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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  March 17, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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agony of the worst act of gun violence in its history. 50 innocent people dead in new zealand, executed because of their race and religion. yet words from the white house and the president have left questions about where the leader of the free world stands in the fight against white supremacy. instead of joining the world condemning this hatred and offering support to the muslim community in new zealand and across the globe, president trump is tweeting that "saturday night live" hurts his feelings. his acting chief of staff made the sunday morning show rounds and was repeatedly asked about why the president doesn't come out strongly and publicly against white supremacists, like the suspected killer in new zealand. here was mick mulvaney's defense. >> the president is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. >> that defense still doesn't answer why the president has yet to denounce anti-muslim attacks and hatred himself. the president did use his direct line to the american people to
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take more cheap shots at an american war hero who's not even alive to defend himself. trump again slamming the late senator john mccain today, he says, for trying to derail his run for the presidency in 2016. now, one of the president's defenders, most of the time, senator lindsey graham, took were that, tweeting this. as to senator john mccain and his devotion to his country, he stepped forward to risk his life for his country, served honorably under difficult circumstances, and was one of the most consequential senators in the history of the body. nothing about his service will ever be changed or diminished. clearly not a position held by the president, who did, to his credit, go to vietnam, although not until he was in his 70s and with secret service protection. now, other republican voices today have been quiet on president trump's john mccain attacks. they've withheld putting public pressure on the president to take a stronger stance against white supremacy. the official republican party
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twitter feed has posted a picture, however, of beto o'rourke, photoshopped in a leprechaun hat. it's striking to see what's on the president's mind today. comedy show reruns he doesn't like or think aren't funny, lashing out at a genuine american hero. is anyone else at the white house today addressing the actual pressing issues in the world? >> well, ana, if twitter is any indication of where the president's focus is, it is not on white nationalism or on violence directed by white supremacists or white supremacist groups. as you noted, the president spent more time tweeting about a fox news host than he did send out actual tweets condemning the violence we saw in new zealand. he also tweeted, as you noted, about "snl" and democrats. critics of the president would
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like him to spend as much energy as he spends on that condemning and attacking white supremacists. as you said, the white house pushed back on that criticism of the president, saying that his condemnation of the acts in new zealand was sufficient. mick mulvaney at one point became a bit annoyed, having to answer questions about it, saying it's one the white house frequently has had to answer and go back to. at the end of the day, if you look at what the president told reporters on friday, he didn't explicitly condemn islamophobia. that's where a lot of the heat is coming from, from critics. as you noted, he has spent quite a bit of time attacking john mccain as well. the question is, when will the president come out and address this? it does not appear he intends to do so any time soon. >> and timing is everything, boris. the president is attacking the legacy of senator john mccain, notably on this weekend when his family is marking a bittersweet anniversary. 46 years since his release from a vietnamese p.o.w. camp. how is the late senator's family reacting to this renewed assault
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by the president? >> well, meghan mccain was quick on twitter, sending out a stinging rebuke of president trump. look at when she wrote. quote, no one will ever love you the way they loved my father. i wish i had been given more saturdays with him. maybe spend yours with your family instead of on twitter obsessing over mine. it's hard to say that the president is punching back at john mccain here. as you noted, he passed away more than seven months ago. it is a bit surprising, though, that there's been so much silence on the republican side of the aisle with the exception of senator lindsey graham, someone who was very close with john mccain. we really haven't heard much from other republicans. that's notable considering that last year when john mccain passed away, we heard so many moments and emotional tributes, such a vocal outpouring of support for the former senator. not so much now when the president is still attacking him, someone who the president said was not a war hero, ana. >> all right. boris sanchez at the white house for us. thank you.
