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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  November 9, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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very good friday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. poppy, can you believe it's friday? >> i can't. i'm wishing you a good weekend already, but i think a lot is going to happen in the next few hours. so glad you're with us on this friday. the president back at home for a spot on the global stage in paris. he and the first lady will leave the white house in moments. will the president stop to talk to reporters? of course we'll be watching. chilling new cell phone video from inside the california bar at the moment the gunman opened fire. a warning, this video can be
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disturbing. >> we're getting new details about the victims and the shooter, including a disturbing facebook message that he posted moments before the massacre. also, to florida we go. is this the 2000 election all over again, folks? the state of florida bracing for a recount. the senate race and the governor race both too close to call. broward county, palm beach county, that is where we find ryan nobles. he joins us frommal ha see. good morning to you. wow. i mean, do you remember 2000? where are we this morning? >> reporter: yeah. no doubt a lot of people here in florida will get deja vu with what's happening here. there is a number of races in florida that could be in a recount situation, including another statewide race for agriculture commissioner.
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the margin continues to shrink from what we saw on election night, and that's because the vote count in broward and palm beach county continues to trickle in. that has republicans and democrats concerned. their concerns are different, though. democrats just want to see every vote count. and republicans want an explanation as to why it's taking so long and why they are not getting answers. florida governor rick scott who has the lead in that race right now held a he wpress conferencet night to make some pretty serious accusations. listen to what he had to say. >> every floridan should be concerned there may be rampid proud happening in palm beach and broward counties. i will not sit by while unethical liberals try to steal this election from the great people of florida. >> reporter: it is important to keep in mind that governor scott didn't provide any evidence of this fraud, but he has asked the
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florida bureau to look into it. he filed two lawsuits against the supervisors of elections in both of those counties. it is important to point out that democrats are also very frustrated that it's taking so long for broward and palm beach county to collect these ballots. the question here today is are they doing something criminal or nefarious, or is it just incompetence? regardless, it is leaving the entire state in a degree of limbo here because at this state they do not know who their next governor or u.s. senator is going to be. those are two pretty important jobs. >> yeah. >> time warp to 18 years ago. joining us harry enten and jaime. harry, let me begin with you. the president is alleging here very publically via twitter of criminal activity regarding this recount.
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is there any evidence of fraud in those counties as they begin a recount? >> no. there is no evidence. and obviously for the president to say things ant voter fraud before didn't have to back it up. brenda snipes who runs the election board down there has had problems in the past and, in fact, she destroyed ballots after she said that basically she was told not to destroy them. she said i made copies of them and then she got rid of them. but there is no sign she never not counted up those ballots or made up votes. i should point out she now claims most of those votes in broward have now come in. it is interesting to see where bill nelson does make it that deficit he has. >> few points here, this is personal to the president because, obviously, he has a vested interest in this. he has a home in palm beach county. but what is so different this
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time than 2000 is the rhetoric and the baseless claims. we never heard in bush and gore, this is fraud, this is corruption, this and that. rick scott took a page out of the president's play book, it seems. >> no question about it. the rhetoric is starting hot very, very quickly. but let's not discount how upset everyone was in 2000. but here we may not have hanging chads this time. we may not have a supreme court battle this time. but we do have lawsuits. we do have palm beach county and broward county. the other thing that i think is important is this could take a long time, which also happened in 2000. if there is a recount, it will not start until after all the ballots are counted the first time, which, as harry said, it is taking a long time. then you have to remember that ballots from overseas in florida
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have ten days to come in. so we are going to be ten days plus out of election day and then a possible recount. >> but if it's about five weeks, the decision was made by the supreme court in mid-december. so we're looking at the matter of weeks here, not month, correct? >> correct. this is not just about the midterm election. >> right, sure. >> florida is always about the presidential election, will it, will it hold and trump wants florida to hold. >> yeah, yeah. >> harry, let me ask you this question. of course in 2000 it went to the supreme court and in a very, you know, tight 5-4 decision and sadly someone along partisan lines decided to stop the recount. here that can't really happen, isn't it? right? because florida law requires a manual recount if the margin is below, is that right, 0.2%.
