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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 26, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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years. he happens to be hearing impaired. the kids learned how to sign happy birthday while they were singing it. the gesture moved james and all of us to tears. children teaching all of us adults how to act. thank you to those kids at that school. >> happy birth day to you. happy friday. thanks for joining us. have a good weekend. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. the packages originated from florida. >> it's all hands on deck. >> there's a question as to whether or not the bombs were designed to detonate or intimidate. >> and the president is certainly not responsible for sending such packages. >> the way he speaks matters.
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>> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> it's friday, october 26th. investigators up all night chasing new leads in the hunt for a serial bomber. the president up all night tweeting about the media. more on that in a moment. cnn learned all bombs went through the mail system. and the bombs were sent to people president trump regularly targets. one of the key questions is why didn't any of the devices detonate? was the bombmaker or makers inept or were the bombs design to scare and not explode. more bombs could still be out
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there. >> president trump appears consume by the perception he was not being presidential through this crisis. and the president is abandoning his very short lived call for unity and attacking the media again. sources tell cnn he is upset and being unfairly linked to the package bombs being sent to his critics. and so let's begin our coverage with the coverage on the investigation. what is the latest, roegsa? . >> reporter: cnn learned that some of the packages were processed at the opmail distribution center you see
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behind me. very early this morning also several units of postal police. now some of these resources the law enforcement are using is not very visible. i can tell you they tell me at least 20 inspectors are inside following clues. >> the nationwide manhunt for the person or persons who sent at least ten explosive devices to people vilified by president trump sent from south florida, and law enforcement tells cnn say several of the packages were processed here. >> there were some leads, and i think the fbi is tracking them all down, wherever they take them. >> on thursday three packages containing potential bombs were discovered.
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they were intercepted at different postal facilities in delaware. >> people want us to be more civil, and i hope it's a shock wave for people to say enough is enough. >> and then this package was found addressed to de niro. >> this package he saw yesterday was almost like the package they were showing on tv and took affirmative steps. >> law enforcement sources tell cnn they believe all ten devices went through the u.s. postal system, including the package ultimately delivered by a courier. and another question is why did
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none of the bombs detonate. outside experts say the bombs were never meant to explode. >> i think they were meant to deliver the message of fear and terror and tkpwaurgarnish atten. >> still authorities urging the public to be vigilant. >> these devices should be considered dangerous. >> it's safe to say the full force of u.s. law enforcement is working to find out who the person or persons are who are responsible for mailing the packages. there are men and women, mothers, daughters, sons, working in the mail facility that are just processing mail, doing their jobs and hoping they can go home safe. i talked to one woman yesterday who said she just wanted to go home safely to her three grand
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babies. >> i hope people pay attention to that, because this is having a wide impact. i want to bring in shimon propkupecz and our count counterterrorism agent, and tell us where is the investigation? >> there has been significant clues, and they are a lot more optimistic today. and they were a little more optimistic about where things were going to go. i think there are other things going on in south florida and we are not seeing -- this facility is part of it but i am being told there's large focus on
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florida, and perhaps it's where they think the person lived, and maybe used mailboxes in south florida, and there seems to be the south florida area that seems to be the focus for right now. >> stands to reason, it would stand to reason they were mailed there, and for a while yesterday in some of the original reporting was that some were delivered by courier, and some organizations have a courier system that takes u.s. postal mail and deliver it, and we know they all came through the u.s. postal mail system. >> take this a clue, phase one is like you bump the puzzle pieces on the table, and then i remember being evacuated from
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the white house on nine hr9/11. a lot of false information out there, and stage two you are slowly getting information and you weed out the negative information, and i assume that quantico has come out, the besting facility has come out whether or not they see fingerprints on the weapon or tape, and this is going to take out the edge of the puzzle, and once you get bits and pieces, i am guessing over the next couple of days the acceleration will go to phase three. >> tell us what is going on at quantico with the bombs? >> well, no, it's interesting if you look at some of the cases in the past, and we see developments chronologically. often times we feel that acceleration piece, it can take
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one tip that can set this thing this motion. if you think recently the austin bomber, right? we are trying to figure out who is this person, and will there be more devices. officers got one tip and within 24 hours we were off to the races. i know they are working on that. we know officers are down if florida trying to go through the postal facility, and other areas around the neighborhood to figure out if this was something that came here, and i think it's a matter of time before they get the tips, and that will set things in motion. >> ten total packages is the feeling that they have basically looked everywhere and that's it or there may be more out there? >> i think the feeling is we may be in the clear here, certainly when the postal inspector, i asked him a question if there was a concern about any other packages, and they said within the last 24 hours they have not seen anything knew.