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for more on the president's renewed attacks on the late senator, i want to bring in cnn politics executive editor mark preston and cnn analyst julie pace and patrick healey. what does the president stand to gain by attacking a republican senator who's widely regarded and very well respected by both parties? >> sadly, i think this is largely about the president's own ego. it's not like he has a ton to gain with independent voters who were shown in 2000 and 2008 to rally strongly by senator mccain's side when he was running for president. there's certainly parts of the republican base that very much like the kind of leadership that senator mccain showed, especially on foreign affairs, on the world stage, on america's strength. it seems like the president is essentially, you know, spending a lot of time watching fox news today. the mccain issue kind of came out after he saw ken starr
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quoted on fox news. sort of repeated throughout the day. but the notion of the dossier, sort of the early roots of the investigation, even though the president got incorrect what senator mccain's influence may have been in all of that, he still is looking for people to blame for this, what he sees as this witch hunt. there's no line it seems like he won't cross. he'll even go in and blame the dead without knowing his facts. >> exactly. john mccain can't defend himself. he can't push back. we did see his good friend, senator lindsey graham, push back. he's someone who's obviously cozied up to the president in the last year. he tweeted praise for mccain's service overseas and in the senate, which we read earlier. but he did not make a direct mention of trump. graham was best friends with mccain, julia. yet he can't directly call out the president? >> well, we see republicans have
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basically made a choice when it comes to trump's twitter attacks. they choose to virtually ignore all of them. what happens as a result of that is it often looks like they're accepting them. they say they don't want to be distracted. they would rather talk about other issues. but they are the president's party. when they don't push back, then it does look like they're accepting them. lindsey graham is somebody who was clearly trying to strike some sort of balance today by talking about his best friend john mccain, but again, it does look like he's more scared of what the president would say? response to him than he'd feel strongly about having to defend john mccain. >> mark, this is all happening with the backdrop of the mass terror attack fueled by white supremacy overseas. is the president simply trying to change the conversation, or is there another strategy in play, do you think? >> well, a couple things. one is what we saw today is classic donald trump. had too much time on his hands, watching fox news a little too
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much, and decided to really just open up the treasure chest of thoughts in his head and release them. as you can see, he was all over the place today. not only was he critical of john mccain, but he went after general motors. then he went after the union president of the plant up in lordstown, blaming him for the reason of gm deciding to close an auto plant. so he's certainly all over the place. he doesn't show a whole lot of compassion. i think that we've seen this time and time again, that perhaps we shouldn't be looking towards president trump to be the consulter in chief, to offer that compassion that as a nation we sometimes need or that another nation would like to hear from the leader of the free world. doesn't seem like he's capable of doing that. i just wonder, ana, should we just move beyond president trump, knowing full well he's not going to be that person and really just judge him on the person he is. i think for a lot of people when they are judging him on the person he is, they look at him and say, you cannot even show
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any compassion. you cannot even acknowledge that there's a rise in anti-semitism, that there's a rise in anger, a rise in all types of things right now. white nationalism. a lot of people look at him and say that in itself is the reason why he shouldn't be president of the united states. that's why things have gotten so, so interesting as we look at him right now, but we're also looking at the democrats running for president. >> so stay with me because i want to talk 2020 with all of you in just a moment. but first, we have new developments in the investigation of the ethiopian airlines crash. an ethiopian official now confirms to cnn preliminary data from the black box shows similarities between that crash and the fatal lyon air disaster in october. both planes were boeing 737 max 8s. experts are analyzing that data to determine what exactly caused ethiopian airlines flight 302 to go down just minutes after
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take-off. six minutes, in fact, after it took off, killing all 157 people on board. cnn's richard quest is with us now from amsterdam. richard, what specific similarities have been identified? >> reporter: they didn't actually reveal what those similarities are, but it's sufficient to say even the mere fact that the ethiopian transport minister said there were certain similarities between lyon air and ethiopian air, that in itself is of course a major development. experts point to the profile of the flight. there were dramatic altitude changes at a very early stage in both flights, the way in which the speed didn't pick up and suddenly the planes were going much faster. in both cases the similarities are there. and they are markedly different to that which you'd expect from a normal flight. so we're going to get a preliminary report within 30
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days from the ethiopians. it will be interesting to see if the investigators make any recommendations and safety guidelines in those first -- that preliminary report. >> again, just 30 days potentially from now. richard quest, thank you for that update. did joe biden almost reveal his 2020 plans? >> i'm the most progressive record of anybody running for the -- anybody who would run. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap.
