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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 14, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a very good monday morning. i'm jim sciutto in a very snowy washington, d.c. >> it is a snowy but beautiful washington. good monday morning. i'm poppy harlow in new york. cnn has obtained an extraordinary look behind the scenes of an explosive fbi investigation. transcripts from fbi officials, closed door testimony to congress. it showed the decision making process behind a counterintelligence probe of the president of the united states. a formal inquiry into the possibility that the president, president trump was, and i quote, acting at the behest of and somehow forwarding directions of russia. >> now the fbi certainly has not approved this. it's not publicly shown that to
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be the case. this is one extreme they were looking at here. but given the chance saturday to put this to rest to deny it, the president did not. he call the question insulting. the president is denying a report in "the washington post" that he took perhaps unprecedented measures to keep his private discussions with vladimir putin private. all of this unfolding on the 24th day of the partial government shutdown with no breakthroughs in sight. and one day before confirmation hearings for attorney general nominee william barr. barr, if confirmed will be robert mueller's new boss. let's begin with the president's thinking on russia. shimon prokupecz has that. these transcripts so the fbi really considering two extremes here. one, that the president was doing something to benefit russia intentionally but also on the other end a more innocent explanation. >> what this shows us is that they've thought about everything. as you would expect, fbi
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investigators to do. certainly senior members of the fbi at the time were thinking, on both levels, two different extremes. and what these transcripts that cnn has obtained is of two fbi officials who testified in closed door -- before congress. and they revealed on one end there was the idea that trump fired comey because of russia and the other possibility that trump was innocent and acting within the bounds of his executive authority. one of those fbi senior authorities was james baker who testified in the closed door hearing. here's how he started to describe what their thinking was as it related to russia. and here's what he said. quote, that was one of the extremes. the other extreme was that the president is completely innocent and we discussed that, too. there's a range of things this could possibly be, he told members of congress. we need to investigate because
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we don't know whether, you know, the worst case scenario was possibly true or the president is totally innocent. and we need to get this thing over with. and so he can move forward with his agenda is what he told members of congress. and then in another interview from another fbi lawyer, lisa page. as you will recall, she came under fire for her text with the former fbi agent peter strzok. she told members the fbi considered investigating trump for some time. and here's how she described it. it's not that it could not have been done. the case has been a topic of discussion for some time. the waiting on was an indecision and a cautiousness on the part of the bureau with respect to what to do and whether there was sufficient predication to open. and there she means open the investigation. the investigation ongoing now with the special counsel. we'll see where it goes. obviously, all of that and everything that they have found during that time, the fbi did,
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that all lives with robert mueller. >> just to be clear, shimon, that question as to which extreme is true is still an open question from the fbi's perspective. is that right or it's been handed off to robert mueller and we don't know where he has gone with that question? >> right. so two things. there are fbi agents assigned to robert mueller and they are still looking into that as far as we know. this could take years to figure out. whether or not the findings or whether the beliefs of what those findings are will ever be made public is a big topic of discussion, obviously. but, yeah, that's all still very much ongoing, jim, with the special counsel. >> shimon prokupecz, thank you. just asking that question is a big one and unprecedented, but it may be that robert mueller has explored it and found there's no there, there. we just don't know. >> we don't know yet, but we will. assuming the report is all made public. let's get straight to capitol hill where democrats are
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gearing up to get more information about these meetings and conversations with president vladimir putin and president trump. manu, a lot of focus on the interpreter, right? because given the reporting over the weekend, the only person in the room for that meeting with notes told reportedly not to, you know, to give them back to the president and then not to talk about them. there's a lot of question about the democrats want to hear from the interpreter. >> yeah, that's been the case since the helsinki meeting with vladimir putin and the president. that interpreter has been under immense interest to democrats. but now that they are in charge of the house, at least two committees are eager to talk to that interpreter and get information. the house foreign affairs committee, for one, said they'd hold hearings about the trump/putin relationship. and adam schiff, the chairman of the house intelligence committee tweeted over the weekend that they sought last year to obtain the interpreter's notes or testimony from the private meeting between trump and putin. the republicans on our committee
