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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 19, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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erica hill back with me for a second round. >> a big day. >> first on cnn, the white house wants to get the mueller report before you do. more importantly, the white house wants it before congress and perhaps most importantly the white house wants to filter the report. maybe keep parts overnight, cnn learned white house lawyers seek information an opportunity to review the mueller report submitted to congress. they want a chance to claim executive privilege on information gleaned from interviews and documents provided by white house officials. this could set up a potential political battle and legal battle with the supreme court and two justices nominated by president trump deciding the
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ultima ultimate feat decided by the supreme court. meanwhile, the president's rapid fire tweeting may have slowed the past 24 hours, the questions about the dozens of angry posts from the weekend certainly have not. bottom line according to reporting in the "new york times" no one in the white house really knows what set the president off, although george conway has been one of the president's top advisors, husband of kellyanne conway, calling the president's mental state into question. kellyanne conway disagrees with her husband at that point. a new cnn poll shows the president's approval rate is rising. 42% approve and 51% disapprove, the lowest share to do so since he took office. to jessica schneider live in washington with all the investigations. >> good morning, as we watch and wait for the mueller report
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which could be submitted to attorney general william barr any day now. we know the white house plans to look at the report before it reaches bar and the public. they want the opportunity to claim executive privilege over any information drawn from the documents and interviews with white house officials over the past two years all according to sources. no doubt, this will spark a political battle between democrats in congress and the white house over what will ultimately be released. while the president is within his legal authority to exert that executive privilege to shield those communications with officials, democrats will likely allege the president is just trying to shield information from the public into that investigation that has consumed the first two years of his presidency. one source close to the white house putting it this way, there has always been this tension between what looks best
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politically and what is best for the institution but often asserting executive privilege does trump political optics. later today, we are expecting we get a glimpse of the search warrants that led to the raid of michael cohen's home and office last april. a ferd judge ordered the re -- federal judge ordered the release of the search warrants from the request of cnn and other outlets. we expect to get a look at these search warrants but expect a lot of redactions. this investigation is still going. michael cohen's lawyer, lanny davis previewed the release of the search warrant only continuing to cooperate and providing information and the truth about donald trump and the trump organization to law enforcement and congress. we're waiting for it.
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cohen is set to head to prison for three years. that will be starting in may. >> appreciate it. joining us cnn analyst and former federal prosecutor, as we look at all of this, i copt help remember rules from rudy guiliani. we should be able to see this to correct it if they're wrong. they're not wrong. and the interesting part when we talk about exerting executive privilege, rudy guiliani should not have any role in that. it is about the white house counsel. >> exactly white. rudy guiliani should not be talking about this and done with this. i'm personally done with him. the white house is full of very good lawyers and the hope is they exert the privilege in very limited fashion and i hope they will buy negotiating with the attorney general's office where they really need to protect the
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institution by asserting that and don't need that. my hope is they work that out between those two entities. >> this is about specific elements in the report. not about the report itself, certain information and documents they want to keep out of public view? >> that's right. it has to do with the advice the president wants to get from his closest circle of advisors so the president isn't afraid to ask for advice as we want all presidents to do. >> and the issues of the warrants issued for raised from michael cohen, what are you most interested seeing it? >> the problem is the things i'm most interested in seeing are redacted probably, giving a hint of who they're preparing to charge. they will redact out personal information but identifying the subjects of their ongoing investigation. my hope is you can read between the lines. i think we will see some color
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they fill in and what evidence they had that led them to execute the search warrants in the first place. we will get some clues but unfortunately not who they plan to charge next. >> thank you. the trump campaign is hitting back over questions over the president's mental state. really interesting, these questions are coming from george conway, the husband of one of the president's closest advisors, kellyanne conway. cnn's brian todd, thrilled to have you, live in washington with the latest on this. >> this is part of the fall-out from tweets the president released over the weekend including the late senator, john mccain. george conway is claiming the president's mental health state has reached a level of urgency. >> reporter: president trump's
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campaign manager going after the husband of one of mr. trump's top advisors, kellyanne conway, after conway questioned the president's mental health after a barrage of tweets over the weekend. all americans should be thinking seriously now about trump's mental condition and psychological state following an earlier tweet that insisted his condition is getting worse and an earlier one accusing him of being jealous of his wife's success. >> you mean mr. kellyanne conway. >> he wrote that the constitutionally appointing is wrong. >> he's just trying to get publicity for himself. >> reporter: kellyanne conway distancing herself from her husband. >> no, i don't share those concerns. i have four kids getting out of the house this weekend and i didn't talk to the president on substance and i may not be up to
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speed. >> even advisors were searching for normal cues estate him off. among the president's main targets, late senator, john mccain, mr. trump attacking mccain for his involvement in a controversial dossier that appears to link mr. trump with the russians. and claiming mccain was last in his class. >> my father was kryptonite to him in life and in death. >> reporter: criticizing him on his remarks. >> i thought your life is spent on the weekend not with your family but obsessing over great men you will never live up to. that tells you all you need to know about his pathetic life. >> we reached out to the white house to see if they would comment on the president's mental health, none would comment on that.
