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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 26, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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up." we should go on tour. >> we'll figure it out during the commercial. >> brian, thank you so much. be sure to watch brian this weekend sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern. meanwhile, the man hunt for a serial bomber is intensifying this morning. president trump's focus was on attacking the media. "new day" continues right now. >> so the packages originated from florida. >> this is an investigation very much in its infancy. >> they didn't have a postmark. >> there is a question as to whether or not the bombs were designed to detonate or to intimidate. >> he feels he's treated extremely unfairly by the media and he goes after them. >> no president has ever spewed the kind of consistent disdain and division. >> the president is certainly not responsible for sending suspicious packages.
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>> the president has the greatest megaphone in the entire world. the way he speaks matters. this is "new day. >> good morning. welcome to your new day. it is friday, october 26th. a serial bomber remains on the loose in this country. targeting two former presidents, a vice president. but that is apparently not what kept the president awake until the wee hours of the morning. more on that in a moment. first, though, the investigation. cnn learned that all ten packages were mailed through the u.s. post office. some of them went through a processing center near miami. investigators are pouring over these mail bombs hoping to find dna, hair, fingerprints. why did none of the devices detonate? officials do warn that more could be out there. >> president trump apairs
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consumed by the perception that he's not being presidential through this crisis. he was up very late. his last poet before 3:00 a.m. this morning. the president is attacking the media again. sources tell cnn that the president believes he is being unfatherly li unfairly linked to the package bombs. the president has no plans to pull up the fiery rate rihetori will not accept responsibility. rosa flores is live in that post office in florida. >> reporter: good morning. cnn learning this morning that not only did some of these packages originate from florida, but some of them were processed in the distribution facility. some of the law enforcement presence has been visible. we have seen the bomb squad, k-9
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units and even postal police. we are learns about it from employees inside. they tell me that 20 inspectors are inside following clues. the nation-wide man hunt for the person or persons that sent at least ten explosives to people villified by president trump now focussed on south florida. specifically this postal facility where several of the packages were processed. local police calling in their bomb squad and k-9 units to help in the investigation. >> there was some leads. i think the fbi is tracking them all down. >> on thursday, three packages containing bombs were discovered, including two addressed to joe biden that were intercepted at separate postal facilities in delaware. >> people want us to be more
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civil. i hope they say, okay, enough is enough. >> hours earlier, this package was found addressed to another trump critic, actor robert de niro after a retired police officer noticed the package and notified authorities. >> this package he saw yesterday almost exactly like the package they were showing on tv. he took the steps to call us and make sure we could take it away safely. >> law enforcement says they believe all ten devices went through the u.s. postal system, including the package delivered to cnn by a private courier and a device placed in george soros' mailbox. many of the packages have no visible postmarks. another key question puzzling authorities, why none of the bombs detonated, raising questions about the kill of the bomb maker or makers.
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the lack of a triggering mechanism suggests the bombs were never meant to explode. >> i think they were meant to be found just to deliver the message of fear and terror and to, you know, garnish attention. >> still, authorities urging the public to be vigilant. >> these devices should be considering dangerous. >> now, according to the n brfb the bombs were transported to virginia where investigators are processing them, hoping to get a break, perhaps a fingerprint or finding dna within the package. but at this point no suspect, no motive and i can tell you meanwhile there are workers, men and women working in this facility that you see behind me that have been warned about these packages as they have been told i need to be on the lookout for them. they are just hoping to go home
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safely. >> they are on the front lines now in this battle and this search. joining us now, retired fbi supervisory special agent and a former department of homeland security assistant. thank you all for being with us. first to you on the investigation, you have been working your sources again all night. southern florida really seems to be in the cross hairs. >> that is where a lot of our law enforcement right now is focussed. they believe that some of the packages originated from south florida, went through this sorting site. we're not seeing a lot of law enforcement activity. there is probably a reason for it. they are chasing leads. they are chasing people of interest. they also have interesting people who may be under surveillance by the fbi. i don't know. i can tell you that last night and even this morning there has
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been some optimism that hopefully that would come to some kind of resolution soon and really fighting that sorting site has really given them a greater chance to find out who was sending these, where they were sent from. so we could see stomaome activi here soon. >> only people who the president has gone after rhetorically received these bombs. so not regular people. yet, as we have made the point, regular people are all up and down the chain of delivery, the delivery system, in the mail room, et cetera. and so the fact that there is a serial bomber on the loose, do you, as a department of homeland security person, consider this is national security issue? >> oh, absolutely. because just look in our systems of deliverance, whether it is roads, postal services, through the secret service, something bad has been delivered, right?
