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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  January 25, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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meth methodical. >> thank you for being here. i'll post a live town hall with senator kamala harris. be sure to check out state of the union tomorrow morning when we talk to rubio and eastern on sunday. coverage on cnn continues right now. abandoning what he demanded day after day as recently as yesterday. the president is reopening the government without getting any money for his border wall. >> stone gets rolled. long time trump ally is indicted
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by robert mueller arrested in a predawn fbi raid that stone says terrorized his wife and dogs. stone is charged with obstruction of justice, lying to congress in connection with russia's hacking of the 2016 campaign. it provides the clearest pointing to collusion between the trump campaign and russia. it was directed to find out what damaging information wikileaks planned to release about hillary clinton. who on the campaign was talking to stone and why? >> and dirty tricks. could the man who once bragged
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about using dirty tricks to get richa richard nixon arrested and could he have any tricks up his sleeve in i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. we are following multiple breaking stories in a total reversal. president trump agreed to reopen the federal government for three weeks until february 15th while negotiators work out a deal on border security. roger stone was arrested in florida. he was indicted on obstruction, witness tampering, making false statements to investigators. the indictment detailed efforts to obtain information from wikileaks at the request of a senior trump campaign official.
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house speaker, a member of the intelligence. our correspondents and specialists will have full coverage of all of the breaking news. we'll have much more on robert mueller's indictment in a few moments. first let's begin with jim. >> that's right. no wall just a cave. the president did agree to sign a short term spending deal to get the government up and running. it could lead to a damaging shutdown in just a few weeks. president trump's demand for a wall came tumbling down as he backed off over the government shutdown and made an unthinkable
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concession. he agreed to sign a spending bill. >> i will sign a bill to open our government for three weeks until february 15th. the president cautioned it will only last three weeks warning a shotdown could happen all over again raising the prospect that he could declare a national emergency. >> if we don't get a fair deal with from congress the government will either shut down on february 15th again or i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this emergency. >> senate majority leader welcomed the concession but stated democrats aren't about to
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give the president what he wants. >> i hope that this process can produce something that is good for the country and acceptable to both sides. we don't agree on some of the specifics. democrats are against the wall. >> the president didn't sound like he was giving up as he ad libbed big portions arguing border barriers work. >> i believe drugs, large percentages come through the southern border will be cut by a number that nobody will believe. so let me be very clear. we really have no choice but to build a powerful wall or steel barrier. >> at one point he said he is not dealing with reality, praising employees for not about not being paid. >> you are fantastic people.
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you are incredible patriots. many of you have suffered far greater than anyone but your families would know or understand. not only did you not complain but in many cases you encouraged me to keep going because you care so much about our country and about its border security. >> federal workers have been sounding the alarm about the devastatingfects including an aviation disaster with so many air traffic controllers pushed to the breaking point. >> now you added the stress to air traffic controllers and personal circumstances and they are not sleeping at night. we are concerned they are not fit for duty. >> the surrender also reveals a new political reality with pelosi all but forcing mr. trump to eat his own tweets after he promised no cave just daying ago. all democrats had to do was
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point to the video from last month. i will take the mantle. i will not blame for it. they are taking steps to make sure federal workers receive their back pay. it's not clear exactly when it will take place. it may vary agency by agency. not only is the president dealing with his shut down there is also the indictment of his long-time adviser. as one put to me earlier today the white house is in a valley tonight. >> that's what it looks like. thanks very much for that report. i want to turn to other major breaking stories. takes through what happened today. >> yes. long-time ally and friend and
