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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 25, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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>> i would be out of here. boston red sox are two wins away from the world series title. two-run single by j.d. martinez is the difference. david price winning his second straight post season start. game three in l.a. tomorrow night. we go from 40 degrees to 70 degrees in los angeles. should be nice. 59 minutes past the hour. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts now. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day," it's thursday, october 25th, 6:00 in new york. we have breaking news on a nationwide search on a serial bomber, a domestic terrorist, somebody who wanted to scare or kill with one thing in common,
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targets of trump's words becomes targets of bombs. if the goal was to silence or scare us, i am happy to report this morning it did not work. we are here with you live to deliver the news and the facts. there's a nationwide manhunt this morning and a search for more pipe bombs that may have been sent. we know of seven so far. they are trying to locate a suspicious package sent to joe biden, and another went to mr. soros, hillary clinton, maxine waters, barack obama, and former dnc chair woman, debbie wasserman schultz. the president went to a political rally overnight, and he called for unity and then he blamed the victims.
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>> any acts or threats of phr political violence are an attack on our nation itself, and no nation can succeed that tolerates violence as a method of coercion or control, and the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and often times false attacks and stories. you have to do it. >> so we will get to the president's speech shortly. the unity, the irony and contradictions, and we will get to the poisonous rhetoric the president accepted himself. in a word, none. and the person that sent the bombs might have wanted to keep
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the news from you. and jim was on the air with poppy harlow when we had to evacuate. >> the president said false stories and, no, we work hard to get the news right, and just that point there. on the investigation today the focus is are there more packages out there, because this developed from 48, 24, to 72 hours. law enforcement here, the joint terrorism task force focused on finding the person that sent the packages, and there could be more out there so the investigation is under way. >> this is american terrorism.
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this is red versus blue terrorism. >> this morning an intense manhunt is under way for the person or persons who sent at least seven explosives over the past three days, targeting two former presidents, a sitting congresswoman, a number of high profile government officials and cnn. all of whom have been vilified by president trump. >> hillary is a very dishonest person. and, of course, the legendary low iq maxine waters. >> and now authorities are trying to locate who sent the bomb to joe biden. >> we have to operate under the assumption there are more out
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there. >> authorities say some of the pipe bombs were sent by first class mail, and all with a similar appearance, and bearing the return address of former dnc chair woman, debbie wasserman schultz. the package sent to cnn was addressed to the former cia director, john brennan, his name misspelled. he is an nbc news contrebteibut. >> that package was discovered in the mail room at cnn headquarters -- poppy harlow and i were covering the bomb sent to the clintons when we were
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interrupted by fire alarms. our new york offices quickly evacuated, police mobilizing to protect the public. >> we are outside safely and all of our cnn colleagues are outside right now, and everybody is safe as we can see. >> the entire street was blocked off. four members of the bomb squad entered the mail room to safely remove the device. >> jim, stay with us if you would. thank you for the background. let's bring in cnn crime and justice reporter, who also swung into action yesterday, seamlessly, and a former fbi analyst. seems to me there are six different packages and there must be dna, and what do police say this morning. >> police scientists have come so far in the last couple of
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decades, and 1978 to 1995, 17 years of terror with the unibombist. the forensic tools and harvesting of evidence, and the fact that firstly nobody was hurt yesterday, which we are astatic about, but we have unexploded devices that will be a treasure trove of information. and officials are fanning out and looking at all the surveillance video and asking and talking and asking the right questions of folks involved in this. i will give this a few days but i think with the amount of evidence they have they will close in on this person or people that did this very shortly. >> where are they, the bombs, what do you know? >> i don't know if they are going to close in on this person as quickly as we would like to. as of last night, let's be
