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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 25, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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lower manhattan where a bomb was sent to the office of robert de niro, the actor and director in lower manhattan, his office there. d de niro is now the eighth recipient of a suspected bomb over the last few days. we have seen it develop before our eyes this morning, and you are looking at the containment vehicle going to a safe area in the bronx where it will be examined and it could be sent to the fbi headquarters to find out more. >> there's a nationwide manhunt for a serial bomber on the loose, a domestic terrorists who is now behind eight bombs. yesterday, you will recall, cnn was evacuated after the news of these bombs spread, and hillary clinton and her home and former president bill clinton, their home in new york was a recipient and george soros was another
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recipient. the home of barack and michelle obama, and the offices of maxine waters in maryland and in california, and eric holder, one of the bombs was sent to him but it was not addressed correctly, and it bounced back to debbie wasserman schultz, and her address was put on there as the return address, and now at 4:30 a.m. the latest report was there was a bomb sent to the offices of robert de niro. >> jim and shimon have been working their sources all morning, and you may see them on the phone and that's going to happen because we are trying to find out what the situation is. also joining us now is david gregory. layout for us the new information we are getting.
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>> the similarity between the packages sent today and the others, same markings on the envelope and the same return address, and that one is the one that came to cnn yesterday, but the truck on the right, there's a package that bears many of the same hallmarks. >> same number of stamps on the packaging. >> six. >> six. same misspellings. florida is misspelled. names are misspelled. the package was addressed to robert de niro tribeca productions, 375 greenwich street. the weight is similar. it's likely this is just another similar-type of pipe bomb that we saw here. you are seeing on your screen
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this is the containment vehicle where the bomb is being transported. obviously more work here for the nypd. i think with this edition, certainly the nypd expected they would get more this morning, and this one the call came in at 4:45 a.m., and they went to work and have been at the greenwich address for hours. >> obama, clinton, holder, maxine waters, cnn. >> james, you have been in law enforcement for a long time and what happens this morning now? >> what we are seeing on the screen right now is called a total containment vessel. the nypd and a number of other large police departments around the country and the federal government have these vehicles. they are scattered out through the five boroughs so they can be quick responders. if you go down to depth, if you
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are a diver and you go down to depth and you are in a submarine, you want that device to protect you from the pressure on the outside, and this is the opposite of that, and we want to contain the pressure that could possibly be released if this device was to be triggered and to go off. the number one thing that made bombs deadly is the over pressure, that's what crushes people and property and things like that. that total containment vessel is being used to contain the device. >> and we are talking about politics and the bigger meaning in context, but we are getting new information all morning long, and shimon has more. >> this is going to be similar to others, other pipe bombs. there's a similar device inside this packaging, so the police have done x-rays and what they see is a similar device to what we have seen photos of and also what we have seen under x-ray. last night we aired photos under
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x-ray of some of the devices, and i am told what the nypd is dealing with here is exactly the same. >> david gregory, the context here is now eight bombs sent to targets, including two former presidents, a former secretary of state and an attorney general and a former cia director and a member of congress, you know, and a well-known actor and a billionaire that gives money to democrats. we do not know for certain if these bombs were built in a way where they could go off. we know there were explosives in them and they could hurt a large number of people handled the wrong way, and this appears to be a mass assassination attempt in the former political leadership in the country. this is no small thing. >> it is no small thing and it's happening at a time of heaviness in our culture and in our
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politics, and it has gotten to a place that has become more tribal, a sense that your political enemies or dangerous to you. it's in that context that you see this potential violence and a plot like this unfolding. the other thing that strikes me this morning is the fact that robert de niro is included on the list as well. whoever this is, whether it's one person or persons is very much dialed in to the political discourse at a kind of gossipy level on one end and the thrust of political fighting going on in the country. duh ne de niro has been political towards the president, vulgar towards him in an awards show, and the president's language, and so it's in that context as
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well that i think adds even greater saw hrepl knee to this. the white house, washington, maybe it's the fbi really pulling everybody together to both update the country on what is known, and as a real show of resolve, and that's an important test as this unfolds for the administration, to try and build on what he said last night, not attacking the media part, but suggesting this is an attack on democracy and our way of life. >> we will see what and when the white house responses to this latest bomb. mark, tell us what you are seeing this morning and if there is any response yet from robert
