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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  December 3, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PST

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the crazy hand gestures. the pointing thing, i don't do them. also na-ga-da? that's not me. >> it wouldn't be prudent. >> that was the great line. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts now. i feel very fortunate to be president of this fascinating country. >> my dad is an extraordinary role model. >> 58 combat missions in world war ii. suburb. >> no regrets? >> no. >> 43 said, i love you dad, and i will see you in heaven. and 41 said, i love you, too. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and
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around the world. john and i are here for the special coverage this week. >> it's an important moment for this country when a president passes. the entire country comes together and i think it's important that we are here for that. >> and president george h.w. bush will lie in state at the u.s. capitol rotunda, and traveling with his casket will be his faithful service dog, sully. here's a touching photo taken of the lab lying next to the flag-draped casket. the state funeral for the president will take place on wednesday at the washington national cathedral. >> and the plane, normally air force one, and it will bring
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president bush to washington. president trump will attend the funeral for his predecessors, and bush 41 made it clear he wanted the present president here. the russia investigation seems to be intensifying, fired james comey will testify before congress, and cohen's lawyers are asking for leniency, and the president's friend and adviser, roger stone, insists he had no contact with wikileaks. we want to begin with our coverage with ed lavandera, live in houston where president bush's final journey is about to begin. >> reporter: this is a city that
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has spent the last few years preparing for this very moment. president george h.w. bush and his barbara seen very often here in the city of houston, which is kind of unique considering his northeastern upbringing, and he was embraced here so well in the state of texas over the decades. this is the beginning of an emotional week. here in the next couple of hours, john, the body of george h.w. bush will be on the plane that flew president trump back from argentina, and when the president is onboard it's air force one, and it will arrive around 3:30 eastern time, and then taken to the capitol where the president will lie in state until the funeral services on
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wednesday, and then president george h.w. bush will be brought back to texas for a family, and then a memorial service, and then a train ride will take him to be buried next to his wife daughter. as i mentioned, john and alisyn, this is the beginning of a very emotional week here for the people of houston. >> the adoptive home of the bush family since the 1950s and '60s, and there's so many places in this country that claim president bush. joining us now, cnn political analyst, david gregory, and former white house correspondent for abc news, and anne, i will
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start with you because i used to work for you. reflect on this moment. >> there are moments in history that are pretty short. four years is all george bush got, and at that moment in history the world was changing, totally different than when we grew up, the soviet union collapsed and the vice president for eight years, and his conduct of foreign policy was a time when it revolutionized our world. >> i think he came to per shawn tpaoeu losing with grace. there's a beautiful poignant op-ed from president clinton
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talking about the letter he received when he entered the oval office, and here's what he goes on to say. given what politics looks like in america and around the world it's easy to sigh and say george h.w. bush belonged to an era that is never coming back. i know what he would say, nonsense, it's your duty to get that america back. your thoughts? >> also, in the letter that he left to president clinton that morning, he said you are our president now, and that's how he felt about being the leader of the country, such respect for the position, the institution of the presidency, and everyone that works to support our government and he just, you know, he -- it hurt. that election of '92 hurt a lot, and barbara bush talks about
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that, too, and she felt the better man lost the race but, you know, they moved on and they moved on with grace, as you said, and led a full life their entire lives, and i -- and then developed, of course, he developed this incredibly close relationship with the biggest rival of his political career. >> i was reading in 2005 you were traveling with him to the funeral of pope francis ii and you wanted to know, what is going on with this friendship with the guy that beat you? >> this friendship was blossoming, and all of us that lived through the difficult election, and we found it hard to accept it, and i asked him and i said, i'm an old guy and he likes to talk and i like to listen, and i am the father he never had and that speaks volumes about george h.w. bush. >> george w. bush, 43, took
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credit for that union, like, these two guys, this odd couple, and he said it wouldn't happen without me. but i am also thinking this morning about the idea of disruption. here president bush, the 41st, comes into power at a time of great disruption on the world stage and is known for managing it so adeptly with caution as well, and politically he was subjected to the kind of disruption we are living through now. he saw it in the rise of ross perot, and perot came in and that had a lot to do with his loss in '92. the other side of the disruption was the youthful disruptive democratic governor from arkansas in bill clinton, which closed that older era of paul stkpeub -- politics.
