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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  December 28, 2018 3:00am-4:01am PST

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that's a transformer explosion. that's remarkable. nobody was hurt. no lasting significant power outages. that was last night. i just want to show people what ghostbusters looks like. >> there's some parallel. the colors are a little different. >> the good news, again, this is not the second coming of zuel, but the bad news is, the government is shut down until 2019. that means about 800,000 federal workers remain on furlough or are working without pay even as the politicians that can't make a deal are collecting their paychecks. nancy pelosi said the democrats have given the white house three options to end the shut down, and none of them include funding for the border wall.
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the president says he still wants $5 billion. the volatile markets, and we know the president follows them, especially the dow that will mr. trump got a boost on wednesday. the dow roaring back to finish higher. let's begin our white house coverage. >> reporter: the house and senate reconvened yesterday, they gavelled in and gavelled right back out. not much progress on a deal to end to shut down. the likelihood now that we won't see much progress until nancy pelosi, the likely speaker is gavelled in next thursday. democrats have promised to immediately bring up those three potential solutions to the government shutdown that john mentioned, none of which
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contained funding for the border wall. and pelosi's team wrote democrats have offered republicans three options for funding the government, and with the house majority democrats will act swiftly to end the trump shutdown. president trump did not have any public appearances except for the run from his trip to iraq and germany, and the president did tweet a dozen times mostly on the focus of immigration. and he tweeted, former president, barack obama, in a call he made years ago, and he also tweeted about the fatal police shooting in california, the suspected an undocumented immigrant, and the president suggesting if he would have gotten the border wall could
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have prevented that shooting. >> going on until next year. that seems certain now. boris sanchez, thank you for being with us. >> reporter: of course. and let's bring in our panel now. frank bruni did not know zuel returned. >> no, didn't observe that. >> i am glad you survived. this shout down is lasting until 2019, and i don't see how it ends but you do see a capitulation here? >> ultimately he has to kau pat capitulate. you know, maybe in the end it doesn't need to be that much
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because whatever it is, donald trump will say he won and will twist the facts, and ann coulter's head will explode. >> that's a lot you just packed in there. >> yeah, especially the exploding head at the end. the president needs to latch on to something, and he is calling this all about a win, and not a win for everybody, especially the 800,000 workers. >> he could latch on to his experience as the dealmaker and start making a deal, really. he is dead set on $5 billion, and the dems have said 1.3 and now there's talking about $2.5
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billion. the further the shutdown continues to go, and the closer the democrats get to takeover the house and their incentive to make deals dwindles, and i have always said the president needs to give democrats something to work with whether it's protections for dreamers or lowering that number, and that's the way you go about making progress on this. ideally this would have been worked out before the government shut down but that's not going to happen. mark meadows has been really firm on making sure the president does hold his ground on making sure he gets funding for the wall regardless there's something like that. >> at this point, it looks like it could be in for a very long term-shut shutdown, a long hfp
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term shutdown, bakari. and the public opinion on the border wall, we asked repeatedly how do you feel about the border wall between the united states and mix cexico, 57% oppose a bo wall between the united states and mexico. not that close. 38% support it. nancy pelosi will be the speaker of the house in just a few days, bakari. this is not what she wanted to do on day one. she did not want to have to keep the government funded on day one. she had other plans. does this muck up democrats's agenda in the new year? >> not at all. if anybody can walk and chew gum at the same time it's nancy pelosi. one thing i will say is that donald trump, i believe, and i
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think a lot would find this could be correct, he's terrified of nancy pelosi. all of their interactions with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, you see somebody that doesn't want to get into those types of battled with somebody as shrewd as nancy pelosi. one thing that is simple, it's the irony of this. you have border patrol agents out of work and being furloughed, and coast guard workers out of work and being furloughed, and on new year's eve, you will have a party at mar-a-lago, and who is going to be patrolling the water while they celebrate new year's eve. you have these kwrubskwrubgs