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de niro? >> right now since they have moved the package out of the area, we have been able to move a little closer. we are diagonal from the restaurant, and high ranking nypd officials and officials are emergency services are huddled together and i imagine they are discussing the situation that has gone on here. there's not going to be an official briefing until sometime this morning, and officials are trying to iron out when that will be, and it's sort of turning into a crossroads. you have this emergency response, and at the same time people are sort of waiting outside of coffee trucks getting their coffee for the morning. everybody is still going back to normal but at the same time we have a package that we found this morning. >> here's how the nypd was alerted. it was the security personnel at tribeca productions that called the nypd for a suspicious
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package addressed to robert de niro. what caught their attention was the similarities in what had been released, the photos we have been airing, and it seems that helped the situation, it worked, and they saw this package and immediately notified the nypd, and the nypd commissioner saying they are investigating the suspicious package in tribeca, and the item is en route to a secure facility in the bronx, and they say we will find whoever is responsible for this, this coming from the nypd commissioner. >> this is why they released photos, because they want folks when they see it to be vigilant. >> so that worked. >> they will always say this, if there's any question, exercise
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caution. and the police was alerted by somebody in the office of the building, which is how it happened here, somebody was alert in the news room here. >> yeah, the mail room. >> yeah, they had a good handle on this but they were afraid there was going to be more. when you start asking for the public's help, you reveal things about your investigation that you normally wouldn't if you knew who was responsible or things were going, and the fbi doesn't always release these kinds of photos and the fact they did told us a lot. >> let me read one of the "washington post" headlines, and it's important to know what the targets have in common, targets of trump's words become targets of bombs. all of the eight sources or people where these bombs were directed have been targets of the president's words, almost all of these people have been
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critics of the president as well, and as david gregory noted, whoever did this is keenly aware of the political debate and discussion that is going on. whoever did this, you could take a transcript of some of the debates and conservative media over the days, over the last few weeks, and each of these names would have appeared on the transcript of some radio or television shows. >> john, it's very rare and it's one reason why the unabomber was able to operate with impunity for seven years, and he lived in a cabin in montana, and there was no social media like today and he had no social media platform. today it's different. i am certain that investigators are combing through social media platforms of all the digital exhaust. the addresses had to be looked up.
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how do you find out where the clintons live? these are open soares. press conferences for law enforcement for presence conferences sake, tphfrnever a idea. they need to get out in front of this thing now because the last thing you want to do is have the public ask why aren't we hearing anything? >> there are billions -- >> jim, that is the million-dollar question. if you remember when the san bernardino shooters, when that incident happened and all those people were killed, the then fbi director, james comey, appealed to apple to help us get into this, and apple said no, we are not going to help you unlock that. the fbi went and employed a
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young millennial who took 15 minutes to figure it out, and apple was forced to come to the table. >> the thing is the misspellings, and that's going to be a big clue i would think. how do you not know how to spell florida? >> folks told me, somebody doesn't know how to spell florida or it could be somebody that wants to throw off -- the equivalent of cutting pieces from a magazine to send a letter. >> i just want to talk about the enormity of what we saw, the threat that we saw yesterday and this morning. two former u.s. presidents were targeted. two democratic lawmakers were targeted. an ex-cia director was targeted. an international news organization was targeted. the idea of what is happening in the country, i am not sure it
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has been adequately captured about how huge and historic this crime is. >> well, i think it is huge. thank god it has not been deadly. you are right, the scope of it, the intended targets, how closely this is all tracked to the political rhetoric and attacks on the part of the president on these individuals is incredibly alarming. both to investigators and to all of us in a broader context. we are just a couple weeks away from a mid-term election that is highly charged, that is more incendiary than we have seen in a long time, but the broader historical context is worth while. our friend, jon meacham, he has been reflecting on that you did have political violence during
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the period of andrew jackson, and fresher for a lot of people's minds were in the '60s. we have seen it in our own era here, and we had steve scalise shot during a softball game, which seemed to be another moment where we thought how heated the rhetoric is and how awful the divisions are, and this was a gunman who claimed to be a supporter of bernie sanders. it's a reminder we have to be careful about ascribing motives here. what this person understands is how to get attention and plug into the political debate. we have no idea really what is on the mind of this person, but we can separate that and talk about a broader political context where people are at each other's throats in a way where this kind of violence, unfortunately seems possible. >> that's a great point from law enforcement methodologies and a
