just a bit, and it's gone up just a foot. they are still not expecting this river to crest until sometime early tuesday. the national guard is on hand as well as local resources to try to assist residents who are still desperately clinging to hope that they will not lose their holmes the good news in all of this, no injuries so far have been report, but this has become a real very, very much so miserable situation for the residents that are still dealing with nine days after hovels made landfall. the next excommunity it's expected to affect is georgetown, 40 miles away.
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every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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it's my job to protect as a public safety,pg&e, keeping the powerlines clear
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while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing. the work that we do helps protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the powerlines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our communities safe. this is our community. this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. more than 12 new accusers now claim they were drugged and raped by a california surgeon and his girlfriend. prosecutors fear the surgeon who gained notoriety on a reality dating show may have preyed on hundreds of women in several states for two decades. cnn's sara sidner has more. >> reporter: surgeon grant
5:38 pm
willi william ro william ribichaux seemed like a real catch. >> you seem like too perfect. >> reporter: and in reality they say he's a rapist with potentially hundreds of victims. >> we believe he used his good looks and charms to lower the inhibitions of their potential prey. >> reporter: they are accuses people of drugging their victims with ruffies in bars and rendering them unconscious and bringing them to their apartment and raping them. attorneys for the two of them say they did nothing criminal and the sexual activity was consensual. >> if the police and the dad's office was so concerned about these allegations, one would think that grant and cerissa
5:39 pm
would have been arrested a while ago. >> reporter: police say otherwise. >> a lot of women on the video look like they are not able to consent. >> the couple is also charged buying with the intent to sell cocaine, and with possession of lsd and ecstasy as well as ghb, the date rape drug they were apparently using. lauren haden said she made the doctor on tinder and he attacked her. >> he took me to his jacuzzi where he kept trying to rip off my top and i kept trying to put it back on. he's a monster. afterwards she contacted police. in 2016 they found out about the couple's crimes when a woman regained consciousness and began screaming in the apartment but it wasn't until 2018 that police arrested the couple so why the delay? police say they simply didn't have enough evidence but they do now. they obtained a search warrant, and they say that investigators
5:40 pm
found a thousand or so video on the doctor's phone that show him having sex and sometimes him and his girlfriend having sex with women in various stages of consciousness. do you think you would have been attacked if police hadn't gone ahead and arrested him in 2016? >> absolutely not. one victim is one victim too many. >> reporter: one of his patients is absolutely shocked by his arrest. >> a great doctor. >> orthopedic surgeon. >> works on my shoulder. i'm like really cannot believe this is true. >> reporter: but investigators expect there are many, many more victims out there in places that the couple frequented, from black rock desert, nevada, to palm springs, california. police are asking anyone who believes they are a victim of the doctor or his girlfriend to call them. sara sidner, cnn, los angeles. >> joining us now cnn law enforcement analyst retired fbi special agent james galiano. james, such a disturbing story.
5:41 pm
the state attorney estimates more than a thousand videos were on the doctor's phone, clips of women in various states of consciousness and believes there may be many unidentified victims. how will authorities go about identifying the victims. >> definitely a case of twisted depravity and the doctor who defied his hippocratic oath which are the ethical standards that all surgeons and doctors are supposed to adhere to about drugging these women, i'm telling you what authorities will be doing right now is they will painstakingly be going through the cell phones and apparently already i think they found hundreds if not close to a thousand videos and photos which support the charges that this doctor and his girlfriend were complicit. she wasn't an unwitting bystander. she was complicit in apparently drugging these women and then taking advantage of them for sexual purposes, so chilling,
5:42 pm
chilling case, and prosecutors have a lot of work ahead of them to put this case together. >> authorities are saying there could be victims in several states. is there a possibility of federal charges be filed here? >> absolutely, and here's one of the things. the link analysis that will go on right now is extremely important, and the way that they are doing is this the d.a.'s office is basically putting this out there, us covering it. these are all good things because people can watch this and say, wow, we went out with that person or we happened to be out one evening and we bumped into that person, and i felt sick the next morning or i woke up and i didn't recall where i was. that's essentially what these drugs do. they are deep sedation drugs, narcotics like ruffies or ghb, and what it does is basically renders a person unconscious, and that's what the case is predicated on. people are coming forward and there's some 50 to 100 calls into the d.a.'s office or police office and we'll track down some of the victim witness and get