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honest, the fbi and new york police department are not telling us a lot about this person, but because the fbi put out photos of the envelopes, they have no idea who this person is. i think it's fair to say that from everything we know right now we are not any closer to figuring out who is behind this. yes, they have a lot of evidence and the fact that they have several of the bombs that are intact and they can pull maybe fingerprints off of this and dna, and we may learn more but it's safe to say this manhunt is still ongoing and have no idea who did it. >> there could be a serial bomber on the loose? >> yes, this is a major concern for the fbi, and we don't know where this person is. when i spoke to somebody last
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night, they said, look, we will wake up and see, and there could be more because the mail comes in the morning, so we could see more today. >> this was a long distance attack, and i was thinking of the chelsea bombing two years ago here in new york and an advantage there it was a physical drop, and you could examine footage in the area, and you built a picture and find a line of attack and that's how within days they were able to find that there. >> there's confusion about this, and what may have happened is this may have gone through the mail with the curious service, and then that's how it got here. it didn't come directly from the postal service, it was not like the mail carrier dropped it off, it could have come from the courier, and maybe that's how it got here, and that may not be so
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all of it may have been going through the mail. >> it feels like 100 years ago. seven months ago we were under going the austin serial boston case, and that took seven days. it was the fact this person went into a fedex facility, and we were able to track him down with the surveillance, and we are not out of the woods in the sense there may be other packages out there yet to be discovered. >> here's the key, and i know you have done more work on this and jim if you have, too, pipe in here. were they bombs that could explode? if the answer to that is yes, this was attempted murder of two former presidents and a sitting member of congress and a former attorney general and a former cia director and perhaps a lot of people in the building, and that's an attempted mass building and a decapitating of
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an entire political class. >> yeah, these were bombs. whether or not they could have gone off is a great question and we don't have enough details on the devices themselves to know was there some kind of a triggering method, was there a timing method by this was supposed to go off, and keep in mind what the nypd kpeucommissi said, these were live bombs, and if they could have gone off accidentally or had a trigger point, that doesn't matter. >> it was not by definition a letter bomb, right? by definition, the letter bomb, you open it up and it goes boom, and it was a capable device, and it had a detonator and explosive -- >> it would have had to have a
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trigger to ignite it? >> it appears. it appears. >> one of the complicating factors is now copycat possibilities, and the nypd just confirmed to cnn they are investigating a suspicious package in tribeca here in manhattan. i can only imagine the double duty all of the detectives and investigators will have to do in terms of packages. >> unfortunately, an open society, alisyn, people have accessed things, we can't burn the books with the information where somebody unhinged can quickly go to. the bomb almost looked like a caricature of a bomb, and it was like somebody was trying to put it together that it would scream
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something was wrong. >> what does that tell you? >> well, somebody didn't know how to rig it, because the bomb needs a power supply and the explosive and a switch. often times, one or two of those things are hard to precure and put together. >> we have confirmed the police are look into a suspicious object there. shimon in the last few seconds, you have been working your sources in? >> yeah, there's concern this could be related. i think we are going to hold off there for now but i think being told there was concern here with this, they are obviously treating this the same way how they treated this in our building. >> do we know who the target is? >> we should probably be concerned.
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>> your sources are saying pay attention to the screen right now. >> that's exactly what we heard yesterday from law enforcement here in new york and the fbi was concerned there would be the possibility with follow-up attempts. >> the targets have one thing in common, these are all people or entities the president has criticized directly by name. in turn, many folks have criticized the president. from an vest tkpwinvestigating standpoint, can people be influenced by rhetoric? >> that's certainly a question for the politicos to delve into, but from the perspective of the fbi or law enforcement, none of
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them are look into this like we are in the side of the red or blue. we are looking at the motive. motive is important because if you find out the cause of why somebody would do this you can get in front of the next one to hopefully prevent the next one. the fbi is going to divide this as they always have done terrorism to two aspects, international terrorism and domestic terrorism. we don't know who this is. is this somebody inspired and directed from overseas or from home? >> that is the containment vessel here that was outside our building. you only see that truck when they think they have a live device. that's the truck we saw yesterday. >> the same containment vessel.