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police perfespective. we have become hyper focused because we have a predetermination on who the bad guy or bad guys are that we ignore evidence to the contrary. obviously the link is important, but it's circumstantial at this point. we have to be focused to make sure we take in all the evidence in front of us, and do what the fbi and law enforcement are supposed to do. >> some of the evidence is targets. all we have is we know where these bombs were sent, and the return address to me is fascinating. debbie wasserman schultz, who is no longer and for sometime has not been the chair of the democratic national committee. this is not somebody in the news in the mainstream media every day, and you only hear her name if you are tuned into a very
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specific type of media. maybe that does tell us something about the person who sent this, or maybe it tells us something the person that sent this wants us to think. but it's there and it's fascinating. shimon. >> the whole thing -- i am just talking with sources and everybody is on edge in new york because there's concern, what if one of these things goes off. that is the big -- really the big concern. we have been lucky, and we have been dealing with eight of these and none of them have gone off. could be this person is more sophisticated than we think and the bombs were designed not to go off and just send a message, because it just doesn't make sense the way all of this is constructed -- >> is it the belief of your sources, somebody is in new york? some have been sent to new york, washington, d.c., maryland, but are they zeroing in on something in new york? >> i don't think they are zeroing in on anybody right now,
4:18 am
not anybody in new york or here as far as we know. >> it's a broader web, and the use of the mail -- >> yeah, and maybe couriers, too. >> the difference between just sending messages and designed to go off matters because there's nobody dead, but it doesn't matter when there's a discussion of terrorism, because terrorism is designed to scare, and whether or not these explosives went off, but we know they were explosives. >> yeah, it's interesting. it's what we don't know. we don't know who the attacker or attackers are. the thought occurred to me yesterday as we were being evacuated, a secondary attack, and thankfully that didn't happen but that's paurt of a terrorists' mo.
4:19 am
does it prestage something else? we don't know and law enforcement doesn't know. >> let's look at eric rudolph and the abortion clinic bombings. that's what he did. he would have somebody set off the device and then he would know responding law enforcement would go and check out a dumpster where there would be evidence and there would be a second device there. people need to be vigilant on that. when you are calling this into law enforcement, think about an evacuation plan. >> hoisis, and other terroristso that, but that is an m.o. >> people in new york are going to be excited about this and they need to keep people safe and calm. we will hear more soon. >> david gregory, go ahead.
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>> we are talking about the fact that whoever is behind this is dialed into the political debate in a granular way, and yet, you know, this question that shimon raised earlier that sticks with me is how are these packages being delivered, and if they are so sophisticated, they don't know the packages are not going to get near the targets, and if you are sending it to a former president's home it's not going to get anywhere near them. so there's a crudeness to them and the statement to this may be the intention. i think about, you know, on grander scales, the oklahoma city bombing, the level of coordination and the specifics of the targeting were so much different and that was somebody
4:21 am
who had such a clear political motivation. >> david gregory, i know you have been looking for leadership here and we just got a new statement from the president of the united states, a statement on the morning when an eighth bomb was sent and is being delivered right now in a containment vehicle. what is the first statement the president makes about this today is to attack the media. he says a very big part of the anger we see in our society is caused by the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the media which i refer to as fake news. mainstream media must clean up its act fast. we have been reporting on a bomb delivered to the office of robert de niro, an eighth bomb delivered somewhere over the last 2 1/2 days, and some of the other targets of these bombs include two former presidents, a former secretary of state, a former attorney general, a member of congress and a former
4:22 am
director of the cia. explosives sent to either kill, threaten or scare these people and american society. traffic was stopped on the west side highway today as this bomb was delivered to a safer area, and buildings have been evacuated. that is what is going on this morning, and the president is blaming the media. >> here's what the fbi would like us to know right now since obviously it would be nice if the president put out this message, since he is the leader, but he's not focused on this. the fbi would like anybody watching with any information they just put out their number, 1-800-call-fbi. they will need the public's help.
4:23 am
obviously this would be a good time for leadership if our leaders could get us altogether. >> the president wasn't watching our broadcast yesterday, nor today apparently because we do not report purposely false and inaccurate reporting. we check our facts. we speak to sources with knowledge, whether in the nypd or others have not accused us of sharing false or inaccurate reporting. >> there are breaking developments, a would-be serial bomber on the loose, and one more bomb being delivered this morning. we have all kinds of breaking news including the president's -- if you want to call it a response this morning -- coming up after this. migraine with botox®.
