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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  January 26, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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you're live in the cnn newsroom. thanks for staying with me. roger stone a free man today, he will be back in court on tuesday. that will be his arraignment on a list of charges that draws the clearest and darkest line yet between president trump's campaign and a pile of stolen e-mails hacked by russia, and made public by wikileaks. the man who calls him a dirty trickster now indicted on charges he obstructed justice and lied to the special counsel and tampered with witnesses. a senior trump campaign official was directed to contact stone about any additional releases and what other damaging
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information organization one had against the clinton campaign. >> roger stone walking out of a florida courthouse into a crowd chanting lock him up. he told reporters he would never bare false witness against president trump. cnn's chris cuomo pressed him about that last night. >> you say you will not testify against the president, you would not bare false witness. i think that's an interesting phrase. you are open to telling the truth. and is there any chance that the truth you have to tell can compromise other people who were a part of the campaign? >> certainly not the president. i have to know what the circumstances would be, it's highly unlikely. this idea that i was in contact with the campaign after paul manafort left is not true. the people in the grassroots, yes, but the people in
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washington, many of them had no idea what they were doing. and they're not close associates of mine. so this idea that i was trying to curry favor with him, i have no reason to do so. >> our crime and justice reporter joins us now. stone is either denying or taking issue with practically every line in that 20-plus page indictment. >> he certainly is, he's taken to the airwaves, he's not hiding right now. and as you said, he's a free man, and you don't normally hear people who have been charged with crimes go out there and speak as much as he's speaking. that may come to an end once he appears for his arraignment. a judge that he is going before -- these may be the last few days we hear from roger stone. so many questions to him. our chris cuomo asking him important questions, good questions. and then, of course, what's probably on a lot of people's minds is what exactly is the
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game plan here for roger stone. the question of whether or not he expects some kind of pardon here from the president, here's what he told chris cuomo about that last night. >> it makes me think you must believe there's a light at the end of the tunnel. do you believe that light is not the train, he is the president and he will pardon you for keeping your mouth shut? >> i've never had any discussion with him or communication with him regarding that, very no idea what he might do. the only persons i have recommended a pardon for is i wrote a number of op eds as to why i think julian assange should be pardoned. he's a journalist that does the same thing the new york times and washington post do. i have come out and written a pardon for the president posthumously for marcus garvey. >> it is interesting to see him defending julian assange. wikileaks at the center of a lot of the information contained in
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this indictment. it's interesting to hear what he has to say about that, and practically, when you listen to him, he's defending julian assange. >> he never directly spoke or had direct contact with julian assange. >> he published thousands of e-mails from the 2016. >> you resigned from the dnc because of the revelation in those e-mails. what is the allegation that a top trump campaign official was directed to contact roger stone to get more information from wikileaks about these hacked e-mails. >> they have had -- they are just -- they were infected with
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contact with russia. they have had six or seven indicted or people -- indicted officials or people associated with them who pleaded guilty. all of whom were involved with contact with russia somehow. and in this case, with roger stone. he literally weaponized information stolen by vladimir putin to help elect donald trump president. >> he worked with high level campaign officials from the trump campaign. who were directed by someone even higher. essentially to make sure that they could traffic in information stolen by a foreign enemy state to elect the candidate that he supported, president of the united states. and it was a disgusting and traitorous act, and it needs to be prosecuted. as a member of the government, the house oversite reform committee, i'm going to be working with the chairman to make sure we can continue to fight to get the american people answers. including to make sure that we
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can protect the mueller investigation to its conclusion. >> i want to ask you about that specific letter in a second. to go back over a couple things you mentioned there. people or entities have been charged by robert mueller's team. six of them are direct associates of the president or knew him before he was president. and 199 criminal charges have been brought so far. i want to go over some of the time line here, that is spelled out in this indictment. june, july 2016, stone informed campaign officials that wikileaks had the documents damaging to clinton. it was july 22nd. wikileaks released that first batch of stolen e-mails. after that, a senior trump campaign official was directed by someone to contact stone about additional releases. and then on july 24th, the president's son don jr. denies russia is behind the hack and release of dnc e-mails.