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voted us down. will they join us now, should we put -- shouldn't we find out whether our president is really putting america first. clearly they'll now have votes on the committee to try to obtain those transcripts. try to obtain those notes. of course, they can subpoena the white house, the trump administration to get more information. expect that to be a focus and also expect more focus and follow "the new york times" report from over the weekend about whether the fbi opened its investigation into whether the president was working on behalf of the russians in the aftermath of that comey firing. adam schiff also said over the weekend they want to look into the president and his family's entanglements. and mark warner of virginia, the top democrat in the senate intelligence committee telling jake tap or state of the union that that is a central question. the president's ties to russia in their investigation so not ending any time soon. >> manu, thank you very much. you'll hear from the mark warner
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said in just a moment. we're joined by a former republican chairman of the house intelligence committee. also former fbi agent, now cnn national security commentator, mike. thanks for taking the time. >> thanks for having me. >> let me ask you about these notes of the private conversations between the president and russian president. i asked a former senior intelligence official here in the u.s. if he had experience with any u.s. official at any level down to the very low levels, concealing or confiscating the notes of a conversation with a russian national, a russian counterpart, and he couldn't think of one. and i'm curious, in your experience, if you are aware of circumstances like that, and what is your reading ofis? is it significant? is it worth investigating what those notes show, and why the president sought to confiscate them? >> well, i mean, because of the narrative surrounding the president's activities with russia, it just now begs the
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question of what happened in those meetings and why would you try to keep that? not only just from the public which could be understandable, but your own staff. and so -- and why this is so important, and i have to tell you from an fbi guy and as the chairman of the intelligence committee when i was in congress, it's the fact that the russians will use things in these meetings in their information operations around the world. and we saw that after the helsinki meeting when putin came out and was trying to insignuat things happen in the meeting that the u.s. disagreed with but we have no way of knowing that. we have no other person in the room to push back on that. that's why you never want to give your adversary that one on one meeting without another person in there taking notes so that we can both sides can be clear on exactly what happened in those meetings. that miscommunication. or in the case of russia, i wouldn't put it past putin to misuse that information, change it around a little and use it to his purposes and his information
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operation. >> chairman rogers, this weekend the president called in to do an interview with one of his favorite interviewers on fox news, and he was asked point blank if -- >> it was not jim sciutto? >> not yet. >> i'm sorry. he was asked point blank if he had ever acted as an agent, wittingly or unwittingly of russia. he didn't say no. here's what he said instead. oh, you can't hear it. let me read it. quote, i think it's the most insulting thing i've ever been asked. i think it's the most insulting article i've ever had written. and if you read the article, you'd see they found absolutely nothing. he could have just said no. what do you make of that? >> i'm not so concerned about it as i can tell you as a political figure where people ask leading questions that you passionately disagree with, your first reaction is not to dignify the question. and maybe that's -- i'll give the president a little benefit of a doubt there that that's
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what he's doing. not going to dignify this with an answer. i'm insulted by the question. okay. got that. the president's problem is just a larger narrative. and he keeps walking into that narrative. i mean, the only time the president is not shooting himself in the foot on the russia investigation is when he's reloading the gun. he continues to interject himself in these conversations in a way that is not helpful for people to now understand what's going on with russia. he keeps feeding that narrative with these kinds of things. taking the notes from an interpreter not talking to anybody. not having another person in these meetings. not fully disclosing if he had any financial dealings with russia. all of which, by the way, could have been legitimate. you can't be a new york real estate guy and not bump into the russians in the real estate market in new york city. all of that would have been okay but the way he's slinking around this begs the question. it makes people want to ask more questions about what may be
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happening or what happened in the past. and now you have cohen coming up that is likely to testify before congress on february 7th. likely to talk about the financial dealings in new york city of their real estate empire. that, i think, is probably going to leave a mark for the president and his family, unfortunately. >> got to be remarkable public testimony from the president's former lawyer, fixer for more than a decade. mike rogers, always good to have you on. the president might be calling it the schumer shutdown, but voters from the polls are not blaming the democrats for this record-breaking impasse. we'll tell you what the polls are telling us. also, turkey is firing back after the president threatens the u.s. and nato ally over syria. we'll get more on those growing tensions in a moment. and who is the most progressive of them all? more democrats officially going after the white house in 2020. but do they need to take a hard left turn to win it?
