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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  March 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> we knew we had there the hard evidence we lacked before. and this involved espionage. that was what eventually brought this indictment and conviction of perjury. >> one-time high government official will lose all civil rights after a year in prison. >> tricky dick premieres tonight at 9:00 eastern and pacific right here on cnn. you're in the "cnn newsroom." i'm ana cabrera in new york and on this night at the same time the midwest is grappling with historic floods and the same time the muslim community mourns 50 lives lost in the terror attacks in new zealand, president trump is tweeting not about either of those things but the late senator he once said wasn't a war hero. he again took aim at john mccain going after the late senator for among other things mccain's
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decisive vote against repealing obamacare. trump's attacks coming on the anniversary week of mccain's release as a p.o.w. 46 years ago. the president also firing off tweets at slew of our targets, "saturday night live," robert mueller eastern fox news. all as trump's acting chief of staff made the rounds on morning talk shows today to come to the president's defense after he said he didn't believe white nationalism was on the rise despite a far-right terrorist who killed 50 people at mosques in new zealand. >> the president's absolute, all threats, domestic and international, but i want to push back against the idea every time something bad happens around the world folks who don't like donald trump seem to plame it on donald trump. >> to the degree supremacist anti-muslim bigotry in this country, there is an issue, why not deliver a speech condemning
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it? >> you've seen the president stand up for religious and independent liberties. the president is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. >> cnn white house correspondent boris sanchez with us at the white house. boris, remarkable mulvane hi to say trump is not a white supremacist? >> and yet he to answer that question yet again. long before plagued president trump before he was in the white house. all the way back to comments made about the central park five in new york decades ago. mulvaney obviously feels that president trump's response to the attack in new zealand was enough. critics suggest the president is sort of ignoring a rise in white supremacist activity and white supremacist violence around the world, which there is evidence indicating that it is surging throughout the globe. the president clearly doesn't
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feel that way and also hasn't specifically called out islam phobia by name even though he spends a lot of time, you noted, tweeting about the cast of "snl" and others with a lot of energy and vigor. ana? >> boris, the family of the late senator john mccain is also reacting to president trump the renewed assault on his name and legacy. tell us about it. >> that is right. president trump watched an interview on fox news saying that john mccain's tie to the steel dossier is a stain on his legacy. the president grabbed ahold of that and continued to attack mccain suggesting another stain on his legacy was a vote against a light repeal of obamacare. meghan mccain blasted the president with a stinging rebuke. she wrote, no one will ever love you the way they loved my father. i wish i had been given more saturdays with him.
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maybe spend more with yours instead of on twitter obsessing over mine. he hasn't specifically addressed her comments himself. something notable, the silent from prominent republicans except for senator lindsey graham who was a very close friend of john mccain. i'll read you what he tweeted here. senator lindsey graham writing, "as to senator john mccain and his devotion to his country he stepped forward to risk his life for his country serving honorably under difficult circumstances and was one of the most consequential senators in the history of the body. nothing about his sefs will everen changed or diminished." notably, no mention of president trump or his comments. 's in 2015 president trump said john mccain was not a war hero. the grudge, even though senator mccain passed away seven months ago lives on. >> thank you. and joining us now, senior political analyst and a
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presidential historian of the nixon public library. the president has an incredible platform in twitter to reach millions of americans in the blink of an eye and could be condemning hatred, sending messages of unity, but instead is attacking a late war hero. tim, what's the rationale here? >> i'm not in the president's mind, but i feel that the president has made his decision to have a big tent philosophy and wants his republican party to include folks who are moved by white nationalism. up know, mr. mulvaney said that critics blame every bad thing in the world on president trump. that's not true, but in this case, the shooter in new zealand held up president trump, our president, as one of his heroes. that alone should have been a reason for our president to
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differentiate himself and to say that this man is a disgusting human being and he resents the idea that he could be a model for -- >> the shooter did say, again, in this manifesto, he wasn't a fan of trump's policy but saw him as a symbol of white identity. >> can you imagine we are talking about -- we have to listen to the acting chief of staff say that our president is not a white supremacist? this is unprecedented in our history. that there could even be a concern that our president in the late 20th or early 21st century is a white supremacist. the president doesn't realize he has moved our politics by his loose use of rhetoric into a very dangerous stage and he has an obligation as our leader to differentiate himself from those that would perpetrate these types of crimes. i'm not saying he's responsibilities for the violence but he's agitated folks who are less, put it this way,
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who are not stable. unstable minds by his use of rhetoric that at times dehumanizes people and makes people assume that muslims and migrants and refugees are potential threats. that's the problem. >> ron, in the past, trump has pushed this muslim ban on people from predominantly muslim countries and even said "islam hates us." yet here was mulvaney's response to that. >> folks say, oh, donald trump said this during the campaign. look what we've done while we've been here. i don't think anybody to say that the president's anti-muslim. >> ron, we know -- what do you make of this? >> well, a couple things. first, the idea you should separate words and deeds as if words are inconsequential is absurd is for all the reasons tim just said. the president is using rhetoric not only specifically about muslims but immigrants in general, invasion, invaders