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here's that moment. >> robbie mook, the campaign manager for hillary clinton, i asked him about the dnc leak, and he suggested that experts are saying that russians were behind both the leak, the hacking of the dnc e-mails and their release. he seemed to be suggesting that this is part of a plot to help donald trump and hurt hillary clinton. >> it goes to show you their exact moral campus. they'll say anything to be able to win this. this is time and time again. lie after lie, i can't think of bigger lies. that goes to show you what the dnc and the clinton camp will do. they will lie and do anything to win. >> he slammed your dnc, calling you a bunch of liars who would do anything to win. do you feel vindicated? >> you know what, i feel vindicated on behalf of the american people who were the victims here, when it comes to donald trump, his campaign, his
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campaign leadership team, and particularly roger stone in this instance who knew in june, because the democratic national committee, we announced that we had been -- that we have had our information stolen by russia. prior to roger stone weaponizing the information that russia stole in order to make sure that they could help elect donald trump president. all of the arrows point to the thing that -- the conclusion that any elementary school child could reach. and that is, that russia stole information, includesed with the donald trump campaign in order to help elect donald trump president. and the investigation that mueller is doing, is getting closer and closer, to the highest level here. and at the end of the day, both congress, through the oversight reform committee, through chairman cummings myself and my colleagues, as well as the mueller investigation, are going
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to get to the bottom of this one way or the other, and roger stone can pound his chest and use false bravado all he wants. one of the other things he loves to say, the only thing worse than negative attention is no attention at all. when he's in prison, we're going to see how much attention he's going to get. he'll be pretty depressed after that, we're sure. >> we saw the images of him walking out of the courthouse. i want you to hear what sara sanders had to say right after stone's indictment. >> roger stone the president's long time political adviser placed under arrest. what's your reaction? >> my first reaction is real simple. this has nothing to do with the president, and certainly nothing to do with the white house. >> she says this has nothing to do with the president, he is not personally named in these indictments. do you agree this has nothing to do with that? >> no, of course not. i think sara sanders is both clueless and a liar, and so
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that's the job description she signed up for, and she willingly peddles in completely false information and will do anything to help her boss hold on to power. her boss was willing to do anything to gain the power he has now. including collude with russia to make him president. the cinch is getting tighter and tighter. >> do you -- >> we're going to reach the logical conclusion of this, and heads are going to continue to roll. >> while i have you, i have to ask you about where we're headed with the government shutdown. the president announced this deal for the next three weeks, it doesn't include any money for his border wall at this point. the president is not giving up on that, let's listen. >> let me be very clear. we really have no choice, but to build a powerful wall or steel
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barrier. if we don't get a fair deal from congress, the government will either shut down on february 15th again. or i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this emergency. >> give me the over/under on whether we'll be back in a shutdown again in three weeks. >> that was the analogy i was going to use too. i wouldn't take major odds in las vegas betting on president trump's prediction. i chair the appropriation subcommittee on military construction and veterans affairs, and that's where a large chunk of that money he would be stealing, to declare this false emergency for -- to build a wall that i think everyone knows by now is never going to get built. and that we need to work together over the next three weeks to come together in a
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bipartisan way, which is what we should have done 35 days ago, when the original deal that p s passed yesterday was on the table. so we can use a combination of focusing on comprehensive border security using technology, 21st century technology instead of a 7th century solution. that's what i think, the cooler heads are going to come together. and we'll send that to the president, and if he doesn't sign it, then he'll shut the government down once again and he'll cause 800,000 people to suffer all over again. they still have not been paid. that might not happen until later this week, he's caused major pain all in the name of building an edifice that wouldn't solve the problems he spoke of in the first place. >> i spoke to a tsa worker who said he'll get his paycheck on thursday. still several days before that comes.