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president trump scheduled to meet with new brazilian president, dubbed by some the trump of tropics and accused of homophobic comments but he has garnered the trump administration's praise. >> great to have you on new day. appreciate it. >> joining us now, john avlon, cnn senior political analyst. i think the big question we've all been asking about kellyanne conway and george conway, when does this move from a couple's therapy issue and issue of national importance. my wife was talking to me last night, should we assume george conway knows more about the president's mental state, that george conway has more of an insight into the workings of the white house because his wife is a senior advisor than the rest of us on? the short answer is yes. you can apply a standard in our own lives. do you have more insights into
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your spouse's workplace than the average person on the street? probably yes. there is something called the goldwater rule, a standard in american politics since 1964. diagnosing people from a distance when they're running for office or president of the united states is not something we should do. i think conway's accusations posting descriptions of narcissistic personality disorder wednesday carry more weight because of his wife's proximity with the president long-time. he is trying to be a paul revere. it does look like he said-she said, new reality show pitch once they leave the office seem very serious. >> and hearing from kellyanne conway herself uncomfortably in the driveway of the white house. >> clearly, it's her job to say the party line. it is clearly not his job and some interpersonal risk to be as outspoken as he has.
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>> we are going to hear from president trump later today. he will face questions from reporters standing side by side with brazilian strongman. he will face questions whether he believes white spraems is a let the around the world. supremacy. >> he has been reluctant to call that out in the same way the same standard the president used against president obama and hillary clinton, why won't you say the phrase, terrorism, will he say the fries, white supremist terrorism. he seems reluctant to call it what it is especially against a rising tide of incidents. >> stick around. i want to talk to you more in a bit. breaking silence of two deadly plane crashes after the
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737 jets were grounded worldwide. good morning. >> reporter: dennis mullenberg is an aerospace engineer and since he took over the company in 2015 he pushed a very aggressive plan to move forward and being very successful and trying to stay out in front of what's happening recently. listen to part of his statement. >> as the facts from the accident become available and we understand the necessary next steps we're taking action to fully reassure airlines and their passengers of the safety of the 737 max. soon, we'll release a software update for the 737 max that will address concerns discovered in the aftermath of the lion air flight 610 accident. >> the software update would address the question of the rear stabilizer on the plane, rear elevator as they call it and its ability to act automatically to bring the nose of the plane
3:13 am
down. it's believed in the air lion accident last fall and maybe the ethiopian this is the thing that possibly drove the plane into the ground. this would be a software update to limit the ability for that thing to do this tail mechanism to drive the plane down that way and possibly to give more warning to the pilots if the automatic system is in play, erica. >> the chicago tribune reporting boeing ceo took home $30 million last year. this is a major test in this crisis for his leadership, i imagine. >> absolutely. he's been with bowing a long time. he started as intern. he worked a lot on the defense side of the company. the entire investment world knowing at a time like this, a difficult thing, looking to see what he will do with leadership. remember, if boeing is found 0 have known about a problem in lion air and not fixed it before ethiopian, if they turn out to
