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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 6, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PST

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right to look at all of this. i hope they provide us all the documents. >> this is setting up the stage for impeachment proceedings, that's pretty clear. >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john john. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is new day. it is wednesday, march 6th, 6:00 here in new york. it's my daughter's birthday is today. >> happy birthday, daughters. >> thank you very much. up next, cnn has learned that president trump pressured top white house officials to grant his daughter ivanka a security clearance. sources say the president pushed his then chief of staff john kelly and white house counsel don mcgahn to get clearances for ivanka and her husband jared over concerns from intelligence officials. >> and ivanka denied this outloud on tv. so based on this new reporting, that denial is either a line or suggests there's a universe where she did not know what her father was doing. we will discuss whether the existence of that universe is plausible. remember this comes after the
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president himself appears to have lied to the "new york times" about directing jared kushner's security clearance. this apparent honestly black hole might explain white white house just overnight rejected congressional requests for information about all these security clearances. let's get right to cnn's joe johns live at the white house with the very latest. joe. >> reporter: good morning, john. this business with the security clearances really has the potential to be a showdown between the white house and the house oversight and reform committee with the potential for a subpoena to compel the white house to give up information it does not want to give up. adding to that, we have the latest reporting from my colleagues here at cnn indicating that the president once again overruled white house officials in order to give an advantage to a member of the president's family. multiple sources tell cnn that president trump pressured then chief of staff john kelly and white house counsel don mcgahn
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to grant his daughter a security clearance against their recommendations. the revelation contradicting ivanka trump's past denial. >> the president had no involvement pertaining to my clearance or my husband's clearance. >> reporter: several sources say it is feasible that ivanka trump was anne i wear of the red flags raised during her daughter's background check all those presidents have the authority to grant clearances. the development coming on the heels of a "new york times" report last week that the president also ordered kelly to grant ivanka's husband, jared kushner, a top ski correct clearance despite concerns raised by intelligence officials. president trump denied those reports. >> i was never involved with his security, but i don't want to get involved in that stuff. >> reporter: the white house rejecting a request from the house oversight committee to turn over domtcuments related t the security approval process
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raising the likelihoodhood of a potential subpoena. >> uns the constitution we have a duty, it's not some witch-hunt. >> reporter: on monday the president indicated he would comply with investigators who had requested information from 81 people and entities associated with the president. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. >> reporter: but the following day the president's signaling the opposite. >> it's a disgrace to our country. >> reporter: suggesting you the white house may invoke executive privilege and claiming the obama administration had not complied with congressional probes. >> they didn't do anything. they didn't give one letter of the request. >> reporter: now, to correct the record, the obama administration did hand over thousands of pages of documents to republicans in investigations they were pursuing during mr. obama's administration. there may be more trouble for the trump administration. it's also clear the house ways and means committee is looking into timing and whether it would be proper to get a hold of the president's tax returns.
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john, alisyn. >> joe, thank you. toluse, ivanka trump on tv says my father had nothing to do with the security clearance. our reporting is he had everything to do with it. that's a tough look. >> yeah, it's hard to make a more definitive statement than ivanka trump made where she said president trump had nothing to do with either the security clearance of herself or with her husband. and now we're seeing reports not only from cnn but also from the "new york times" that both of those statements were false. president trump was actively involved and it's not hard to believe that the president would involve himself in this type of thing. back in early 2018 there were embarrassing stories about his daughter and son-in-law saying they couldn't get security clearance. so it's not hard to believe hes go involved. but why so many lies about it? why did his daughter deny it and the president deny it and why
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are the lawyers trying to deny access to the important documents to the oversight committee? >> that's right. one thing we hear from the white house is the president can within his rights and power do this so then why lie about it. toluse, what happens now? the white house has denied access to turn over these documents. where does this go? >> this could be the first of many subpoenas that we're going to see flying over from capitol hill to the white house. the committee said it was looking at its next options and that's likely to be a subpoena going directly to the white house challenging this authority that the white house is asserting saying they don't have to provide documents to congress. this could end up being decided by the courts like a lot of things in the trump administration where there's a battle between the congress and the white house and a judge may have to decide whether they have the ability to take documents from the white house to fulfill its constitutional oversight role. >> one of the arguments the president is making is this all falls into the bucket of