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so there is going to be a manual recount in the senate race at least regardless of what any court decides. do i have that right? >> yeah. i believe that's correct. i should point out that the governor's race is below 0.5%, which will get you a recount but won't get you a manual recount as in the case of the senate race. i should also note that back in 2000, the margin was considerably tighter in the presidential race than it is right now in the senate race, so the margin was 0.3 percentage points back in 2000. it is about six times that now, 0.8 percentage points, i believe. bill nelson has a lot of votes to make up. even if we go through this entire recount, i'm not probably expecting, unless they can find votes, we shouldn't discount this is a large margin to make up. >> the other thing to keep in mind is this will not change the
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makeup of the senate. even if there are three races out there outstanding, even if they all went to democrats, and that's unlikely, we would still be at 51-49. obviously, the republicans want to hold every seat they can in the senate, but it won't change the people who control the senate. >> can i get you to weigh in as someone who had so much experience covering this in 2000 and now the danger in the language. when you have rick scott saying rampid fraud with no evidence provided and you have the president saying corruption scandal, election fraud. even if there is no evidence of that, it plants the seed. >> absolutely. and no question, as you said. rick scott is taking a page out of donald trump's play book. this is a new political atmosphere. politics is always rough and gloves off. but there is no question that this is the trump play book and they are going after it very, very hard.
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>> harry, before we go, quick question on the arizona senate race because that one appears as the numbers come in to be more solidly democrat cinema over mcsally. is that your read at this point with that 9,000 lead there? >> so it's really a matter of how many ballots you have of each type, when they came in. the ones that came in last night were from early votes dropped off between the friday and monday between the election. there are still a lot of votes to be counted. those dropped off at the ballot site that came in on the tuesday, election day, those are likely to be more republican. but my understanding is that you still have about 470,000 votes to be counted. so it is unclear which way that will go. but if florida leans towards rick scott, the race in arizona leans more towards the democrat. but a lot will be count t.
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we'll have to wait and see. >> it's a waiting game. wait and see and everyone wants to know right now. great to have you both. thank you. >> listen, so many tight races. if you have any doubt that your vote matters. >> here you go. >> that should be erased now. thanks to both of you. other big story we're following this morning, wild fires out of control burning across california. in the north, the so-called campfire torching 80 acres a minute. you see a sad end for some of those homes there. some capturing their frightening escape on social media. >> the campfire, just one of these three raging across the
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state. in southern california, destroying buildings, forcing thousands to flee. let's go there. scott joins us now. just a few months ago when those fires ravaged california and now this. >> reporter: now this. now we've got 30,000 homes that are currently being threatened by this fire. this is a fire that didn't exist just 16 hours ago. it is that young, and it has moved that fast. you can see it is already claiming some homes. this is a home near the mountainside, but what's odd about this is that you see this home on fire and then you see the home next door over here on the right-hand side. it is completely okay. but in a lot of these cases, it's not the flames that are the risk for these homes, it is the embers flying in the air. hillside is completely torched over here. it is these embers that will fly through the air and end up sparking some things.