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be the same mechanism for crashing here, then the company is in tremendous danger because there are not only lawsuits from, of course, the passengers and families who lost people close to them and airlines around the world that might say you sold us a jet defective from people connected to those airlines. there are a lot of potential problems out there and why he has to be out front right now and prove boeing was acting in good faith even if things did not work out well and we suffered this tragic loss. >> always good to see you. just how much will the white house try to scrub the mueller report before congress gets to see it? what are democrats going to do to try to stop them? next. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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ask your doctor about humira citrate-free. here's to you. you're having one more bite no! one more bite! ♪ kraft. for the win win. cnn learning white house lawyers expect to get their version of the mueller report submitted to congress before others will see it. is that prompting the tweeter outburst. joining us, as we look at this, yes, all things could be interconnected as we know. as we're learning about these
3:19 am
preparations being made for the white house perhaps to invoke executive privilege here, we've known this would happen from the first time. we knew they would say we will make these available for you. >> that is what they set out for insurance policy when people like white house policymaker, don mcginn went and spoke to the counsel with not a lot of coordination with the president's lawyers. this is a question of what the president and white house believe they can contain versus what's in the report, what the president has been told he can do. this will be a major test. house represents voted 420 to 0 to make the information public. it was blocked by senator graham in the senate, non-binding but
3:20 am
they felt it was important to do. this will be a major political and legal showdown. it's in the president's interest to get as little information out as possible and in the american people's interest to get as much out as possible. >> now, we know there are two filters, bill bar, filter number one and number two is the white house wants to come in between barr and congress and say, this is executive privilege, this is executive privilege and this is executive privilege. what will happen is a doubly watered down version. i can't imagine you like this. >> yes. it's likely to end up in the court. democrats were already telling the attorney general, william barr, if you don't release this report, barr had said, i will only put stuff out there if we find evidence of criminal wrongdoing and it would be unjust to put this out there if
3:21 am
they didn't find any criminal wrongdoing because it would be hindering somebody who they couldn't prove committed a crime. they're not looking at legality. they had told barr we need this information because we as congress have to hold the president accountable if he did something untoward of any kind. number one. now, the white house is coming in saying they can hold back some of this information because of executive privilege, not unusual but the stakes are so high here and congress overwhelmingly voting to make that report public increases the desire to see that. this is going to end up in the courts for sure. >> it's important to remember what was executive privilege. we don't know what they have but campaign staffers for example,
3:22 am
can't klim strexecutive privile on that. claim. >> one thing we will be looking at, whether this sets the president and his political team inside the white house at odds with bill barr with his new role as attorney general. barr has a lengthy legal career and we have a general understanding of his instincts and boundaries around issues like this. whether he and the president end up on the same page and what barr will do about it, interesting to watch. i think this gets ultimately, on some level to kind of a broader or political cultural phenomenon, even though there is public fatigue about the mueller investigation there is public interest about what's it going to find, to the extent less may come out, a lot of americans for two years have been like, okay, what's going to happen. the idea people may not be able
3:23 am
to find out has frustrated a lot of americans. >> you were scribbling furiously. >> yes. two things at work here. one, we're seeing the implication of the independent counsel statute sunsetting. and perhaps the people didn't anticipate this from the counsel and congress. justice guidelines say the president can't be indicted. does that provide a political shield from impeachment. legal aside, impeachment and high crimes and misdemeanors, that's our judgment. we need to see that information. this is as high stakes as it gets. >> i will say it could go to the supreme court. the supreme court under nixon unanimously decided to release the tapes. and brett cavanaugh might have a different view.
