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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 31, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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o ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. the president and first lady travelled to pittsburgh today along with ivanka trump and jared kushner to pay respects to the victims of saturday's mass shooting at tree of life synagogue, laying stones and white roses upon of 11 stars of david markers outside. they then spent time with four wounded police officers and medical staff as well as a family member of one of the victims. that is peaceful protesters gathered to oppose the president's visit carrying signs saying things like words matter, and strength through unity. a white house official is telling cnn that there was talk about moving the visit to tomorrow or thursday but the optics of visiting pittsburgh on the same day as a campaign rally, well they weren't as ideal for them. so they moved it today. olivia is here, michael
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d'antonio, the author of "the truth about trump." the rabbi of the tree of life greeted president trump and the first lady. you can put that up at the synagogue this afternoon. other officials said no thanks. michael, why do you think trump insists ongoing today, insisted ongoing when apparently many people there said don't come? >> well, in some ways i look at there as a day of desecration for donald trump. he desecrated the constitution by saying he was going to avoid the 14th amendment. then he went to pittsburgh where he wasn't wanted. the majority of the survivors didn't want him present. and desecrated what should be hallowed ground at least on the day that he visited. this is a president who wasn't to cancel a campaign rally in order to visit on a more appropriate day and i kept thinking as i watched this of the families whose loved ones were represented by those
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memorials and him going and touching them, touching those memorials when they didn't want him there. and this is -- has to be about the families. the rabbi showed real grace by welcoming him and essentially ministering to the president in a way that a president normally would minister to the country. so he went for himself. >> but you're not saying that he should not go? >> he should go at an appropriate time when welcomed by all. and this was about him. this was about him showing that he would do this and wouldn't back down and not wanting to cancel a campaign appearance. >> he did say he wanted to pay his respects and visit the heroic first responders. there was a doctor at the hospital to said it did help. how do you think he handled it? >> listen, it comes down to a simple decision he made that he thought the campaign rally was more important than his duties as president to bring the country together and that's now not surprising.
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you know, in fairness, it is very, very difficult for a president as a human being to do these things. i was with -- i was the person who you can waed into the oval office and told president clinton that 25 students had been killed in columbine and sat with him as he went family to family to family not just in colorado in oregon and other places. it is excruciating to any president. michael is the expert on the psyche of trump. but rather than give, which he would be doing in pittsburgh if he went on the appropriate day, it was more important for him to get. what he gets is the rallies. he lives off these rallies. >> he gets a photo op from today. >> but he gets recharged by people screaming and yelling and frothing. that to him was more important than being the american president today. >> can i ask you something though in fairness, was he or is he damned if he does, damned if he doesn't?
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>> i think oftentimes politicians damned if they do and damned if they don't. >> that's part of the job. >> what they end up doinging is doing the right thing. by prioritizing a political rally in the midterms over this much more important job as president, he did the wrong thing. >> what they also do is they don't squander the credibility to minister in the way he should have in the way that president clinton did many times with grace because he was able to reach out to the whole country. donald trump squandered that with charlottesville. >> it's not partisan. >> i would say the same thing for president bush, president obama. this is different. this is uncharted territory. >> this is very interesting, michael. i didn't think about it that way because usually when these things happen, the presidentless speak when he's in the city. he was basically muted today because i don't know why. >> this was about him. >> yeah.
