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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 13, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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and her commitment to serving others. i think this book is so great because it is candid. i'm appreciative of it and i think a lot of people will be. >> great to see you and thanks for coming in. >> great to see you, too. >> thanks for joining us. inside politics with john king starts right now. >> thank you, kate and welcome to inside politics. i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. the president launches a tweet storm at france. even closest supporters describe it as dark and angry. plus the presidential venting includes fresh criticism of his homeland security secretary. he said she is weak on border security. they believe she could be next on the high profile list of officials sent to the exits. they have government funding and the border wall.
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the decisions now will have a big impact to quiet democratic critics who don't want her to be speaker come january. >> if you are effective as a woman, they have to undermine you. that's a real threat. i'm probably the target -- more than a target except somebody who runs for president. >> we begin at the white house with an angry president launching twitter attacks on a key ally and weighing upcoming changes. the ally is france and the attack as the president catches up with the harsh reviews of his weekend trip to paris. among his tweets, emmanuel macron suggests building an army to protect remember them against the u.s. how did that work out for france? they were starting to learn german in paris before the u.s. came along. pay for nato or not. the twitter rant as the president vents about the
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mid-term election results and suggests more changes to his cabinet. including his own chief of staff, john kelly and kelly's protege, secretary of homeland security, nielsen. he is in a bad mood about the election. why does he think his own team has to go? >> no question the president has been eying replacements for all about everyone in the west wing here and potentially in the cabinet for people who are not related to him. he is not going to replace everyone, but he is open to replacing some people. that is where his mind set is now. he is eying switching things up as he enters the halftime of his first term in office. one person he has been angry at for a long time, he made it publicly clear. homeland security secretary, nielsen. he believes she has not done enough to stop the inflow of a border crossing.
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he was saying in recent days he wants her replaced. we don't know when that will happen, but one interesting thing as this is a potential domino-like effect, john kelly is her biggest defender here at the white house. she was his deputy, his protege. the question is, will john kelly stay if she goes? there is new reason to think he will not. conversations here at least at the white house that he also may potentially leave at some point. we should offer a lot of words of caution. john kelly and the rumors of his departure have been reported repeatedly. this is something that would be a different moment. we know the white house is eying other potential replacements for him. we know this is the president's decision. he will make these decisions on his own time here. john, there will be new people in some of these posts when the new year begins. john? >> live at the white house with fresh want are reporting.
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if we have new information through the hour, dana barb, politico and the "new york times." let's start with this. it is typical after a mid-term election to be changes. no the so much that there are changes, but how the changes are being considered. jeff sessions was fired. the chief of staff called him and said get out today. you don't get to stay until thanksgiving or the end of the year or on your terms. get out. now the chief of staff and his protege about the president gets mad when he picks up and sees detentions or border crossings are up. he starts venting the secretary is weak. there is a way to do this and the president's way of doing this if you think you need changes. >> the homeland secretary who has been there just under a year. she took over from john kelly. the two of them are very close. they worked together for a long
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time. she was on borrowed time from day one. that was something that has been kind of an open secret in washington. reiterated to me this morning from a trump source. the question has been, how long can she last? in her defense, she is in a thankless job in that the president has expectations of his staff, particularly at homeland on fulfilling his campaign promises and doing things at the border that are frankly undoable, particularly without legislation. that's part of his job. even without legislation. she tried to her peril to give the president what he wants rhetorically. she had a blip of a good vibe with the president. ironically over the thing that hurt her reputation more than anything. the child separation and defending it to the nth degree. the president was supportive of
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the way she did that, but that was not a long lasting love. >> they had problems getting high quality team to come in and they had a mid-term election where the democrats have retaken the house. other leave because they are exhausted or have to get back to their families and make more in the private sector. how do you attract new people when this is how you leak about them. i want you to go and among them, wilbur ross who since the election and before the election, they think he is not doing his job and lacks energy. he has a big event and you get asked this. >> there have been news reports that suggested that the president wants to replace you possibly with linda mcmahon with the small business administration. how secure is your job? >> i will serve as long as the president wants and i have no indication to the contrary.
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>> you haven't talked to him about it recently? >> i talked to him yesterday, but on trade issues. >> how do you -- >> it's true, you make an excellent point. it seems like a particularly thankless job and the department of homeland security is a particularly thankless job and you have to wonder why. we know the reasons why he wants to make a change and why he hasn't gotten along with the current secretary. he talks about the crisis at the boarder and a caravan about to descend on america. you would think that a different administration would want to keep that stable and make sure that people felt secure, given that you have this congress. >> do people want to stay or attract a new talent. you will be dragged to capitol hill and to answer a lot of questions about difficult topics that are going to put you in a lot of hot water.