3:24 am
we don't know. i want to read from the "new york times." we were all wednesdayering what the president was doing over the weekend or -- all wondering what the president was doing over the weekend, maggie writing no golf or activities other than a rare visit to church so president trump did what he could do. he tweeted. it's to counter inactivity because he was bored, rachel? >> seems to be the working theory right now? there was a clear rebuke in the senate, 12 senators voted against his emergency declaration. if he was fuming about that you couldn't tell because he didn't talk about it very much, everything else from "snl" to john mccain. that didn't seem to be what set him off. the report is interesting because reporters note people close to the president said he was actually in a pretty good
3:25 am
mood. nobody really knew what set him off. you have to wonder if he's in a good mood and bored and hunkered down tweeting sporadically, what will happen when the mueller report comes out and house investigations and he's really angry obsessing over those things. 50 retweets this weekend, maybe up to 200? i don't know. a peculiar weekend for a the president. >> i do think with the exception of the fall-out with the new zealand tragedy, we spent time over the weekend talking about other people and not president trump. the democratic candidates and fund-raising and beto's fund-raising. two things about president trump. he likes to control the narrative and likes it when people are talking about him. part of the ideas of the twitter storm, he wanted people talking about him and the things he was talking about and now we are.
3:26 am
so happy tuesday. >> it's ridiculous. the president's not getting enough attention, i hope it's something more than that. >> appreciate it. senator elizabeth warren laying out her case for president in a town hall and calling out for a big change in the electoral process and what she said that had the crowd cheering next. hey mercedes, how about letting your hair down a little? how about a car for people who don't play golf? hey mercedes! mix it up a little. how about something for a guy who doesn't want a corner office? hey mercedes, i don't even own a tie. do you think i need a mahogany dashboard? hey mercedes, can you make it a little cooler in here? [ a-class ] i am setting the temperature [ a-class ] to 68 degrees. we hear you. we made a car that does, too. the all-new a-class.
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the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. to save 30% on all the medications we carry. so go directly to now. senator elizabeth warren taking center stage at a cnn presidential town hall last night where she laid out her priorities for the 2020 presidential campaign. the loudest ovation, calling for an end to the electoral college. >> reporter: good morning, erica. senator elizabeth warren has already released several policy
3:31 am
proposals this year as she is building out her presidential campaign. last night, we saw her take questions on a broad range of national issues. she clearly tried to set herself apart in a growing democratic field. >> my view is that every vote matters. and that means get rid of the electoral college. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren calling for the elimination of the electoral college, haunting prolonged applause from democratic voters in jackson, mississippi. >> everybody. >> reporter: warren citing hillary clinton's loss in 2016 despite winning the popular vote with nearly 3 million more votes than president trump. describing the electoral college as a means of disenfranchising voters and states. >> come a general election presidential candidates don't come to places like mississippi. they come to places like
3:32 am
california and massachusetts, right? because we're not the battleground states. >> reporter: warren becoming the first senate to study reparations for americans desce descend ants of slaves. >> i believe it's time to start the national full-blown conversation about reparations in this country. >> reporter: but stopping short of calling for financial payments. the massachusetts senator who made a name for herself by taking on the big banks, distancing herself from the socialist moniker. >> i believe in the value we get out of markets. but it has to be markets with rules. >> reporter: warren again addressing criticism that her past claims of having native-american heritage were tone deaf. >> i grew up in oklahoma and learned about my family from my family. based on that, that's just kind of who i am.
3:33 am
>> reporter: the presidential candidate recounting an emotional story about her mother getting a minimum wage job after her father had a heart attack. >> she's saying, we will not lose this house, we will not lose this house. she was 50 years old. she had never worked outside the home. she was truly terrified. years later, i came to understand, this is a story about millions of americans who -- it doesn't matter if you're scared, when you've got to do something to take care of people you love, you reach down, you find it and you pull it up. >> reporter: now, here at the historically blackjack son state university, elizabeth warren focused a lot on issues of racial inequality last night. she called on the removal of confederate statutes and monuments as well. she also said the state of mississippi should adopt a new state flag that does not have the confederate image on it.
3:34 am
>> that was a fascinating town hall. thanks for being there. other 2020 news, former vice president joe biden has not officially entered the races yet but cnn reporting him considering naming a running mate early. what's going on here? one heck of a headline next. or other child. or their new friend. or your giant nephews and their giant dad. or a horse. or a horse's brother, for that matter. the room for eight, 9,000 lb towing ford expedition.