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they bring it there to transport safely an explosive device away and that's what carried the explosive device away from cnn yesterday, yesterday morning. that means the nypd is taking this very seriously. >> this is across the street from a college and it's where some people ran on 9/11. you guys have permission to do all the reporting you need to do. look at your phones and call on your phones while we are here because this is an ongoing situation. there's the truck which contains the explosive devices and it's designed to go and retrieve and place explosive devices on the scene there in tribeca, and you are looking at the live operation. one of the biggest fears overnight into this morning is there are more bombs out there. there's a serial bomber on the loose this morning and there could be more bombs out there. >> james, it's also possible
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that although the postal service did a phenomenal job of finding all of these packages, some before they reached their intended target, they have not gone through every bit of mail in the united states. >> there's a couple things people need to be aware of, and it's good we put the picture of what the package delivered to cnn looked like. excessive postage, and an oily residue. >> they don't want to have to go into the post office to weigh it, right? >> why would they put excessive postage on there, because they don't want it to be returned, and they will type out the exact same words, and most importantly we want people to see something
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with excessive tape or do not x-ray, or fragile, and that way it won't get dropped accidentally, or x-rayed. >> another thing we saw to the bomb addressed to john brennan, one, it misspelled and disdirected. if the goal was to deliver it to where he worked, it wouldn't be here at cnn. >> we understood that mr. brennan at the time was engaged in a twitter battle back and forth with the president and didn't know where to send it. these are all clues. police are working on human intelligence and signal intelligence. in manhattan alone there are some 13,000 cameras between
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private businesses and the ones the nypd put up on bridges and houses and subways. somebody would have seen something. and they are going to put together a pattern and we will learn more about this sooner than later. >> the nypd is responding to a suspicious package received at a nonresidential building in the tribeca area, and it's unclear to us if the package is quite similar in nature to the one received here yesterday at cnn, and you can see the containment vehicle that was parked in front of our headquarters yesterday in order to receive the suspicious package in the safest way possible. the tribeca film center is located at this address. we have no idea who the recipient or target of this one was, but shimon is working his sources and he's on the phone.
3:19 am
what do you have? >> it's a real concern with the containment truck, and there are similarities i am being told by o officials. >> similarities in the device itself? >> the packaging, which is key here. some of the material that is in the packaging. other information basically which indicates to the nypd this could be related to what we have been seeing. obviously the biggest fear that this was going to happen, they were going to find another one overnight as we have been saying, interestingly enough, that is where robert de niro's office. >> robert de niro has directed
3:20 am
criticism of the president publicly. >> we don't know if this is a mail package and who it was addressed to, though, and that would be key, correct? >> we have been talking the last 24 hours as they look to identify the packages, you look at who could make this kind of device and look at the pattern of targets which gets to motivation. the long list of targets include people who criticize the president. >> and they are taking the containment vehicle, and there will be a detonation and they want to separate the initiator from the explosive itself. here are three things that make bombs deadly. soft tissue happens when the explosion takes place.
3:21 am
and the shrapnel, and the package itself is not itself the shrapnel -- >> don't give too many how tos. >> and then there's a fire, and somebody can be burned. that's why they use vehicles like that and containment vehicles like that to move that bomb safely. >> i am glad you are pointing out, because the police lives are so in danger, and i saw all the police standing out front of our building ushering us out and getting us to safety and they were in harm's way. >> the run to the sound of the guns. >> i do think it's important what james was saying without telling people how to do it and what they used, there appears to have been in these devices
3:22 am
things that would wound, maim or injure, which gives you a sense of what the design was or motive was and it's important to note that as there is this ongoing manhunt and there's an ongoing developing situation, and breaking news in lower manhattan, what appears to be a real situation, a suspicious device there, and law enforcement authorities saying this is being treated as a situation with similarities to what we saw yesterday. we will have the latest for you after the break.
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we have breaking news. want to show you live pictures of lower manhattan in the tribeca neighborhood, the intersection of greenwich and franklin, there appears to be a package with similarities to the bombs sent yesterday. law enforcement treating this as yet another potential explosive sent to a building. this, again , in lower manhatta. jim scuitto and shimon on the set with us. >> there's sim hreilarities.
