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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 22, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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berly. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thanks for joining us. ac 360 starts now. good evening. senior u67enior u.s. counter of tells us no evidence isis is trying to get into the border. no evidence. no evidence of terrorist infiltration in the migrant caravan now making its way through mexico. zero, none. now we're saying it at the top of the broadcast and we'll keep coming back to it because simple facts matter and the quiet truth bears repeating. with just two weeks to go until mid term elections president trump was in texas tonight has chosen to fill the public arena with the exact opposite of a quiet truth or simple facts and he's doing it in a way that seems designed to scare people. the president of the united
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states is intentionally, it appears, trying to scare you. he's been out there loudly repeatedly unabashedly spreading falsehoods and that is not the same as painting the political opposition in the worst light possible which all modern presidents, republicans and democrats have done. in the past some have exaggerated, some twisted words, some bent truths and some told lies. when asked about his nickname given ha given hell harry, i tell the truth and it's hell. this president has muttered proven faullsehoods every singl day seems to be making them his center piece. we'll start with this migrant caravan. we're only going to show this video sparingly because you can make the case to play wall to wall pictures of thousands of men and women only serves the president's purpose of making it appear more threatening than it
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actually is. again, just be clear, here's more of what that senior counter terrorism official told cnn now. i'm quoting here, while we acknowledge there are vulnerabilities in our northern or southern border, we do not see any evidence that they're trying to infiltrate the southern border. also to be clear neither do the officials who have been there for days. there are perfectly legitimate reasons why people might oppose these policies. those points can be argued on their merits and good people can disagree, but they don't need to be argued with misinformation, and that is what the president is doing yet again. in fact, he had this to say about who's behind all of those people heading north. >> the democrats want caravans. they like the caravans. a lot of people say, i wonder who started that caravan? >> well, the president is
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echoing part of a conspiracy theory on the far right that says democrats possibly with the money of the billionaire george surros have been paying central americans to come down. he elaborated. >> a lot of money has been passing through people to come up and try to get to the border by election day. they think that's a negative for us. number one, they're being stopped. number two, regardless, that's our issue. this is the problem with them. one thing, they stick together. they vote together. they're bad politicians. they have horrible policy. they hate i.c.e. they don't like our military. they don't like our vets. they're always fighting us on that. they have lousy policy. the one thing they stick together, but they wanted that caravan and there are those who say that caravan didn't just happen -- it didn't just happen. a lot of reasons that caravan,
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4,000 people. >> now he is right, it didn't just happen. most of the people in that caravan have told reporters from multiple outlets including cnn that they left their home countries fleeing violence from drug gangs, the government, simple poverty. a congressman matt goetz posted video of what he claimed were migrants induras getting paid to be in it. it was a token amount from local merchants who were also handing out food which of course isn't as scary as paid invaders sent to wreck the election. nor is it as infuriorating that they want to give him luxury cars. >> they want to open your borders, let people in illegally, then they want to pay for those people, for health care, for education. they want to give them cars. they want to give them driver's licenses. i said last night, we did a
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great -- we did a great, great rally in arizona last night and i said -- i said last night, what kind of car will they supply them? will it be a rolls royce? >> do i even need to actually say that no one is giving immigrants rolls royces? are we at that stage yet where i need to say that? the president also has been repeating the notion that the idea of so-called sanctuary cities that it's so unpopular that people riot. >> i don't think we like sanctuary cities up here. by the way, a lot of people in california don't want them either. they're rioting now. they want to get out of their sanctuary cities. >> now when the president of the united states says something, people check. they found disagreements, sometimes heated debate, no one found any rioting. late today the president was asked again about that.