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some big new cnn reporting as former vice president, joe biden, prepares to jump into the democratic race for president, cnn learned biden advisors are investigating the possibility of selecting a running mate early, like very early. joining us this morning, this is very interesting. traditionally you don't pick a running mate until you are a nominee and you are at your convention. what would this give joe biden as an early primary contender? >> well, it depends who that nominee would be or who that vice-presidential nominee would be. if it's someone like a stacey abrams, i think it gives him a
3:39 am
leg up on the field. stacey abrams, her electricity, progressive bonafides give joe biden what he needs to get through the primary. he will have some pitfalls. he and beto are the front-runner. first, can he come to sowuth carolina and do extremely well and then super tuesday in north carolina. with stacey abrams, that would help him overcome those things. and then the question of anita hill. stacey abrams would help him overcome those things. i think it's a brilliant move if he pulls it off. it dampens the field but it would take something. >> it was ted cruz who selected
3:40 am
carly fiorina a few years ago. seriously, it was at a moment of weakness. i'm wondering if this is an admission by the pre-biden team, pre-team biden, there are weaknesses he needs to shore up. >> it is an admission that it is a crowded field and a field comprised of very qualified talented experienced candidates so far that have excited very important swaths of voters you will need in order to become the nominee. i do think it is a recognition joe biden while in terms of all the numbers we have seen, once he jumps in he will certainly be the front-runner, there is an acknowledgement what that means and how long he can keep that lead. how big will the lead be? will he be able to raise more money than beto, if his haul in terms of fund-raising is less
3:41 am
than beto's, that is going to be the first barrier he won't be able to clear. in terms of announcement of an early vice-presidential choice, i think there's a huge risk in that again because there are so many other current candidates that are seen as experienced and exciting and diverse, if he chooses one of them early and it's not one of them. clearly, it's not going to be, at least i don't think it is, it means everybody else currently running is going to be out. i think that is a huge risk to take if you're going to see other candidates with big follows in terms of the democratic base. >> if you're facstacey abrams, phone rings and, hey, it's former vice president joe biden, will you be my running mate, your answer is? >> that's a high class problem.
3:42 am
>> if you're stacey abrams in this scenario. >> i don't have the audacity to play stacey abrams. she's way more brilliant than i. i'm hopeful she will run for governor again against brian kemp or in 2020. this is a new wrinkle if this question is asked of her. if baccari sellers gets the phone call, let's say this, add another wrinkle playing early morning gamesmanship, what if joe biden promises you he only stays for one term, that makes it more attractive. that's what makes the primary cycle 300 days from iowa so exciting. >> what's interesting not we're playing the game but biden advisors are raising the possibility before getting into the race. elizabeth warren, last night,
3:43 am
big applause line for getting rid of the electoral college or making an end run around it, something we're hearing in democratic politics. i don't want to burst anyone's bubble, it's not going to happen, not right now. why is it an effective argument for democrats to make? >> clearly because of what happened in 2 of the last 5 presidential campaigns in terms of the electoral college which means democrats have won the popular vote yet they haven't won the presidency. that's not just a huge deal for democrats. i think a lot of americans look at what we say as a country when we are abroad talking about all of the requirements of a real democracy and as a party, the democrats always talk about how every vote should count, but except in presidential politics or presidential campaign when in fact every vote doesn't count,
3:44 am
that does not seem to match the reality of what we are living today. when you have the majority of americans looking towards this electoral college, something that happened at the birth of the nation but really isn't needed right now, it is time for people to be talking about those kinds of bold changes. i'm glad elizabeth warren is doing that. >> can i ask you quickly about the latest polling on the president's approval rating, actually one of the better numbers he has had. the numbers on the economy jump out, 71% or so say the economy is good. that's a high number. is that a serious barrier for democrats trying to win this election? >> if any democrat believes beating donald trump is going to be easy they have another think coming. one of the items they can count on good polling numbers and this
3:45 am
president he will always step on his message. instead of the economy we're condemning white supremacists and talking about john mccain. he will also step on his message. donald trump has a solid 35% of the american all righelectoratee difference between his 35% is they show up and vote. democrats have a long way to go before we can hopefully in january of 2021 be in the white house. taking donald trump lightly is not the way to get there. maria and vite president bakari sellers, thank you. >> i'm only vice president in my house. >> you have to be 35. i don't think you're there yet. cnn will host a presidential town hall with governor john
3:46 am
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vice president mike pence will survey the damage in nebraska today. 74 cities in the state have declared an emergency. chad meyers joining us now with your forecast check. good morning. >> good morning. i grew up right there in nebraska. we saw a little bit of land flooding every year, how the ground gets so fertile. not like this, 33 branches out of their area. it takes so long for that water to run off. brought to you by zantac, eat your way, treat your way.