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presidential harassment. why is that a challenging argument for this president to make? >> well, the president does not really cut very -- a figure that people can sort of look at and be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. this is a president who is disliked by more than half the country and he's more seen as a fighter, someone who fights back and not necessarily seen as a victim. so this idea that he's going to play the victim and be the victim of presidential harassment, it may play very well with his voters who think democrats are overreaching. but with the majority of the country that dislike the president, it's hard to see him in a victimhood status. >> toluse, thank you very much, we'll talk to you again in a little bit. alisyn. in just hours, michael cohen, the president's former lawyer and fixer willing back on capitol hill for yet another day of testimony. today's will be behind closed doors with the house intelligence committee. and we're live in washington with a preview for us. kara. >> reporter: hi, alisyn, good morning in the is michael cohen
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returning to the hill for the fourth time in eight days. he's expected to be questioned about any discussions his lawyers had had with the president's legal team about pa pardons. but already his exclusive public testimony is having an impact. on monday new york's department of financial services, that's the state's to insurance rag lator, subpoenaed donald trump's insurance broker asking for documents and information going back years about this relationship with the trump organization that. came up in cohen's public testimony last week. let's listen to that exchange. >> to your knowledge, did the president ever provide inflated assets to an insurance company? >> yes. >> who else knows that the president did this? >> alan weisselberg, ron lieberman, and matthew calamari. >> and where would the committee find more information on this? do you think we need to review his financial statements and tax returns in order to compare them? >> yes, and you'd find it at the
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trump org. >> now, the trump organization have received many documents and requests from multiple committees on the hill and they have not responded to those document requests. but michael cohen right there putting members of the trump organization in the spotlight. he's expected to be questioned further on the various individuals at the trump organization when he's testifying today in a much more intense environment following the release of the democrats request for documents and letters of those 81 individuals and entities. alisyn. >> kara, thank you very much for that preview. joining us now is jennifer rogers, a former federal prosecutor. jennifer, great to have you here. so michael cohen's public testimony opened a can of worms. are you drawing a direct line between what we call watched a week ago today and all of these new requests for documents and new investigations? >> absolutely. you know, you can see it as a roadmap. he's laying out who to talk to, what to get. and the congress members were really latching on to that and
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they are now following up with subpoenas. and you see other entities following up too. >> adam schiff has hired a new investigator, a former investigator from sdny. with you yore his supervisor. what do we need to know about this person coming in and what he'll change about the investigation? >> people have been talking a lot about the fact that dan did organized crime cases. >> dan goldman. >> that's right. that's not so important because these are different russians involved here. he knows how to put together a case. he knows what witnesses talk to, what documents to look for, he knows not to step on the toes of what prosecutors are doing. so he'll work well with doj and make sure they're not working in cross purposes. so for all of those reasons are the ability to put together a case and make sure that case doesn't interfere with criminal matters is going to be helpful for the committee. >> but they may be hamstrung by the fact that the white house is refusing to comply, for
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instance, these 81 people and entities that they want documents for, as predict and reported, the white house doesn't want to hand those over. so what does judiciary do if the people -- just look at your screen for a second. this is the amount of information they want and what does judiciary do if the white house doesn't comply? >> they'll issue subpoenas. it's going to be a slog because some of these will end up in the courts. but they've cast a wide net. some of those people will comply, some of them will come in. they'll get information from the sources that can't help but comply, for example on this insurance regulator issues a subpoena, that company is going to comply. so some of these folks will give information and they'll build a case from there. we're used to as prosecutors some noncompliance you want to speak to and you learn to get around that. >> you know president is casting this as a fishing expedition, but what are they supposed to do when they find new threads and troubling information about crimes committed or alleged
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crimes committed? >> it's a fishing expedition if you say let's start digging around without any indication of crime. michael cohen testified under oath there was insurance fraud. absolutely, you follow that up with subpoenas, talk to witnesses and see if there's something there. >> thank you very mitch for all the expertise. john. north korea is rebuilding parts of a long-range missile testing facility. they're rebuilding it after talks between president trump and kim jong-un broke apart last week. our paula hancocks is live in seoul in south korea with the breaking details. paula. >> reporter: well, john there is a key site that north korea had been dismantling in recent months, but it now appears as though they're reverse that. what we have heard from this csis and also 38 north, two north korean monitoring groups and also corob rated by korean intelligence is that there is
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activity there. there's for example, a door and some walls and a roof that has been rebuilt after it had been dismantled. so course the concern is when exactly did this happen? we don't have a definitive date. it's somewhere between february s 16th and march 2nd if the could have happened before, during, or after the hanoi summit. many people are reticent to say this is north korea staying was not pleased with the facts that the hanoi summit ended without an agreement, but it is of course concerning that this is happening. this is also the key site that the south korean president manu moon jae-in was talking to kim jong-un about. it was part of their summit in pyongyang, and they were even discussing when they could bring independent inspectors in to show that it was, in fact, put out of use. so clearly there are many concerns about this today. alisyn. >> paula, thank you very much. now to a scary story out at sea on a cruise ship.