3:27 am
what we are being told, both jim and i, there are similarities in the -- in what police have been dealing with in the other packages, the stamping, and -- >> same return address? >> same return address. debbie wasserman schultz' office. this is similar to what law enforcement has been dealing with in the last three days, and this is serious. this is what law enforcement was concerned about, and here we are, another situation which obviously has everybody concerned, parts of lower manhattan now closed because of this. >> a similar reaction, bomb squad, containment vessel, and similarities between the packages that have been sent prior. we won't know the full details until they open it up, right?
3:28 am
we are talking about the exterior similarities and they are treating it as an equally dangerous device, and other public officials have received. >> there's a serial bomber on the loose, and this is what police are contending with, and there's domestic terrorism before our eyes, and i can only imagine the net owe tpeurpffici having to cast. >> the fbi is on this, and these devices are being disassembles and looking at down at quantico. the things that makes package bombs like this so unnerving is bombs are not precision weapons, and along the path, we don't want it to end up to the intended target, but the police
3:29 am
and bomb squad that are going towards the sound of the guns to protect us, those bombs, when they are ind-- >> this is would be an eighth bomb, and seven have been delivered already. >> went to former secretary of state, hillary clinton, and george soros, a huge democratic donor, and barack obama's home in washington, d.c., and maxine water's office in maryland, and maxine water's home in -- a different office in los angeles, california, and eric holder's didn't get delivered because it had the wrong address and went back to debbie wasserman schultz' office, and then one addressed to john brennan which
3:30 am
came to our offices here at cnn. >> and there appears to be the eighth bomb -- you have something. >> the package, exactly the same that we have seen in other packages, the six stamps, the return address for debbie wasserman schultz, and most important this package was addressed to robert de niro, tribeca productions, so we now know where this was going. this is exactly, exactly the same, it's in a yellow manila envelope which we have seen, and it's addressed to robert de niro -- >> another vocal critic of the president, and somebody who has been a talk get of the
3:31 am
president, and that's the commonality of the list, clinton, obama, and cnn, and it gets to motivation of whoever the attacker or attackers is. >> james, thank god none of these have detonated or gone off, but what does it tell you the fact that none of these have gone off? can somebody be accidentally strong this am times or just trying to scare people? >> they are not an experienced bombmaker, or they went online to figure out how to do this, or it could be somebody trying to send a message with no intention they are going to explode, and there's not all four pieces in there. we have to remember, what is the definition of terrorism? the definition of terrorism is violence or intimidation or the threat of same in the pursuit of social or political goals.
3:32 am
look, that's what this appears to be. when you link these together it doesn't take you too far down the line to know that's what it is. >> no, you don't need to dragnet here to get the tie that all the people sent these bombs have. moments ago there's an eighth explosive device sent to the office of the actor, director, robert de niro in lower manhattan. the tie between de niro, and he has been critical of the president. >> it doesn't seem like there's any postmark on any of this. >> how is this possible? i am confused about this -- >> i am confused by this as
3:33 am
well, and i think somebody needs to -- >> 4:30 a.m. is when we heard john avalon, he was saying at 4:30, i think that was the same time as the one discovered, or the police were called to hillary clinton's home in chappaqua, and police are following all the threats. >> the device made it into the cnn building yesterday. it appears this may have made it into the building. with the presidents, obama and clinton, they have security so there are screenings off site, and it's not just the target at risk because it if this went through the mail system, the handlers, every stop on their way, those people are at risk.
