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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 31, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> [ bleep ]. >> that message has a subtlety of a sledgehammer. it shows you just how willing this president is to use lies and scare tactics to terrify his base. and it echoes what he says publicly as he demonizes immigrants over and over again. a source close to the white house confirms to cnn what seems to be pareapparent here, the ad designed to change the narrative. we are talking about it and not health care. but we will talk about health care later on in this show. i want to get reaction.
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good evening. maria, what do you think of what you just heard and that wasn't even the whole thing. >> as an immigrant, as a mother, as an american, it turns my stomach. it is disgusting, its diabolical, and twisted and completely grotesque. but then again, it is coming from this president of the united states and it is par for the course of who he is. this under scores a little bit of desperation in these final days as he and republicans have seen where the midterms are going. but what my fear is, and you have said this from the very beginning when he was talking about the caravans, it does work with his base. and that is why he is doing it. because he knows the republicans are in trouble. my hope is that it will also work, not just for latinos who
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absolutely fear their place in this country even if their families have been here longer than this has been the united states of america. but also hopefully will work and mobilize decent americans across the board who have had it and who are sick of being sick every single day they wake up to see what other disgusting crap that comes out of the mouth of the president. >> he said he is going to send troops to the border, scott, this is donald trump's closing argument? not the economy, not health care, but racist fear over what he calls an invasion of migrants who if they do make it here, won't be here for months? >> yeah, the closing argument i would have preferred from the republican party here, would have evolved around the economy.
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health care is one of the two most issues in the polling. and the other is the -- there is plenty of ammunition there to close on the economy. my suspicion is that a lot of campaigns are closing on the economy. it worked out for his campaign, so i am not surprised to see him going back to that well now. if i were running a republican campaign out there. i would be driving a message on the economy. i haven't seen a poll where that doesn't work for the republicans. >> i don't see how this has to do with the wall, but charlie, i am looking at your face, and this is the most base of the base. the bottom of the barrel.
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the man featured in this ad is luis brackamento. no one is defending him and no one should defend him. >> he was supportersdeported on >> this is about exploiting racial animus, no? >> i tend to agree with what scott just said. the president in my view, you know, continues to try to divide us based on these cultural wedge issues. and as scott just said, at least the republicans who i know in the house, i can assure you, they aren't playing to these themes. they are trying to talk about the economy -- >> hold on to that thought.
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will they come out now and denounce that. you said they are not playing to this? >> well, you know, again, they are focused on their own races. i don't think they will respond to every presidential tweet or this ad. i think at this point, they are focusing on their messages and trying to block that out as best as they can. now the steve king issue, i suspect many of them will denounce his comments. >> they haven't yet. >> let's hold on about that. no the to cut ynot to cut you o. did you finish your thought? >> i had difficulty hearing the ad. >> hoards of people knocking
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over barriers and this horrible guy convicted cop killer mouthing things in court and smiling. every racist immigrant trope thaw can think of is in this ad. >> and the president saying this is democrat's fault. >> the people who are running, what about republicans who are running, what about republicans in washington, will they say anything about this? >> i think on the steve king, they will say something. they are most likely to be asked about that. and i think steve stooiifers sa. in addition to being opposed to them for obvious reasons being highly inappropriate and over
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the top. i think republicans will speak up, right now they are in their districts running. if they are asked, i think they will comment on it, but i don't know if they will initiate it on their own. >> do they think that trump's message is not a winning message? >> i believe if you are running in a swing district, those kinds of messages that the president is put out in birthright citizenship, i think it is very harmful. particularly areas where you have affluence. some of these districts it is going to sell better. but if you are in that swing or marginal district, right now, you need to appeal to the base, and expand your base. that is why i think many of them will be very anxious when they see this types of adds.