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daybreak makes it harder to see the flames, but easier to see the smoke. you can see how much of it is on the horizon. there is a firefighter that's arrived to perhaps put this fire out. we will get out of the way here and we'll let them obviously do their work. but, you know, we've talked to a lot of people who say, hey, there is a brush fire in my backyard. i told the department about it. they're not coming. the reality is that they are trying to do the most amount of good for the most amount of people. so they're not necessarily concerning themselves with brush fires in the backyard or grass fires in the backyard. they are concerning themselves with protecting homes, protecting properties and most importantly protecting people's lives. yes, people have been told to get out of this area. a lot of people that we have talked to and seen, they are staying behind. a lot of people are putting out these fires with a garden hose or whatever they are. obviously, the homes near by this home, thankfully, they're going to get a little bit of an
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aid here or assistance from the fire department. there is a lot more homes in danger. jim, poppy. >> wow. this is remarkable. for everyone watching, these are live pictures coming to put out yet another fire that destroyed this family's home. our huge thanks to all that they're doing. also coming up for us in california, we do have information this morning about that horrific mass shooting, what we have learned about the gunman and the heart-breaking stories of the victims. >> how many times have we seen those pictures, poppy? democrats plotting to take on the firing of jeff sessions and protect the special counsel robert mueller's investigation. we're on top of that story. and michelle obama not pulling any punches. in her new book she says that president trump jeopardized her family's safety by pushing the birther conspiracy theory. the new lincoln mkc.
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this morning democrats are plotting to protect robert mueller and investigate the firing of jeff sessions and the subsequent appointment of the acts attorney general matt whittaker. whittaker has in public been very critical repeatedly of the mueller investigation. >> this is a perilously constitutional moment. i don't say a constitution crisis quite bet, but it is a perilous time. you will see tonight people in the streets because of this firing. >> this as there is a growing sense of concern about the negative reaction to whittaker's appointment. joining me is mike quigley of illinois. he serves on the house intelligence committee. thanks for taking the time this morn sglg go morning. you heard nancy pelosi say this is a perilous time. is the special counsel investigation and is robert
6:19 am
mueller's job in jeopardy? >> absolutely. i think there is a reason the president of the united states waited until after the midterms to take this action. and i have heard many of my colleagues say, well, he shouldn't do anything until after the midterms. if it was wrong to do it before the midterms, it has to be wrong to do after the midterms. it is an area of great concern. the rule of law is a threat. >> let me ask you this. you have heard some of whittaker's public comments criticizing the mueller investigation. he's also made other comments that are drawing some concern from democrats and from some republicans, frankly. i want to play one of those comments now for your reaction. have a listen. >> if that happens, then we're going to do the same thing and government comes to a halt. they got nothing, zero. you know why? because there is nothing.
6:20 am
they can play that game, but we can play it better because we have a thing called the united states senate. >> sorry. that was not -- that was not the clip. let me just briefly -- i do want to get your reaction to the president, but briefly summarize what he said. he said that judges, and i'm paraphrasing some here, that judges need to have a biblical sense in terms of making their decisions. what do you make of a comment like that? i like to see the world view, what informs them, are they people of faith? do they have a biblical view of justice? >> i think the acts attorney general or any attorney general should be mindful of laws and the constitution of the united states of america. if we're going to start quoting the scripture before the judges on the supreme court as reasons why they need to make a decision is obviously of great concern. the president has -- if he's so
6:21 am
enamored with the constitution, he should go back and peruse the first amendment. we're a country that recognizes that people have a right to be agnostic or athiest. it is not a surprise the president has moved in that direction. i am a person of faith, but it is only one aspect of the type of person i am. but we are a nation of laws. i think the president forgets that. >> now to the president's comment there. basically issues a threat saying if you, as the democrats, take control of the house and investigate me, i will use the senate to investigate the democrats. what's your response to that threat? >> yeah. and again it is not a surprise. i have served with republicans on the house selection in intelligence that were complicit. and the president's attacks on the independents and the ability
6:22 am
of the justice department and the intelligence community. they were complicit in working with the president to obstruct this investigation. so to think that the united states senate, and i would be curious to see how the intel chairman there used what the president said, that this is just a war on each other instead of the natural oversight of one branch of government over another. >> final question, if i can ask you. we now have recounts in a number of places. let's highlight in florida and in georgia. georgia for governor and florida for both governor and the senate there. you have the president publically tweeting that there may be criminal activity by democrats there, and yet in both those races you have republican state officials overlooking the recounts. are you concerned that these recounts may not proceed fairly? >> i think there is a great concern on how elections are handled at all times.