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to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ another democrat officially jumping into the 2020 race this weekend. new york senator kirsten gillibrand. she formed an exploratory committee a few weeks ago, but
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here's gillibrand declaring her formal candidacy. watch. >> we need a leader who makes big, bold -- >> brave choices. >> someone who isn't afraid of progress. >> that's why i'm running for president. >> senator gillibrand's announcement ends with an invitation to join her at the trump international hotel on march 24th, next weekend, where she plans to deliver, quote, her vision of restoring america's moral integrity straight to president trump's doorstep. gillibrand is now one of six women seeking the democratic nomination. and former vice president joe biden coming very close to announcing his candidacy in the 2020 presidential race. and then he stops short. watch. >> i'm the most progressive record of anybody running for the -- anybody who would run. [ cheers and applause ]
2:17 pm
of anybody who would run. >> as he gets a standing ovation, makes a sign of a cross. i want to bring in cnn political reporter. usually a flub like that means a potential candidate is going to run. when is he going to make up his mind? is there a timeline? >> well, ana, he seems to be leaving little hints and clues all along the way as we get closer and closer to that announcement. but those close to him say that any possible announcement would be coming as soon as april. so we're still potentially a few weeks away from knowing whether for sure he is going to run for president in 2020. but last night in front of that home state crowd, a lot of friendly biden democrats in the room, he offered a bit of a preview of what his campaign could possibly look like and sound like. he talked about the need for the country to rise above the
2:18 pm
meanness and pettiness in politics and work towards consensus building. biden also framed his possible message in terms of a contrast to president trump. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we must be clear. everybody knows who he is. we got to be clear who we are, who we are. [ applause ] we've got to understand that we democrats, we choose hope over fear. we choose unity over division. and we choose truth over lies. >> now, that was a common refrain from joe biden used on the midterm campaign trail, but it also seems like he was road testing that message once again, just in case he decides to run for president in 2020. but we're still a few weeks away from knowing for sure if he's going to launch that campaign.
2:19 pm
>> we know you'll keep us posted. thank you. so a whole slew of 2020 democratic presidential contenders are hitting the campaign trail on this st. patrick's day. senators amy klobuchar and cory booker are in iowa. former congressman beto o'rourke is in wisconsin. senator elizabeth warren is meeting voters in tennessee. tulsi gabbert is in california. hoo julian castro is in south carolina. the group of candidates just continues to grow. is it more the merrier, or are there disadvantages for the democratic party to have such a large field? >> i think democratic voters now are more in the more the merrier field. they want to know what the policy ideas and issues are that will be the priorities for these democratic candidates. someone like joe biden, who is painting in pretty broad strokes right now, choosing unity over
2:20 pm
division, that sounds good but he's going to have a tough time if he does get in, if he thinks he can just run as the anti-trump. that's not really the case. the way things work in especially iowa and new hampshire, south carolina, the democratic voters who are so basically committed that they go out to all of these early events, they want to hear specific policy ideas around medicare for all, around tax rates, around the price of prescription drugs, the green new deal, understanding what that is, $15 minimum wage, these planks that have grown in popularity ever since bernie sanders introduced them in -- some of them, in 2016. so right now at least there's an openness. certainly you talk to democratic voters, they like this energy. >> who wouldn't want the options, right? >> absolutely. they're excited about having a
2:21 pm