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similar, reinforcing, amplifying what these extreme groups are doing. secondly, the agenda itself is not supporting his characterization. we've not previously had a president that sought to ban immigration from majority muslim nations. not from all majority muslim nations but from a specific set of them. so both his facts are not really supported by the record, and his distinction is kind of absurd. to underscore what tim was saying. it's not that the bulk or most of the president's supporters are sympathetic to white nationalism, it's that he refuses to draw a line on that continuum. to isolate those voices from the broader coalition he assembled, which is centered on the groups most uneasy about the way american is changing and going back to his refusal to condemn david duke before the clutch of other states voted right here on
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cnn in march 2016, he has been very, very deliberate in what he says and doesn't say, who he reads in and who he does not read out of his coalition. >> and he is making sure everybody knows how he feels about john mccain. tim what is his obsessions with john mccain? >> it's clear, sadly clear, that there is some kind of personal obsession, and the president is incapable of, apparently, of separating his own anger at john mccain for having made repeal and replace impossible. from just admiring john mccain's service. he seems incapable of doing that. now, there is this issue of the steele dossier and no doubt that president trump is very sensitive about the steele dossier. this is, we know now, that it's likely that, not only did senator mccain share this with the fbi, which by the way he admitted in his last book, but
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that a member of his team may have probably shared it with buzzfeed and some members of the media and that's the reason the president returned to attack john mccain. john mccain's service to this country is much more than what he might or might not have done near the end of his career. one thing that is absolutely certain is that john mccain thought that donald trump was a threat to our national security. and i think that republicans should think twice when they wonder, ask themselves, why did john mccain, this patriot, this serious analyst of american national security issues, why at the end of his life did he conclude that donald j. trump was a threat to our national security ji rather than attack him, sit back and learn from the man. >> meghan mccain came out clearly taking a stance against
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the president and lindsey graham doesn't call up president trump in his tweet. why didn't he or any other member of the gop leadership say, mr. president, please stop. >> they have gone so far down this road. it's extraordinary. lindsey graham's statement is abject capitulation and to not specifically refer to the president's remarks from the person who was really mccain's protege, kind of following in his footsteps all through his senate career. it was just an extraordinary act of betrayal, i think, to his friend. yes, he was the only one who spoke but did so in a way that completely absolved trump of responsibility. by the way, i think that's one of the reasons why the president continues to attack mccain, because it is a way for him to demonstrate his dominance over the republicans in congress. the fact that they will not defend their former colleague, who all of them admired, even if he sometimes grated on them with his independence and kind of
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crusty ways. the fact they won't is a way of kind of reasserting trump's coal over them which we saw again in the emergency declaration vote. when 80% of senate republicans, yes, 12 voted against but still 80% of senate republicans supported something all would have opposed under a democratic president. it's a reminder how completely they have placed their fate and the fate of the party in his hands. >> ron, stand by, please. tim, thank you. we have breaking news right now. about the deadly airline crash in east africa last weekend. experts going over the black box information say they have found what they call clear similarities between that crash and the lion air disaster back in october involving the same model boeing 737. cnn's richard quest is following this for us. richard? >> reporter: this is the first acknowledgement that there is a similarity between the crash of lion air back in october and the ethiopian crash last week. the transport minister said
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there was certain similarities, but wouldn't say what they were. other experts, however, believe it's due to the profile are the way the plane had dra maematic changes in altitude and speed. the two planes very similar and very different from that of a normal flight. the transport minister also said that they would reduproduce a preliminary report as required by law in 30 days. it will include safety recommendations for the future and boeing in a statement said it continues to look at the design of all of its aircraft and will make changes wherever necessary. it said it's working on a fix for the technology of the so-called mcas studied as the potential cause of both crashes. meanwhile, investigators are now getting all of the data from the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. although it's been downloaded it will take many more weeks to
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fully understand exactly what took place. richard quest, cnn, amsterdam. >> richard, thank you. coming up here in the "newsroom," the democratic field keeps growing as kirsten gillibrand makes it official and joe biden almost official. plus, two candidates, same issue, somewhat different answers. >> there will be a woman on the ticket. i don't know if it's in the vice president's position or the president's position. but if i have my way, there will be a woman on the ticket. >> it's hard for me to think of a reason that i would not do that. i think talking about who i would pick as vice president just feels really premature. like lobster lover's dream and new ultimate lobsterfest surf and turf. so come lobsterfest today! and now for a limited time, get ten percent off red lobster to go.