6:23 am
i was a strong supporter for spending more money on election equipment to make sure we protect the integrity of our electoral process. i did this primarily because of the attack of the russians first in my own state. we spent $380 million in 2018 to buy new election equipment, provide training, anti-hacking software. but it wasn't since the bush/gore hanging chad ka tas trophy where the integrity of our electoral process was challenged. we are facing that internally. the better our equipment, the less likely that someone can commit fraud. we have about 13 to 15 states that don't vechb a paper record so that we can appropriately audit those states, including georgia. if we're serious about the electoral process having the integrity it needs, we need to spend the resources at the
6:24 am
federal level to ensure that integrity. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. any time. really interesting interview. coming up still, a look at the disturbing unreal facebook posts from the california gunman. what was said just before he went on this killing rampage. presenting the internet! whoa! what's he doing? come on, let's check it out! nice. he's pretty good at this. hm! it's like a game! (gasps) woo-hoo! got it! which car should we get? all of 'em! ooh, yeah! that one! this one looks nice. yes, and yes.
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this morning we are learning more about the gunman who killed 12 people at the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks, california, including a troubling facebook coast that he made just around the time of the rampage. >> and new horrifying video from
6:29 am
inside of the bar as this tragedy was unfolding. before we play this, we want to warn you it is very disturbing. >> many of the patrons in that bar waited for pauses in the gunfire to try to escape. let's go to nick who joins us again this morning from thousand oaks, california. we're seeing the images from the inside. we're learning more about the shooter. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, poppy, we of course know he's a 28-year-old former marine and, as jim mentioned, we believe that he posted this rather chilling, very chilling message on facebook not long before he went on face deadly rampage. i'm going to read it to you now. he wrote, i hope people call me and say, wouldn't that just be a big bowl of irony. yeah, i'm insane. but the onlything you peopledo after these shootings is hopes and prayers or keep you in my
6:30 am
thoughts every time. and you wonder why these keep happening. now, we know that he was armed with a glock.45 caliber handgun that was purchased legally, but it had an illegal extended magazine in there. of course, you know, there are also the possibilities of mental illness here. the sheriffs deputies were called to his house in april last year. he was described as being irate. he was assessed by mental health professionals who did not decide to detain him. the sheriff mentioned that ptsd was a consideration there. he of course served a term in afghanistan back in 2010/2011. but many experts say that ptsd does not necessarily or does not at all lead to this kind of violence. no motive so far. the fbi is still trying to figure that out but they believe he acted alone. enough about the shooter.
6:31 am
let's talk about some of the -- actually, we will just go back to you guys. >> thank you. and we will be talking about the victims as well in the coming hours. he acted alone, but was still able to do a lot on his own, sadly. poppy? >> exactly. we are learning about those victims and those who lost their lives at this tragic shooting in thousand oaks, california. miguel is here with us to talk about them. seven names so far. >> these are for the most part young people whose lives had barely begun. 22-year-old cody coffman, the head umpire for a local baseball team. they are expecting their fifth child, a girl. his father says he was so x sited to have a sister and now she will never know him. ron helus was planning for retirement. he was on the phone with his wife when he got the call.