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we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. i want to thank all of the incredible federal workers and their families who have shown bravery in the face of this hard ship. >> that hardship the president is acknowledging there, all because he refused to back down on funding for his border wall. the deal president trump announced yesterday to reopen the government doesn't include a penny for that wall. one trump adviser saying, this
1:18 pm
is a humiliating loss for a man who rarely loses. that sentiment echoed in various reactions from the new york daily news two words, cave man. along with this cartoon, depicting pelosi walking over to trump. and this from ann coulter who says, well, some say spurred the president to begin this shutdown. she writes, good news for george herbert walker bush today. he's no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as president of the united states. >> let's discuss with scott jennings. jennifer grahn holme. did anything positive politically come out of this for the president? >> no, no. nothing positive has happened here. and in three weeks. he's going to have to make a decision about what posture to take. my belief is, he will not shut the government down again. but he's unlikely to get any wall concessions in three weeks, because he didn't get any this
1:19 pm
time around. which really only leaves the national emergency option, which then i assume would be stuck in court for some period of time. i don't think anything politically good has come of this, the only thing you can't get more of in politics is time. we lost a month of time in this presidency at a critical period. >> we lost time and the nation lost a lot of money as well. >> reopening the government should eliminate at least the justification most democrats have given for refusing to negotiate on the wall funding or immigration. does this force democrats to negotia negotiate? >> well, democrats have been willing to negotiate, they weren't going to negotiate when the government was shut down. when you are in a negotiation, and you have two sides that completely will not move, you have to move to a higher level. you have to say what's the purpose of the wall? well, the purpose is, border security. do you think that there is a
1:20 pm
negotiation around border security that might avoid the president calling for a national emergency. >> well, i think the president wants barriers. i think the president wants barriers, and he's called it a wall. he wants barriers, he's moved off the desire for a concrete wall. now he wants steal barriers. i think if the negotiation acknowledges that there is widespread support for barriers in some places. i absolutely think there could be a deal on some kind of border security. now what i worry about is, are there enough democrats that want to give the president a win on anything to have that conversation. i hope there are, our own border patrol, the people who take care of the border right now, say that more barriers would be helpful. >> that's a fair question. i wonder if this is an opportunity for the democrats to try to go big saying, we'll give you even more money than that 5 billion you want for border security.
1:21 pm
we'll throw in 10 mr billion that includes some barriers that includes technology, other innovation not currently staffed. includes more immigration judges all things i've heard the democrats mention they may be willing to give, if the president gives something else. something big that the democrats haven't been able to obtain so far like a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. >> i think democrats would be willing to have a conversation if they weren't funding a wall from sea to shining sea. if they were looking at electronic technology, monitoring, et cetera. that conversation can totally be had. the president cannot shut down the government of it again and put 800,000 people in terror one
1:22 pm
more time. if he does that, he is a complete and total idiot. he will not have learned his lesson. >> if they can't get to yes, what does that mean? it would be tied up in the courts. you're going to have a lot of republicans that are upset about the notion of president kamala harris declaring that gun violence is an emergency and the need to confiscate assault rifles or something like that, you could define national emergency for climate change. i think that republicans would be nervous about going in that direction as well, i think the only solution here is for people to understand that the issue is not a wall that's either brick and mortar, it is border security. if people can come to an agreement on that, i think you can get there. if you threw in some additional thing like daca or temporary protected status individuals,
1:23 pm
then i think, you know, you could get to yes. >> just to hone in on that, what should the democrats be asking for, how far should they go to make a deal if they have all this leverage you speak of? >> well, i do think that three weeks is not a long enough time probably for them to resolve the overall immigration issue, and i think the president would get huge push back for those that are already railing at him. what i would like to see is for republicans to give the president. republicans on the far right, the ann coulters, the rush limbaughs, to give him some room to negotiate border security. democrats would be happy to have that conversation. i think here's what democrats would like to see, is the mark warner bill that's basically saying if we will not shut down government again. i think it's like the stupidity
1:24 pm