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announcing her run for president. brave wins, the theme of her campaign. >> will brave win? t. hasn't always, and it isn't right now. >> brave doesn't pit people against each other. brave doesn't put money over lives. brave doesn't spread hate. cloud truth. build a wall. >> children can be separated. >> that's what fear does. we need to remember what it feels like to be brave. >> gillibrand will deliver her kickoff speech next sunday in front of the trump hotel in manhattan. with us, senior political analyst mark preston. how effective do you think that campaign announcement was? >> well, you know, i think of all the presidential candidates so far. you have to say kirsten gillibrand's campaign hasn't been the best. it hasn't been terrible, but it hasn't had the big punch that
4:20 pm
you would expect. perhaps that's because she went out and anunesed her exploratory committee and did that in a bang and then waited weeks and weeks and then do this. to add to this announcement added flare to it. going to stand outside donald trump's hotel and talk about all the ills he has done as president and how she would be a better president. she's trying to show the democrats specifically the hard left looking for a fighter that is willing to take it to donald trump. >> ron, beto o'rourke was confronted who he would pick to round out his ticket, should he win the primary. listen. >> will you put a woman as your vice president? >> i need a job. >> it's hard for me to think of a reason but i would not do that. i think talking about who i would pick as vice president
4:21 pm
just feels really premature. >> i know it feels premature but you're half of a ticket. and you're becoming president. >> that's right. >> you represent the other half of this country, too. >> that's right. >> they need to see a woman in a position of power in this country. >> yes. yeah. >> you haven't have a woman vice president. i would like the youngest person that i'm going to vote for to drive this country forward with a woman on his ticket. >> i hear you. again that would be my preference. >> that voter was not letting him off the hook there. ron, if o'rourke preveals in the democratic primary is he best served choosing a woman as hi partner on the ticket? >> i'd be shocked if there isn't a woman and a person of color on the democratic ticket. whether top spot or number two spot. look, in the democratic primary electric we did a terrific analysis with the cnn polling team the other day of the changing composition of the democratic party. it's likely 60% of all voters in
4:22 pm
this primary will be women. 40% probably are going to be people of color. and so this is, the democratic coalition has evolved, and it is, seems to me, extremely unlikely that will not be reflected in the ticket in part because in 2016 we saw the biggest dedplin election to ecollection in african-american turnout. dropped 7 points critical in wisconsin, michigan and north carolina. i would be very surprised if you don't have a thact reflects the full diversity of the democratic party and if you have a white male nominee, bernie sanders, joe biden, beto o'rourke, i think you'll have a woman and probably a woman of color as the vice president. >> mark, today saturday amy klobuchar took a bit of a swipe at o'rourke. listen. >> you made a reference to "born" do you feel born to do this? >> oh -- that's the beto line. >> that was the beto line. you brought it up. i'm curious.