6:32 am
he said, i got to go. i love you. i'll talk to you later. he had served on the swat team there. he was a firearms instructor to new recruits and he love fishing in the sierras with his son. noel sparks, her friend says sparks was a gifted dancer and artist. friends say sparks was always helping out or leading groups of young girls. justin meek was 23. he was a recent graduate of california looutheran universit. he was a criminality major as a work study student. and the niece of former fox news reporter, adam housley. they say elaina was an
6:33 am
incredible young woman. we are devastated her life was cut short in this manner. a marine corps veteran. amazingly enough, the irony enough is too much to bear. he served as a radio operator with the second marine division and deployed in 2007. back state side, he joined the team red, white and blue. it's a veterans organization that helps connects vets back to their community. and a survivor of the las vegas mass shooting just over a year ago. this is pretty shocking. only to die here. his mother told our local afi affiliate. i don't want thoughts or prayers. i want gun control and i hope to god nobody else sends me any more prayers. absolute anger and upset from this woman. >> thank you for doing that. and joining us next hour will be a republican lawmaker from
6:34 am
pennsylvania who put forth legislation that may have had an impact in a situation like this but can't get it to go anywhere. >> we'll see if things change. michelle obama not holding back. why she says there is something she will never forgive president trump for in her new book. we'll break it down ahead. truecar is great for finding new cars.
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all right. michelle obama strikingly can d candid, opening up about a miscarriage, about her marriage, about what she says she will never forgive president trump for. let me read you part of her mémoire. it was also dangerous. what if someone with an unstable mind loaded a gun and drove to washington? she goes on to write donald trump with his loud and reckless
6:39 am
innuendos was putting my family's safety at risk, and for this i would never forgive him. powerful words. ladies, to you, she is known for being so private. that's why so much of this is news in her book. >> that's right. it certainly is, poppy. and i think notably, especially at this time in politics, many people, especially many democrats are paying very close attention to her tone, how she approaches the trump administration. and most certainly michelle obama really framing it in her way in a big way in this new book. notably labeled "becoming" is the title. i think that's significant. she is growing into her voice and, you know, offering up a lot of intimate details about the life that we frankly have not seen before. i covered her during the 2008 presidential campaign.
6:40 am
she was so fiercely protective, especially of our daughters out on the campaign trail. i remember many times going to soccer practices with the then candidate, and she just shot us looks across the gates. she certainly did not want to offer up any parts of their private life. >> okay. kate, we'll get back to you in a minute, but let's take a moment to listen to the president speaking to reporters moments ago. >> it should be a very beautiful period of time. the 100th anniversary of the ending of world war i. we have many countries, the leadership from many countries will be there, especially since they heard the united states will be there. we look forward to that. it will be a great really congressmen service. i have seen what they have planned, and i think it's going to be something very, very special. i just signed the proclamation
6:41 am
on asylum. very important. people can come in, but they have to come in through the ports of entry, and that to me is a very important thing. again, i reiterate we need democrats votes. they have to pass new immigration laws because they're flooding our country. we're not letting them in, but they're trying to flood our country. we need the wall. we're building the wall, but we need it all built at one time and quickly. it's very important. we need democrat support. our new immigration laws to bring us up-to-date. the laws are obs sleolete and incompetent. the worst laws anyone has anywhere in the world. it is only because we don't have the democrats votes. so we need democrat votes so we can change immigration. we'll have no trouble whatsoever at the border. we want people to come into our country, but they have to come into our country legally. they have to come into our country legally. we want people to come in through the merit system so that
6:42 am
they can work for all of these great companies that i have coming into our country. we have many car companies coming in. we have many tech companies coming in. we have literally hundreds of companies moving back into the united states. we need people. we need to have -- you see the unemployment numbers are at record lows. we need people in our country, but they have to come in legally, and they have to have merit. they have to come in through a system of merit. we have everything worked out. we need some votes from the democrats or we need support from the democrats and hopefully they see what's going on. and the reason this is happening is we have created such a successful country economically that everybody is flooding in to our country or they want to, but we're stopping them at the border. that's why we have our great military there. >> mr. president, what do you say -- [ inaudible ]?
6:43 am
>> well, matt whitaker, i don't know matt whitaker. matt whitaker worked for jeff sessions. i didn't know matt whitaker. he worked for attorney general sessions. he was very, very highly thought of and still is highly thought of, but this only comes up because anybody that works for me, they do a number on them. but matt whitaker is a very smart man. he is a very respected man in the law enforcement community, very respected, at the top of the line. and actually, the choice was greeted with raves initially, and it still is in some circles. you know, it is a shame that no matter who i put in, they go after him. it's very sad, i have to say. but he's acting. i think he'll do a very good job, and we'll see what happens. but i will say this.