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>> californians were rioting, where? >> take a look. they want to get out of sanctuary cities. many want to get out. >> rioting. >> it is rioting. >> the president was merely exaggerating. he had a chance to say so today he didn't leaving us to assume he meant real literal rioting in real literal cities. which isn't happening. he was asked about the caravan, sadly it looks like they were unable to stop it. criminals and unknown middle easterners are mixed in. again, we'll return to what a senior counter terrorism official told us there simply is no evidence of that which of course is something the president ought to know for himself. of course he probably does. whatever the case, it didn't stop him from saying this as he
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headed to marine 1. >> take your cameras, go into the middle and search. you're going to find everything. >> cameras and others are there and we've yet to find middle easterners. press secretary sarah sanders didn't ask about it today. >> middle easterners are in this caravan? >> absolutely. we know this is a continuing problem. it's not just in this. >> she went on to say that a known terrorist tried to get into the country every day which jiebd somewhat with the information cnn got and an official telling us it's not too far. they didn't offer any specifics about at which border crossings or if they were stopped at border crossings at all because they could have, for example,
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been prevented from boarding a flight from another country, gotten a visa. the department of homeland security cut off the evidence that middle easterners are in that crowd. they said there's no evidence of any counter infiltrators. the president suggesting it's well underway. >> it's moving along. i want to build it rapidly. i can do it in a year. we did 1.6 billion. we have another 1.6 -- it sounds like a lot of money. when you're going for almost 1,000 miles, it's not that much. >> in fact, none of the president's new border wall that he campaigneden and that's not the only hot button issue the president is spreading falsehoods about. here's what he said about the opioid crisis.
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>> i will soon sign into law. the largest legislative effort to address the opioid crisis. very little democrat support. >> keeping him honest. if that came in 100% democrat support, then he's absolutely right. the legislation passioned the senate 98.1. the lone no vote came by rob lee. most want to do something about opioid addiction. if they are making smart decision and tax cut by next month even though congress is out of session. today he was forced to admit he would oppose one. there's a million defense jobs riding on $110 million arms deal
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with the saudis. the deal is not finalized, the dollar amount is closer to $14 million. the jobs numbers are unfounded. when he began talking about it, 400,000, 450,000, 500,000, then 600,000. it is a flood of misinformation and perhaps the point in hopes that the voters can't keep up with fact and fiction. with that in mind, let's get an idea on the president's caravan. they've crossed mexico's southern border. some plan on staying there. they have a 1500 mile ahead. that's where the president's challenge today. we took a camera straight.
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you've been on the ground for days. have you seen any evidence to support the president's campaign, there are middle easterners, members of this caravan? >> reporter: of course not. no. it's a charge that's ludicrous and it would be funny if it wasn't so insulting to this human tragedy. >> a man attempts suicide and then we're giving life another chance. i saw a pregnant woman passed out on the side of this busy highway until they flagged down an ambulance. i saw general levels who are just passing migrants who might need it. we see trucks full of cooked tortillas. incredible sort of christian gestures.
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the kind of empathy you might expect when you have impoverished and genuine people streaming through your town there. for the record, i've confirmed that these clothes were not provided by george storos. >> you've been talking to people there about the comments. i'm wondering what they're saying about it? >> i did. i've been asking everybody that. the answer is always the same. how could you say these things. we're running away from performance errors. president orlando hernandez who donald trump graduated and -- in wood violence there. i met a young man from hon ndur ross. the president is using you as an image to frighten people. he said, you're hard jent
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criminals. >> we are honorable people. we're workers? a group of women who need help? we are asking for his support but of course we know he has low conscious. he is crazy. there are some believing you're getting paid to do this. >> translator: there's a lot of people but there could be some with bad intentions but if you look around there are lots of mothers with young kids. why would they want to come here if they weren't so desperate. >> reporter: i hear that again and again. there's the idea that this is somehow timed to coincide with the mid term elections. they're not watching the news, they're not really reading the
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president's tweets. we've heard that but we're putting our faith in god. we had no other choice. >> bill, for the people who don't understand, how is it that there is this caravan and they were all walking together in the same direction. there's some level of organization of people figuring out this is when we're all going to go together. i assume it's for their safety. can you just explain? >> sure, great question. it starts with what i was talking about, this hotly contested recount let to other problems. put our opposition to the offer. the crime there -- compared to this size, a relatively small care event. as they move, people who are
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thinking, here's my chance. i talk to everyone who has sold everything because it's coming. the mexicans have to think they'll be joining it. now we shouldn't have that in numbers. do you know where you have to keep that. there are optics of this huge people surging north. and it seems if you judge by past caravans they will disburse when they get closer to the border. some will go to brownsville. some might go all the way up to tijuana which is another 1,000 mile walk. who knows if they have family in california. so the timing might seem suspicious, it's people taking advantage of what is passing literally through their town.