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that's significant and it should make people feel there aren't other packages out there. they have been looking all over the country and postal facilities and have not found anything else. >> the de niro package, all of these ten packages appear they were sent and were already in the system maybe monday or tuesday, and not as far as we know thursday at this point, phil, and we keep hearing the postal service scans or has images of the parcels that go through. how does that work? >> if you are looking at one of the revolutions in our business over the past decades, you look at postal organizations, and they don't deliver packages. they track packages. they are saying we are in the tracking business, so they spend their days trying to figure out how to get something from point
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a, b., c., d., f., to make sure you have efficiency when delivering a package. by the way, one more thing, it's 6:15 in the morning. don't be happy. if somebody is sitting out there there with the decision to terrorize, and if they think the things are not going to go off? until this person goes down you have to think that they have a mind-set to scare people. >> that's what some of the concern from law enforcement has been in this and that's why they don't want to reveal a lot of the clues they have. and so they don't want -- they have not revealed details, and there are a lot of questions
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about devices. we just don't know about the wiring being made up. were these things capable of going off and exploding. there are specific reasons for that. >> let's profile this suspect. rush limbaugh says he know who it is, and there's a whole bunch of right wingers on radio and quite sure they have cracked this case wide open. let me play a little false flag theory for you. >> republicans just don't think kind of thing. not one of these bombs went off. if a democrat operative's person says, i will repeat, it's a high probability the whole thing is set up as a false flag to get our minds off the hoards of illegal aliens approaching the
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southern border. >> phil mudd, does unhinged thinking makes -- >> if you are sitting behind the scenes and there's a potential for somebody who has decided et cetera okay to terror america, and where they are saying whether it's a democratic or republican, can you explain to me why an investigator would care? i wouldn't. >> no disrespect, but no politics factor in. people say it's too soon to talk about this, and phil knows this, having been inside the fbi everything is in play, everything is on the table. law enforcement officers are not going to look at this and say it looks as though the targets happen to be progressives, and that's nonsense.
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you go in the direction the facts take you. we have been talking to law enforcement officers working the investigation and it appears the targets fit certificate common tphcommona commonalties. well, it could be a number of things. everything is on the table so law enforcement officers will look at other possibilities but they are leading at a certain direction and it's nonsense not to follow the facts. >> all the matters to rush limbaugh and that other guy, they were saying that out of the gate. there were still bombs in buildings when they were speculating like that. >> thank you for all the expertise. and it appears president trump is losing sleep over the coverage of him handling these bombs. once again, lash out at his
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favorite target. cnn's abby phillip is at the white house. >> he was up late or extremely early. a tweeting about his favorite target, the media. the president according to our sources has been so consumed by the aspect, and he attacking the media for criticizing him in the wake of the bomb scares. as the president has been calling around this his friends and advisers and talking to the aides in the white house, the main thing he is focused on and how unfairly he being treated. he is saying he has been blamed unfairly for the bombings that have gone out to people on the democratic side in particular that have been the targets of his criticism, and the president has no intention of toning down his rhetoric on this. this is after earlier this week when he delivered some remarks at the white house and at a rally calling for unity and
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calling for the country to come together. clearly that did not last long. by the next morning, president trump was tweeting angrily at h others, and the media has to look at their own rhetoric is what he was saying. what we are seeing from president trump is somebody not backing down at all and as he heads out later today for a rally in charlotte, north carolina, we will look to see if he goes back to the idea on the campaign trail attacking the media. >> abby, thank you. we will see what message the president duh hreufrs at a rally tonight. we have seen another way the president is trying to change the focus and story and much more on that ahead.