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in addition to the turmoil and the chaos and leaking and potentially getting fired by one of the president's aides, but having to deal with the subpoena threats and fighting that with the new democratic house, that's a difficult task. >> case in point, he did fire his attorney general the day after the election. he told him to get out today. on the house side which in january will have subpoena power, eric swalwell said this was an assassin. we don't know if that's true. we will see what happens as it plays out. democrats don't have as much power, but they have the same questions. >> certainly no significant action under whitaker's authority should be taken at the department. we are going to push very hard through a variety of different
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approaches this is a bottom line question about whether donald trump is above the law. >> they don't think the appointment is legal. there is going to be a dispute. the lawyers handle that after the elections. the lawyers get involved in that. there is the question of is he being brought in to reign in or quash mueller. >> how far will they go to demand and protect the mueller legislation that passes in the judiciary committee and make it harder on the counsel. there is talk to add that to a spending bill to avoid a government shut down. it needs to be accomplished by early december. other democrats would not go that far. risking the threat of a possible shut down. there is talk of what they can do. >> the person making these decisions is described by even his closest friends is in a foul place right now. despite his public statements, the election was a complete victory.
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he gets it was anything but. the house is not going to want to fund his border wall and investigate and defund his regulation. catching up the reviews of his trip to paris, one of the things was because it was raining, he would have to go by car to a ceremony tow honor world war i heroes. he decided not to go and some advisers were steamed. he tweeted this. by the way, when the helicopter couldn't fly because of almost zero visibility. i suggested driving and the secret service said no. misstpelled cemetery in there. they raised concerns and lay out the logistics. the president has the right and i followed presidents into housing projects and into crowds
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when they said please don't. it's up to the president. that's a farce. >> it seems like maybe he is having regret about the fact that he didn't go. veterans are a key constituency that he has been trying to reach out to. he talks about rebuilding the military and making it a top priority, the fact that he skipped this. he got a lot of criticism. he is telling johnic kelly to g to this and he is thinking about pushing him out. >> kelly has clearly diminished. maybe the president was in a bad mood or didn't want to spend time in the car. is there nobody who will say do you understand how good this is for you? do you understand the optics walking through the cemetery and in the rain makes it better that you did it. >> even worse, there may have been somebody behind the scenes saying the opposite. don't worry. you will go to other cemeteries. you can miss this.
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i am told your instinct is right and the president does have regret given what he just tweeted going on the attack. he clearly is catching up. it does speak to the broader question about who was there. it doesn't seem like a big stretch to get from that particular mess and it was a mess. it was a structural mess. it was a management mess, not to mention a public relations mess. i need to fix things it. he was on that path and this just emphasized that for him. >> the tweet doesn't fix it, nor does saying they were learning german in france. the americans came along. up next, arizona flips and florida keeps counting. it ended a week ago, but the map is not filled in yet. included f. this is what you get with your $40 plan at verizon.
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the president tweeted a few minutes ago, the characters running the broward and palm beach voting will not be able to find enough votes. too much spotlight on them now. the florida judge has seen no evidence of fraught. ditto for the secretary of state. the source of the drama is tangled lawsuits and counting hiccups without a doubt. adam smith joins me now. we are watching this from afar. will they be able to meet the dead line or too far behind?
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>> well, i think we are talking 67 counties and it's a good bet that at least 65 will and it's those two counties. broward and palm beach that don't seem to be able to get their act together and they can tip over the deadline. >> if you look at the history of recalls, they say there is no way the votes are out there. are there a little questions being raised or go to 2,000 and people making sure they have a case in case they need to go there? >> it's the latter in terms of the court cases. the votes are potentially out there, but it's a stretch. the hope of the nelson people is you have the undervotes. 20 or 30,000 that the machine messed up and didn't count. when you look at them, you will see votes. that's a leap, but conceivable. >> a leap, but conceivable.
9:19 am
will that be determined in broward county or is that a question if you have paper ballots and say the machine didn't count it. will that end up back in court? >> i think what i can see in court is the deadline. once this deadline for the machine count comes thursday, they have so little time to do the hand recounts of the votes on the ballots that are undervoted or overvoted. a bunch of them are bumping up against that deadline and it's a big fight like 2000 was in terms of should the counting continue. >> sort of like 2000 was. thanks for that. we will leave this conversation there. if it's like 2000, i suspect we will have a few more in the days and weeks ahead. appreciate your insights. let's bring it into the room. this matters because you should count votes and have elections people can trust. number two matters because if florida swings, the president thought when he had his post
9:20 am
election news conference, montana was going red. he thought they were leading and now it's blue. florida and mississippi are on the board. if florida were to change, the republicans could come out at net zero. possibly if mississippi went in at minus one. they think the republicans are coming out at plus one or plus two. >> it does either way you look at it. it's not the narrative that they were pushing the day after the election. that's a good day in the senate. the map from the republicans coming in was one of the best they had had in a very, very long time. probably ever. 10 trump states, states that trump won in very red territory. they started off with a 52-48 and lost with one seat in alabama.