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whether it is a bomb that should have detonated or a safe bomb, we are waiting for authorities to validate, but there is bad things going through our system. that is a security issue. add on a motivation issue, which of course the subjects of these deliveries are all the leadership of one of the parties, the democratic party or people affiliated with the party, and you have what is just your -- i don't want to say standard, but this is clearly a homeland security issue because you need to focus on two things. one is the systems delivering the bad things. what was thought. what was shared, what was said, what kind of information could we get on the person. and you can never forget, two of our former presidents were in the line in terms of these packages. that is a big deal no matter any way you slice it.
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we have never had this before in this country. >> just a reminder, people have died within the last year receiving bombs in the mail, fedex in austin, texas. ultimately, the person that carried that out was caught because of the surveillance footage around where he was when he mailed these. that's the type of thing they will be looking at now. >> i have to continue to believe that we are getting very close. the news last night they reported on, they were looking at the mail facility down in florida. here is things that jump out at me. i agree with a lot of the other assessment. these devices were messages. it doesn't make it any more dangerous. it is inherently unstable and dangerous. an initiator is a critical piece of that. no one said there was a blasting cap there. there were explosives in some.
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second of all, why would a bomber, suspected bomber, put a switch that is a timer in a piece of mail? those are typically booby trap initiated. you set a timer on it, you don't know where it's going to be. one of the top five most dangerous per capita violent crime rate cities, not in florida, in the country, did this come from there? i don't think so because i think going back there, as far as the uni-bomber, he traveled from san francisco to montana to mail his packages. the fact that there was a stamp similar to the unibomber, he used to stamp his devices. it is almost like these people want to put their signature so that ultimately they're looking and craving that type of attention.
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all investigators are looking at these things, but those are the things that jumped out at me. >> is it surprising to you that the department of homeland security hasn't been more front and center on this issue? >> absolutely. i have been saying it since the beginning of the week. the department was created because of september 11th. it has changed over time. it deals with storms and cyber attacks and everything else. but its main focus is to be the president's main communicator during -- before, after and during a terror incident. you could define this however you want. it is also intended to gal vvane state and local support and to talk to us, the american public, who may be nervous about what's in our mail system.
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her sigh henlence is either dir by the white house or because of the securities of the homeland security are no longer around the real threat we face, but of course around a caravan 2,000 miles away. yesterday the secretary was at the border. just a priority issue. but the priorities of the department right now are being just essentially delegated to the law enforcement side of the fbi and other agencies. it is a new look for the department of homeland security. that's all i'll say. >> just so people know, we were talking about that picture a moment ago, footage from yesterday that was on fox of the secretary of the homeland security at the border. she's at the border. she's talking about the migrants who are in mexico right now, 1,000 miles away from the united states. and that's a choice. that's an administration choice. >> she was focussing on that last night, over an unfolding man hunt in this country, not
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something 2,000 miles away. >> just quickly, the department of homeland security overseas the secret service. so there is also a direct link to the presidential issue here. so it would be obvious. >> the fact that these two former presidents, a vice president, first ladies, a secretary of state all being targeted. >> i just want to give a last word on the bombs themselves because there was a question about why they did or did not go off. where are they in terms of looking at these devices? >> most of them or at least several of them are over at the fbi and quantico. they are going over that. the nypd yesterday, the police commissioner and the agent here, the special agent in charge of the new york field office, they were staying away from answering any questions about these devices and i had spoken to someone about that. they said, look, we just don't really know. we have some indications of how these devices were made. but they didn't want to speculate until the full
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analysis was completed by the fbi, which probably now very much underway and could already have been completed. and the nybd bomb squad, they know what they were dealing with. so for whatever reason yesterday the nypd did nod wat want to speculate and give us a full read out about these devices. >> part of a reason of that might be investigatory because they don't want to tip off to the bomber they know something. >> yeah. and that's exactly what. that's one of the things they said they didn't want to release any kind of clues that would hurt the investigation. >> i remain optimistic. here's why. every day, now that we have more of these devices that, thankfully, no one has been hurt from. this guy or this person is going to make a misstep. and a lot of things they will
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get from video camera surveillance, they will be going back and piecing back their trail. impossible to send that many packages without dna being sent. >> even if they wore gloves. >> even if they wore gloves. even the fact in the '60s and '70s we solved cases using policing methodologies with hair and fiber. they will track him down. >> thank you all very much. really informative. so with the sere yial bomben the loose, something else, though, kept the president up late last night. we'll talk about the president's focus next.