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>> everything is about him. even this tragedy, the worst anti-semitic attack, a massacre that took place with a person who was in love with the idea that the president spread of immigrants as invaders. >> but he didn't like the president. he wanted him to be stronger on that. >> certainly he used the same rhetoric and this is from the same context. >> let's bring olivia in. the mayor of pittsburgh, the governor of pennsylvania, allegheny refused to meet the president. they're all democrats. even republican senator pat toomey bowed out. none of the leaders wanted to appear with trump. >> i don't think it's surprising. he's particularly divisive right now and since he entered politics before that even. so i don't think it's surprising that politicians wouldn't want to be pictured with him on a day like today. i think there's something to your point earlier that he sort off is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. if he didn't go today, if he didn't go early i'm sure there would be people criticizing him
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for that, as well. i will say it's ridiculous to consider what that source told cnn about the president not wanting to -- the optics being thatting about going on a day of a rally. he went to deliver a speech the day that the massacre happened. he talked about globalists in that speech. on the date that people were slaughtered in a synagogue. i think that the idea that they suddenly care about optics in this white house in a way they didn't before is pretty absurd. >> you say globalist because that's code for what are? jew. >> it certainly has anti-semitic overtones, yes. >> hmm. so what he message, olivia, are does it send to have jared kushner and ivanka trump go along on this visit? she converted. eats jewish. >> look, i think it makes sense to have them there throughout his political career, it has certainly helped the president to have his son-in-law and his
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daughter with him and be able to kind of have more credit be when it comes to the idea that he is not anti-semitic as he's been accused of being in the past. i think ---ive do think in some ways it was good they're went today. it was good that he was quiet, as you noted before, which is unusual for him. and i do hope for the country that maybe he has learned something through all of there. i'm not particularly hopeful that that's the case. but hopefully, it is. >> you know what's frustrating, you've worked in the white house and you know him. is to sit here, we have to sit here and pretend that saying words like globalist or saying i'm a nationalist, that that is normal. when i said it's code for jew, you said it has is anti-semitic intent. people have known that for but we have to sit here on television and argue with people who pretend that this is normal and there's nothing wrong with
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it and it's not anti-semitic. >> he's been informed of these things for many years. this is a man who said i don't want black people counting my money. i want jewish guys in yamakas counting my money. that was in the 1990s. he knows what this is. the canard about the media, it goes back generations and it was the jewish media. this is also something that's tinged with anti-semitism. i think we all -- i don't expect this president to change tomorrow. i expect him to go out tomorrow and be just as divisive, just as the braying as he always has been and try and press they immigration issue all the way to the election. >> so we've gone over what he sources were telling zeleny, olivia did, that he visited today because it was the best day on his schedule. she brings up a very good point i think is that he on the same day that you it happened, he
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went to do -- he went to a rally. >> listen. i can't think of another word, sick part of this is he does know. he does know when he uses the word invader innovation this morning that that's a dog whistle to his people. even after 11 people have been killed. he does know what he globalist means. so they have a political strategy here that's designed to divide the country and fire up his people, fire them up with hate, fire them up with envy. all of the seven deadly sins. you know? and it is -- and he does know and he knows better and he chooses every ingle time to do it to put aside you know what he an american president would be like and to only be the president for the people who love him. >> that's why, you know, every night for a while i've been opening the show saying words
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matter. the truth matters. and words do matter. invaders, globalists, nationalists. these are not only politically charged words, these are racially charged words, as well. anti-semitic words. when i say racially, i mean invaders talking about immigrants. oh libya, i've got to ask you, just to give some context to this, president obama traveleded to towns after the experience that is experienced is mass shootings, are he went to newtown two days after, aurora three days after the movie theater shooting. difference between obama and trump making this trip, what's the difference? >> everything is different about it. the president unfortunately does not have a calming presence on the country. he is not good at or even particularly interested in unifying the country and as he's speaking about the media being a divisive force, he is doing all that he can to further divide the country. i mean, i can't stop thinking about the fact that later that
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night after the shooting, he was tweeting about baseball. you know, i can't imagine another president doing something like that. >> and making bad hair jokes. >> i think there's a debate that it should be over now. people say he's not good at it. he's not good at empathy. i think that's wrong. he has no interest in it because it doesn't fulfill him. it will only goes one way. he could be good. he says he's the master sales man. if he wanted to sell us all on the fact that he was grief stricken here, he could pull that off. he has no interest in it. he doesn't want to do it and he doesn't do things he doesn't want to do. >> i've got to go. >> how grotesque is it that he uses had his daughter and his son-in-law and his grandchildren to say see, i'm not anti-semitic. would that ivanka married a mexican immigrant, maybe we could have been spared all of this because he could have empathy for someone in his family. so, joe is right. he knows what is what. this is all --
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>> you're saying he uses him not necessarily to go but when people say my father -- >> everyone says this, his supporters. >> i'm sure they wanted to go. >> of course they did. i think in his heart, donald doesn't believe that the president doesn't believe he's anti-semitic. but is bigoted. what he's done with immigrants would be completely different if there was a mexican immigrant in his family. >> thank you all. i appreciate it. in the wake of all this, what may be the most important midterms in recent history are just days away. harry enten's forecast is next. ♪ she's doing it again no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying the smell in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. and it uses an all-natural propellant to leave behind a pleasant scent you'll love. use anywhere odors can spread.