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several passengers on a norwegian cruise line were injured after a ship was rocked by a really high wind. we have video and details of what happened. this is nerve wraking. >> this literally came out of nowhere. there was no warning until the glasses, plates, chairs started flying. it really made for some pretty scary moments for passengers on board the cruise ship already at sea. what began as a typical night on a norwegian cruise line ship suddenly turning into chaos. >> wow, we all just went flying down. >> a 115-mile-per-hour gust of wind slamming into the vessel. >> the boat's tipping. >> tilting the 164 ton ship nearly 40 degrees, according to some passengers. >> nigh my son got up and he looked out the window and cosee water at that port window. >> bottles smashing, glass
3:14 am
breaking, tables piling up, chairs sliding across the floor. >> i was at the bar, i was sliding down, chairs were flying. >> the confusion causing panic among the 6,000 passengers and crew on board. passenger eric black was at this piano bar when everything started shaking. >> i've been on a lot of cruises, this has never happened. >> behind him, people strucking to keep their zbloofooting. >> this is very unusual and probably shouldn't be happening. >> medical staff tending to several passengers and crew members who were injured. >> people were down, people were crying. yeah, it was pretty traumatic experience. >> some passengers feared the ship would capsize. >> when the boat rocked, we were the side that was the closest to the water. it just wasn't a good situation. >> others grateful they narrowly
3:15 am
escaped disaster. >> thank god we got out of here in time, because that was absolutely insane. >> so it turns out the wind gust was actually part of the same storm which caused the deadly tornadoes in alabama and georgia. the ship wasn't damaged and did continue on as scheduled heading to the bahamas. john and alisyn, it did however stop at port canaveral, florida. it did allow for some of the injured to get off and get some help. >> i would have been freaking out. >> so would i. >> i would have been freaking out. >> and throwing up. >> the huge ship, the fact that 115 miles per hour winds, but the fact it can tilt like that, i wouldn't have been prepared for it. >> a lot of people seem to be at the bar. >> unphased. >> right. which is where i would want to be in said circumstance. >> thank you very much. we have this new revealing story by "new york times" about the parallel lives of president trump. so could new checks coming to
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to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. cnn has learned that president trump overruled top white house and intel officials to grant his daughter ivanka a security clearance. this news comes just days after "the new york times" reports that the president did the very same thing for her husband, jared kushner. president trump and ivanka have publicly denied this. why are they not being truthful? let's discuss with toluse, white house reporter for "the washington post," carrie cordero, and josh campbell, a
3:21 am
former fbi supervisory special agent. let just remind people of what ivanka said just last month when she was asked this very question. listen to this. >> the president had no involvement pertaining to my clearance or my husband's clearance. there are literally close to a million people in the federal government who are in the pipeline to get their permanent clearance and are on temporary status. >> so no special treatment? >> no. >> josh, what does it mean that we now have evidence that there was special treatment for his daughter and son-in-law? >> well, when we look at her statement specifically, what we don't know at the outset is whether she actually knew what was going on behind the scenes, whether the white house was working to scoot along essentially her clearance, whether there were issues and red flags that were raised that. part we don't know. but taken in totality where we have both ivanka and jared kushner who ran into these issues and then required the overruling by the president of security -- by security
3:22 am