act. if you get to a funding impasse, then you have what is known as a continuing resolution that keeps government funded. here's who don't get paid. the lawmakers and the president. that to me is a smart solution many. >> i'm wondering what republicans should prioritize in your mind. is it the wall? >> the republicans should prioritize border security. we have a problem on the border. whether you think it's a crisis or just a problem or just a nuisance. there is something going on on the border that needs to be taken care of. i'd like to see the president and the republicans get something here that acknowledges the problem and helps slow down the crisis. i think it's a crisis of people coming across a border where it's porous, where the fences are down, we don't have enough people to guard the border. i think allowing the president to come out on the other side of this with some kind of
1:25 pm
explanation. the democrats have leverage, that means i can't do what i want, i'm going to do all i can. >> that's a reasonable explanation when you have divided government. what you don't want to have is a complete and total loss where you get nothing on border security. i certainly hope that's not the case. it's not just a political loser, but it's a policy loser for america. >> we have some breaking news out of louisiana, five people are dead and the hunt is on for the suspected gunman. a live update next. ar it in thed she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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suspect believed to have killed five people. let's get right to kelly following this for us. >> this is all unfolding in southeast louisiana. not far from baton rouge. elizabeth and keith were killed not long after three members of the ernest family were killed in livingston parish. this morning, before the family passed away from their gunshot wounds, they were able to identify their 21-year-old son to authorities as the man who shot them. of these five murders, he's believed to be headed east toward mississippi. police have been sharing these photos of the young man, but also a photo of the vehicle that they believe him to be traveling in. this is a 2004 dodge pickup truck. gray on the top, silver on the bottom, a four-door pickup
1:31 pm
truck. as you can see there, the license plate when we zoom in, c 583809, a louisiana license plate. with this manhunt underway for five murders, all to have taken place this morning. the ascension parish sheriff issued this warning. >> there's no reason for us to believe that there's anybody else who was a target other than i will say that he is an armed and dangerous guy, so anybody he comes in contact with could be a target. >> this is believed to be an isolated incident. the sheriff calling this a domestic violence incident. it is among the worst domestic violence cases they've ever come across. >> awful. kaley, thank you. he's been called the cockroach of american politics. a self-described dirty trickster with an image of nixon tattooed on his back. a look at roger stone's shady past next. th this little one. see the world with this guy.
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he cut his teeth during watergate, he has an image of richard nixon tattooed on his back. and was once fired for having swinger fever. a look back at roger stone's long and sordid career. >> i'm roger stone. >> reporter: he's been called a dirty trickster, the prince of darkness, even the cockroach of american politics. by the left leaning new republic. and roger stone flaunts many of these mondikers as he flaunts hs nixon back tattoo. his notorious rap sheet goes back to the nixon campaign, when the 19-year-old donated money to nixon's opponent. he gave the receipt to the press. it didn't get any more ethical from there. in 1980, stone began a lobbying firm with paul manafort that
1:37 pm
catered to human rights abusers. they lined up most of the dictators in the world we could find. pro western dictators, of course, the good ones. nevertheless the questionable consultant's resume is filled with work for republican stars. nix nixon, reagan, bush senior and, of course -- >> i'm a political adviser to donald trump. >> reporter: while working for bob dole, stone's personal life caused a public stir, he was forced to resign from dole's presidential campaign. after a tabloid revealed he and his wife placed an add ad for a sex partner. he did not go away, he continued to stir the political pot. in 1999, he helped donald trump navigate his first short lived campaign for the presidency. >> i have to give my best advice, but mr. trump makes the decisions. the polls reflect that the voters like it. >> reporter: a year later, stone
1:38 pm
took credit for disrupting the florida recount by organizing a riot at the miami-dade elections office. stone took credit for the downfall of eliot spitzer, saying he found out about spitzer's penchant for prostitutes from a sex worker he met at a miami swinger's club. stone has peddled countless deranged conspiracy theorys. >> i am not a spirscy theorist. i'm a conspiracy realist. >> reporter: through all of this, there has been a mainstay, his long time friend donald trump, who continued confiding in stone even after firing him from his campaign in 2015. stone claims he quick. >> we go back a very long time. donald trump came to my wedding, i went to two of his. i was at both his parents funerals. i have great affection for trump
1:39 pm
and the trump family. >> reporter: one passage from stone's book of life lessons stands out. admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack. jake tapper, cnn, washington. >> with me now, brian salter. we have some more insight into roger stone's thinking, a comment he made himself right on the courthouse steps following his appearance yesterday, watch. >> as i have always said, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. >> the only thing worse about being talked about is not being talked about. >> that sounds like roger stone. >> he got his wish obviously. in part, because he's doing a lot of talking. even after this indictment giving interviews to cnn and fox. he loves the media circus. what do you think is the strategy here, brian? >> he called into info wars, that conspiratorial website when he was at the courthouse.