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>> bill weir, thank you very much. former trump campaign advisor steve cortez and dan jones host of van jones show. does it make any sense that the democrats love these kier a advances? just from a political standpoint a caravan for a mid term election seems to serve the president's benefit more than the democrat. >> i think it's more that donald trump is paying for this. this is the worst kind of thing. what it does, it gives another talking point and donald trump look at these invading boards, et cetera, et cetera. just because someone is middle eastern, there are no middle eastern people there, but that doesn't mean they're bad. doesn't mean i can make this. most of the terrorist incidents we've had in the united states
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are not being committed by low income. this is lie on top of lies on top of lies. >> there are clearly people from other parts of the world who would try to come through the second door. according to the people who know. i don't want the word middle eastern to continue to be used by the media as a synonym for terrorists. that's just -- i -- >> vin, that's not what the president is saying. what he's saying, of course there are home grown terrorists. >> there are clearly countries where terrorism is important and so it's only fair to take a look at everyone. whether they want to visit here or become american citizens. that makes sense.
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do you say what the president is saying are true, that there are middle eastern terrorists or middle eastern people with notions in this caravan? >> we know this is true. we don't know who's the care man. >> wait. when you say -- we don't know about his caravan. what does that mean? >> we don't know who's in the caravan. they haven't been vetted. they could be swedish. >> we have seen a massive spike at the border of bangladeshys entering from mexico. 00. the reason i bring that up, the boys are over here. it's a serious problem at home. it would make sense to go
5:19 pm
through. and they're coming via the mexican border which is an added reason. you have no he evident there are middle easterners in tensions. this is happening. >> it could happen. it could happen. i'm worried about it happening. >> if they're there. >> what we do know is a massive strike. they're using our southern border wherever they're from. >> honest question here. does it bother you, i mean, if he said there are swedish people there. i don't think he would say, perhaps. no, he's making an affirmative claim this is the group. >> sweden is a country with a terrorism problem. >> you're not following me.
5:20 pm
stay with us now. >> really? >> yes. i'm talking about a factual assertion of any kind being made by the president of the united states. don't you think the president of the united states is making a representation to be making facts. >> of course you should. even if this group is 10,000 latin america mother teresas. that doesn't mean they can break into our country. that is wrong. it's an abuse of the united states. here's why borders are important. here's why borders are important. i lock my doors at night not because i hate those on the outside -- >> i love those on the inside. >> i love those on the inside. we control our borders because it looks freezing. we cannot accept all of them unless we want to share in their
5:21 pm
poverty and that would be an abuse of american citizens. >> why doesn't the president stick to facts? why is he lying repeatedly about middle easterners in this column going to be coming up and the democrats are paying them. i mean, just claim after claim the middle east -- the mid term middle class tax cut, i mean, all the things we just went through. he has a lot of positive stuff to run on. why is he trying to scare people logically? >> well, look, i don't know that he's lying about middle easterners. perhaps he has information we don't have. regardless, i agree with you that he shouldn't major in the minors. let's focus on what is known to everyone with eyes who sees the division alls. what's known is we have a massive column of people who are demanding, waiving honduran
5:22 pm
flags demanding america -- >> what's major is when your neighbor is in trouble. you're talking about sick kids, pregnant women. they're not demanding, they're asking for help. they are applying for asylum. do you know why? because we fought as americans to say after world war ii, if someone is fleeing persecution and violence, i'll go make them chase. if they don't belong here, they'll be turned away. the idea that you're going to participate in the smear campaign, it's not right. >> we have to leave it there. steve, quick comment if you want. >> for you to say they're all sick and tired and huk gri. >> economic migrants.