officials, it's obviously very troubling. the thing is there are two big ir issues here. there's the nepotism that we've talked about since the president came on the scene. the pris can hire whoever he wants, but there are nepotism laws for a reason because you don't want family members coming on board. second issue is the giant glaring security threat here where you have these two people who against officials said, look, there are issues here, we don't think they're possibly suitable. i think the main takeaway is i know good people who have been denied security clearance pss. this is not a value judgment when we say we don't think you're suitable. but perhapsing there something in the background to say we don't want you to have access to the highest classified information in the nation, it's what is in the best interest of the company. it looks here that the president essentially overruled these officials and overruled what's best for the country. >> and carrie, our friend likes
3:23 am
to say, follow the lies. donald trump told "the new york times" that he had nothing to do with jared kushner's security clearance. the times says he did. ivanka trump told us her father had nothing to do with it. our reporting is he had everything to do with it. follow the lies here. what kind of questions does this raise for you? >> well, one of the biggest issues with respect to conducting security clearance investigations is the issue of foreign influence. so one of the purposes of the investigations is to determine whether or not an individual who would have access to sensitive national security information would be under some kind of undue influence with respect to foreign governments. these two individuals have been engaged in conducting foreign policy, apparently. they don't seem to have any qualifications to do that, but they are at international conferences. the munich security conference conducting middle east peace
3:24 am
talks apparently, and so what it raises is why weren't they approved during the normal process without their father and father-in-law, the president, intervening to get a security clearance? everybody else who goes through the process can sake six months, nine months, a year, but individuals who work in the white house are expedited. in a normal situation senior officials throughout the government and especially white house officials would be expedited assuming there are no problems. so the fact that they weren't expedited and that their clearance was somehow stuck indicates that there was some national security issue. and so it is a legitimate oversight issue for congress to be looking into. >> toluse, the other big question is, as you know, president trump flouts convention and protocol all the time, such as nepotism rules and having his daughter and son-in-law work in the white house. so why -- it's so strange when you hear maggie haberman's audio
3:25 am
of asking president trump about this to hear him lie when john kelly and don mcgahn right notes about this. why was he not truthful on this one? >> that's the big mystery about this white house. there have been so many mistruths that have been told to the american public from the stormy daniels situation to the security clearances to talk about trump tower moscow that it's hard to know exactly why the president, why the people around him have been so willing to lie to the american public. and i think that is the mystery that -- and that's the reason why we have so many subpoenas that are going over from congress to the white house to get to the bottom of why there's been so much deception and figure out if there's anything nefarious about it or whether the president was trying to protect his children from embarrassment and say i didn't have to bail them out when they were being seen as potential national security threats. it's hard to know. but we have seen and my newspaper has documented more than 9,000 lies and mistruths that the president has told, so
3:26 am
it's not out of the ordinary for the president to mislead. but on this issue he did have the power to overrule the security officials and it's not clear why he decided to pretend that he didn't do that. also breaking overnight, our friend maggie haberman obtained more checks that apparently were signed by president trump to michael cohen over 2017 that cohen says was reimbursement for the hush money payments to stormy daniels. and josh, sps just interesting if you look at some of the dates of these checks. the february 14th check came just after michael flynn was pushed out of the white house. there was a march 17th check, the same day that the president was hosting angela merkel at the white house suggest the british had spied on the u.s. government. you go down this list and it's just interesting to see that these payoffs were being made to michael cohen at the same time there was very important business that a president should be doing here. it's just a jarring juxtaposition. >> it is.