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fresh off his visit to pittsburgh today, president trump is preparing to hit the campaign trail with 11 rallies scheduled in the days leading up to election day. here to discuss, mark preston, love that, harry enten. >> hi, mark. >> oh, my gosh. okay.
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we love you, harry. >> he's so excited about this, mark. you know why he's excited? good evening to both of you. he's excites because we very exactly one day to election day, right, larry. >> give meet forecast. >> the forecast in the house. >> one week, sorry. >> i wish it were one day. >> one week. >> so in the house, the forecast is pretty much the same. we expect democrats will gain a majority. the forecast is for them to get 226. it's a net gain of 31, they only need a gain of 23. senate is a different story. we expect republican who's currently control 51 seats to gain one seat, get to 52. >> the forecast hasn't changed much. the week before is when they gained two seats or last week they gained two seats. >> the forecast hasn't changed very much. i wouldn't be surprised given the house polling that if the forecast gives democrats a little bit of a boost as we head
12:19 am
into the final days. >> this is a boost that you mentioned for the democrats but gallup is saying the president's approval rating is now at 40%. that's like a 4-point drop in a week. we've will the mail bombings and synagogue shooting. but i don't know. is that going to affect the midterms? >> i'll say a few things. we do know the president's approval rating is tied up in how his party does. at 40%, his party is not going to perform very well. a seat loss between 30 and 40 seats. that being said, i don't think the president's approval rating dropped four points in a week. i think that's statistical noise. as high as 44 is still not good for his party. >> a fair answer, mark. why do you think the big drop in the approval? do you think the kavanaugh butch was maybe a sugar high and it's gone? is it all the violence in the
12:20 am
last week? what did you say, it was a statistical noise. >> statistical noise. >> what do you think, mark. >> that's the easier answer now for everything now. it's just statistical noise. one, it's a confluence of factors. you have the president coming off of, as you noted a sugar high of the kavanaugh hearings where we saw the republican party,' fractured republican party really galvanize behind kavanaugh and show their support for him to become the newest member of the supreme court. while that victory is won and now they've moved on so that high has been pulled back. in addition, we've seen the president not act very presidential, shocker that he isn't. but specifically this gallup poll that we see was conducted until sunday. he has said some pretty ridiculous things up to that point which could have turned people off. one, the shootings at the synagogue where 11 people were killed in pittsburgh.
