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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  March 21, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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that relied on these capabilities to massacre 50 people praying in two mosques. six days. by kparsson, the murders in an auraa colorado movie theater were in 2012, sandy hook, december 2012, san bernardino, twist. the pulse nightclub, june 2016. las vegas, october 2017, parkland and pittsburgh last year. in most cases, years ago as opposed to days ago. and those looking for new measures to battle gun violence in the united states argue they have seen little hear but stalemate in inaction. as far the action in new zealand, it could be in place in a matter of weeks. the government says it does intend to push these changes through with you are against sip. the prime minister today also announcing a buyback program to take existing weapons out ofsy cuelation.
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those who do not comply will face heavy fines or even impris imprisonment. vive ivan watson has more. >> reporter: the victims from last friday's terrorist attack not all of them have even been buried. there are still people delivering flowers here and crying at this makeshift memorial, and yet the government has announced sweeping changes in the gun laws. the prime minister here saying that the guns that were used to carry out this atrocity here in christchurch will now all be illegal. take a listen. >> every semiautomatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on friday will be banned in this country. we do have guns in new zealand that are used for legitimate purposes by responsible owners. i've been steadfast in my belief that the vast majority of these owners will support what we are doing here today. because it's about all of us,
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it's in the national interest, and it's about safety. >> reporter: this is so dramatic the police commissioner said that people with gun licenses who owned some of these guns, as of 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, those guns are now illegal objects. so how are they going to convince foam hand in weapons? well -- >> we were listening to ivan there, we've cut off his sound there. there are going to be gun buybacks, people are going to be urged to give those guns in. there will be more details provided by the new zealand government over next few days. we'll talk much more about this in a bit. what's interesting here is the contrast to what is happening in new zealand in just a few days as opposed to the united states where very little has happened despite years of these types of attacks. new this morning, even allies of the president are asking why won't he stop? why won't the president stop attacking john mccain? what kind of example does it set when the commander and chief
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won't stop insulting a human being who passed away in august let alone a decorated veteran who endured years of torture, endured years of torture as a prisoner of war? what does it say about the character of the president? how about the character of those around him letting it happen? the new attacks come amid a series of fixations the president seems to have including the mueller report and the husband of a white house staffer. our joe johns live at the white house. it's just past 6:00, joe, the president's been quiet so far. i don't expect it to last. >> reporter: that's for sure. fixations is kind of the word when you think about it, because the big picture is really interesting here. the president of the united states spending days on end obsessing and complaining about a pair of american war heroes and the effect that they've been having on his life. senator john mccain, the late senator john mccain who was a p.o.w. in vietnam as well as
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special counsel robert mueller who was a marine captain in vietnam and won a bronze star there. the president has set this up as donald trump against two men who distinguish them sexes decades ago as defenders of the united states. it's not clear what he's getting from this and his allies are even asking him to stop. [ chanting usa ]. >> well, you better love me, i kept this place open. >> reporter: standing before workers alt a military tank factory, president trump launching into a tirade about senator john mccain, a vietnam war hero who died of brain cancer nearly seven months ago. >> i have to be honest, i've never liked him much. >> reporter: the president taking credit for mccain's funeral and complaining that he was never thanked. >> i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted. i didn't get thank you, that's okay. we sent him on the way. >> reporter: the president was not invited to the senator's funeral and megan mccain has
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said she was surprised that the president's daughter and son-in-law attended. >> it made me uncomfortable and i hope i made them uncomfortable. >> reporter: megan mccain tweeting this photo of herself wednesday night with the message nothing breaks me, a reference to the moving story she told at her father's funeral about being thrown off her horse as a little girl. >> i look back across that time and see the expression on his face when i climbed back up and rode again. and i see the pride and love in his eyes as he said, nothing is going to break you. >> reporter: despite the president's vit treeal, the majority of republicans remain silent. mccain's close friend senator lindsey graham choosing not to condemn president trump. >> i think the president's comments about senator mccain hurt him more than they hurt the legacy of senator mccain. i'm going to try to continue to help the president. >> reporter: "the washington post" reports that some close to the president have attributed his frustrations to worrying
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over the looming report from special counsel robert mueller, which the president said wednesday he wants publicly released. >> let it come out. let people see it. that's up to the attorney general. >> reporter: mr. trump claiming that he should not have to deal with the investigation due to his, quote, tremendous electoral college victory. >> i got 63 million votes. and now somebody just writes a report? i think it's ridiculous. but i want to see the report. >> reporter: and of course there's even more on the back and forth between george conway, the husband of presidential adviser kellyanne conway, and the contest, if you will, of words between him and the president. the president called george conway a whack job on departure to ohio just yesterday. kellyanne conway for her part, defending the president in an interview. back to you, john. >> joe johns for us at the white house. want to bring in the congressional reporter for "the washington post" and cnn political analyst. this isn't sixth grade, okay.