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>> maria, this is echoes of the famous willy horton ads. that ad hurt the democratic candidate at the time. >> it did, but in all honesty, he wasn't the strongest candidate either. yes, absolutely, it worked well for the republicans but also a huge black eye in terms of the strategy that the republicans have used. and i think the republican party should be concerned that it has echoes of that. we even have lee at water who was the prince of the dark arts apologize for that ad on his death bed. that is how badly he thought it overall hurt the image of the republican party. the problem with what is going on now, you have republicans across the board who are going to ignore these acts of the
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president of the united states who will turn the other way and yet another argument for americans to elect democrats who have the spine and the backbone to stand up to this president who is only trafficking in fear, divisiveness, racism and bigotry. >> scott, just tonight, regarding this ad that is clearly working, we are talking about it and not health care. they admit this is a distraction. >> we are also not talking about the economy either. the thing about these congressional campaigns, they have been nationalized and in large part about the president, and how people feel about the president. you try to own the space where people feel kindly towards the administration and that space is about the economy. economy, health care, and medicare, and everything else falls down the line including
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immigration. the president wants to elevate this issue, i think it is late for that. i don't know that more base stoking is necessary. what is necessary is to make voters feel like the republican party is fulfilling its promise. if you are a republican campaign and not carving out a space on the economy, then you are not in the game of the issues that people care about which means you are going to lose. i think it is really hard to change the subject this late. 40% of americans have already voted. it is hard to change a subject and make an election to something that people want to be about other things. >> all right. stick around. guess how the president answered when he was asked about telling the truth. ride hailing, car sharing, carpooling... ...mobility services are proliferating.
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midterm elections. so maria, the president went after the caravan again tonight in florida which still is about 800 to 900 miles from the u.s. >> we are getting prepared for the caravan folks, you don't have to worry about that. getting prepared for the caravan. and they got a lot of rough people in those caravans, they are not angels. you saw what happened two days ago with the mexican military and the mexican police. you saw what happened there. how tough the opposition is. we are tougher than anything, we are tougher than any force. and we're probably going to have to be, unfortunately. >> it's important for us to know what he said but i hate actually playing it and amplifying him
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demonizing a caravan again who are thousands of miles away and doing it for political gain. >> this is an opportunity for us to actually set the record straight, for all of the decent americans who are listening. this is a caravan that might be 1500. they have dwindled. and half of them has accepted the asylum that mexico is giving them. and the majority of them will not be able to claim asylum here. we will see what happens when they get there, because this president is now going to send ten soldiers per each migrant that gets here. and a huge waste of taxpayer money just to con ttinue with h fear mongering. in my day, people were fleeing
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for the same reasons that these people are fleeing now. i look at these people, and they are my family, they are my children. for the grace of god go i . it does mean that we have to act as what we are, an america who is founded on values, civility and decency and protecting people when they need it. and these people need it. >> they are not breaking the law. this is the process. you come over and you applying for political asylum and you are granted or not. no one has broken the law yet. no one is here. they won't be here until months after the election. the president spoke with jonathan carl this evening in florida.
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listen to what he says about telling the truth. >> well i try. you try too. you say things about me that are not necessarily the truth. i do try. when i can, i tell the truth. sometimes it turns out to be where something happens it is different. i like to be truthful. >> scott, that might be the biggest wh biggest whopper of them all. >> in some cases he indulges on hyperbole. he has had his moments. and i think we are well aware of what those have been. >> what did that answer say, scott, honestly. what did you just say there? >> well, i mean, look, sometimes he doesn't tell the truth. we all know it. we have talked about it on this show and on other shows. and i mean, he does it a lot,
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actually. >> shouldn't the president tell the truth all the time. >> he is actually pretty close to the truth. i am not going to sit here and tell you that everything out of his mouth is truthful. clearly not the same. >> it is a problem when the president of the united states doesn't tell the truth, correct? and admits. >> i agree. i didn't think it was great when other presidents didn't tell the truth. >> you noare not comparing this president to other presidents are, as far as truth telling? >> no. i am saying that i want the president to tell the truth as much as possible no matter who it is. and it has not always been the case during this administration and previous. >> again, we should not equate previous presidency to this one. this is off the charts. there is no equivocating here.
