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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 11, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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if you get an honest answer from politicians, they thought it was a disgrace. the democrats have become an anti israel party, they've become an antijewish party and that's too bad. >> and just talking to our chief white house correspondent, jim acosta, he was in the room and had this change with sarah sanders on that point. >> just to get back to john and the question about the president's comments about democrats and jewish people. isn't that kind of rhetoric sort of beneath everybody and do you think that the president has thought at all going into this 20 campaign that the rhetoric just needs to be lowered? whether it's talking about democrats, the media, immigrants or should we just plan on hear ing the president use the same kind of language we heard in 2016 and all through the first couple of years of this administration? >> look, i think that the real
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shame in this is that democrats are capable of coming together and agree on the fact they're comfortable with ripping babies from mother's wombs but they have a hard time condemning comments from congresswoman o r mar. i think that's the great shame. the president has been clear on his position. and beyond that, i don't have anything. >> just sort of drags down the rhetoric of the debate. when you're saying something that just is patently untrue democrats don't hate jewish people. it's just silly. not true. >> they should call out their members by name. i don't have anything. >> the president -- after charlottesville saying there are very fine people on both sides in charlottesville. essentially suggesting there are very fine people in the nazis. >> that's not at all what the president was stating. not then, not at any point. the president has been
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incredibly clear and consiste consistentconsisten consistently condemned hatred, bigotry, racism, in all form, whether in america or anywhere else. to say otherwise is simply untrue. >> with me now, gloria borger and gloria, good to see you. what is the tactic here? if the president said it, why not acknowledge it? >> yeah, she didn't. i think the tactic is divide and conquer. it's always been a tactic of donald trump's and this notion first of all she wouldn't say what the president actually said in his fund-raiser. but then she said i think you ought to ask the democrats about that. well, the democrats didn't say what the president said. if there's a disagreement over whether the democrats should have approved a different kind of resolution, that's swrus fin just fine. absolutely fine.
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people can disagree about whether it should have been more specific towards her. et cetera, et cetera. but the republicans have had their own problems, for example, with steve king and they were tough on him although he remines in congress and had a long history of saying all kinds of objection abl thipgs. so i think what we're seeing here and i think jim is right. is the campaign starting and the president making a play for jewish voters, saying look at what they did in congress. they b obviously hate you, jews. >> right. right. right. but isn't it on the steve king point, it's sbreing she wrought up congressman king since trump has been silent on him. >> totally silent on kin. you're 100% right. trump has chosen not to say anything about king. probably because he's wondering if shehe's going to run again of he could win his race. there you have a member without any committees. correct? now. there are democrats that i've
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spoken with who thought that congresswoman omar should perhaps have been taken off the foreign affairs committee. and the chairman decided he did not want to do that. that's up to him. and there are democrats who thought the resolution was watered down, but have that conversation rather than the conversation about oh, by the way, democrats hate jews. that's just silly. just silly. >> i want to ask you about michael cohen. this came up in the briefing. you had hall the great reportin about the reports of the pardon. president trump's claim that michael cohen asked him for a pa pardon. here's the change. >> last week, the president tweeted michael cohen quote directly asked me for a pardon. when did that happen? was that when cohen was here at the white house and came into the oval office? on the phone? do you have a date? >> i'm not going to get into specifics of things that are
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under review by the oversight committee and other committees. what i can tell you is that cohen's own attorney stated and contradicted his client when he said he was aware those conversations had taken place. we know that michael cohen lied to congress prior to his testimony most recently. we know he's lied at least twice this that hearing. i think it's time to stop giving him a platform. let him serve his time and move forward. >> what was your reaction to that? >> first of all, she doesn't want to answer the question. it seems any press secretary would go into the president of the united states and say you made this flat statement. can you give me more detail. i bet she didn't. and i bet sarah sanders wants that to be in the purview of the xh committees and perhaps special counsel and raised the president's lawyer statement as a result when you know, davis
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said basically this was after he knew that he wasn't going to get a pardon and there's a whole timeline here that's very confusing that i won't bore you with, but i do believe that she also said she wouldn't admit that trump was individual number one when it came to the sentencing memo about the hush money u. paid to stormy daniels. then said also that she didn't know about the $35,000 check that the president had signed to michael cohen while it was in the oval office. so she didn't know about it. that check has been everywhere. we had it up u on cnn and i'm sure everybody else did as well. and rudy giuliani has spoken about these payments. >> it's out there. thank you very much. >> thanks. the top of the white house briefing focused on the rollout of the president's new budget and among other thing, cdemands
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more money and more than $2 trillion in spend iing cuts. all this as the national debt continues to rise. something that the president promised to eliminate. moments ago, his agenting budget director point ed the finger at congress. >> this great progress is threatened by our unsustainable debt which now stands at more than $22 trillion. annual deficits are continuing to rise. and will exceed a trillion dollars a year and it's projected that interest payments on the national debt will exceed military spending by 2024. washington has a spending problem b and it endangers the future prosperity of the nation for generations to come. congress has been ignoring the president's spending reduction. it's only now they're willing to have a conversation about the national debt. >> let's break down what is in this president's budget. manu is with me now. so, tell me more about it.
