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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 13, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PST

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the campfire now the deadliest fire in the history of california. >> they have only gotten on to the offensive in the last 24 hours. >> your heart breaks for folks and what kind of destruction they may be coming home to. >> welcome to my home in malibu, half gone. >> i think i'm the last house up there. everything is gone. rick scott isn't interested in making sure every lawful vote is counted. >> bill nelson is clearly a sore loser, he is just here to steal this election. >> when you don't comply with the law we can't be certain there is no fraud. >> you have to let this play out. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, and welcome to your new day, alisyn is off, erica hill is here with me, which is lovely. we do have breaking news out of california. catastrophic wildfires ravaging
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that state, the death toll is now at 44. 42 of those deaths are from the inferno called the campfire, which is now the deadliest fire in california's history and the numbers, the death toll is expected to rise because dozens and dozens of people are still unaccounted for. a different fire, the woolsey fire, is threatening thousands of homes in southern california and today they are expecting near hurricane force winds, that will only make things worse. president trump did approve a request for a major disaster declaration which does provide the state with federal resources. this comes just days after an inaccurate and critics say an insensitive statement where he threatened to cut aid and blamed forest management for these fires. we are keeping a close watch on where things stand now one full week post midterm elections. breaking overnight an unprecedented victory in the senate race in arizona. where democrat kristen sinema edged out martha mcsally to flip a seat that's been in republican
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control for number two decades. in florida a recount under way in key cases there ahead of thursday's deadline and tensions continue to flare prompting a judge to urge both sides to, quote, ramp down the rhetoric. theres a lo tofr we want to din with dan simon who is live in that devastated town of paradise, california, in northern california, with more of these developments. dan? >> reporter: good morning. there was fear at the very beginning that there was going to be a very high death toll with this fire given the fact that it came in so fast and you have a lot of elderly retirees who live in the town of paradise. well, here we are 42 people dead and we know that there are going to be at least 150 more search and recovery crews today looking for bodies. they are also going to be aided by cadaver dogs. there is the grim task of trying to identify these bodies. we know that many were just so badly burned that they can't be recognized so they are asking
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family members whom they suspect may have lost loved ones to provide a dna sample so ultimately these remains can be identified. in the meantime, erica, let me explain where i am. you can see these shopping carts here, we are at a save way grocery store. this is an example of what has been lost here. it underscores how much has been lost in this community, we are talking about schools and churches and restaurants and motels. it's just so overwhelming. this cleanup is going to take years. john? >> dan simon for us. the pictures there simply devastating. dan, thank you very much. joining me now on the phone is justin bartec, he grew up in paradise. justin, if you can hear me, tell me what happened to your family home. >> yeah, i did grow up in paradise. i found out yesterday that my family home where my father lives was destroyed, so that was pretty devastating, on friday we
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had also found out that my sister's home was destroyed. two homes in a couple days there. >> i'm so sorry that your family is going through this. you said your father still did live in paradise in that home that was destroyed. how is he doing today? >> he's okay. we have family in neighboring chico, california, so my cousin has a home there, so all my family is staying with them right now, but, you know, obviously very devastated. >> but he was able to get out safely? >> yeah. you know, luckily they had an intuition to just go, so they left town with just the clothes on their backs. it's been pretty tough obviously. >> how did you find out that the home was lost? >> my sister actually sent me a picture and that was the final confirmation. we had had a feeling that it was gone, but we didn't know until we actually saw the pictures. so that confirmed it. >> and what did you see when you looked at that picture?