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positions. >> i think democrats, in my view, made it clear they are going to come in and they want to open up the government, and they want to fund some type of border security, but they already laid out what their legislative agenda is, their anti-corruption and voting rights bills. look, for all the criticism i have of nancy pelosi, i don't doubt she will work to get her agenda put on the table and work on that, and we have the big huge elephant in the room of funding the government. i applaud the government for standing firm on a major campaign promise where he said he would get the ball buiwall bd i think his priorities should have taken a drastic turn, because i am all about something that somebody else is paying for, but when it comes out of my pocketbook and taxpayer pocket
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books, it puts a whole different priority on this wall. >> you are laughing. >> i am laughing because mexico is never going to pay for it. i talked to ann coulter, and she said none of them took that mexico is going to pay for it as a real promise, but they took the wall as a real promise. as much as we have criticized those people on the right, who are holding trump's feet to the fire and are in some cases and in some ways the engines of the shut down, they are just taking him at his word and that's the real problem is here, he welded himself to this position during the campaign and spent the first part of the presidency doing absolutely nothing about this, and now he's about to see the house go into democratic control, and it's the final hours and he's trying to salvage something from a promise he was never going to be able to keep in the first place. >> he does like to be able and say, look at the promises i kept
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and look what happened. his tweet yesterday, it's not about the wall and it's all about winning and democrats want to keep donald trump and republicans frommi having a win. nobody is winning here. there are 800,000 workers who are certainly not winning, and the president trying to say it's not about the wall and we know it's about the winning. >> i will note that donald trump tweeted himself in the third person. >> it's like "seinfeld." >> right. >> the truth here is on the democrats' side. the wall -- the absence of the wall is not the major problem on the war on drugs, which is not the war on drugs it was yesteryear. illegal immigration is not rising, it's falling. all these things that justify the wall and the defiance of
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public opinion to build the wall, it's not grounded in reality. >> democrats have supported the idea of a wall or some type of fence along the border, but now the fact that this has trump's name on it they are not quite as excited about spending the money on it, and that's understandable, and that's why they need to come together and determine how much they want to spend on the idea, or if they want it to be a fence or steal slats or as been stated a. beaded curtain, and it doesn't matter. everybody can agree we want security at the border and protections at the dreamers, so everybody could have a win-win. >> for long period of time democrats have been pushing and very few republicans, and lindsay graham was one, and john mccain, may he rest in peace, was another. when you look at the fact that
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democrats put $25 billion up for a wall, but that came for protections for dreamers and making sure they can obtain citizenship, and that was rejected by the president of the united states, and now he wants $5 billion for a wall. first of all, that's not going to build any type of wall of any substance on our southern border. even if the wall is up, that doesn't fix our immigration problem. net migration from mexico is zero. most of the illegal immigrants from the country are here because they over stayed visas, and the number one contributor to our surging drug problem is from points of entry or pharmaceutical companies. we're not just going to give the president $5 billion for a wall that is not going to fix a problem, and so he can say he did it and ann coulter and rush
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limbaughs of the world can be excited he kept a promise. >> and this border security, that would include fencing and repairs to existing structures, if the only difference is between 1.3 and $2 billion, how far do you think democrats should fight for that? >> i think it's going to be -- i said it yesterday and i will say it until i am blue in the face, i will say it until it's $1.6 billion, and i think the funds the democrats shall pushing are going to make sure we have an efficient asylum process along the border, and going to make sure that we have more border patrol agents, making sure they are paid what they need and get the resources they need. so it's more than just a wall. it's about having some comprehensive approach to the way we tackle immigration in the country. >> friends. stick around. we have a lot more to discuss coming up in a few minutes. first, more on the
