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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 16, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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stories, it kind of brings comfort. >> so that's why a place like imagine exists, to give children a place to mourn their loss and find out they're not alone. >> to meet some of the families mary's helping and to nominate someone who should be a cnn hero, go to hello to viewers around the world. i'm in choois church. >> we begin the breaking news coverage and the massacre that broke out in two mosques. we are learning more about the main suspect. police raid a home believed to be connected to the attacks in the home where the suspect lived. the suspect appeared in court on
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saturday. the 28-year-old remains silent, had a smirk as he was charged with one count of murder. other counts will be tried later. they were trying to determine if they were directly involved in the massacre. overall, 49 people were killed in this terrible set of attacks. 39 people remain in the hospital, 11 in intensive care. he will remain in custody until the next court appearance in april. he resisted arrest as you can see in the video. he had explosives in his vehicle. officers put themselves in danger to keep them safe. new zealand's prime minister gave more details about the arrest you see there. >> apt to acknowledge that the police responded immediately to the call they received relating to the attack.
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the individual charged was in custody 36 minutes from receiving the first call. the offender was mobile. there were two other firearms in the vehicle that the offender was in and it absolutely was his intention to continue with his attack. >> cnn is live this hour in new zealand. our senior national correspondent ivan watson leading our coverage outside the hospital in christ church. ivan? >> this morning, there were 11 victims of the mosque shootings in intensive care and many more being treated. we have seen people, well wishers from other parts of new zealand traveling to this city in a show of solidarity for the
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victims after what has been described as the deadliest attack in new zealand's history. on the other side of the park where i'm standing, well wishers erected a long row of flowers showing their support for the many dead and wounded in something that is, quite frankly, shocked many people in this country, some of whom told me, these types of mass shootings are things that happen oceans away from us, not in our small country of around 5 million people, a country with a reputation for peace and stability and, which some new zealand politicians suggesting maybe that could have been a terrorist carried out these - attacks here. in fact, the prime minister of new zealand made it very clear that there will be changes in
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gun control laws in this country in the wake of these terror attacks. take a listen to the prime minister of new zealand. >> undoubtedly, new zealand will question how somebody would have been in position of these. one of the issues we are facing is that the guns we used in this case appear to have been modified. that is a challenge police have been facing. that's a challenge we will look to address in changing our laws. >> reporter: new zealand police say there are 1.2 million firearms in new zealand, again, a country of around 5 million people. we can expect debate about this issue, perhaps in the days and weeks ahead. the prime minister also had words to say about the violent extremism that is believed to
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have inspired and motivated these deadly attacks. >> i want to be very clear, though, our intelligence community and police are focused on extremism of every kind. given global indicator around far right extremism, our intelligence community has been stiffening up their investigations in this area. the individual charged had not come to the attention of the intelligence community nor the police for extremism. >> now, the new zealand police arrested three people in connection with the attacks. one has been identified and appeared in court this morning, charged with murder, identified as 28-year-old brenton tarnt from australia, a visitor here in new zealand. now, to learn more about this,
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i'm going to turn to glenn scoon, a terrorism expert coming to us live from the hague. good to see you this hour, glenn. what can you tell us about what we are learning about this first suspect who has been identified, who had apparently quite a substantial presence on social media? >> well, i think we are learning a lot in a bunch of different investigative buckets, from personal background, social media, online activity, connectivity with other people. we have heard reporting in the last half day, on extremist channels, people react nationally, internationally. we are hearing more and more about looking in-depth at the manifesto, where he got the ideas from, the context of his
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act as he sees it, as he is trying to explain it to the world, all the way through to the operational preparations on how the actual attack was carried out and the whole idea of live streaming this thing, well thought out from start to finish. there's several areas here, i think, coming to grips with how this thing took place. we are also slowly moving into that phase you see in the aftermath of a lot of incidents of grappling with it as human beings, a community and breach the support, the outpouring of what we can do. shortly, we will turn to the next phase. that's where we are looking at, okay, what can we do to prevent another tragedy like this. >> reporter: you know, one of the issues coming up here is the suspect, a 28-year-old australian di australian did not have a