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this is the white house. this is the commander and chief. and the president's event yesterday in lima, ohio, was an official white house event. official business of the united states of america and he uses that platform in front of that audience to attack john mccain. i think it left a lot of people scratching their heads. >> i think so, except for -- i mean, really because john mccain passed so many months ago and the president still hasn't let this go. this is the normal rivalry that we saw when mccain was alive and trump never could like him andstand stop insulting him. but trump, we knew he couldn't let things go but it never dawned on us to see how far that would go. to expect a thank you from a deceased man because you let him fly on a plane when he would normally get those honors, not something you should be talking about months later. >> mitt romney put out a tweet,
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isakson called it deflorible, and they put out a statement honoring john mccain. but there's relative silence there. john mccain served with many of these men and fwhen congress for years and they're all remaining silent. why? >> it seems like they just want to hide from this. there's so many things that the president says that they don't want to have to engage him on because they want to stick with him as much as they can for various policy things and because 2020 is looming. but in this one, yeah, it's surprising. this is an easy thing to defend against. and the fact that so many people are not diagnosoing it makes yo wonder how many people are trying to shrink back and avoid the president and whether that's something that's respectable or not as a position to take is open to question as you are. >> it's funny because i had someone close to a u.s. senator republican said he doesn't like to touch this stuff if they can avoid it. they want to stay as far away from it as they can. but in the bigger picture it's interesting over the last week. cnn put the president's economic
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approval at 71%, yet he's attack john mccain who died in august. he's going after the husband of a white house staffer, you know, george conway. he is talking about the mueller report. he can't seem to focus on something that might help him. >> no. but it's also up to speculation as to ma that migwhat that migh would make all this go away. yes, he started the mccain thing and the george conway thing, although he could have ignored the twitter account of conway, he's not been silent about picking on the president. but trump is not very good at avoiding his own distractions. sometimes they're useful for him when he wants to avoid bad press on something to dig into the russia probe. but sometimes he's creating his own mess. at this point it seems like he hasn't got control over which message is supposed to be dominate. >> his supporters say walk and chew gum at the same time. as far as we can see this week there's only gum. >> he's getting stuck in it. >> right. we'll talk to you in a little bit. thank you.
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hope hicks is cooperating with democrats in their investigation of possible obstruction by president trump. the former white house communications director agreed to turn over document to the house judiciary committee. we're live in washington with more on this development. cara, good morning. >> that's right. hope hicks, one of donald trump's closest aides has agreed to cooperate with the house inquiry where democrats have asked her to turn over her diaries, her journals, and notes that she had taken as part of a wide, ranging document request covering a number of documents including the false statements that national security adviser michael flynn made to the fbi, the firing of former fbi director james comey, the hush money payments made to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal, as well as the drafting of the statements around -- surrounding the republicans for this trump tower meeting in 2016 between donald trump jr. and the russian lawyer. now, hope hicks has agreed to cooperate with the investigation, but the white house is still invoking executive privilege around some
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of these communications. the white house itself has not responded to the house committee's request, but the house judiciary chairman jerry nadler told anderson cooper last night than i voking executive privilege is not a shield against any wrongdoing. >> it's fundamental law that executive privilege cannot hide misconduct. you cannot use the executive privilege to hide misconduct by the president or by anybody around him. in the nixon case, which was decided by the supreme court was very dispositive on that point. >> now, nadler has said that they've received a substantial number of responses from a large number of people, one entity that has been hesitant to respond to multiple congressional requests, the trump organization. erica. >> kara, thank you. joining us know, ellie hogin, former prosecutor and cnn legal analyst. as we look at this, the development that hope hicks is going to cooperate, that is big given what kara just laid out of the noncooperation has received from the mous white house and