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we're now 24 days into this record-breaking government shutdown. the big question, who do americans blame for it? big political implications. >> yeah, we know now from a new cnn poll which shows 55% of you blame the president and republicans for the shutdown. 32% blame democrats in congress. with us now, the one and only senior political writer and analyst, harry. >> i am so jealous of jim with that snow in the background. we'll get it soon enough. >> you should have seen his sledding video with the kids yesterday. it was epic. harry, looking at the numbers, the blame goes to the president for now. what i found interesting in that part is when you look at independents, more independents also blame the president here. >> yeah, i mean, look. it's very clear from all the polling that's come out, whether the cnn poll or abc
6:17 am
news/"washington post" poll that president trump and congressional republicans are losing the shutdown battle. and you can see it whether you look at independents or top line of the cnn poll. you can also see that before the shutdown took place, americans were asked who they would blame in the case of a shutdown. and while more americans said they'd blame republicans, the margin wasn't anywhere near where it is at this point. republicans are losing the messaging war and that should be worrying to the president and congressional republicans. >> harry, let me ask you, though, because there are clearly dangers for democrats. they came in with an ambitious agenda. in effect, this is the agenda. stopping funding for the border wall. and there was a "washington post"/abc news poll out that found that support for the wall is actually growing. it was 34% in january of 2018. it's now 42%. you see the opposition numbers coming down there. how significant is that, in your view? >> well, it's certainly -- if you look across polling from the
6:18 am
beginning of 2018 to now the beginning of 2019, that support for the wall has gone up a little bit. what i will point out there was a quinnipiac poll out as well as a cnn poll and if you were to average those together and average the abc news/"washington post" poll with our cnn poll on support for the wall, what you see is there hasn't been too much of a change in support for the wall over the last month. yes, maybe it grew a little bit over the course of 2018, although what i would say is that's more in line with the president's own numbers got better during the course of 2018 and the correlation between support for the wall and support for the president is so great at this point, that that shouldn't be too surprising to me. >> talking, though, harry, about the president's approval rating. the new cnn poll looks at that as well and shows 7% approve of the job the president is doing. 5 points higher than it was previously on the disapprove part but here's what really matters. the increase in disapproval comes primarily from white
6:19 am
voters without college degrees, right? key for the president. and he's under water here with them for the first time in a year. significant? >> look, the president's approval ratings have definitely taken a hit over the last month whether you look at the cnn poll or the average of all polls and the president's approval rating has been so steady throughout his entire term so that when you see a movement, whether in the cnn poll or if you look at the average, it really does indicate that something has gone wrong. >> if you are the president and you are looking at that part of this number, are you alarmed? >> i would certainly be alarmed. but i'd be alarmed if my approval rating was in the mid-40s. we saw when his approval rating was at 45%. now 37% overall. something is clearly going wrong and to get below 40%, what i was going to point out was that you have to see some of your base starting to go away. obviously, white voters without a college degree were key part of the president's base and helped him win in states like
6:20 am
wisconsin, opinipennsylvania, michigan, so this could be -- have huge implications for 2020. the map may be slightly different. the president may not have that advantage in the electoral college he had in 2016. >> your approval rating is at least high 40s, right, poppy? >> high 40s? i mean, this guy is like 85 in my book. >> my mom's is 100%. >> that's the nonbiased. the president, what is he doing? he is hurling insults, launching attacks against fellow lawmakers, the media, private business leaders. why? >> you really have to sit back and look at those together. we're also just moments away from the opening bell on wall street. stocks set for a sell-off at the start. you can see the red arrows pointing down. negative economic news out of china driving investors away. [leaf blower]
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it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. this morning, the president is not just fighting off bombshell reports regarding russia. take note of what else the president was up to over the last couple of days. it's a pretty alarming list. he demeaned native americans in a tweet attacking elizabeth warren saying, quote, if elizabeth warren often referred to by me as pocahontas did this commercial for big horn or wounded knee instead of her kitchen with her husband dressed in full indian garb, it would have been a smash. he also went on and attacked the private life of an american
6:26 am