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4:28 am
the offices of robert de niro, and you can see here the police response. suddenly emergency responders, police, detectives and a bomb containment vehicle had to rush to tribeca and they found this package and put it in the bomb containment vehicle and they are now taking it to headquarters in order to examine it, but what our law enforcement tells us, this package has the same markers as the packages delivered yesterday. i want to bring in general michael hayden. general, as you watch this unfolding that peoples' fears have been confirmed that there are more packages out there, and
4:29 am
this morning there's a serial bomber on the loose and a nationwide manhunt. share your thoughts with us? >> alisyn, you know as the temperature has risen inside the american political discourse, i think all of us had a sense of danger that we were moving into a place where some folks on the extremes of our society would resort to violence, and we are seeing good evidence of that yesterday. look, it's going to be very difficult to draw a straight line between a presidential statement and these particular actions, but i do in my heart believe the way the president speaks, the way he acts, his mannerisms and tone have moved the center line of american political discourse and when you move the center line of discourse, you begin to pull in the fringe element to be something more acceptable and more motivated and justified.
4:30 am
i fear we are seeing that now. alisyn, you know there's a reason that the other 44 presidents of the united states have not spoken the way this president routinely speaks. >> general, the president has had a bizarre statement today. he just tweeted in response, i suppose, to everything happening here in manhattan, he is focused on the mainstream media. he's focused on how he would like them to do their coverage. what does that tell us, general? this is the leader of our country at a time of a national crisis. why is his message so peculiar this morning? >> again, i think in the president's point of view, good, nonfake news, is equivalent to news that is favorable to him. now, to be very fair, those who
4:31 am
push back against the president, like myself, like news media, like science, we need to be careful, too, that in the face of an incredibly normal-busting president we do not violate our own norms of our own professions as we try to tell what we believe the more true story. but for the president, not in any way to suggest that he bears responsibility for this, and to dump this responsibility on everybody else is frankly consistent with his body of work since he began his campaign. >> does he bear responsibility for the tone and tenure he has taken? >> of course he does. let me share with you, alisyn, and it's something i shared with my leadership at the nsa and cia. i said, you get to a point in your career where you are no
4:32 am
longer responsible for just what you say, you have become important enough now that you are now responsible for what also people hear, not just what you think you are transmitting. the president, if he really understands and embraces the responsibility of the office he will understand how many people hear what he says even if he wants to say or pretend those aren't the real messages that he is transmitting. >> general, there was a strange position yesterday of when he said first and read a statement, that doesn't appear to be his words on a teleprompter and he called for national unity and called for something like a dialing down of the political rhetoric and then what he said at the political rally last night. here's a portion of that. >> those engaged in the political arena must stop
4:33 am
treating political opponents as being morally defective. we have to do that. the language of moral condemnation and destructive routine, these are arguments and disagreements that have to stop. nobody should carelessly compare political opponents to historical villains. the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and often times false attacks and stories. have to do it. have to do it. >> what do you think of that message, general? >> so in part of the president's speech yesterday in the afternoon and in the evening, you heard the scripted institution of the president
4:34 am
saying -- the presidency pretty much saying the right things. later on you didn't see the institution of the president, what you saw was the person of this president saying things that have worked for him throughout his life and not just in his political life. he has lived off of confrontation, and he has lived off of being competent, and he lived off of imposing some sense of fear and lived off of dividing those who he perceives to be opposition, and at that point, alisyn, i just think he can't help himself and the consequences of those actions are not something that naturally occur to him. >> general, you have spoken to your friend, john brennan, who one of the packages, one of the bombs, was addressed to? >> i have not. i have seen some of his commentary, and those in us in situations parallel to john have
4:35 am
exchanged notes not really out of fear, just notes saying take care, you have seen what is going on, be careful with what you do. more often than not, protecting our families against inadvertent harm coming from whoever this individual or individuals are. >> are you feeling anxious this morning, general? >> a little more anxious than i would the day before. obviously there are some elements, and i am currently on the road, as you can see, and in my overwhelming experience, being on the road is to meet the american people in a real sense of positive spirits and hospitality. rarely a negative word exchanged when i am recognized when i am traveling, and most of america this morning is in the same place, this stuff is not who we are and this stuff is a
4:36 am
representation of the darkest angles of our nature, and most of us oppose and are, frankly, embarrassed by it. >> thank you for joining us and giving us your perspective on breaking news and everything that happened over the last week. sources tell cnn it was two security guards at the offices of robert de niro's building, the tribeca film festival there that alerted police. at 4:30 in the morning when police got that phone call, it was two eagle-eyed security guards. it worked without anybody being injured today and now police have the daunting task of finding this serial bomber. cnn and "new day" will be right back. with two swappable batteries, at maximum suction the shark ion f80 has more run time than the dyson v10 absolute. or, choose the upright model for whole home cleaning
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this is not a this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's