5:23 pm
>> they're scared to live in a neighborhood -- >> it's not racist to have standards and filters for how we best they will drive. >> say middle easterners are in this column which therefore implies terrorists, right? that's not the races. >> if someone is from a country with a terrorism problem. >> if there were a bunch of norwegians. >> that was one lone choice. >> norway doesn't have a systemic problem. they had one absolutely evil crazy person. >> the president wanted people more like norway. which as we know -- that's a lie. he never said anything about
5:24 pm
color. >> he said he doesn't want shithole can you be tris, people from haiti had the aides. and more people from norway. he had never acknowledged he said that, first of all. >> secondly, it's been reported by numerous -- >> we want people with the skills and hustle to be great americans who accept our values. coming up. they don't have the skills nor the hustle. it seems like you have to hustle. >> they may very well. that's why they should apply as legal immigrants. they're 60 million strong. >> unless ter' judges. if they're judges they can't really be fair, right? >> okay. you keep trying to hop around. >> no. >> i'm reporting for the president. i wanted to make sure a judge of
5:25 pm
mexican descent. >> i think that was a mistake during the campaign. >> okay. >> what isn't a mistake is blocking our tires. america first, we all bleed red, white and blue. we salute one flag, a honduran mexican. what's happening down there, seth? we all believe read. they believe read. we can tell youen best show. you can tkach it 7:00 p.m. eastern time on cnn. just ahead, breaking news. a report of a physical altercation and andy gram's former reap appeal. >> set too interrogate but to
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new evidence tonight that the killing of jamal khashoggi was no accident unless accidents include body doubles wearing clothing. copacabana beach has video. a turkish source saying it takes a saudi operative wearing the clothing. the saudis, you'll recall, initially said khashoggi left the con sul alive and went well. this may have been a reason to try to sell. today president trump said he had spoken and he never lets me do so i'm hooked. parents will become sensitive to it and the investigation. nkts with regards to the situation in saudi arabia, i'd say that right now as an administration we're more in the fact finding phase. we're obviously getting as many facts as we can and that will
5:31 pm
determine which car is more super buel and what acts we think we should have taken. >> qassen soleimani r just to be transparent. the world is watching. this is a very, very serious accusation and a very zero yigs and to take this very seriously. >> how do you explain that? how did he respond to that, counsel? >> we'll see. i know that the secretary of state's had good meetings over there. >> chris murphy, democratic senator from connecticut. thank you for being with us. jared kushner advising them to be fully transparent. i'm not sure why he's advising the crown prince in the first place have me doing the number
5:32 pm
of stories they've seen to have concocted over the last number of weeks. >> the jury is not still out on this question. the response is we'll see if they're going to be transparent. they lied. they lied for two weeks. they let the secretary of state mike pompeo go over, stand next to the crown prince, they told him, the president of the united states and the world that he walked out of that consulate alive. they killed him. they lured him there. it was purposeful. it was intentional. that's what the facts will ev t eventually be, but we know one fact for sure. for two weeks the saudis lied and tried to get away with it and they knew he was dead. they're still wondering whether or not the saudis will be
5:33 pm
transporting. it's okay if you want to stop at my house. >> willingly in the pocket of the saudis this administration is for mysterious read. >> do you think it is naivete or if there is a part on the cover up. >> listen, i don't know. i think that we've got to start asking some questions why the trump family to let this idea that we can't really upset the saudis. they buy we7 pons from the united states or they sell us oil. this is ridiculous. much more dependent on the united states. yes, there are these reports that the trump family has deep financial connections to the saudis.
5:34 pm
maybe that alone is enough for them to have a cozy relationship and why we've become so combliant to know if they had been lying to the world and to the american public. >> some have made this kind of an either/or. either we just continue the relationship as is or we do something that so damages the regime. then a hospital regime takes over in saudi arabia. to me, it false a choice. that notion is depending on the idea that could have con physicianed it. he may have filled it. do you believe there are others who could take his place and continue a relationship with the u.s.? >> there are absolutely. this is not the only substantial
5:35 pm
figure in the race. leave that moving forward. i think now the whole world with many people like me are watching regular saudi watchers. he has been making a number of bottles and in yemen it's worse not better. ultimately the relationship is complex. as one who has been calling for a real relationship in three years, i acknowledge the partner balance lan tough. that's really important to the united states. they are doing things that are hurting. whether it be the war in yemen or this crackdown on the free press. we have to have a much more
5:36 pm
tight writings. thank you very much. coming up next, new reporting on john kelly physically squaring off the latest. she posted it in "the new york times" tonight.