businessman, jeff bezos. >> yeah, calling him a name as well. on top of this, the president suggested that the father-in-law of his own former attorney michael cohen is involved in illicit acts with no evidence and quoted a man he once called a hitler lover. why? to support his own border wall push. all caught up? it happened this weekend. joining us political anchor errol lewis and matt lewis. the significance of this, or just more shiny objects to run after. although, really, racist, racist comments against bltelizabeth warren. >> this is a one thing that's a constant. i don't think this is anything really remarkable anymore. this is donald trump. it's what he's been doing for a few years now in the political world. i don't know if there's a method to the madness. is he trying to distract us from the shutdown and from the russia
6:27 am
stuff, or is this just hie gets bored? whatever the case may be, this is the new normal. he trolls people and attacks people on twitter. it's become a norm. it basically is. >> errol lewlewis, matt is righ. i can't tell you how many times we'll have the news on in the car and some comments -- i have to turn it off so my kids don't hear the comments. it's offensive. as a parent. but the political consequences, they seem baked in if they're there, do they not? republicans say he's just an unconventional kind of leader or just don't, and many sitting lawmakers won't contest the language. >> right. the republicans who have decided to try and sidestep this, run for cover, laugh it off, try and explain it in some way. they got a little taste in november of where that path
6:28 am
leads. that cowardly path. that cowardly path leads to being turned out of office, frankly, because the voters have decided, the voters have indicated in many, many places where you never would have thought democrats would make inroads in places like utah and arizona. they have indicated they are sick of it. they want something different. i think, frankly, when the full record is known to the public, what we're going to recognize in hindsight is this is what a white house in crisis, this is what a presidency in full meltdown looks like that when the walls are closing in and one damning report after another is coming to light, the president sits there with his blackberry and tweets out all kinds of crazy comments. >> here's the thing, matt lewis. the racist comment about elizabeth warren, was that just unbelievable tweet, which is an official white house statement, comes as the house gop leader kevin mccarthy says that today action will be taken against
6:29 am
iowa congressman republican steve king because of his racist remarks. so i mean, where does this leave the party? the president has been silent on steve king's remarks. we'll see what action may be taken in the house. and then the president puts out a racist remark. i mean, what predicament does this put the party in? >> the ffrts thionly thing i di with what errol had to say, i don't think this is what trump does in crisis. this is what trump does all the time. if he were doing great he'd be sending out horrible tweets and saying that's why we're doing so great. this is who he is and what he does. you make a valid point which is that republicans and conservatives can try to police the right. we can try to censure and remove the unseemly elements in our coalition. i think both sides have unseemly elements. but the problem is, you can't get rid of donald trump. the guy at the head of the ticket, the republican party standard bearer basically
6:30 am
believes a very similar world view to steve king. so, yes, they can try to punish a congressman from iowa for essentially believing many of the same things that the president does, and we just have, to i guess, smile and go along with what he says. >> that's a stark statement there, but a lot of truth to it. errol, just on the shutdown here because, let's be frank, the president is digging in. in many ways, the polls show that he is taking the lion's share of the blame for the shutdown. that said, there are many who are frustrated even inside this democratic party because poppy and i have heard from democratic lawmakers who say, wait a second. we've got to find a way out of this, too. i wonder, errol louis if you're concerned about dangers for nancy pelosi's leadership, the democratic party that came in with an ambitious agenda getting hijacked by this here and overplaying their political hand? >> well, we should say up front that the political problems that
6:31 am
nancy pelosi or any of the democratic leadership face are nothing compared to the real world problems of the meat inspectors, food and drug administrators, the people sitting here out of work. but i think democracy is going to work the way it's supposed to work which is the level of heat that's going to come from those 800,000 workers and the general public who are sick of long lines and of concourses at the airport being shut down and all the other dangers and problems starting to arise and starting to be reported. i think it's going to put pressure on everybody start with everybody who is up for re-election in 2020. you'll notice that there are about a half dozen republican senators who are starting to feel the heat. jonie ernst and cory gardner and others saying i've got to face the voters in a couple years and i can't be seen to have been so irresponsible. that's true for democrats and republicans alike. >> errol louis, matt lewis, thank you, gentlemen.
6:32 am
after the president threatened a nato ally on twitter, you may have missed that this weekend, turkey not only hits back at the threat. they hit back at the way it was delivered. next, what this back and forth means for the middle east region, for europe and for the nato alliance. our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase .
