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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 12, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> thank you for that. for international watchers, cnn talk is next. a growing crisis for boeing after the ethiopia airlines crash. why is boeing' most popular selling jet still flying? "new day" continues right now. >> we're hearing horrific heart rending stories of the moment the families heard. >> you want to know if there aren't any questions surrounding safety, i would not fly on this plane until i get some answers. >> the u.s. is saying we have nothing to say at the moment. it leaves the flying traveling public in an intolerable position. >> the speaker is absolutely right, putting the country through an failed impeachment is not a good idea. >> we have three committees doing investigations. it may well be we must impeach. we don't know right now. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome.
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growing investigations about why the max 737 jet is still flying. an increasing number of countries have banned it after two crashes involving that model, two crashes in just the last five months. the faa is telling usa carriers they can still fly the plane despite concerns from pilots and flight attendants. >> the faa will continually assess the jet safety performance as they try to investigate what caused the crash in ethiopian minutes after the takeoff. they're trying to see if there is a link between that crash and the lion aircraft crash in october. we're learning about loss in the craft including a 36-year-old woman on her way to united nations conference and a georgetown man headed back to kenya for the death of his fiance's mother.
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at the site of the plane crash for us, david. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. yes. this is the debris field behind me. up until a few moments ago they've been picking from that field trying to get evidence from the site of this catastrophic crash. i spoke to investigators a short time ago and said they felt the plane may have come at a vertical angle into the ground because of how deep that crater is in this hillside. the black boxes and audio recorders are in the hands of the officials and they are investigating and hoping to analyze them soon because of questions mounting about this boeing 737-800 max. the airline manufacturer is standing by that aircraft and faa as you mentioned. look at this list of aircraft and countries that are grounding these planes. it's a bit windy here.
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china, singapore, indonesia, australia, kays a man, mongolia, just a partial list of all of those countries and airliners that have grounded this brand new type of plane. the ethiopian airlines of course have done the same. they have a very new fleet. but this crash has shocked them, this nation and this region. you mentioned 21 people from the united nations died in this horrible crash. they are flying their flags at half-staff. they are in shock here. this was a commuter route between ethiopia and kenya. today, they hope the ntsb investigators will arrive. we met with an israeli group of search and rescue here with families. obviously, we need to respect their privacy. they're trying to get closure here. so, many questions being asked about this type of plane this hour. alisyn. >> david, thank you very much for being there at the scene and
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showing us what's happening. joining us now is richard quest, cnn business correspondent. and les, a retired american airlines pilot and author of "paper wings." if you were still flying for american airlines, one of the airlines still using this 737 max 8. would you feel comfortable flying it today? >> no, i would not, i have to be honest, i would not feel comfortable with it. would i feel comfortable with my colleagues flying the airplane? a lot of them were my ko pilots, yes, because i know the training they've gone through and know they've educated themselves with reference to the particular situation if we refer back to lion air in october, if they were faced with a similar situation, i have confidence they'd be able to get the airplane under control. >> let's put up a list of airlines that are still flying today. american airlines, southwest,
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norwegian. it goes on. why are they making this choice? >> they're making this choice because there's no evidence, in their view, to the contrary. one has to now say with the decision of singapore and australia to ban the use of these planes within their airspace, the faa's announcement yesterday looks spectacularly out of touch. the faa is basically saying we do not have any technical reason to ground these planes, and until we get further evidence we're not going to. but this is not a matter prosecuted in some technical fashion, this as les just pointed out, this is happening in the court of public opinion. the faa is seemingly exceptionally deaf today or appear to be to what the public are saying. the worries about the plane, the worries about whether it's safe, and while they wait for some
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information, everybody else is saying hack on -- hang on a second, the australians say it's not safe and others say it's not safe. >> what they're saying in the cockpit is tellable, saying they're not comfortable. boeing announced a flight software enhancement what they're doing in response. this has been in the works since the lion air crash. they're sending out this software enhancement. it concerns me. are they working to send it out? are they ready to send it out? might this thing be glitchy as well? what do you see in that boeing's announcement? >> most of that information is