12:21 am
you know, he noted that perhaps it should have been better armed. and if somebody had a gun, they could have stopped it. that's not something that you safe. we have all these bombs sent in the mail. and you know, at first, he talked about bringing everyone together unity, don. but then he turned around and blamed the media. i think people are starting to tire of his act. i don't think it dropped four points but he's in a terrible position right now for his fellow republicans heading into tuesday. >> so, but with just a week to go, i'm sure he would like the conversation to be about that caravan and immigration, mark. today he announced he wants to end birth right citizenship. is he desperate to gain control of the narrative again do you think? >> yeah, he definitely sets the narrative but to your point, gaining control of the narrative, no matter what he says, as long as he can control the message, it is ridiculous
12:22 am
the idea that we're sending troops down to the u.s./mexico border that's not going to get there for another month or so. the idea he could change the constitution by, you know, the swerve of his pen is outrageous. but to your point, he's playing into his base, don. he's playing into fears of republicans and conservatives and hoping to get them out to the polls. >> harry, a course close to the white house tells cnn top trump advisers urging him to play up the base, to keep attacking the media. winning strategy? >> in senate rays, yes but in the house races, 435 races all across the country. and republicans are in big trouble in the suburbs of philadelphia, chicago, kansas city, these are places where donald trump isn't particularly popular and more than that they're places where hillary clinton outperformed barack obama just four years before that. i'm not sure that's necessarily a winning message. yeah you need the republican base to vote. at the same time can, you don't want to alienate voters in the center of the electorate. and when trump is playing to the
12:23 am
base, with the comments he's made over the last week, about the caravan, i think he's alienating the center. the polling we're seeing in the individual congressional districts suggest it's not. >> speaking of alienating people, remember the low point with the family separation policy. do you think vote others trust him on immigration issues? will that even resonate now? >> you know who trusts him on immigration issues are those who believe in his very hard line rhetoric and beliefs on immigration. otherwise no. and the american public hasn't been supportive of him on immigration. and the idea that he clouds it with all this rhetoric is just causing more confusion around an issue that quite frankly we've almost been close to solving a few times. people forgetting about that. it's almost been done. let's see if we can get there. >> mark, i need you to be as excited as harry next time i see you. >> i'm coming down to dc. we're going to have a nice discussion. >> that would be fun.
12:24 am
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no more politics for kanye west. the rapper tweeting today, my eyes are now wide-open and realize i've been used to spread messages i don't believe in. i am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative. nia malika henderson has a new piece for cnn politics titled "for trump it's all about the white part of white working class voters." also with us is scott jennings, keith boykin. good evening to one and all. okay, so listen, keith, he didn't really you know say well, i'm not a fan of donald trump anymore but the irony with him saying he's done with politics and he's going to you know, that he was spreading a message that he didn't believe other people
12:29 am
were, that's what other people were criticizing him for the exact same thing. >> people were saying we note you don't know a lot about politics. >> being used but yes, go on. >> it's not just about candace owens using him. he said crazy things, he said slavery was a choice which made no sense and malcolm x and martin luther king were the not relatable to him and other people like him. we should put michael jordan on the $20 instead. why are we taking political advice from kanye in the first places? did anyone really take him seriously except for trump? and how sad is that the president of the united states listens to him for advice. >> looks like you agree, scott. >> i had never heard hardware going to put michael jordan on money, let's put him on a much higher denomination than the $20 bill. he's the greatest basketball player that ever live. i don't care what kanye west
12:30 am
thinks. i'm not going to care what he says tomorrow. for every republican hop thought kanye west solved every problem with men black men, americans psa. stop caring so much what these celebrities think. they're often ill informed. they don't know much. pick up a newspaper. turn off kanye west. read something. lord have mercy. >> my gosh, playing the part of don lemon is -- but scott -- one thing that you were mostly correct. it wasn't because he said something nice about a republican. it wasn't just because he was saying something nice about this president. it's because people ultimately knew or know he's being used by this president and so it's nothing to do with republicans. there are black conservatives and that's fine. there thud be black conservatives. go on.
12:31 am
>> yes, there should be a lot. >> nia, here's what kanye west said about president trump in the white house earlier this month. watch this. >> there was something about when i put this hat on it made me feel like superman. you made a superman, that's my favorite superhero. you made a superman cape for me, also as a guy that looks up to you, to ralph lauren, to american industry guys, nonpolitical, no [ bleep ], put the beep on it, five seconds delay and goes in and gets it done. trump is on his hero's journey right now. he might not have expected to have a crazy easy [ bleep ] like kanye west run up and support but best believe, we are going to make america great. >> too soon? that didn't age well, did it. >> it did not age well. >> before you respond, tmz says kanye west never mentioned trump and this is all but this dispute over blexit, right? which urges black voters to leave the democratic party.