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go after that goal. the most inspiring stories, fitness, wellness and more. download audible and listen for a change. okay. while you were sleeping, president trump was up late tweeting at 3:00 a.m. he was again attacking the media after all the stories about the mailbox. the president wants our focus to be on the central american migrants. this morning there were reports the president is considering an executive order to be even more aggressive against the migrants at the border. let's bring in our cnn political analyst. we have jonathan here in studio. wow. i did not know you were here and josh green. i have seen him in the fleresh, and i can confirm he's here. >> i'm real. >> so let's talk about the
5:20 am
so-called caravan. the numbers, the latest cnn reporting is that the numbers have dwindled. they're in mexico, and the numbers, i think, are down because people are returning home. the trip is too hard on foot 20 miles a day. who knows if they will ever make it to the border. that is what this administration wharks the president, what the u.s. department of homeland security and what, frankly, fox channel has been focussed on all week. >> yeah. i'm thinking it is connected to the midterm. it doesn't take a phd in political science to figure that out. i think, you know, looking at this threat does have this central politics of this administration, which is sort of hard line nationalism. he embraced it the other night.
5:21 am
what i'm struck by, guys, is this kind of living off the land politics. when you see the end of a campaign and one side is sort of veering from one issue after another, looking for something to grasp on to instead of closing consistently on one message, that gives away who is more concerned about the election, typically. one day it is the caravan. the next day it's this big tax cut that the president is talking about that you can't do without congress being in sessions. the next day he is saying that democrats will take away your health care. democrats, obviously, have an edge of enthusiasm. and the president is saying, how can i counter that edge? >> i got to say i woke up to our former c nrkncnn cloeolleague w this. and it seems that for the moment the spotlight has gone off where
5:22 am
we want it to be, where we need it to be. we want it to be back there because they are considering it. they need the discussion. the discussion is the end here. the debate they want to have, that's the end here. >> yeah, absolutely. the original plan for republicans in the midterms was to pass this big tax return bill and run on that as republicans who delivered a big tax break to americans. the problem is that message is basically failing and voters don't buy it. voters need a different message to mobilize their voters. trump always in the home stretch tends to return to this same native antiimmigrant appeal to stoke fear and anger in his base because fear and anger are very good motivators. that's exactly what's going on here with trump and republicans
5:23 am
trying to claim this story about a migrant caravan. >> let's talk about health care because democrats on the campaign trail are saying that. the president is trying to make it sound as though he isn't. but the evidence suggests otherwise. >> the challenge they have is they voted to repeal the affordable care act. now, the republicans will say, look, we want to scrap the parts that we don't like. we will save those. and so they have an argument there. but the way politics is not always fair in terms of when you sort of vote to repeal a large bill and there is popular items therein that isn't always specified. you raise a point, though. that's what democrats are running on from coast to coast. you are going to find a similar message from democrats. they are running on health care. >> it is a little bit more of a different story trying to figure
5:24 am
out what will pop. >> democrats have been patient for democrats on this. they were getting nervous at the beginning of the week. maybe today they feel better than they did earlier in the week, but we will see. >> which is real fast, i would say. look at the battlefield in the house especially. the republicans are putting more money into more seats. the field is widening, not shortening. >> josh, to the president's statements about the media, and i want to talk about this in a political sense because he had a choice last night. he could have made a statement about the investigation. he could have reached out to the people who received these bombs, and he didn't. instead, he went after the media which also seems to be part of his closing argument. he was headed down that way before these bombs went out. and he seems like he can't escape it. he can't get off his attacks on the media. >> he's pretty into his subjects of attack. one is immigrants. the other is the media.