historic number of women running. but right now it's more of a menu of policies and ideas than a really clear field. >> i guess there's the other thought, though, julie, that could be democrats eat democrats, and could they beat each other up so much in the primaries that it weakens the party in the general? what's your take? >> you're already starting to hear some of the candidates, most notably a cory booker, who's talking about that explicitly in his stump speech saying, look, no matter what happens during this primary, we have to be united in a general election. we can't have any lingering tensions like we saw in 2016 when some of bernie sanders' supporters never quite fully got on board, were never quite as enthusiastic about hillary clinton as they were about sanders in the primary. the other thing, i think patrick is totally right. a lot of voters i talk to say they're really enthusiastic about this big field. you do, though, sometimes hear people say, you know, the republicans had a really big field in 2016. a lot of high-quality senators,
2:22 pm
governors, people with real experience. and look who slipped through. it was donald trump who was able to capture the nomination with a relatively small percentage of the republican primary electorate. but in a big field, you can divide it up in a way that you don't need the majority of support to get through. >> mark, biden almost announcing. does this mean, yes, biden's in? and who could be impacted the most if he gets in? >> look, i think he is in. he has been dropping those crumbs, as we spoke about earlier. the bottom line is that there's a yearning within the democratic party right now for joe biden to get in. not from everybody. certainly not from the real energetic left, but really the center and a little of the left and center. they look at someone like joe biden and say he's battle tested, he can go one on one with donald trump, and he won't necessarily get into the gutter with donald trump. when he does, he can be effective. i think joe biden is going to get in. who would he hurt?
2:23 pm
he could potentially hurt the likes of amy klobuchar, who's trying to run more of a centrist campaign than the likes of elizabeth warren or bernie sanders or beto o'rourke, who are trying to appeal to the left and liberal part. >> although, joe biden says he's the most progressive candidate that would be running for president. patrick, i see you shaking your head. >> more than a few democrats are going to carve up a statement like that. it's really -- you know, joe biden has a record going back into the '70s that reflected democratic moderate/centrist views through those decades, particularly the crime bill of the 1990s and the penalties put in place that led to the era of mass incarceration that created serious inequities in criminal justice for african-americans. the reality is there's a lot on
2:24 pm
joe biden's record that does not look progressive at all to the democratic left. so we'll have to see. he will be tested in those town halls. he will be called out by certainly journalists in interviews about what exactly he means by that. he's not someone who necessarily has put a lot of details on current policy ideas that the progressive wing of the party says is important to them. >> mark, since you're in jackson, mississippi, ahead of monday night's town hall with senator elizabeth warren, i know warren is on this three-day swing through the south. is she trying to court african-american voters? is that the strategy? >> reporter: yeah, no doubt. look, symbolically for her to come down here makes a lot of sense. strategically, it makes a lot of sense as well. we're going to see tennessee, we're going to see mississippi. we're going to see alabama. they're all going to play important roles when it comes to the first super tuesday and the second super tuesday. her swing down here right now is clearly sending a message and really sending a message to three specific candidates.
2:25 pm
to kamala harris, cory booker, and bernie sanders, three candidates who have strong ties to the african-american. so it will be interesting to see what she has to say when she takes the stage here tomorrow night. >> julie pace, i owe you a question first next time. thank you, all, for being with us this afternoon. make sure you tune in tomorrow night for that cnn town hall with senator elizabeth warren right here on cnn at 9:00 p.m. eastern. authorities are rushing to identify the victims killed in the new zealand attack. the challenges facing coroners and why families may not be able to bury loved ones in acar docoe with muslim tradition.