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>> honestly a lot of memories and, you know, just i couldn't believe that it was gone, you know, on one hand i could because i saw the other devastation, you know, on facebook, you know, about pretty much half of my friends on there are from high school so i was seeing everything in realtime last week as it was happening, but just to see our home, you know, it took a while to finally get that confirmation and when we did it was shocking to say the least. >> a home is people like to say just belongings, it's just stuff, but it's also memories. you lived there since 1985, i mean, that was your wild hood home there. i have to believe it was a lifetime of memories for you and your sister and your father. >> yeah, it definitely was. you know, with the scramble to get out of town, i mean, things like my mother's ashes were left in the home and just, you know, let's tough to deal with as well, but, you know, like you said, it is just possessions. i'm just happy that my family
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was able to get out. >> i'm so sorry, that's got to be so difficult to deal with. what are your father's plans now? >> we're still trying to figure that out. my sister and her husband, they have some options to move maybe to the sacramento area for his job, but, you know, my dad is retired, did he a lot of volunteer work at the church and things like that so his world is pretty much flipped upside down. we will have to figure it out as we go. >> we've been following the death toll very closely and we also understand there are as many as 100 people missing. all your family, friends and acquaintanc acquaintances, are they accounted for this morning? >> yes. my family is accounted for, but, like you say, you know, it was a retirement town so i can only imagine those folks that couldn't get out. i've already heard the horror stories of people getting trapped in their cars and things like that. you know, there's just going to be more devastation to come. >> justin bartek, thank you so much for being with us, we're
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sorry for what your family has been through. please send your regards to your father this morning. >> thank you. i will do that. >> for ways you can help those affected by the california wildfires go to we will continue to keep a focus on those developments in california. we do also want to bring you up to date on politics this morning. arizona with a new senator elect, kyrsten sinema defeating martha mcsally. mcsally conceded monday. meantime, in florida no concessions there, john. >> no it is still very much going on. a raise for this thursday deadline for the recounts in the races for governor and senate. this is a live look at broward county where election workers are busy this morning, busier today than yesterday when we looked in with live pictures. a judge has told both sides to cool the heated rhetoric, but supporters of president trump are using the controversy sending an e-mail saying the president refuses to let democrats, quote, steal election
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victories. joining us now former special assistant to president george w. bush and cnn political commentator scott jennings, former clinton white house press secretary and cnn political commentator joe lockhart. i want to start with arizona because this is a race we did not know one week ago. one week ago martha mcsally was leading on election night. this stings a little bit more republicans. i know a lot of republicans got the candidate they wanted in martha mcsally, she ran very close to president trump and this is a state that matters a great deal for the future of both parties. >> it does sting. going into election say republicans felt pretty good about arizona, better than they did about nevada. to lose this one it hurts. mcsally is probably going to wind occupy in the senate anyway because kyle is going to resign and mcsally may wind up being the state's senior senator if she gets there before kyrsten
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sinema is sworn in. that would put mcsally back on the ballot in a couple years. republicans have accepted the outcome and i think that stands in stark contrast to what's happening in georgia and florida where democrats refuse to accept the outcome. >> martha mcsally has accepted the outcome, president trump and national republicans have urged her not to. so in this case you were crediting her with some grace in defeat, but it's not by choice in terms of the national party. >> yeah, but she has handled her self exactly right in the wake of this election. she clearly lost, the other person got more votes, i don't like it, but that's what happened and she knows the right thing to do is accept the outcome of a democratic process. she lives to fight another day and i think that's what democrats should conclude in the other two states, they're clearly going to lose the georgia governor's race and it's unlikely a recount is going to change florida. if we want everyone to accept outcomes when everyone has to acceptout comes. >> it is likely in florida that things could turn out pretty well for republicans and yet the messaging that we're hearing
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specifically from rick scott is the exact opposite. the judge saying to both sides you both need to dial it back a little bit here, but that's clearly not what's happening when we look at florida. >> i think there is a difference between florida and arizona. if you look at the margin between sinema and mcsally it is far more substantial even before these populous democratic counties have been fully counted. florida law has triggered this recount. if i'm one of the statewide republicans running i like my odds, which i think really raises the question why this incendiary rhetoric. why is it that republicans specifically are making -- are casting aspersions on the process here? i think it's really concerning. i think for all of the reasons that the judge went on to say, judge tudor said words matter. words matter these days. i think he was making a very specific reference to some of the violent events that have happened. you have people standing outside of broward county shouting lock her up about brenda snipes. i think if you are a political official right now it's
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incumbent upon you to not ramp up the rhetoric but to tamp it down, let the process play out, you will probably end up winning anyway, but allow florida law to take its course and it's concerning that president trump also has sort of whipped up everyone into this frenzy of voter fraud when there is absolutely no evidence that's emerged that any kind of fraud is happening. >> in fact, the secretary of state's office which is run by a republican and the investigators from that have said they see no evidence of fraud. i wouldn't be surprised, scott, if bill nelson after the state mandated recount happens, if he's still behind i won't be surprised if he takes a similar attract as martha mcsally. i want to give you who is the democrat sitting here a chance to weigh on what happened there. you can talk about the future if arizona you believe if the future for the democrat i can it party and i also think it's interesting, again, about how this may put the entire election at a bit of a different perspective than it first looked like one week ago. >> i think looking forward it
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does represent kind of a realignment in our politics. arizona, nevada, now pretty solidly democrat. >> nevada is solidly democrat. arizona -- >> sure. but texas is moving. if you look at the demographics, it's all good news for the democrats and bad news for the republicans. so i think you will see that. will we see that in 2020? 2022? we are not sure. i think looking back, you know, we tend to get caught up in our own narratives quickly and there was some early bad news for democrats on election night and the reality didn't catch up. this was a historic election for democrats. the most house seats picked up since watergate. in the senate a map that everyone agreed favored the republicans, trump country, red states, where at the end of the day democrats may lose one seat, this he may depending on what happens in south florida come out even. that is a big victory.
