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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 29, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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and what happens next. hundreds off people lost their lives after a deadly tsunami. that number of dead likely to rise. >> chilling video there and late arsecurity breach impacting 50 million users. facebook confesses it was hacked again. >> live from cnn world head quarters in atlanta. we want to welcome our viewers here and all around the world. >> cnn newsroom starts right now. ♪
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>> at 5:00 a.m. we start with the supreme court brett cavanaugh. and instead delayed all because off a senator's change of heart. >> president trump ordered a new fbi investigation into supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. delaying a final vote on kavanaugh's nomination. >> and democrats and other republicans considered to be swing votes support the move. here with the latest from washington. >> reporter: tonight republican senator jeff flake pivoting. >> i will only be comfortable moving on the floor until the fbi has done more investigation they havallredy. i understand some of these witnesses may not want to
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discuss any further but i think we owe them due diligence. >> reporter: he will only accept if a one week fbi probe is commenced. >> the democrats who have been, i think, justifiably uncomfortable moving ahead could publicly in an effort to bring this country together say that we would feel better. i'm not expecting them to vote yes but not to complain that an fbi investigation has not occurred. >> reporter: that pronouncement can coming after more than an hour of closed door, in secret talks between flake and the democrats. starting right here as he parted the hearing room to meet with with senator chris coons who later praised his move. >> it's my hope to pursue an fbi investigation not for the purpose of delay but for the
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purpose of investigating further either alfwa either allegations by dr. ford and others to diligently investigating these algaugzs. senator, mr. chairman and senator flake. >> call the roll. >> reporter: kavanaugh's nomination move thing to floor of the senate along party lines. the whole affair a stunning turn, given flake just a few hours prior announced he would vote to confirm kavanaugh. with the first floor vote scheduled to take place saturday. but in between this. >> look at me when i'm talking to you. you're telling me that what happened to me doesn't matter and that your going to let people who do these things into power. that's what you're telling me when you vote for him. don't look away from me. look at me and tell me it doesn't matter what happens to
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me. >> reporter: flake cornered by a woman who said she was a sexual assault survivor. something that made him visibly shaken. >> this country's being ripped apart and we got to make sure we do due diligence. >> in a statement friday, kavanaugh said he would continue to cooperate with the fbi. >> and an attorney welcomed the new investigation but said there should be no artificial time limits. for more than a week president trump dismissed the need for an fbi probe. >> now he said he's willing to do whatever republican senators deem necessary to move forward with the nomination. >> reporter: president trump is ordering a supplemental investigation into judge brett kavanaugh's back fwrnd as a result to the compromise hashed at the senate judiciary
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committee earlier in the day. saying he was open to whatever republican leaders decided and that means this investigation will go forward and a vote will be delayed on judge kavanaugh's fate. >> they'll make their decisions and they've been doing a good job, very professional. i'm hearing a little bit about it. whatever they thing is necessary is okay. >> reporter: president went on to say he found the accuser's testimony to be both compeling and credible. that's a big turn of events after raising doubts days earlier. and going on to say he wasn't considering any replacements but that could change. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. >> well, republicans lisa murkowski and susan collins are among the few considered swing votes. as a result protesters from their home state are turning up
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the heat and in numbers, demanding the women, the senators vote no on kavanaugh. >> what you're seeing in anchorage, alaska, people came together to say they don't want kavanaugh to hold that office. the same message being conveyed in collins' home state in portland, maine just outside her office. >> you can see what the kavanaugh nomination has turned into. a professor of government at the university of ethics. thank you. bottom line. it came to this. two female sexual assault survivors confronting one senator in an elevator and that changed the course of this supreme court nomination and there will be an fbi investigation. what are your thoughts on how this played out friday? >> it was just incredibly
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shocking what happened and so dramatic because earlier in the day senator jeff flake had said he was going to vote with the republicans to confirm kavanaugh. but what happened in the elevator was incredibly compeling, raw, powerful. particularly when you were hear thing second woman who had been a victim of sexual assault asking him to look at her and say please tell me if someone decided to come forward that no one's ever going to listen to them. you would have to be made of stone to not have been moved by that. he told a reporter later that was not the main factor in his decision making and it was really about talk thing to other democratic senators and realizing that they needed to take some time to take a step back and actually have an fbi investigation because it would be the right thing for the country >> and you but to wonder where the other senators were on this. the country was riveted to the
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testimony. people were on the streets on both sides of course protesting, yet the senate sailed kavanaugh right through to the nomination from the full senate. so one has got to wonder how this came down to that and whether the senators were listening to their constituents. why it took this situation in an elevator. it's really bazar. >> it is bazar but wherei think were actually moved by kavanaugh's testimony. it was a very polarizing testimony but they felt he came across as sympathetic, emotional. defiant and they liked that and they have been incredibly determined to get his confirmation through as quick as possible.