5:25 am
this has been a consistent winner for him all along. he doesn't care about the effects this has had with him in the real world. so i think he's doing what he always does and trying to stoke anger in the face, using the same issues he's used all along. i don't think that's helping him in a lot of the suburban districts that will decide control of the house. it may be helping the migrant issue, may be helping currently occupied by democrats places like north dakota and missouri where the democrat incumbents are threatened. by b and large the sign that th is working is that democrats really haven't been shaken. if you look at what it is they're running ads on from coast to coast in these democratic issues, you don't see democratic challengers suddenly putting up ads to address the migrant crisis. they are sticking with health
5:26 am
care as republicans flail around looking from issue to issue, whether it is the media, whether it is the caravan, whether it is the late claims they moved the democrats left on health care and are going to protect pre-existing conditions. that isn't the sign of a confident party, at least not when it comes to those house races. those are the ones most people will be focussed on on november 6th. >> look back to the last midterm. at this time the concern was ebola. it was kind of similar, actually, in there was a kind of thing with the alien threat, at least in the eyes of some people. and republicans tried to seize on that and mote vooi their base. that was a tough cycle for democrats. you don't see the kind of panic. you don't see the response on the air here. i think to josh's point, look at the home stretch. the red states are staying red or getting redder. but the purple ones are getting
5:27 am
bluer. that's the problem for the house, is that a lot of these threats are in purple territory. if you look at the seats needed, 23 seats, at this point that's still very gettable. >> it is also that voters can be concerned about immigration policy and concerned about their own health care and then who wins? >> well, i think that depends on the district and i think it depends on the voters. voters are motivated by different issues. i do think that sparking this migrant crisis will help to activate and mobilize them. the problem is there aren't enough of these voters for that to necessarily be a winning formula. that's why you see democrats sticking by and large with the same consistent message they have been sticking along with. and the kinds of things that they think will motivate their
5:28 am
voters and independents to go to the polls and vote for democratic candidates. >> great to have you here. you make us smarter. appreciate it. come back soon. >> okay. coming up, we will talk more about the man hunt for a serial bomber. joining us will be the lead democrat on the senate intelligence committee. what has he heard overnight on the investigation? we'll be right back. the future isn't created in a keynote address. ♪ a presidential speech did not land us on the moon. millions of man hours did. they built their way there. some will ta-ta-ta-ta-talk about the future. but you'd be a fool to believe them. you see talk doesn't get things done. building does. building like we have for the last 115 years. and building for the next century.
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happening now, the nationwide man hunt for the serial bomber who targeted high profile critics of the president is focussed on a mail facility near miami. all ten packages did go through the u.s. mail system. several of them did go through that miami area postal service distribution center. joining us now to talk about the investigation and to talk to us about the tone right now in this country, senator mark warner. thank you so much. >> thank you, john. >> i don't know if you have had a chance to be updated on this investigation. >> i got an update yesterday that, frankly, was not that much
5:33 am
different than your reporting. first of all, i wanted to say i'm glad that nobody was hurt. the difference is that since your offices were attacked as well. this is a moment when the nation was scared and afraid. i know i had calls from across virginia, and one of the things that i think that mr. trump doesn't understand is that moments like this it is the job of a president to try to bring us together, be a bit of a reassuring voice. i know in a much smaller way when i was governor of virginia and we had the sniper incident 15 years ago, part of my job was to keep the lid on people's concerns. in terms of that test of leadership, at this moment in time, once again donald trump doesn't seem to realize that his words now as president really matter. we have not seen him reach out to the potential victims of this
5:34 am
plot. inste instead, we've got him continuing to blame the media. i don't think that is doing him any good or bringing us together, which he should be doing in this role and unfortunately once again, he's not meeting the test of leadership. >> again, overnight the president again not talking about the investigation on twitter, not talking about those he targeted. he put out a tweet targeting the media. >> he's not been willing to go forward and compliment the fbi. of course, this is the same president who frankly over the last year and a half, at the beginning of the mueller investigation, continues to make attacks against the fbi, against the department of justice. part of that undermines rule of law. and this whole tenor is not where we should go. it is partially my responsibility as well to rise above the approach that donald trump has brought. that's tough to do in the last few days of the election. but the vast majority of other
5:35 am
public officials have made that call for juunity. donald trump couldn't get through a rally without reverting back. >> we learned that the white house is considering an executive order, a travel ban like executive order to bar migrants, apparently 3,000 that are miles away from mexico from coming into the united states. your reaction? >> the times of this caravan, much larger than anything we have seen before. i ask asked to get the intelligence community to say why now. >> are you suspecting it is ginned up for political purposes? >> we have never seen one of this size. this one seems much, much larger and seems an unusual time. now, what i would argue, if the president really wanted to make sure that we increased border security, which i support, he
5:36 am
should have taken the bipartisan legislation we had earlier in the year that would dramatically up the voter security and give a path way for voter security. >> you have no proof this is ginned up for political purposes. >> it seems strange in this timing of this size right before the election. >> one of the things the republicans say is thwhat would happen, what can you think? >> i think we need to check our border. but i think we need to recognize this administration has taken the opposite tact, which is if you can stop the flow of drugs, if we could curtail the level of violenc violence, you would not have these migrants streaming forward. >> this cia director has the