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confidential. i know boeing has had direct communication with pilots unions, especially in the united states. that might be why some foreign countries flying this aircraft don't have that direct dialogue, perhaps, boeing didn't do it in some other fashion rather than direct eye-to-eye. that being said, a software update seems very curious to me. the timing seems very curious to me. the faa has to trust the manufacturer to some degree. that's the way the system works. it has to trust the airline. is this software update going to solve the whole problem? it's hard for me to say. my concern is that the remedy or band-aid that seems to have been put on this back when lion air had their crash in october, the bottom line was there's no doubt in my mind that this ethiopian crew knew about the lion air crash and what the remedy and
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that particular checklist they had to follow. were they so overwhelmed with the situation that they just didn't get to it or was it possible they did the remedy and it didn't get the airplane in control? >> richard. >> that's what concerns me. >> your thoughts. >> this design and modification, it's something about, it's not totally relevant. for the simple reason, firstly, this was a design modification happening anyway. secondly, a design modification that relates to how the plane tells you about this system, what warnings it gives you. it doesn't make any fundamental changes to how it operates. thirdly, all this announcement the faa said yesterday, we're dating them to tell us by april of 2019. to the extent that it's not immediately relevant to what we're talking about in the sense
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of ethiopian air. i think les hit the nail on the head when he says this is really going to be about whether the work-around put in place was sufficient or is this something completely extraneous? what worries me is that again, i'm sorry to keep coming back to the traveling public, there are people waking up all over the united states, going to airports, facing a 7 the 7 max 8 plane, the airline is telling them, it's brand new. they are legitimately entitled to say, why are you flying this plane when other legitimate authorities say not to. >> i am one of that flying public, flying on saturday with my family. if people are not comfortable when they find out that their plane is a 737 max 8, what are they to do?
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>> i have absolutely no idea, frankly. none whatsoever, because if they decide not to take the flight, will the airline reimburse them or put them on another plane? if they decide to fly, that's up to them. we just don't know. for those reasons, it's unacceptable. would i fly or would i not fly? i have no doubt about the superb excellent par excellence of the safety of the u.s. fleet, but we're not in a normal situation here. we have a divergence of views upon the safety of a brand new plane. it won't be long by the way. we'll get information from this black box as soon as they read it out, i would say within 5-7 days maximum before we're getting some idea what this is all about. >> les, what would you say to passengers skittish today about getting on a plane? >> seeing that you're getting on
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the airplane, what i would suggest, if you know it's a 737 max, talk to the customer service agent and say, listen, i'm uncomfortable, i'd like to change the ticket, or wait for another flight. if they refund you, they refund you. but if i was the airline, i would certainly take that into consideration with my passengers. >> i'm sure they're getting lots of those calls to me. >> seems like good business to me. >> i'm sure they're fielding a lot of those calls. we'll see how they handle it. thank you very much for your expertise on this. until now passengers had to eat the change costs. mary schiavo we spoke to last hour said, you know what, i would make the extra payment to change flights, i'm that concerned. >> everybody has pointed out, it's only a week, they will probably have the answer, maybe by the end of this week. it feels as though airlines could do what they need to do
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for their passengers the next few days. so many victims from this latest crash. the united nations lost a number of staffers themselves. >> this woman was on her way to t -- for the united fisheries. and her father said she was bonkers about animals. herming to sustain african economic development. on facebook, saying his contribution to youth employment will never be forgotten. he leaves behind a fiance. a student of georgetown law on his way home from nairobi after the death of his fiance's mother. we're so sorry for the loss to the georgetown community. thank you for being with us this
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morning. if you can, tell us who cedric was. >> first of all, thank you, john. this was a real horrible loss for the georgetown university community, really for humanity itself, given who cedric was. i work for georgetown law school in campus ministry. i knew cedric well because he was an essential part of our interfaith team. i saw him almost everyday as he created a welcoming presence so students of all faiths and no faith at all, could feel supported and welcomed and attended to. he was born in mombassa, kenya, into a very strong catholic family, that took his education very seriously. so, he went to the university of zimbabwe and he graduated with highest honors in philosophy. it was this intellectual formation that provided the ability for him to see the needs of the world beyond his direct
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experience. he went on to work in the east african region. he created a community-based organization that served women and children fleeing the war in somalia. he was the editor-in-chief of a philosophy journal, all this at the same time, he was producing a peace and reconciliation television program, and he then became a jesuit for eight years. it was during this time that his catholic faith deepened and his concern for the world broadened. >> you mentioned his passion for refugees and people in crisis and war-torn countries. do you know what his plans were for after graduation? >> absolutely. he brought all of this rich background to georgetown law in 2016. he began pursuing his joint j.d.