3:27 am
and you have a president that's willing to take time out of his busy day to sign off a hush money payment. back up they're saying no collusion, no crime. now, the collusion, question, that's on the table, we don't know. but when you get to the idea of a crime where this appears, i've talked to a lot of law enforcement and legal experts, this appears to be a campaign violation, a crime, and so for the president to continue to say, look, i'm innocent, did i nothing wrong, what's so fascinating about this is he was constantly reminded time after time he's took his pen and put it to paper to sign his name to payoff hush money essentially for this relationship, he had to have that state of mind knowing what he was doing. and the lornlarger question, ist else what's done that we don't know about? if we're just learning about this, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that there are other things that maybe coming to light. >> truly, carrie, just as john was saying, the juxtaposition of official government business,
3:28 am
hosting the prime minister of malaysia, hosting senders to talk about tax cuts, pardoning turkey at the same time there's this alleged cover-up of this tauddry, personal scandal is interesting. however, won't president trump just say this was actually a retainer for michael cohen? i paid him $35,000 a month, this has nothing to do with stormy daniels, in this is what i always paid him? >> well, his own statements are going to cause him a little bit of a problem because he has gone back and forth in his public statements about whether michael cohen was providing legal services, wasn't providing legal services. seems like it would be very hard for him to make an argument that michael cohen was providing legal services to him after he became president in a twha wowa would generate those types of fees. he is the president. you would think that the work he would need legal advice from would be coming from the white house counsel in his official capacity. but also it speaks to just the
3:29 am
bigger issue of all of the things that are going on behind the scenes that are in the president's or his family's business interests that are different from the work of the united states and the work of the american people. just a couple days ago he tweeted about a scotland golf course using his twitter platform in order to market his private business. that impla indicates conflicts of interest, that implicates emoluments issues and so that's why there are these investigations and these checks probably would not have come to light without the additional congressional investigation calling michael cohen. >> on the very day he pardoned the turkey, he signed a check saying it's a porn star payoff. the turkey pardon sullied in the eye. >> thank you for clarifying it. with this growing list of investigation has no president trump's world, we ask democratic voters a key question. how many of you think that the
3:30 am
congress should move forward with impeachment proceedings? okay, their answers are very interesting. these are democratic voters and you're going to hear how they feel about impeachment and so much more. >> also in the very interesting category, r. kelly on the defense denying sexual abuse allegations in an explosive new interview. that's ahead. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters costa rica paraíso. meet sergio. and his daughter, maria. sergio's coffee tastes spectacular. because costa rica is spectacular. so we support farmers who use natural compost. to help keep the soil healthy. and the coffee delicious. for future generations. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee roasters. the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a few years old or dinosaur old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you,
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a big money shake-up in the democratic presidential race. one potential candidate taking his name out of the field. >> rimes with. >> sloomberg. >> michael bloomberg has revealed that he will not run for president. let's get the latest with harry enten, senior politics writer and analyst. harry, what's the reason that jumps out to you. >> why is he not run something to me, look, he was only 2% of the average poll but this is the key statistic and something i keep hitting on. democrats in the polling indicate that they don't want their own version of trump.
3:35 am
only 31% of democrats felt f comfortable with a businessman. combine these two, it's clear why a statistical guy like bloomberg didn't want to put his hat in the ring. >> he has done a lot of work on the sidelines with his vast wealth. he has contributed to lots of causes, he thinks he's moving the needle that way, so maybe just decided that he can do better there. >> exactly. he's a cold hard numbers guy like myself and looked at these and said i can do better on the sideline than in the ring. >> there are only about 16 billion differences between you and michael bloomberg, but we'll talk about that another time. there's a poll out over the weekend which talked about the president's overall approval rating and also had some really interesting comparisons that popped up in your mind with bill clinton when he suffers some scandals as well. >> yeah. i might not be wealthy in money but i'm wealthy with all the numbers that's around me. >> with knowledge. >> so this is to me an interesting thing. you can see back in september '98, during the monica lewinsky
3:36 am
scandal a lot of people thought that bill clinton had done something illegal in office, a majority did. right no with donald trump a plurality believe he committed a crime. you see this across the statistics where people think that bill clints to wa dishonest, majority of people think that donald trump was dishonest. both were not seen as the guy you'd want to invite over for dinner. but this, to me, is something very interesting. look how differently americans are treating bill clinton versus donald trump. bill clinton was liked by americans. a lots of the americans approved of the job he was doing in september of '98, not so much now with donald trump, only 38% approve of him in the latest poll. major difference. >> there's another difference too when you dig beneath there in terms of what they think they're doing their job. >> why is this difference? i think we've had a lot of focus on russia and stormy daniels and michael cohen, but i think it comes down to do you think that these presidents are on your side? do you think they care about the average american? and this i think is key.