9:21 am
if you are the democrats, you want to be in the majority, but you look at the 2020 map. there is a good chance of taking back the senate. >> the president is saying trying to raise money and tweets, stolen. fraud, crooked, crimes. they said he is trying to agree without agreeing with the president. >> there is always concern about voter fraud. i think the key is obviously that in conjunction with states working with the federal government to make sure this doesn't happen. we always have to keep an eye on it. one of the greatest ryes we have and prims is voting. we need to ensure voter integrity at the state, local, and federal level. >> the president didn't say we have concerns about voter fraud, we will keep an eye on it to make sure theres. the president, with zero evidence, said there is voter fraud. >> this is what he used when he
9:22 am
won. he didn't like the margin so he talked about voter fraud in california. my favorite thing he said was when he said that the election official should let election day stand. you are up in the fifth inning so why play the full nine. let's just call it. this is not how elections work. it is detrimental for our electoral system. there is no evidence of fraud. they had various government entities in florida investigate and no one found evidence of fraud. there is evidence of mismanagement perhaps in broward county, but not fraudulent ballots. you are weakening confidence in the election process that benefits neither party in the end. >> here clearly thinks it benefits him and he was trying to keep his base fired up because he doesn't want to look at what happened. a blue wave in the house. republicans won north dakota,
9:23 am
indiana and missouri. they should have won those six years ago. in mississippi, an incumbent republican said she was invited to an event. she said if he invited me to a public hanging, i would be in the front row. if he invited me to a public hanging, i would be on the front row. you would think trying to explain this, not really. >> they put out a statement yesterday and we stand by that statement. we put out the statement yesterday and it's available and we standpoint by the statement. i put a statement out yesterday and that's all time going to say. we stand by the statement. that's all i'm going to say about it. i put out a statement yesterday. >> the statement was i used an exaggerated express of regard. any attempt to turn it into a negative connotation is
9:24 am
ridiculous. if this back in the day, the day that most of us hope was sealed in a vault and sent away was an exaggerated expression of a regard. you can say i am horrified and i'm sorry if i offended anybody. i want to know she is running a run off with an african-american democrat. the state population is more than a third african-american. nobody would think the democrat had a prayer. is it possible? >> the fact that she wouldn't even repeat the statement, which has you said, fell short by any stretch of the imagination. >> you are way more polite than i am. >> she doesn't want -- it's okay for you to read it, but she doesn't want the sound byte. she doesn't want her base depressed. it pains me to utter those words, but that's the political
9:25 am
reality. what she might be doing is what you alluded to, john. firing up the base and it's mississippi. there is no way he will win in a run off. if you keep that up, maybe he could. >> keep in mind the broader context. when it comes to racial tensions, they are having a big problem with trump in the white house making controversial comments post charlottesville, etc. steve king who just a couple of days ago was caught on mike equating immigrants to dirt. gop leadership, the chairman of the nrcc he got in trouble privately when he said steve king's comments were unacceptable. no other gop leader said anything about it. this just highlights them letting this stand. >> roy moore in alabama was a troubled candidate and accusations he behaved in sexual
9:26 am
ways with young girls. it's still really, really hard. >> democrats sat out of this race so far. >> to that point, good for steve stifers, number one. putting principal, pride over power. >> in suburban districts. >> if they invited me to a public hanging. anyone who said that is a negative connotation is ridiculous. a heavy work load and plenty of a heavy work load and plenty of drama.
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congress is back and it's a mix of post election meet and greet and challenges. they are here for orientation. that's always fun. the current congress including those who lost their seats have a waiting year end agenda. they need a spending bill and the president demands millions of border wall funding. don't hold your breath, but he had a plan to cut tax. plus this bipartisan surprise. the "new york times" is first to report jared kushner in a bipartisan group have a prison reform group that have minimum sentences and eliminate a regulation that triggers longer sentences and the use of a gun
9:32 am
with the initial crime at play and activity between crack and cocaine for some. kushner presents the plan to the president. the challenge on the hill is mitch mcconnell who said you prove you have the votes and i will bring it to the floor. is there in 2018 washington after this election going to be an actual bipartisan significant achievement? >> does president trump support it? that's where it will come down because the president is going to face pressure from both sides. he did have his former attorney that is a poseded to this. there are voices in his ear who will lobby against it. >> let me interrupt you for a second. under no circumstances should congress wut sentences or give judges more discretion. that foolish approach is not justice reform.