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own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪ we do have breaking news i want to tell you about right now. we are just getting some beginnings of hints of something going on in delaware. the fbi is telling us they are investigating something in delaware. we are fought sure if it's connected to what we have seen
4:41 am
over the last few days, bomb sent places. overnight we did know there was concern that a device had been sent to joe biden that lives in delaware, and now we are getting word of fbi activity in delaware and we will bring you the latest on that when we get more. also this morning the breaking news you are seeing on the screen right now, a bomb sent to the actor of robert de niro's office, and de niro has been critical of president trump and been the target of many of trump's words over the last several words. bombs have been sent to former president, barack obama, and secretary of state hillary clinton, and eric holder, and
4:42 am
maxine waters, and john brennan sent a device here at cnn. we are following all the breaking news. we want to talk about what this all means for all of us. joining us now is congressman rodney davis of illinois, a republican who was on the baseball field more than a year ago when steve scalise and others were shot during softball practice, and so he knows firsthand what it's like to be a target of some kind of political violence. thank you for being with us this morning. i want to talk about the now and what we have seen over the last few days and these bombs either being sent to kill or to scare all of these people, what do you make of it? >> well, i think this is obviously an act of political terrorism, whether it's the political terrorists that tried to kill me and my friends on a baseball field in virginia just
4:43 am
a year and a half ago, screaming health care while he was firing at us or this deranged lunatic that needs to be arrested as soon as possible so innocent people are not hurt by his political motivations that are not american. >> an act of political terrorism with motivations that are not available. you are listening to the congressman of rodney davis, a republican from the state of illinois. an act of political terrorism, and we are tw12 days before a mid-term election and this is not what america is supposed to be. >> no, it's not. i continue to believe the majority of us stand back and see the fringe lunatics like this obvious hraoupblunatic tha creating this havoc. we are not republicans or
4:44 am
democrats at a time like this, we are all americans. i hope the great law enforcement in the country find out who is doing this and put a stop to it immediately, because there's so many innocent people that can be hurt by the devices going through the postal system and into the communities and it has to stop. >> this is a breaking news situation, and we are looking at live pictures, congressman, of the police near the offices of robe robert de niro who was sent a bomb overnight. the targets of this week are people that president trump has targeted with his words and they are people who have been critical of president trump, and it appears again that is the political motivation this time that really, as you look at this, can't be denied. >> just as all of us on that baseball field were targeted for our political beliefs, yes, this lunatic is targeting individuals
4:45 am
who are opposed to president trump and opposed to other issues. it's not right. he's got to be stopped. we have got to make sure the american people know that we agree on more than we disagree on in this country, and we have to come together as americans. this is something i said immediately in the aftermath of the shoot bg ing in june of 201 and we said we have to tone down the rhetoric on all sides and come together as americans. we can have political differences, but what makes america great is we get to settle the differences at the ballot box, and not with bullets on a baseball field or explosive devices. >> president trump put out a statement attacking the media, and one is a broad statement suggesting the media is responsible for the anger right now in america, a very big part of the anger we see today in our society is caused by the
4:46 am
purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the mainstream media that i refer to as fake news. so bad and hateful that is beyond description, congressman. is that the language of healing? >> i certainly prefer the president's responses yesterday. i thought they were spot on when he made a statement at the white house earlier in the day, and i certainly hope he goes back to that tone. but it's all -- it's not just up to the president. it's up the all of us to come together and talk about how we can heal this nation, because it's the divisiveness that we see all throughout washington, all throughout this nation right now that leads those on the fringe to think they can take actions like we saw in june of '17 on a baseball field that i ran from, and like we are seeing right now. we have got to come together and
4:47 am
instead of continuing to fight let's continue a way to heal. >> yes, let's continue a way to heal. one right note doesn't justify five wrong notes, congressman, and i know you said you would prefer the type of the statement the president made from the white house, but he's blaming the media. there have been eight bombs now sent to people and this morning he is suggesting the media is responsible for it. is that the language of healing? >> no, it's not, and i continue to condemn language from any elected official, and anybody in the media that doesn't want to work together to heal as americans. my heart goes out to all of you in the cnn building today and had to be evacuated yesterday. i know what it's like to have to go home and explain to your kids why somebody would want to hurt you, and that's something that i think gets lost in this whole debate of this device and the
4:48 am
rhetoric we see in the country right now, which is why i hope all of us, including the president and all political leaders of all parties and everybody in the media, let's figure out a way to ensure that we talk about where we agree in the country rather than just the instances where we disagree. >> i know you have been through this firsthand which is why we are honored to have you on to talk about, and we are glad nobody died at the baseball field a year ago, and we are lucky nobody has died in the attempted serial bombing that is going on. congressman, thank you very much for being with us. we continue to follow the breaking news. an eighth bomb sent to the office of robert de niro. there's activity in delaware as well, and we have details breaking by the minute. cnn's special live coverage continues right after this.