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turkey is now pushing back against president trump as well as his favorite platform for delivering messages. the country's foreign minister said not only is turkey unafraid of the president's threats but they don't think allies should go back and forth via twitter. this is after president trump threatened turkey in a tweet warning the u.s. would devastate turkey economically if they take
6:37 am
action against kurdish fighters who have been fighting alongside the u.s. against isis. general mark hertley, military analyst for europe, the seventh army. also commanded troops in iraq. good to have you on. >> good to be with you, jim. >> turkey is a nato ally. is a nato ally still a nato ally when the president threatens to devastate them economically? it's quite unprecedented, isn't it? >> it is more than unprecedented. it's flat out dangerous, jim. this gets to the undisciplined messaging which is occurring across the administration. again, you had the national security adviser, mr. bolton, saying some things last week that perturbed turkey, to put it mildly. there's disconnects with not only turkey as a nato ally but several other nato allies, specifically france and germany, considering our pullout. israel is concerned. and has seen a back and forth in terms of what the official line,
6:38 am
party line of the administration is. so this just all contributes to a strategy that seems not to be very unified and that is dependent on one individual in a very unique method of messaging the strategies of the united states. >> it is striking that the president has reserved his strongest, most explosive rhetoric for allies, such as turkey, but also as you mentioned, he's gone after france and germany, not only for financial issues in nato, but other issues. in his language direct language and criticism that the president has not used regarding russia as russia has proceeded to increase its aggressive innocenness in e crimea, syria. when you target your allies as a u.s. president with that public criticism but not whatever u.s. intel official will describe as
6:39 am
america's greatest national security threat, russia along with china. >> well, first all of, it shows that advisers are not contributing. or let me rephrase that. they may be contributing, but their advice is not being taken. and these are subject matter experts in the arena. there are things called red teams which determine what will another nation do if we do this. and what are the branches and sequels of those actions? that certainly isn't occurring because it's -- as we said before, it's not only upsetting our allies, but it seems to be contributing to the great glee of our foes. specifically in places like syria where russia has a vested interest in establishing military bases in the mediterranean and having another ally that will further disrupt our nato alliances and the actions of the united states. so all of these things contribute to a world view, if you will, of what should the president and his administration
6:40 am
be doing. and how should the messaging be synchronized and coordinated. >> speaking of synchronize and coordinated. we have mike pompeo traveling around the middle east. still out there although he's returning early now. claiming that u.s. policy in the middle east has never been clearer. even in the midst of this back and forth on the syria troop withdrawal. you spend a lot of time in that region. is anyone buying that? >> no one is buying it. the secretary is giving speeches. i couldn't say this when i still wore the uniform because i'd have to support the civilian authorities but truthfully, now that i'm retired what i can say, knowing our friends and alliances and partners in the middle east, no one is buying the message. now certainly past administrations have not done things appropriately to really bring together our allies and partners. but in this case, it seems the secretary is going around just slamming previous administrations.
6:41 am
and while he may be saying some things that resonate with audiences, it has to do with here's what he want to do. there doesn't seem to be any means or ways associated with that. either actions coming from the government, military, diplomatic, informational or economic, or just flat out published strategies of, here's what we're trying to accomplish and here's what we're doing next. truthfully, watching secretary pompeo, i don't know what their objective is. both pompeo and bolton on these trips to the middle east. it just seems to be a series of speeches attempting to calm the middle eastern partners. but it seems to be doing quite the opposite. >> sometimes undermined by the president's public messages. general mark hertling, thank you very much. important analysis. also important headline out of china. china's economy is taking a hit from the u.s. trade war. a big one. and u.s. tariffs on the $200 billion in chinese goods is a big reason why. china's exports just suffered
6:42 am
their biggest decline in two years. now there are hopes that talks between the u.s. and china could bring the trade war to an end despite the bad numbers for china last month. they still managed to maintain a record trade gap with the u.s. for a second year in a row selling far more in products to the u.s. than they buy from the u.s. to the tune of more than $300 billion. meantime, the man police say murdered a wisconsin couple and kidnapped their 13-year-old girl, well, he will make his first court appearance today. we're following the new details on this investigation ahead. to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. poppy harlow in new york.