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this is a new realm of not telling the truth and alternative facts. that is simply the truth. appearing together as part of the president's series in nebraska. and they talk about the political climate. secretary powell says it creates an environment where deranged people feel empowered and this is what secretary albright said. i am deeply troubled in the direction we are going. i am a naturalized citizen. i came when i was 11-years old. i am very upset about the image we're projecting abroad. >> i try not to use the term unamerican, but i think what the gist of what they are both saying is correct.
8:23 pm
the tone is terrible and i think in many respects you showed images of that rally. the president, i think tries to bring out some of the worst instincts in people. he pushes this native isolationist protectist impulse of his. this is bad for the country. it harms us internationally. and this is not the america most people know who look to us for leadership. and believe in american values. and i talked to a lot of europeans. and it seems like this idea of western values were embodied by americans and now they are not so sure. what an interesting time we live in where the chancellor of germany seems to be the leader, the one who best articulates our values, our western values and it used to be the rule of the american president.
8:24 pm
presidents would talk about freedom agendas, bush, obama, they have said similar things. once we lose that voice, you know, it harms us internationally. and when it comes to the truth, if the president and the truth came into contact, there might be a mighty collision. we see that too often. how many times does he get fact checked and you see pants on fire. >> there are not enough hours in the day for that. >> scott, i am not saying that you aren't doing that, but they point to president obama, if you like your doctor, you get to keep your doctor. but they can't name many others. and it would take us all night here, probably a day of cnn
8:25 pm
programming to go through all of the misinformation and the lies with this president. i've got to run. >> you can't equalize. one quick thing, tonight is halloween, if america wants to end the real horror, vote democrat. >> the stacy abrams is next.
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secretary of state who is also the republican gubernatorial. stacy abrams joins me now. thank you so much for joining us. we have been talking about this ad that the president tweeted out. i want you to watch it. i want to get your response. here it is.
8:31 pm
what do you think of that? >> i think it is deeply sad that the leader of our nation would stoop to lies. every one knows this is a bipartisan failure to address our federal immigration system. everyone believes there is no american that wants violent offenders wandering the street. but to cast dispersions on one party rather than taking responsibility for failing to take action, to pass bipartisan federal immigration laws that can protect our people, and also as a woman of faith, protect our families and make sure that families are not ripped athunder. this is where republican leaders has failed our country. >> there is new information out,
8:32 pm
bryan kempt pulled out. can you tell us what the latest is on the debate tonight? >> this is one more example of him failing to keep his promises. he promised that he would appear in the debate. he chose it break the promise. and then blame my campaign for his failure. my campaign will be there sunday at 5:00 p.m. we will hold a town hall meeting. while i am deeply disappointed for wsb who planned for this and for ted mets who also planned for this, the failure to complete this debate falls solely on him, once again breaking his promise. >> let's play the ad.
8:33 pm
>> work hard, and never give up. dad taught me how to drive and we're still working on it. most importantly, dad told us to keep his promises. >> this is about kemp, not about his daughters. do you feel like he has kept his promises when it comes to the debate on sunday. >> not only has he broken his word on the debate, he has broken his word to georgians. he broke his promise to keep georgians safe when he allowed massage therapists to assault 26 women and not help him. not only did he break his word, he has been taken to court and it is currently pending because he has failed to keep his
8:34 pm
promise. i can't list a promise that he has kept during his legislature or as secretary of state. >> there was a victory for voters in georgia today regarding voter suppression. how much has that helped your claim. kemp is your opponent, but he is also in charge of the election. he is a player and referee at the same time. >> what is good for voters is they can true to cure any mistakes that they have made. he is trying to block senior citizens that are home bound from trying to cast a ballot. it is once again, a continuation of voter suppression. suppression works not simply by blocking your ability to vote, it is creating an atmosphere where people are afraid to try to vote. he has put 53,000 people in
8:35 pm
jeopardy and purged more than a million. purged more than any other secretary of state in the country. those aren't promises kept. it is an erosion of our democracy. >> as i understand, before i let you go, you have got someone big and important coming tomorrow which is oprah winfrey who is going to be campaigning for you. do you think this celebrity aspect make a difference? what do you think? >> i am excited to have oprah come because she is someone who is trusted by all and she has a story of upliftment and humanity and on friday, we are excited to welcome president barack obama back to georgia.
