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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  December 3, 2018 10:00am-11:01am PST

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with brianna keilar. have a great day. >> i'm brianna keilar. live from the washington headquarters right now. saying goodbye to a president. the plane carrying bush 41's remains are arriving in d.c. soon as we learn who will eulogize him. in the middle of an active investigation, president trump praises roger stone for not testifying against him. is this witness tampering in he said throw my former lawyer behind bars as michael cohen explains why he should not go to prison. the u.s. and china frees their trade war and there are serious questions about what they agreed upon. special air mission 41 is in the
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air right now, bringing former president george h. w. bush back to washington. live coverage of the plane's arrival later today. we saw this farewell ceremony at ellington field outside of houston with full honors as the 41st president was saluted for his final trip to washington. upon arrival former president will lie in state in the capitol rotunda until wednesday morning. a memorial service will be held at the national cathedral in washington before they complete their final flight back to texas. the funeral will be held thursday at the bush presidential library at texas a&m university. there will be four eulogies. george w. bush and former canadian prime minister brian mull roni and alan simpson and presidential historian, jon meachem. thursday in texas, we will hear
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from george p bush, and james k make baker. the name being used for what we normally call air force one. talk about the reactions that we have seen and the upcoming memorial events. >> it certainly is a full three days here to commemorate his life and legacy that touched d.c. deeply. that was when the body of the former president will touchdown. the air force base where as a president you fly in and out of. a fitting way for him to return here to washington. then his body will be here where he will lie in state. that's a very high honor and something that will be marked by
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the president tonight of vice president mike pence who will come up here and make short remarks about the life of the former president. this will be open to the public where they can come into the rotunda and pay respects with a fitting and suitable and somber end for the former president. we expect that president trump and melania will also visit up here on capitol hill tonight. brianna ? >> all eyes will be there shortly. we will bring it to you live on cnn. special counsel robert mueller is getting ready for a busy week. we could get clear insight with several big moments in court. in the meantime, president trump is lashing out at the probe and mueller's star witness, president trump's former attorney, michael cohen. senior justice correspondent evan perez, what is the president saying? >> as you said earlier today,
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president trump is tweeting about people who are cooperating and not cooperating with special counsel robert mueller. one of the people he said is being weak is michael cohen. michael cohen asked for no prison time. he can do all of the terrible unrelated to trump things having to do with fraud and not serve a long prison term. he makes up stories to get a reduced deal and get his wife and father in law who has money off scott free. he should in my opinion serve a full and complete sentence. endorsing some strong prison time and a lengthy prison time for michael cohen versus roger stone and the other people who are not cooperating with the special counsel, robert mueller. you can see where his emphasis is today on twitter. >> it is unusual for sure. this week ahead for robert mueller, what are we expecting? >> it will be a busy week.
