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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 1, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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dad that he is and in the way that he's been able to support me. but we also have to remember that we're not done. our future has a lot more. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, knox, indiana. >> that is great. >> and top of the hour now, i'm pamela brown, happy new year to you. a michigan family begins this new year in both shock and relief. their missing son, a 48-year-old security executive is found alive but in russia detained under charges that he was caught in the act of spying for the united states. however, the family of paul wheelan says, quote, the innocence is undoubted. his twin brother told cnn the russian allegations are not true. >> paul's a very capable person. he's physically a large person. so he has a big ground in law
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enforcement, he was a marine, he does corporate security and he travel regularly. he's not the sort of person who would stumble into a strange environment or make poor choices that could cause him risks but particularly he wouldn't have made choices that would have gotten him side ways of the russian government and its espionage act. >> the brother also revealed that whelan is a retired marine and he traveled to russia multiple times, when youing win he was a staff sergeant in 2006. the family did not know about the spy accusations until just yesterday morning when russia's counterintelligence agency announced that whelan was in custody. we turn to martin savidge, who is in the michigan town where he lives. has any of the family been able to speak with him since he was
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detained? >> reporter: no, pamela, they have not, and they are very worried about his condition and about when he may return. they really want is u.s. state department officials to meet with their son and brother who is being held by russian authorities and ascertain exactly how is he doing and try to understand more fully what is it he's been charged with and why. even though, yes, he does have a background in corporate security, he was not working in russia in any capacity for his company or anyone else. he was there to attend a wedding. it his twin brother who says that's the kind of guy he is. he went to russia to help a friend with a wedding and attend that wedding and he never showed up and that's when the family got very worried. >> paul's a kind soul. he's very generous. he's notorious around my kids for his huge belly laugh.
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he often has stories that make you eye roll. he's that sort of personality. he's very loyal to family and friends. i think that's partly how this worked out. he had a request from a friend and he thought he could help out because he had been to russia and could maybe help other americans from the family who hadn't been to russia to navigate their way around, get on the metro, that sort of thing. but he's a very kind person. >> so when he disappeared on the 28th when he was not at the wedding, when he was not heard from by family and friends, they thought actually something really tragic might have happened, that he may have been a victim of crime, that he may have been murdered. that's why you had this odd relief when you find out that he had been arrested but this arrest on espionage and they're very concerned about what comes
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next. >> at the same time this american is detained in russia, there is a russian in the u.s. who pleaded guilty just this month. maria butina has has hearing coming up. matthew, i want to go to you first. has russia given any response to the spy arrest acting as a response to butina's case? is there any connection here, we believe? >> reporter: well, look, the only connection may be timing. it was just two weeks ago that maria butina pleaded guilty to conspiracy after prosecutors accused her of trying to
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infiltrate groups in the united states. but beyond that, there's certainly no line been drawn between this latest arrest of paul whelan in moscow. one caveat to that, the russians are absolutely furious that maria butina has been accused in the way that she has been. they say their intelligence services have no knowledge of her and they want her returned to russia. the issue came up a couple of peeks ago in vladimir putin's annual news conference in which he spoke about it. he said there's not going to be any retribution for this, we will not arrest innocent people simply to exchange them for someone else. yet a couple of weeks later paul whelan is arrested, accused of espionage and the speculation is that may be something that happens in the future.
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it t it's too early to talk about a prisoner swap but that is being talked about. >> do you think this is tit for tat? >> it's unclear. this is a very fraught time between the russia and the united states. it is correct that moscow was furious about maria butina. in fact, ne hthey had a massive. campaign saying "free maria butina" and when she pleaded guilty for being an unregistered foreign agent, i'm sure that must have been quite embarrassing and damaging in a as soon as to the kremlin. so you would think that they would want to do something to kind of answer in a p.r. way what happened to maria butina
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and maybe more than just p.r. we have to be very careful here but i do think you'd have to say circumstantially those two things coming at the same time would lead to you think that although officially they are not saying -- in fact some people in russia are denying there's any connection, it certainly appears the timing would indicate that there could be. >> and it's no surprise people in russia are denying that connection, given we know how russia operates. any thought on when russia when they say whelan was detained while carrying out an act of espionage? >> right. i've been reading the russian media reports and statements and they are being very careful to present this as an extremely legal action. they say he was caught red handed, essentially, in some type of espionage activity.