8:36 pm
i am happy to have all of the support i can get to share the message with all of georgia. >> thank you. i'll let you go. >> thank you so much for having me. i appreciate it. >> president trump keeps claiming republicans that will be the party that will protect your health care. but that is not true. everything you need to know about your health care and what each party is promising before you vote. next week. mmm... mashed potatoes...and rice! but made from cauliflower. looks like i need a fork! oh no. (giggles) birds eye veggie made. so veggie good.
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so it is something that you have heard over and over again from the president, he claims republicans are going to be the
8:41 pm
ones who will protect your health care but he is not telling the truth. >> we will always protect americans with pre existing conditions, always. >> so not true. here are the fact, the trump administration asked the court to throw out regulations. they did it in a brief supporting lawsuits filed. all republicans. the state argued that the ace in its entirety including the rule forcing insurance companies to cover pre existing conditions is unconstitutional because the man date was repealed by the tax bill. he is running to replace democrat clare mckraskil. >> we have two perfect little boys. just ask their mama.
8:42 pm
earlier this year, we learned our oldest has a rare chronic disease. pre existing condition. we know what that is like. i am josh hawley. >> he is one of the plaintiffs in the suit aimed at throwing out the aca. even as that case makes its way through the court, republicans have been chipping away at obamacare. just last week the trump administrations, to short-term health plans. those plans can reconfuse covering pre existing conditions. advocates say premiums with those health conditions may become more expensive. all but one republican. main senator susan collins voted
8:43 pm
it down. proposed a sweeping health care overall called the american health care act. and it would have let insurance companies charge higher premiums. it turns out the aca, the affordable care act which is obamacare is popular with voters. in a poll released friday, 58% of voters said they wanted to keep the aca. 79% of voters wanted to ban companies to cover pre existing conditions. and this is a problem for him. health care is driving the conversation around the midterms. at least one poll shows that 71% of voters say it is very important in deciding who they will vote for this year.
8:44 pm
that's more than any other issue. voters are right to be focused on the issue because the president is using every tactic in the book to avoid saying what he and republicans really want to do with health care. lots to talk about it with drdr. drdr. dr. ezekiel manuel. we are going to hear from him and that's next. brilliant sound clarity and life-like color. experience dell cinema on the xps 13. get up to $200 off select xps 13 laptops at (intel chime)
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in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? with just days to the midterms, democrats are making health care a big part of their campaign. over half the ads by democratic senates and house candidates are about health care.
8:49 pm
and the dems may have the momentum on this issue. polls show many of the features on affordable care act including protecting people with pre existing conditions. dr. ezekiel emanuel is here, and one of the architects of affordable care act. better known as obamacare. and i always say that, people i am interviewing i say, do you like the affordable care act, yes. do you like obamacare, no. >> okay. so this is sneaky little trick don't you think on the republican's part? >> no. i think it is just an outright lie. i mean, what is interesting is the republicans have never had a plan to protect people with pre existing conditions. they never had a mechanism by
8:50 pm
which to get them insurance. in part because if you want to cover people with pre existing conditions, you have to get everyone in the same pool and you have to make sure that insurance companies can't charge more to people who have pre existing conditions. and what republicans are now trying to do is out of the exchanges and get insurance, the short-term insurance plans. that's going to leave people with pre-existing conditions in the exchanges and the rates are going to go up and up and up. that is not a formula for protection. so this idea, oh, we care about your pre-existing conditions is simply untrue. they have no plan to protect people with pre-existing condition, none. >> doctor, as i mentioned earlier in this show 58% of voters in one poll want to keep obamacare. 79% of voters want to protect folks with pre-existing conditions. republicans are talking the
8:51 pm
