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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 25, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. thanks for joining us. we begin with a major manhunt under way for a serial bomber or bombers and a wannabe mass assassin or assassins. at this hour, a total of 10 devices have been sent to eight devices including the former vice president joe biden and the actor, robert de niro. two packages intended for biden were intercepted at postal
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offices in delaware where biden lives. they have been taken to secure locations. another package was found in the tribeca area of new york city at a building that houses his production company. the three new packages are all very similar in appearance and their contents are also the same. what the fbi doesn't know yet is who exactly is trying to kill president trump's critics. cnn justice correspondent has been following us. update us on the latest. >> we will take the two packages being shipped to the former vice president overnight. the postal service was scrambling trying to find one package. they ended up finding two. they thought it was going to be sent back to florida. debbie wassermann schultz was the return address. they were able to find these two
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packages, both were in postal offices in delaware, one outside of wilmington. now at this point the two packages are being sent to the fbi for examination. a third package was discovered at the production office of robert de niro, another critic of the current administration. that package has been turned over to the fbi. the fbi is doing the work, wolf. they have 10 packages they believe a person has sent at least 10 packages, some of which have been found to be dangerous and possible bombs. they are trying to figure out how to isolate who might have sent these. the work is going on, trying to examine, for example, whether or not there is dna from a possible bomber that they can identify. they are looking at components to figure out where the components were bought and where the packages were shipped from. there is a lot of clues they can get from the packages.
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we look at the bombings in austin, texas. one of the ways they were able to identify the bomber over a period of a couple of weeks is looking at dna and cell phone records and where the packages were shipped from and they looked at surveillance video and the gloves that he was using to handle some of the materials and they were able to see it was a lot of forensic work and all the members of this counter terrorism team that are examining these bombs. they can use that as clues to find the people or person behind this. >> as far as we know right now, they don't know if it's one suspect or multiple suspects. >> they're don't know whether it's one or two or more. what they do know is this is a potentially dangerous situation. as you heard, they called these potentially explosive and destructive devices.
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the concern is that whatever is in this thing could go off. could hurt someone who is handling it. >> it could kill someone. very prominent u.s. leaders. we will stay on top of this and we will get back to you. i want to go to our national correspondent who has been doing a lot of reporting on this. a number of similar explosive devices have been sent since minute to the president and former president obama and hillary clinton and other top officials. what are you learning? >> eight devices and 10 as you were saying. let's start with the timeline. this all started on monday. the first device was sent and hand delivered, we understand, to the home of billionaire liberal philanthropist, george soros at the mail box of his home in upstate new york. it was believed to have been hand delivered.
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that was on monday. on tuesday, also in upstate new york, about a 20 minute drive from soros's house, another was intercepted at the home of president bill and secretary hillary clinton. there in washington, the package that was found to be sent to the obamas. that was again caught by secret service during a routine mail screening process that is in place for former presidents and people who are under secret service protection. then on wednesday, as cnn was reporting on the packages sent to the former presidents and their families, the news broke that our cnn new york offices in the time-warner center in new york received a package. that was delivered by courier addressed to the former cia director, john brennan. brennan is not affiliated with cnn so that was mysterious as well. word then came late yesterday afternoon that president obama's
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attorney general, eric holder had also been chosen as a target. that package was sent back to the return address because it had been misaddressed. that was the office the congresswoman debbie wassermann schultz in sunshine, florida. the next to maxine waters, she got not one, but two packages. one was intercepted. one to washington, d.c. and the other to her office in l.a. actor robert de niro in his tribeca studio in manhattan. that's what a effortlettered th security there. this was likely part of this same story. this package was found on wednesday by the 90 and called early this morning at 4:45 a.m. by the security there.