12:32 am
go on, sorry. >> in some ways it seems like kanye west now has a beef with candace owens, kind of this wacky figure on the far right who has wacky ideas about black people and why they shouldn't be democrats essentially since they've been brainwashed by the democratic party and she put out a whack looking t-shirt and linked to kanye west and he seems to be very displeased with that and be saying take my name out of your mouth is essentially what he seems to be saying at this point. he doesn't seem to be critiquing donald trump or what happened in that display in the white house that was really odd to watch. i look at the look on jim brown's face. just sort of giving him side eye in some way through that whole thing. i doubt that kanye west is done with politics. he seems to be having fun in that press conference there with donald trump. it's in some ways the most attention he's gotten in awhile. doesn't seem to be working in
12:33 am
terms of selling albums or his sneakers. he seems to love this attachment with donald trump because it puts him in a place he hasn't been in awhile. >> we've got to talk about something. scott, your facial expressions get me in trouble. people think i'm laughing at the subject matter. i was laughing at scott's face and i said as much. you know what i'm talking about, the whole negro thing. i was laughing at scott's face. scott knows what i'm talking about. >> you keep saying things out loud. there's nothing for me to say. you say things, i have to speak with my eyes and my facial expressions. i think you know what i'm doing here, i'm giving you a signal. the signal is, let's go to a commercial. >> thank you very much. with that said, everybody stay with me. christiane amanpour has an exclusive interview with jon stewart and dave chappelle
12:34 am
on president trump's america. >> some of the things they say, even when they say russia influenced the election, it's like is russia making us racist? is that who's doing it? thank goodness. i thought it was us.
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cnn's christiane amanpour has an exclusive interview with dave chappelle and jon stewart. back to dus and nia, scott and keith boykin. nia, i just want to play some sound from that interview with christiane amanpour talking about the political landscape right now. watch this. >> some of the things they say, even when they say that russia influenced the election it's kind of like, is russia making us racist. >> is that who's doing it. thank goodness.
12:39 am
i thought it was us. >> putin's like -- >> i hadn't thought of it that way. >> they kill account country that way, then we're the murder weapon. >> we've always been. >> is the trump era a good era for comedians? is it just unbelievable fodder or not? >> i would not even name the era after him. he's getting too much credit. he's not -- he's not making the wave. he's surfing it. >> yeah. >> energy's always been there. >> all he does is sing those people's greatest hits, build a wall. all those things we've heard before. he sings all the songs, the only one brash enough to do it. >> brilliant, nia, because everyone says he's a brilliant strategist, a brilliant marketer. i think the media overplays it, plays it too much. amplifies his message too much. therefore helps him succeed in gas lighting the country.
12:40 am
my two cents. go on. >> in some ways doesn't necessarily put him in the proper historical context in many ways and look at the ways in which a race and racism has been part and parcel of the american presidency going back since the country's -- i was at the portrait museum here in d.c. a couple months ago. if you look at the portraits of the 40 some odd presidents and look at the captions almost all of the captions will say something about the ways in which presidents have had to deal with the race problem in america, going back you think about jefferson, andrew jackson, you think about lincoln, you think about johnson, lyndon b. johnson, both roosevelts. all of them in some ways have had to deal what to do about the color line, white identity versus the identity of native americans, white identity versus the identity of slaves. trump is playing to that. you've seen republicans and democrats in different eras have
12:41 am
to deal with this. this is the some brilliant strategy of it begins with trump. it's something i think that he has voiced in a way we haven't seen from american presidents in some time. certainly not from republicans. the republican party very much at one point, think about bob dole basically said the races have no place in the republican party. ken melman in 2005, going before the naacp and apologizing to the naacp for playing racial politics oftentimes to the benefit of the republican party. then you have trump basically saying let's try this sort of divisive strategy around race. it just so happened that enough voters and some of these voters voted for barack obama in 2008 and 2012 but also had racially conservative views. in some ways i think he very much played to it to great effect. we'll see how it works.