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one of the key characters in the trump-russia story is michael flynn. he's the president's first national security adviser. we haven't heard from him since he pled guilty more than a year ago. we are expecting tomorrow some important new details of what he has been saying to robert mueller and his prosecutors and really one of the first important cooperators in had the mueller investigation. he knows a lot not only about the president, but jared kushner and several other characters. brianna ? >> evan perez, what a busy week we have ahead. i want to bring in kaitlan collins at the white house. as i bring in kaitlan, we are going to take a look at the markets after this hit with her. china has confirmed president trump's claims which the markets have been responding to here. there seems to be disagreement here. >> reporter: there does seem to be disagreement coming out of
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that dinner they had. president xi and president trump while they were in argentina and president trump is touting this as an undeniable success. he is saying it's always the white house that they put essentially a 90-daytime frame that was supposed to happen on january 1st, but they continue to work things out according to what the white house said. president trump is announcing new things saying that the chinese agreed to reduce that 40% tariff on cars coming in from the united states even though the chinese have said nothing about that and have not confirmed that. bria kn anna , something else i 90-daytime line is that president trump and economic advisers keep pointing to saying that's when they work out the structural changes and trade with chinea, saying this is an undeniable victory, even though
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advisers are expressing caution. two of the people are not people who often agree, but the treasury secretary steven mnuchin saying this morning the details still need to be hammered out, saying i hope we can reach a real agreement. peter navarro is much of a hawk when it comes to china is saying talk is cheap. let's see what we agree to at the end of this 90-day negotiating period that could include another meeting and a face-to-face sit down between president trump and president xi and see what comes out of that. if you pay attention to the president's twitter feed, he touts it as a success. most people behind closed doors are saying this is not a big breakthrough, but instead a step back from an escalation in the trade war we saw happening. >> very good way to put it. kaitlan collins at the white house for us. congress has just five days left to act to keep the full government up and running. a shut down looked imminent, but with the passing of former
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president george h. w. bush, lawmakers are not expected to let that happen on their watch. cnn political director joining me now. we know there is fighting on negotiations behind the scenes. what are we expect something. >> you are right to say they don't want it to happen on their watch right now, but the idea that we won't have a shut down is not off the table. it's not going to be this week in respect for the events celebrating george h. w. bush's life. the former president will be lying in state. all the votes were getting delayed and there are no votes from the senate until wednesday. the clock was not there and nobody wanted the acrimony of what a deal will look like at this time when we are remembering a statesman who put country and party above self. nobody wanted to see a bitter fight, but that doesn't mean they don't come next week or the week after. >> the holidays are upon us and
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this will be crucial decision making time including kamala harris when we look towards 2020. >> the senator from california is considering a presidential run. something so different this time around. all of these people are openly aking acknowledging. normally we see politicians playing coy about that. not at this time. at an event, she is going to make up her mind with her family that only guarantees as of january 1st, they will find out what's the decision. >> it's easier to say i haven't decided yet than wait, what? it's coy that they play. bruce springsteen with his political analysis. >> he never kept a long distance from politics. he campaigned for john kerry and
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barack obama and hillary clinton campaigning. he is clearly a liberal and a democrat. he has concerns so far of what he is seeing about this potential field. he said he doesn't see any obvious choice who can really emerge to beat trump. he cautions against the notion that he doesn't see anyone who speaks the language that people speak. he hasn't seen anyone emerge yet. i would caution the yet. somebody will emerge and there will be a democratic nominee and it may look different than it does right now. at the outset to have a big liberal voice as bruce springsteen say he doesn't see anyone yet, it's a warning shot to democrats. >> sure is. thank you so much. president trump on a tear over the russia investigation praising roger stone for having guts. is this witness tampering? plus, potential new clues behind
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the murder of jamal khashoggi. new text messages come to light. james clapper is going to join me next. and backlash erupts after this warm embrace and one conservative columnist said are business tire ant tyrants laugh at america? ♪ ♪ ♪
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we are learning more on what may have spurred the saudi government on the murder of jamal khashoggi. jamal khashoggi conversed with another saudi exile in canada and some of these messages, jamal khashoggi referred to bipz binz as a beast who would devour all in his path.
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the two men discussed a plan to mobilize young saudis to take a stand against the saudi government and the crown prince specifically. this other exile's phone was hacked by military grade spy wear according to experts at the university of toronto who believe that saudi arabia is responsible for the hacking of the exile's phone. jamal khashoggi was killed likely at the behest of the crown prince according to the cia. there are also multiple report that is the crown prince sent nearly a dozen messages to a close adviser who oversaw the hit squad that is believed to have killed jamal khashoggi. those messages are coming around the time that the hit squat was in hurricane katrinay where the journalist was murdered and reports of what amount to a smoking gun. here with me now is james clapper, the former director of national intelligence. the reports are stunning and they start to piece things together. i wonder what your reaction is.