1:40 pm
i think his strategy that he had months to plan is to try to talk his way out of this. i don't think that's going to work. but it seems to be his approach so far. al least until a judge tells him to shut up. he can try to talk his way out of it. there's a more specific strategic reason he's doing interviews. he needs money. he's trying to portray all of this as a witch hunt and raise money in order to defend himself. what he -- jake tapper mentioned one of stone's rules, attack, attack, attack, and never defend. it's what stone's trying to do. stone is trying to attack mueller, attack this process, claim it's illegitimate. and that's going to continue to be his strategy, we know that the majority of the public supports what mueller's trying to do, supports the justice system. so i know that stone will be able to reach his fervent supporters, i don't think he's going to persuade others to his side. >> how was it that cnn was there when he was arrested. >> right. >> and it was just good old
1:41 pm
fashioned journalism, right? >> there's been a conspiracy theory building on sites like info wars for the past day that we were tipped off by robert mueller's team so we knew to be there. that is nonsense. if you know anything about mueller's probe, we know he doesn't leak journalists. we wish he did. this probe has not been leaky. really, this was the result of journalists having a good sense of what was going on, by following clues, by noticing who was coming and going on certain days at the courthouse, but noticing what was on the agenda on certain days. all these public bread crumbs basically led our team to the home in ft. lauderdale. i think it was valuable to get to see it for ourselves, it was an intense reign. viewers can decide for themselves if it's appropriate to have the fbi roll up so aggressively. clearly there were reasons to do that, they have not treated other individuals the way they treated stone yesterday. they must be concerned about stone trying to remove evidence,
1:42 pm
destroy evidence, et cetera. the ability to see it in action, to have the video, was valuable. >> it was a little bit of luck, is part of what our team on the ground said. you're thinking, well, it's possible this could happen today. let's check it out. let's talk about the shutdown, which is over, thank goodness. the reaction from the deal, at least in far right media seems to be divided. from the gateway pundit, trump caves. pelosi's second big win this week. video of pelosi dancing, you also have pundits like sebastian saying, this on fox. >> this president said it was going to be conditional. border security, building that wall, and he just reversed himself. that's a victory for nancy pelosi, it will be perceived as such. >> it may be perceived as such. but remember, this is for three weeks. as far as i'm concerned, this is a master stroke. >> who do you think the
1:43 pm
president listens to more. >> there have been some on form trying to support him through this. we know the president watches so much cable news he's hearing a lot of the criticism, the ann coulters of the world calling him a wimp. lou dobbs says he got rolled by nancy pelosi. president trump's reality disorganization field. a lot of these pro trump pundits have broken with him. one defense they're offering is, well, he's got three weeks, let's see what happens, in three weeks, he'll shut down the government again if he doesn't get what he wants. >> that's a test. we'll see, we'll all meet back here in three weeks and see. i wonder if trump is trying to stall a little bit here. a lot of these commentators are
1:44 pm
angry with them this weekend. >> he'll declare a state of emergency or national emergency if the dems don't come his way. the president's state of the union was supposed to be the 29th and it was put on hold. it remains on hold. what does president trump lose by not having that bully pulpit. >> it's not just political junkies who are going to watch on cable news, it's going to be table who are tuning in to watch this is us on nbc. he's losing that opportunity to speak to a broad cross section of the country. it's an opportunity for him, i'm sure he wants to get it rescheduled pretty soon. the other big opportunity is the super bowl. this time last year, the super bowl. so far president trump has not committed to doing a super bowl interview. >> be sure to catch brian on his
1:45 pm
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you have probably seen the promos, this is an incredible story. an astounding true story about triplet that is were separated by berirth, and reunite 19 year later.