4:23 pm
>> i have a lot of respect for beto and great to have some texas in this race, but, no. i wasn't born to run for office. just because growing up in the '70s, in the middle of the country, i don't think many people thought a girl could be president. i wasn't born to run, but i am running. >> the whole "born to run" thing in reference to the "vanity fair" cover story that came out this week. what did you think of her response, mark? >> well, i think that it was classic amy klobuchar, trying to differentiate herself from the rest of the field, and she's come across as this pragmatic midwesterner who isn't prone to just say anything to the left. so, for instance when it comes to universal education, that's a popular topic, university college education, and a lot of democrats are saying they want to see it happen. want to see it enacted. amy klobuchar doesn't want to. she said, in fact, there's no way they could possibly do it and where's the money to do it? she is trying to, i think,
4:24 pm
inflect a little pragmatism and hard work and grittiness from the midwest and that's her path forward. >> former vice president joeed by hadn't quite the slipup over the weekend. listen. >> criticized by the new left. i have the most progressive record of anyone running for -- anybody who would run. [ cheers ] i didn't mean -- [ cheers and applause ] with anybody who would run. >> but we played this video over and over again and making the sign of the cross gets me every time. is this not a sign he just needs to announce already and is he right in assert heg is the most progressive candidate in the race? >> first, can we acknowledge the only american truly born to run is bruce springsteen, but second, you know, joe biden talks about the new left in
4:25 pm
there. that is just a reminder how long he has been in politics. that's a phrase really describing the '60s criticism of traditional liberalism and not one used an awful lot anymore. indication of the challenge he's facing. elected in 1972. he has taken a lot of positions over the years that reflected the democratic dilemma of the '70s and '80s and '90s trying to hold on to culturally conservative blue collar white voters that look must less defensible and the democratic party doesn't rely nearly as much on those as though replaced by the millennials. all he has to talk about and explain how he, how the views he expressed then evolved and how he fits into the modern democratic party. having said that, when talk about the demographic makeup who votes and who's picking this democratic nominee, one thing we don't talk about much, it's relatively older. almost every state. 60% or more voters are over 45. we have a lot of younger
4:26 pm
candidates, or candidates who can appeal perhaps most directly to young people. for example, bernie sanders and beto, mark would agree, an absolute slicollision course fo young people. middle age, middle of the road voters in the middle of the country, that is something biden is going to have a leg up with, and not only white voters but older african-american voters. it you're kamala harris or cory booker you have to dislodge the voters from him to emerge in south carolina because if you don't, he is going to prevent you from fully doing all that you could on super tuesday across the south. biden has real challenges, but his strengths in a party that is desperate to beat donald trump and may look at him as the shortest line between point a and b, winning back the three blue states that crumbled in 2016 is real, all signs he's heading toward it. until he says, yes, you don't
4:27 pm
know. not a good candidate's in 2008. this is a different case. >> and elizabeth warren will say she's most suited to take on donald trump in the a town hall tomorrow night. what's the most important message tore her to drive home? >> quickly, as ron said, 40% of the electorate could be african-american. coming into an area, there up in memphis tennessee coming down into mississippi tomorrow and heading to alabama tuesday. she's appealing directly to those african-american voters and those older voters, those moms, those soccer moms and even older democrats as well she's reaching out to, you know, with her message. she'll be delivering that here in a very interesting place here in jackson, mississippi. a place you don't see presidential candidates come often but they'll be here tomorrow night. >> did you just call soccer moms older votevoters? because i'm a soccer mom. >> well i'm a soccer dad. throw that into the mix.
4:28 pm
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by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. . just in to cnn. the "wall street journal" quoting military sources saying as many as 1,000 u.s. troops may stay in syria. that's despite the full military withdrawal odor arder by presid trump in december. they'll continue to work with kurdish forces in syria facing threats from turkey. a u.s. official tells cnn no
4:33 pm
final decision that been made just yet. another victim has been identified in the horrific new zealand mosque shootings. 65-year-old linda armstrong one of the 50 people killed in friday's attack. her family telling cnn armstrong recently moved to "crime & justice" christchurch to be cloet closer to her daughter and grandchildren. befriended many travelers, immigrants and refugees opening up her home, heart and kitchen. new zealand's cabinet ministers are already discussing new gun restrictions. and the massacre is renewing questions about the oversight of social media after the gunman live streamed his shooting spree. facebook announcing that in the 24 hours after the attack it deleted 300,000 videos of the rampage that had already been uploaded and an additional 1.2 million videos were stopped as they in the process of being posted. cnn's martin savidge joins us from christchurch, new zealand,
4:34 pm