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>> to me, again i have to comment in the case of the cia reporting. alleged cia reporting. if that's so, it's a leak and leaks are never good. i'm obliged to say that, but having said that, the reports simply enrich and reinforce what i think the understanding is of what occurred here. first, the motive. i think it was understood that the crown prince, mbs regarded jamal khashoggi as a threat not only for what he was writing in "the washington post," but in the way of support on another anti-mbs proponents. as far as the reporting on the messages exchanged, again, i
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think it was already understood it couldn't happen without mbs's knowledge accident, but direction. >> james mattis said there is no smoking gun. you are an intelligence official and you don't like seeing the leaks, but at the same time if general mattis is privy to information which, if true, could be a smoking gun, what do you think about him saying there is no smoking gun? >> i think this is somewhat of a manifestation of what i call the evidentiary bar used by the administration and members of the administration in this particular instant. when the intelligence community inscribes high confidence to a finding and an assessment, for me, you can take that to the bank. while there may not have been a video reflecting mbs giving
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direction to do away with jamal khashoggi, the evidence from many sources i suspect is so compelling that they came out with a high confidence rendering and depending on your definition of smoking fun. for me, no doubt about it. >> max boot is a cnn global affairs analyst. i know you are familiar with him. he wrote about the g-20 and said it was a success if only for the fact that president trump made no mistakes. he also said the world's tyrants are laughing at the united states and trump is letting them get away with it. he is talking about vladimir putin and mohammad bin salman. we saw that just remarkable for lack of a better term, hand shake between the two of them. what do you think of this assessment? >> i have a tendency to agree with them. most of what he said i agree with. he is right. some of that has to do with
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doubt about and the minds of many overseas presidents's tenure. that gives rise to this. the high five which makes great "saturday night live" material is too autocrats with blood on their hands conveying publicly and thumbing their nose at the united states and its leader. >> russian meddling is ongoing. this is something we learned. russian meddling and u.s. politics happening now. let's listen to something that the defense secretary said about this. >> there is no doubt the relationship has worsened. he tried again to muck around in our elections this last month. we are seeing a continued effort along those lines. >> what is the administration doing in response to him saying meddling in the elections last month and what should they be doing some. >> i think the secretary mattis is simply reinforcing and echoing what they said with the
10:21 am
secretary of homeland security. the threat to our electoral system continues from the russians. they were interfering with the election in a different way than they did in the election of 2016 clearly focussed on demeaning one candidate and supporting another. their continued theme of soing doubt and discontent in this country given the fact that i don't think they focused on candidates and all 435 members of the house of representatives and a third of the senators were up for election. they had a different approach perhaps, but their overall objective was undermining our system and still there and good on secretary mattis for reinforcing that. >> former president george h. w. bush passed away on friday. all eyes have been on the family and watching what is going to happen this week as his body makes its way here to washington. you served as the director of
10:22 am
the defense agency during his administration, but when you were lieutenant general, is that right? >> before my most indelible memory of george h. w. bush was before that. i was a two-star and head of intelligence for what is known as air command at the air force base in nebraska. president bush visited the headquarters for the first time a president visited in 13 years. any time that's a big deal. we had a meticulously choreographed and rehearsed sequence of events. i was to start with a 15-minute overview. president bush was accompanied by an american icon who is his national security adviser. i did my 15 minute bit and our
10:23 am
commander and four star was to escort him to the next event. we went by an open office area with about eight or ten air men and the president would not be stopped. he was going to stop and talk to every one of the young troops and first thing he did which i thought was magnificent is put them at ease and he asked them a personal and direct and sincere question. it reflected with each one of them. he wanted to know their background and their home and if they were married and had a family. their intention with the air force. he did it with every one of them. they loved it. it was a magnificent tribute and indication of his great respect for the position. his position as commander in chief. he upset the schedule totally. it was about 35 or 40 minutes. i will never forget his devotion to the troops. >> for i asked, you wouldn't say he stayed on schedule when he came to visit in nebraska.