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criminal record neither in new zealand or australia, though, he did have a legal permit to purchase guns and he was caught with at least five firearms as well as two improvised explosive devices and linked to a lengthy manifesto online described as an extremist right wing manifesto. is this an example of white nationalist terrorism? >> i think it clearly is. looking at what the target was, how he vilified the target, set it up, the message that was in the actual, not just the act of terror, but what he did around it to try to get his viewpoints out to make sure the manifesto got spread to put it in extreme right wing corner and white nationalist or extreme right
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wing impracticality that is coming from that faction, that background that it has the purpose we see in right wing terrorist attacks, which is to polarize communities. the singular, very violent acts to spark the equivalent of civil war, a racial war, which in their view, will lead to a new situation in which the right wing will prevail. >> glenn, australian police tell cnn they are questioning and working with the suspect's family in australia. cnn has learned that turkish investigators are looking into his previous visits to turkey, for example, to learn more. what exactly will the investigators do to fill out
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this profile of this suspect? >> looking for a time line, where had this person been over the last few years, as exact as possible. who was this person in touch with over there. the physical world and virtual world. what we found was a number of extremists in the western world on different continents. a fair number of people had gone on an emotional roller coaster, if you with will. >> i apologize, we are having technical issues with the connection. i'm going to have to jump in and end our discussion, i'm so sorry. that is glenn scoon from the hague. thank you for your insight there. again, i'm broadcasting from
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christchurch new zealand, not far from the mosque that was the scene of so much carnage friday afternoon. back to you, george, at cnn center. >> thank you. we are learning more information on one of the victims as well. he was born in afghanistan, moved to christchurch in 1977 as an asylum seeker. he was running ten minutes late for service that day. sadly, that didn't save him. the attack was going whon he arrived at the mosque. he leaves behind four sons and one daughter. three of his children were born there in new zealand. the new zealand police superintendent took to facebook to assure the muslim community everything is being done to protect their safety and respect their faith. as a muslim herself, she was horrified by what happened. listen. >> as a muslim and as later in the place, i am horrified about
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the events that unfolded in christchurch yesterday. brothers and sisters to know we share your grief and we are here to continue to support you throughout this heart breaking time. >> the pain there will be felt surely for days, weeks, months, years to come. here in the united states, the u.s. president, donald trump's comments about white nationalism, he is drawing criticism. those comments are ahead. what he said about racist, white nationalist groups in the wake of the new zealand attacks. singing, prayers, tears. more from new zealand as breaking news coverage continues. stay with us. ♪
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a live look at new york city, one world trade center lit in blue and red to show solidarity with the people of new zealand after friday's mass killings at two mosques.
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this building, the tallest in the western hemisphere, a symbol of hope. remember, it stands at the sight where the twin towers fell on 9/11. updating the breaking news out of new zealand, the suspects gunman who massacred dozens of people at two mosques appeared in court before a judge in christchurch on saturday. police captured him 36 minutes after the shooting started. overall, 49 people were killed in these attacks. 39 others are still in the hospital at this point. 11 are in intensive care. new zealand's prime minister says extra police officers have been assigned to help recover the bodies and process the crime scene with sensitivity to islamic culture and customs. the u.s. president, donald trump, is down playing the global threat of white nationalism, suggesting those hate groups are too small to be dangerous, after it was revealed
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the suspect held white nationalist views. jim acosta has this story. the president, again, facing off criticism for his comments. >> reporter: surrounded by supporters, the president turned a veto into the day's event, rejecting a bipartisan effort that rebuked him for using a declaration to go around lawmakers to build the border wall. >> congress has the freedom to pass the resolution and i have the duty to veto it. >> reporter: he sounded off on the attack in new zealand. >> it's a horrible, horrible thing. i told the prime minister the united states is with them all the way. >> reporter: my warmest sympathy and best wishes go out to the people of new zealand. the president's critics question whether it should have been more forceful in condemning the attack carried out by a right
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wing extremist. >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people with very, very serious problems. if you look at what happened in new zealand, perhaps that's the case, i don't know enough about it, yet. they are just learning about the person and the people involved. it's certainly a terrible thing. >> reporter: as a candidate, the president called for a ban on muslims coming into the u.s. a campaign problem they later tried to turn into policy. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke said thoughts and prayers are not enough. the attacks like the one in new zealand are all too common. >> on the rise in the western world and on the rise here in this country.