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>> and don't forget pat buchanan, and very reminiscent of donald trump. george h.w. bush was there for the beginning -- >> of the populist right movement. >> -- and the transition of the republican party all around. >> and ross perot got a few votes, and george bush never made a big case, and he thought ross perot was the one who lost him again. >> i am struck by his humility, and i think that's one of his defining characteristics, and i had an opportunity to go to kenny bunk port and to help him reflect on his time in office, and there we are, my crew and me, and i am the one next to him smiling broadly. he talked about how he continues to learn everyday and how he
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learns from his predecessors. this is what he learned from president ford. listen to this. >> i learn something from everybody. even at my age, you know, i learn every day, and i learn from watching him handle large foreign policy problems. i think it's fair to say that all through my life i have learned from president ford. i learned from him when i was president, not to overreact, make a decision and stay with it and sometimes take the tough course. >> yeah. >> it's nice to hear his words again. now that we are in the era where there's such tension between the press and the white house, you were there for president george h.w. bush. what was that relationship like? >> two things to remember. he was the preinternet revolution. we did not have e-mail or any way a president could directly talk to the american people
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except through the media. as much as george bush chaffed under some of the coverage, which was very often unflattering, he still appreciated the fact that this was how government worked. on the days that saddam hussein invaded kuwait and i blurted out a question to him and he barked at me, and the next day he sent me a letter of apology, and he said i was not too pleased with my answers. >> are you okay? >> i need water. >> and he signed it with a happy face. >> and george h.ww. bush, who ha harder edge when he was working for his dad in the white house, he was the enforcer, but had a relationship, and he, too, would
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always stop to write a kind note, when i was arguing with somebody in the white house, or my son was born. >> shannon, if you want to weigh in with the obvious contrast to the politics of george h.w. bush and today. speaks values that bush 41 wanted trump to attend his funeral. >> yeah, one of the really amazing pieces of legislation that he passed was the american disabilities act. i have family members that benefited from that and the whole country has benefited from that. on the world stage, with what is going on with saudi arabia, my parents came from china and we
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were concerned over the ten amen's square situation. the president walked that fine line, and he listened to the intelligence briefing and at the same time behind the scenes made sure they preserved that relationship. such a contrast to what we have at the moment, which is the types of personalities going on. >> as john was saying, he did not go to john mccain's funeral and was not welcome. >> uh-huh. >> and that president bush felt -- i guess it was his nature to have compromise and reach across -- >> this is the funeral of barbara bush, and you can see president clinton, you know, bush 43, president obama there and the president with george h.w. bush there. >> we can go to the letter from
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clinton, you are our president now. and that's how george h.w. bush talks about trump. you know, politics aside, it's the respect for the institution of the presidency. that guided him his entire life. all of us who worked for him learned that, too. i see how lucky, myself, my husband and thousands of friends have been writing about how lucky we were to learn these lessons under his command. >> yeah, i ran into people that were good friends of the bushes, and what they lawmented was many
3:14 am
things, and w. 43 presided over a difficult time in politics, and with america at war with iraq and afghanistan, and he always wore the office well and the presidency, they believe, is bigger than themselves. i think the invitation to the funeral is this is a sign this is a rare club they are all part of. >> it's wonderful we have former presidents that are like this, and this is an important moment for the country, and bush 41 knew that. >> mrs. obama is interrupting her book tour to come to the funeral and i think that's a big statement. >> i want you to tell us, the president's internet domain name, his e-mail address was what? >> i got an e-mail from a president, former president, and his domain is, former
3:15 am
leader of the free world dotcom. >> that's wonderful. i wanted everybody to know that, because i show you the humor. >> anne covered him, and there's a great piece in the "new york times" about their odd and enduring relationship. somebody who often had a problem with the "new york times," especially her criticism of her son, but they stayed connected. >> we don't know if he will take a two or three day pause to honor the president, but last we did know, cohen was pleading guilty.
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>> as usual -- >> he could have fought the government, and instead for himself and his family and country he took responsible for his own wrong doing and contributed and is preparing to contribute to an investigation as he views as legitimate and vital. they provided more details about how he says president trump was informed with his negotiation with the russians until june of 2016. >> the entire cohen situation has always been very, very dangerous and threatening for the president because it's his lawyer, somebody who listens to unguarded thoughts and phaouzings. what we are seeing is doing two things, emphasizing the overall importance and how much pressure he took from the president of the united states publicly bashing him constantly and saying he deserves credit for standing up and doing the right thing, and they make technical arguments asking for minor reductions the way it has been
3:17 am
calculated. overall the big take away i have had with the new revelation from cohen, how much danger it poses to not only the president but his legal team. they have gone so public with the joint defense with manafort, and if the president's intel was from manafort, there's a problem there. rudy guiliani is on tv saying we know manafort is being pressured, and obviously cohen very much the opposite information coming out from that, and that could be serious jeopardy from the president and could convert his lawyers into witnesses. >> i talked to lawyers, and if you look at the plea agreement with cohen they go beyond what was necessary just to explain the plea agreement and contact about the contacts with the kremlin, and the lawyers i have talked to have raised the question, why would they need to
3:18 am
do that, that was not necessary for the plea? it may have something to do with the president's own answers and the written questions, denying the kremlin contacts. one specific area here is the financial relationship between the trump enterprise and russian officials, russian oligarchs, and this is something really intriguing. >> stick around. we have more to discuss, including david gregory and his contribution last night. your contribution to the arts -- >> i was being honored. >> appreciate that. >> president trump and china work out a compromise, but the trade war is far from over, but are there signs of trouble for this temporary truce? our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo!