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even the trump organization. what do you think is most interesting in terms of what hope hicks may give them? >> she's sort of perfectly situated to be a devastating witness against the president and those around him, particularly on the obstruction of justice inquiry. she was inner inner circle. she was inside the room when some of these key decisions were made. as a prosecutor, that is the best kind of cooperating witness. someone who can take you into the inner sank where the decisions were made. i'm looking at two things. number one, after that trump tower meeting in june of 2016 where kushner and jump junior met with russians to try to get dirt on hillary clinton, hope hicks was responsible for putting together the message that it was about an adoption. and she was reportedly texting with don junior on the ground and i want know all about that and see those texts. second of all, she was apparently in part of the
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decision-making process in the firing of jim comey which is of course key to the obstruction as well. i'd want to know from her what was the real reason. >> two major reasons. we'd like to all know those reasons. prosecutors are telling rick gates not to cooperate at this point with house judiciary. could come later. why would prosecutors tell a cooperating witness to not cooperate with another investigation? >> that's what i would do in if i was in the prosecutor's shoes. whenever you have a cooperating witness, especially if you plan to use them in the future, this tells me they have real plans for rick gates in the future as a cooperator, you want to keep them behind a glass and locked away from other people. you don't want them questioned publicly, being cross-examined, asking their credit abiliabilit attacked. he is the only witness that's taken the stand at trial, been
3:14 am
cross-examined under oath but a very good defense lawyer and stood up. the jury clearly credited rick gates as to many of the accounts. all of this tells me that the prosecutors have real plans to use rick gates again not just as a background witness, but as a trial witness. >> quickly before i let you go, we heard them say executive privilege is not here to shield wrongdoing. but executive privilege hasn't been extensively tested in the courts. how do you see this playing out? >> the last real test we had was 1974 with richard nixon, the opinion that representative nadler talked about. it is meant to protect national security, military secrets, it's not meant as a general shield against criminal liability. but we have a completely different supreme court. all the justices from 1974 are gone now, we have a completely new court. so i think the president's going to be banking on particularly his new people, gorsuch and cav mao to perhaps chankavanaugh to
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>> bowling, justice department prosecutors have issued multiple subpoenas in a criminal investigation of boeing's investigation of certification of 737 max 8 plays. this was even prior to the crash of the lion's jet. we have the details here. a criminal investigation. >> that's right, john. good morning. criminal investigators wanted information from boeing on its safety and certification procedures for the 737 max, including details on its training manuals for pilots, plus, how the company marketed the aircraft. so the justice department's criminal division, it is leading this probe along with the fbi field office in seattle as these questions continue to compound and some new details are emerging about those two doomed flights. the criminal investigation into boeing's 737 max jets ramping up after a second deadly crash in five months with sources briefed
3:16 am
on the matter telling cnn that the justice department has issued multiple subpoenas related to the certification and marketing of boeing's best-selling plane. the criminal probe initially began last october after a lion air flight crashed in indonesia. a boeing spokesperson telling cnn earlier this week that the company does not comment on ongoing legal matters. the faa announcing that boeing will roll out a software patch and pilot training program to address issues with the jet. earlier it said it expected a fix by april. >> we're taking action to fully reassure airlines and their passengers of the safety of the 737 max. >> the defense department's inspector general also launching an investigation related to the u.s. manufacturer probing whether acting defense secretary patrick shanahan who was an executive at boeing and worked there for more than 30 years violated ethics rules by promoting boeing over other military contractors. >> he clearly should mott be
3:17 am
schilling for boeing products or saying bad things about the competitors of boeing at the defense department. >> a spokesman telling cnn shanahan welcomes the probe and has at all times remained committed to upholding his ethics agreement filed with the dod. >> do you support section investigation? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: meanwhile, new details are emerging about the final moments of the doomed lion air flight. reuters reports that the plane's crew can be heard on the voice recorder desperately fighting for nine minutes to pull up the nose of the jet which kept diving toward the sea possibly due to a faulty sensor that triggered an automatic system on board. seemingly anne unaware that the plane's computers was causing the dives, they said they frantically scoured the operations manuel and then said a short prayer before crashing into the sea. the day before the crash the same plane had the same problem.