talk, but how are they going to pay for it since they took away the individual mandate? >> well, let me say something that is i think may not be obvious to people listening, which is we took a poll. i teach a class at the university of pennsylvania. we took a poll among my students how many of them had a relative who had a pre-existing condition. and it turned out about half the students had a relative with pre-existing condition. you know, cancer or heart disease or asthma or high blood pressure. that's what people are worried. they know someone or someone in their family has a pre-existing condition and they want them protected. they remember the bad old days when they couldn't get health care, and they had to run to the emergency room when they got sick. and that's the thing that democrats through the affordable care act made sure would not happen again. and the republicans are -- they've just never been interested in that situation. >> doctor, you have an op-ed "the washington post." it is titled the big secret
8:52 pm
about the affordable care act. it's working just fine. explain what you mean by that. >> well, the republicans have been bad mouthing the exchanges, and in the 2016 elections they kept talking about all of the counties, bare counties with no health insurance in exchange or only one plan. well, it turns out when we look at this coming year we've got about 12 million people buying insurance through exchanges, despite what trump did trying to divert people, cutting down the open enrollment period by half, reducing advertising, shutting the website on sunday mornings. so we've had a lot of people want to buy. second, premiums are actually down this year in 2019. you know, the rise up in premiums for 2017 was a blip. many of us who are experts say it's going to be a blip as the
8:53 pm
insurance companies adjust. in fact, on average premiums across the country are down 1.5%. and in some places like my home state of pennsylvania or in tennessee, they're actually down by double digits. and finally we have more insurance companies coming in despite the removal of the individual mandate. >> so what does it say of the success you cite in all of this? all of this happening despite republicans trying to, you know, chip away at the aca. >> look, i think it says two things. first in the american public there's a roll for the exchanges. it's not for everyone, but it is -- there's 12 probably up to 20 million for whom the exchange is good thing. and if we stop bad mouthing it more people will come in and buy insurance through the exchange. and the second thing i think it says is that it takes some time when you've got these big changes in policy to actually work them out and to work out the kinks.
8:54 pm
this coming open enrollment period, which starts tomorrow, by the way, is only the sixth year of the affordable care act exchanges. we've worked out the kinks now. if we stop maligning them, the federal government does what it's supposed to do, it'll actually -- they'll be stable, and they'll provide a safety net for people who have pre-existing conditions. >> aren't republicans taking credit for that, though? >> oh, they'll take credit for anything the public likes even though they've tried to kill these exchanges every which way. >> you know, doctor, obamacare wasn't always popular. it was used against democrats in 2010 and 2014 in the mid-terms. why do you think that changed? >> first of all, i think early on people didn't understand it. as the president famously said, it's complicated. and we didn't necessarily do a great job of explaining it. now that it's been around for five or six years, people understand how it works, people
8:55 pm
see the benefits. their kids can be on their insurance plan until age 26. they've actually seen some moderation in the premium increases. they see that, in fact, you know, god forbid something happens they can get insurance, and they can be subdized. people are getting comfortable with that. and they remember the battle. you know, in 2009 when we were discussing the affordable care act, the fact is there was almost 10% unemployment. and one of the things that unemployed people are worried about is how am i going to get my insurance? and now there's a system for them to get insurance either through medicaid or through the exchanges. and, you know, medicaid has -- a lot of people have gotten on medicaid, and it turns out that they like it when they're on medicaid. a number of states still haven't expanded the medicaid program. although we see places like maine and virginia expanding it. and i think that after this
8:56 pm
election we'll see more states expand it because, again, it's a good deal and the people benefit, the hospital systems benefit. so i think people are becoming comfortable. that's why the support for the affordable care act has gone up. if you take it away people get nervous because they're actually answering an important need for them. >> doctor, we're out of time. but now you know and everyone knows. we appreciate you coming on. see you soon. >> great, thank you. i hope people vote on tuesday. >> thanks for watching, everyone. our coverage continues. ♪ ♪ -whoops -sorry! ♪ ♪
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good evening. the president of the united states today doubled down on the notion that he can redefine who's an american citizen, which


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