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as the world continues to mourn the 50 people killed in friday's mosque attacks in new zealand, a number of developments today. we're now hearing from a family member of the accused killer, and cabinet ministers are already discussing new restrictions on firearms. new zealand's prime minister saying, quote, our gun laws will change. the massacre is also renewing questions about the oversight of the social media. after the gunman livestreamed his terror rampage. facebook just announced in the 24 hours after the attack, it deleted 300,000 videos of the shootings after they were uploaded. an additional 1.2 million videos were stopped as they were in the process of being posted. cnn's martin savidge joins us now from christchurch. what's the latest on the
2:31 pm
investigation? >> reporter: well, authorities have one person in custody that we know. he's been given one charge of murder, more charges to come. authorities are not saying a lot about where the investigation stands right now, but there are two things we know for certain. number one, they say he acted alone in carrying out the killings. but did he have support in the leadup to that? the gunman traveled extensively over the years. let me read you some of the locations he went. he went to egypt, greece, turkey. he went to serbia, bosnia. he went on to other places such as pakistan. all of that takes money. the question is where is the man who's essentially a personal trainer getting that kind of money? which gets back to the issue, did he have any kind of support? also, were there any red flags, any kind of signs? then you mentioned the prime minister. she's meeting with cabinet
2:32 pm
members. she's already made it very plain that gun laws will change, however she doesn't have the power to do that. the cabinet can propose legislation. it'll be up to parliament. the mood right now in this country is definitely in favor of making some kind of change. lastly, behind us here you can see this huge, huge growing memorial. sadly in america, it's a rather familiar sight. in this country, they have never seen anything like it. >> martin, i understand the accused killer's grandmother is speaking out. what's she saying? >> reporter: this is the first time we have heard from any family member representing the accused man himself. it is the grandmother. she's in australia. she talks about the shock the family feels. here's some of what she said. >> we're all gob smacked. we don't know what to think. it's -- you know, the media is
2:33 pm
saying he's planned it for a long time, so he's obviously not of sound mind, i don't think. >> reporter: the first funerals are expected to take place today. they will carry on through wednesday. i will not leave you without talking about the case of naim rasheed and his son. they were in the mosque when the shooting began. witnesses say that the father ran directly towards the gunman to try to stop the killing. he was killed in the process, and a short time later, his 21-year-old son was also killed. the pakistani government, where they're from, says they'll honor them with a medal. that doesn't feel the huge hole in a family's loss and in a country's mourning. ana? >> martin salve ridge in christ church, new zealand. two hollywood actresses now in the harshest of spotlights after being charged in a massive college bribery scheme.
2:34 pm
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welcome back. the massive college admissions scheme revealed this week by the justice department has sent s m shock waves through hollywood and campuses nationwide. actresses lori laughlin and felicity huffman are among another least 50 accused of buying their kids' way into universities. their past comments online and on tv are now coming back to haunt them. >> reporter: as actress lori laughlin was preparing to appear in court after being named in the largest academic fraud case in history, it turns out her daughter olivia jaid was cruising on a yacht. not just any yacht, but the yacht owned by the chairman of usc's board of trustees. the young woman decided it would
2:39 pm
be in her best interest to return home. >> i never push my kids to -- i always say do the best you can. >> reporter: that was laughlin back in 2017 playing it cool as a parent, but prosecutors say she and her husband were anything but, paying as much as $500,000 in a cheating scheme to get both their daughters accepted to usc as members of the crew team even though neither ever rowed. hard to square those accusations with this. >> you know what, give it your all. do the best you can. >> reporter: still, laughlin and her husband apparently weren't taking any chances. perhaps it had something to do with their daughter olivia's attitude about school. in 2016, she tweeted, college prep is the worst thing ever. in 2017, laughlin opened up on the "today" show before her oldest daughter left for college. >> i think i'm in complete denial. i really am because when i think about it too much, it will make me cry.