3:18 am
they reported that an offduty pilot was able to step in instructing them to shut off the automatic flight control system. the jet was cleared to fly the next day. >> i can't understand why wasn't test flown. >> reporter: and the chairman of the safety agency just wrapped a press conference confirming some of those details about the doomed lion air flight back in october, but disputing reports about the conversations that were captured on the cockpit voice recorder, including that reuters report that the plane's crew scoured the flight manual and pray dollars in the minutes before the crash. erica, the senate will have a hearing next week that will look into the aviation safety as well as the grounding of these 737 maxes. erica. >> jessica snyder with the latest for us in washington this morning. thank you. new zealand is take action on assault weapons just six days after a terror atypictack in th
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that put medicare patients at risk.
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breaking overnight, the prime minister of new zealand announced a ban on all assault rifles, high-capacity magazines
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and military-style semiautomatic rifles. and this came just six days after 50 people were shot to death inside two mosques. six days after the terror attack there. and it snands stark contrast to the stalemate here in the u.s. whenever the discussion comes to making changes after the many mass shootings here. i want to bring in simone sanders, the national press secretary for bernie sanders in 2016. scott jennings is with us, also worked for mitch mcconnell. again, what's notable here, without taking sides on gun violence prevention, what's notable here is the speed with which new zealand is taking action here. six days after a mass shooting. 12 years ago, i mean, sorry, six years ago was aurora. so the united states much slower, if it takes any action at all. >> it's remarkable difference.
3:24 am
and it's also remarkable that you saw the leader of new zealand say that right immediately that they were going to do something about their gun laws. you saw leader the opposition saying i like this idea that she'd put out there and it's been very smooth. and every time there's a mass shooting that makes us stop in our tracks, whether it's sandy hook or orlando or any of the other terrible mass killings that have happened, we get into fights and there's into the clear leadership and clear unanimity that you've seen in new zealand. so it's a stark difference. >> you bring up a great point about getting into fights. scott, why is it so difficult to even have a conversation about common sense gun legislation? that seems to be something that sets people off and they say, no, no, stop, i can't even have a conversation. why? >> well, you use the term common sense. i think there's a lot of different views about what common sense means. to some people common sense is banning guns or confiscating guns. to people who believe in gun oiner shioi ownership, that wouldn't be
3:25 am
common sense at all. i think the american system of government and our constitution is much different than new zealand's. they obviously have a system that allows them to ban an confiscate guns. ours just doesn't allow for that. i think the appetite in this country should be around policy changes. i think the common thread among a lot of american shoot sgs that some system, some database, some process that has human input has broken down and allowed someone who shouldn't have a weapon to have a weapon. someone with, say, mental health issues. so i think that's probably the place where we're most likely to find common ground. but it won't be around banning or confiscating guns. i think that's a political nonstarter in this country. >> but there is actually a lot of common ground around having the conversation around some of the mental health laws. we've seen changes at the state level, not at the federal level, but at the state level. and think we have some numbers in support in the united states that we can maybe pull up for certain types of gun legislation. simone, you know, so let's take the common sense as scott
3:26 am
recommends, out of the conversation. is there a place to start the conversation now using new zealand as an example? >> yeah, i think there has to be a place. look, so we should not have to wait until the next mass shooting in america. we don't -- we should not have to wait until children are literally fleeing from schools or folks are running for their lives from mosques or the place where's they pray to have a conversation about what we can do to make it more safe for folks to live their everyday lives. look, i do not actually think that it's out of the question to have a conversation about banning semiautomatic weapons. i think what's specific about what's happening in new zealand and what was proposed is it's about the capability of the weapon. and so what you saw a lot of lack wage that wi language that will be appropriate posed will be about the capability. you saw bump stocks for example, there was a topic of conversation in the united states a couple weeks ago -- a couple months ago actually. and a conversation around
3:27 am
banning bump stocks. we saw universal background checks being passed in the united states house of representatives just last month. so there are, think, common sense, common ground place where's folks can start that we don't have to, again, wait until the next mass shooting. but the idea that weapons of war should belong on the streets in america anywhere, i just think is a little farfetched. >> i want to move on to a different subject because we have a lot of to discuss, but i just want to say, i note to anthony scalia said, this is the heller case, because he set the standard for what can and can't be legislated when it comes to guns. he said the second amendment does not protect those weapons not typically processed by law abiding citizens for lawful purposes and he singles out short-barrel shotguns. he also says we think that limitation is fairly supported by the historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons.