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and you're seeing, you know -- you know, wave elections are when a bunch of people vote in ways that, you know, you wouldn't expect them to. so i don't know if this is a wave. it is a realignment. the voting public has gotten younger, it's gotten more diverse, it's gotten more suburban. all of those things are a positive sign going forward for democrats. >> fascinating, too, as we move into 2020 which as john pointed out we are about halfway there at this point. a week past the midterms we are solidly at least halfway there. >> iowa is tomorrow. >> i think joe is right about the realignment on the geography. i think arizona and georgia are top five target states in the 2020 owe election. i do think republicans start the 2020 owe election favored theres, but it's obvious these will be tier one starting states where in the past republicans have counted on them. on the flip side i think ohio is gone for the democrats. >> at least gone in the way -- it won't be the way it used to be. so we are seeing a slightly different battle ground map than
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we are used to looking at for the last several electiones. >> maybe florida is lucy with the football always for the democrats there. >> yes. >> it may never be attainable. >> if you look at the midwest donald trump is president because of what happened in pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. couldn't have been better news for democrats in pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. so i think, yeah, ohio is a problem area for democrats, but you now have two paths for democrats to win in 2020. you go down through the southwest, the west, the northeast, but you also have the traditional democratic states in the midwest coming back to democrats. that's a hard map for -- not impossible, but a hard map. >> we did talk about both those paths for hillary clinton and they both ended up severely blocked it turned out. i want to go back to florida now after trying to divert us away from it for a second. i think you bring up a good point there which is why? why are republicans fighting the way they are given scott's point that the margin here is fairly
4:15 am
big. it's very unlikely that the numbers will turn up there for the republicans so why, then, wage this fight this way? >> look, i don't want to be a conspiracy theorist but it seems to me like it's a dress rehearsal for 2020. it's a dress rehearsal for saying that any election in which the republican doesn't win immediately on election night, you know, you had president trump saying only election night counts should be considered valid, if the republican doesn't win immediately that means the election is invalid is the allegation behind these kinds of statements. i think that when you now have amendment 4 passing in florida where you have 1.5 million people who were convicted of felonies who are now going to have the opportunity to vote, the kind of capacity issues that are happening in florida which are responsible for a lot of these delays, many more people voting than used torques the system isn't really set up for it, we're setting up now for 2020 to have exactly the same kind of conflicts in florida, exactly the same kind of
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backlogs, poor ballot design, logistical problems and if you've already laid the groundwork to say that the election officials here are incompetent it allows you to keep your supporters whipped up and allows you to question the results. >> we should point out in the "new york times" maggie haberman and others reporting this is essentially the gop strategy. it's something, scott, we have seen from president trump before. we have to look at pre 2016, the president setting the stage and trying to sow seeds of distrust. does this end up backfiring when you continually attack the institutions? >> i see this similarly but almost on the other side of the mirror. in 2016 we were all in a lather about the possibility that donald trump wouldn't accept the outcome of the election. in this particular case it's the democrats who don't at least from my perspective appear to want to accept the outcome of the elections. what i think we have in both parties is a breakdown of a willingness to accept democratic outcomes. it's clear the republicans have gone in georgia and it's clear
4:17 am
to me if florida law is followed the republicans will have won there, too, but it's democrats who have to face this schois are they going to do what they accuse trump of and that is dragging a state or in 2016's case a tree through this week's long morass because they can't accept the outcomes. you don't win every election. >> if next week after all the recounts are happening the democrats don't accept the outcome, maybe if republicans don't accept the outcome then come back and it's an important time to have that discussion. right now it's still the legal process that's playing. >> thursday at 3:00, that's the moment of truth for nelson. >> there's the manual recount after that after thursday at 3:00 if he is in the margin there. joe, i want to shift gears to the mueller investigation. jerome corsi is an interesting figure. claims he thinks he's going to be indicted in the next few days by mueller. it certainly does seem that there is a ton of activity with the special counsel investigation. we saw michael cohen in d.c.