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llm degree. his intention was to focus on human rights. as he spent more time involving himself in the various clinics, the human rights clinics at georgetown law, his concern for migrants and refugees fleeing, because of climate change and environmental impacts in the east african region, was going to be the focus of his advanced law work next year, after he graduated with his j.d. degree. >> what a loss. you talked about how important faith was to him, his faith. >> absolutely. >> what do you think he would be telling to people right now? what would he say to his friends and colleagues at georgetown law now feeling his loss? >> cedric loved people and walked always with a broken heart. it was broken by the pain and suffering that we cause each other. he didn't sit in the midst of
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this is brokenheartedness. his deep faith compelled him into action. at georgetown law, our motto is law is but the means, justice is the end, and cedric embodied that in his life. he was really what we hope our students become in the world. he brought his body, mind and spirit to his life and to his work for the common good. he was 32 years old. and when someone that young passes, we grieve their loss potential. cedric actually lived that potential his entire life. and as he did, that potential kept expanding. >> in that sense, i suppose, you can all be grateful for what you had with cedric. >> absolutely. >> at the same time, grieving what you know might have been. thank you for joining us this morning and helping us understand what was lost with
4:17 am
the passing of cedric. thank you. >> thank you. >> her words were really poetic there and poignant, of course. seeing his picture, you know, we don't know him but hearing her words against his picture, look at his beautiful smile and his countenance, we get a sense of what he really was like. >> what a difference he made already, just 32 years old. >> just one of 157 lives lost. we will continue to cover all the developments of that plane crash. we also turn to politics. house speaker nancy pelosi says quote president trump is not worth impeaching. do her fellow democrats and voters agree?
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in a "washington post" interview, house speaker, nancy pelosi made some news, when she said on impeaching president trump quote impeachment is so divisive, unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the
4:22 am
country and he's just not worth it. joining us, abbey, did this surprise her democratic colleagues she felt so basically unequivocal about impeachment she doesn't want to go down that road? >> i don't think it did, in part because i think she's been saying a version of this for some time now. this is the clearest she's ever been about it because i think she's trying to put her foot down as the speaker about what she thinks is possible for the democratic party over the next two years. you know, there's going to be some disagreement particularly among those younger members of her caucus, who came into off fis, some of them, saying they are going to impeach donald trump. nancy pelosi is not even looking at the long game, literally looking at the next two years where she's seeing the small
4:23 am
likelihood, not much of a likelihood in the senate you will have bipartisan support for impeachment because republicans continue to support the president no matter what happens. that's been true of the last two years. she's not long it will probably be true in the subsequent two years. it will get harder for her to have this position when there's more information coming out about the russia probe potentially. as these ongoing probes go on in the house, democrats will be trying to unearth things. it will be harder for her to say, no, this is not reaching the bar for impeachment. it is based on a desire to  actually replace donald trump in two years, not just attempt to kick him out and inadvertently empower him into a second term. i think that's what she's mainly concerned about for her party and why she's basically said i don't think the bar, any of the things i've seen so far rise to the level of impeachment at this point. >> what i thought was