3:28 am
so, you know, scalia who allowed for handguns -- or overturned a handgun ban in d.c., did say there are ways you can limit guns if you decide to. if you decide to. now, scott brought up confiscation there, that isn't necessarily what the united states would do. but if there's a will, changes could be made. in new zealand there was a will in six days. i want to talk, scott, to you about john mccain and about what the president has been saying about john mccain. it was notable to me that the president did this on an official white house trip yesterday. this wasn't some political rally. this was a white house organized, government-paid-for speech, and he attacked john mccain. it seems to me that at a certain point that there would be republicans who would stand up and say, stop. stop this. your thoughts. >> i think that it's not a good idea for the president to continue to go down this rabbit
3:29 am
hole. it doesn't help him, it doesn't help the republican party. i think it ofends a lot of veterans and a lot of republicans. although we have these conversations frequently regarding president trump. he says things that people cringe at or that they wish he wouldn't say, and then you have the conversation with yourself, if i speak out against him, if i say stop, is this going to modify his behavior? i think most republicans, i think, john, that you're referencing, have concluded that it would not modify his behavior. it's beyond cringe worthy to hear someone speak of an american hero like john mccain in the way donald trump is. a lot of republicans, certainly a lot of democrats had a lot of policy differences with john mccain. the man is dead, the man sacrificed for our country. there's every reason to leave it alone and there's every reason to believe the president won't because this is what the president does. i think it wouldn't matter frankly how many republicans said hey, man, stop doing this. in fact, that might make it even worse. so i wouldn't expect this to go
3:30 am
away. it's disappointing, i wish he wouldn't do it, it doesn't help the cows u cause and temperature certainly doesn't help him get relocated in 2020. >> simone, you want to weigh? >> i believe there's so such thing as too low for the president which is why i believe every day we think he said the most shocking anddomi damning t. i'm not surprised by his comments, i'm disappointed. but i'm surprised by the number of republicans that are not speak out against the president because they don't think it will change his behavior. i think what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong. and in times such as these, especially whether i it comes to the president's rhetoric, we should be able to speak up regardless of political party and say what's wrong is wrong. and i wish more republicans would speak up to say that instead of saying how john mccain was such a great person. we knowaways a war hero. we know how a number of republicans feel about john mccain and his service. but what we don't know is why they have not yet held the
3:31 am
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so go directly to now. sources tell cnn that justice department prosecutors have issued multiple subpoenas as part of an investigation into boeing's 737 max jets. this investigation began after a lion airplane crashed in indonesia last october, before the ethiopia airlines crash just a few weeks ago. we have the former inspector general at the u.s. department of transportation and a cnn transportation analyst. she's also an attorney who represents families of airline crash victims and does have current litigation bending against boeing. mary, the headline criminal investigation into how boeing does this, what's the significance there? >> well, it's highly sitting. often aviation investigation dos not turn criminal.
3:36 am
the department of transportation's federal aviation administration is usually very much against criminal investigations. they prefer to do it civilly. but if the fbi is in the case, we know several things. for example, we know they're overarching kerps th overarching concerns ma might concern more than one department. they might be looking at crimes that fall within fbi jurisdiction. when i was inspector general at the d.o.t. i brought in the fbi on a couple of occasions because of departmental and faa interference and because we needed undercover and wiretapping capabilities. >> now, it's interesting, though, because no matter what happens in the united states, no matter what decisions the faa or d.o.t. ultimately make in regards to boeing and the 737 max 8, they face international pressures that could really limit or control what happens next, correct? >> that's correct. you know, in the past by treaty and by practice, all nations would recognize the other nation's certifications. so, for example, we recognized
3:37 am
airbus's certification in europe and europe recognized our certification of boeing. now nations and airlines from around the world are highly suspect, so boeing says they're going to have this software patch by next week and all the pilots trained by may. but i doubt that. i think now that there's a criminal investigation, civil investigation, several investigations ongoing, it's going to be suspect until those investigations are finished. who is going to trust an faa certification while there's a criminal investigation going on undoubtedly involving the faa? >> what can a criminal probe involving the certification process get that the faa couldn't get on its own? >> well, the faa could probably get most of the documents on their own if they were inclined to be a real cop on the beat. but the faa gave that job up decades ago. they don't like to be tough on enforcement. they prefer to have airlines and manufacturers like boeing self-report and they've been criticizing back since my day at
3:38 am
the d.o.t. they just don't get tough on violations. so the fbi could be looking at everything from false statements to the government to get the certification to racketeering to some kind of a corrupt organization. the fbi has broad-ranging jurisdiction and probably looking at false statements on the certification. >> mary, quickly yes or no even with this proposed software fix, would you feel safe getting on a 737 max 8. >> nor are i, i'm going to waite investigation to finish. >> thank you for being with us. john hickenlooper's reaction about the possibility of a female running mate sparking lack las backlash. that is next. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers.