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transformer explosion that create add spectacular sight. it turned the night sky blue and lit up social media into a frenzy of speculations. christina is live in queens with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, that blue light certainly sparking a lot of speculation and worry, and possibly of an alien invasion, and that was the rumor circulating on social media and the nypd had to put that rumor out with a tweet last night. that blue light could be seen as far as long island and residents here were shaken by the explosion that happened in the power planned just behind me, that's where it all started. residents reported windows rattling, buildings shaking, and there was, as you said, temporary power outages, and a
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temporary ground halt at laguardia airport, and certainly that blue light catching a lot of attention. >> oh, that can't be good. >> reporter: a transformer explosion at a new york power plant illuminating the 60city's skyline. the blue glow confusing and frightening onlookers. >> oh, my god! look at the sky! >> reporter: sending social media interest a frenzy. >> why is the sky blinking? does anybody see this? >> reporter: the flickering lights from the blast visible from across the city and parts of new jersey and long island, leaving manhattan's bridges silhouetted in blue. >> i heard a giant bang. i thought it was fireworks go off, and i saw sparks in the sky that looked like blue fire. >> reporter: a spokesperson says an electrical fire broke out
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after the transformers tripped, but it was quickly put out and nobody was injured. residents pouring into the street as smoke pillowed overhead. the explosion causing temporarily outages and grounded planes for an hour. every terminal in the airport was impacted, briefly leaving passengers in the dark. >> we are at our gate, and the lights started flickering and everybody ran out. >> new yorkers speculating the strange phenomenon was something out of a spielberg movie. >> it looked like it was daytime. it looked bright blue, and it was a weird color, too. >> oh, my god, yo, look at the sky, the sky is blinking. >> reporter: the police department trying to put rumors
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of athings to rest. >> reporter: we'll have to see what the investigation ultimately bears. >> unsuspicious, as long as you are okay with the apocalypse is the way they should have said it, because there is no denying what it looked like, but this was sketchy. >> and it lasted for a little bit, too. >> long enough for everybody that works at cnn to pull out their cameras and film it. and shots in the video, and
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sre lenny's is really good. >> i want to compare it to ghostbusters. you want to tell me these two are not connected? >> did you bring your suit in case you are called into service. >> yeah, i have that, i have the flex capacitor -- >> next time. the new year will hopefully bring us safety from zule, and up next we have a divided congress. and sometimes those experts need experts. on it. [ crash ] and sometimes the expert the expert needed needs insurance expertise. it's all good. steve, you're covered for general liability. and, paul, we got your back with workers' comp. wow, it's like a party in here.
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when 116th congress reconvenes it will be the first time in 108 years the democrats have the power to set the house. cnn has learned committees are hiring lawyers, laying the ground work for investigations. let's welcome back bakari sellers and alison stewart and frank bernie. it's interesting that this is the reporting that the job descriptions are out there and this is what is needed in the house, and specifically we can put up the recent house judiciary committee job posting obtained by cnn. criminal law, immigration law,
3:23 am
constitutional law, ip, commercial -- i don't know, bakari bakari, is there anything not on the list? >> it looks as if we are going to take a few young people out of law school. democrats are not just going to be focused on oversight and investigations. yes, that's part of it. we will have voting rights bills and civil rights bills and a wide variety of things hitting the floor of the house in the first month or two, which are going to run parallel, and yes, we are hiring a bunch of lawyers and ae wiwe will be doing overs and especially elijah cummings will be a thorn in donald trump's side but that will not be the only thing democrats will be doing, because house democrats have to do much of the work because most of the democrats in the senate are running for president of the united states. >> can we put that job posting up once again, because this
3:24 am
can't be real. this seems like a joke job posting from the house judicial committee. they want people with expertise, in criminal, law, immigration, and constitutional law, and also plumbing -- >> john. >> that's, like everything. that answers the question before the mid-term elections, republicans were asking the questions, what are democrats' plans if they were to take over the house or senate, are they going to legislate or investigating, and clearly they plan to investigate. and i am not saying there's nothing to take a look at, and while that is happening i am fully confidence this president and the administration will do what they have been doing and cast that off as more of a witch hunt, just like mueller, and say that it's part of a left wing conspiracy and convince his base that is the motive behind this.