5:37 am
tapes of the murder of jamal khashoggi in turkey. you are the lead democrat on the senate intelligence committee. do you know what's on these tapes? >> i can't confirm these reports, but clearly you have the saudi authorities changing their story on a daily basis. it appears that mr. khashoggi not only was murdered, but murdered by saudi operatives. >> and you believe the crown prince had knowledge of it beforehand? >> again, i'm going to continue to work with the intelligence community to get all the facts before i weigh in on that. but there is clearly enough evidence that i think when congress comes back, even if this president chooses -- >> would you believe the briefe cia officer? >> i'm not going to comment on that. i think, you know, if and when that is confirmed, you will
5:38 am
know. >> george papadopoulos has been a key figure along the way. talked to republican house members. they came out of the meeting and they basically said in short this guy has nothing. this guy, the fbi claims he was the reason why the russian investigation was started, should never have been started. he wasn't implicated nearly enough for that. >> that's one of the reasons, the difference between house investigation, which is broken down and totally partisan, and the senate investigation which has stayed bipartisan and realizing that bob mueller's investigation has to come to a conclusion. six guilty pleas, including an indictment we passed about activities in 2016. >> senator mark warner, thank you for being with us. please come back. john, the government just
5:39 am
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this is cnn breaking news. all right. the breaking news, another one. another suspicious package found. this would be the 11th this week. let's get right to our reporter. >> that's right. the first thing i want to stress, this is a new package. this isn't something that was just received into the postal facility. this appears to be something that was found last night in florida at the facility that we have been reporting about where the fbi and the local authorities there have been searching. this package was addressed by multiple sources in this case. it was addressed to corey booker. >> democratic senator. >> there is similar markings, similarities in the other packages we have been reporting on now all week. clearly another one. we don't know exactly what was inside, was it the same kind of pipe bomb. but certainly indications that this is similar to everything else that we have seen.
5:44 am
but i think it is important to note that this is not something new that has come into the system or something they just found. remember, yesterday, they started searching this sorting facility in florida, which has given authorities a lot of clues. they sent in bomb sniffing dogs. during that time perhaps, maybe they uncovered this other suspicious package. obviously this is now in the hands of the fbi, the miami fbi. the field office in miami is investigating this package. >> this would fit the same pattern in terms of recipients of these packages, james, about people who have been at least rhetorical targets of right wing media and president trump. >> i can only say this: pride goes before the fall. this is the number one thing that gets criminal caught, is that thought i can do this without impunity. keep in mind, historically
5:45 am
serial bombers have long periods of time of inactivity where they essentially went to ground. the fact that we have this number of devices, the good news is no casualties. the bad news is we have somebody out there operating with impunity and i suspect they are going to make a misstep and law enforcement will catch them in short order. >> in addition to the news of this additional package, we are now learning of police activity, law enforcement activity here in manhattan. 52nd and eighth avenue around a postal facility. they have blocked that off, and they are looking at a suspicious package there. do you have any information on that? >> i'm told that's really six blocks south of where we are right now, just so that our viewers understand. i'm told this is a sorting facility. it is a suspiciouspackage at a
5:46 am
sorting facility. apparently we have another situation where the nypd there is now investigating this suspicious package. bomb squad en route. they're probably all there already. remember yesterday they said they searched every facility, and they had not found anything as of maybe 4:00 yesterday. so this clearly would be something new. perhaps it would be another situation where it was sitting in the facility and maybe they were searching this morning where someone came across this. but, again, this is another sorting facility just like the one we have been talking about this morning in florida that the fbi has been searching. >> this is what happened yesterday when we were on the air. i'm sure that police get the reports of suspicious packages all the time in this day and age. so we don't know how seriously to take it until we saw that containment vehicle outside of
5:47 am
robert de niro's office in tribeca and then we realized what was happening. during this moment when there were copy cats, et cetera, we never know what a suspicious package is. after yesterday's experience, i think everyone is taking this very serious. >> since we are in manhattan and the fact that the u.s. postal service, two of their main sorting facilities, the morgan postal facility and the other are just within a few blocks from here. a lot of the mail that will get sent outcom comes here to be sorted. it has got a timer set to it. but the fact that there were explosives in these, make them unstable devices and would be dangerous for the folks to handle them. >> we are trying to determine whether or not this is a new round of things sent out. there isn't evidence of that yet. it appears that what people are
5:48 am
doing is going back and looking through postal facilities. these packages are very, very distinctive. it appears that's what happened in florida where they found this 11th package addressed to corey booker. >> the person or people responsible for this, they are not trying to change it up. it is almost like a taunt. i'm going to do these in a similar fashion. i'm either sending a message hoping or planning they don't go off or i want to be so brazen, i want this to be my stamp. you will see the return address on it. you will see the same stamps. the good news is in the media, we are pushing this out there. but you are right. there could be more. >> we know there is something happening at the sorting facility. do you have anything about what the envelope looks like? >> we're told that it's similar.