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>> he cried, he was lived. he really put town the process. he was hostile. he wouldn't answer some senator's kwgz questions, even a republican senator. and some questioning his honesty, perhaps dignity about does a supreme court nominee act like this? so the question is where this investigation goes now. it's not just the sexual assault allegation and the investigation but it is perhaps his honesty on the line. >> there were a lot of problems with his testimony. one was his temperament that you' you've mentioned. he didn't seem judeilities, let alone like a supreme court nominee. another factor was the fact that he might have been lying about how much he actually drinks. that he ingaengages in excessiv drinking and it's critical to
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know if he was drink thing to point he was blacking out, whether he would experience amnesia while still remaining conscious and the other factor of his testimony was he appeared to be a partisan -- incredibly partisan for the republican party. so there are a lot of questions about whether or not he'd stiet take the supreme court seat. but hopefully the investigation will uncover a lot more information by actually being able to question key people, including mark judge. >> and it looks like that investigation is already underway. so it will be interesting to see what happens next as we hear about it. thank you so much for your insight and analysis. thanks. hundreds of peopleal have been killed. many more missing after a powerful earthquake leads to a deadly tsunami in indonesia.
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f you're looking at an after path of a deadly earthquake and tsunami. >> the death toll will rise in the coming days and as they get more information they'll have a better understanding of all the damage. they're trying to find survivors in the all the wreckage. hospital workers are also asking for help. power and communication lines have been knocked out so far. >> thousands of homes have been destroyed. the pictures give us a look at hour desperate the situation is. >> scenes of chaos as a nearly 10-foot tsunami sweeps into the buildings in indonesia. the result of a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. you can hear the sound of people
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screaming, coming to grips with the damage. shaking as the earthquake strike as local shop. the numbers expected to climb. the power is how the and phones down all over the region. the director of that posposdesperate forgy hope possible. calling for tents, supplies and nurses. several after shock follows the big other gharks donessau's president sweeting he's monitoring the situation quote may our brothers and sisters remain calm and be safe. the indonesian willitary is sending in search and rescue teams. just a month ago another irk quake struck lumba. >> we're going to talk more
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about it now. live on the line, the international federation of the red cross. this story is slowsly unpoelding but looking worse and worse. >> well, yeah and unfortunately it's kinds of the nature of these kinds of events. it was only 10 kilometers deep and so that -- cup canal that with a tsunami, it's just a recipe for disaster. and transper fagz infraschuk strr. so we don't even know what's behind. the urkt quake is effecting a lot opart of the sefrperal part of the iron and so we're waiting for perhaps a little bit worse
2:17 am
things. but we have people already from the -- red cross in action moving. supplement what uthers are toing. it's just a bit frustrated because it's so hard to get to. >> i can understand that. we just heard in our report that there are hospitals asking for under assistance. >> yeah, i mean there's a wide range of colors. there's no need for search rescue. mjen the trauma people feel and there's ongoing trerms and so people are stairal to ego into homes and all these thing tos around shelter.