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robert de niro was not in the building. now we come to the final ninth and tenth packages, both of them sent to joe biden and at least one was misaddressed and returned to the sender. they were located in delaware post offices. those were the targets and that timeline is running from monday to today. let's take a look at what was inside these packages. the bombs that were inside the packages were all slightly different. the devices that were sent to soros and john brennan and the obamas and the clintons were, the fbi said, pipe bombs. they were basic, but functional. one contained glass when the bomb went off. they were unstable and could have been set off simply by handling them. that means they had the ability to do real harm and damage to
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whatever room they were in. whatever people were around. let's look at the packages. all the pictures are almost identic identical. they are manila envelopes with padding on the inside. lots of misspellings. john brennan's name is misspelled and debbie wassermann schultz's name is misspelled. there is no indication that he is involved, but given how many of the envelopes have been found with the bombs intact, none have gone off. there is quite a bit to go off of as they try to hundred dollar down this suspect or suspects. >> this is a former special agent bomb technician and former
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director of the secret service. these packages as we just heard are similar. the suspect used what are called peel and stick stamps and not the kind you lick. he printed the labels instead of writing them out with handwriting. the fact that he took these precautions, what are the chances that they get fingerprints. >> these are the first of many, many clues that the fbi is going to uncover. let me start by saying that the good men and women of the fbi will catch this person or persons responsible for these devices. there are so many clues on these devices not only on the envelope, but within the envelope. the device itself. the components used and where they were purchase and how they were put together. the tape used to wrap it around and the wires themselves. when the wires are cut, it leaves forensic evidence. they will be able to tomorrow
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what type of tool was used and trace that back to the actual laboratory, whether it's an official or makeshift laboratory that was used to make these devices. >> this is a major, major undertaking and they have a lot of fbi technicians and experts assigned to finding this terrorist or terrorists who are at large right now. based on who is being targeted, the bomber or bombers seem to have a good understanding of current politics even though he misspelled john brennan's name and the state of florida. some are suggesting that was purposeful. >> that can be the case, but at the same time that could provide clues, information to the fbi and the secret service and to others. as they do research and analysis on the individuals who have sent threatening letters, e-mails,
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social media to the protectees of the secret service and others, to see if there is a common thread there. have they used these misspellings in other situations which helps them to narrow down the individual or individuals that have perpetrated this. >> you agree that there is a lot of clues out there that the authorities are working on? >> absolutely. the secret service working with the joint terrorism task forces and the fbi obviously. they are out there right now and i assure you they are tracking down every clue and every piece of evidence that they are obtaining from dismantling these devices and the databases and atf information. this is a huge joint effort by law enforcement and it's important that they get this individual quickly or individuals quickly because the fear is the longer it goes, the more embolden this individual will be to keep this up. who knows whether they are
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devious enough to have sent inert packages and the real target is out there in the next package that is going to go off? >> we don't know if it's one individual or multiple individuals. that's what they are looking at right now. anthony, what can you tell us based on the pictures you've seen what was inside these packages of the bombs and how they were intended to be detonated. what do you make of so far of the 10 found, none exploded and thank god no one has been injured? >> thank goodness no one has been injured and the fact that they haven't exploded doesn't mean they were inert devices. we definitely see a pipe-shaped figure in the x-rays and wires surrounding and within the devices themselves. a clock. that clock could have been used to actually activate the device. i'm just seeing my x-rays on
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open sources and i'm not seeing a triggering device and that wouldn't make sense and if you are delivering the device and that clock will countdown. they don't know where the package is going to be when the clock counts down. i'm presuming that the clock is meant to trigger the devices and has all the components like the we wires and the clock and the pipe. whoever is making these devices is looking to create chaos and panic. >> at a minimum to terrorize the country. they terrorized these individuals and they were intended to explode. that's a serious issue. what do you make of the fact that both the former vice president joe biden and maxine waters, they both received two of these bomb packages. the others at least as far as we know right now, they received one. is that at all important? >> i'm not sure that it is. we don't know that the others will not receive additional
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packages and again, as i said, that's why it's important to stop this individual and i think that the secret service in particular has alerted all other officers and protective divisions to be on the look out for this and to make sure that they are screening whatever packages come in and mail that comes in and the next one may not look like the previous packages. you don't want to just focus on one particular looking package, but to be alert to anything that looks strange or suspicious and make sure you call on the proper authorities. >> we are grateful to the secret service and fbi and atf and state law enforcement and everyone involved in the major, major manhunt under way for at least one potential killer or multiple killers who may be at large right now. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> thank you to you as well. the one common thread between all of the bombs, all of those being targeted are president trump's frequent punching bags. trying to blame the media for the anger in america. we will discuss the political climate, hitting a boiling point in the united states. the new warning from officials that there are likely more bombs out there. this is cnn's special live coverage. with asthma. yes. it's a targeted medicine proven to help prevent severe asthma attacks, and lower oral steroid use. about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. fasenra™ is designed to work with the body to target and remove eosinophils. fasenra™ is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with severe eosinophilic asthma. don't use fasenra™ for sudden breathing problems or other problems caused by eosinophils. fasenra™ may cause headache, sore throat, and allergic reactions.