3:25 am
truly, as a republican, i am concerned about that and i am looking at what will happen with the mueller investigation, and that's a bigger concern for this president head into 2019. we are not just keeping an eye on what the democrats will be look into, but the mueller probe is still looming in the background. >> i get the sense that nancy pelosi is focused like a laser beam on the criticism that all democrats are going to do is investigate, and on day one that the plan has started to pass legislation, and nevertheless, you suggest that when she does take over in just a few days, what changes not to overstate it, everything. >> the entire atmosphere of washington, d.c. changes. i think this is as much a
3:26 am
psychological as a political question when you are talking about the president. he felt like a martyr and portrayed himself as a victim for the last two years, even while republicans controlled both chambers of congress. if that is how he felt and talked when he had everything going his way, and i am hearing more and more talk and speculation, do we know he will make it two more years? when you look at the last month, and we are talking about democrats taking over the house, and what we have seen in the last couple of weeks is more republican revolt, and maybe revolt is too big of a word, but revolt against the president than in the past two years, and that's the other question, how much with the republicans stick by if more things happen along the lines of the mattis exodus, and i think donald trump is more isolated than he ever has been. >> in the reporting, he is
3:27 am
isolated. we know he is increasingly going with his gut. i don't think it's something new for donald trump. surrounding himself, alice, with more people who are "yes" men, and may not challenge. >> he has said before many times that he trusts his gut more than he does other people's brains at times and i feel like that has gotten us into situations that could have easily been avoided. with frank's regard to those in the senate closely aligned with the president, they are doing so because they are looking at where the base is. the base is still 80%, 85% in line with this president, and if that's where their base is, that's where they are going to go and that's why we are seeing a lot of them strongly in line with the president, and they realize with democrats in
3:28 am
control of the house, they will have to work across the isles to get something done, and the slow wheels do turn in washington. >> bakari, can i lean on your legal expertise as well as your pr experience, rudy guiliani started talking about wikileaks and suggested the president did not talk to wikileaks but even if people in the campaign did, if they knew wikileaks had the stolen e-mails and was going to release them, what crime was committed? i don't believe in kcoincidence. is he trying to explain away possible contact between trump campaign associates, maybe roger stone and wikileaks, with these stolen e-mails? >> so i don't think you need a
3:29 am
law degree to say that rudy guiliani is really doing a disservice to his client. i think that's the mildest way i could put it. i am not sure anybody after this will hire rudy guiliani to do legal services again, because his foot is all the way down his throat ever time he opens his mouth. collusion is not a crime, but what is a crime is conspiracy. you are starting to see elements of conspiracy between donald trump's campaign and some foreign actors to engage in the submersion of our democracy and in a violation of the federal election laws and on and on, and there are elements of conspiracy. you would have rudy guiliani, you could go back and look at the tapes of when he goes and says that everything that happens in donald trump's orbit he knows and that plays a part of it because he's that large of a person, and you can't sreut both ways. as alice said, the largest
3:30 am
danger to a trump presidency is not nancy pelosi or chuck schumer, it's what happens in mueller's office. if he makes it through 2019, he gets to do what he does best, which is campaign for president of the united states. he will be fully inthraulenthra. >> he will develole out nicknamo those running against him. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. her son died in border patrol custody, and now in a revealing interview, she tells cnn why her husband took their child on that treacherous journey to america. that's next.