and we continue to see a lot of people poring over the memorial area set up with flowers and memories of these lives lost. first, what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: well, the authorities haven't said too much op where they're investigation is going now. we know, of course, one person is in custody but charges filed against that person and authorities have said when it came to the actual murders that had taken place, only one gunman and that gunman is in custody. the question still investigated, many wonder, he somehow assisted in some way, was he? we know to that end going on in neighboring australia two searches being conducted at two different homes by australian authorities. the authorities only say they are working and doing those searches in conjunction and at the request of new zealand authorities. so clearly, they are trying to figure out if in any way there was someone that aided, lended support or did anything that might have led up to, of course,
4:35 pm
the horrific attack that occurred here and then the question of funding. so they're looking at that and also to see if there were any warning signs. the family members of the gunman under arrest, i have now spoken -- they have spoken out. this is the grandmother. listen to their shock at hearing about this attack. >> we're all gumsmacked, we don't know what to think. it's -- you know, the media is saying he's been tat for a long time. he's obviously not of sane mind, i don't think. >> reporter: so even though authorities are not speaking out about the investigation, it's very clear it's going on and they have very specific things they're looking for, ana. >> all right. martin savidge. such a heavy heart this weekend around the world. thank you. hours after 50 people were killed in new zealand by the alleged shooter who expressed white nationalist ideology, president trump spoke from the
4:36 pm
oval office and said this -- >> -- a white nationalist as a rising threat around the world? >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. >> that comment sparking backlash causing his acting white house chief of staff to respond this morning with this -- >> the president is not a white supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. >> and as we've mentioned while nsz new zealand and the world is reeling from this attack the president is tweeting a lot attacking entities and "snl" and the late war hero john mccain. that's the highlights of the most pressing national security issues the president is facing starting the week. and helping to prepare the presidential daily brief under president obama, what do you make of the president's
4:37 pm
comments? >> i want to respond to mick mulvaney's comments from earlier saying the president is not a white supremacist. white supremacists like david duke, attacker in new zealand and the pittsburgh shooter view president trump as a symbol. unto itself that is a problem. let's think about what presidents typically do after a terrorist attack. unfortunately i was at the white house and watched president obama respond to mass casualty events. amp terrorist attacks they watch every word that they're about to say, because it's a high-threat environment and they don't want to incite more violence. this should be doubly true for president trump, because he has inspired attacks in the past. instead he did just the opposite. used the word invasion to describe immigrants at our southern border right after the alleged manifesto from the new zealand attacker used exactly this language. he re-used a white nationalist dog whistle, which he knows has incited violence.
4:38 pm
instead of wage tweeting on "snl," after a terror attack asked for threat assessment thinking if they need more resources to keep american people say saying that p ing tit trump said white nationalism isn't a threat. we know he can schedule meetings, find resources and done it on border security. instead on this issue, and the question is why, he is minimizing the threat and refusing to stop using language that incites violence's that means that he is contributing to a higher threat environment, increasing the rick of attask o and not giving his team the resources to counter them. >> you mentioned in your column this week, talking about it here this weekend. facts show there is a rise in a threat when it comes to white nationalism and this ideology, this white supremacist ideology. what does that mean for the front landscape? >> increased risk. i should note president trump himself actually signed a
4:39 pm
counterterrorism strategy in october that said white nationalism is a threat. i guess he didn't read it before signing the document. president trump declared himself a nationalist and another nationalist president, the president of brazil, just arrived in washington, d.c. he's meeting with president trump for dinner tomorrow. steve bannon is joini ining and additional meetings tuesday. the president of brazil and president trump have a lot in common. staunchly anti-immigrant and the brazil president campaigned raging against the media and the left. used horrific racist homophobic and misogynistic language and been indicted for inciting hate in the past. he's coming to washington with a wish lichte for president trump. he wants more business from the united states and things like non-nato ally status which has financial benefits to it. we should expect him to flatter president trump because he wants to get certain things from the president. and president trump has to be really careful here and try to
4:40 pm
calibrate his language, or it's going look like he condones and agrees with brazil's president language which is deeply unsettling. >> thank you very much. voices raised from all corners of the globe with one unified message. save our planet. it's a worldwide battle and the most passionate fighters are not old enough to drive. i don't give a goddamn what the story is. >> richard m. nixon lied repeatedly. >> no reporter from the "washington post" should ever be in the white house again. you understand? >> the tougher it gets, the cooler i get. i have what it takes. [ chanting ] >> i want to say this to the television audience, because people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. well, i'm not a crook. >> this crap about watergate. >> let others wallow in watergate. we're going to do our job. >> i'm going to kick their ass.