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what are you learning? >> well one thing sanders acknowledges moments ago there's nothing in the trump budget request that would force mexico to pay for the wall. she said instead that would be paid for through by mexico through the u.s. mexico trade agreement that has yet to be b approved by congress and there's nothing in the agreement that would actually force mexico to pay for the wall. so what the trump budget instead does is that it forces and tries to encourage congress to approve nearly $9 billion in funding. $8.6 billion to be exact and also, it would fund another 3.$6 for funds to the military reconstruction project. funding of which has been diverted through the president's efforts to declare a national emergency so they can move money around to pay for his border declaration. of course we'll see if the courts uphold that move. he's about to get rebuked by a bipartisan vote this week on an emergency declaration move and
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the question is how is he going to pay for this. he calls for $2.7 trillion in spending cuts on an array of issues, education programs, environmental protection and domestic programs, nondefense spending but he also calls for an increase of 5% for defense spentding in exchange for those cuts to domestic programs. the big question is will any of this fly. the democrats are making it clear none of it will. this is going to set the stage for negotiations in the fall over the president's request to fund that border wall in particular if the president digs in, how far will he, will democrats agree to go because in the current round of negotiations as you recall, brooke, very clear they wouldn't give the president a dollar. they didn't give the president a dollar for the wall. eventually, the president conceded and now he's asking congress to come back in. this is what the president
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hoping will accomplish, but no one here on capitol hill believes the president will get anywhere near the $9 billion for the wall. we'll have to see. >> thank you very much. coming up next, boeing under pressure after now the second deadly crash involving one of its planes in just the last five months. we'll talk to a woman who worked with one of the 157 victims, man studying at georgetown university in washington, d.c. plus, senator gillibrand under fire for how she handled a sexual harassment complaint inside her office despite her vocal support for the me too movement. how this could impact her 2020 chances. and later, cnn takes you inside a venezuelan hospital struggling to operate with little food, electricity or water. 17 people have died there and the country's opposition leader says the country has already collapsed. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin.
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we're back. another huge story we're following. investigators now have recovered the flight data, the cockpit voice recorders from the oo ethiopia there is n flight. while some have grounded the plane, u.s. carriers southwest and american say they will continue flying this aircraft. the pilot reported technical difficulties right after take off on sunday. at least one witness says the plane was smoking and swerving before the crash. among the victims are eight americans and 21 united nations staffers and this is the second time in five months a boeing 737 max 8 model has crashed minutes into the the flight.
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the same thing happened to a lion air flight in october and ju moments ago, the transportation secretary asked the faa to review both crashes to identify any safety issues, so first with me, dan rose an aviation attorney and former navy pilot. so dan, thank you so much for being here. so tragic all the way around. we'll talk to a woman who worked with such an amazing man who was studying at georgetown, but knowing that there are i'm thinking about us here in the u.s., about two dozen here of these max 8s being flown. do you think boeing should ground them? >> the faa would have to decide. i think that's responsible and realize that is the same system is at false as was in lion air, whether it is the faa or boeing, should take the initiative to ground the aircraft until we figure out what's going on.