4:18 am
yesterday. what do you see? >> i don't take anything that mr. corsi says seriously. he is a self-promoter and a big of a cook. he made his bones on birtherism which is racism and any way you look at it so i don't pay attention to racists. let me do say that i don't know what mitch mcconnell is up to, i don't know what rick scott is up to. i do know what the president is up to here. he has single handedly and with a great determination sought to undermine every institution in this country that we depend on, the media, the electoral system, law enforcement, justice, fbi, the intelligence community, and he has sought to do that and you have to ask the question why. if you go through the scope of history the reason leaders do this is to take and gather power and become authoritarian. i think we have to watch this extremely closely. when we are sending 15,000 troops to the border for a political stunt, that's a warning sign and we've got to put these things together because before you know it we
4:19 am
are going to have a situation where, you know, people don't believe anything and we are going -- he is going to self fulfill his prove sees, only i can solve these problems. >> thank you all very much for being with us. with the votes still being counted in several key races cnn tonight is airing a prime time special, begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern, election night in america continued. you don't want to miss it. >> because it's still going on. we may not know the results in all of these races, but we do know that republicans will not be the majority in the house of representatives. so what will that be like for republican members? we are going to ask one republican member on where he thinks things stand right now and why the party lost as many seats as it did. that's next. t are you guys doing here? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement. so you'll still be here to help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that tie. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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big change coming to the house of representatives come january, democrats will be in control for the first time since 2010. so will their republican colleagues work with them or will we see gridlock in washington? joining us now is republican congressman adam kinzinger of illinois, he sits on the house foreign affairs committee.
4:24 am
thanks for being with us. >> you bet. >> you've been part of the majority, you are about to be part of the minority which i think will be the first time for. >> you yeah, i got elected in 2010. >> so what happened? >> i don't know. you know, i think we saw this coming. i mean, if you look at every election in the past with the exception of clinton after failed impeachment and george w. bush, the party in power lost seats. we saw it coming. i also think we need to do a better job of reaching out to people my age, reaching out to people in the suburban area of the country and we paid for that. it was interesting. there were areas of the country where the election results for republicans weren't that bad and then you saw areas like illinois where it was a blood bath for republicans. i think as we look back over the next couple months we go figure out and i hope we can really kind of get to heart with what our message needs to be and how can we achieve big things for this country. we have achieved some really big things i think in the last couple years but now we have an obligation i hope to work with democrats moving forward and i hope they realize they have an obligation to work with us, too.
4:25 am
>> they say yes. they say infrastructure among other things. is that an area? >> i hope so. i think if they're willing -- it's really going to be on nancy pelosi and the democrats. are they willing -- do they want to work with the president and then the president has to ask, okay, am i willing to work with a democratic majority. if both sides say yes i think infrastructure is an easy one to get to. i'm concerned like in january, january 5th, 2020 elections are going to infect the whole system. we have to be able to say, okay, we don't necessarily care who gets credit, let's just do some big things for the country. >> i can't believe you say it's going to wait until january 5th. >> it's actually starting today. >> we have done two segments on 2020 already here today. the president blamed to a certain extent the loss of some of these house races on some of your house republican colleagues. i want to play for you what he said about mia love from utah. >> mia love gave me no love and she lost. too bad. sorry about that, mia. >> for the record, we haven't called that race yet, they are still counting votes out there.