4:24 am
significant, she wasn't just saying it, waving flags around during the interview, hey, not only am i saying this, you need to pay attention to the fact i'm saying this. i'm laying down this marker and i want you to know this and know it right now. >> i think she's doing two things, one being so public about it by laying down a marker, giving cover for her caucus that might be tortured answering the impeachment question not wanting to go against the leadership or upset the base by saying, look, our leader doesn't go along with it but i disagree. the calculation pelosi is making if democrats were to launch an impeachment it would plot out everything on cable news the next two years. if you look at the issues democrats succeeded on in 2018, healthcare, jobs, the things democratic voters would care about, all of that stuff would
4:25 am
be shunted to secondary status if democrats were to launch an impeachment proceeding and it probably wouldn't work. barring a shocking recommendation in the mueller report there isn't an obvious path in the senate. i think pulitzelosi sees it sqa fool's error. >> she's saying pending something coming up, ie the mueller report. >> pending a smoking gun. this is a four word strategy, don't screw this up. this is the 2020 election. polls show nearly 50% of americans will not vote to re-elect donald trump. that's a lot of people dug in pretty early on. i think democrats look at that and want to take him out at the ballot box for a lot of reasons. chief among them, it's the most legitimate way to counter trump
4:26 am
in trumpism and it would not leave any kind of -- leave less blood on the floor, i should say, than a messy impeachment. given the polarization we're so aware of on this show, the fact is that with what we have right now, you're not going to get anywhere near the senators you need onto the republican side to convict him, so why would you just give trump the opportunity to portray himself as a victim the next year and a half. >> abby, i can tell you wanted to say something. >> that's clearly what the president and his campaign want to do, run on impeachment. it is an easy strategy for the president to be the victim and to have enemies in the entire house of representatives or among the entire democratic party. at the something from the president's perspective, they are eager to run on that. at the why when you hear talk of impeachment, it's from
4:27 am
republicans, the president's allies, people saying, this is all democrats care about. to josh's point, if democrats don't have the agenda they are able to pursue the next two years, that will only make the president's job of re-election easier. nancy pelosi knows this, president trump knows this. we will see whether or not she is successful taking this off the table at least in the short term. it is possible this doesn't do the trick, people in her caucus continue to talk about it and push toward it and she has a problem on her hand still in the news every single day even though it's not happening. >> i want to move on. you want to add to that point? >> the other thing talking to a democratic strategist fear of impeachment, not only it will fail, trump on the ticket is democratic voters biggest motivator to turn out in 2020.
4:28 am
democrats want him on the ticket because that's what drives and angers their voters to get him out to vote, not just whoever the democratic nominee is and senate candidates around the united states. there's so much at stake the entire democratic electoral strategy is built on having that ticket on 2020. >> that's what they wanted in 2016. be careful what you wish for. >> touche. >> i want to talk about kirsten gillibrand. hard to get our mind around it. a former staffer claimed one of her top aides was sexually harassing women. what i'm trying hard to understand is what he did exactly. at times, it says the specific behavior, what gillibrand says, did not rise to sexual harassment. we kind of need to know what the specific behavior was. if it was just derogatory comments towards women, is where that on the continuum.