12:42 am
does it keep working? >> i want to play this clip, jon stewart talking about president trump. he says trump is a performer, a salesman. >> donald trump is a salesman who changes his pitch depending on who he's in front of. what he doesn't realize is it's all being recorded. and so, his pitch to that audience is the us versus them we're all the victims of this liberal media, of these soft journalist who come out here and lie about us. we're really great people. and that's what he pitches to them. and if you ask him about it, and you say, do you think that's okay to body slam a reporter, no -- of course not. do not do that. i was joking. it was a little joke i was making in front of friends. >> we know, keith, sometimes he can say opposing things in the same sentence. is stewart right. >> basically saying it's a con. >> of course, donald trump is
12:43 am
the quintessential con artist. he spent 5 1/2 years years lying about president obama's birth certificate and got elected president. go back to 1988. roger ailes did a famous interview with judy woodruff he told her the three things he covered in campaigns are mistakes, attacks and pictures. donald trump fellows that and gives the media mistakes, attacks, he gives them pictures. he gives them theater. it's all about the performance of the presidency and the campaign. the reason he likes to campaign so much because you can't see him when he's governing. you see him on the campaign stage. he's playing into the racial fears that republicans have been tapping into. going back to 1964, after lyndon johnson signed a civil rights act in 1964, no democratic president has won the white vote since that time. what republicans have done typically in state and federal races is tried to exploit that subtly. lee atwater admitted that but not as overtly as donald trump does. he has torn off the mask and
12:44 am
says i'm not going to even pretend not to be racist. i'm going to say it out loud. and you don't even have to hear it. >> he's going to say it but then a say i'm not. >> he's going to deny he's racist. he's going to more blatantly racist than the previous people are. >> just after election day, chappelle delivered "saturday night live's" opening monologue. he said we should give president trump a chance. >> i'm wishing donald trump luck and i'm going to give him a chance. and we the historically disenfranchised demand that he give us one, too. thank you very much. >> all right. so then he told christiane amanpour that that was the right thing to say at the time. has president trump squandered all that goodwill, do you think? >> well, first of all, i agree with you. i think chappelle was right to say that at the time. i think when we get a new president, all americans should
12:45 am
give the new president a chance. i think the president still has some runway left in this term to try to tell his story to people that have not traditionally supported the republican party. i think there's some things happening in the economy and some other areas that are still on the upswing that during a presidential re-election campaign, he could take advantage of. and i would just say that i hope a lot of people out there who are skeptical of republicans or were skeptical of trump are still looking at him and still trying to think about what are the things he's doing that i like? what are the things that he's doing that i could improve upon? and trying to reconcile all of that and not necessarily just closing their mind to the possibility of supporting a republican in the future. i guess -- i try to look the an presidencies in the totality of an entire term. not just after a short period of time. after the midterms, once he's back on the ballot, that's his
12:46 am
moment to try to tell a story to those audiences that haven't traditionally been republican that say here here's what i have done for you and here's what i'm going to do for you in the future. >> scott's going to say he's going to pivot. >> all presidents have to pivot and tell a story about the future. presidential campaigns are always about the future. they're not about the past. you have to say, here's what i'm going to do for you. >> donald trump became president then tomorrow, right? >> no, he said after. >> november 7th, donald trump became president. >> the president ramped up campaign appearances and speeches catering to a very specific bloc of voters. the white working class base. is his strategy working? we'll discuss next. >> we're now calling alaska for donald trump. >> oh, my god, i think america is racist. >> oh, my god. i remember my great grandfather
12:47 am