3:34 am
>> it's on the move. it looks like they removed it, and the nypd dealing with a second bomb, and there's a bomb in that truck, and they will pick it apart, preserve it and do what they need to do with it and it will go to the fbi in virginia. >> this is going to precipitate another need for law enforcement to get out in front of this, and now we know there's another package out there, and we have to presume there are others getting out in front of this now because the number one thing is they need to deal with the public fears, and they need the information out there so the public can help us as well by calling a tip line or the police department. >> new york city is now being targeted by this person. obviously the nypd and fbi all over this, and putting out the photos they put out last night, and certainly what we have done by putting out photos of what
3:35 am
these envelopes look like, and you will see such a response from the nypd and fbi -- >> keep in mind, upstate new york, los angeles, and the other point is this is now an attempted attack over several days. on monday, several sent on wednesday, and now another package. >> first of all, you are seeing an incredible picture of city blocks blocked off, and you see all the traffic at 6:30 a.m. -- >> yesterday in the midst of all of this, you have as you often have, the conspiracy theorist out, very public voices with very big platforms raising questions about this, about whether it's a false flag, about whether it's a fake, et cetera. my answer to that is look at how
3:36 am
the new york police department are taking this, and these are serious people taking their job seriously, and they do not waste resources like this. >> we don't know who the culprit is? >> this is not fake news. look at the way the new york police department is handling this. >> do we know, and we are trying to understand the intricacies of the post office, and is it possible they were all sent at once and only now one is arriving at robert de niro's office? >> they are trying to find another package that was sent to former vice president joe biden. >> how do they know about this?
3:37 am
>> it could have been received at the sorting site, and that's a great question, we don't know. what this seems to indicate is this person -- there will be more, and certainly, you know, how this was sent, i think, will be the big focus of the fbi. >> stand by guys for one second if you will. >> we have one of our cnn reporters, mark morales, who is live at the scene on the phone. tell us what you are seeing there? >> it's a heavy response this morning, and you can hear helicopters in the air, and the bomb squad and about a block from the restaurant taped off, and fire trucks and ambulances are here, and it's a heavy response at the moment. >> a heavy response at the moment. what we are looking at mark, we are looking at the truck that is
3:38 am
designed to contain explosive devices now driving up the west highway during the morning commute in lower manhattan. this is a remarkable image we are seeing right now of that truck we believe that is headed to the bronx which is where you send bombs in the new york greater city area to be taken care of. how close are you to the building itself where this was sent? >> i want to say probably about 100, 150 feet or so. the containment truck left a bit ago -- >> if you can still hear me, and i know it's a chaotic scene and you are probably being moved around here, and yesterday when the bomb was sent to cnn thousands of people that work in this giant building were evacuated. have people been removed in the
3:39 am
buildings in the area? >> it's hard to say. right now people are walking around and getting ready for their morning commute avoiding this block. it's hard to say if anybody has been evacuated. officially it's being called a suspicious package, but obviously there's a containment truck there. it's a heavy response. there's a lot of details trying to be sorted out at the moment. >> mark, stand by because we will come back to you. jim, are you seeing a city-wide alert? >> yeah, we are getting these, and we know one went out and i will read it, due to police activity expect heavy presence of personnel, and they get that information out as quickly as they can so the greatest number of people are warned about the
3:40 am
danger there. >> i want you to know what is going on on the set, jim and shimon are working their sources on the phone while they are talking to us and while this is going on before our very eyes. >> i am told nypd got a call around 4:45 this morning and the emergency services unit and obviously the bomb squad immediately responded. frightening is that this package was up -- was already on the seventh floor of the building, and made its way up to the seventh floor of the building. i don't know what is on the seventh floor, but it was addressed to tribeca productions and robert de niro. they may not have a sophisticated mail system like we do here and it made its way up to the seventh floor. why was it discovered at 4:45 this morning? that's fascinating. >> it's interesting in the midst
3:41 am
of this yesterday, of course former president and former secretary of state they have secret service protection, and cnn does not. >> just to be clear, this is not robert de niro's home, it's his office. >> and the restaurant is in the same building. >> his name is on the envelope indicating he was the target, whether to hurt, kill, threaten, scare, make some kind of a statement in what is robert de niro's connection to the other seven targets of the bombs yesterday, and robert de niro has been very critical of the president, president trump. jim, where is that bomb going? >> it's going up to the bronx,
3:42 am
and it's to look at how stable our unstable it is. if it's deemed to be unstable, john, they will probably conduct a controlled detonation where they will try to separate the initiator and the switch from the explosives themselves, and if they don't have to do that, they have a treasure trove of forensic intelligence to link the bombs together. >> so it's heading up to rodman's neck in the bronx, and that's where the other bomb was taken, and there's a firearms range and they have an area, the bomb squad, that's generally where they are, and they can work on it and make it safe, and even though it's being transported they need to make it safe so they can pick it apart and do forensic work. this is going up to the bronx, the nypd bomb squad up there.