12:17 pm
>> the fact the lion air went down in october and now this has happened. what do you make of the similarities? zpl it's uncanniment kind of unprecedented to have a new aircraft come out and then within less than two years have duoincidents within a five month span. just not acceptable. in all likelihood has to be b something wrong with the systems. >> i was talking to richard quest who has flown ethiopian a ton of time, says it's an excellent airline and as far as these max 8 planes, are they, how would you characterize them? >> the interest iing thing abou the max 8 is that it's a fourth generation, which is 60 years old. this is a design that was designed way back when and has kind of been adapted all along. this is the latest it ration and each one is looking for more passeng passenger, more power, more efficiency and there are compromises at some point. i think we see it here.
12:18 pm
with the engines put on this aircraft and in such way it affected the way the plane flies so they had to build this system to combat that and it's reached kind of a tipping point with the design. >> we know that the black boxes have been recovered, so within those boxes where do those answers lie? >> we're going to get the answer to the cause within the boxes specifically, you're going to hear the flight crew talk about what they're doing, whether they're fighting the control, but you're going to see what the plane is doing. particularly whether this system, this mvas system that's implicated in lion air was activated as such it was causing a lsz of control of the aircraft. >> dan, thank you so much. we're now learning the personal stories of a number of these victims including cedrick, the third year law student at georgetown university in washington. he had been traveling home to kenya after the death of his
12:19 pm
fiancee's mother and had aspirations to return to kenya to promote the rights of refugees and his colleague, mary, is with me now. my deepest condolences to you. just reading his bio on the website, he was extraordinary. i know you worked with him through his spiritual work with the campus chaplain's office. can you tell me more about him and what he was about? >> i would love to. first of all, brooke, thank you. this is really a horrible loss for the georgetown law committee and really for the georgetown university. the greater georgetown university committee and the world, actually, given who cedrick was, i am working in campus ministry and he was an essential part f our team. our interfaith team. he was the first point of contact with his warm hospitality, welcoming students to our space and figuring out
12:20 pm
what they needed so he could get them to the right services. one of the chaplains, one of the other offices in our law community. he was a terrific human being. greatly formed by his education back in kenya and zimbabwe where his intellectual formation really broadened his view and understanding of the world. so that when he landeds in back in kenya after a getting highest honors in philosophy, he founds a community organization to serve women and children fleeing the war in somalia. he directs a public television series on peace and justice. he does scholarly research and eventually joins the jerusalsu and spends eight years learning how to walk with folks on the margins, but ground himself in
12:21 pm
his deep catholic faith so he can do this work for the long haul. he was remarkable. >> bless him and his family and to think of all that he had already accomplished. to know he was this third year law student at georgetown, what was he hoping to do? >> well, he came to georgetown in 2016 with a real aspiration to study and learn more about human rights. with a particular emphasis in economics and business because he knew those structures were important in looking at the human rights and supporting folks on the margins and as he went through our clinical program, both with international women's rights as well as working with -- his heart grew more towards walking with migrants and refugees. he wanted to go back to kenya and serve there. but he was had a particular focus on the environmental impacts on refugees and migrants
12:22 pm
and what caused them to flee based on environmental concerns. so he was going to spend an extra year at georgetown law studying that particular focus so he could take it back to kenya. >> mary, gei am so sorry. he sounded like a superb human. and as we learn more about him and these other lives lost, you can go to to learn about their stories. thank you. up next, she is a vocal support serer of f the me too moment. now kirsten sxwrgillibrand is u fire for how she handled a sexual harassment claim in her own office. a cfp professional, knowledgeable, and committed to financial planning in your best interest. find your certified financial planner™ professional at
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it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. she is one of the most outspoken advocates of the me too movement on capitol hill, but now, 2020 hopeful kirsten gillibrand is facing accusations that she mishandled a sexual harassment case in her office. a female staffer says one of her most prominent aides made repeated unwelcome advances toward her. she also accuses the aide of making crude remarks about female cloeg colleagues. after her office investigated the claim and found the aide's
12:28 pm