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>> and how large is this area? how far to you know -- did this sooum tsunami penetrate thiz region? >> well, accord thing to some of the mapping we helped baj that a little bit. we have sidnereds. that doesn't mean they are epected butthies i wasn't seeing those and a lot of them are in revote areas. trying to get back to thoo do these assessmentess. they're hard to reach. and not suggest sestinging. >> and what about getting in there? is the red cross able to get into the airport to land there?
2:19 am
>> no. the effort -- the tower is not working so the closest we can get is 10 to 12 hours by road which weall red have people on route. so there's lot of unknowns right now. it's norm tool have 24e78 in the first few days of an event and then things will become clear. and with the help all of of the humanitarians, we'll be able to slip so i can go in. >> we apriegsiate you talking with us. we hope jan a -- the united states is pulling staff from its consulate in southern iraq, in the city of a
2:20 am
basra. >> it came under indirect fire from milan linked posters. they show the aftermath of rocket strikes. though cnn cannot confirm the authenticity alive. senior internazzal correspondent. good to have you with with us in >> let's talk about how serious, thisable this. your thoughts? >> it's not all together clear. if they were targeting and ank, within the perimeter of international armt, which sr about 10 kill aurmteres outside the city. these missiles tid not land within the perimeter or the arpd.
2:21 am
>> i contained the u.s. consulate but has service and support diplomats. burt of course we did hear secretary of state say he believes iran, the revolutionary guard was behind this attack. keep in mind this alleged atam in a ate they, he'sver had very exant squegs determier ice ix. if concomeinate said what ever. 10s of thousands of people to the hospital. >> during those pooep pam did go and it inner in fact inside the
2:22 am
city. frrts but in that case four days latter resumed its consular activities and didn't pull its people out. now it appears united states -- temporarily relocating this staff. it's not clear whether this is permanent or not. but it's very important. frrks keep in mind he has the largest number of oil companies went up missing. one last month is that new york times is reporting there has been another debate. over the wizcomef maintain thing u.s. consulate, which, covers thing to times costs anywhere between two and three hundred a
2:23 am
year. >> we also know at the same time since the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal, it has adopted a very hostile stand towards iran. >> ben wedeman live in beirut. israel's prime minister is putting welcome across the middle east. teheran's nuclear capabilities water marnl focus at the un jeberal assembly in new york. >> and claim said teheran has a seek rtd facilities and ware houses. he sat down with foreign amares car pondant. >> u.s. officials are saying publiclym their policy on iran is not regime change.
2:24 am
should it be to? it i think what it is it you mutt growing pressure on iraq. and a bypass for the nuclear program. i think that's wise. thes i is to get you back in the nourkt the removal of sanctions in the iran deal, not just to better the lives of its citizens and extend its umpire and blood tloutd the middle east. and people in iran say hey, stop. leave yemen, come back and take care of us. and i think the fact there's this economic pressure. they're not saying the regime is right. no, they're say thing regime is
2:25 am
wrong. start looking inward and take care of us. that's a good thing. >> there's a hope that if you're putting pressure on the iran, that maybe the will imploez. >> it's too early to tell. but i think the first thing they want to see is this cessation of tourism across the world. and they're mazingly great. if andthal bazar merchants who go on strike and the truckers are amazingly brave. this is a totalitarian regime who makes them disappear, thanks them from craves. who knows.