3:37 am
in the latest poll, only 39% of americans think that donald trump cares about the average american. that's very close to the average number throughout his presidency and it's very, very close though look at where his approval rating is right now. now, compare that, compare that to the clinton numbers. 58% thought that he cared about people like you. >> in middle of the scandal. >> in the middle of the scandal. so even though the scandal was going on and people didn't necessarily like what he was doing with the scandal, they still thought that he was on their side. people at this point don't think that donald trump is on their side and it hasn't been that way throughout his president. >> i that's interesting to me because at the beginning of his presidency, during the campaign people felt that he was. he talked about the coal miners, we're all going to be sick of winning. he talked about -- he hugged the flag last week. >> he cares about the flag. but, yeah, if you look at the poll that was taken right after his -- right avenue was elected, actually a majority of americans in that poll said that he cared about average americans and then that number dropped during his
3:38 am
administration. and we've seen this throughout it whereby this gap has been -- >> it is interesting because it's instructive on what he should focus on going forward, maybe not scandal so much as proving himself in the office. >> right, that's exactly right. he should hit on the economy, he should be hitting on i'm on your side. and as long as democrats are able to get across this idea that it isn't, it's the exact same thing with romney. one last thing i want to point out in the is my fun slide with snow. >> what are you telling us here? >> this is what i'm telling you. i went to weather camp when i was younger. this disappointedmy during the winter. we had no snow. but in the fall, we've made up for it a lot in march, look at all that snow. isn't that nice? we can have a snowball fight outside together. we it can make a new day snowball fight. >> you have not missed your calling. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. we have breaking news for your right now because thousands of people are fleeing the last
3:39 am
isis-held territory in syria as we speak. u.s.-backed syrian draltemocrat forces have helped 60,000 people leave in just the last two of days. you can see that right here. but among those escaping are isis fighters. and ben wedeman is live there with what is happening. ben, what are you seeing? >> reporter: i think it's probably better to say they are surrendering because we've spoken with many of these people here, we're just going to step out of the way so our cameraman can give you a picture. these are people who we've spoken with. they are, for the most part, still loyal to the islamic state. one man i spoke to told me that even if he spends the rest of his life in jail, he will remain committed to the ideals, if you can call it that, of the islamic state. many other people, women and children, clearly are not sort of happy to be in the hands of
3:40 am
the u.s.-backed syrian democratic forces. is not like the scenes we saw outsi outside rack and mosul when people celebrate and tore off their black head scarves. no, these people continued to hold to the islamic state, the so-called islamic state. now what we've seen is over the last 48 hours, more than 6,000 people, they're surrendering because of the bombing, the bombardment, the constant firepower that has been unleashed on that only half square mile area. mostly tense. and the syrian democratic forces are perpetually stunned at the number of people who are coming out. i remember a month ago this were telling us they were only 1,500 people inside, civilians that have plus 500 fighters. what we've seen in the last month and a half alone, however,
3:41 am
is that well over 20,000 people have come out and there are still more expected. there's a group of trucks to my right, i don't think we can pan because of our bad -- you want to try it? go ahead. there are more trucks that have come here this morning, and hundreds more people. and they are men of mill tear ag military age. i've spoken with some of them. not surprisingly they denied they had anything to do with the military activities of isis. but the men are being separate from the women and children and they are being interrogated by -- on the other hill, the hill behind me there are american, french, and british intelligence officers who want to find out about nationals from their countries. yesterday we spoke to french women, belgium women, a woman and her family from finland as well. so there -- and what we're seeing is what's significant is
3:42 am
unlike what we've seen over the last month or so, a lot of foreigners coming out. and certainly the intelligence services are very interested to hear what they have to say. alisyn. >> we would not know this story, we would not know the real numbers, ben, if you were not there on the ground witnessing it and bringing it to us. thank you very much. >> those are stunning images and ben's exactly right. it's important who those people are and finding you the who they are. fascinating. a former trump adviser who was on the list of 81 people who entities targeted by house democrats says he will not cooperate with their probe. why? we'll ask him. he's joining us next.