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they are part of a larger disease of intolerance that has taken hold on what was thought to be the most tolerant, the most open, the most welcoming country the world had ever known. >> reporter: before the mosque attack, authorities say the killer in new zealand wrote a long manifest owe, describing the president as a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose. they are blasting the notion the president's rhetoric had anything to do with the violence in new zealand. >> not a terrorist or nazi. he is a ruthless killer and he is to blame. >> reporter: questions are raised about what the president's rhetoric crosses the line. in an interview with a website, mr. trump bragged about support coming from, quote, tough people. i have the support of the police, the support of the military, the bikers for trump. i have the tough people, but
1:21 am
they don't play tough until a certain point, then it would be very bad, very bad. democrats say the president is playing with fire. >> i interpret that kind of comment as a danger to peaceful transition in our democracy. that's a fundamental principle of our constitution. respect to the rule of law, which that comment utterly -- >> reporter: the president said he hadn't read the manifesto. the claim that white nationalism is not a rising threat, he may want to consider fbi studies showing it is a growing concern. the neonazi attack and now the attack in new zealand. it is a threat that can't be denied. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. >> thank you. one of the few muslim lawmakers in the house of
1:22 am
representatives is calling for solidarity. omar said on friday, love trump's hate. she said, in her words, we have to make sure we are resilient, loving and creating an environment that recognizes all of our world. in the wake of what happened in new zealand, cities around the world are beefing up security at mosques. in new york, police guarded several worship centers there. officials said there weren't specific threats, but patrols were meant to be for abundance of caution. increasing security at mosques here. one friday, worshippers said they would not be deterred despite what happened in christ church their message to the muslim community is one of being together. >> a sense of brotherhood, a chance to pray for them. a chance to show people that the
1:23 am
act of one lone terrorist, ranger, whatever you want to call him is not going to deter us away and going to bring us closer and bring us together. it's going to get us to come together and pray for those people, those families. it's not going to keep us away. >> we can only share in their grief. we can only share in their sorrow. we hope and pray nothing like that happens elsewhere in the world. still ahead, after the break, the apparent motives of the alleged gunman in new zealand in black and white. a manifesto full of hateful propaganda. as we go to break, the world is coming together, mourning the loss of people killed in new zealand. the eiffel tower was dark on friday, honoring the 49 vikts who lost their lives. we'll be right back.
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simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm ivan watson broadcasting live from christchurch, new zealand. >> i'm george howell in atlanta. the man suspected of killing 49 people, two different mosques in christchurch, you see him there. he appeared in court on saturday, 28 years old, brenton tarrant. he remains silent. he will remain in custody until the next court appearance in
1:28 am
april. tarrant's face is blurred due to court restrictions there. he was taken into custody after calls of shots fired. he resisted arrest as you can see in this video taken. two other people are also in custody. police are trying to determine if he was involved. ivan watson leads our coverage outside the hospital in christchurch. ivan? >> reporter: thank you, george. i am outside the hospital where people are fighting for their lives in what's described as the deadliest terror attack in new zealand's history. out front, somebody erected a quiet and touching vigil with candles. people are coming in performing a vigil. i want to introduce you to one of them.
1:29 am
he came from an island of new zealand, presumably to show support. can you tell me more about why you are here? >> yeah, as soon as we found out this tragedy has happened, we wanted to get together, especially the youth, who has a lot of energy, we wanted to get together and come here and show support. so, we did come together, we landed a few hours ago and here we are. >> reporter: this attack took place during friday prayers, in a place of worship. how are muslim's in new zealand reacting right now? it must be a deeply traumatizing moment. >> yeah, of course. especially when you are not expecting it in a country like new zealand, so far away, geographically safe, far away from all the war zones and then you see that something like this happens here. so, people are shocked and
1:30 am
obviously, some people are scared and terrified. >> reporter: is there -- has there been any history of this type of violence in this country, targeting your community? >> no. not that i know of. i have lived here 19 years. in new zealand, this is the first one, the biggest one. apart from some small, like, small things, but nothing this major, to this level. >> what's a message you would like to send to people in new zealand and around the world after this deadly terror attack? >> the message, you know, as you can see with the social media, there's a lot of hate being reached. we should show love, compassion to each other. he came for the whole of
1:31 am
humanity. show love and compassion, like how new zealanders have. they have been compassionate. it's been unbelievable. a lot of people have shown deep, deep emotions that i really didn't know existed. it's been unbelievable. >> reporter: we have been seeing people embracing you in front of this hospital. my condolences. thank you for speaking -- >> can i say something? there's one thing that deeply concerned me was they said the security agency picked up this individual, talking about, you know, talking about this on the social media, but they say it was -- who is right and who is not. who is being serious and who is not. i wanted to say, if a muslim does that, then the security agencies pick him up straight away. why is it that other people are not picked up?