4:29 am
some sexual harassment is crystal clear, roger ailes, things like that. then, there's the grayer areas. should everybody lose their jobs over offensive comments, say. this one is hard to know who is in the right. where is kirsten gillibrand on this problem? >> yeah. that's such an important point and highlights why this issue is so difficult broadly, i think for society, but particularly for kirsten gillibrand because of the sand stand she's taken on this issue in the senate and body she's a party of and also in the military. she's taken a stand. she is the senator who has taken a stand on this issue. it becomes extremely difficult when there is something going on in her own house. we don't know exactly what it is that happened. i think we have seen examples in the public sphere of people losing their jobs or losing
4:30 am
their place because of inappropriate comments. there can be inappropriate comments so offensive, and they make people so uncomfortable in the workplace it is something that ought to have consequences in the workplace. we just don't know. for gillibrand, she's in a tough spot it will be difficult for her to air this out because it involves other people. she would essentially be putting the information out there without necessarily having the consent of the people involved. this person having not been convicted of anything or any kind of crime. for her, she got into so much hot water with al franken and how she helped to push him out, that's why this is a problem for her. some democrats are upset with her about that. they are locking at this as an example of -- looking at this as an example of hypocrisy. >> stacey abrams flat out saying
4:31 am
2020 is on the table, a run for president and beto o'rourke going to iowa this weekend, which, to me, is everything you need to know. >> both bad news for chuck schumer, john, who would desperately love both candidates to run for competitive senate seats and raise lots of money for texas. stacey abrams keeping it on the table, a fascinating move and beta o'rourke we expect to announce later this week and in iowa. keep an eye where he goes in iowa, not a des moines, cedar rapids trip. we think he will be in more rural parts of iowa, places where obama won and then trump won. >> fascinating to watch. thank you very much. how are democratic leaders responding to president trump's baseless claim democrats are anti-jewish? we will ask the chair of the
4:32 am
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new reaction this morning from senior democrats to the announcement, it really was an announcement from house speaker nancy pelosi, where she says she does not want to impeach president trump. she told the "washington post" quote he is just not worth it. joining me now is democratic congresswoman, sherry busto >> thank you for being with us. you welcome this announcement from the house speaker. why? >> i welcome the seeking of the truth. what speaker pelosi is saying, we have a lot of work to do and bring down the cost of healthcare and bring down the trillion infrastructure package and last week, to clean up the mess in washington. i think what she's saying is
4:37 am
let's not be distracted from these everyday pieces of information coming up until it all comes together. if robert mueller's report shows a clear violation of the constitution and clearly shows president trump has gotten in the way of democracy in a way that's impeachable, that's a whole other story. what she's saying let's get focused what to do for the american people. >> do you feel the talk of impeachment has been a distraction? >> we saw michael cohen testifying and it literally sucked up every bit of air in this building. at that same time we were still doing hearings on healthcare, talking about how to bring down the price of prescription drugs. we have begun outside the hearing room talking how we will pass a real infrastructure bill to rebuild our country. we are talking about that and having hearings on those very very important topics. i'm guessing your viewers have
4:38 am
no idea that is even going on right now. >> our viewers pay very close attention. i wouldn't insult their intelligence right now. does it seem to you that the speaker is trying to down play expectations from the mueller report? >> i don't think that's it at all. she doesn't know what's in this mueller report, she doesn't know what's in the mueller report. adam schiff doesn't know what's in the mueller report. we will only know when he releases that. only a select few people will know that. we will be passing a resolution that says the mueller report is very important. we've invested almost two years of our resources and time, energy, effort, money, to get to the bottom of this. i believe the american public deserves to know what that report says. >> last question, it is your job to get your fellow democratic members elected.
4:39 am
a lot of them ran wanting to impeach the president. what do you tell them? >> lot of them ran on having this ability to seek the truth. i'm one of 31 democrats that came from a district that donald trump won. i can tell you we don't go home talking about impeachment every weekend and don't represent people talking about impeachment, they're talking how we can play a role helping families have better lives and kids aren't faced with tremendous student loan debt in congress today. they want to make sure their families have an opportunity to succeed, not something they obsess about. >> you worked in journalism, i think is cool, a lot of people don't know, and you also worked in the healthcare industry for some time. the president proposed his budgets that includes reductions in growth in medicare, something he vowed he wouldn't cut.