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as robert mueller gears up for a busy week, president trump calls for michael cohen to serve a full prison sentence. michael cohen asked a federal judge for no prison time. he quoted that he will never testify against trump. trump writes this statement was recently made by roger stone stating that he will not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about president trump. nice to know that some people still have guts. joining me now to discuss, prosecutor and legal analyst laura coates and correspondent, sarah murray. the quotes almost made me stumb stumble. some of the charges were related
10:30 am
to trump and two connected to campaign finance laws, for lying to congress about trump tower moscow plans. what's your reaction here? >> obviously cohen doesn't want to go to prison. we will see how the judge feels in that case. whether mueller weighs in with something else. the president in his tweets is sending a clear signal. if you give any information about me, i'm going to hang you out to dry. he wants to see cohen go away for a long time versus roger stone. he has not been questioned by investigator investigators. you will be rewarded if you don't cooperate. >> with? >> potentially a pardon. it's not ex-policeit plitit in . >> he said that a parton is not off the table. you put the two things together and it's easy to connect. when you look at cohen's sentencing, they were seen next week. he is asking for no prison time.
10:31 am
is that realistic, do you think? >> no, it's not for a number of reasons. the assumption that because you cooperate or because you pled guilty does not mean a judge is going to be lenient. you have taken responsibility and should be held accountable. it happens with a plea offer and they do reward you with a lesser sentence, but not no sentence. especially if he lied to congress as well. the messages sent to the court and the nation is that somebody can lie to congress and be involved in personal tax evasion and campaign finance violations. it's not to michael cohen to say it's a personal toll on my life. i cooperated and that's great. if you do the crime, you will do an aspect of the time. >> the president is saying hey, if you cooperate with special counsel, i am hanging you out to dry. what he said about roger stone,
10:32 am
is it witness tampering? >> it's shocking to do so. it's in the public's eye now. he has been questioned and who would you not question? a defendant or target of an investigation. i would not give that person an opportunity to talk their way out of a charge or allegation or conviction. him not talking to mueller does not bode well for someone like roger stone. saying listen, you have guts if you fail to cooperate with the ongoing investigation is idio c idiotic. he is the head of the executive branch of government to talk to the fellow investigators and give the information. he is trying to influence the thought process of somebody whether it goes to the criminal size of it, tbd. >> when you look at the tweet he creates because it tells you what's on his mind. there are so many tweets that we can show you. is this going to get more intense? >> i do think it will get more intense. if you look at the activity we
10:33 am
have seen over the past week, part of the reason we are seeing this anxiety from the president on twitter is all of these bread crumbs are bringing it closer and closer to president trump. they are implicating him in trump tower and cohen is saying he was in touch with people in the white house and the president's lawyers when he was come think up with false testimony. late or this week, we will get an update on what's going on with michael flynn. we heard almost nothing about that and what it was that paul manafort did that caused the plea agreement to go by the wayside. there are more updates coming. >> what are you keeping an eye on. our legal mind as you look at the week ahead and we see this flynn development that's going to happen. what's interesting to you? >> the timing of it. the last jigsaw piece was the president's own written answers. all the activity happening and
10:34 am
suddenly manafort is a liar. cohen is pleading guilty as well. michael flynn is going to have that after more than a year. all the time that giuliani thought they were buying time have sold time to mueller's investigation and said you have given us time to have our case develop. for me, i'm looking at how michael flynn, cohen and manafort fit together with the president of the u.s.'s written comments. he cannot back pedal and escape his own things in writing. that jigsaw puzzle may be complete. >> written in stone. thanks so much to both of you. a trade war ceasefire. the u.s. and china reaching a truce for 90 days, but questions loom on what they agreed upon. how russian state is trolling president trump after the g-20 summit and the cancelling of the meeting with vladimir putin. welcome to the place where people go
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i sure do! to learn more call or go online today for your free decision guide. oh, and happy birthday... or retirement... in advance. >> can you clear this up for us or at least tell us where these differing pieces are, the differing opinions? >> reporter: there is not a lot of clarity from the white house about where trade talks with
10:40 am