told me something like that. he was a slave or something, i don't know. >> i can't believe it. like why aren't people turning out for hillary the way they did for barack obama? >> i mean maybe because they're replacing a charismatic 40-year-old black guy with a 70-year-old white woman. that's like the knicks replacing patrick ewing with neil patrick harris. this is actually under your budget. it's great. mm-hmm. yeah, and when you move in, geico could help you save on renters' insurance! man 1: (behind wall) yep, geico helped me with renters insurance, too! um... the walls seem a bit thin... man 2: (behind wall) they are! and craig practices the accordion every night! says the guy who sings karaoke by himself. i'm a very shy singer. you're tone deaf! ehh... should we move on to the next one? it's a great building! you'll love it here! we have mixers every thursday. geico®. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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all right. i'm back now with nia, scott, and keith. okay, nia, your latest piece, it's called "for trump it's all about the white part of white working-class voters." and you write "all the conventional wisdom of 2016 was that trump's message was really
12:52 am
all about the economy. turns out his argument then and his argument now is really about race, culture and american identity." talk to me about that. >> we often talk about identity politics on the left, very much this idea that for instance barack obama represented something racially for african-americans and therefore african-americans wanted to support him. i think it's the same in many ways for donald trump. he represents something racially for white voters. he's telling a story to white voters who do in some ways, many white voters, feel a sense of anxiety, a sense of fear when they look at the changing demographics, when they look at sort of the changing cultural norms in america. and so you see donald trump playing on that. even in his first outing, when he announced for presidency, this idea that somehow he was going to be the great protector of america against the dangerous and brown hordes that were south of the border. and you see him returning to that theme as he talks about
12:53 am
this caravan that's thousands of miles away, probably two months away. so yes, i think -- again, we've seen that it worked so far with those voters who were switching sides from obama to donald trump in 2016. you can see him doing that now. you can see him inserting himself for instance in the florida race, calling the candidate there, andrew gillum, a thief and kind of conjuring up this idea of black criminality, to insert himself into that race and really i think gin up support among white people. and listen, as we said, it's worked. we'll see if it continues to work. and i think it's his formula. and again, i think it goes against this conventional wisdom that really was all about the economy. i think it was much more for a lot of white voters about race and identity and white identity. >> the studies show -- >> all the data shows that. >> the data shows it wasn't about economic anxiety, it was about race. i've said it on the show. i get lots of criticism for it. but that is the absolute truth. okay, keith, the president wants
12:54 am
to end birthright citizenship. you heard him say that in an axios interview today. he's talking about doing this because of this caravan of migrants, invaders, that's what he's calling them. even shep smith on fox news said there is no danger to americans. this is fear-mongering, right? and will it work? >> yes and no. i mean, yes it's fear-mongering. it will work for his base because he does it repeatedly. it doesn't work for reaching anybody else. but he doesn't care. his only objective is to reach his base. i just want to add to what nia was saying. donald trump is engaged in what i consider to be a race against time. he looks at the demographics. he sees whites will no longer be a majority in 2040. we had a black president for eight years. we had a woman get 66 million votes. we have marriage equality for lgbt people in all 50 states. american white working-class
12:55 am
people who are trump supporters look at that and say wow, this country is different from the country that i was born in and they're reluctant to embrace that. and so donald trump is sowing the fears with the immigrant caravan and all this other stuff he's talking about to get that fear to -- >> i want to get scott in before we run out of i'm. we're almost out, scott. i'm sorry. i'll give you the last word. >> yeah, look, i think the white working class voters, and i'm the son of white working-class voters from western kentucky, i can tell you they care about their jobs, their kids, their families and they care about being disrespected by the political elite. so i think part of the equation in this conversation is there was a political party they felt like was disrespecting their culture, their values and their way of life and trump comes along and says i'm not going to disrespect you, i'm going to respect what your views are and not tell you you're wrong because you live in the middle of the country. and i think that was driving quite a bit of their interest in his candidacy. i think he's going to try to recapture that for his own re-election campaign and frankly in these senate races i still think you see that alive and well and that's why republicans are poised to hold the senate. >> thank you all. i appreciate it. thanks for watching. our coverage continues. welcome to the place where people go
12:56 am
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