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homeland security secretary, kirsten nielsen heads to the border today after a second child dies in border control custody this month. this morning we are hearing from the mother of the boy that died christmas eve. secretary nielsen will make her first stop today in texas. >> reporter: hi, john. secretary nielsen stated the reason for coming to the border is to see firsthand the medical screenings taking place inside the border control stations. obviously she is facing the fresh new crisis for two
3:35 am
children that died in less than a month and wants to see the enhanced screenings that will be taking place. she will be in el paso today and yuma, arizona, tomorrow. we are gaining insight on why the 8-year-old and father came to the country, why they wanted to leave guatemala and come to the united states, and the father wanted to find better work and the son needed better education, but the reason why they brought the son, they were under the impression, when you bring a child you have a better chance of gaining entrance into the united states, and many have gone with children and always managed to get across easily. critics of immigration, is saying this is a system that incentivizes bringing children across, and this is the latest
3:36 am
tragic example of that. >> thank you. a massive storm is being blamed for two deaths and flooding in the south and it could bring blizzard conditions to millions this weekend. >> good morning, erica. we have a lot to talk about. we have the storm system stretching from the northeast all the way down to the south, bringing monster storms to places like new orleans this morning, and also raining in d.c., new york, atlanta, boston, and getting a mix of rain and even a little bit of snow, but all of this rain over the last 24 hours across the south with the slow-moving system, we saw ten inches plus across southern portions of mississippi, so we have flash flood watches and warnings in effect right now, and you can see 50 million people under a flood stretch stretches all the way up to new york city. the rain accumulation through saturday morning, we will see that bullseye around the panhandle, stretching all the
3:37 am
way up to the northeast, so it's going to be slow-moving at the airports now for big cities like atlanta, new york, d.c., boston, all will see delays for today, and even seeing delays as far back as chicago and cincinnati. and looking ahead, as we look into new year's eve, things don't look much better. the first round will clear out by the weekend, but we have a second round coming through just in time for new year's eve, unfortunately. we will bring rain into the new year, so if everybody is headed to the city for the ball drop, you could get wet. temperatures will be warmer than last year, john. >> you will get rained on and you can't go to the bathroom for nine hours if you are in times square. sounds like a great night. as 2018 comes to an end, the eyes of the political world, they are on 2020. which democrats will step up to
3:38 am
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2019 is just a few days away, but for get 2019, let's talk about 2020. which dems will be running for president? there's something about harry. let's bring in harry enten. alisyn camerota is off today. >> i know. >> occasionally she does watch, and this is for her, because alisyn says why are we talking about 2020? it's too soon. no, it's not too soon. it's now, harry. you have done calculations about when people jump in the race. >> i have been off a couple days and i decided to look back and look at the median entry date in which there was no incumbent
3:42 am
running on either side, and the median is march 12th, the year before the primary. we are just a few months out from that, and so i expect that candidates are going to start throwing their names in the ring with even more regularity as we enter the new year. >> i thought we were going to say november 2018, and that's good that it's next year. >> half will come before. we have seen john dulaney, and castro, and i think that will be one of the more interesting things to see if the candidates are going to tip their toe into the water a little bit. the point is, will they start with an exploratory committee or throw their ring in immediately? >> look at this. look at barack obama.
3:43 am
2016, and look at john mccain -- >> you work with producers, and you are trying to say when did they enter, and you mean, did you mean 2007 -- no, it was two years ahead of the election. the latest on there was hillary clinton who declared on april 12th, 2015. we forget that donald trump formed an exploratory committee in march of 2015, but a lot did not believe he was going to actually run. he was signaling in march that he would, so i would not be surprised that the eventual nominee declared or formed an exploratory committee this upcoming month. >> what are some of the folks saying on the democratic side? we know they love to dance around it a little bit. >> yeah, going we have a list that we can throw up there, but what we see is some of them saying i am going to make up my mind by january, and that was
3:44 am
a bidens. and senator warren, i will take a hard look. and senator cory booker says i will consider running for president, and kamala harris says over the holiday i will make that decision with my family, and that's now. they look like they are adhering -- we have more candidates up there, and it doesn't look like it will be one of the later years, and sometimes you look at the 1992 democratic field, and that formed very late. bill clinton did not get into the second half until 1991. maybe there will be a late one. sometimes, you know, wesley clark got in late in 2004, or rick perry got in late in 2011, but i think at this point the eventual nominee will get in january, february or march.