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adviser of this president indicted multiple crimes, seven counts, obstruction, lying, witness tampering. he was not however charged with conspiracy. that is key. that has been one of the key questions of the mueller investigation. that said a number of lawyers in here see a pattern of a coordination for knowledge of releases by wikileaks. it is a pattern concerning not just the lawyers baa number of lawmakers that will ultimately have the judgment on this going forward. >> a smile outside. stone flashed victory siebs. >> the charges today relace in
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no way rushing collusion. >> allegedly taking stolen e-mails to damage hillary clinton while in close contact with senior trump campaign officials. >> i will plead not guilty to these charges. i will defeat them in court. i believe this is a politically motivated investigation. >> early this morning it was a tense drama as fbi agents in tactical gear raided stone's florida home to arrest him. >> the fbi also searched his new york apartment. charged with lying and witness tampering but not conspiracy. it chronicals a series of communication between stone, wikileaks and sen your and
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e-mails stolen according to bite organization one. a senior trump cam about any additional releases and what other damage they had. the identity of the official that gave the direction have yet been revealed. they site as evidence with senior campaign officials. >> i actually have communicated. >> one of those dated october 7th, 2016 they released the first sent a text message to
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stone that read well done. they identified the high ranking official as then campaign ceo steve bannon. it is of concern because of the organization's ties to russia. in 2016 the u.s. intelligence community said they released the e-mails in a manner consistent with of russian districted oefrts. the allegedly a go between before he testified to congress. it said he should do a frank referring to the god farther part 2 who lied to kang. they said he e-mails to say you are a rat stone and trump have
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been friends since the 1980s. >> trump is someone through the 80s that took enormous risk and succeeded. >> get me roger stone. today stone once again his lislety to traufrp. >> under which i will pear for will i make up lies. >> to be clear wikileaks was not a minor player. it was a central player. i'll remind what pompeo said about him in 2017. he said it is time to call out wiki lngs the question is was he
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coordinating with wikileaks to interfere with the election? >> very important. stay with us. i want to bring in sarah murray. she has done exceptional reporting here in the last night she reported that today he could be indicted. don't even want to remember how many but you guys have been doing a an excellent job for us. >> thank you. >> tell us a little bit about stone. it is a close associate charged with mueller's probe. it is by all accounts between the trump campaign and wikileaks using hillary clinton e-mails
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stolen by the russians according to the u.s. government, the former cia director and then given -- and designed to be released to hurt the clinton campaign. >> i think as jim pointed out there is no charge of this conspiracy. it lays out all of the different times he was in some times taking intersections from they were. p they kept reaching out, do you know what coming? they were very eager to get their hands on it. >> and one of the things you keep hearing is we never got anything. it doesn't really excuse any of this. just because you didn't get anything doesn't mean you didn't
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try and doesn't mean there is a problem legally with attempting to secure the e-mails. >> with this being the clearest link to all of this how does this change going forward for mueller and the investigators? where does this go now? that's biggest question. >> the key question now is the senior trump campaign officials who were communicating with roger stone including one sen your campaign official clearly mentioned unnamed who was told to go ahead and work with stone on all of these wikileaks. >> we don't know who that person is. certainly the only senior person in the campaign who we know he was in touch with was steve
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bannon. it is to contact roger stone and you may not know. all i'm saying -- >> i have the answer to the question that several times you just don't like my answer. >> no. >> did the president know or not? >> once again, i haven't read this document. i'm not an attorney. i will not be aebl to get into that. what i can tell you is the charges have nothing to do with the president, have nothing to do with the white house. >> what really this shows you and her answers or lack of answers show you how far we have come. >> it was sporadic. it is not clear at the end of the campaign if they were able
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to talk that frequently. no. donald trump was not on a day getting this kind of daytime. >> he was charged with a buchlk of other stuff. how close is it to what we call conspiracy? and under direction from senior trump campaign officials we don't know why mueller didn't charge conspiracy. possibly he doesn't believe he has a case. it will leave it open to roger stone cooperating. one final point on that. i would draw attention to that because the question here, they might have asked for help but didn't get help.