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unify, we have to come together and send one very clear strong unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america. >> that didn't last long. hours later the president said this. >> the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and stop the endless hostility and constant negative and often times false attacks and stories. have to do it. have to do it. >> let's discuss where we are with our political analyst and commentaries. we have john avalon and joe lockhart and jackie kau sepb teupblg. it's like he is sleep talking,
3:21 am
and then he wakes up at the rally and reverts to the mean, literally and figuratively and goes back to blaming the media. i remember vividly at fox news how often they pounded the drum beat of personal responsibility for whatever ailed them. that drum beat was constant when obama was president, and with trump that doesn't take a tone. >> why take responsibility if you can pass the buck and the people that support you believe it. he has made the calculation that it won't stick to him, that they agree with his grievances, particularly about the media. the fact that -- they were still chanting lock her up the other
3:22 am
night. because nothing happened, because not nothing happened but because nobody was hurt i think he can turn this around. he saw how quickly he turned this around, usually when he makes a hostage-like statements in front of the camera, it lasts at least 24 hours. never longer than yogurt but longer than milk. he felt very comfortable going back to his normal speech, you know, that evening. >> it's beyond hard wired. the problem for the president is that attacks on the media were a big part of closing argument in the mid-term election. we heard it when he praised the body slamming. the media is part of the closing argument for the mid-term so we can't turn it off. and he doesn't want to. >> members of the trump
3:23 am
administration will tell you that he thinks going after the media and after the free press is a good look for him and it's smart politically. the biggest problem is what the president of the united states is doing is playing the victim card and he can get armies of trolls and bots to support him, and he plays the victim and it's fascinating and disturbing. >> what is baffling about that role is that he thinks that being the president is the same as being a cable news pundit. the two are on the same plain for him. he equates those, and that's just an interesting look at his psyche and how the president can feel so impotent. >> frankly i am so tired about
3:24 am
worrying about the president's psyche. he was elected to be president of the united states and not a mental patient and being up at 3:30 in the morning, there's the famous ad if a call comes at 3:30, it's the president, and this guy is tweeting about people that report the news. under reporting the last couple of days, people talk about the media, and fox news and right wing media has a big part here. john did an interesting piece yesterday that shows the parallel between the people who receive these attempted murders, and i mean, the president can say it's nothing, and these were assassination attempts, and the symbiotic relationship with the fox news network which is the state run tv organizing and prosecuting the campaigns. >> yeah, everybody said why
3:25 am
robert de niro, he has not criticized the president since june, and what sean hannity says has a direct link. >> you see a direct pattern by the president, and fox news. but why robert de niro. sean hannity was doing a piece and saying trump allies will regret it because they made a deal with the devil, and it's playing the victim card. what is that? when we find out who this is, some of the figures are more prominent than the president's feed. >> i just want to know, and we are spending a lot of time talking about the media, but what is important and what the
3:26 am
president could be focused is an investigation into a serial bomber. a lot of folks have received bombs in the mail, and that is what he could have been tweeted overnight and he chose not to. sarah sanders said he couldn't be more presidential. i think of a few ways that maybe he could. >> alisyn has been saying he elevates everybody to merit a presidential response. i remember during the obama administration there would be debates in order to elevate it to that level where he needed to address it. in terms of mentioning some of the officials, including president obama, hillary clinton, joe biden what a received these packages, not only does he not have any relationships with any of the people which is unusual, even if it's from the opposite party, he
3:27 am
views them as adversaries and casts them as adversaries, so that might be rooted. these aren't people he has relationships with, and he doesn't want to mention his names apparently. is there a cost? >> the president of the united states was up at 3:30 and not trying to unite the nation or protect the integrity of the political system but basically hate tweeting and feeling like a victim in something that he was not implicated in, and it's just a really sad snapshot of where this president seems to be. >> let's not forget that he's now depending on the fbi to find the perpetrators, an institution that he has spent two years running down and saying that, you know, in every way -- there's an impact when you start to take apart institutions in
3:28 am
this country and there's a price to pay and he will have to pay that price because he can't turn around and say the fbi is the finest investigators in the world. >> the president is redirecting and instead of talking about a domestic terrorists who is loose, and within our borders he is talking about the group of people who are now somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 miles away in a different run tree, and their numbers have been cut in half as they have been marching 20 miles away, and we don't know how many, if any, will reach the ugs border and it will probably be after the midterms, and that's what he is focused on and he will send 800 more soldiers to the border to stop them. >> yes, and they are floating a hypothetical plan about asylum
3:29 am
seekers and everything, and the president wants to talk about the caravan for his campaign. what occurred earlier this week is counter to that campaign, and he will do everything he can to bring the attention back to where he wants. >> he will declare it a national emergency even though the caravan size has been cut in half, and if you are going to call this national emergency this number down here is the number of arrest at the border in 2018, near a historic low. it was less last year but this is not a high number especially when you consider in 2000 it was 1.6 million, and that's what the president is going to declare a national emergency. the time something fascinating. >> thank you very much. cia chief briefs president trump on the evidence that she heard in the murder investigation of jamal khashoggi.