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former colorado governor john hickenlooper taking some democrats by surprise with remarks at a cnn town hall. governor, some of your male competitors have vowed to put a woman on the ticket, yes or no, would you do the same? >> well, again, of course. but i think that we should -- well, i'll ask you another question. how come we aren't --
3:43 am
>> you aren't asking the questions. >> how come we aren't asking more often the women, would you be willing to put a man on the ticket? >> for the record, elizabeth warren was asked if she would pick a man on her ticket. her response was i want the best person that's going to do the best job for the american people. i mean, did he step in it that badly? is it what about ism? what are we looking at there? >> i don't know what the heck he was talking about. you've got to recognize from the democratic side so far there's a lot of enthusiasm for women candidates. in an nbc "wall street journal" poll, 91% of democrats said they'd be enthusiastic or comfortable with a woman candidate. but it's not just that. it's the fact there are a lat of democrats who feel that women haven't been given their just due. was there a gallop poll and only 48% of democrats said they were satisfied with the position of women in this nation. obviously a much higher position would say that men have it easier than women. so when he says things like that, he's dismissing those
3:44 am
concerns. >> my main takeaway from that, dana bash gets to ask the questions. >> i can tell you that was my favorite part too. >> don't mess with bash, i've learned that. >> yes. we are a week or so into the beto o'rourke campaign. where does his launch rank among all the candidates at this point? >> yeah, so i mean what i basically did here, i took an average of the polls in the month before each of these candidates go in and then an average of the polls a month after. we're not a full month after o'rourke has gotten in but we can look at his polls so far. we can see that he has one of the best launches. he's six points higher, cirque that will six right there, six points higher now than he was a month before his launch. and that looks be a lot like kamala harris and it looks a lot like bernie sanders, which of course lines up with the metrics we spoke about on monday where we look. google friends and fundraising. all of these candidates, in the top versus everybody else who had maybe just a point raising in the point for book, he klobuchar and warren. >> you're also looking at age.
3:45 am
but for this instance we are not talking about the age of the candidates. >> we are not. >> we are talking about the age of the voters. >> i think one of the great divides in the democratic party, i looked at our cnn poll basically what was the support among those under the age of 45 in the democratic party, top choice versus those over the age of 45 and look at this. look at that with bernie sanders and joe bind. joe biden is 17 points higher with those over the age of 45 versions under. bernie sanders, 24 points lower with those over the age of 45 than under the age of 45. >> who usually votes? >> this is a great question. and so if we look here, this is the -- this is the big thing, right. those over the age of 45 make up a much greater portion of the electorate than those under the age of 45. that was something that bernie sanders learned last time because he won overwhelmingly those under the age of 45. but hillary clinton ran up the score with those over the age of the 45 and she made the primary. >> if kids want to make a
3:46 am
difference, it's about going out and voting. >> it'sing about abo about putt on the line for your candidate. >> there's a figure that you've pointed out that has earned you the ire of some people on twitter. >> what a surprise in the is why i stopped looking at my mentions. but the point have look at this, this is bernie sanders, opinion of bernie sanders, it says registered voters but it's all adults here. from january, 2018, to march, 2019, we've seen his number drop down to 46%. his unfavorable rating has gone up to 45%. so we've seen a clear rise in unfavorable and a clear drop in his favorable ratings. that might be part of the reason why among democratic voters, they say are your chances better with bernie sanders or someone else? with bernie sanders, only 43% in the general election to beat donald trump. without him 56%. compare that to bide pent look at this with the with joe biden
3:47 am
51% say democrats have a chance of winning than 36% say without. so right now joe biden is winning the electability argument and that's key in a primary in which voters are purting a high number on them in the general election. i do expect a lot of people will be tuning in and a of productivity will be lost in the cnn office. 40 to 50 plus americans are probably going to fill out a bracket and look at this. cost employers well over a billion dollars in lot of productivity. >> you didn't answer the question. >> duke is the top choice of most people. i hate duke, i hope they lose. please, i'm rooting for america and therefore against dukely? don't think america is one of the teams playing but we take your point. harry, thank you very, very much. bob kraft's attorney filing a motion he's fights the soliciting prostitution case against him. the evidence they don't want the public to see. that's next. y car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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new england patriots owner robert kraft has filed a motion