6:44 am
matt whitaker is a very highly respected man, and you didn't have any problems with matt whitaker when he worked for jeff sessions. he's respected by law enforcement. he's a very strong law enforcement personality and person. >> i didn't speak to matt whitaker about it. i don't know matt whitaker. matt whitaker has a great reputation, and that's what i wanted. i also wanted to do something which, frankly, i could have brought somebody very easily from the outside. i didn't want to do that. when sessions left, what i did, very simply, is take a man who worked for sessions. again, he worked for jeff sessions. he's a highly respected man, especially by law enforcement, and i think he's going to do a great job. he's there in an acting position. he's probably, from what i hear,
6:45 am
a very strong person, a very strong personality, and i think that's what they need. >> who? >> you mean -- you mean mr. kelley an conway? he's just trying to get publicity for himself. why don't you do this, why don't you ask kelley ann conway that question, all right? she might know him better than me. i really don't know the guy. >> but when you make a comment, first of all, let me speak, please. first of all, when you make comments, i see everybody on television, all these lawyers, all these law enforcement people making comments after comment. they never ask to get recused. they make comments. the fact that you go on fox or
6:46 am
cnn or msnbc or anybody, you make a comment, you would have nobody left to choose. you would have absolutely nobody left. i see different people at different times going on shows. am i supposed to say now he's never qualified to serve in government? so all the time i'm watching many different people go on many different shows saying many different things. that doesn't mean they're unqualified. in all fairness to matt whitaker, who, again, i didn't know, okay, other than through reputation. his reputation is excellent. but in all fairness to him, he did some shows. so did many of the people that you are talking about. so did everybody that you're talking about a permanent position. i think everybody looking at a permanent position in any department has done in shows. does that mean we can't hire anybody? we have to hire somebody in a shell?
6:47 am
i don't think so. >> say it again. you have to speak up. >> well, it could be, because if you look at broward and palm beach, to a lessor extent, if you look at broward county, they have had a horrible history. if you look at a person, in this case, the woman involved, she has had a horrible history. and all of a sudden, they are finding votes out of nowhere and rick scott, who won by, you know, it was close, but he won by a comfortable margin, every couple of hours it goes down a little bit. and then you see the people, and they were involved with that fraud of the fake dossier, the phony dossier. i guess i hear they were somehow involved or work with the gps fusion people who have committed -- i mean, you look at what they have done.
6:48 am
you look at the dishonesty. look, look, bad things have gone on in broward county, really bad things. she's been to court. she's had a lot of problems. she's lost. i say this. he easily won, but every hour it seems to be going down. i think that people have to look at it very, very cautiously. >> what? >> i haven't ruled out anything. i haven't even thought about it. i'm thinking about the world. right now i'm thinking about the world. i'm not thinking about sit downs or not sit downs. there was no collusion. it's a whole hoax. this was a thing set up by the democrats just like they set up other things when you look at what's going on in florida, when you look at what's going on in lots of different locations. the russian investigation is a hoax.