2:40 pm
>> and this was her sounding like a typical college mom interviewed by "people" on youtube with daughter bella. >> i've actually finished like seven -- no, like ten tv shows in the last six months. >> isn't that nice. glad we came for that education. >> forget homework. >> you can watch tv and not do your homework. >> reporter: another actress, felicity huffman, is also charged. she's accused of paying $15,000 to get one of their daughters' s.a.t. scores boosted with help from the same fake charity. >> i want to model for my daughters being a woman of agency, having a voice in the world. that means having influence and having power. to tell you the truth, having money. >> reporter: her husband, actor william h. macy, has not been charged, but an affidavit shows he sat in on a meeting with the head of the sham charity where the scam was apparently addit n
2:41 pm
discussed. this was huffman talking with larry king in 2016, sounding like a concerned mom. >> the last time i cried, i would say two days ago. i was worried about my 16-year-old. i'm sure all you moms can -- >> something bad? >> no, no. just you know, worried about their future. >> and in august that year, she tweeted, what are your best hacks for the back to school season? in another tweet from 2017, she writes how witting college with her 17-year-old makes her nostalgic. meanwhile in january, william h. macy told "parade" magazine about his daughter, she's going to go to college. we're right now in the thick of college application time, which is so stressful. any parent knows college applications can be stressful, but if these accusations are true, it's worth remembering felicity huffman once said she believes good behavior is rewarded. and in a tweet just last year, lori laughlin wrote, there are
2:42 pm
more important things than money, like doing the right thing, words to live by. >> let's dig deeper now into the scandal. joining us, an assistant professor of sociology at indiana university. lori laughlin's daughter has now been losing sponsorships and partnerships. olivia jade is taking a lot of the heat because they're a famous family, but not everyone is well known. it's still unclear if the kids knew what their parents were up to. do you see the students as victims of all of this, and what do you think should happen to them? >> i don't certainly see them as victims. they're extremely privileged students who have benefitted from their parents stepping in probably from birth to pave the way for them to get to these kinds of top college slots. certainly there were some parents in the suit who tried to hide as much as possible from their kids in terms of especially the most egregious parts of the cheating.
2:43 pm
but we know there was one father, george kaplan, who's taped in part of the tapes that came out through the trial, and he's quoted as saying he told his daughter to be stupid while she was being essentially assessed for a fake learning disability in order to game the system, in order to have essentially -- use the legal system of accommodations to get extra advantages, things like extra time on tests, things like a separate place to take exams, with the explicit purpose of being able to get higher grades. certainly there were some kids who were fully aware of the kinds of advantages their parents were getting for them. i would argue that certainly doesn't make them look particularly good in those kinds of situations. >> as a sociology professor, i'm interested in your moperspectiv on the motivations. the parents involved, are they really doing this to try to help their kids, or do you think it's for themselves in a way so they can say, my child goes to such and such school? >> absolutely. i think there's two parts to
2:44 pm
this. part of it is that they want to emotionally safeguard their kids. they want to protect their kids from the possible of failure because that makes them feel like good parents. especially as privileged parents, they're told their job is to make their children's lives happy and make their kids successful. they feel happy when their kids feel happy. that's part of why i think they were hiding that cheating from their kids, to make the kids feel like they got into these schools on their own merit. even though our society is not a merit og s meritocracy, we like to think it is and reward people who are able to pull themselves up by their boot straps or get into stanford or yale by their own merit. i think there is something else going on as well. there's part of this where parents, especially these privileged parents, are trying to gain status for themselves and see their status as parents as defined by their kids' success and defining success in this very status driven way. it's a very competitive, performative style of parenting where essentially they want to be able to post on instagram the
2:45 pm
picture of their daughter with a stanford sweatshirt on. we can think about how that kind of performative parenting that for these parents is not about the economic value of a college degree but arguably for a lot of privileged parents that it's not about the economic difference and the income level that a child will get if they go to stanford versus a different type of school. it's more about the status. it's about the status that's associated with that particular name w that particular degree. and they're really trying to game the system to make sure their kids have access to that kind of status and they themselves are seen as good parents. i think that's part of why they're cheating in a sense. they don't want to take what we might consider the traditional route of paying $5 million to a university. they want it to seem like their kids gone in on their own merits because their status is stronger. oh, my kid is so great, i must be such a great parent that my kid was able to get into stanford or georgetown and not because i paid for a building or paid for a scholarship. >> that's interesting.