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less than 24 hours after top democrats and cnn were mailed bombs and calling for unity, president trump is casting some of the blame on the news media. he tweets this. a very big part of the anger we see today in our society is
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caused by the purposely false and inaccurate media i refer to as fake news. it has gotten so bad and hateful, it is beyond description. mainstream media must clean up its act fast. walk us through what the white house and the president is thinking right now. >> no question that message from the president this morning certainly is a far cry from what he said yesterday about 24 hours ago in the east room of the white house when he was standing by saying it's time for a call for civility and everyone to come together. he ratcheted up the rhetoric at a rally in wisconsin, saying whoever is responsible for this, the authorities will get to the bottom of it and he said certainly it's not a need for violence here. then he shifted to blame the media. a familiar position for him and he believes it works for him. he believes his supporters
10:21 am
believe it and he believes it. i talked to two confidants of his who spoke to him this morning and they both said he has no plans of changing his posture here and plans of accepting personal responsibility for his rhetoric that may have contributed to this climate we are talking about. trying to explain the president's thinking said this to me. he believes he has been treated with hostility and unfairly. there is no talking him out of that. that is clear that this is his mind set. they believe it's unfair to link the president to any of these serial bombing incidents. we have not heard from him. he has an event to talk about prince drug price prescription drug prices. if you are expecting a change of tune from him, don't expect it. >> the former president and secretary of state. any of these others targeted boo
10:22 am
the terrorists or terrorists and reassure them that the government was doing everything possible to find these suspects? >> he did not and we have been checking in on them repeatedly. the president reached out to any of those offices and i am told by several officials on all sides. the president and the white house did not as well. they are receiving their information through the secret service detail. it is surprising and i checked with someone from the bush administration to get a read on this. if that happened on their watch. they said be sure president bush would have reached out. this is not a partisan matter. this is a sense of how the president sees himself in this club of former presidents. he is not, as far as we know, reached out to anyone who has been on this list. >> seems like that would be the decent thing to do as predecessors and others to reassure them.
10:23 am
that has not yet happened. we seal if it changes. thank you very much. everyone targeted by bombers or bomber have been targets of president trump or have been his critics. let's take the billionaire philanthropist and holocaust survivor, george soros. trump accused him of paying people to protest against brett kavanaugh. a sitting congressman accused him of funding the migrants making their way through mexico. in addition, former president barack obama received a package and you know the history there. so did hillary clinton. she say long time target at most of president trump's political rallies. people are heard chanting at those rallies, lock her up, lock her up and the president smiles. john brennan's bomb was sent to our cnn offices in new york. he criticized president trump and called him a narcissist and
10:24 am
deeply flawed. the president has gone after brennan as well and accused him of being behind the dossier and said he was the worst cia director in american history and revoked his clearances. he was sent not one, but two devices to joe biden. both talked about beating each other up out there. former attorney general eric holder also received a device. he was record on video saying when they go low, we kick them. two devices were sent to maxine waters. president trump frequently accused her of being a low qi individual. congresswoman accused them to pausch back by creating crowds and telling officials they are not welcome. this morning the actor robert de niro became the latest target at the tony awards. he declared f trump during his
10:25 am
speech. the president called him a very low iq individual. he received the bomb intended for john brennan. they are referring as fake news and with other major news organizations as the enemy of the american people. he also posted videos, by the way, of him body slamming the cnn logo. that was awful as a lot of us remember. here's what former cia director brennan said about being a potential target and the president's responsibility. >> what are he has done heretofore as far as this rhetoric is counterproductive. it is unamerican. it is what a president should not be doing. what he said today is what the president should be doing, but follow-up with actions and his future comments. so far the president has not
10:26 am
followed up pleas for unity with similar comments. instead at his rally, he put the blame on the news media. in that tweet, he is again blaming the media. john garr mendy is a democrat and thank you for joining us. what do you think of the president's response to the terror attacks so far? >> i think it's totally inadequate. this is an extremely dangerous situation. frankly a very, very sad situation for america where the top leadership of the democratic party has been targeted in a terrorist attack with bombs, whether they go off or not, they are none the less, bombs and they could be extraordinarily destructive. it is a dangerous moment for america. with regard to the president, i think we understand this
10:27 am
president. we blocked him now through the campaign through almost two years through his term of office and he has not changed. he clearly wants to blame other people. he clearly targets people and he is clearly a bully. all of those things are part and parcel of who the president is. what are we going to do about it. all of us need to understand that our words have impact. a preacher in a church knows that his words have impact, otherwise he wouldn't be preaching. so too for us in politics. we have to be careful on how we do this. i would hope that the president would be more careful. with regard to the enemy of the people and the press. >> congressman, i'm going to interrupt for a moment because we have a lot more to discuss. i want to take a quick break and we will resume with the congressman and follow all the breaking news after this.