1:32 am
if a muslim did that, at such a time and such a place, straight away, they pick them up, the agencies. if some of us is going it, who is right and who is not being serious. this is a serious issue, it is. >> reporter: thank you for raising that. thank you very much. he brings us to a very important point right now, which is that one of the key suspects who has been charged with murder, a 28-year-old australian has been linked to a substantial manifesto published online, with right wing ideology. we have more on that story. >> reporter: it's filled with hate, anger and vows of revenge. 87 neatly formatted pages of ranting about immigrants, minorities and muslims. more than 16,000 words that the 28-year-old who says his name is
1:33 am
brenton tarrant posted on social media. he calls immigrants invaders and says immigration must be crushed. like other white nationalists, he says there's a genocide of white people under way. it's the kind of toxic message heard in charlottesville and dylan roof. the new zealand shooter references roof's attack in his manifesto. a man who killed 77 is held as an inspiration. >> they are people i would describe as having extremist views, that have absolutely no place in new zealand and, in fact, have no place in the world. >> reporter: the u.s. president is referenced once, calling president trump a symbol of renewed white identity. he says he doesn't consider trump a leader. the suspect claims to not belong to any organization and decided
1:34 am
to carry out the shooting, which he admits is terrorism on his own. an attack, he says, he had been thinking about for two years and chose the targeted mosques three months ago. he expresses no remorse for those he planned to kill, even the children. with white nationalism growing in the u.s. and europe, the gunman points to a number of events that fueled his hate, including a terror attack in sweden killing five. new zealand is usually such a calm and peaceful place. the gunman said that's why he chose to carry out the attack there, to show nowhere is safe. as for a choice of the weapons used, guns, it was made to rile up the debate here in this country, the united states, over the second amendment. cnn, washington. >> reporter: of course, there have been politicians in the
1:35 am
wake of this terror attack in christchurch calling on social media scyth media scyth media sites to prevent the acts of violence from happening again in the future. facebook says it removed the footage soon after police alerted them to it. but, the video stayed on twitter and youtube for hours before it was actually pulled down from there. it is, by all accounts gruesome and very, very gruesome video. to get more insight on this, i'm joined by a man at the oxford internet institute in oxford, england, joining us live. thank you very much. have you seen anything like this before, a phenomenon like this, so violent, so extreme on the internet before?
1:36 am
>> i think it's important to remember that when it comes to terrorist acts, as much as they are violent and they have all these, you know, really violent material consequences, terrorism is snag is symbolic. while i don't think i have seen anything related to live streaming a terrorist attack, we have to remember that when we look at all kinds of terrorist attacks from all kinds of groups, using social media techniques to amplify it, it is something we have been seeing more and more in the last years. >> what can social media companies do to try to counter act some of this and the spreading of some of the ideology as well? supporters of the suspect here were cheering him on as he was carrying out the shootings. >> yeah. as far as i'm aware, the support
1:37 am
the shooter got was from obscure web channels. they are hard to regulate because the people who run them refuse to do any regulation. there's a few things we need to think about when thinking about how to deal with these types of events. the first thing is, facebook, twitter did what they could, reasonably well in terms of trying to take down that video. they have the situation which they have to grapple with the fact that people are quickly downloading and uploading the video in different forms, different screen names, so it's difficult to preemptively prevent all the different videos from coming back up, right? people keep reproducing it in different ways. there are technologies that allow people to fingerprint videos. currently, facebook, twitter, google, which runs youtube, are working on that in terms of trying to counter islamic
1:38 am
extremism at a global level. i think there's more they could do in terms of encouraging other teams they have within their own companies to use those technologies to counter this. the second half of it is, you have something called how do we deal with the ideologies. this is developing for a very long time, at least going back in recent memory five years. if we look at the ideology this terrorist had been expressing in his manifesto, that goes back much, much longer time frame. we are talking 50-60 years, at least. now, facebook, twitter and youtube have been keiery areas. until december, 2017, the term white genocide, which is what the terrorist in the christchurch shootings used, was actually one of the key ways
1:39 am
followers of the right right accounts on twitter tended to refer to themselves. many referred to white nationalists but used the term white genocide. many used 14 words to express themselves, which was referred to on the rifle the shooter used. these ideologies have been around on social media for a really long time. quite frequently, we have seen that facebook and twitter and youtube adopted an entirely inconsistent approach with this. they have failed to really understand the lines of what is considered political speech and what is considered extreme speech. one of the key ways they failed to do that is really listening to members of the muslim community as well as countries like new zealand and trail and the fears the communities have been expressing for many years. i don't think it's -- the problem is made worse by the
1:40 am
fact that many politicians are trying to use anti-muslim hate to win votes. we have seen that in the united kingdom, obviously in the united states and across other countries in europe as well as english speaking countries. >> all right. with that view from the internet, the oxford internet institute, rather, broadcasting live from england. thank you for your analysis there. >> thank you. >> reporter: i'm ivan watson in christchurch. back to you, george at cnn center. >> insightful as to what the tech companies are doing. people have access and can upload the videos quickly and taking them down is important. ivan, thank you very much. we are learning much more about the connection between the suspected shooter and turkey.