6:49 am
it's a phony hoax. i didn't speak to russians. the fact is i was a much better candidate than hillary clinton. i worked much harder. i went to the right places. she went to the wrong places because she didn't know what the hell she was doing. i did a great job. i was a great candidate. she was a bad candidate. i went to wisconsin. i went more to michigan. i went to pennsylvania. she didn't do a good job. this has nothing to do with russians. it is a i haven't seen it. i guess she wrote a book. she got paid a lot of money to write a book. they insist you come up with controversial. i'll give you a little controversy back. i'll never forgive him for what he did to our united states military by not funding it properly. it was depleted. everything was old and tired. and i came in and i had to fix it. i'm in the process of spending
6:50 am
tremendous amounts of money, so i'll never forgive him for what he did to our military. i'll never forgive him for what he did in many other ways which i'll talk to you in the future. what he did, because you talked about safety, what he did to our military made this country very unsafe for you and you and you. [ inaudible question ] >> we're looking at other people. i did not see chris christie yesterday. i heard he was in the white house. he's a friend of mine, a good man. when he got out of the presidential race, as you know, next day, he supported me. he has good taste. so he proved one thing. he has good taste. when he got out, he immediately supported me. i like chris christie, but i have not talked to him about it. he was in the white house yesterday. he was in the white house yesterday, but i have not -- i did not see him. >> how long are you going to
6:51 am
leave jim acosta in the penalty? >> i think jim acosta is a very unprofessional man. he does this with everybody. he gets paid to do that. he is a very unprofessional guy. whether it was me or ronald reagan or anybody else, he would have done the same thing. look, i don't think he's a smart person, but he's got a loud voice. wait, wait. david, do you mind if i answer the question? and as far as i'm concerned, i haven't made that decision. but it could be others also. when you're in the white house, this is a very sacred place to be. a very special place. you have to treat the white house with respect. treat the presidency with respect. if you have ever seen him dealing with sarah huckabee sanders, it's a disgrace. he does it for, you know, the reason, the same thing with april ryan. i watch her get up. i mean, you talk about somebody that's a loser. she doesn't know what the hell she's doing.
6:52 am
she gets publicity and then she gets a pay raise or a contract with, i think, cnn. but she's very nasty. and she shouldn't be. she shouldn't be. you've got to treat the white house and the office of the presidency with respect. i see her nodding very positively, so i'll ask her. you have to speak up. you have a helicopter raging back here. for all the people that don't know why, my hearing is great. but you have a helicopter that's raging back there. you remember ronald reagan? what, what? i can't hear you. i always thought he was hard of hearing. he wasn't. that's the problem. >> she wants to know what's going to happen when you meet with putin? >> i'll meet with putin at the g-20. i don't know that we're seeing each other in paris, but we may. there may be a lunch for the leaders. i would say nothing. we have a good relationship.
6:53 am
having a good relationship with russia and china and every other country is a good thing, not a bad thing. but we have a very good relationship. >> are you going to fire ryan zinke? >> no, i'm going to look into any complaints. if there are any complaints, i'll look into them. [ inaudible question ] >> well, it was a political decision made by a judge. i think it's a disgrace. 48,000 jobs. i approved it. it's ready to start. and they went, and i guess they'll end up going to the ninth circuit, as usual. we're slowly putting new judges in the ninth circuit. everything goes to the ninth circuit, everything. now, daca, that was actually good news yesterday because you never win in the ninth circuit if you're on this half of the equation. when i say half, it could be half or more. but you never win. you rarely win in the ninth
6:54 am
circuit. the good news is by rejecting daca in the ninth circuit yesterday, finally, we have been waiting for that. we get to the supreme court. and we want to be in the supreme court on daca. president obama said he had no right to sign it. he had no right, but it was upheld in the ninth circuit, as usual. if you take president obama's statement, he knew that he couldn't sign it. so this whole thing is a terrible thing what's happening with the courts. the daca will now hopefully go to the supreme court where we'll be given a fair decision. [ inaudible question ] >> we'll be making a decision. i have so many people who want it. we are looking at heather. we're looking at numerous people. we have plenty of time. nikki is staying until the end of the year. we have some very good people that want that job. i'll make the decision over the next few weeks, but by the end of the year.