5:49 am
so now the one in new york here six blocks away from us, we are told that a postal inspector found it today and alerted the fbi and then the fbi called the nypd bomb squad. >> do you know who it was addressed to? >> we don't know. there is a concern that this is going to be another one. we haven't seen any of the photos yet. we don't have any information yet. nypd is there. but it all makes sense, another sorting facility. this could potentially be the 12th one. >> you are such a good reporter. you protect your sources very, very well. the idea that it was a postal inspector that spotted this, in other words, someone trained to know what they are looking for is the one who spotted this, which to me indicates perhaps there is a reason to believe this is real. >> that's exactly right. this person did just call the fbi. this is their job. maybe they were in there today searching. they got into an area they
5:50 am
didn't search until today. but clearly something on this. this isn't just a normal concern for a postal inspector. i think you make a very good point. the fact that this postal inspector director called the fbi and the fbi called the nypd bomb squad. we will see a very similar situation outside this post office to the sorting facility to what we saw outside of cnn just days ago. a massive response. you can hear it there right there on our air. we are going to see that truck again, that containment truck probably come in and remove whatever it is. so there is a huge massive response now by the nypd and the fbi here. >> we are seeing the evacuation that's going on underway. this is midtown manhattan. as you know, there is a postle sorting facility on this block. so you are seeing -- we had video of it. okay. here we go.
5:51 am
people are having to -- we know this all too well. when you hear the sirens and the announcement, you have to get out of the building. these folks are being moved to a safe area, and you can hear the police trying to alert them. >> what we are looking at the screen right here, that is blocks away from time square. these devices people look at and say, well, it was only a six inch pipe bomber. it was on encased in pvc pipe bombing. if you see something that looks in any way out of whack, any way uncommon, step away from it. don't take a picture of it. don't call others over to it. call 911 first and then call the fbi tip line. >> there is nothing fake about those sirens or about those police officers. there is fake about those people being moved away, as there is new concern about another package of this mail facility six blocks away from where we are.