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they said we are following the letter of the law. they even put in the official statement the charge and the number of the charge in the russian legal code, et cetera. so what they are trying to say is we are following exactly what we should be, we have a very good case and there's a subtext here of a lot of praise of how the fsb, the russian intelligence service domestic kind of like the fbi here, it's the fsb, kgb former, how they carried out this operation. lots of praise for how they did it. so they're going to take a very legalistic approach. and remember one of the primary words that russia uses in international relations, certainly spinks lithings like reciprocity. they will answer precisely what is happening from the other side. so i think maybe we have to look for some reciprocity. >> matthew, last question to
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you. whelan's family says, quote, we trust that his rights will be respected. any idea how he's being tweeted while in custody there in russia? >> the family pointed out that they've been informed that the russians have 72 hours before they have to give consular access to u.s. diplomats, to ascertain the condition of the prisoner, paul whelan in this case. that 72 hours will have passed already. he was arrested sometime in the afternoon, we believe, on december the 28th. and it now january the 1st. that 72 hours has passed. i've been in close contact with the u.s. embassy here on whether to get a read on whether consular access has been granted. they've called on russia and reminded russia that they have to give that kind of access but at the moment we have not received any indication that that access has actually been
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got i don't knten and that pauw been able to meet with any representative of the u.s. embassy. >> and still ahead, president trump feeling positive about the new year despite a government shutdown that's going on 11 days now and counting. >> it's going to be a great year, complicated but great. people make it overly complicated actually. >> we will take you live to washington where he has just invited congressional leaders to the white house. plus the president puts a timetable on pulling out of syria and what the military will leave behind. >> and a manhunt under way for a gunman who opened fire in a walmart parking lot injuring a
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mother and killing her daughter. don mcgahn
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. nearly 11 full days, 800,000 federal employees are working without pay or furloughed and no end in sight. that's been the story of the government shutdown so far. but could tomorrow mark a turning point in cnn has learned that president trump has invited congressional leaders from both parties to the white house on wednesday. he tweeted "border security and the wall thing and shutdown is not where nancy pelosi wanted to start her tenure as speaker. let's make a deal?" but the president will likely take a pass on the deal the
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democrats are currently offering. the proposal temporarily funds the department of homeland security at current level until february 8th but fodoes not include any additional money for a border wall. and as the president said before, the wall is not negotiable. >> i'm in the washington, i'm ready, willing, able, aim ready to go. they can come over any time. i spent christmas and new year's eve now in the white house. you know, i'm here. i'm ready to go. it's very important. a lot of people are looking to got their paycheck. we are not giving up. we have to have border security and the wall is a big part of border security, the biggest part. >> i want to bring in two people to discuss all of this. gentlemen, happy new year. >> happy new year.
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thanks for having us. >> doug, i'll start with you. president trump has been determined to make good on his campaign promise of building a wall. the democrats are just as determined to prevent it from happening. what will be the result of tomorrow's meeting and what is end game here? >> it doesn't appear either side has an end game in sight or know what is its strategy is. when you go back to 2013 when we had the government shutdown. we were going on the republican side events every day. the press might have cynically called them political stunts, they would have been right bush every day we were trying to fill the void and the democrats were doing the same thing. but nancy pelosi and the democrats seem to be taking a
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michael corleone type of offer here, nothing. >> democrats say senate republican be complicit in the shutdown if it doesn't pass. but is this a risk politically given they will soon control half of congress? >> pamela, i don't think so. the american people are clearly on the side of the democrats. reuters put out a poll that shows 47% of americans blame donald trump for this, that's 13% more than they blame democrats at 33%. quinnipiac a month ago that blamed donald trump on this. and the fact of the matter is donald trump said he would be, quote, proud to shut down the the government over the wall. and donald trump said mexico was going to pay for the border wall, not the american taxpayers. mick mulvaney said this border
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wall is secure. they are going to dig their heeling in and are not going to pay for that wall. >> and the they are suing the employees for having to work without being paid. >> unfortunately during the '13 shutdown i was considered essential and had to work even on weekends. there wasn't a lot of sympathy for government employees. ultimately we still have the question of what is that tipping point going to be. we know it's going to be political pressure and which side feels the most political pressure. if you're nancy pelosi, you've had a great benefit in donald trump taking the blame of the shut down on him. that has set the things against republicans to the point that mitch mcconnell doesn't want to be seen publicly a whole lot because he doesn't want to