behavior did not meet the standard for sexual harassment, the female staffer resigned. athena jones just talked to someone in the senator's office. what happened? >> this is interesting and difficult head loin for her of course because she's been a champion of the me too movement on capitol hill. you laid out some of what happened last summer. you had a staffer accusing another of making inappropriate remarks. now her aides would say she did exactly what she has called for people to do in such an instance, to hold a hearing or investigation. no one's arguing that everyone just because you're a pioneer or champion of me too dupt mean you won't have staffs who may act in the wrong way. they say the point here is that they carried out an investigation and there wasn't evidence. this same person accused, abas mal malik, a military aide, we try
12:29 pm
ed to reach him and failed so far, this person was accused late r on just last week because of new allegations that surfaced that did vest gayed. now he's been fired, but wasn't fired over the summer. here is what she said in her statement. she said these are challenges that affect all of our nation's workplaces including mip and the question is whether or not they are taken seriously. allegations are made in the workplace, we must believe women so serious investigations can actually take place. we can learn the facts and there can be appropriate account bability. what happened at every step of the case last year. i told her we loved her at the time and the same is true today. she's made a name for herself and trying to prevent sexual harassment. >> which is one of the reasons why this young woman wanted on
12:30 pm
board in the first place. >> in the resignation letter, b she says she after the 2016 election, wanted to work in politics, for senator gillibrand because of her strong stance against sexual harassment in the workplace. so it's a difficult situation she's in here, but her aides handled it properly. the staffer wasn't pleased with the outcome. they interviewed seven staffers. they punished him by taking away promotion, but the staffer stayed on until just this last week. so very difficult situation. >> want to continue this conversation, thank you so much. angela ris a cnn political
12:31 pm
commentator. as she swrus just pointed out, it's addressed on the hill and the military. what do you think of how she handled this? >> it's pretty incredible. the first thing i questioned when i saw this article, brooke, if in fact he made these comments, if in fact he did had appropriate advances, that's the textbook definition according to the equal employment opportunity commission, the eeoc, that handles these things, that defines them for us at the federal government level. what exactly sexual harassment is. so i'm not sure when they say he did, he made some derogatory comments and handled himself and conducted himself inappropriately, what does that exactly mean. >> seems like it should be black and white. >> right. if it was sexual in nature, it doesn't have to be a sexual advance. just about her being a woman. that's sexual harassment
12:32 pm
according to the eeoc, so i'm curious to know what their procedures were. one of the complaints the young woman had was the entity on the hill on the house side, it's the office of employment counsel. i can't remember what the senate counterpart is. but she said it took 30 days for a mediation. that is the process. but one thing that i would love for the senator to answer, brooke, is if this guy was her supervisor, which is what's reporteded, why would he continue to be her supervisor at least during the time of her investigation? that's going uncomfortable. he's going to retaliate. you can't help it. there are a number of questions i have and i feel very badly. this is someone who has experienced misconduct on the hill, as a younger woman senator, she experienced it firsthand so she knows what it's like. she knows the culture. i'm curious as to why she wasn't
12:33 pm
put in more of a safe space. >> senator gillibrand led the charge calling for the resignation of al franken after he faced claims of sexual harassment. remember the photo? that seemingly has backfired for her. do you think there's any impact on this on senator gillibrand's candidacy? >> i think it can. one thing i hope happens from this is that we have a real conversation about me too. a real conversation about sexual harassment a real conversation about sexual assault. the reality of this is like you just said a second ago, it should be black and white. it's black and white until our feelings get involved. it's black and white until it's somebody we know. until it's somebody b who we say they would never do that. i know it firsthand because i've said this and defended the same thing. sometimes you have evidence that demonstrates that same thing. but what happens when you say something like that and it automatically debunks the real,
12:34 pm
credible stories of so many other real women victims, so many victims period. we have to figure out how to have a real conversation about these things so we understand why a harvey weinstein could have a documentary or a film still at sun dance. we have to have a real conversation so we understand why does it take so long for people to lose their opportunities when they kept so many women from so many others. we have to be able to have the tough aspects of this conversation because there are many of us, many included, who can be a hypocrite when it comes to this very thing. we're not going tto be able to until we're real about it. >> you're so right. about this should be this way, until you know the person involved and there's a little bit of nuance. i appreciate your honesty on that. that's one of the reasons why we love to have you. i know it. i know it. before i let you go, i wanted to ask you about the news from the dnc, how they just announced their annual convention will be b in milwaukee. as in wisconsin.