1:50 pm
since that film aired more twins have found each other. >> reporter: this 54-year-old woman is about to meet someone she didn't know existed. her twin sister, alison kantor. >> before she caulks in in our wrapped up in your own thoughts. what do you think? >> i felt like it was a dream. >> you didn't know? >> obviously, that you had a twin. >> your adopted parents didn't know you had a twin? >> not at all. they are just as shocked as we are. >> separated at birth, there's is a story that makes you ask questions about nature versus nurture. free will, could you have a twin unite there? >> i never thought there would be somebody like michelle out there. i was caught by surprise. i mean, the rug was pulled out from under me. they were both may 12th, 1964.
1:51 pm
when they were five months old, they were adopted by different families two days abart. >> my eyes are his eyes and his eyes are my eyes. >> by coincidence, michelle saw the cnn film three identical strangers. it's about triplets adopted through the louise wise agency. michelle took a dna test, the results life changing. it revealed an immediate family member she did not know she had. >> who would you like to add? i'm adding a sister. >> very symbolic. >> we don't know why michelle and alison were separated. in the case of the three identical strangers, it was for the perfect of a scientific study. he had approached other agencies before finding louise wise. >> when neubauer was trying to
1:52 pm
find twins to study, he went to a catholic church agency. the nun said to him, we don't separate what god puts together. >> neubauer died in 2008 and louise wise services closed in 2004. the agency that absorbed all of its records did not respond to cnn's multiple requests for comment. >> i notice the way you hold your hands. do you notice, the way your legs are crossed? >> we're noticing everything right now. >> as i said in the piece there, this makes you ask questions about nature or nurture. michelle and alison 54 years apart, they find each other, and you watch them, the way they carry themselves, the way they hold their bodies, speak, dress, all of that so similar. it makes you wonder how much of a role does nature play? now, if you ask experts, they'll give you some variation of the answer it's 50/50. and also, it's starting to
1:53 pm
change, because we know now more than ever that your genes, your blueprint can change in response to how you interact with your environment. epigenetics. it's not necessarily nature or nurture. it's more nature and nurture. and i think michelle and alison really make that case. >> dr. sanjay gupta, great story. thank you for sharing with us. be sure to tune in, the award winning cnn original film three identical strangers premieres right here on cnn at 9:00 p.m. eastern. you don't want to miss it. this year's nominees at the sag awards draw inspiration from real life people and events. not without some backlash. are you a christian author with
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when the people are real, iconic and socially impactful, audiences respond and hollywood knows it. so many of the films nominated for the sag awards this year are based on true stories. these portrayals aren't without some controversy. >> of the sag film nominees, roughly half involved characters based on real life. telling those stories can prove tricky in today's polarizing world many. >> we live in a time where contemporary history is up for debate. >> no more is that playing out. >> you have a narrow assessment of me. >> than with green book, about the late don shirley, a black classical pianist who hired a white bouncer to drive him in the deep south. >> i prefer not to get grease on my blanket.
1:59 pm
>> shirley's family claims they were never contacted and details were embellished to favor the driver. his son told variety he co wrote the film with shirley's blessing. >> no one else was there but your father and i. he approved what i put in and didn't mutt in. >> so far the controversy hasn't hurt or harmed ali. >> i can handle -- made headlines when star christian bale joked that satan inspired him to play former vice president dick cheney. >> he had a chance to play a real superhero, and he screwed it up. >> cheney's daughter liz slammed bale. a monologue in the film considered for cheney. >> i made advocate for cheney. there's no interest on adam's
2:00 pm
part or mine. >> real life, almost always stranger than fiction. >> stephanie elam, cnn, hollywood. it's 5:00 eastern, 2:00 in the afternoon out west, i'm monica cabrera. for the first full day in more than a month, 35 brutal days for government employees finally over. as the president and congressional democrats come to an agreement reopen the government for three weeks as they negotiate border security and trump's quest for a border wall. temporary relief comes with advice. one trump adviser telling cnn it was a humiliating loss for a man that rarely loses. first we begin with roger stone. the man known as the prince of darkness. the long time friend and confidant of president trump indicted


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