3:43 am
>> if you have a pipe bomb in these packages but not a letter bomb per se and it doesn't appear there was a trigger just by opening it, what is the function of that? would that be to strike fear as opposed to something else? >> look what it has done to the city and look now to the couple of blocks, and that's the purpose of terror, it paralyzes us and changes us from doing what we normally do. the good thing about having these devices, they are going to be able to pull off leightfinges and dna, and there will be a lot of things going back to the bombmaker, they are like bakers and have a particular signature, and if it's somebody that has done it before and is on the
3:44 am
fbi's list, and a lot of things can help law enforcement to track down who this is. >> there has not been a controlled explosion -- >> soros. >> yeah, the fbi never thought this was going to be a one off, and they had suspicion they would be dealing with more because right away they knew what the message here was, it was political in their eyes. >> they may be learning that the device, as this one was or similar, they are learning they may not have to do a controlled detonation -- >> if everything follows the script the way it is thus far. this is a containment vehicle and there has been another suspicious package sent to
3:45 am
robert de niro, and he has been a vocal critic of president trump, and that seems to be the pattern for the target of all of the bombs that have been sent through the mail or possibly delivered. we don't know exactly yet but we know at 4:30 this morning there was a call to the police as our reporters have been telling us, and the bomb squad and all of the new york pd takes it very seriously because we have a serial bomber who is currently on the loose. there's a nationwide manhunt, and the evidence is in that truck that you are seeing now on the west side highway heading up to be examined. >> and the targets have been people who the president has gone after rhetorically before, but the impact, it's on all of us. you can see that right now before your very eyes. you have a truck with a bomb in it driving on the west side highway at 6:45 a.m. in one of
3:46 am
the busiest cities -- >> it's rush hour and they are going to shut down parts of the west side highway now to get to the bronx. they are closing streets all around new york now. we can see that's the west side highway now, and parts of it are closed. >> it looks like they have already blocked off the exits where you can see the emergency vehicles on the on-ramp. >> yes, yesterday the police shut down out of caution a major city, manhattan in the middle of the day, and now you have a bomb truck going up the west side highway in rush hour, and this paralyzes that follows is part of the intention -- >> and we did not skip a beat. >> and neither did new york, and the point is about attracting
3:47 am
fear. >> it's 6:46 a.m. this morning. what we knew when we woke up is law enforcement was concerned there could be more bombs out there, and what you are looking at is proof to that, yes, there are, there's an eighth explosive device, a bomb sent via mail or courier. hillary clinton, former president barack obama did, and there was one sent here to cnn, addressed to john brennan, the former cia director, and maxine waters received two, one getting to her office in washington, d.c. and one to her office in california, and then there was a bomb attempted to be sent to
3:48 am
former attorney general eric holder but that was returned to former dnc chair, debbie wasserman schultz, because whoever did this made debbie wasserman schultz the return address on these bombs. >> i think there will be getting this person soon, because there are so many cameras in new york, and there has to be some dna in the packages. >> just like in a shakespearen play, the general thing that brings the bad guys down is the brazenness of this guy's work. i don't think we are belaborering the point when we say, yes, these are small pipe bombs but they can do a ton of damage. bombs are not precision instruments, so anybody that handles them, if you see something like this, it's the old see something, say
3:49 am
something, immediately call 911 or call the police, and don't try to handle it, evacuate that area and call law enforcement. >> it helps to have all the eyeballs on cnn, because the public is a huge weapon against these guys, and so people do pay attention, and so if you have information call your local authorities and they will get the information to the right people who are handling it. >> there is a would-be serial bomber on the loose this morning sending bombs, eight now have been sent including this new one, and you are looking at live pictures on the screen of a containment vehicle delivering the bomb to a safe area at this moment. we have new breaking details coming into cnn by the minute, reporters here on the set working their sources. we will have new information for you right after a quick break. ♪