6:55 am
>> on the attorney general, what's your timeline -- >> well, i have some very, very good people, but i mean, there's no rush. you know, it has to go through a senate process, which takes a long time. we'll pick somebody that's great. we'll pick somebody who's very good. and again, i think it's very -- matt whitaker is a highly respected man, but i didn't know matt whitaker, but he's a highly respected man. [ inaudible question ] >> matt whitaker has not gone through a senate process. >> neither has mueller. you talk about the senate process. mueller is doing a report. he hasn't gone through the senate process. you're saying whitaker hasn't, but whitaker has. wait a minute. because he was a really distinguished u.s. attorney in iowa, and he was approved by everybody. because to be u.s. attorney, that's top of the line. he was a highly respected, in fact, i'll tell you, the
6:56 am
ambassador to china, as you know, terry branstad, who used to be the governor of iowa, he told me that what a great choice that is, that he was one of the most respected people in all of iowa. and that was coming from terry branst branstad, who was the governor. look, mueller, a big complaint people have, mueller was not senate confirmed. so he's doing a report. he wasn't senate confirmed. whitaker was senate confirmed, and he doesn't need this, but he was senate confirmed at the highest level when he was the u.s. attorney from iowa. but mueller was not senate confirmed. why didn't they get him senate confirmed? he should have been senate confirmed. no, but because of all the conflicts, they didn't want to bring him before the senate. he's very conflicted. because of those conflicts, they didn't want to bring him before the senate. but don't tell me about whitaker. don't tell me about whitaker
6:57 am
because mueller was not senate confirmed. and whitaker was. [ inaudible question ] >> whether they get a couple more house seats doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. but you notice the votes never go the other way? they hire lawyers, and the votes don't ever seem to go the republican way. although i hear -- i don't know. you tell me. it's always the democrats. it's always gps fusion. it's always crooked stuff. look, look at what happened. how many fbi are gone, how many justice department people are gone that i found out, that i found out? there's a lot of bad stuff going on in this country, and we're finding out. and i'm getting to the bottom of it. i have done a hell of a job. how many people have been fired from the fbi? you got comey, you got mccabe, strzok, lisa page, baker, a whole list of people.
6:58 am
a lot of crooked stuff going on. it is interesting. it always seems to go the way of the democrat. now in arizona, all of a sudden, out of the wilderness, they find a lot of votes, and she's -- the other candidate is just winning by a hair. what's going on in florida is a disgrace. go down and see what happened over the last period of time. ten years. take a look at broward county. take a look at the total dishonestly of what happened with respect to broward county. broward county slashed election. there's a lot of dishonesty. [ inaudible question ] >> the taped video of acosta? what are you talking about? all that was, nobody manipulated it. give me a break. see, that's just dishonest reporting. all that it is is a close-up.
6:59 am
that is just dishonest reporting. i watched that. i heard that last night. they made it close up. they showed it close up. and he was not nice to that young woman. i don't hold him for that because it wasn't overly, you know, horrible. but it was -- all that was, when you say doctored, you're a dishonest guy because it wasn't doctored. they gave a close-up view. that's not doctoring. >> are you thinking about more supreme court justices? >> no, i wish her well. she said something very inappropriate during the campaign, but she apologized for it. i wouldn't say she's exactly on my side. but i wish her well. i hope she gets better, and i hope she serves on the supreme court for many, many years. [ inaudible question ] >> terrible. terrible. he's a very sick -- a mental health problem. he is a very sick puppy. it was a very, very sick guy. not too many people knew about
7:00 am
it, but now that they're looking, they're starting to see he had a lot of problems. a lot of trouble. and we're very much into that, as you know, i funded a lot of money toward mental health for that reason, and we're continuing to do it, and we continue to look at the laws. we want to make sure -- look, it is a problem. it's a disastrous problem. it makes you sick to look at it. but he was a very, very mentally ill person. say it. >> firearms, any part of the mental health conversation? >> he was a war veteran, a marine, in the war. he served time, saw some pretty bad things. and a lot of people say he has the ptsd. that's a tough deal. we're spending, as you know, i have given tremendous funding to the vets for the ptsd and for general health for ptsd. it's a big problem. people come back, that's why it's a horrible thing, they come


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