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answer a lot of questions because donald trump basically sold senate republicans out. they voted on a deal they thought the white house would accept and that hasn't been accepted by the white house yet. how long does the political pressure last? >> there's not a lot of sympathy for federal employees. how much do people care about this government shutdown? >> i think a tremendous amount. i mean, these are working people, middle class folks, they're not millionaires and billionaires like donald trump and the trump cronies. these are hard working folks who depend on that to pay rent and food on the table. the democrats are going to put forward a common sense plan for security to fund the government and they'll continue to do that. the 2018 election was a water shed moment for democrats who
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won 40 seats at a time when donald trump was crisscrossing the country campaigning against the caravan. now he's campaigning on this hard edge issue of immigration and this wall, that he said mexico was going to pay for perhaps to be a good issue for his base but not for a 2020 electoral landslide with the independent swing voters he's going to need going into 2020. >> and the president will tell you, look, i lost the house but i did well in the senate. i want to ask you guys before we wrap up with the president is saying in a public battle with retired four star general mcchrystal, who said this. >> if you were asked to join the trump administration, what would you say? >> i'd say no. it's important for me to work for people who i think are basically honest, who tell the truth as best they know it. >> reporter: you think he's a
12:22 pm
liar. >> i don't think he tells the truth. >> reporter: is trump immoral in your view? >> i think he is. >> now the president firing back, claiming mcchrystal got fired like a dog by obama. last assignment a total bust. known for big, dumb mouth. hillary lover. we should be clear that mcchrystal was not fired. this is a president who touts his love and respect for the military and yet he makes comments like these. >> clearly donald trump is a fan of people who are donald trump fans. that's no surprise. folks talk about how donald trump is a counterpuncher. he never misses a chance to punch below his weight. >> dave? >> it's deplorable, reckless and unbecoming of a president of the
12:23 pm
united states. these are decorated war heros who risked their lives for our country. and donald trump shouldn't be talking about decorated military vet raspbererans when he deferr the draft. now he's attacking decorated war heros like the general. >> thank you both, doug, dave. appreciate it. >> many thanks. >> thank you. >> up next, my interview with the mother of a 7-year-old little girl killed in a drive-by shooting. she and her family are pleading for him to turn himself in. >> i just want there anybody out there who knows anything about the murder of my daughter to please step up. but that's not stopping anyone o, that's good!
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so you can do more of what you love. my name is tito, and i'm a tech-house manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. we are hearing from the mother who was shot in a driveby that killed her 7-year-old daughter. i talked to laporsche washington from her hospital bed about what she would say to the shooter. >> what is your message to the man? >> i just want him to be a man and turn himself in because my child wouldn't -- i wouill neve
12:29 pm
get to see my child again. you took her away from me behind whatever what was going on in your head and i don't know if it was some kind of hatred, violent hatred, if it was a hate crime or what it was. but you could plainly see through my windows, i have no tint on my window. you could see it was a mother, a black mother with four beautiful children, girls, in this car. even if something did have happened, when you fired that first shot and you seen my kids in that car, you should have stopped. you should have stopped. you took my baby from me and you have no care in the world. and i just wish you would turn yourself in. >> absolutely gut wrenching. well, that manhunt does continue for the gunman.
12:30 pm
i want to bring in nick valencia on that. what more do we know about the shooter, nick? >> that is just such a difficult interview to listen to, pamela. can you imagine being that family, seeing your daughter, your sister being gunned down in front of you and you survived it. the suspected shoot ser is a whe male in his 40s, he had a white beard and he was in a red pickup truck. the sheriff in harris county is saying that the family did nothing wrong, nothing to provoke this incident. this is possibly -- it could be a potential hate crime. nothing is being left off the table right now. there are very limited details. we know jasmine barnes was 7 years old, she was with her mother, in a houston area walmart, leaving that walmart on sunday when the suspected gunman
12:31 pm
opened fire, according to witnesses, this gunman kept shooting as he was driving away the harris county sheriff's office is asking for the public's assistance to check any surveillance footage they might have. >> hopefully someone from the public will step up to help authorities find this gunman if he does not turn himself in. when that mother said her windows were not tinted, that gunman could look in her car and see it was a mother and her four children and yet he still opened fire. it is just heart breaking. nick valencia, thank you for providing those details. >> up next, the north korean dictator has a direct message for the united states in his new year's address. the day after chemo shouldn't mean going back to