5:43 pm
more details about if. >> the drug, the medical action about it but a he is's a doctor and had access to these different controlled substances. that's another reason prosecutors fear there's scores of women who didn't even know they were assaulted. >> yes, and apparently i think the three charges that they have been hit with thus far with rape by use of drug, possession of controlled substances. now this is a doctor, so he's -- you know, he's got access to pharmacology. he's able to get, you know, anesthetics and drugs for conducting surgery, for treating patients, but apparently inside the home, they also had recreational drugs like lsd and ecstasy and drugs like that as well as an assault weapon, so it's going to be interesting to see how they get out of this, because, again, the cell phone data, this is the problem with criminals. the criminal mind is laden with hubris that they think they can get away with things, and then they want to record those crimes for posterity, and apparently
5:44 pm
investigators have found some pretty damning video of people, women specifically, who were not in a position to consent and who were taken advantage of. >> james galiano, thank you. >> thanks for having me, ana. the final episodes of "parts unknown" hosted by our late colleague anthony bourdain starts in about 14 minutes. here's a peek. >> who gets to tell the stories? this is a question asked often. the answer in this case for better or for worse is i do, at least this time out. ♪ >> first time on this continent? >> yes. ♪ everybody wants to know >> it's unbelievable. ♪ >> astonishing. >> i always wanted to do it. >> try that in new york. >> new york in your mind is where the writer's life was? >> right, right.
5:45 pm
>> and here we are. ♪ ♪ a long, slow good-bye >> anthony bourdain, parts unknown, final episode" starts at 9:00 on cnn. ♪ ♪
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breaking news here on cnn. a brand new allegation of sexual misconduct has now surfaced against brett kavanaugh. the new accusations appear in
5:50 pm
the pages of the new yorker magazine. the product of an investigation by journalist ronan farrow. we want to be careful as to how we approach this. we have not been able to confirm any of the reporting here. but this is significant going into a week in which we are now expecting the testimony of brett kavanaugh and christine ford to air other accusations. brian, what do we know? what is your assessment? >> the headline is there's a second woman who is speaking publicly with accusations against brett kavanaugh. the sub headline very important here as it has not been corroborated to any degree. in fact, there are people who have been named as eyewitnesss to this alleged incident who say they no do not remember it pfs
5:51 pm
it was dating back to the freshman year at yale. this student says she was at a dorm room party and things got out of hachbd hand. it is written by us two outstanding reporters who have been on this case for awhile. farrow has been out in california digging into this as have other reporters in recent days trying to encourage this woman to speak out. apparently she was reluctant to do so, afraid to do so. this story has been making the rounds on capitol hill both among senate democrats and republicans. so even though we're just hearing about this now for the first time, this has been out there for awhile at least for several days on capitol hill. and that headline of second woman is the key detail even though i think we should enter this with a lot of skepticism given the lack of corroboration and the fact that she did not share if th with anyone apparently six years ago the way that ford did. ford talked in her therapy
5:52 pm
sessions and told her husband about this encounter back in 2012. there's no similar corroboration in this news story. >> you bring up a good point. according to ronan and his co-writer, they say they know of at least four democratic senators who received information about this new allegation as well as a couple of republican staffers. >> absolutely. because the story is so serious, and because it has such obvious implications, i think it's wise to be cautious and in fairness frankly to judge kavanaugh. i do think it's fair to say that if republican and democratic senators had this information, it is strange, to put it mildly, that they would want to push on with the background investigation on mrs. ford as well as this second woman before they took a vote. it does seem to be when there
5:53 pm
are two women involved, we have said there's no pattern here. we have this singular incident of ford. there's been no allegation of anybody else. now there's an allegation. we don't know whether it's true or not. we have to be skeptical until we find out. but in the meantime, a normal group of people say hold on, with this new development we need to step back and be really careful ourselves before we're accused of rushing through with a candidate in fairness to the country. >> nothing happens in a vacuum either. ronan did the due diligence. he took these allegations to the white house, to kavanaugh and they have statements denying effectively. >> and kavanaugh is saying this is a smear. we can put on screen kavanaugh's statement who says this alleged statement from 35 years ago did not happen. the people who knew me then know this did not.