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and it's strengthened by xfi pods, which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. we are back with john gar mendy of california, a democrat. the president said the white house won't change his tone by evidence of his latest comments and tweets. what do you think the president's responsibility is right now to the american people
10:33 am
as far as what happened over the last two or three days. >> this is a serious attack on the leadership of the democratic party. therefore an attack on our democracy 15 days or 13 days before a mid-term national election. therefore the president has the responsibility to calm all of this down, to be absolutely clear in his rhetoric in his words and his tweets. this is out of the norm and cannot continue. he has to stop attacking the press. he and i both took an oath to protect and uphold the constitution. the first amendment is clear, it is freedom of press. he ought to read it. i ought to read it. congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise there are or a bridge the
10:34 am
freedom of speech. and the press. he has a responsibility to not attack the press, not to demonize and call the press the enemy of the people because that then gives opportunity and authority to others to attack the press and that's part of what happened with cnn and the arrival of that bomb at the headquarters in new york city. his responsibility is to lead this nation in the correct direction to a peaceful union. we ought to be talking about things we agreed to. health care. we have different ways of getting there, but state your position, mr. president. we had an attack on the top leadership of the democratic party and we cannot let that go by and as president, he cannot. >> do you have any hope that the president will change? >> i am always hopeful.
10:35 am
i'm always hopeful that tomorrow will bring a new day and an opportunity for america to get past this very, very divicive and obviously very dangerous election. we need to be -- we all need to be careful about this and the president has to lead us not in a negative as he did with the tweet attacking the fundamental mechanism that the people, the citizens of the united states have to understand what the government is doing. that's the press. the freedom of the press in doing so, he is taking away the opportunity of americans to know what is happening. that is just a horrible way in which we could go. we just can't let that happen and he should not let it happen. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> a sober warning from the new york mayor, bill deblasio.
10:36 am
we should be expecting more bombs in the mail. 10 packages have been identify and neutralized. here's a closer look at where they have been found. acts of domestic terrorism. the latest in new york city at the tribeca productions in manhattan and two more addressed to joe biden in delaware, where he lives. what do we know about the packages addressed to the former vice president? >> we know that at least one of them ended up in this post office behind me in downtown wilmington. a second package was collected in a post office nearby in newcastle, about miles from where we are standing. that package was found by a postal employee and alerted to the local authorities and the fbi and the atf and the postal
10:37 am
inspection came in early today and evacuated the building and did a sweep of the facilitiment they took it off site to be investigated and to take it away from this particular location. they did a sweep of this entire building to make sure that there was nothing else that could harm anyone inside. they declared this building safe. the employees went back in a couple of hours or so. this particular facility is not just a mail processing follow, it's a post office. average people can come in and out of this building to mail packages and to pick up their own mail. this was definitely a hub of activity in wilmington. they saw a robot they brought out of this facility used in the direction of this package. this situation is considered closed by the local police and the fbi, but the investigation continues. >> that's a serious, serious matter indeed.
10:38 am
if any of these bombs had exploded, postal workers and mailrooms and delivery personnel, they probably would have been the ones injured or killed. the targets and the names on those packages. we will stay in close touch. up next, catching a serial bomber, experts explain how they are using the bombs to search for clues and why two targets receive more than one package. [woman 1] this... [woman 2] ..this... [man 1] ...this is my body of proof. [man 2] proof of less joint pain... [woman 3] ...and clearer skin. [man 3] proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... [woman 4] ...with humira. [woman 5] humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible
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a nationwide manhunt, law law enforcement looking for the person or persons who potentially sent 10 deadly packages to democratic outspoken critics of trump. all of them containing an explosive that was delivered to cnn headquarters in new york, addressed to john brennan, the former cia director. president trump is blaming the news media for the anger that led to all of this. laura coates and national security analyst carrie cordeiro. let's talk about what the governor of new york, andrew cuomo is telling us, that there may be more pack annuals still out there. >> i'm sure they are. there have been so many discovered over a sort period that they will investigate whether or not there are more packages and it may be the investigation which is ongoing which is a joint, state, local, federal variety of agencies
10:44 am
revealed they have reason to think there might be more packages out there. i would anticipate there are twoeds of this investigation, both trying to back track from the packages and what they know about the forensics of the device and separately from an investigative standpoint looking at existing cases they might have open or other ways that other investigations are indicating what direction they should go to find out who the persons are who are personal. >> there is an enormous manhunt under way looking for the terrorist or terrorists. we don't know if there are multiple. they are looking all over for this person. do you sense there is only one person or could be multiple? >> we don't know a lot. we know the dragnet has to be wide for a lot of reasons. the places where the bombs are sent are all across the nation. it could be there is one centralized figure or it could