12:35 pm
as in the very state hillary clinton negleeglected in 2016. thoughts. >> i think democrats have really far to go and it's not just with reaching out to rural white collar voters. not just blue collar voters in urban areas like milwaukee. it is about making sure that that big tent for once really encome pass all of the voters they go after. even if it's the last two weeks bf the election. if they want to be a big tent party, it's time for them to step up and advocate for policies that affect everybody. so even this conversation that's happening now, democrats can no longer just be like oh we are not dealing with that. that's not realistic. it's time for us to address that. time for us to address me too in a real tangible way and it's time for r us to figure out how we're going to run and support women candidates, people of color and not just go into their backyards and host conventions. >> amen. thank you.
12:36 pm
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another fire storm is engulfing congresswoman omar. now a journalist is going after her for a tactic president trump is often accused of. blaming bad reporting for her controversial comments.
12:41 pm
the congresswoman told politico magazine that the hope and change offered by barack obama was a mirage mentioning the quote unquote caging of kids at the border also happened on obama's watch. in a since deleted tweet, she said quote, exhibit a of how reporters distort words. i'm an obama fan. i was saying how trump is different from obama and why we should focus on policy not politics. congresswoman omar even released her audio of the interview hoping to prove her point. however, the politico magazine correspondent says her recording confirmed his reporting. here's the clip. >> i will talk about the family separation or caging of kids and people point out that was trump, i mean this was obama. i'll say something about the droning of countries around the world b and people will say that
12:42 pm
was obama and all of that is very true. we can be only upset with trump because he's not a politician who sells us his policies in the most perfect way. his policies are bad. but many f of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. they just were more polished than he was. >> tim alberta of politico magazine interviewed the minnesota congresswoman. tim, welcome. >> hey brooke. >> so she straight up disputed your characterization of her remarks and you tweeted xabt a of how politicians use the media to avoid owning what they said. how are you feel iing about alls this? >> well, i mean honestly, i'm feel iing a little uncomfortabl. reporters rarely want to be the story. i think that the fact that the
12:43 pm
congresswoman later deleted her accusing me of distorting her words says it all. inn the audio confirms not only did i quote her accurately, but that i provided a lot of context for what she was saying. in fact, in relistening to the longer audio that i have, i think if anything, i was probably underselling how critical she had been of former president obama. so i would like to not be in the headlines here, but i was take ben aback by her tweet, especially considering i had not heard from her office previously. it was an odd situation. >> i want to ask you if you have heard anything from the office since. we have been hearing more democrats recently, the whole blame the media piece. does that sound familiar? >> yeah, it does. it does. i think we are, we're in sort of a precarious position here at reporters because it's not just donald trump. right, it's not just the white house that we're dealing with now. people in both parties are seeing that his model of sort of
12:44 pm
using the media as a strong man, it works. it's effective. there are going to be people who replicate that. we're already beginning to see this. you're seeing republicans on the hill who have done this. matt gates, now some democrats. i think it's a disturbing trend and we need to be on our game to make sure we're not giving them ammunition to come after us. we need to be fair and rigorous accurate with our reporting, but when they try to avoid owning what they said and try to spin and turn on the fog machine, we need to call them out for it. >> have you heard anything from the congresswoman's office since your piece published? >> i received a quick note thanking me saying they appreciated the piece. >> thanking you. >> yes, that was all i heard until later. until the tweet, yeah. >> we have been you know, so caught up obviously in how she said it, but it's also what she said. we heard her say in the clip and you used it, quote, we can't
12:45 pm