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global markets are up after news of a truce in the escalating trade war between the u.s. and china. president trump and the chinese president reaching a temporary deal at the g20 to hold off on a new round of tariffs for 90 days while both countries try to settle their differences. joining us now are david gregory, and abby phillip and former director of legislative affairs at the white house and cnn political kphcommentator, m
3:23 am
shore. we go to our analyst, david gregory. does it seem as those president trump's idea on the trade war worked? >> i think it's true as we sit here without question, and i think there's going to be a bipartisan applause as far as that goes, whether it's from sha senator brown and others, too. the financial markets have been reeling over the affects of a trade war. i think it's important, and i think a more sober look will say did he create a fight that was not unnecessary but created a deal of drama that is still unresolved. i don't think there's anybody that doesn't look at this and can see it's a short term
3:24 am
success at the very least they are talking and achieved this and have tamped down where they were. >> nothing is done. the critics say all you have done is add another 90 days, which is what the chinese do in negotiations, which is delay, delay, delay, and how are they going to fix it in 90s days? >> i think some people would say this is an unnecessary fight, at least this way of fighting this particular battle would not have necessarily been the way to go about it. the 90 days is to deal with one of the critical issues, which is about intellectual property theft, which is a global problem. it's not just the united states that has this problem with china, it's the developed world as well. instead of using our allies to align themselves and work to get china to address those issues, the president decided to use tariffs, which is a pretty archaic tool to get china to the table, and maybe they have gotten them to the table.
3:25 am
we should be careful because over time, over the last year they have been trying to get china to the table. there have been motions of conversations happening, but they are not making a lot of progress, and the administration has been clear on that, and china would send back demands in mandarin for the white house to translate that. this process has not been easy. time is not necessarily the only thing that will help this problem, and i think that this is a temporary hold to let the markets settle down. there needs to be a kind of rethinking to approach the chinese on this issue. i think the administration recognizes that. >> unnecessary drama or success from where you sit? >> i think it's an achievement and you see the market react. there's a lot of problems unresolved and the administration is seeing we need
3:26 am
to address china forcing parts of ownership -- >> but were tariffs the way to do it? >> it got us to the table. >> by the way, the tariffs are still there -- >> but they did not go up. >> that's why the market is celebrating. there's long way to go. one thing that is a change is the national security environment was less comfortable. if some of the trade issues begin to get solved there's far more unity to say we need to put pressure on china, they are becoming a global menace in the pacific. there's a broader consensus of the president's aggressive actions. >> and the president couldn't handle or would not have been possible for him to juggle one more element of chaos given the mueller investigation, and the defeat in the elections, and he needed a 90-day respite from
3:27 am
that. >> there were so many issues on the table. he came in with mueller hanging over his head, and there was a potential meeting with putin and the issue with saudi arabia and then china. there's, to some extent, the president is always juggling a lot of things. to some extent you have to prioritize. in some ways this issue with china would become a political problem for president trump if the markets took a turn, if the economy suddenly started to look like they were looking toward an economic slowdown because these tariffs are significant and do have an affect, and i think it was probably in the view of a lot of people in the administration and outside of the administration wise to turn the temperature down and give him more time to deal with other things and especially go into a real election, the president needs to be on his side and not turn just at the time he is trying to convince voters to give him four more years. >> appears good point but this
3:28 am
is a core political principle for president trump to take on china and he has the constituency -- >> bipartisan constituency? >> he has to balance as we come to the end of 2018 how much that can affect the economy. >> president trump will meet with nancy pelosi and schumer, the democratic leaders. last time it seemed to go well until it didn't. last time they met and had a deal on daca and then it fell apart. what do you expect now? >> in 2017 there was a leader with the four leaders, mcconnell, ryan, pelosi and schumer, and i think we were all prepared that we were going to stand solid, and the president decided he wanted to partner
3:29 am
with pelosi and schumer. >> how surprised were you? >> very surprised. very surprised. >> how happy? >> at the time not, but the president's decision was right, and we were able to get a spending deal to help rebuild the military as he promised. >> you are not as optimistic this time? >> i am not. what is different with this shut down is typically it's a full government shut down. you have funded all the men and women in uniform and entitlement checks, so the pressure point to bring this to a close i don't see. it's a very different shutdown. it's a partial shutdown that is funding homeland security, and democrats want to dig in on their opposition of the wall, and the president wants to get his $5 billion on the wall. >> what do you give if you get? he had a chance to get the border wall money before and there were things that got it
3:30 am
caught up, and what would he be willing to give? >> he believes he wants the border security, so what he is going to give is less. >> that's not a negotiation. >> thank you, guys, very much. an engagement ring dropped in the subway grate in times square mid proposal. that's not a good way to begin. well, police launched a social media campaign to find the couple to give them some good news, and we're going to tell you the story.