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that was a day that the trump campaign got enormous help it was seen as a fatal moment and the dump of the first wikileaks e-mails. the trump campaign got within the hour of the release of a tape. >> it is interesting. you consider here with me in the situation room. you reported you had spoken to stone's lawyer that was not expecting any indictment any time soon. you we saw what happened when the fbi showed up at his residence in ft. lauderdale. >> yeah. i think roger stone and his attorney both really felt like he was going to have a chance to
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turn himself in. to see these kind of tactics we have not seen them with any other involved in this investigation. they raided manaedness fofort's. we learned in the documents that the reason the special counsel wanted to keep it sealed is they were worried he may try to flee or destroy documents. it is a little questionable. i don't know why he clearly it was a wig thing. >> this kiem out. >> they had to get this type of a warrant. there were he jat mat what it
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testimony. >> thank you very very much. let's bring in eric from california. she on the intelligence and the judiciary committees. thanks for joinings us. >> of course. >> we have a lot about roger stone. to your committee the house intelligence committee but first, were you surprised to see president trump today capitulate and reopen the federal government without getting a penny for his border wall? >> no. but i was happy to see it. i'm focused on what it means for the 800,000 able to pay their
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rent and mortgages. that's a good thing for anyone attached to the it was he provided. >> if he doesn't get a fair deal of funding over the next three weeks he will either shut down the government or declare a national emergency and use executive power to find money elsewhere from the u.s. government and build that wall. do you plan to offer him any kind of funding at all. >> he will get smart security and get barriers. he will get increased border patrol agents. but a continuous wall, he is not going to get that. i think he is learning the wrong lessons if he is suggesting that the answer is in three weeks it is great they will get
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paychecks. it really is a crisis when the best the president can do is extend us three weeks out. let's turn to the other major news of the day. they say this indictment does not allege collusion with russia. how do you read this indictment? >> i see intense interest between the trump campaign and roger stone to get the russian hacked e-mails against their opponent to help. stepping back in america you don't get to bury evidence, obstruct justice and lie to investigators and get a get out of jail free card. we assume, and this is the reason we have the charges that he is facing, that if you're going all of this it is because you're try to go lie and cover up. it's a con shusness of mueller
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writes that in july 2016 and i'm quoting now a senior trump campaign official was directed to contact stone about any additional releases and organization number one had regarding the clinton campaign. who do you think directed that outreach? >> it might be candidate trump. i say that because we already know from michael cohen and his plea agreement that he was in rigging polls. he was enbeige and also, this senior trump official request only be directed by someone more senior that then.
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it is something we i'm hoour in they tell roger stone that more we ills the he calls them the game hackers. does that indicate some coordination on messaging that was in line with what the so called hackers were doing what they know wlooand then providin that information to what they call their cutout wikileaks. >> it provides alignment between what the trump campaign was doing and what we know from other indictments that the
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russians were doing. you are starting to see that while the russians were posting on facebook and you tube these indications that there was something wrong with hillary clinton's health the candidate was doing the same thing. they have moved where roger stone is aware. another something that i think now we have more clarity on is why was donald trump all of a sudden in july of 2016 talking about wikileaks so much? he is directed to start dorking. >> he the he says he is falsely accused of providing false testimony. what is your reaction to that? >> bob mueller is a serious investigator.
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so is everyone on his team. it came from a grand jury. it is a message that should be sent to any other witness that comes before us. you have to be straight with count there are other -- >> thanks so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. up next we are watching capitol hill as the deal makes its way through congress. why did he cave into the democrats demanding today. sleep, t you try new nyquil severe with vicks vapocool and vaporize it. ahhhhh! shhhhh! new nyquil severe with vicks vapocool. the vaporizing, nightime coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. this is a very difficult job. failure is not an option.a.
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roger stone was indicted by robert mueller and arrested in a predawn fbi raid on his home in florida. the president reversed himself and agreed to reopen the federal government for the next three weeks while negotiators try to work on a deal on border security. we have a lot to talk about with our political and legal experts. i want to bring them all in right now. what do you make of this? you're doing a lot of reporting on this. it was a very dramatic raid. you saw the exclusive cnn video. >> i did. i think it's not something that wasn't expected. we all knew that at some point roger stone was likely to be indicted. even roger stone knew that. the details contained in this indictment are kind of striking to me, particularly one detail, wolf, which talks about after the july release of stolen dnc
2:32 pm
e-mails a senior trump campaign official was directed to contact stone about any additional releases. what does that mean? that means to me that who has the authority in the small trump campaign to direct a senior campaign official to do something? there aren't a lot of people. there are a few. one of them obviously is the candidate but the others are senior officials like manafort and we don't know who it s. i think what we are seeing is -- and you can tell me more about this, is that mueller is making a case here for a conspiracy to defraud the united states government. what we are seeing in indictment after indictment is something that perhaps in the end he will connect all of the dots and he will say that there was a conspiracy here among these people who were in the campaign. whether or not it includes
2:33 pm
donald trump we have no idea. >> you see evidence of conspiracy here or collusion? if you do why wasn't it mentioned in the indictment? >> it is the evidence of coordination. it is the term that's included in those documents setting out the scope. there are clear coordinations here. roger st roger stone obtains nonpublic information that turns out to be accurate. so lucky guess if it's not that. you know, significantly the trump campaign appears to believe he actually is a real go between and sort of being cut out in an attempt to use and exemploye exploit that. the false statement here is just an absolute slam dunk and because he had previously leaked his draft plea agreement that had already sort of burned this information for the public. he is saying rather than
2:34 pm
revealing lots of new information and sort of tipping my hand right now i have to write false statements. let's proceed to indictment on that and see if it's a pressure point. >> i think we are missing the real story though. there are two answers from white house officials named in this document. clearly maul clearly mueller has more than statements. yes. we knowingly encouraged roger stone to contact a foreign entity using stolen data. yes, we did that. it will be stunning if people that went to the white house did that or they lied like everybody else and they said -- and now we know mueller has the data they said no. it has to be one of the two. they either knew it and we are going to lie about it. i suspect they will get indicted too. >> how concerned are officials over there?