2:26 am
would they be unhappy if the regime happy? they would be very happy. >> here's had you one republican senator forced mr. trump's hand. >> i can only say that i would be only comfortable moving forward on the floor until the fbi has done more investigation than they have already. it may not take nem a week. iend wither stead and we owe them. >> why brett kavanaugh's conformation. (vo) at pro plan,
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to our viewers around the world and in the united states, welcome back to cnn newsroom. >> here all our top stories. at tlooes 380 people have been killed, five injured after a series of earthquakes and tsunamis you see right here hit indonesia. disaster management says thousands of homes have been destroyed. we're pating to hear the news. >> facebook users were forced to log out of their accounts. have they accessed millions of sites. but it says no credit card
2:31 am
information was stolen and people don't have to change their -- u.s. officials say these pictures preport to show rocket strikes near the consulate friday. >> the u.s. president has ordered an allegation into the supreme court nominee. >> delaying a final senate vote, republican senator jeff blake. dmg and other republicans team to be swing vote to support the move. so the question how kid he get to this point in the brett kavanaugh fauner conformation process. >> here are some of the moments. >> candidly in the 25 years on
2:32 am
this committee i have never seen a nominee for any position behave in that matte manner. enner. judge cavanaugh used as much political rhetoric as my republican colleagues, what's fraur he's gone on the attack. >> i've never heard a more compelling defense of one's hawnerer and integrity than brett kavanaugh. >> she shared a raw, veseral, incredible, a profoundly powerful testimony and shiez was believable. i believe her. >> if we want to show dr. ford respect, we give her the resbekt of having her case heard and the evidence looked at. i like at it as what are you hiding?
2:33 am
what would it hurt? >> i think an kwib isn't going to tell you anymore than we know now. frankly weave are rr had ehch feem to finish a horse. let's vote which ever wayy with want to. and thets rr move on this. >> the vote to kunl foreign minister or refrert but there are apparently developmented happing behind the scenes right now. >> they are not sure if they have the votes. obviously they were breathing a sigh of relief after -- i think is it very intertsing. >> the tmingic senators are walking back. that's jeff flake. let's see if he makes a moment
2:34 am
>> we have onveration ongoing for a while. frirns making thur we do diltgen there. >> and i think it would be proper to delay the foot bell innarder for one week to let the fbi continue tootoo an investigation. >> we'll vote and if there's any discussion, elwoor count the vote. call the roll. >> mr. cruz, mr. flake. plrp kennedy, i >> on the nominee, no. >> on the nominee, no. >> no. no.
2:35 am
>> mr. chris coons? on the nominee, no. but i to think we can have a short pause and my understanding is and i'm prepared to do it to ask the fooib to that investigation. it would be short and limited in scope to the current allegations that have win made. but i would encourage the democrats, who we talked to before to endorse that kind of thing. that we can move on. >> because of the two-hour rule we're joiness. >> yeah. we did. the two-hour rule.
2:36 am
>> the top trender on twitter is #dethey are vote. #delay the vote. the delades full senate vote. >> and it's not like there's a little confusion on the rends. and vib investigation will pack place fay it sma had something to coo can with this moment in an elswrart. >> look at me when i'm talking to you. you're telling me that my assault doesn't matter and you're going to let meanal who do these things into power. >> what you are doing is allowing someone who actually violated a woman to sit in the supreme court. this is not tolerable. you have children in their pamerally ap i have two krildn
2:37 am
are are. they will have to have someone in the supreme court who has been accused of violating a young girl. what's are you doing, sir? >> kieep in mind that moment played out on live television and when they hopeened, he heard these stories demanding and look. >> honestly i had literally just read the headlines off his statement and we saw him run thing to elevator and ran behind him. it was an intense moment but i was not prepared for my own emegzs. emotions.