3:31 am
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more than 100 others injured in the clashes between demonstrators and the police. the anger is moving beyond just rising gas prices. cnn's melissa dale is at the scene. >> reporter: this is a scene this morning that is that a different sort of protest than the one we saw on saturday, and this time ambulance drivers protesting changes to the way the system is run. and just after saturday night, there was extraordinary images of fires and damage that was caused, and even as the cleanup operation continues all around. i think this protest has the numbers really, and that can speak to the fact there's anger on the streets directed at emmanuel macron, and that sort of explosion of violence that we saw on saturday much worse than what we had seen on the two
3:36 am
saturdays before. not really the troublemakers that came out, and much more anger and the numbers in terms of those arrested seem to stand up to the impression we had on saturday night as the fires raged around paris and that violence continued that was so difficult for the authorities to contain. >> quite a scene behind you. thank you so much for being with us. we will watch this carefully all day long. and qatar, the country that produces a small amount of oil compared to other nations, will produce more natural gas. this is days before a key opec meeting on possible oil cuts. hundreds of messages sent by
3:37 am
khashoggi may shed new light into his gruesome killing. cnn obtained ten months of what messages he sent the year before his murder at the saudi consulate in istanbul. he shows the saudi prince as a beast that would devour all in his path. meanwhile "the wall street journal" says the cia has information that the crown prince communicated with a key aide at the time of the murder of khashoggi. hundreds of people gathered outside the tree of synagogue where 11 people were murdered in october.
3:38 am
>> those on the scene there said it was an opportunity to honor the dead and embrace hanukkah's theme of survival. the festival of lights lasts for eight days. and a wedding proposal in new york could have ended very badly without assistance from social media. this is when the engagement ring fell off the woman's finger into a sidewalk grate in times square. the new york city police department tweeted video showing the man dropping to the ground to try and retrieve the ring but no luck. police found the ring and then courtesy of an all points bulletin on twitter located the foreign couple, john and daniella in their unidentified home country. i am not sure why we are protecting that. i don't know. the nypd tweeted the case was closed and arrangements are being made to reunite the couple
3:39 am
with their ring. john was apparently so convinced the ring was gone, he bought another one. >> that ring was not cheap either. >> this is a victory for twitter and social media, which you have chosen to leave. >> you are right. >> do you choose now to take this moment to recant? >> twitter will have to do a lot better for me than just reuniting a couple and their ring. i am waiting for twitter and i am waiting for a lot of flowers to come from twitter and a lot of other kind things. wait until you see this cartoon, and it's honoring george h.w. bush. it has gone viral. the bush family themselves have shared it online, and it's touching and we share it as well. and then join anderson
3:40 am
cooper and kelly ripa as they announce the 2018 cnn hero of the year right here on cnn. >> we're humans helping human and they need our help. >> we are truly giving the gift of mobility. >> the best the world has to offer. they are heroes today and every day. >> it's all about solving problems. >> we serve anybody who ever raised their hand to defend their constitution. >> my vision was to have a home where women could find safety and find themselves. >> our first goal was to create a hospital base intervention. >> i want each and every one of them to feel special. >> join anderson cooper and kelly ripa live as they name the
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2018 cnn's hero of the year. cnn heroes, an all-star tribute, sunday at 8:00 eastern. my mom's pain from moderate
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so you may remember this powerful, this poignant cartoon that memorialized barbara bush when he passed away in april, reading to her robin in heaven april died when she was just three. and a cartoonist followed up with a touching tribute showing the former president joining barbara and april in heaven. and joining us is the man that created the cartoons. thank you for joining us. tell us how you came to this second cartoon. >> well, first of all i want to pass along my condolences to the bush family and getting to know them a little after the first cartoon, they are incredibly
3:46 am
gracious and kind. i want to say i am sorry, and i am glad the cartoons resinated. the first cartoon came about because i knew a family that lost a child and that was one part of barbara bush's life that needed to be healed, and i wanted to have him arrive and they were waiting, and him being him, he obviously pulled out of it, and then when i found out friday he passed, i went ahead and drew the cartoon. >> as i said, you touched the family, which is a wonderful thing to do in a moment of grieving. jenna bush hager, the granddaughter of george h.w. bush said it brought such comfort, and she noted that she spoke to her grandfather about