1:41 am
we'll have more details on that, ahead. live to istanbul for a look attributes to the victims.
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welcome back to cnn special coverage of the aftermath of deadly terror attacks on two mosques here in christchurch, new zealand. now, a key suspect appeared in court here earlier this morning, identified as 28-year-old brenton tarrant, charged with murder. he will appear in court, again, on april 5th. we are learning a bit more about this suspect, the australian prime minister said he traveled extensively, prior to coming to new zealand, where he was in possession of a gun permit and caught by police with five guns,
1:45 am
as well as two improvised in his vehicle. we are learning more from turkey, which appears to have been one of the countries this man traveled to in the past. to explain more about this, i'm joined by cnn international correspondent, arwa damon. what is the turkish government telling you about this australian man? >> reporter: well, according to a senior turkish official, he made numerous trips to turkey. from here, he may have traveled on to other european or asian destinations. the turkish authorities are trying to look into exactly what his activities, movements and interactions were while he was in country. according to state broadcaster, trt, which is citing officials, they put those dates as happening in 2016, one of those trips lasting for about 43 days.
1:46 am
according to them, turkey is specifically looking into weather or not this individual was planning on carrying out some sort of act of violence or assassination within turkish territory. we have been hearing from the turkish president, who has been condemning this horrific attack, as have other regional leaders. he made very pointed comments saying this was a direct result of islamphobia and calling on all nations, especially western nations to try to do more to stamp out hateful rhetoric, anti-muslim and anti-immigration rhetoric. this country, like others has been shaken. one taxi driver said, look, we can't let this violence divide us. we have to find a way to actually use the horrific attacks to bring people
1:47 am
together. >> reporter: arwa, i might point out that new zealand prime minister has indicated that victims of the attacks include not only turkish citizens, but citizens of pakistan, indonesia, malaysia, bangladesh and jordan. thank you very much, arwa damon live from istanbul. turning back to george howl at cnn headquarters. other news we are following, the investigation of the doomed ethiopian airlines 302 processing data from the flight and cockpit recorders started at a facility near paris france. the pilot experienced problems almost immediately after take off. air traffic controllers saw the plane pitching wildly, up and down, accelerating to abnormal speeds. given the damage on the boxes,
1:48 am
is there indication about how things are going and when it will be completed? >> reporter: the process started friday afternoon. if all goes well, it could be wrapped up tonight or tomorrow. that's the process of inspecting, pulling the cards out, inspecting the components part by part and downloading the data. at least the flight data recorder, the part that records and the instruments appear to be in good condition. that's the latest we got on that part of the investigation. "the new york times" is reporting this could be linked to a crash of lion air back in october, the 737 max 8, based on what is known as a jack screw found at the scene of the flight. that controls the position of the horizontal -- it causes the
1:49 am
plane to dive. if it was in the same position, it's a link that could require fleet checks of the 737. the plane could be grounded for some time until that is sorted out. >> thank you for the update. we'll stay in touch with you. still ahead on "cnn newsroom," we are following the aftermath of the attacks in new zealand with tributes playing out around the world. the sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts... so you wake up rested and ready for anything. save $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time.
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welcome back. much of this country is in mourning right now after what has been described as the deadliest terror attacks in new zealand's history and tributes have been pouring in from around the world. >> as family members with our new zealand cousin's today, we grieve. we are shocked. we are appalled. we are outraged. but, i, particularly want to
1:54 am
express by sincere prayers and thoughts for those new zealanders and australians of islamic faith today. >> we are here in our community to deliver a simple message. extremism that was an act of horror. all of us -- an act -- >> communities come together. communities support each other. we are happy with our diversity in our society. >> i propose a minute of silence, starting now. >> as far as we are concerned, strength, not a weakness. we don't tolerate it, we embrace
1:55 am
it and respect it. [ speaking foreign language ] ♪
1:56 am
>> reporter: at least 49 people were killed on friday during friday prayers in two mosques here in christchurch and dozens more were wounded, at least 11 as of saturday morning, in critical care at the hospital here at christchurch hospital next to me. now, if you would like to do more to help some of the victims of this terror attack, you can go to it will tell you more about how to contribute to some of the victims of this terrible attack. this is a country in mourning, a country where people say these types of massacres happen oceans away from small new zealand, but it is a form of fear and terror that has come home to the doorsteps here in new zealand, in christ church. i'm ivan watson from christchurch, new zealand. more news for you after this break.
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