5:52 am
nothing fake about this package being discovered at this mail sorting facility, addressed to corey booker. we just learned the air space over this facility has been closed, which is interesting. we did find a device there. rosa flores is standing by outside the facility where an 11th apparent package just discovered there. rosa? >> reporter: john, what you described really jives with what we saw on the ground here yesterday evening because all of a sudden the bomb squad arrived. there were k-9s in the area. so it really jives with the idea that a package would be found here. when we asked miami dade police about the activity here, they said that this was only precautionary, that they were helping their federal partners as a precautionary measure. now based on the information being reported, that's probably
5:53 am
not the case because that was probably when that package was found. but a few other points that really stand out to me from the reporting, not just here but in new york, from talking to the employees that work in this facility, i talked to multiple of them yesterday, they told me there is about 20 inspectors, postal inspectors in this facility looking for suspicious packages. when you were talking about this inspector calling the fbi about a package, that's what employees described to me. they had a service talk. in essence it is a meeting letting all of the employees know, employees on those machines processing the packages, letting them know what the package looked like, what they should look for, making sure they were careful while they were trying to identify these packages. and then the postal inspectors are right there. they are in the building. so these employees contact the
5:54 am
manager. they contact the postal inspector. and then the postal inspectors are trained to identify, to handle and to manage the situation. so that's a little background there. and the only other thing i have to add is i just really think about the people i met here yesterday, these employees that are working in this facility that were telling me that they were just hoping to go home safely. >> yeah. so listen, once again we find ourselves in a split screen situation. so there is suspicious activity and an envelope addressed to corey booker happening in florida. from florida to the right side of your screen, this is new york city where there was an unfolding situation where another building has had to be evacuated just as we have seen this week several times. this is where we find jason carol, at 52nd and eighth. tell us what's happening on the ground. >> reporter: it is a postal facility located just six blocks
5:55 am
out of cnn headquarters in new york. that facility has been evacuated. the streets here have been blocked off as we are told that the evacuation was triggered shortly after workers here discovered another package. the package having similar markings than the packages of course that we have seen delivered earlier this week. so right now we have got a number of emergency crews who are here. the streets are blocked off. i can see the postal workers across the street were standing outside waiting for word, waiting for more information about specifically what is going on. but again this facility is located just six blocks south of cnn right here in new york. so once again, we're seeing familiar things we have been seeing played out earlier this week where we saw investigators coming in, emergency vehicles coming in here as well as they
5:56 am
tried to determine, tried to investigate what is happening here. >> all right. jason, standby there if you will. i just want to read you a tweet from the fbi that came out moments ago, confirming our reporting. it says the fbi has confirmed an 11th package has been recovered in florida similar in appearance to the others. this one addressed to corey booker, democrat from new jersey. that on your screen is new york. this sorting facility here in new york has been evacuated. you can hear the sirens there. there is concern about yet another package there, which would be the 12th. he's here with us now. tell us what you learned and also this key question, which is this could be the 11th and 12th package we know. but we don't know whether they were sent at the same time as all the others or whether this is a new wave. >> that's the important thing here, is that this could be packages that were just sitting in the facility and they were just found.
5:57 am
it sounds like the one in florida, the 11th one the fbi is confirming in their tweet, you know, that sounds like something that had been there and they were searching and found it. it doesn't sound like that just came in. this is interesting, the new york city one, because the postal inspector today said they had searched some of these sorting facilities yesterday and they had not found anything suspicious. so it could be maybe that they didn't fully search this one and they did actually find it just this morning. >> yeah. just to be clear here, because we can report this now, this package found in new york city at the postal facility is similar -- >> that's right. >> -- to the other packages. >> yes, that is correct. that is why you are seeing this response. i am told by a source that it is similar to what we have seen. >> jason, listen, we all remember here, at least at cnn what happened when we had to be evacuated on wednesday morning and the chaos that that caused
5:58 am
in midtown manhattan. set the scene for us on what's happening there on 52nd street. >> i just spoke to a postal worker a short while ago. what happened is we were told to leave immediately. so, again, it is very much like what happened early this week to us at cnn where you had the postal workers filing out, moving out now across the street as they have been evacuated as you have investigators moving in and cordening off the scene and trying to complete their investigation. we are told that the package found here at the facility at 52nd and eighth avenue, which is located just six blocks south. so very close to where you are right now. so what we have now in terms of the scene where you have got two main thoroughfares, as investigators are coming in and
5:59 am
the number of people trying to hit work, trying to figure out what's going on. it's not just the postal facility because, you know, you have got apartment buildings that are located on this street. you have folks still trying to figure out, can i get into my apartment? can i get in? can i get out? you have organized chaos here as investigators come in and again try to get this package set aside and, again, the package that we are told matches the description of the package. >> it's so loud there. i'm sorry. i want to cutoff jason because we do have breaking news. we just got confirmation this, in fact, is a 12th bomb. who was this addressed to? >> james clapper. obviously, a contributor to cnn, former head of the dni and also a huge critic, obviously, of the president, of president trump. he's been out there voicing his opinions, disagreeing with a lot
6:00 am
of stuff. here we have another former official with close ties obviously to the democrats perhaps who was the intended target in this package. so it's james clapper. this package i'm told was addressed to james clapper. we don't know -- i know james clapper. he doesn't live in new york, so it will be interesting to see where it was going. was it addressed to cnn? i say this because the sorting facility is six blocks south where from our offices are. >> that's according to a friend who doesn't work here because it did come to cnn because the culprit thought he would be able to be reached down here. your sources are telling you this is the same. >> yes. and the fact it is addressed to james clapper, you can see why the postal inspector notified the fbi once


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