3:43 am
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3:46 am
new pushback this morning off house democrats sweeping demand for documents from dozens of people connected to donald trump. "the washington post" reports my next guest is refusing to cooperate with the house judiciary investigation. michael caputo is a former trump
3:47 am
campaign adviser and more than 81 people or entries on chairman jerry nadler's list. thank you very much for being with us this morning. t"the washington post" says you're not going to cooperate, why? >> i think it was a little bit click baity, as you might say, but it's really interesting because my attorney, we responded yesterday to the request for documents with an answer that we have none of the documents they asked. and even though it if you look through all 81 people that are on that list, my request for documents was probably the shortest. it was less than a page. some went on four to six pages i think. >> right. >> i had none of those documents they asked me for and when my lawyer sent the letter back, one of the aides from the committee said well michael appear before the committee in an interview. and, to me, it seems, and to my attorneys, well, it seems like they're going continue to variety all 81 in front if they're going continue to variety me. from my perspective, i've testified twice before congress,
3:48 am
once before the house -- i'm sorry, before the mueller investigation, always as a witness, and every time you sit down temperature costs 20, $30,000. >> i understand. so if they subpoena you, will you still refuse? >> well, i haven't even gotten an invitation and i've responded to the document request so the idea that i'm not cooperating is i little bit out there. >> okay. >> but if they subpoena me, my lawyer and i, we'll discuss it. we don't know if i'll get invited. i think an invitation comes first. >> it hasn't happened officially yet. >> right. >> i want to read you a little bit a part of the documents they requested here. this is part of the letter you provided to us that was given to you by chairman nadler's off the of office. they requested any contacts direct or indirect from january 1, 2015 to january 2017 between ofrl involving the russian federation, trumt talts and any of the following, trump, trump the campaign, trump organization, manafort, rick gaetz, michael cohen, michael flynn, jeff sessions, jared
3:49 am
kushner, roger stone there is highlighted there. and i'm asking you about roger stone because obviously there was this episode, and you were questioned about the special counsel about this where you helped arrange for roger stone a meeting between stone and some purporting to the russian or someone who apparently was russian promising dirt on hillary clinton. so twheent fawouldn't that falle document request? >> it wouldn't because this gentleman who was an inform meant for several years turned out to be offering information from ukrainian national who worked for the hillary clinton campaign. he has been -- >> that's your assertion there, by the way. >> that's actually -- >> there's no proof to back that up. >> i absolutely have proof. john, you're wrong, i have absolute proof. i have a signed affidavit from the informant that he informed for the fbi for 17 years, it was -- >> regardless, when he came to you, he didn't say hi, i'm an
3:50 am
fbi informant, he said to you i have dirt on hillary clinton. you said, okay, talk to roger stone here and i have communications, which again you've provided. >> right. >> between you and roger stone. let me show people about this. michael caputo, how crazy is the russian? stone, wants big money for info, waste of time. caputo, the russian way, anything at all interesting? stone, no. you say this exchange is exculpatory. people may look at that and say the same thing. all i'm saying is wouldn't this be the type of thing easy enough to turn over to the investigation? >> i don't think my attorney didn't think also that it fit within the parameters of the request. that's publicly available information, it's nothing i would be hiding or have any reason to hide from the committee if you look at the letter of the request from the committee it did not say did you speak to some russian national who lives in the united states who was offering you information from a ukrainian national who lives in the united states and works for the clinton foundation. >> well, they were asking for
3:51 am
agents interimmedia agents or interimmediate airies. if they asked you specifically would you then turn it over? >> of course. i've turned it over to everyone else. it's in your hands and everyone else's hands. >> the committee made clear, they actually only would want you to turn over things you've given to the special counsel because they were trying to make it easier for you. you have said there are four other people on this list you've been in contact with and you're discussing a noncooperation agreement as it were suggesting that the five of you may push back on the committee. is that correct? >> no, that's not true at all. what i said is i've talked to four people who all have the same concerns i do, that this is a perjury trap that's set up to lead to the impeachment of the president of the united states. i don't know what those people are going to do. >> who are they? >> they're 81 -- there are 81 people and organizations on that list, including the department of justice. i'm certain the department of justice will cooperate with this.