3:52 am
to block the release of videos and other evidence from a prostitution sting at a florida day spa. it comes as a source tells cnn that kraft will not accept a plea deal in this case. prosecutors had offered to drop the charges against him but kraft would have had to admit that he would be found guilty if it had gone to trial. he maintains he has not committed a crime. the embattled former owner of the spa is speaking out for the first time about her alleged ties to president trump. the miami herald reported that cindy yang arranged for a large group of chinese business people to attend the 2017 fundraiser for trump as her guests, but she denies selling access to the president and claims she is being targeted because of her politics. >> nobody else have happen, only me. i think it because i'm chinese. and, you know, chinese -- that's the issue. >> democrats want the fbi to investigate allegations of foreign lobbying, human trafficking, and potential campaign finance violations
3:53 am
against yang. overcrowding detention facilities forcing customs and border protection to force them to release people early. about 200 people were released yesterday with notices to appear in court. the officials call this a temporary move due to limited bed space. they say it will mitigate risks to officer safety. immigration and customs enforcement have released families along the border due to capacity issues and the detention limit on families. there were no winners in last night's power ball drawing. ma that means it soars for saturday night's drawing making it the fourth largest in the game's history. no one has won the top power ball prize since december. and while no one hit the jackpot, there are 44 tickets worth $50,000 out there. >> i would take that. >> yeah, again, i'm on the kristine romans team that the lottery is a bad investment and i'm guaranteeing that you will not win. >> i think there's a strong
3:54 am
chance that i will won't, but there's still a chance i might. >> no there's not. >> you won't get any of it. taking swift action in new zealand, what the country's doing to stop another mass shoot and what america could learn from their discussions and that action. ♪
3:55 am
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and, paul, we got your back with workers' comp. wow, it's like a party in here. where are the hors d'oeuvres, right? [ clanking ] tartlets? we cover commercial vehicles, too. i think there's something wrong with your sink. president trump's attacks on the late senator john mccain drawing the ire of comics. here's a look at your late night laughs. >> trump just completely ignored the rule don't speak ill of the dead. and the other rule that the guest of honor at a funeral will not be sending you a fruit basket. and in mccain family's defense, hallmark has a very limited offering of thank you for the funeral cards. >> i really can't believe trump is beefing with a dead man, and losing. who's he going to go after next? albert einstein, big dummy.
3:59 am
how can e equal c? they're different letters. it doesn't work, folks. >> as politico put it, neither mueller or his justice department supervisors have said anything official about the conclusion of the special counsel's investigation. but the clues continue to pile up that at least the most high profile parts of mueller's work are done. it's like we're three quarters of the way through a scooby-doo episode. just pull the mask off the monster, okay. we know it's old man trump. i would have gotten away with it too if i wasn't totally guilty. >> and the meddling kits. >> it's all the meddling kids. >> thank you to our international viewers for watching. for our u.s. viewers, we have breaking news on the issue of gun violence prevention. new day continues right now. new zealand will ban all military-style semiautomatic weapons. >> we want to assure people bring their firearms to
4:00 am
surrender them to us. >> the prime minister said there will be changes. she's putting her money where her mouth is. >> i gave him the kind of fun rael wanted. i didn't get thank you. >> it's disgusting behavior. he's intimidated by people whose stature can he never achieve. >> i think the president's comments hurt him more than they hurt the legacy of senator mccain. i'm going to continue to he had the president. the justice department issuing subpoenas as part of a criminal probe into boeing's 737 max planes. >> members of congress are asking questions. they're going to see a broadening explanation. >> the american people deserve answers. >> announcer: this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning and welcome to your new day. alisyn is off, erica hill joins me this morning. we do have breaking news. the government of new zealand announced sweeping changes to that country's lun laws just six days after the terror attack at two mosques. they banned all military-style semiautomatic weapons, and these


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