6:47 am
jim sciutto is in washington. let's go to abby phillip at the white house. the president walking across the south lawn heading to new orleans. big headline here on the reporting about russia over the weekend. what did the president say? >> that's right, poppy. the president was asked once again for the second time in the last several days, if he ever worked for russia. and unlike this weekend, when he said he didn't answer the question directly, the president said today, i never worked for russia. so that is the big headline out of what he had to say. and as you can imagine, he had a lot more to say about the fbi and about his usual suspects who he says are perpetrating a hoax against him, but he did deny categorically that he ever worked for russia. this has come up because of a slew of stories but one in particular indicating that there were -- that there were attempts on the president's part to conceal the details of his meetings with vladimir putin over the last two years and cnn has also reported that the fbi
6:48 am
had some concerns about whether or not -- why the president was acting the way he was toward vladimir putin. and i think you'll hear a lot more from president trump in just a couple of minutes so i'll let that tape play out. but that's the big headline from what he had to say. >> we're getting those comments in from the president. we'll play them in just a minute. thanks for bringing us that important headline. more democrats throwing their hats in the ring for 2020. hawaii congressman tulsi gabbard and jewulianneweulian castro jo field. at least 25 democrats, including former vice president joe biden reportedly considering a presidential bid. karen finney is with us. you know her name and her face. she worked as a senior spokesperson for hillary clinton's 2016 presidential bid. also an adviser to georgia candidate for the gubernatorial race there, stacey abrams. >> good to be here. >> you tweeted yesterday about the 2020 field calling it the
6:49 am
most diverse and most diverse electorate saying we can't be afraid to call out racism and sexism. the president directly attacked former vice president joe biden. we're going to hear from the president in just a minute, but i do want to ask you if he sees biden as a threat. >> i think he does. usually when the president attacks you, it means that he sees you as a threat or gives you a pet name as he did during the 2016 cycle. so it's pretty safe to assume he sees all of them as a threat. >> let's hold that thought and get back to this conversation. here we have the president as he heads to new orleans answering reporter questions. here he is. >> >> it's beautiful. it's too bad they took the snow off the ground. it was more beautiful last night. i'll be going to new orleans right now. i'm going to be speaking in front of our great farmers. i look forward to that. i did it last year.
6:50 am
and i look forward to it. so we'll be back a little bit later. i believe, i don't know if the weather changes things, but the clemson championship team, the national championship team will be coming tonight. it will be exciting. very great team. unbelievable team. they'll be coming tonight. and i think we're going to serve mcdonald's, wendy's and burger king with some pizza. i really mean it. it will be interesting. i would think that's their favorite food. so we'll see what happens. but they're coming tonight. their national champions. subject to the weather. >> so i've been here all weekend. we have a very big crisis, a humanitarian crisis on the border. everybody knows it. they know it. and many of them are saying we agree with you. many of them are calling and
6:51 am
many of them are breaking. the republicans are rock solid. we've got to take care of our border. many of the people -- they're all going to get their money. many of the people that aren't being paid right now are in total agreement with us. you saw the border patrol agents. you saw what was happening. they're in total agreement with us. so we'll see how it all goes. i will tell you this. we have a priority. it's the safety of our nation. the southern border has been horrible for decades and it's now because of the success of our country it's at a level that we cannot put up with. democrats need to do something. we need their votes. otherwise we can't solve it. they now control the house. let's say if they can lead. i don't know that they can lead, but we'll soon find out. what did you say? that was the suggestion that
6:52 am
lindsey made. i did reject it, yes. i'm not interested. i want to get it solved. i don't want to just delay it. i want to get it solved. [ inaudible ] >> i just don't know anything about it. i read it this morning. it's a lot of fake news. that was a very good meeting. it was actually a very successful meeting. i have those meetings with -- i just know nothing about it. it was a very, very successful meeting. we talked about israel. we talked about the pipeline that germany is paying russia a lot of money. i don't think it's appropriate. we talked about that. we talked about many subjects. but i have those meetings one-on-one with all leaders including the president of china, including prime minister of japan, abe, we have those meetings all the time. no big deal.