3:52 am
>> can you tell me who the four people are? >> no, i can't. i won't. >> you keep using the word perjury trap there and as jeffrey toobin went to law school likes to it will me, there's no class and legal definition that includes perjury trap. one way to avoid that is tell the truth, correct? >> no doubt. i've told the truth every time i've sat before congress and the mueller investigation. but we're going on two years since the last time i spoke before congress and we know that, you know, if you look at this -- >> it's a little different now with democrats in charge than it would be with republicans in charge, correct? >> you didn't sit through the democratic grilling that i got on the house intelligence and senate intelligence committees. just because they were in the minority didn't mean they were muzzled, the same questions. >> sean spicer who was press secretary told fox news i doll everything to facilitate this investigation and there's nothing i have to hide. he said he would answer questions and turn over everything else, i have nothing to hide. >> right. >> so if you have nothing to hide, why not just say -- >> as i said before, john, it
3:53 am
costs 20 to $30,000 to sit down with these people. and the committees' letter got to me via the media. this is all a media play. and if -- this is 80 people, john, 80 people and they say they're going to do more. it will be over a hundred in the end. to my mind, this is a play for headlines, it's a setup for impeachment, and if we are invited, if i'm invited to speak before the committee i'm going to have to make a decision on that day. but i'm disinclined do it because at the end of the day they're driving my family and dozens of other families into the poor house just because we worked for donald trump. >> michael caputo, when you do make a decision, if they do come to you with a subpoena, please come to us and tell us. >> i'll come to you first, john. >> i appreciate that, that's what i always want to here. appreciate it, michael, thanks. >> we always appreciate hearing from him. it's always insightful. it's really revealing what his experience is. there's this explosive interview with r. kelly who
3:54 am
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donald trump has just been implicated in multiple crimes, including while serving as president of the united states. individual #1 is president donald j. trump.
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go to and never go to the post office again! singer r. kelly is speaking out in an explosive new interview. he vehemently denies that he abused underaged girls and he tearfully says that he's fighting for his life. sara sidner is live in los angeles with more. what an interview, sara. >> this is the first time that we have herd directly from r. kelly after he was charged with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving four alleged victims. we were there was he went to consider th court. he was very quiet and solemn. now you're seeing a very different r. kelly in this interview on cbs this morning with gayle king. she taukd tallks to him about m different things but she gets to the point with whether he is still hanging out or having anything to do with underage
3:59 am
girls. and he responds to the new allegations, some of which came out on that lifetime series called surviving r. kelly where women had come forward saying that he's still doing it and they suffered abuse at the hands of r. kelly. they accuse him of holding them, their parents accused him of brainwashing them. here's how he responded to the latest allegations against him. >> forget the blogs, forget how you feel about me. hate me if you want to, love me if you want, but just use your common sense. how stupid would it be for me, with my crazy past of what i've been through, oh, right now i just think i need to be a monster and hold girls against their will, chain them up in my basement and don't let them eat and don't let them out. unless they need some shoes down the street from their uncle. stop it. y'all quit playing. quit playing. >> robert. >> i didn't do this stuff. this is not me. i'm fighting for my [ bleep ] life. >> and, of course, you have
4:00 am
those who say we are victims of r. kelly. they say they, too, have shed many, many tears over how they were treated. so it will be interesting to see what more he has to say this morning. >> all right. sara sidner for us in los angeles. that interview was something. thanks for our international viewers for watching, for you name talk is next. for our u.s. viewers, new day continues right now. the president had no involvement pertaining to my clearance. >> president trump pressured john kelly to grant his daughter a security clearance against recommendations. >> when you cannot get information, you cannot be a check. it's not some witch-hunt. >> 80 one people or organizations got letters. it's a disgrace to our country. >> the judiciary committee has a right to look at all of this. i hope they just provide us with the documents. >> this is all about setting up the stage for impeachment proceedings, that's pretty clear. >> announcer: this is new day


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