5:54 pm
happen, and have said so. this is a smear, plain and simple. i look forward to testifying on thursday about the truth and defending my good name and the reputation for character and integrity i have spent a lifetime building against these last-minute allegations. that's the message from the white house as well. the administration came out with a statement saying they are standing by kavanaugh at this moment saying the 35-year-old claim is the late nest a smear campaign by the democrats designed to tear down a good man. they are saying this is political. the white house is saying this is being denied by all present. many women and men who knew him at the time in college say the statement ends the white house stands firmly behind judge kavanaugh. >> it's fair to point out there's people with differing recollections about what happened. and that's why it's important to have an independent investigation to figure out the truth. can you see them going to mrs. ford and having a hearing and not knowing mr about this before they got there. how can you have a conversation?
5:55 pm
>> any way this happens now without an investigation? we know the democrats have gone back to the white house to say please, can you mandate an investigation. we know george bush did that during the anita hill hearings to make sure that happened prior to the hearings on clarence thomas accusations. >> it's only fair judge kavanaugh have a way to clear his name. and it's hard for him to do that is if is hanging over him. >> eager to testify. they are going to respond by saying this is the new yorker. this is a liberal magazine with two accomplished reporters. take out the new yorker. this woman is speaking on the record. she has stated an allegation, a serious allegation that involves a man exposing himself to her.
5:56 pm
and whatever other political noise there is, that's on the record now from her. >> does this change the game, so to speak? >> it has the possibility to definitely change the game. that's why we have to be so careful. and not prejudge it. we need more facts and more effort for us to sit here and opine on something that's so sensitive and has so many implications, i think it's better for us to, okay, we can tell you what's obviously the implication, but we can't say for sure what happened. >> are you surprised that the white house is standing so firmly behind judge kavanaugh without knowing the facts at this point? >> unless you're privy to the conversations, i don't know how to answer that question. >> they had several hours advance notice. we don't know exactly how long the white house has known about this woman and known about the allegation, but we know there were rumors spreading all
5:57 pm
afternoon and evening in washington and new york about this. by the time president trump landed here in new york at 6:00 p.m., he knew this story was coming. so they have had a little bit of time. >> what about the story board group? do you think they knew or didn't know? >> you mean prepping kavanaugh for this in recent days? >> we also know when they were in these prep sessions they started asking him about partying and his social life and our reporting is he didn't like that. he got a little prickly. >> as many people would when questioned about their college days. one of the factors when you lay it object top of the allegation from ford on what's been reported about his days in college and high school, it's going to provoke more questions about his college days and more questions about drinking and the culture in high school and
5:58 pm
college. those questions may be fair or unfair, but another story that's going to cause more of those questions. >> it's going to raise questions about his credibility. what he said and the the under oath. one of these things that the country et deeverybody issed to go through this carefully and slowly even in order to get it right because it's not just two people involved. this is a momentous decision for the scream court. >> it's a lifetime appoint meme. >> the next 30 years. it's resting heavily. >> he's allowed to have been a frat boy. i'm sure other judges have been frat boys. i'm sure others have had similar experiences at college. if you even believe this story. this woman says it was a disturbing experience. she would like the fbi to investigate. so that's significant that you have a second woman saying that
5:59 pm
she wants to see an investigation. the pount about the rush. i was reading about anita hill and the reaction on capitol hill 27 years ago. the exact same conversation. we're right back where we were before. >> is it fair to have any time line at this point? a time line for getting through the testimony, through a potential investigation, to eventually put cav nugget up for a vote. >> there has to be a couple days where not only the senators and the white house, but the public can object associate this and begin to make judgments. we need to be a little patient with this process playing out so that, again, i can't tell you how important it is for the future of the country if he's going to be brought down, we don't know that yet, but that
6:00 pm
the press is not seen as a complicit in that effort. >> thank you very much, brian steallter and david gergen. we'll work on doing our own reporting on this story. the breaking news involving brett kavanaugh. we'll see what happens next. do not miss the final episodes of "parts unknown." it begins right now. good night. welcome, thank you for joining us. anyone who had the privilege of knowing anthony bourdain can remember the moment for them when a story he was telling took them some place. whether it was a corner of the world, a place in the mind or just a way of looking at something, seeing it through his eyes. it did something to you. it made you want to look closer and go there. which is why it's such a privilege for us to present starting right now, the five final episodes that he shot on location as well as two special tribute episodes of "parts unnotice kwp the season spans the globe from texas, spain,


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