china stand. president trump last night tweeted that china agreed to reduce and remove those 40% tariffs on cars, but larry kudlow told reporters on conference call a few minutes ago that there is no specific agreement from china to remove the tariffs, whether they are going to take them off all together or lower the 40% rate. that's emblematic on the breakthrough that the white house reached with china. neither side is touching or rolling back existing tariffs and both of them seem to have engaged in hand shakes about what they are going to do. president trump delaying further escalation and china has in principal agreed to increase the purchase of agricultural and energy products to try to address the trade balance between the u.s. and china. this administration is being quiet about exactly what china has agreed to purchase and when
10:41 am
they agree to the purchases. the president set a 90-day clock that starts on january 1st. it's not clear in just 90 days, the white house is going to be able to get to the laundry list of structural issues. they can't even agree on what the starting point is. >> very good point. sarah westwood at the white house. thank you so much. i'm joined by gary lock, both ambassador to china and commerce secretary in the obama administration. as you hear this, we thought according to the president that china was cutting tariffs on american cars. we had a whole idea about who the winners and losers were and it turns out according to larry kudlow that this is not exactly the case. what's your reaction to this? >> the positive is that there was a pause or truce on the trade war. the president has given his negotiators some 90 days to try to reach an agreement on the fundamental issues that america has with china's trade and economic policies.
10:42 am
in the meantime, he will not escalate the tariffs up to 25% from the current 10% on some $200 billion worth of chinese goods coming into the united states. we don't really know what else will happen in that meantime. will the chinese remove or reduce the barriers and the tariffs on american agricultural goods because obviously the tariffs that the chinese imposed in retaliation to trump's tariffs hurt american corn growers, soy bean growers and many other manufacturers of components that go into china. at least we are putting a pause to this escalation of the trade war because in a trade war, nobody wins. only losers on both sides. a lots of details yet to be announced. we don't even know what they will be talking about and how the negotiations will proceed. >> certainly diplomatically and
10:43 am
when you talk about trade here, the language matters. that's what i hear you say. i wonder because matt bacchus call this a nothing burger. it sounds like you are not quite in line with what he's thinking. you think there is at least a positive to be taken away from this. >> the economies in both countries were beginning to suffer. if you have a slow down of the u.s. economy, that's obviously going to hurt american workers and american companies and american consumers. a trade war and escalation would only compound that. of course the chinese economy was beginning to slow down and the leaders are worried about jobs in their countries. a pause keeps things from getting worse. if we had a further escalation of the trade war, it would have affected the world economy and that would have come back and had repercussions on the chinese and the u.s. economy. this pause is good, but the key
10:44 am
challenge is what will the discussions focus on. can they achieve agreements on really, really tough issues in only 90 days? issues that have really been hard to solve for many, many years and will the chinese go as far as america wants it to go. a lot of tough negotiations over the next 90 days. >> china doesn't steam think there is 90 days. when you listen to what has come out of the chinese government and chinese state media, while there are discussions, there is a pause. why is that an essential detail there should be agreement on? >> it's the president, president trump said he is going to postpone escalating or increasing the tariffs set to go up on january 1 and he is giving negotiators 90 days. that may be unrealistic, but
10:45 am
what will the president do if they haven't reached full agreement if they only made progress on the tough, tough issues such as technology transfer. intellectual property rights, et cetera, etc. these are going to be tough issues and i don't know that you can even put them all down to paper or even reach a broad outline in 90 days. what will the president do after 90 days or when that expires and what impact if there is not a full agreement, what impact will that have on the u.s. economy and the chinese economy and the world economy? >> the republican senator chuck grassley from iowa would consider legislation that would stop the president from raising tariffs. the law doesn't seem to be on grassley's side, but what does that tell you about the concerns he has as a senator from a state like iowa? >> it shows that a lot of constituents from all around the country, the kwept constituents
10:46 am
been hurt by the tariffs that the trump administration imposed on over $200 billion of goods coming into the united states. the tariffs on things that is really a tax on the american consumer. a tax paid for by american companies that bring in small parts from china. which they then used to assemble and manufacture other things that are sold in america or around the world. it raised the cost of doing business for american companies. it's taken more money out of the pocket books of american consumers and senators and members of congress are concerned about the impact to their constituents. >> ambassador gary lock, thank you so much. we appreciate you being with us today. >> good to be with you, brianna . >> up next, russian media is openly mocking president trump for bailing on his meeting with vladimir putin at the g-20 summit. we are live in moscow next.