9:33 am
>> there lwill be some who thin it's too tough. to get through both chambers, does trump want this? >> for getting this done, he's probably going to have lindsey graham as the chairman of the judiciary committee. for criminal justice reform of and dick durbin has worked with one of the top democrats in the u.s. senate. remember last week, chris christie was at the white house. you know what he was doing? having a meeting on prison reform. can you imagine only in this trump shakespearean world would this happen. chris christie who put jared kushner's father in jail in new jersey, he gets the ag job and works on criminal justice reform. it could happen.
9:34 am
>> the republican party. >> the world turned upside down. >> democrats have the house and the margin looks better than they once expected in the senate. there will be a question about whether the liberal democratic senators think let's hold out. that's also another dynamic there. >> the house has a version of this bill that only does prison reform and does not reduce mandatory minimums. the only reason it doesn't go that far, this is weak on crime and we are not going to pass this. there is bipartisan oversight in the house and it's clear if it moves to the senate. >> they are not here very much. they are only here about half the week. they have to pass the government spending bill. they have the working dates and the legislative. the president said during the campaign when he bit his own tongue and accepted the last
9:35 am
plan he was prepared to shut down the government if he didn't get his full border wall funding. >> the question is what do democrats do? democrats will push in both chambers. in the senate, they like a lot of appropriations packages and they want to do a deal, but house democrats, a lot of those will hold a line. they do not want to do a deal and give trump his border wall financing. i think we can see democrats potentially fractured in how they handle the situation. >> there is $1.6 billion approved by the senate. the bipartisan deal for $1.6 billion. trump wants a lot more than that. will he be satisfied? we don't know. the president may want to fight it very hard knowing it's going to get harder with the new congress.
9:36 am
>> the president made this a referendum on immigration and the border wall. these democrats are saying look, we won. why do we have to give in on this issue? if they were to give in and she was that negating the promises that they made to their voters, it's tough for them to play in the house. >> they know it seems him and that helps the democrats with the suburban voters. the campaign may not be over. it's a possibility. michelle obama weighs in on the current crop of 2020 contenders and one may be under her own roof. 300 miles an hour, that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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topping the political radar, james mattis said there is no change in the military's support mission at the southern u.s. border. reason is he is trying to visit tomorrow. they will continue their task of obstacle and placement as a migrant caravan continues to make its way north. the mission he said is not expected to change. we will have to see what the future holds. whether the united states should slap auto tariffs on automakers. president trump taking up the issue with advisers after side studying the impact they have on national security. he previously cited concerns to justify tariffs on other foreign goods. the trade war said to brace yourself. they can more than double the tariffs imposed as they make major concessions on an array of
9:42 am
economic and trade issues. they said the current first lady seems content of going it alone. they said help was just a phone call away if she needed it, extending a courtesy. laura bush offered her the same during the transition. she said mrs. trump has not called or reached out. she asked who she would like on the democratic ticket in 2020. >> i think at this point everybody is qualified and everybody should run. i might even tap sasha. sasha, you got some free time? i will be looking closely at who handles themselves with dignity and respect so by the time people get to the general people are not beat up and battered. >> i don't have my obama birthday book, but i believe sasha is still too young. >> and good luck with not having these candidates tear each other
9:43 am
apart. >> 2008 was not exactly a walk in the park. they were battling hillary clinton. >> the nature of the beast unfortunately. >> had hillary clinton been beat up, she might have been a slightly stronger candidate. there is a benefit because it prepares the candidate for the general. >> you don't think bernie canneders will beat her up? are what's your list? 30 or 40? >> 150 right now. >> that's the bait list. we will start and widdle it down. >> up next, the races that have not been decide atd week later. chuck schumer posting a picture with the newest democratic senators. the republican pickups, arizona and nevada. ed years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade.
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the mid-term election one week ago today. we are still counting and also house races are still out. if you know your civics, you will understand there is something missing here. 225 seats for the democrats. 200 for the republicans. what's missing. 435 house seats. 10 other races where people are ahead, but we haven't called them yet. as it stands, the way they are now, it's 231 for the democrats and 204 for the republicans. 39 democratic pickups in republican districts and only three flips that way. let's take a look. first let's take a look. one of the things that make it interesting, they are from coast to coast. republican trying to hold on to a republican seat. a couple republicans in california. i will stretch it out. a couple for democrats in california.