4:26 am
ryan costello, a friend of yours from pennsylvania said in a tweet that the president was pissing on republican members. what did you see there? >> i was disgusted when i heard it happened. i mean, these are members that in their districts are reflecting their district, some of them lost because people were frankly voting against the president and i think if the president would have shown some more grace in that and said we are going to miss them but thank you for your service. instead of it's because you didn't back me. i can tell you a lot of these folks, mia love backed the president a lot and that may have cost her if she ends up losing, i know it's still obviously. a little more grace would have been welcome. let's go forward and look at how we're going to do better in 2020. >> one of the things that might happen with the democratic majority is there might be more oversight, might be more focus inside the house of representatives on the various investigations. the president has appointed matt whitaker to be acting attorney general. eric swalwell said we're not going to allow the president to
4:27 am
kill this russia investigation by firing an assassin like matt whitaker to take him out. >> we have to be fair and, eric, i know him, i like him personally but he has his history of inflammatory tweets. this is one of those. if they try to fire mueller there will be a battle in the house and the senate. i don't think that's going to happen. >> do you think whitaker, though, might try to hamper the investigation or starve it of funds and if he does will you take action? >> well, i mean, yeah, if they try to shut down this investigation there's a lot of us that will. i don't think it's happening. i think there's all this like -- people are upset about something that's not coming. that is an inflammatory tweet by swalwell. if we can all move forward and get along that's great. if not at least let's tone down the rhetoric, both sides, our side, democratic side and actually give the american people a functioning political system. >> i want to hit two points on foreign policy that are really important this morning, jamal
4:28 am
khashoggi there is this audiotape that the new york times is reporting this morning that basically says one of the people on the ground involved with the murder of jamal khashoggi basically said transmit to our boss that the job was done. the evidence just keeps piling up. >> oh, yeah. >> that the crown prince had knowledge of it, may have directed it, certainly was connected to it. has the time long passed for the president to take direct action against the saudi crown prince? >> i think there needs to be action. here is where my concern is, whatever that is, there's going to be maybe some sanctions on travel, whatever, with he cannot fundamentally shift foreign policy based on this one terrible thing. the same guy, for instance, rand paul talks about we have to fundamentally change our whole relationship with saudi arabia, he has been advocating that for a very long time is the same guy saying we need to lift sanctions about i russia. russia killed two people with chemical weapons in the united kingdom and killed journalists. let's not pretend like there are other people that are holy in
4:29 am
this. there needs to be a cost, period. >> regime change? >> no, we cannot fundamentally shift our relationship with saudi arabia based on this terrible thing. iran there are 50,000 dead children in syria that iran has blood on their hands. >> david sanger wrote an article next which shined a spotlight on the fact that they are building and still operating secret nifl sites throughout the country of all kinds of ranges including missiles that may be able to carry nuclear war heads. this does not appear to be the denuclearization that the united states wants. >> yeah, i agree. i mean, we knew these existed, now we're starting to get them located. it's getting to be time where i think we have to -- we run out of patience with north korea. i was fine with the president kind of doing this, i guess, different way of diplomacy because we don't want war in korea. anything we can do, but if it gets to what it's looking like now, kim jong-un is just buying time, china is violating the sanctions, so is russia and
4:30 am
we're going back to status quo while they run towards nuclear weapons, we need to be finding ourselves taking a tougher position. nobody wants war with korea, but if you're not willing to have a military option on the table, diplomacy against an adversary will not and rarely ever works. so i think if it's that time we need to start getting on a stronger diplomatic footing and i trust mike pompeo and the president to do that. >> we will see. congressman adam kinzinger of illinois, nice to see you in person. >> take care. what is it like for candidates to be in the middle of a heated recount for a senate seat? few people know. our next guest, however, does. . i switched to sprint because they have a great network and i knew i'd save a ton of money. sprint's nationwide lte advanced network is now up to 2x faster than when i switched. and their total lte coverage is 30% larger. that's big news!! don't forget unlimited. sprint's unlimited can save you nearly $1000 in the first year over verizon and at&t. just think what you can do with all that extra money.