3:30 am
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new developments this morning into the murder of jamal khashoggi. the top prosecutor says khashoggi's death was premeditated, and also cia agent, gina haspel, she has come back and briefed the president. rick -- nic robertson live in istanbul with the latest. >> reporter: eerdogan said the chief prosecutor is going to come to istanbul on sunday and meet with his counterparts and perhaps that will tidy up some
3:35 am
of the discrepancies, and the continuing narrative of what they say happened. we also heard eerdogan put himself out in front of this today saying it's up to saudi arabia now the say where the body is, who the collaborator was to helped the saudi hit team in murdering and then disposing of the body, who that collaborator is. also very importantly who ordered this 15-man team to come to saudi arabia, to come to turkey for the hit. what we heard from officials so far is it doesn't include the crown prince, and eerdogan is saying don't think we don't have other documents. tomorrow is another day, seeming to imply if the saudis don't get their story straight he will
3:36 am
make this evidence available, and it's a drip, drip, drip of information from turkish officials and the turkish president issuing essentially the threat to the saudis. >> nic, thank you for staying on top of the story for us. president trump is lashing out amid criticism over his handling of the mail bombs this week. retired general stanley mcchrystal has thoughts of the type of leadership we need now, and how does he rate president trump? the general joins us next. one so in as little as 30 minutes it will be crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and on your table. the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps.
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president trump lashing out on twitter again and insulting the media and its coverage of his handling of the mail bombs. what about his call to unite the country? joining us now is retired general, stanley mcchrystal, and it's great to have you here. >> thank you for having me, alisyn. >> let's talk about leadership. >> let's do. >> what makes a great leader in your mind? >> let's talk about leadership because we have a crisis of
3:41 am
leadership in america and there needs to be a national conversation about it. when we talk about leadership we tend to look for people and what i think we need to do is look in the mirror and decide what we want from leaders. >> let's talk about that specifically, okay? president trump, do you think he's handling -- there's a serial bomber on the loose who is targeting people that president trump has gone after? do you see leadership from the president at this moment? >> i think what we need to decide is what we want from leaders. i personally don't see the leadership that i am looking for. what i am looking for in all leaders, it's something that makes me better than i will be otherwise, somebody that inspires me and teaches me, and somebody who is an example, when i am weak they are strong and when i am angry they are calm. that's what i look for, but we need as a nation to decide with we want leaders to be for us.
3:42 am
>> what do you wish president trump would say during this moment? >> i think i personally wish he would say what we need to be is a united nation, not all in agreement but all united on certain ideas and commitments. >> he did say that for a second, he did say that in the written remarks where he read them off the teleprompter at the white house, and then that night he had a political rally and then blamed the media. >> he had a political rally, and we went back to 13 leaders in history, and what we discovered leadership is not what we think it should be, it's a emotional connection with followers. >> president trump has a connection with his base and followers so does that make him
3:43 am
a good leader? >> let's separate good from effective, they are not the same word. if you look at somebody who is affective, look at coco chanel, and people want to be her. she was very effective and she was hard to work for and she made people stand for hours like human mannequins and so on, and we have this funny relationship and we are drawn to leaders like president trump because there's a magnet -- >> yes, they have a charisma for sure. when the president had the meeting with putin and just remind people the president decided to blame america for the relationship -- let me play this moment for you.
3:44 am
>> i hold both countries responsible. i think the united states has been foolish. i think we have all been foolish. we should have had this dialogue a long time ago, a long time frankly before i got to office and i think we are all to blame. i do feel that we have both made some mistakes. >> standing next to vladimir putin, who his intelligence agency says he interfered in the election and he said we were both to blame, and he did the same thing in charlottesville, saying there's good and bad people on both sides. >> take that scene and take out president trump and put in margaret thatcher, the prime minister of britain. in your own mind think of how she would have reacted, and what she would have done has been firm and represent the british people. she would have said these are britains values and interests,
3:45 am
and this is what we want. the british people would have supported her for that. and i think in these moments, that's the leadership you looked for? >> how do you consider trump's leadership? >> each of us have to grade him. i don't grade it very high except when we separate good from effective, he's got a group of people that he has a connection with, and there's a feed that goes between the two that creates it. i think over time it's burning white hot like a flame. i believe we saw pierre during the french revolution had a fierce popularity and then they cut his head off. people are attracted to it and then there's no oxygen left in the room for him, so when i think when i look at that kind of leadership it has a shelf
3:46 am
life. >> news of the day president trump is planning to send, we think, 800 more troops to the border with mexico and is going to sign -- he would like to sign some sort of executive order sort of reinforcing his foreign policy, and do you think the military is being politicized? >> the military has to be very careful how you use it, it's not a police force and should never be a police force however a sovereign nation must control its borders. what we lack is a calm discussion on a american foreign policy and we are arguing the eaches when we should be discussing how we want it to go. >> thank you so much for being here to talk about it.