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4:52 am
loose. you are looking at, on the right side of your screen thar, that containment vehicle traveling from robert de niro's office up to where investigators will try to piece it together and see what this bomb looks like and if it follows the same design as the other seven that we saw. now we have new reporting that at this hour there is fbi activity at a postal facility in delaware at the home state of joe biden. there are fears there was a bomb addressed to him. now that there is fbi activity at this postal facility, this is exactly what we have been talking about yesterday. >> okay. this is it. this is robert de niro. let's get our banner down. this is package number eight. you can see the name right
4:53 am
there. robert de niro, tribeca productions. deb debby wasser m debby wschultz. the same packaging. >> that's exactly what i have been talking to the officials. this is exactly what the security called to alert the nypd. they got this package and they started looking through it. they should see the envelope and immediately notified the nypd. this is exactly the same thing we have been seeing. now all of this has been taken by the nypd to their lab in the bronx where the bomb squad is. very concerning here for officials in that there could be more year, similar type. and really there is so many clues here and indications that this is exactly the same person.
4:54 am
there are misspellings, the type of postage used, the type of stamps used, the labels used. so we're clearly here. this is clear as day that we're dealing with exactly the same person. >> and then there is other developments of activity at this postal facility in delaware. you have been cautioning for us even yesterday that police were very worried that what we saw yesterday at cnn was not the end. >> that's been proven true today. the delaware facility is significant because authorities were looking out for an additional letter addressed to former vice president biden. we're not confirming that's the letter we're looking for. that's where the former vice president lives. that's something we're watching. the other similarity i'll just mention, the package nearly identical to all these targets. but also the category of
4:55 am
targets, right? these are all folks that criticized the president, that the president has singled out for criticism as well. that is something that's relevant to investigators. they look for a consistent m.o. the other thing is that the de niro building was evacuated this morning. we see now the spokesman told cnn they have been allowed back into the building and everyone is safe. >> as we end our our here, i want to bring in david gregory. well, the president was critical this morning of the media once again. he used this moment to basically say the media is responsible for the anger. you gave the president some praise for his statement last night, but you said that phrase should be tempered by the fact that he seems to be blaming everything but himself for this. this morning he seems to be all in on everything but himself. >> it is wrong and he has
4:56 am
decided to keep on punting because he cannot shy away from a fight. that's not what a president does. a president goes big. he can read descriptive lines and apparently he wanted to last night, calling for unity. but he can't live up to it. again, i'm happy to engage in a thoughtful discussion about where the media gets it wrong if he'll take accountability for how he behaved and how he talked. >> thank you very much. our reporters are standing by on the set. a new bomb found in new york. much more live coverage after a quick break. kes more than just investment advice. from insurance to savings to retirement, it takes someone with experience and knowledge who can help me build a complete plan. brian, my certified financial planner™ professional, is committed to working in my best interest. i call it my "comfortable future plan,"
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let's say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at good morning. we are following a lot of breaking news this morning, including just now we have confirmed that authorities believe they have found the ninth suspicious package. this one in delaware. this one addressed to former vice president joe biden. the one you are seeing on the right side of your screen right now was found this morning, just a couple of hours ago in tribecca new york city addressed to the actor robert de niro. the police got the first calls from two eagle eyed security guards that saw a package that fit the same


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