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one week, that's how long it's been since election day. some critical races, though, including some in florida remain undecided. a deadline to finish the recount looms, it is thursday, and now a judge telling both sides it is time to cool off their heated debate. take a listen. >> i am urging, because of the highly public nature of this case, to ramp down the rhetoric.
4:35 am
if someone in this lawsuit or someone in this county has evidence of voting fraud or irregularities at the super visor's office, they should report it to their local law enforcement officer. >> joining us now former republican senator from minnesota norm coleman who lost his seat to al franken after a contentious recount in the 2008 election. sir, good to have you with us this morning. you certainly have a perspective that is important at this point. >> reliving the nightmare? >> just what you wanted to do, right? >> let me say this, you know, even -- i was up 756 votes on election night. when the machines were certified, november 18th, which is what will happen in florida, i think governor -- it will be governor desantis, he will be ahead on the machine count, i think it will be beyond the margin that calls for mandatory hand recount so that race should be taken care of. and then the scott race, but
4:36 am
even the scott race by coleman, norm coleman -- and dina rossi ran for governor in 2004, was ahead election night, was ahead by -- ahead by a number of votes, a couple hundred votes, ended up losing by 133 when it was all said and done. the same team doing the rossi race, the coleman race and now doing the florida race on the democratic side, mark rossi, the same attorneys, same team, they are very good with coming up with votes after the election is over, but even by our standards, the numbers are just so great in the race in the scott race, the gillum race that i can't even conceive that there would be any possibility of the results been changed of. any possibility -- >> looking at -- >> 2.9 -- >> in that respect, sir, as with you point out in your view, this is going to work out pretty well in your view for republicans when all is said and done. why, then, are we hearing such rhetoric from the president, from rick scott? there are claims of fraud, there
4:37 am
is zero evidence. if they're confident in what the outcome may be why not let it run its course which again as you pointed out and as we all know is triggered by state law, it's mandated. >> except i actually applaud the fact that they're being vigorous. maybe you can turn down rhetoric, but don't turn down the spotlight. >> but shouldn't they -- >> we open this up to county officials who then in democrat counties they put in tons of votes and republicans they didn't. in the end there were different standards applied in democratic counties than republican counties that went to the benefit opposed of al franken. that race would have been decided different i have no doubt if those uniform standards -- sunlight is the best disinfectant. tone down rhetoric, but do not tone down intensity and the spotlight in what's happening in those local areas. check out whether there were felons who voted who shouldn't have. i applaud the fact that governor scott is being aggressive and
4:38 am
being on top of this. >> but rhetoric and sunlight and being on top of something, that's far different from saying there's fraud when there is zero evidence. you have a judge saying, listen, let us know if anybody has seen anything. we're hearing from the state we have no evidence at this point. >> i don't think governor scott has said anything other than he's going to be on top of this, he's being aggressive, that he's bringing action. i think all that needs to be done. by the way, in minnesota we didn't litigate the fraud, we just didn't litigate it, probably a mistake. it may have come as a shock to some people but fraud actually happens in elections in america. >> it does. we do know from the numbers, though, it is rare and this is something that comes out and we do need to point that out, it is rare and we have pointed out a number of times on this network, especially in the last couple of years. i want to get your take on this because you are agreeing that the rhetoric needs to be ramped down in the words of the judge there as we saw -- >> but i'm not agreeing that the intensity of what governor scott is doing has to be -- that would be a terrible mistake. >> you said the rhetoric,
4:39 am
though. you did just say correct me if i'm wrong -- >> the language. >> so let me ask you how does that help anyone if the nastiness is at this point when we are, again, in the middle of a recount that is triggered by state law, that is not done yet, so if there's so much nastiness at this point, what does that say moving forward not just for the state of florida but for this country? >> listen, i'm not here to defend, you know, greater division in this country, however, elections are emotional, there is a lot at stake. the fact is that if you go back to the coleman race, the rosee race, there is a history, in fact, this same team of what many would say is stealing elections. so you have that, you have that intensity. it would be freight if we could tone it down and focus on what happened. this is democracy, it's the nature of democracy, it's not a subtle quiet thing, it's a loud thing. folks on all sides getting fired up. it would be ideal to follow the judge's dictates, tone down the
4:40 am