3:47 am
good to have you. >> great discussion there. 11 days until the mid-term elections. where does the race stand now? key debates in all of the closely watched senate races. there's something about harry next. thanks to the dedicated technicians at the american red cross... who worked with vmware... to develop technologies to help redirect the flow of blood to the areas and people needing it most. helping them recover... and refilling everyone with life-affirming hope. magic can't make digital transformation happen... but we can. that's the power of vmware, part of dell technologies. pai'm open to that.medicare? lower premiums?
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11 days until the mid-term elections. if democrats wanted to pick up the senate which seems -- >> they might want to. >> it seems far fetched. if they want to get the senate they need to pick up two seats to get the majority, and not only are they defending 26 of the 35 seats up for grabs, ten
3:51 am
of those are in states the president won, including missouri. let's get the forecast from harry, and there is something about harry. what is happening with claire mccaskill. right now we are forecasting a one-point win for claire mccaskill, and i would point out these are one of the states that has not been polled a lotte recently. >> this is very different than what political insiders are saying. >> and one reason why holly could beat mccaskill. when claire mccaskill won, and two years later john mccain won by 1.1 percentage points, and
3:52 am
now jump ahead to 2016, donald trumps won by 19. i think there's little trend here. i would say this is a state that is going quickly to the right and the question is whether claire mccaskill has enough to get over the finish line. >> why isn't there recent polling in missouri? >> media organizations are pulling back from poling was of 2016, and the fact that we don't have as many media organizations and a lot less funds going to them are less public. >> some will say wait a second, we thought mccaskill was supposed to lose six years ago, but -- >> yeah, todd akin made remarks about rape, and he was one of
3:53 am
the least popular politicians in the country, and his factorability rating was minus 19 percentage points. i hate the new york yankees -- >> as everybody knows. >> todd akin was very unpopular. but look where josh is now, he is at a 2% factorability rating, and the fact that he is there and giving trump standing in the state it's a much better look for him than todd akin. >> we are not going to touch the slides and they are a little behind the times, and i will talk to you as humans, and the democrats are at 225 and republicans at two te210.
3:54 am
>> that slipped for democrats? >> yeah, we are calling the mean of the forecast a little higher for democrats at this time at 227 seats, and the reason for that is what we are consistently seeing is democrats have a much sort of higher ceiling than they do have a floor, and so the mean looks better for them and as we get more polling over the weekend the democrats might push back up to 226. >> what is today, friday? >> it has been a long week. >> earlier in the week you started to smell fear among democrats, but it might be that was the low point for them and they rebounded some. >> democrats are either matching their numbers or rising a little bit, and especially districts with high latino populations. >> nothing is more boring than your senate forecast, i find.
3:55 am
>> nothing is more boring than that, 52 republicans and -- >> every day it's that. >> republicans have the higher ceiling and it will be interesting to see as we get more public polling whether republicans get higher. >> you are saying the latino vote may be showing up, and if by monday we see more signs that will be a good discussion. >> good tease. >> thank you. >> harry's forecast is available every day on, or just watch "new day." the investigation is now focused on a postal facility near miami and this is a case of domestic terrorism the fbi says. swr we have new details, next. ♪
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they are now at the sorting site in south florida and are zeroing in on this site. >> i think they may be found to deliver the message of fear. >> they are confident all of the packages did go through the mail. >> these people targeted are frequent critics of the
4:00 am
president. >> he is trying to scapegoat the media which is extraordinary. >> i think the president was presidential in what he said. >> every time you attack the president you are attacking the people that voted for him. >> we have to turn off the heat machine. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." the manhunt for a serial bomber is intensifying this morning. cnn learned all ten package bombs were mailed through the u.s. postal service and some of them went through a processing center in miami. and investigators are hoping to find dna or fingerprints to catch the bombmaker. one of the key questions, why did none of the devices detonate? officials do warn there could be more pwauplgz


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