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breaking news goes, this is certainly something. "the new york times's" maggie haberman is reporting on an issue that happened back outside of the oval office. john kelly and cory lewandowski turned physical. what happened here? >> sure. thank you for having me, anderson. this came to light after the reports of john kelly and john bolt continue getti bolton getting into a fight outside of the oval office. we heard there were other memorable occasions that took place on the day at hartland,
5:41 pm
event. cory lewandowski was at the white house for some previously scheduled meetings. they ended up arguing in front of the president. eventually the phone rang. the two ended up outside of the oval office. and john kelly wanted lieu juan douse ski he is scouted out of the building. liewandowski said it wasn't funny, aggressive. my understanding is if you put this thing together, and john kelly is a service protectee and that would have resulted in a problem for lewandowski. they ended up working this out amongst themselves. but it really does speak to the level -- two things, one, the
5:42 pm
level of chaos that the president can get very angry about the level of chaos he's willing to toll ler raids. how he had handled the crisis involving the staff secretary rob per thor. domestic violence. leeuwen do you ski sees anything of that on television. this is unusual. we have heard of lots of fights in the west wing. rarely the secret service getting involved. >> is it known what this particular fight was over? >> it was over a couple of things. the main one was cory lewandowski had been criticizing and kelly was very sensitive to that. pretty dark chapter of kemly's ten year as cheap of staff at
5:43 pm
the white house where there's some questions about the durability for him in that role. how much control does he actually have over the staff. >> white houses are obviously stressful places to work. >> they are. >> i'm not sure i ever heard these kinds of fights happening in other administrations. have you? >> no. i mean, look, we have certainly talked about fights. we didn't hear about them. sure, but i find that somewhat unlikely. again, i don't know of previous white houses where secret service intervention has been a thing let alone more of a norm. >> maggie, thank you very much for the talk. david axlerod, did you ever grab somebody by the collar and have to have the secret service step in? >> no, but -- and i'm not sure
5:44 pm
that any other person from any other white house would answer that question. white houses give us things of great consequences going on. people feel passionate. chill as i am. i had the idea of leaf fights there, it's really a leadership style of this president. he encourages conflict among his people and this is the result of that. one wonders what impact that has on the day-to-day operations of the government. >> david gergen, cory lewandowski, i don't believe if
5:45 pm
memory sketch it in. does it surprise -- >> yes. i believe state police, yes. >> does this surprise you? how do you see this? >> yeah, certainly surprises me. as always the eliminating. it speaks to john kelly's frustration as well as his temper. this is a man who has proven himself time and again to be able to act well under pressure. he worked for leon panetta very closely when leon was defense secretary. leon speaks very highly of him and even keel sort of guy. yes, he's -- but in this white house there's so much to be angry over. it's the same way asia has when we go on the air at night to
5:46 pm
talk about ip 6 and symptomatic of a real prob when you would like it. according to maggie's reporting shows, quote, reverence, reverence for verbal fist stay cuffs. he likes the enjoy and back to the fleming days. this date runs me from the hallways of "west wings," that was lacanilao-markgraf five, never, ever have i heard of any physical altercations there and white houses as david axlerod will tell you, the reverence traditionally has not been for
5:47 pm
zeeshl of a 57 and a group of people that are trying to do their best and never, ever with a dane to get into an argument in the halls of the west wing and then shouting each other, yelling at them. >> denoah where you have to go to a station where politicians and their wives are yelled at in restaurants by people whether it's on the left or right with people who are so self-consumed it's appropriate in a person manner that you attack somebody just because of the political hold. the president encouraging people to knock out somebody who's
5:48 pm
protesting. in some ways maybe this is a reflection of where the country is moving. >> well, certainly the country -- every organization in the country itself takes cues from the person at the top and if the president sends a cue that decorum is -- doesn't matter and uses the kinds of inflam tori language that he does, it has -- it makes a difference. but one thing i wanted to point out just before we go, the fact that this story leaked eight months happened. somebody leaked this story to em bare roembarrass -- >> thank you very much. the term limits are two weeks away. new numbers on what voters are thinking. perhaps more importantly, which voters are fired up and ready to go?