4:40 am
how do you view that? >> if i could quote my 85-year-old mother who calls me and leaves me voice messages and says, don't let them touch my medicare, i think my mom speaks for people in 80s and 70s mid-atlantand mid 60s in this country. medicare works. it has the oversight of the health insurance program in our country. it is the greatest lifters out of poverty than any in our nation. what donald trump is doing is robbing the peter medicare part of it to pay the basically pad paul's stock portfolio. you know, it is literally that's what he's doing, taking from people who need something and from others who don't need it as
4:41 am
much. >> you don't like what the president proposes on medicare, on the other hand, you don't particularly like what other democrats running for president want to do with medicare either. you have concerns in medicare for all. you told "the hill" on an interview, i think the price tag for medicare for all is a little scary. what's scary? >> i worked in healthcare, as you said. but i worked in it before, during and after the affordable act. i know the unsustainability and prices going up too high and patient's outcomes were not improving. we passed it and while flawed in the rollout. what happens until republicans took their meat cleaver to it we insured an additional 22 million americans. let's not lose sight of the fact the affordable care act works. it needs tweaking and perfecting. but to all of a sudden say we
4:42 am
will throw that out along with throwing out health insurance plans for millions of employees who get health insurance through their workplace and turn to something that i don't think it's a policy we have all of the details thought out. what i would say to the medicare for all proponents or people who want to make sure we have care for all and a lot of new details on the table and let's make sure people have access to care wherever they live including rural payment. >> you mentioned the word, scary. some people dispute it will be $33 trillion, do you think medicare for all a concept that could be a liability for some democrats like you in swing districts? >> i'm not running on that as a platform or many people running for reelection in 2020.
4:43 am
what they're running on is something that unites us as democrats. i will change it to care for all, whether a newborn baby, pregnant mom or 85-year-old woman like my mom, that we ought to make sure you have access to affordable and again back to access, accessible care. >> congresswoman cheri bustos, please give our love to your mom. >> thanks, john. appreciate it. republicans used to care a lot about deficit and debt and now the gop is on a massive spending spree. we have a budget busting reality check next.
4:44 am
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simple. easy. awesome. candidate donald trump once promised he would wipe out the national debt in eight years. with his 2020 budget it looks like he's going in the wrong direction and increase it. >> i would disagree with you. i digress. >> martin luther king once said budgets are moral documents. it's fitting they introduced the record breaking trillion dollar budget with something less than the whole truth. it's no secret the nation's $20 trillion debt that nearly
4:48 am
doubled under the obama administration unsustainable. but the trump administration is finding religion a little bit late. they're complaining about a problem they compounded and now want democrats to help them out with by cutting domestic spending on education, the environment and massive cuts to medicare. candidate donald trump said he would eliminate the debt in eight years but risen 2 trillion since he took off fis to an all time high of $22 trillion. larry kudlow said it's moving. >> it's throwing off an enormous amount of tax revenues. as the economy gears up, more people working, better jobs and careers and it's coming down rapidly. >> not so much. in fact, tax revenues are down.
4:49 am
tax revenues from corporations fell 22% from january. in fact, budget deficit is up 77% in the first four months of fiscal year 2019. it dwarfs the $587 billion during obama's second term. the trade deficit the president obsesses over, moving in the wrong direction as well. growing $100 billion and hitting a 10 year high. we know the businessman, donald trump, called himself the king of debt and borrowing money and spending lavishly and trying to renegotiate with banks. government doesn't work that way. the wish list in a time of divided government. because republicans bailed on reducing deficit and debt and democrats aren't likely with if you look at the percentage of debt over the last four decades reagan on the high
4:50 am
end and clinton with 36% on the low end. just about every democrat running for president now is calling for hiking taxes on the super rich and raising spending as well while a new school of far left economics are embracing modern monetary theory which says deficits and debt don't matter. none of this is good news. deficit hawks may be an eneningered species but that doesn't change the math or the history which shows excessive debt brought down empires. republicans will have a hard time regaining credibility on this issue after abandoning their fiscal principles to follow the king of debt. that's your reality check. >> math rules. john, thank you very much. >> seemed like he was good at it. a former muslim marine is offering a challenge to fox news host janine pirro. the questions he has for her. te between healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth.