3:51 am
when does it finally end? this is going to take a long time to get to the gulf of mexico. the mississippi will be in flood for a while and fargo river will be in flood stage a few months. still snow on the ground, much above normal. temperatures 20-30 degrees above normal. you don't want that. you want that snow to melt nice and slowly. that is not going to happen, a rapid snow melt and doesn't sink in because the ground is frozen. like trying to take water and soak it into asphalt, doesn't happen, runs off. >> this will be a concern for some weeks. appreciate it. there are live pictures i want to show you right now. this is a huge fire that started sunday. it is still raging and will burn for days. we will tell you what's fueling these flames next.
3:52 am
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these are live pictures. look at that. aerials of a raging fire in suburban houston. a chemical plant burning since sunday. some are components used in gasoline, fueling it literally. schools are back open after health officials say air quality is normal. officials warn this fire could burn another day or two. the cause of this is under investigation. the trump administration wants to impose limits on student loan borough. right now the limit a student can borrow is capped at $57,500. the administration not saying what the new limit might be but also calling for simplification of student loan repayments and expansion of the pell grant program.
3:57 am
offensive lineman announcing retirement from the summit of mt. kilimanjaro. a message of a man standing on top of the world with a heart filled with gratitude. that's fantastic. that's what tom brady should do after super bowl 9 or 10. >> he's perfect, john. he's just perfect. >> thank you. president trump's weekend twitter meltdown the gift that keeps on giving. here are your late night laughs. >> trump's behavior was so unnerving this weekend, kellyanne conway's long time lawyer in washington said his condition is getting worse. it says the state of politics we all know who he's talking about. you don't have to say trump's name if you just say he's yelling at the tv this weekend.
3:58 am
>> fox did poll her show saturday and they were not pleased. bring back judge jeanine pirro, the radical left democrats working closely with their beloved partner. the fake news media is using every trick in the book to silence a majority of our country. yes, the radical left and the mainstream media hatched a devious plot to make jeanine pirro sound like a bigot. here's how they did it. they pointed a camera at her. >> one guy who still hasn't officially entered the race, joe biden. he hasn't declared yet but not fooling anyone. listen. >> i'm the most progressive record for anybody running for -- for anybody who would run. >> are you excited for your surprise party? >> we're waiting for joe biden to say it officially. >> thanks for watching. cnn has learned that the white house may get its eyes and its
3:59 am
redaction pen on the mueller report before congress gets to see it. what could that mean? that's now. white house lawyers expect to review whatever version of mueller's report attorney barr submits to congress. >> this is standard procedure for a document this hot. >> you do not want the head of executive branch to use executive privilege to assert it. >> he is well versed. >> they will forgive trump his bad behavior. >> that tells you everything you need to know about his pathetic life. >> nobody will be surprised when he announces. he seems like a candidate. >> he will have a formidable field. i would worry if i were him. >> i will fight it from the heart every inch of the way. >> this is "new day" from alisyn
4:00 am
camerota and john burm man. >> good morning. alysy is off and erica hill joins me. cnn lawyers expect to have an opportunity to review the version of the report attorney general bill barr submits to congress before it reaches lawmakers. they want the chance to claim executive privilege over interviews drawn from white house officials. this could set up and will set up a legal political battle that could go all the way to the supreme court. that means two justices nominated by president trump could help decide the fate. something the public will see today, a redacted version of the search warrants that led to the fbi raid on president trump's personal attorney, michael cohen.


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