10:45 am
be accomplices or people who knew about it or accessories after the fact that have a happened in trying to hide. all these are possibilities it. doesn't mean that they are looking for one person who may have sent it. it may be everyone who knew about the planning or know about the suppression of evidence related to it. you have to cast a wide net. >> what are does it say that all of the targets and all of those who were addressed in these bombs are severe critics of the president of the united states? >> it's certainly going to be a critical part of the investigation to try to identify an individual or individuals who would be motivated to take a violent act or attempted violent act directed at individuals who have been targeted through rhetoric by the president and his allies. domestic terrorism investigations are really difficult from a prevention
10:46 am
standpoint because there is not a way that federal law enforcement can investigate americans, people within the united states, without having some reason to think they are violating federal or criminal law. it's different with other national security related investigations because it butts up against the first amendment line. from a prevent stand point, these investigations that pertain domestically to individual who is might want to engage in violence because they have a particular political agenda are really the hardest types of cases for investigators to uncover and dismantle. >> you are a former federal prosecutor and you see it as domestic terror. >> absolutely. you have someone trying to intimidate or coerce behavior. the hook is important. it has to be for political motivation or to there is
10:47 am
policy. before they is mapt sy isemantis terror is intent. that's why the manhunt has to be comprehensi comprehensive. looking at it in terms of circumstances, every person that has been targeted are people politically anning tagonistic t president of the united states and vice-versa. you have the rhetoric that is part of the discussion. the sad thing is although it's defined as domestic terrorism, there is not a sentencing link or a penalty attached under the statutes. nobody contemplated anything like international terrorism. it may be a part of the prosecution's thought to figure out what it will mean to have a domestic terrorist, but what it will mean other than attempted murder, attempted mayhem in some way or mass casualties, it won't make a big difference in that respect. >> let's not forget the targets are two former presidents, former attorney general, a
10:48 am
sitting member of congress, all of them if got forbid these bombs had exploded and reached their destination, i dread to think what could have happened. >> that's why the fbi director's statement said clearly this is the highest priority for them right now is uncovering and identifying who is responsible and stopping it. >> they better find the individual or individuals. thank you very much. new cnn reporting from inside the white house. we are being told the president is upset he is being linked to the attacks and there are no plans for him to tone down his rhetoric. at least not yet. sec cup is standing by live. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide
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it started with a condemnation of violence and a call for national unity and ended with this -- >> the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and oftentimes false attacks and stories. have to do it. have to do it. >> let's discuss the president's comments. i'm joined by cnn political commentator s.e. cupp. give us your thoughts on the president's response to these attempted terror attacks. >> the most alarming part about it is that it was scripted. you could tell he was reading a teleprompter. so that was intentional. that was not just the president off the cuff doing what he does, stoking fear, criticizing the press. that was written. and so it's very clear now his
10:54 am
office, his administration, his press shop has decided that this is not a bug but a feature. this is something they're going to embrace. this is a strategy they are going to move forward with, even in the face of literal bombs sent to the news media and democrats. >> the president didn't mention the names of the people targeted, whether the former presidents, the former secretary of state, any of the others. you believe as a courtesy he should have or even as a bigger courtesy actually made a phone call and called them to reassure them that the government was doing everything possible to find the terrorist or terrorists involved? >> sure. courtesy is not a word, however, i think anyone really associates with president trump. look, let's be clear. the president is not responsible for these bombs. he didn't order anyone to send a bomb to cnn or to joe biden's house. and even if we had, we are all free to ignore him.
10:55 am
the problem is the president has created a cult of comfort for violent rhetoric and actual violence. attacks like this have been organized against members of the media and against politicians for centuries, but in the past they would find no refuge, no safe space. when a journalist was attacked for doing his job, that would have been condemned, not congratulated. when a political opponent was sent a bomb, the president would not only denounce this but defend the intended target instead of blaming them. that's what he's doing in fact. he's blaming the targets of those attacks. >> good point. s.e. cupp, thank you very much. "unfiltered" airs saturday night, 6 p.m. eastern. just moments from now the president is planning to speak over at the white house and then police investigators planning to give a news conference on a
10:56 am
massive manhunt under way right now. stand by. [ upbeat music ]
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