2:35 pm
you heard stone repeatedly say he will never testify against the president. >> right. this is the beating drum they have been dealing with over two years now. i think one of the things we saw her give the answers that she gave which was basically to say roger stone is someone that was part of our campaign, yes but also advised many other people in the past and what he was charged with is not specifically named in these documents. what will be striking is how roger stone's relationship to president trump has often been described as a personal relationship. they rb pretty close friends for a long time. he was an early political adviser to the president but the documents to the campaign is deeper than people may have --
2:36 pm
he was being directed to do things. it it tells how close he is to campaign. he hopes the door a small group of senior at visors. >> you know, he was it doesn't mean i remember having a con vaer sags and asking he enjoys i because he he feels guiltm he
2:37 pm
said i think it's a great idea so he can't the question is the we don't know the answer. >> we know that dmofl he had a long relationship going back to the '80s. everybody standby. i want to bring in former director, james clapper for his analysis. thanks for joining us. let me read a portion of stone's indictment. i'll put it up on the screen as well. after the july 22nd a a den jor tone tone by.
2:38 pm
it is one how does the intelligence community view wikileaks? >> much as pompeo characterized it as a hostile intelligence service. we have unfortunately a long track record going back to the manning revelations that he shared -- or it is a strong connection. >>. >> you pointed out to my colleagues there are striking parallels between with what the trump campaign was saying in relation to hillary clinton. what is most concerning to you? >> just that the c word that everybody is dancing around, whether there was collusion,
2:39 pm
conspiracy from my part, and i'll doubtline this, the striking par rits and similarities and what the rush shaps. it was respect to hillary clinton. can't say there's a conspiracy and nothing in the indictment about that or solution but this is another brick in the wall if. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks. >> a much more on all of the breaking news right after this. at fidelity, we help you prepare for the unexpected
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maybe even laugh while crying. what the fertilizer? sounds pretty great, right? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! just say, "add epix" and it can all be yours. it's easy to upgrade. and you don't want to miss out on everything epix. we are back. for 35 days the president saying he was not going to reopen the president until he gets funding for the border wall. he wanted 5.7 billion. he wountd up getting zero. listen as he insists the got will remain shut unless he gets border wall funding. >> i am proud to shut down the got f government for border wall
2:45 pm
security. ly take the mantle of shutting down. i will shut it down for border security. >> i can tell you it is not going to be open until we have a wall, fence, whatever they would like the call it. >> the listening eye if you don't have that we are not opening. >> they try to make it liets it's just about the wall. >> the border is a much more dangerous problem. it's a much bigger problem. >> he said he wouldn't reopen until at least he got a down payment. he caved on that. what the president heard yesterday and they lost six republicans, the president heard i don't know if we can keep our
2:46 pm
republicans in line. we better figure something out. the president ended up cutting a deal. he could have cut 35, 30 days ago. he is managed to anger conservatives, not only pry he has found himself in this pickle because of his insis tans ton wall. my question is what happens three weeks from now? >> he is threatening he may declare a national emergency and use executive power to find money elsewhere and take money from the pentagon and build a own. >> the longer the president the more his if it was touch afs and
2:47 pm
an to declare national emergency. it they are very cognizant. it is one of the reasons they haven't gone forward with it. one of the problems aids has is that it is not clear he understands the politics of this issue. as a result he wound up being rolled and could be rolled again in 21 days if there isn't some change of thinking about what is possible in this new political environment which they have very real power. >> they didn't get paid 35 days. they will get reimbursed for their back pay. is this the right can you can you imagine saying let's restart and save this training program.