9:49 am
what make make this is interesting is you continue to count the votes. if you bring this back out, which of the seats would be pickups? the seats republicans you nor leading their republican seats. democrats have a chance if they hold to pick up at least six more seats. these are 6 democrats leading. six democrats leading in districts held by republicans. they had a big day last tuesday as this plays out. at least six more for the democrats as we continue to count the votes. votes are still being counted in critical mid-term races. election night in america continues as we continue to count the votes tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. members of congress are facing serious pelosi pressure. their calculations and hers, next. building a better bank starts with looking at something old, and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new. capital one cafes.
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and i found out that i'ma from the big toe alian. of that sexy italian boot! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at the fresh faces of congress get their first taste of capitol hill. it's new member orientation. democrats can expect time from pelosi who said she is the best choice to be the next speaker. i think it would look ridiculous. we have a pink wave and you are not going to reelect the leader who led the way? that would be wrong. many are on record saying they would never vote for pelosi as
9:55 am
speaker. as she votes the new math challenge and the only worker ever elect and guided to rise up for earlier battles. >> when people said there are a lot of the women supportingenance tow run, why? do the women have a list of things they want to do. make a list and give us the list. this is the democratic party in the year 2 thousand. >> why don't you get a list from the women and do the things they want? she has done this before. does she understand this is a little different? >> yes. i think so. we have all talked to her. i went with her to baltimore where she is from and where it all started. for this series and she understands it's a different time and a different climate. she didn't say this is. this is me making an observation. isn't it interesting that nancy
9:56 am
pelosi has close to a 40-seat pick up is being questioned about whether she should stay as a leader? in the wake of her victory and chuck schumer had losses, nobody is questioning whether he should stay? it's noteworthy. there is definitely a gender issue. >> her allies are already making that. she had been attacked throughout the country and all this money dumped on her. look what happened. it didn't work. there is no reason to remove her. we are all doing things to determine whether or not the people who voted no. we and 23 members both current and incoming said they vote no on her before. the question is, will they do it when it comes time for the actual vote in january. that's a big open question. a lot of them will not vote for her. >> pelosi, the way she started getting at this is she is
9:57 am
reaching out to folk who is supported the candidates financially or otherwise when they were running and getting them to do this whis ter campaign. pelosi will be speaker. tread carefully. you don't want to be in her bad graces and you can get committee assignments. emily's list supported a bunch of democratic women elected on last tuesday. the leaders of emily's list are reaching out, including candidates who said they will be no on the floor. it's like a whipping effort from pelosi, but her antagonists are trying to get them to sign a letter to put something out to say she doesn't have the votes right now. everybody said don't bet against nancy pelosi. >> clearly something needs to be done with the bench in the house. that's something they are looking at to get more younger members involve and something that a lot of the members on the
9:58 am
campaign trail talked about. that could be a way of appeasing some of those pelosi people. >> do you bring in a number four, five or six? that will depend on the math. i want to play more. one of the things she does not lack is confidence. >> i have a broad base of support in the country. financially, politically and otherwise which is valuable to our caucus. none of us is indispensable, but some of us are better at our jobs than others. i want women to see you do not get pushed around. you don't run away from the fight. >> sometimes you play one card at a time. she is playing a lot of cards. i raised the most money. i have other support around the count country and would you like to be on ways and means or the committee on widgets? >> you can't downplay that. that is the most significant
9:59 am
thing coming in. she makes those decisions about where you sit and how you ascend. whether they will be effective or not. that's why they are not voting. she knows how to play it. she learned how to count votes from her father and the first catholic player from baltimore. she does not have the intext cards. she said she doesn't. i asked. >> going back to the segment you did, there is a bunch of house races still uncalled and the democratic leadership said half of them go for dems that. grows her margins. she may be able to lose as many as 20 members on the floor. people voted against speaker ryan and he was like you cannot understate how difficult it is to vote against your party. this is a lot of pressure from someone who doesn't like paul ryan. >> her votes are assures and it
10:00 am
will be harder to vote no. she will remember that as long as they serve. >> i can tell you that. thanks for joining us. brianna keilar starts right now. >> thanks, john. i'm brianna keilar live from the washington headquarters and under way right now, homeland finale. why more administration members appear close to the exit. and the red flags raised for the right with new signs the president's mid-term night was worse than originally thought. a boeing jet falls from the sky and now a new report suggests boeing with held key information from pilots. and prison breaks. a golden ak-47 and one of the world's most notorious criminals. the epic trial of el chapo begins.


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