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ president trump is giving the pentagon about four months to withdraw the nearly 2,000 u.s. troops from syria. according to a new york city report citing administration officials, the president told the head of u.s. forces fighting isis about his timetable when he was visiting iraq last week. president trump defended his syria plan on fox news. >> you know, i never said i'm going to rush out. we're going to get out. we're getting out of syria. we're bringing our young, great troops home after so many years. we were supposed to be in syria
12:37 pm
for three to four months. that was four or five years ago. it's time. isis was all over the place when i took over. it was a total mess in syria. we've already eradicated all of them. we think all of them will be gone by the time we get out. >> joining me to talk more about this, retired rear admiral john kirby, former pentagon spokesman and cnn's military and diplomatic analyst. thank you for coming on. happy new year. >> you, too. >> first, right off the bat, does four months sound like a reasonable amount of time to you? >> it's brisk but i think it's doable. four months was always sort of the minimum time frame that the pentagon is planning. i think it's about the fastest the pentagon wanted to go. they're mostly special operator,
12:38 pm
they don't have a big footprint. i think it's reasonable. >> the president said a couple weeks ago isis had been decimated. now he's saying all of isis will be eradicated by the time he withdraws these troops. is that fees snibl. >> -- feasible? >> if he had not made the decision to withdraw, i would say probably. brett mcgurk, the recently resigned special envoy to the coalition said they could remove that 1% and eradicate their presence in syria. but even brett back then said it not the same as an enduring defeat of isis if we didn't stay and work on stabilization. now that he's made this decision, question, we'll be moving out in four months, we've sent a huge signal to all the players in the region we have no
12:39 pm
intention of fighting isis in any meaning fall way, i think that will make it harder for them in the short term. >> the president said you don't want to telegraph to your add v -- adversaries what you're going to do and that seems to be what they're doing here. >> translator: if the u.s. does not keep its promise it made in front of the world and continues down the path of sanctions and pressure on our republic, then we have no choice but to defend our country's sovereignty and supreme interest and find a new way to settle peace on our peninsula. >> so how should the white house view this warning from kim jong
12:40 pm
un? >> totally predictable. i'm sure that the president's team actually was not surprised at all by kim jong un's rhetoric. remember, he, kim, wants a stronger economy. his economy is one of the smallest in the world, it's not very integrated so he wants those sanctions listed. he considers the sanctions the biggest amount of pressure and he wants his regime in power and his new mexico and missiles give him that leverage. i don't think we should read more into it than it is. what matters is the diplomacy that we're not happen play out and if nothing else, additional confidence building measures they can take to loose i don't know up the gears and get the talks back on. >> as we kick off this new year,
12:41 pm
it will be interesting to see if there will be a second summit between kim jong un and the president. good to see you. we're going to discuss and fact check whether every day people are benefitting in this economy. get the recipes at
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well, tomorrow investors will get their first look at whether the markets will improve in 2019. after closing out the worst year for stocks in a decade, all three indices dropping between 4% and 6%.
12:46 pm
december was particularly dismal with the dow falling nearly 9%, its worst since 1931. with the continuing government shutdown and other turmoil in washington, could a new year bring the same old problems. joining me more to discuss this is cnn political commentator kathryn rampell. thanks for coming on. we know political uncertainty was a big factor for investors. they don't like uncertainty, fierce offer a global trade war, funding fight over the wall. is president trump responsible for these awful numbers? >> presidents get too much credit when the stock market and economy are good and too much blame when it bad. i don't want to leave the impression that presidents control the market. they don't. that said there, are a number of unforced errors here and trump is guiding a lot of uncertainty in a the market.
12:47 pm
mark marke these kind of shocks, things like trade wars, things like a government shutdown, white house chaos and turmoil, trump threatening to fire the chairman of the fed, which would be disastrous, those kind of shocks could cause investors to reconsider whatever assumptions they m have earn, continued uncertainty, none of that is good for volatility. >> just on that note, there have been months when trump has been president that the stock market has done really well even though there's so much uncertainty about what he might do next. how do you explain in a? >> the market has been growing,
12:48 pm
on net anyway, for about the last ten years. so trump kind of came in with these toil winds. so some of this is preexisting trends. some of this is the fact that we had a major tax cut. stock prices are by definitions a claim on the after cut taxes and if you cut taxes, it should raise market that's some of what's been going on. and then in in the last few months, things have gotten worse, things like the trade war, for example. things like trump exerting more pressure on the for, even more white house turmoil. you see some factors ray more
12:49 pm
recently causing investors to get a lot more skittish. >> let bring out your crystal ball. what do you think 2019 will hold? >> i think unfortunately more of the same. you know, if i knew what markets were going to do, if i knew what the economy was going to do, i would be a very, very rich woman. i don't know those things. all i can say is that the fact finds driving -- i'm not terribly optimistic we are going to end this tra the white house is with a financial policy. so i've not seen anything that indicates an immediate recession or crisis is around the corner.