6:53 am
[ inaudible ] >> i never worked for russia. you know that answer better than anybody. i never worked for russia. not only did i never work for russia, i think it's a disgrace that you even ask that question because it's a whole big fat hoax. it's just a hoax. [ inaudible ] >> i haven't been following it. i really haven't been following it. [ inaudible ] >> a deal with what? i don't know if we're close to a deal. it should be the easiest deal that i've ever seen. we're talking about border security. who can be against it? we're talking about drugs pouring, in human traffickers tying up women and putting tape in their mouth and pouring into our country. we can't have that. we have drugs, we have criminals and we have gangs. democrats don't want to do
6:54 am
anything about it. they say it's immoral. it wasn't immoral three years ago, five years ago, six years, and ten years ago when they raised their hands to approve a wall. all of a sudden it's immoral. it's immoral for one reason. because they know they're going to lose in the 2020 election. that's the only reason to them it's immoral. [ inaudible ] >> who did? who cares. geez. we're doing very well with china. they're having a hard time with their economy because of the tariffs. we're doing well with our economy. our unemployment numbers just hit another record. we're doing extremely well as a country. we're doing better than any country right now anywhere in world. china wants to negotiate. i have a great relationship with president xi because it's good to have relationships with russia and china and japan and
6:55 am
india, and i have relationships with almost everybody. that's a good thing. not a bad thing. i think we're going to be able to do a deal with china. i can tell you we are getting things that before i became president you would have had no chance at getting. they would have laughed at your president's face. [ inaudible ] >> the people that started that investigation is a proven liar and was fired from the fbi. lisa page who was forced to leave the fbi and her lover who we got their text messages and what they said in those text messages was shocking when you talk about bias. and also comey. and i guess they started because i fired comey, which was great thing i did for our country.
6:56 am
so the people doing that investigation were people that have been caught that are known scoundrels. i guess you could say they're dirty cops. i'll tell you what. it is so unfair what's happened to the fbi in terms of the men and women working in the rank and file of the fbi. i know many of them. these are great people. and they are so embarrassed by their leadership. i have never seen a turnaround in a bureau or agency like i have with the fbi. they are so embarrassed. i think 12 people now have been terminated. and others, if you look at what's happening, are going to go. should i have confidence in the fbi or intelligence agencies when i see all of these people, when i see lisa and her lover and their notes and their texts get captured, and you see what
6:57 am
they said about me, having nothing to do with the investigation, let me tell you something, when people see that, you have an angry country because the whole thing is a hoax. it's a big hoax. it's very bad for our country. so what happened with the fbi, i have done a great service for our country when i fired james comey, because he was a bad cop and he was a dirty cop and he lied. he really lied. and all you have to do -- wait a minute. all you have to do is take a look at the crooked hillary clinton investigation where they brought her july 4th weekend. july 4th. they didn't swear her in. they didn't do any tapes. they didn't do anything. they let her go. she mostly said i don't know she didn't know anything. just like james comey a week ago. he was interviewed by congress and unfortunately people didn't see it because the republicans
6:58 am
with paul ryan unfortunately they didn't put him out there. what he said was either he's a bad liar or he's grossly incompetent. unfortunately people didn't say it. you can read the transcript. [ inaudible question ] >> you know how i feel. okay. we'll see you -- what? [ inaudible question ] >> i'm not looking to call a national emergency. this is so simple we shouldn't have to. now, i have the absolute legal right to call it. but i'm not looking to do that because this is too simple. the democrats should say we want border security. we have to build a wall otherwise you can't have border security and we should get on with our lives. the democrats are stopping us and they're stopping a lot of great people from getting paid. all they have to do is say we want border security. that automatically means a wall
6:59 am
or a barrier. thank you. i'll see you in new orleans. >> welcome back. president trump there just now delivering quite a series of statements to reporters outside the white house. just to highlight a few. one, he rejected a proposal floated by lindsey graham, republican senator, frequent ally of the president, to reopen the government for three weeks and then declare a national emergency to allow time for negotiation during that time period. he also just said there as he was about to leave that he has an absolute legal right in his words to declare a national emergency for the border wall, though he says he's not looking to call it right now. the other thing, poppy, i think to highlight here, the president did something he didn't do over the weekend. he denied he was working for russia. he went further to say that the reporter who asked the question should be ashamed of even asking that question. >> which they shouldn't. let's bring in our experts. david, let's go to you first.
7:00 am
the president said i never work for russia. you know that better than anybody and he tried to shame reporter for asking it. there are so many reasons why it is a very important and legitimate question this morning given the reporting over the weekend from "the washington post," from "the new york times" and our reporting this weekend quoting james baker then general counsel of the fbi and what he told congressional investigators behind closed doors about why this was a question within the agency, right? >> it was the most obvious question of the day. obviously it needed to be asked. let's just step back for a second and just what occurred. there was a needed question to be asked to the president of the united states of america to clarify whether or not he was a russian agent. i know we get so used to the crush of headlines. the president of the united states just needed to be asked if he was a russian agent. these are not normal times. >>


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