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simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. news at this hour. we are following a developing situation in manhattan and it's on your screen right now. another bomb, mail bomb, package
3:54 am
bomb, has been discovered in the tribeca neighborhood of new york city and you are seeing the police response to it right now. it's currently in a containment vehicle right there on your screen which is headed up the west side highway to the new york bronx where it will be examined by investigators. this after a call at 4:30 in the morning to the new york police department from the offices of the actor, robert de niro. that's who the eighth package was addressed to. we wake up this morning and there's a nationwide manhunt for a serial bomber. this person is on the loose. whoever sent these bombs to the clintons, the obama's, george soros, maxine waters and cnn and
3:55 am
robe robe robert de niro. >> people have been criticized a lot by the right, and james, let's talk about what is in that containment vehicle. i think you have had a chance, through your sources to take a look at a picture -- we are not going to put that up on the screen, but tell me what you saw? >> they can place a tablet over the package sit eitself, they c x-ray it with a tablet. they can determine if there's a power supply and initiator and switch and presence of explosives. this package was just like the one that was delivered to cnn, and the exact same computer generated printout address
3:56 am
label, and the same six forever stamps. the determine we have to find out is how these packages were delivered. if they are not stamped at the post office, there's no stamp cancelations, they had to be delivered there by hand. again, manhattan and the five burrows, there's not a corner or square inch not covered by cameras. this person will be tracked down. >> those stamps are self adhesive stamps, so -- >> even if they were not, and there were some -- somebody like this would probably have used a sponge. the bad guys think they are smarter than everybody else and they are like water, and criminals follow the path of least resistance. what was easiest for the first
3:57 am
one they will do on the last. >> there are critics, people who don't like cnn and others saying none of the bombs went off. what are you talking about here? that picture on the screen does tell you something. >> the nypd is taking this seriously. the nypd, they are not wilting flowers, right? you see their response outside our offices and you see it now, and you see it in other cities where packages where they have been sent. they are taking this device seriously. it didn't go off, that's good luck frankly. it does not reduce the seriousness in which they deal with it. >> you don't bring that truck in to remove something if -- >> even if somebody did not intent for it to go off, it
3:58 am
could still go off. >> the fact is this is a bomb and it works, it's not fake, it has explosive material in it. >> you catch the people behind this, they will be charged as if this is a deadly device. >> you have heard of anybody being warned now? now that there's a clear pattern of people being targeted here, i can't imagine who another potential target would be, but are they reaching out? >> they are. the media organizations yesterday. >> since the george soros thing happened, they have been going to offices here in new york and they stepped up security with anything having to do with soros, and when they learned about obama and clinton's package, they stepped up
3:59 am
security. >> they were here because they were concerned about large-type of buildings that could be potential targets. the nypd has gotten so good at this. they try to get ahead of this in their intelligence division, which is run by miller. they always try to get ahead of it, and that's what they saw with the incident yesterday. >> you see the governor deploying national guardsmen and women because they want to have resources in place. >> live pictures right now from lower manhattan where a bomb was sent to the actreor of robert d niro. let's reset. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we have major breaking news this morning developing before our eyes. you are looking at the scene in
4:00 am
lower manhattan where a bomb was sent to the office of robert de niro, the actor and director in lower manhattan, his office there. d de niro is now the eighth recipient of a suspected bomb over the last few days. we have seen it develop before our eyes this morning, and you are looking at the containment vehicle going to a safe area in the bronx where it will be examined and it could be sent to the fbi headquarters to find out more. >> there's a nationwide manhunt for a serial bomber on the loose, a domestic terrorists who is now behind eight bombs. yesterday, you will recall, cnn was evacuated after the news of these bombs spread, and hillary clinton and her home and former president bill clinton, their home in new york was a recipient


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