12:50 pm
>> okay, kathryn, thanks for coming on and breaking it down for us so we can understand this complicated stuff. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. i want to turn now to this miraculous rescue from the rubble of a collapsed building in russia. watch as an 11-month-old infant was found alive after spending 35 hours underneath the wreckage. >> the building collapsed from an explosion, thought to have been caused by a gas leak. not only was this baby stuck under the rubble for almost a day-and-a-half, but the temperature was in the single digits. and according to reuters, the baby was diagnosed with serious freezer burn and a closed head injury. the baby's mother also survived and came to the hospital and recognized her son. unbelievable. just two days from now, the house will be back in session, and five of the new democrats taking charge are going to make
12:51 pm
life very difficult for president trump. we're going to break down what they plan to investigate in the new year. we'll be back. your insurance company won't replace
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. people want to know, what made you funny. from the time i was a kid, i loved to pretend. >> she was the very first performer, chosen for the cast of "saturday night live." >> dear roseann, roseanna dana. >> i basically stole all my characters from gilda. >> i can do almost anything if people are laughing.
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>> boom, baba boom. >> gilda was just not quite herself. >> one morning she just said, i don't know what's wrong with me. >> it's the most unfunny thing in the world. >> she felt she could be of help. and that's exactly what she did. >> how often do we get to know exactly how brave we are? >> i always felt that my comedy was just to make things be all right. >> love, gilda. tonight at 9:00 p.m. well, it is a new year, and that means a new more intense level of scrutiny for the president from the house of representatives. the democrats will take control of the chamber in just two days. and it's not just expected speaker nancy pelosi, who is about to -- it's expected, rather, she is about to make trump's life harder. i want to bring in cnn politics reporter, lauren fox, here with five more democrats who are
12:57 pm
likely to battle the president in a big way in 2019. so lauren, some of these democrats will be digging into a topic that's even more sensitive, arguably, to the president than russia, and that, of course, is his finances. >> absolutely. a new cast of characters in the house of representatives, starting this thursday, pam. and i want to start with richard neil. he's the incoming chairman of the house ways and means committee, and he is the democrat on capitol hill who has the power to ask for president donald trump's tax returns. now, a source familiar told me last month that richard neil will ask for the president's tax returns, he will make a formal request to treasury any time in this new year. now, there are still discussions about exactly when he will ask for them. but you can expect a protracted legal battle between the house of representatives and the president of the united states when it comes to something trump hasn't wanted to turn over before, pam. now, he's not the only person
12:58 pm
that's going to be looking into the president's finances. maxine waters, the incoming chairman of the house financial services committee, also wants to look into any ties that the trump organization has with russia. now, she is looking specifically for those kind of financial ties from the president, and she's tangled with president trump in the past. she is beloved by the democratic base, and she has said in the past that she thinks president trump should be impeached. so she is going to be somebody at the forefront of this fight to do oversight into the trump administration, and you can expect her to be a fierce critic of president trump's. now, elijah cummings is the incoming chairman of the house oversight committee. and he arguably has the most jurisdiction of any chairman coming in to look into the trump administration, to conduct oversight. his committee can look into everything from immigration to security clearances on capitol hill or at the white house, excuse me. and i talked to him last month. he told me that he expects to
12:59 pm
bring in a wide variety of cabinet secretaries before his committee, including wilbur ross, the commerce secretary. he has questions about how a question about citizenship ended up on the census. we should also look to adam schiff, somebody who has tangled with the president on the russia investigation. he thinks republicans haven't answered enough questions, and he has more questions he looks to open up the russia investigation. he wants to bring in folks like michael flynn before his committee. but there's one more person you should be paying attention to. and that is the house judiciary committee chairman, jerry nadler. his sole focus is going to be protecting the mueller investigation, but he'll look into the president's impact on immigration, the rise of white nationalism in the country, and he is the person who is going to be leading any impeachment effort, pam. >> thank you for breaking that
1:00 pm
down for us. much appreciated. and thank you so much for joining me on your new year's day. "the '60s" is next, and don't forget to turn in at 9:00 p.m. eastern for the new film, "love gilda." have a great day, everybody. ♪ there are colonies springing up in most american cities. >> it's all related, the politics and protesting. >> i plan on having a good time as long as i can. >> smoke pot with your kids and then you'll understand why the kids are happy. >> it's a giant love-in. >> people should be uninhibited by sexual expression. >> they're fascists. >> we do have to maintain law, order and decency on the streets. >> what we're thinking about is a peace of planning. we're not thinking about anything else. >> they are trying t