rhetoric, but don't tone down the intensity. >> and focusing on what we know to be true and what we know that there is zero evidence to back, which is right now these claims of fraud in the state of florida. always good to have you with us, thanks for taking the time today. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> john. santa ana winds fueling flames in california. is there relief in sight for the firefighters there? that's next. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow
4:41 am
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4:45 am
by the shark ion robot system. one dock, two sharks. we will see the wind continue today, extreme weather conditions in san diego county. now, the problem is we already have sparks and flames up near malibu, we don't have any sparks or flames in san diego county and let's hope that doesn't happen because if we get wind gusts to 80 those fires will be just like what we saw around the camp fire, just rapid explosive and acceleration moving to the west, moving toward the coast and the same idea that we had coming out, those winds rolling out of the mountains, dry, low humidity, very gusty winds and hot, three things you certainly don't want to blow into a wildfire and this is what we're looking at today. tomorrow much better, winds will be 10 to 20, not almost 80 like we have for today. the high pressure moves away. guys, back to you. >> chad, thanks so much. >> let's get until tomorrow. as these wildfires rage in california the president tweeting it was not one of
4:46 am
support, cnn's john avalon joins us now with a reality check. john. >> thanks. so, look, no matter how divided we felt in the past, americans can usually depend on our ability to unite in the face of disasters. but not this time. at least judging by the example set by our president. the wildfires raging in california are already the deadliest in golden state history, claiming 44 lives with over 100 people still missing and burning more than 200,000 acres across the straight. in the face of so much suffering, here was donald trump's response, quote, there is no reason to believe these massive deadly and costly forest fires in california except that forest management is so poor. billions of dollars are given each year with so many lives lost all because of gross mismanagement of the forest. remedy now or no more fed payments. the president's claims have been attacked as misleading, uninformed and just plain wrong. so let's look at what's really happening in california. there are three wildfires burning right now and winds are expected to get worse today as you just heard. the woolsey fire north of los
4:47 am
angeles isn't a forest fire at all, it started in simi valley which is home of the reagan library and spread through suburban areas driven by high winds and dry conditions. responding to the president's tweet the pasadena fire association wrote, mr. president, with all due respect you are wrong. the fires in southern california are urban interface fires and have nothing to do with forest management. come to so he cal and learn the facts and help the victims. the majority of california's forests including inch much of northern california's camp fire are under federal management not the state and that's according to california's professional firefighters union. oddly enough, this is a point that guns and roses front man axl rose seemed to know before the president of the united states. because the feds control so much of california's forests it makes his repeated attacks on california forestry all the more absurd. president trump's 2019 budget proposed cutting funding for fire service programs. the center for investigative reporting found that the trump budget also wanted to entirely defund the joint fire science
4:48 am
program, which specifically studies the science of combating wildfires. the problem is getting worse with wildfires claiming more lives and burning more ground and according to cal fire six of the ten most destructive fires in state history in terms of structures burned have occurred since 2015 and they've been tracking fires for 100 years. according to 2016 study by columbia university climate change is a major culprit, doubling the size of western forest fires during the last 30 years. president trump of course has described climate change as a hoax created by the chinese and withdrew the u.s. from the paris climate accords. at a time when people are suffering, lives lost, homes destroyed and entire towns burnt to the ground president trump's first public statement on the tragedy was not of a comforter in chief, instead his impulse was to blame the victim as it often is. you may recall trump's persistent attacks against the americans who suffered and died in puerto rico against hurricane maria. his latest insult is a white house proposal which would cut
4:49 am
off disaster rewill he have to puerto rico. sho you this president's i'm p uls is to try to divide us even when americans are united in their solidarity with the suffering and that's your reality check. >> you had us at axl rose. >> i thought you would appreciate it. >> also they are not forest fires. >> that's right. >> i mean, that seems like a pretty big deal. if you're going to weigh in on this, mr. president. >> it is. and, look, you know, all those assertions just plain wrong as described by the people fighting the fires. >> and not helpful to boot. john avalon, thanks for being with us. >> words matter, facts matter. >> axl rose matters. >> always matters, yes. president trump celebrating republican wins in the midterms as did some of -- some white nationalists online. the messages they think last week elections sent. that's next. pors
4:50 am
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4:53 am
white supremacists celebrating republican victories in the midterm elections.