3:45 am
>> we're also learning that ohio senator, sherrod brown, is meeting with barack obama, and i thought, what -- i want to come and kiss the ring, and does that help you or hurt you when the narrative is i would love to meet with you? >> i would love to have a nice meeting with former president barack obama. barack obama is still the most popular person in the democratic party at this point in time, and hillary clinton's numbers have gone down since she lost in 2016, and barack obama has favorable ratings, and 80 or 90%, and he's about as popular with democrats as donald trump is with republicans. for me, this is somebody that wants to say, hey, this guy likes me, he likes me. >> we have jonathan martin with t "the new york times," and sherrod brown may cut into
3:46 am
bernie sanders' backing. we have you here, and you look at the numbers. new year's resolutions. what is the statistics, the data? >> i probably am not going to make a new year's resolution, but there was a marist poll a year ago and it said 44% said they were somewhat likely to make a resolution, and 56 said not likely at all, and i am in the 44%. this is one of the things i do on my day off, i listen to the news instead of appear on it. in any event, they said you should probably make weekly resolution instead of a yearly one. i don't believe in making resolutions at all. what people are saying, what they might make their resolution, if you look at the top answer over the last few
3:47 am
years, i want to be a better person, 12%. maybe i should be a better person and maybe i should call my mother more frequently -- >> it's her birthday tomorrow. >> yes, it's her birthday tomorrow and i am a good son from time to time. these are types of things that i think are difficult for people to keep. if they made easier ones, they could be easier to keep. >> i will take the under on each of those. my thing is if there's a likely resolution screen, are you likely or somewhat likely to make a resolution? >> everything in politics can be applied to real life. i am not likely at all to be able to keep a new year's resolution, but if i were to keep one, maybe i should eat less fast-food. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. a police officer's very close call, almost hit by a train --
3:48 am
>> oh, my god! look at that. >> that's next. are you a christian author with
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alabama's attorney general is now look into an alleged disinformation campaign that targeted roy moore. you may recall moore nearly lost his bid in a special election last year. according to the "washington post" a project used some of the
3:52 am
same tactics russians used during the 2016 presidential election. >> heart pounding moments caught on video. an illinois police officer narrowly escaped being hit by a train. look at that, as he was about to drive through a crossing. you can see this all because it was caught on the police officer's dashcam. warning lights, you know, you can see them flashing as he approaches, but not until the moment when the train speeds by. the incident is blamed on an electrical problem with the crossing gate. fortunately this officer has lightning-quick reflexes and swerved and is totally fine. >> that's amazing. and the video is very clear.
3:53 am
>> i don't want to preach, but you should always slow down near train crossings. you should always be careful, because things like this can happen. clemson will be without one of its star players in the college football playoff semifinal against notre dame. coy wire has more in this morning's "bleacher report." >> the suspension of three players upheld after tests showed small amounts of banned substances. the players are denying any wrong doing, and their coach was quick to support them. the cotton bowl is the match-up of two of the games tomorrow, and alabama is facing oklahoma, and it's likely to be oklahoma's
3:54 am
star quarterback already signed to play with the oakland a's in baseball. >> he's not -- no, i'm good. >> you know that's hard for any coach. you can sequin and williams, almost as if he had visions of nick saban staring him down, saying, don't you dare. >> you can see the shock being applied. washington preparing for a long shutdown as we now know there won't be a vote on any deal until next year. more on that just ahead. first, the new cnn film "love gilda" looks at the live of the comedy legend, gilda
3:55 am
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i think it will be weeks, not days. that's a shame. there should be urgency. >> he created this crisis. >> they risk painting themselves
4:00 am
as looking weak on border security. i heard a giant bang and thought it was fireworks going off. >> a blue light in the night sky after a transformer explosion. >> it seemed like there was a ufo or something. >> lights went out, and it was like, everybody run. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." alisyn is off and erica hill joins me. i am happy to inform you, there's no alien invasion. everybody always complains we no report good news. that's good news. last night, it looked bonkers. there was a transformer explosion in queens, and you can see what it looked like. this is no filter. this is actually video shot from manhattan. look at that. that's crazy. >> that's wild. >> ans


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