2:46 pm
jessica calarco, thank you very much. i appreciate your perspective. >> thank you so much. in the wake of the new zealand terror attacks at two mosques, president trump's acting chief of staff is now facing new questions about his boss' reaction to the massacre. a white house on the defense and a president lashing out on twitter. we'll dig deeper, live in the cnn newsroom. would subscribe to the way they subscribe to movies. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪ (driver) relax, it's just a bug. that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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the white house on defense today, following the president's response to the terror attacks in new zealand. a massacre fueled by hate, white supremacy, and despite the alleged gunman's embrace of white nationalism, president trump says he doesn't think such
2:51 pm
far-right ideologies are on the rise. here's how the president's acting chief of staff is responding to the criticism. >> we've seen the president stand up for religious liberties, individual liberties. the president is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. >> while mulvaney is doing damage control, the president is busy on twitter taking aim at the late senator john mccain and others. mark uptegrove is director of the lbj library in austin, texas. mark, how concerning is it the white house staff feels it has to continuously tell america that the president is is nnot a white supremacist? >> very concerning. actions speak louder than words, and donald trump has yet to condemn these attacks in a way that's credible and denying that white supremacy is not on the rise is to deny what's been happening in the world. so i think, ana, ooit's deeply
2:52 pm
concerning for our president not to come out more unambiguously around the subject of white supremacy. >> the president's not saying anything about this, no clarification from him, but he is leaving no doubt about how he feels about the late senator john mccain. you've been following presidencies for decades. how shocking is it for the leader of the free world to continue to go after a war hero and long-serving fixture in washington? >> well, it is surprising. the thing is that john mccain is everything i think donald trump wants to be. he's a bona fide american hero and he had the respect of people worldwide, and i think donald trump doesn't realize what most bullies don't realize. you don't build yourself up by tearing someone else down. i think donald trump is constitutionally incapable of putting his ego aside and while he mocks what being presidential is all about, being presidential is, i think, primarily about
2:53 pm
restraint and knowing how to put the office above one's self and not stoop to petty politics. >> tonight, an all new episode of "the bush years" premieres. this episode follows the presidency of george h.w. bush within dtwo years of assuming office, h.w. was handed one of the most important political moments of the 20th century, the fall of the berlin wall. here's a preview. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. bush. >> george bush and barbara bush had to go to lots of inaugural balls. >> and now -- >> and i know the president is not a great fan of dancing. in fact, if you look carefully, even though it looks like he's leading, you really know she's in charge. >> i think it's clearly barbara's victory, too. she played a role through the endless campaigning and accompanying him to new york and beijing and wherever he wanted
2:54 pm
to go. >> had a quick question. >> okay. >> barbara bush is someone that people can relate to because she spe speaks her mind and she looks the way everyone's favorite grandmother looks. people are drawn to that. >> obviously that isn't the clip i expected us to play there, mark, but do talk about the relationship between barbara bush and her husband and really how integral her support and presence was him as a man and as a president. >> incredibly important to his rise in politics. i mean, she managed the family and allowed him to be him. to build his business and then to build his political career, but ana, i would say going back to our earlier conversation about restraint, you heard there from john sununu that president bush wasn't a very good dancer, but one of the high moments of his presidency came when the berlin wall fell, and what president bush refused to do was dance on the berlin wall. it showed his restraint not to pump his fist or spike the
2:55 pm
football or, again, figuratively dance on the wall. it was important at that time to ensure that there was a good relationship with gorbachev, in particular, so the cold war which was simmering down ended with a whimper and not a bang. >> mark updedrove, good to see you, thank you so much. >> thanks, ana. >> a new episode of the cnn original series "the bush years: family, duty, power" airs tonight at 10:00 right here on cnn. we'll be right back.
2:56 pm
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