4:41 pm
>> nobody's going to package me. nobody's going to make me put on an act for television. i'm not going to engage in gimmicks or stunts, wear any silly hats. if people looking at me say that's a new nixon all i can say is, well, maybe you didn't know the old nixon. >> tricky dick a new cnn original series, tonight at 9:00. i'm mildly obsessed with numbers.
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4:46 pm
to a paradise in flames. >> i have asthma. we had to roll up wet towels put themed upper windows. >> reporter: so scary her family sent her back home early. she began researching fires, longer droughts, bigger storms, baked into her fauture thanks t our relentless relial on fossil fuels and then she found greta, you say your love your children above all else and yet you're stealing their future in front of their very eyes. >> reporter: after starting her one-girl school strike in her native sweden, she filled rooms calling all out for a failure to act. >> adults keep saying we owe it to the young people to give them hope. but i don't want your hope. i don't want you to be hopeful. i want you to panic.
4:47 pm
i want you to act as if the house was on fire. because it is. >> she tweeted. going to be one for the history books. >> reporter: you think you will be, too? >> maybe. >> reporter: thanks to social media the girls are connected with young activists around the globe. >> here's the sydney organizer for school strike for climate. jean. >> reporter: she's emboldened by every new friend who sits at her bench and every retweet from friends like leonardo dicaprio and devours of viral clip of kids challenging leaders like senator dianne feinstein to do something, anything to save the broken planet they'll inherit. >> some scientists said we have 12 years to turn this around. >> well, it's not going to get turned around in ten years. >> reporter: she says seeing them get dismissed like naive
4:48 pm
kids only steals her resolve. how long will it take? >> assing long as it takes to to a sell yocelsius. >> a biggest overhaul of the biggest economy in the world. >> easy peasy. >> reporter: inspired by the march for our lives they're hoping millions of kids across 60 countries make a statement that cannot be ignored. >> welcome to the revolution. >> reporter: change is coming, and action is needed. whether the grown-ups like it or not. bill weir, cnn, new york city. >> thanks, bill. he won office using a populace message. bristles a the news media and under investigation in the white house. are we talking about donald
4:49 pm
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4:54 pm
between president nixon and president trump in their populous calls to white voters, pledges to the working class and how they spoke about military might. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ]. out of them. >> reporter: it goes much farther. the two men knew and admired each other, nixon sending a letter after trump was on tv in 1987, predicting whenever you decide to run for office you will be a winner, trump taking pages from nixon's playbook on crime. >> it is time for us to restore respect for law and then we'll have real progress. >> reporter: nixon inflamed racial fears and pledged to crack down. trump brought similar themes to the immigration debate. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> reporter: on investigations, as watergate erupted, nixon furiously denied doing anything wrong. >> i'm not a crook. >> reporter: trump's response to the russia probe? >> it's a total witch hunt. >> reporter: on the media, nixon
4:55 pm
bristled at reporters. >> media is the enemy. >> reporter: trump? >> the news is the enemy of the people. and they are. the enemy of the people. >> reporter: and on hush money, nixon was recorded talking about pay paoffs to keep watergate conspiratorers quiet. and trump, too, has been caught on tape, allegedly discussing the payments to a former playboy model who claimed a sksual affair, which he denies. there are big differences, too. nixon grew up poor, trumpn wealthy. nixon served in the military, trump got a deferral. nixon was undeniably wrapped up in the watergate affair and he resigned. trump, so far there has been no insfutable truth he has broken any law, nor that he will walk away from the white house. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> be sure to tune in tonight
4:56 pm
for the cnn original series, tricky dick, exploring the rise and fall of richard nixon with never-before-seen footage. it airs at 9:00 eastern and pacific here on cnn. we'll be right back. e card... you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day... not just "airline purchases". think about all the double miles you could be earning... (loud) holy moley that's a lot of miles!!! shhhhh! ♪ what's in your wallet? shhhhh! with the most lobster dishes lobsterfesof the yearred lobster like lobster lover's dream and new ultimate lobsterfest surf and turf. so come lobsterfest today! and now for a limited time, get ten percent off red lobster to go.
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hello. you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera. mourning 50 lives lost in the terror attacks in new zealand. president trump is tweeting, not about either of those things but trashing the late senator he once said wasn't a war hero. for the last two days now, mr. trump has been going after john mccain for, among other things, the late senator's decisive vote against repealing obamacare. trump's attacks coming on the anniversary week of mccain's
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