2:48 pm
let's we start but in three weeks we might have to tell that informant sorry, i can't cut a check for you. i remember after 9/11 if you look at the statistics, far different from today. this is not 35 days. it has been around for two years and an emergency sits for that long? that's not an emergency in my view. >> you think eye can work out a deal in three weeks? i don't think they can. it is not about policies or p. >> after finding a fay saving way out you can tell that everybody in the ledge is lay purr i think that ten i think even he knows that he has been defeated here.
2:49 pm
it really is a sad statement! and you written a lot about donald trump. >> master negotiator. >> yeah. what kind of part of the deal was this? >> none. donald trump when he ran his business used to like to walk into a room and throw the ge frad and in walk out. if he got a deal fine. if he didn't fine. you can't walk away from the united states government. that is something that he really just discovered. the question i have the democrats have something they could lose here too. they don't want the government to shut down again either. maybe that's little more motive. >> he met his match in nancy pelosi. elections have consequences. everybody stand by. we will have more on the breaking news. roger stone has been
2:50 pm
indicted by the special counsel, robert mueller. stone is charged with witness tampering, obstruction and making false statements. brian todd has a closer look now at the man who may be at the center of mueller's russia probe. tell us more. >> reporter: there's so much of roger stone's history that you couldn't make up in a hollywood script. it's his connections with donald trump and richard nixon which tonight seem to define stone's reputation as a dirty trickster. look familiar? it's meant to. roger stone is so proud of his association with richard nixon, he has an image of nixon tattooed on his back. stone was still a teenager when he worked with nixon's 1972 re-election campaign and started to hone his skills in what stone himself once called the black arts. otherwise known as dirty tricks in american politics. >> in some way, roger stone is the dna that connects the dirty tricks of richard nixon to what
2:51 pm
are alleged to be the dirty tricks of the trump campaign. >> what makes -- >> reporter: they say it was stone who first put the idea of running for president in trump's mind after they met in the 1980s. by the next decade, stone was calling himself a political adviser to trump saying the real estate magnate was a different breed of candidate for the white house. >> he is not plastic. he is not scripted. he can't be handled. what you see is what you get. frankly, i think voters find it refreshing. >> reporter: stone would simply not stop pushing trump toward a presidential run. for years, trump demured. >> roger stone a well-known -- >> roger is a friend of mine. he looked at the possibility of it. i just decided i didn't want do it. >> reporter: it was in the 1980s when roy cohn mentored trump and roger stone, instilling in both a pugnacious baring they carry
2:52 pm
with them. >> roger subscribes to stone rules. if you look at trump, he has followed them. one of them that we have seen come up a lot in the mueller probe is admit nothing, deny everything, launch counter attack. >> reporter: from faking, roger stone teamed up with paul manafort in a lobbying firm which represented meurderous dictators. he had to leave bob dole's 1996 presidential campaign when a tabloid published a story on stone and his wife being swingers. >> roger is a very unique individual. he is a body building, pot smoking, dandy swinger.
2:53 pm
he very much is a libertarian who embrace s hedonism. >> roger stone is among that small group of americans who are unapologetic about subverting our democracy for the sake of their preferred candidates. they don't believe there's a role for morality in elections. >> reporter: analysts say what continues to be remarkable about the arc of roger stone is he was never exiled from the political world because of his roles in dirty tricks. that he was often hired because of those. >> interesting. brian, donald trump has not always praised roger stone. >> reporter: right. trump told jeffrey toobin in a 2008 piece that he thought that roger stone was a stone-cold loser because stone often took credit for things that stone never did.
2:54 pm
stone, we have to say, does have that reputation. in 2015, trump did say in an interview that roger is a good guy, he has been so loyal and so wonderful. we will see whether trump feels that way after stone's legal proceedings play out. >> good point. thanks very much for that report. stay with us for more on today's two major breaking stories. president trump gives in the demands of the democrats and agrees to reopen the government without any money for his border wall. his capitulation coming the same day as roger stone is indicted by the special counsel, robert mueller. ok, here's the deal.
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happening now, art of the fail. president trump capitulates in his shutdown showdown with democrats agreeing to reopen the government without any funding for his border wall. his surprise retreat includes new threats. mueller gets stone. roger stone is arrested in an early morning raid, accused by robert mueller of obstruction, lying, witness tampering and more. stone is defiandefiant, vowing won't testify against president trump. clear links. the stone indictment reveals the most direct tie so far between the trump campaign and wikileaks over the stolen e-mails that were released to damage hillary clinton. who is the mystery trump


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