3:47 am
what he wanted, and he said when i die i am going to be reunited with the ones i lost, and i hope to see robin. remarkable. >> i had no idea, to be honest with you. when i found that out after she passed away, it made me wonder, okay, this cartoon came from somewhere else, i guess, i don't know. it touches me that that is why the cartoon resinated so well with the family. >> it's interesting, too, because one of your first cartoons when you were in college was in tennessee when candidate for president, george w. bush came in and visited your college, and it was not nearly as flattering. >> yeah, show my seventh grade school picture, too, if you are going to go ahead and embarrass me. that's fine. >> yeah, i have come along way
3:48 am
in 30 years. it was neat, after that i got to see him personally on campus. he was my first president to draw as a cartoonist, and it's special that this cartoon has so much meaning. >> i think you received notes from other families. what is it like to hear from them in a moment like this? >> you know, think about it, the whole world is grieving and reaching out to them and then one day i come here to my little house in jackson and i open up the mail box and there are hand written notes from the family. i have to tell you, that blew me away. i am raising boys, and honestly, i want them to be able to be like that, tough but civil. it's a nice lesson for them to learn. >> george h.w. bush will be laid to rest at texas a&m alongside his wife barbara and robin, who
3:49 am
is there as well. jenna bush was remembering saying, robin often told her father, i love you more than tongue can tell. >> wow. >> and you captured that and that's why you are seeing such an outpouring of emotion this morning. >> one thing about twitter, alisyn -- >> i am just as stunned as you. i am skeptical but i will take your word for it, because if twitter is changing its tune, then i am open. >> you did something nice. thank you for what you did. these are beautiful, beautiful
3:50 am
parts of history now. euflt >> it has been an honor to be on you with today. >> have a great day. >> that's beautiful. >> he is so touched. imagine getting the notes from the family members after drawing something like that. >> look. what goes around comes around. now to this story. the nfl player who was captured on video abusing a woman. the breach"bleacher report" is . discover has no annual fees. really? yeah. we just don't believe in them. oh nice. you would not believe how long i've been rehearsing that. no annual fee on any card. only from discover. we've transformed this home to show the new keurig k-café brewer makes any house a coffee house. just pop that in for a coffee or brew a shot and froth milk for a latte or cappuccino. easy peasy. now she's a barista! it's so frothy. a little piece of heaven. thank you. but how's the coffee?
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we stand behind all our partners working to make a difference. ingenious space- neat nest™ by fasaving design. all designed to stack and protect the lids, and the pan surface. farberware neat nest™. stacked & intact™ former chief's running back speaks out for the first time since being cut from the team after the video surfaced of him shoving and kicking a woman. >> the nfl says it's pursuing a complete understanding of the facts but the kansas city chiefs had seen enough releasing him on friday after that video surfaced. the team claims the 23-year-old running back did not tell them the truth about what happened at a cleveland hotel in february. hunt admitted to lying to the team in an interview with lisa
3:55 am
salters. >> i want to let the world know how sorry i am for my actions, and it has been a tough time for me and i am extremely embarrassed because of that video. i made a poor decision and i am willing to take full responsibility of any actions that come, you know, from this point on. >> hunt homes that he will get a second chance but he says he doesn't know whether that will happen or not. meanwhile the quarterback said releasing hunt was a decision the team had to make. >> we had a close relationship and we saw the video and we don't do those things, and i was focused on our organization. >> the chiefs moving on without him, and they got another win over the weekend. back to you. former president george h.w. bush begins his final journey to
3:56 am
washington today as the nation bids farewell. we remember america's 41st president, next. ♪ heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief
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our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. holiday inn express. book now for at least 20% off during our annual sale. i want a kinder and gentler nation. like 1,000 points of light in a broad and peaceful sky. >> humble. driven. competitive. a person who cared deeply about others who hurt. >> he was highly civil and that opened the door for friendships across the board. >> god bless you, and god bless the united states of america. whether it's manafort or gates or flynn, all the men


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