4:54 am
why? they see it as a win for president trump and a way to push forward their agenda of hate. more of those disturbing details. disturbing might be putting it wildly. >> it is disturbing. white nationalists see this as a win for them. they want to create a white ethno state. when they hear the words of some republicans and the president, they think they are talking directly to them. it was a mean for the midterms on a website visited. us if we lose, it read, depicting white men ready for war. followed by them if they lose, depicting jews. >> they want to get republicans in office because they believe it will be easier for these policies to sail through. >> it was a big day yesterday.
4:55 am
>> when president trump celebrated the senate victory, so did white supremacists. this changed history, which is the most widely read neo-nazi newspaper in america. they revelled in steve king, who has a history of making racist remarks. his claims about immigrants crossing the mexico border. >> if last night was a referendum on steve king's white nationalism, as the democrats were trying to frame it, then white nationalism won. both king and president trump vehemently deny they are racists.
4:56 am
when asked if the republican party was seen as supporting white nationalists because of his rhetoric. >> i don't believe it. i don't believe it. >> but the president speaks a language racists and neo-nazis embrace, like his habit of linking immigrants to crime. >> they are bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> white wing extremists. >> i was involved at the movement at the very dawn of the internet. >> a former skin head said white supremacists look for any sign from politicians in power. >> the whole goal by me was to mainstream, mainstream the idea. >> it doesn't take an overt slur for these individuals to basically become embolden. >> take the president's threat about rocks being thrown. >> when they throw rocks like they did at the mexico military
4:57 am
police, i say consider it a rifle. >> those comments cheered online by racist trolls. hopefully they throw stones. the webmaster is clear about their purpose. >> we are trying to make a racist army. >> white nationalists swooned to help the president describe himself. translation, he's one of us. >> it doesn't mean necessarily that he's saying that. it's just that he hasn't said anything to convince them he disagrees with them. >> his reluctant to reign in the radical side of his base has only empowered them. their hateful agenda gaining speed. and the key for white nationalists and members of the kkk is to try to normalize the way they hate and normalize some of the words they use, some of the memes they use to make it mainstream. they can see it happening in the leadership. >> i got to say, a, it is lovely
4:58 am
to see you in person. don't love the reason for it because it is chilling to sort of see this. and you work so hard on this over the last several months. you can see the comfort level people have in talking to you. it is disturbing to me sometimes. >> i always say this. i would rather somebody sit and talk with me about it and have a conversation than the unknown person who won't even bother talking to me because of the color of my skin. i want to say when people look at this as a whole, the president has said i'm not a racist, steve king has said i'm not a ratist. but the words they use, if you look at what words they are saying, they are very similar and sometimes exactly the same. and when they see that, it is a sign to them, a big sign saying you are with us. we are here with you, and you hear us. and they think this is their best hope for what they would like to see in this country, which is a white state.
4:59 am
>> that's chilling. >> it is. >> great to see you. >> very good to see you in person. >> hard for the morning. >> but it's important and we need to keep talking about it and you have been reporting about this over the last few months and we know you will stick with it. the deadliest fires in california history. the burning fires there are raging today. it could get worse before it gets better. we have a live update coming up. let's get to it. >> the most destructive fire. >> there is nothing left. all my neighbors except one are gone. >> the campfire death toll has risen to 42. >> our whole town was wiped off the face of the earth. he's thrown around words like voter fraud without any proof. >> governor scott takes his responsibility on honoring the will of the voters very seriously. >> it is dangerous to the
5:00 am
process to constantly say the system isn't working. >> let our people vote, and let our votes be counted. this is "new day" with alisyn camekacam. >> we are one week from the midterm elections. you promised to get me an anniversary present this hour. >> i have it for you. it is coming up later. in the meantime, breaking news out of california. catastrophic wild fires devastating the state. it has been a deadly and terrifying night there. the death toll stands at 44. 42 are from the blaze called the campfire, now the deadliest wild fire in california's history. the numbers could rise because dozens and dozens of people are still accounted for. there is a different fire threatens homing in southern california. they are


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