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public schools minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training and active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it. with 15 days until the november midterms, the intensity on both sides is getting pretty close to 100%. the latest powing by "the wall
5:52 pm
street journal" and nbc news shows democrats holding a nine-point advantage among likely voters when it comes to control of the congress. president trump's approval rating is given a boost, now at 44%. the president, as we reported tonight, is giving a full-throated endorsement to his former rival, texas senator ted cruz, this after a series of campaign speeches across the country which have been chockful of misinformation, sometimes outright lies. with me is max boot, author of "the corrosion of conservatism, why i left the new right." what do you think is behind the president's approval rating in the new polls? >> i think it's appeals to prejudice and bigotry, but i think republicans -- some republicans are probably coming home ahead of the election. >> in your book you talk about why you left the right. obviously it fills a book so i can't just ask you why you left the right, but you were a
5:53 pm
lifelong republican. you were a foreign policy advisor to three republican presidential candidates. >> right. >> how -- to you what is the republican party today that it wasn't when you were part of it? >> it's utterly transformed from what it was when i was growing up in the 1980s, anderson, in the days of ronald reagan. i can't recognize this republican party, which is why i can't be a part of it. it's in many ways become a cult of personality built around donald trump and his appeal. beyond the cult of personality is essentially to white nationalism. it's to racism, it's the xenophobia. you see why he's trying to say this small number of impoveri impoverished refugees are going to invade america. this is the farthest thing you can imagine from the days of ronald reagan. in 1980 ronald reagan actually gave a speech in which he talked about making america great again, a familiar slogan, but when he was talking about that,
5:54 pm
he was celebrating the achievements of immigrants. he was not demonizing immigrants. it's just a vastly different party from the one i joined. i can't be part of it. >> so you left the right, so where are you now? what are you? >> i'm confused, anderson. i'm in the middle. i'm a centrist. i don't feel like either party really speaks to me because i think they're both getting polarized. >> sometimes being a centrist is the most dangerous place to be, even in revolutionary times, it's the centrists who they attack first. >> absolutely. about 42% of the american public is undecided, they're not democrats or republicans, they're undeclared voters but not really being spoken to by either of the extremes. that said, even though i'm not a democrat, i urge everybody to vote for democrats just because i think it's imperative to have a check and balance on donald trump. this republican congress has not shown any willingness to do that. they will not request his tax returns. they will not look into his potential conflicts of interest. they will not hold him to account. in fact they're helping him to obstruct justice. i'm just disgusted with the state of the republican party
5:55 pm
today. >> after donald trump, whether it's one term or two terms, what happens to the republicans? >> that's a great question. >> does it remain the trump party with all the values and the strategies of trump? >> that's a great question. i think that's going to be decided in the next few elections. if republicans see that they can win with this trumpian approach of dividing us, pandering to fear and bigotry, they're going to do more and more of it. only if they suffer shattering and irreversible political defeats will they realize appealing to fear and prejudice is not the way to win votes. i think it's up for grabs in the next couple of elections. >> the book is getting a huge amount of attention, "the corrosion of conservatism, why i left the right." max boot, thanks for coming on. i want to quickly correct something. the question whether or not corey lewandowski was a state police officer. david gergen said he was part of the state police. he was not actually.
5:56 pm
he was a part-time state marine patrol officer trainee from 2006 to 2010. i want to check in with chris cuomo and see what he's working on for the top of the hour. chris? >> lies is what we're working on. i mean -- >> which ones? >> i mean that's the problem. we are like in a watershed moment. in truth, the president is flooding the zone right now. he is clearly in campaign mode. h this caravan is a gift for him but the truth isn't good enough. even though the truth of that situation plays into his politics on immigration, he's still lying about it. he's still lying about it every way he can. so tonight there's no dancing around and trying to figure out what does he mean, is he trying to say this. he's lying. we're going to call it out. we're going to show you how we know. we're going to have people in who -- we have a journalist tonight who tracks him in realtime. that's what he does for a living. think about that as your job. and we're going to take him on. we also have former secretary of defense ash carter is here to
5:57 pm
talk about whether or not we really need saudi arabia, and if so how, and to break through a lot of what's being sold to the american people. >> sounds good. three minutes from now. chris, thanks very much. i'll see you then. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:58 pm
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it has been a very busy night. we've run out of time. don't miss full circle, our newscast on facebook. you can pick some of the stories we cover. it's weeknights at circle. i want to hand it over to chris. >> thank you, anderson. i am chris cuomo and welcome to "primetime." you've got lies, damn lies and fake statistics. that's the mark twain line with my little twist. it's never been more relevant. the upcoming elections have our president in lie mode. he's hit the apex on a mountain of mendacity and we are at a critical moment, so we're going to spend our time tonight calling out the lies in the hopes of giving people out there somewhat of a more clear path to making choices in the midterms. and do not be misled about the truth on critical issues that are coming to a head right now.