2:38 am
he needed to understand that women feel incredibly enraged of our stories, experiences of surviving sexual apus. and i think we deegs i just felt a great sense of urgency and i think i saw in his face that he could not escape the emotion. >> senator flake would not tell reporters whether the two women changed his miepd. . >> reporter: some oof the sharpest partisans on the committee came back and leans on senator flake all along. there's absolutely nothing for them to investigate. and the other side and accusations going back and forth
2:39 am
about what drms were trying to to. there were a couple of encouraging moments. you know you saw the result which is he came out anded to firm. this is all hanging on his willingness. he voted to move forward, to show good faith with with his caucus but at the end of the day what will keep this a week is his willingness and several other undecided senators that they're not going to vote for closure until we get the report back from the fbi. now we heard from cnn's counterterrorism analyst, mud. >> clearly they're going to talk to people who said they weren't victimized by the judge and
2:40 am
skoog martds saying thought only did you see thiz but what was the friermt atrunt issues i fej when that smem frs, especially early on as very clean. that to slegz is going to get teeply into who was he in high school? was he possibly so drunk that he can't remember what happened? if there's a stra stark contrast between what they say and his life thrive years ago. that's a sweater. still ahead protests and controversy. turkey's president is trying to mend ties. we evea live report. >> and what facebook did after allowed access to 10s of
2:41 am
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. welcome back. a big day for turkey's president in germany. in just a few hours, he's set to open one of the largest mosques in europe. erdogan is wrapping up a state viz toot germany which has seen protests against him and his policies. >> it's aimed at repairing ties between germany and turkey. in part because of harsh crack down on journalists, including
2:45 am
it a number of citizens. how hooz their visit gone during this trip? >> well, it was supposed to help repair but it's not clear that's exactly happened yet. >> this was a full state viszt. so yesterday for kpafrmal, president erdogan was received with full military 10er president friendship so it had all of this hang and a grant jury. there are still diplomatic strains, especially on issues of hemin rights, times they were in the filly rheum. so when he showed up for the press conference, it became a
2:46 am
bit of oo diplomatic sparing contest where she said we want can turkey to release five political prisoners and he said germany needs to hand over what he considered terrorists, members of the opposition and journalists who had spoken out against him now in germany. and in the midst of this a turkish got kicked out because he was wearing a shirt that tsds freedom of speech for journalists in turkey. in fact he said he was unhappy because he did not decide to follow democratic reforms there. it all became something of an
2:47 am
embarrassment and because in the middle of the speech he went offsides and frankly he'd had einch saying kirk ea and germany will always be friends but it's clear it has put a strain on the relationship. >> the opposite of what he was speaking for can't fine. a top government official is dfrding his country's policy before the rohingya muslims. >> national attention has been over looked the broader picture of the various reasons. ter as well as long standing that brought about replacement of these people. never thiless as the persisted in the effort as a wholef
2:48 am
stushlgts economic investment and i don't know. they're suggesting whether myanmar are guilty. and amar clooney is asking the myanmar government to release two reporters >> and sentencesed to seven years in prison for the official charge of revealing state secrets. and loony says their case is a defliktd. >> what this cases is really about is they were brilliant investigative reporters where the they say they've create thing gravest crimes and exposed evidence of a massacre, including a photograph of 10 men kneeling in front of a shallow grave.
2:49 am
and the number of the pautdy packed to death, break to tigt prm they did everything they doodileance it. >> she's asking the leader to consider a pardon for the journalists. facebook closedians of users after their accounts hacked. directv gives you more for your thing. if you've been waiting for a sign to quit cable, then here's some signs. ♪ quit cable it came from the toaster. ♪ quit cable uh... ♪ quit cable now you can quit cable. switch to directv for $35 per month. rated #1 in customer satisfaction over cable.
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moms, we can't wait. ♪ facebook says it took the unusual move to forcibly log out more than 90 million users from their accounts because of yet another security breach. >> they say attackers gained access to millions of accounts at other sites that were logged in through facebook. >> reporter: an attack has potentially exposed information on almost 50 million accounts.
2:54 am
they say their engineers spotted the attack on tuesday but they didn't alert users until friday. they exploited a feature that allows users to see what their profile looks like to someone else. they stole access tokens, which keep them logged in over long periods of time. so the hackers could take over accounts and use them as if they were the account holders. more than 90 million users were forced to log out friday. the company says it doesn't know if they were used or information accessed. >> they have contacted law enforcement. and turned off while it investigates this. this is the laetsest major hurtle. and privacy issues in recent rears.
2:55 am
cnn, new york. earlier i spoke with privacy exerpert and what yurzs can do to tooich tief guard his account. >> you want to log into facebook and there's an area you can loggererb and that will log you out of all the it isis ises it will in through the pockets and second, inyou lose this faing log in feature, it'serary not sighing that as well. and to be extra safe and just use my native log in feature for each of those different apps. >> good luck with with that. facebook has offered rewards to help stop hackers.
2:56 am
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