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fox news host janine pirro is under fire for comments she
4:55 am
made saturday night. listen. >> think about it. omar wears a hijab, which according to the koran 33:59 tells women to cover so they won't be molested. is her adherence to this islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to sharia law which in itself is antithetical to the united states constitution? >> in response a marine corps veteran and a founder of muslim tweeted this. then this muslim marine has two quick questions for janine pirro. what is an american jew wearing a yamaka and an american nun covering her head/body indicative of. thanks for joining us. did you hear from janine pirro? >> i have not. good morning to you.
4:56 am
>> good morning. i'm sure she'll watch this segment at some point. what do you want jeanine pirro to know? >> i'm the founder of muslim i have been using my platform of a muslim and u.s. marine to counter things like this. this hate and bigotry and islam phobia. i'm extremely disturbed at the things taking place in this nation for the last many years and this message by jeanin jeanine pirro who is a lawyer. i don't know what constitution she's been reading. it's worry some to me. i have a 12-year-old kid who said in their middle school another child comes in and yells you're all going to die, shuts the door and runs. this has to stop. it's having a real life impact on people.
4:57 am
i live in a jewish community myself. i see jewish women wearing wigs. i see them covering their hair in pouches. i see jewish men wearing black suits and the kippa. i have to ask her what that's indicative of. >> here's what pirro said. she said, i have seen a lot of comments about my statement from saturday's show. i didn't call omar un-american. my intention was to ask a question and start a debate. because one is muslim doesn't mean you don't support the constitution. i invite congresswoman omar to come on my show any time to discuss the issues. were you satisfied that she understood? >> no. she should be fired. the reality is this is not her track record. you don't have to just look at this statement. fox news making an attempt to -- saying they don't stand by the statement, that's not how you
4:58 am
don't stand by a statement. you take action. you fire an individual like this who is constantly dividing america. i think america has to really sort of decide which path and which direction it wants to go in. do you want to listen to people like her who are dividing us and destroying the fabric of the nation or when it comes to islam at least do you want to come to people like me who actually has a resumé to prove it? >> you know, fox news put out a statement and then congresswoman omar, the subject of this, said thank you, fox news. no one's commitment to our constitution should be questioned because of their faith or country of birth. why do you think omar is accepting this statement and not going as far as you are? >> i think she has enough heat over the last few weeks. i have seen what's been going on. i think she's probably cautious of the words coming out of her mouth. i don't think in any way she's satisfied with the statement.
4:59 am
the true action by fox news would be to actually fire an individual like her. they don't deserve to have the platform they have. they are destroying millions of people's lives and making millions at their cost. again, as i mentioned before, i think it is time for america to really do some self-reflection and decide, do you want an individual like her to dictate the narrative or individuals like myself who signed on the dotted line saying they would die for this nation, who served this country with dignity and loyalty. i don't understand, honestly, what's taking place. it's really disturbing. i'm saying again it is having real implications on lives. today i may be the scapegoat. tomorrow, it could be you. this is dangerous for everyone. >> your message is powerful. i invite everyone to go to muslim and see you have gone to 24 states and you carry your sign, i'm a muslim and a marine, ask anything. you're trying to start education
5:00 am
and conversation and that's just a really valuable service. i'm sorry, we're out of time. we'll have you back. thank you for your service and to your service to dialogue. >> thank you so much. >> boeing is struggling to contain the fallout after two deadly crashes. the latest next. i'm going to err on the side of safety. would i put my family on the plane? i don't think so. >> i wouldn't stay home until the federal government says there is something unsafe the public should have confidence in it. >> it's heart breaking he can't fulfill the legacy he set up for himself. >> divides the country. i don't believe it now and i didn't believe it then. >> you don't impeach trump for him. you impeach him for the constitution. >> she understands the ramifications and said she's not worth it. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." it is tuesday,ch


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