only be upset with trump, his policies are bad, but people who came before him had bad policies. they were just more polished. here's this new freshman in the democratic party saying maybe something others have been feeling, but haven't quite had the courage to say that. what did you make of her overall point? >> well, a couple of tihings. i think she is speaking for a not insignificant part of the progressive base of the democratic party. people who were upset with some of barack obama's foreign policies, people were upset with some of his domestic policy. i think when ever a two term president leaves office you have a vacuum that opens in a party where a lot of the feelings that may have been suppressed during that two term presidency, they sort of come to the surface. we saw that with george w. bush when he left and all that ensued over the republican party. i think what omar and cortez and
12:46 pm
ta lib are speaking to exist on the far left and maybe not so far left. at the same time, you have the majority makers in this democratic class. a lot of these freshman house democrats able to flip swing districts who feel much differently. at least they're going to say they feel differently. so you have an obvious tepnsion. it's such a big class that these divides are really going to have an influence over the policy debate moving forward. we're seeing that already. >> thank you for the interview. i know you don't want to be the center of the story, but it's important for you to come on and stand up for your jirnl israour. >> up next, venezuela's opposition leader requesting a state of national emergency. a widespread power outage and cnn witnessing what that means for the country's most vulnerable.
12:47 pm
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calling for a national state of emergency. schools and businesses across the country are closed for the fifth straight day. electricity has been cut as of late last week. 17 people have died. he says those victims, his word, were murdered by the government of the embattled president
12:52 pm
maduro and says the electrical fail yours are pushing the country into a deeper crisis. >> there was no service in the shopts. these were the best hospitals in the country. if we are in the capital what is it like inside venezuela where there has been very little gasoline with periodic cuts in electricity without basic goods. you can see with all responsibility that venezuela has all right collapsed. you managed to security access. tell me what you saw. >> yeah. the dedicated staff there wants the world so see the conditions inside. i want to feature how desperate it is. the electricity goes down. there is supposed to be
12:53 pm
become-up power. they are supposed to have fuel and battery power as well for important things like ve ventilator. these are already suffering. they know they are on their last legs, so crippled by the financial crisis here. this is the best word i can explain in terms of the looks of the staff but also the patients. one man was 61 already suffering. he looked at me and did not have any words. you can see he was loosing hope. for the entire country certainly politics is at play. right now people need food. they need water. what was a profound electricity k crisis made people so much more vulnerable. >> what about the schools and the children?
12:54 pm
>> you know, it's such good question. one of the reasons you can tell this question isn't back on is they go to school, gives them structure and they also get food. there is none of that. a lot of kids know that in fact fai they don't know their parents can get them their next meal. a lot of people coping with that as well. here we have seen desperate scenes of people trying to get water. what's it like if this is what we are witnessing here? i saw a mother take her two-year-old into the hospital. she had fallen, hurt herself. she was inconsolable and kept crying. the hospital received her but there were no guaranteed on the kind of treatment she can get. i would like to tell you things will go back to normal as soon as this is fixed. it's not going to happen. i have been going to hospitals here for years and years and years. it will be very difficult for them to recover from this. >> so glad you're there shining
12:55 pm
the light for us. thank you so much on the human crisis right there. for the first time in 42 days the white house holds a press briefing. sarah sanders is asked about trump's stunning claim that democrats hate jews and she is asked about a possible pardon of ma manafort. we have that and more. stay with us. [georgia] three years ago, my husband died in flight 19. but then, i saw him.
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pleaded not guilty to multiple weapons. they say he white supremacist views. they raided his home where they found a stockpile of guns and steroids. thank you for being with me. the lead starts now. >> it's almost as if the president wants to fight for the wall more than the wall itself. the lead starts right now. demanding billions and the asking price is higher. any moment we can find out if joe is a go. the former decision is as a new scandal begins to haunt another contender. another plane same make, same model goes down. will they be grounded in the u.s. until investigators figure out what went wrong?