10:47 am
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10:52 am
from moscow with the story. what is russian state media saying? >> hi, brianna, you're absolutely right. they're certainly not buying it. they believe why president trump canceled that meeting is because of domestic political concerns. all of that coming as that plea agreement from michael cohen was also taking shape. and that's certainly what the russians are putting first and foremost. it really seems to us here as though the criticism that president trump is getting from russian state-run television, from a lot of shows there is of a different quality than we've seen before. you know, there have been rough patches, even since trump has been in office. for instance, when the u.s. sanctioned russia. but now it really seems like it's taken a step further, whether some commentators who are saying that they believe that trump is like a rock around russia's neck, that relations between the u.s. and russia can't get any better, as long as trump is in office. it's interesting, because one very powerful commentator here in russia said, look, it's absolutely strange that president trump, a few minutes earlier, had said that he's
10:53 am
looking forward to the meeting, and then all of a sudden said the meeting is off and him saying, it looks almost as though to the russians, that president trump is something like an unstable character. so, certainly, a lot of very scathing criticism, coming from russian television shows, which, you know, in a lot of cases do mirror the thinking that's going on in the kremlin, as well. because they are a state-run media. there is a lot of anger, but also a lot of mocking of president trump, as well, brianna. >> and it seems like they're trying to get under his skin, right? because, as you know, really anyone who watches president trump knows, he has this obsession with strength and they're calling him weak. >> yeah. yeah, it seems like they're calling him weak. one of the things that we've seen in the past is that even when things got tough between the u.s. and russia, you would hear from russian state media, and quite frankly, from a lot of russian government officials, is is that they would try to shield president trump from it, saying, look, they believe that president trump was trying to improve relations between the u.s. and russia, but it was maybe the russia investigation
10:54 am
that got in the way. or congress that was sanctioning them. so, now what they're essentially saying is that they believe that he might be too weak to go against some of the political climate that's going on in washington. certainly, if you see some of the criticism that we saw specifically last night, there's a really prominent show that's on sunday evenings, where they said that he was trying to avoid people there at the g-20 summit, that he looked as he was very introverted when he was there. so, yeah, it looks as they're saying that he might be, which is a big insult here in russia, that he might be too weak to handle some of the domestic political issues that he's facing at home, and therefore taking that out on the russians. brianna. >> big insult to president trump, as well. all right, fred pleitgen, thank you so much, reporting from moscow for us. soon, former president george h.w. bush will arrive in washington for the last time. he will lie in state in the u.s. capitol as the nation honors his life of service. and we'll have live coverage on cnn. stay with us.
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hello. i'm ana cabrera in for brooke baldwin today. thank you for joining us as the nation mourns for the 41st president during a week of tributes. the one happening in just hours will give americans who have never met george h.w. bush an up-close opportunity to pay their respects. he will lie in state in the u.s. capitol rotunda starting tonight through wednesday morning, with plans to keep the rotunda open all hours during that time. bush died at the age of 94 on friday in houston. and today every step of his transport, from texas to the nation's capital has been met with honor and ceremony. and you will see, that will continue in just a short time from now, his body will arrive to the d.c. area to air force one, which has been renamed special mission 41 to recognize the final flight of the world war ii aviator. we will bring you the arrival live right here on cnn. and as we wait, i want to go now to cnn's senior white house correspondent, jeff zeleny. jeff


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